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Busy as hell: Working on Seiken Tsukai in my free time (not copious at the moment)



... for the first time in years, I just went through an entire week without finishing a VN...


The reason is fairly simple... real life.  I'm having to clean up all the work left over from the time I spent essentially mentally handicapped that I didn't subcontract to someone else.  That is on top of the work I would have received anyway...

In any case, I'm slowly making progress on Seiken Tsukai, and I can tell you that it is a VN that will definitely pick its readers.  The strange mix of an idiot-arrogant protagonist, a cast of heroines who are mostly just window dressing (the story is supposedly over before you pick one), and a rather pathetic lack of proper information flow (by now, they should have covered the protagonist's immediate past, if only to get it out of the way...)... I can so far say that it isn't precisely an inspiring work.  It isn't horrible (it is good enough that I actually want to finish it), but too much effort has been put into the character side of things (despite the low relevance of romantic elements) as opposed to story progression.

Edit: Actually, this is the first time since 2013 that I haven't spent more than seven hours in a single week on VNs... and I'm suffering from withdrawal.  I get the urge to switch PCs in the middle of work constantly, and the voice in the back of my skull keeps saying 'just a few minutes, just a few minutes'.

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