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An apology and Vn of the Month May 2016



I have to apologize for being unable to deliver on one of my promises... to be specific, it doesn't look like I'm going to have time to finish Seiken Tsukai no Proposition this week... although, I could already tell it wasn't going to be a solid VN of the Month candidate.

Unusually, there were actually two solid candidates for May's victor... Sakura no Mori Dreamers and and Soshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni Naru.  It really could have gone either way... both VNs are memorable and interesting, with solid stories and great characters... but in the end it was Soshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni Naru that won out.  Why?  There are a number of reasons... the biggest of which being the somewhat abrupt switches between the slice of life portions and the heavier plot portions in Sakura no Mori.  It isn't a really startling problem, but it was still a bit awkward.   Both stories were extremely emotional, but in the end, Hatsuimouto was just better technically.

Edit: I really, really wish my bosses would stop dumping extra work on me... every time I think I'm done I check my email and find more for me to do.


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9 hours ago, starlessn1ght said:

Is the VN of the month a kamige? Asking thos cuz you havent commented about this on its post, if I remember correctly... 

It comes really, really close... I'll probably replay it again in another year or two...

Edit: To be clear, I think my standards for kamige have skyrocketed in recent years, mostly because my base standard has become Hapymaher and Komorebi no Nosgalgica for non-violent VNs, Nanairo Reincarnation for horror, and Dies Irae for chuunige...

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