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The influence of Draculius on the Western community



Those who talk to me regularly or pay attention to my lists will notice that one of the VNs that comes up fairly often is Draculius.

This is a VN that has had a surprising amount of influence on modern VNs... or rather, the Western VN world.  Oddly enough, that influence is mostly indirect rather than direct (it isn't translated, so the VN's direct influence is rather limited). 

The most obvious point is Grisaia... to be straight about it, it had the same writer as the Grisaia series, a fact that made me nod in recognition when I discovered it.  Replaying Draculius, the points of connection are blatantly obvious... such as the fact that Misao's basic character is obviously the prototype for Makina or that Rian's characterization was the prototype for Michiru (though honestly, she is better than Michiru, lol).  Zeno is Sachi's prototype (think if you added insane protectiveness and a tendency toward violence to Sachi and removed the good girl obsession).  Last of all, Rika is Yumiko (except that the dependence comes out faster and Rika is a lot less weak-willed under the surface).  It looks like Belche got split into multiple characters, probably because her role and characterization was so complex that building on her as is just wasn't possible (Amane, JB, and Chizuru). 

Now, do I even have to mention how much influence Grisaia has had on the Western community?  I'd be preaching to the choir at this point, I think. 

A less-obvious point is Kyuuketsuki no Libra or Libra of the Vampire Princess, which is getting a localization through a Kickstarter sometime this year.  To someone who played and loved Draculius, the older VN's influence on Libra is extremely obvious... Iris, who serves as an antagonist in the VN, is to some degree based on Belche (right down to her attitude toward humans and tendency toward obsessive love hidden under a cold exterior).  The actual situation is a dead copy (play on Belche's special power, for those who have read the VN, lol) in the sense that both Jun in Draculius and the protagonist of Libra are young men who are the children of born vampires who died, leaving the child's mother behind, who then died before the story began.  There are a number of differences of course... and I won't spoil the VN by telling you where a lot of the deeper similarities are (though I will give you a hint... the truth about the vampire hunter organizations). 

Other than Dies Irae, I honestly can't think of a VN that has had more impact on the community without actually being translated, and as I re-read this VN for the third time, I find more and more common points with the VNs that came later on, lol.


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Interesting review, and also it's quite interesting that seeing Grisaia character was influenced from Draculius heroines.

Anyway, since you didn't add this info, the reason why Libra was same as Draculius was because it had same prodecer (MOKA). In fact at one interview, the man himself admitted that actually he want to make same VN like Draculius. And from your review and the interview, I could see that MOKA was definitely the key member of Libra staff, because I checked Libra writer's work, and I'd find that apparently they (According to VNDB, Libra had 2 writers) still write few VN. Beside, I think those new writers couldn't write so much like Draculius by themselves imo.

tldr - MOKA was the reason why Libra is like Draculius, although you may knew this already though. Just want to said it here.

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I think the influence of the Baldr series is also extremely high, considering that none of their titles are translated yet. But despite that, they are always on the top of many most wanted lists.

Grisaia and also Rewrite were released in a year when nothing else spectacular was translated, and so people had the time to give them their full attention. And the Kickstarter hype added to that. The title probably wouldn't get that much attention if it would have been released just now. So I think it wasn't just the *cough* 'overwhelming' quality of the title, but also the good timing of the release.

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