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Fata Morgana and Fault Crossover Fan Fiction Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (06/11/2016)

Since Tay this time using the sketch from Fault's artist in regard of Fata Morgana Steam release, so this week because at the picture we had characters from both Fata Morgana (Maid and White Haired Girl) and Fault (Selphine and Ritona), I made the title 'Fata Morgana and Fault Crossover Fan Fiction'. Oh, and speaking about Fata Morgana it was quite interesting, although the second door was quite bloody imo (Also if you looking for moe girl in Fata Morgana, I suggest you better look at Pauline because I think her design was the most close resemble from Japanese anime girl usual design imo). Anyway, here's my VNTS Review for this week, and I think for this week (And maybe in next weeks depending of my interest) I'll open new segment with the title 'Other' which covered all of the translation group beside usual 4 (Sekai, Mangagamer, JAST, and Fan Translation), or in VNTS word it would be Miscellaneous Projects. As for my opinion, the most interesting update was from Other and Fan Translation, while Mangagamer was had usual 2 weeks update and Sekai was also in their usual state (They add Tenshin Rahman and Chrono Clock now, so I should keep eye on those 2 now).

Sekai Project

Usual update from them, although most of them was slowed down though if we look at the VNTS page (The progress for the updates was not even touching 5%), and we also had some VN which had hiatus (Although it wasn't interesting one anyway) so for this week Sekai Project segment wasn't too interesting from the update (Oh, as for Chrono Clock and Tenshin Rahman translation progress, it was at 17.22% and 25.38% respectively).

Instead of looking at less lively update from Sekai, I think I'll talk about the survey from Sekai since doddler post the Sekai's survey form picture. For the first picture here, well too bad I didn't had any of the console so if Sekai provide number 6 for none, I'll fill all of the choice with 6 ie I will not play VN on any of those console. For the 2nd picture here, I think for now I would fill 1 for Maitetsu, 2 for KARAKARA, 3 for Just Desert, and the rest with 12. It means that for now only Maitetsu and KARAKARA interest me right now, while Just Desert was because the VN once again from Indonesia. Although I knew that Meikyuu and Tokeijikake was good stuff, the reason I wasn't looking forward to it because I knew since back when Kajitsu was in translating process that Meikyuu was ended in cliffhanger, while I'd also read that Tokeijikake was also ended in unresolved mystery. Oh, and for Hoshimemo I think even if the translation was quite bad for some people (Personally I didn't care), it was already discussed and reviewed since back at 2012 so not looking forward to it. That's all for Sekai segment this week.


Well, Da Capo 3 translation progress wasn't at 100% (To be exact, the translation progress was at 97% and editing progress was at 95%), but at least it's still had the progress, and hopefully the translator will fulfill his promise to finish it in less than 3 weeks (In more than 3 week we'll had AX, and the translator promise that he'll finish the translation before AX). As for other progress, actually not to much but for roundup here Kuroinu was at 78% translated, Pygmalion was fully translated and 8% edited, and for Bokuten it was also already fully translated and for editing process it was at 89%. And also Mangagamer tease us here in regard of in scripting project. I wonder if one of the project would be Himawari. Well, let's see it later.

Oh, and for last update I forgot about it before, but the translation progress for Fata Morgana fandisc was at 12%. Speaking about Fata Morgana, I'd also quite interested with the Drama CD (Speaking about Drama CD, Mangagamer already had Yurirei 3rd Drama CD ready for pre-order there) just like the translator in the interview here, because it was contained some interesting seiyuu. For the special service, since Tay promote Fata Morgana in image header, how about I also give seiyuu list and their MAL page too. Anyway, here's the cast for Fata Morgana Drama CD (I hope if Novectale release voiced version of Fata Morgana, they will use seiyuu from Drama CD).

  1. Michel: Takahiro Sakurai
  2. The Maid: Asami Seto
  3. The Girl with White Hair: Mamiko Noto
  4. Mell Rhodes: Soichiro Hoshi
  5. Nellie Rhodes: Kana Asumi
  6. The Man: Kenichi Suzumura
  7. Pauline: Aki Toyosaki
  8. Javi: Yuki Kaji
  9. Maria Campanella: Yui Horie
  10. Jacopo Bearzatti: Junichi Suwabe

And for last voiced character, since it was spoiler I'll just tell that Ami Koshimizu will voiced the spoiler character. Well, if some of you didn't interested in Fata Morgana before, maybe you could consider it from Drama CD seiyuu, and it was once again quite interesting cast. That's all for Mangagamer section here.


The reason I opened this section because we had some interesting update here, and one of them was surprise. Okay, as for this section we already knew that Moonstone will release their moege 'Love Sweets' for English speaker, but we obviously still didn't know when the release date is (Although Moonstone promise us it will be this year). As for Corona Blossom IGG, looks like it'll be only for Chapter 1 while Frontwing want to release Chapter 2 and 3 separately. We still didn't knew though if the VN was could only fully enjoyed by playing all of 3 chapters or not, but I think it was quite not-so-good tactic because it was basically tell the backer that they willing to make more money by making separated release while Frontwing probably could make it in one volume only. Oh well, it's Frontwing strategy though and for Corona Blossom Chapter 1 campaign, right now it was managed to gather 17,052 from the target of 30,000 (56.84% funded). As for Libra, this time it was managed to surprise me by having delivered the progress at Mari's route translation (50% translated right now), but waiting 25 days for 25% progress (Coincidentally the number was same) was definitely tell us the progress was quite slow imo. Well, since Mikandi in the translation page promise us that there will be update for each week, I will keep my eye on it.

Finally, for surprise announcement, in 5 days we'll had another new translated VN. As for the premise, it was MC and her little sister will be going to becoming nurse and so they started their study. From the review, I learned that this game was probably had 4 routes for all of heroine. Oh, and just in case you didn't get it MC here was female, so we'll get the yuri (But since it was on Steam and the producer was Kogado, there's no sex scene here). And for the title, once again instead of calling 'Nurse Love Addiction' I'll called this VN Hakuai. For future player of Hakuai, here's the advice from me. Expect some interesting CG in the middle of story based on spoiler filled review that I read (Once again I wonder what kind of reaction Hakuai player will had here). And since both Zakamutt and Decay was had some complain in regard of translation and UI respectively, I think for now I didn't had any problem with that, although to response Decay it would be nice though if we could play the demo to see if we could adjust the UI to transparent like Japanese demo. Oh well, and that's all for new section here.

Fan Translation

For this week, we had Yukikaze full patch released. While I said I'm far more interested with Yukikaze than Asagi, I think for the woman's breast other than Yukikaze the size was very inappropriate (I knew it was for anyone elso who had vey big breast fetish, but still). Therefore, when I saw Yukikaze, I think I like her design because her breast wasn't too big or in other word flat (Well, if nukige VN offer too many big breast girl, I think seeing flat one was quite refreshing). And speaking about big breast nukige, we had another update in regard of big breast nukige translation project. Once again, here's the page and according to this post, he'll release this patch in this June (For the progress, it was already finished translating and right now it was in editing). Anyway, for any reader here who had fetish for big breast, looking forward to the patch release.

For non nukige project, looks like both Tay and Decay forgot to add this (I knew it was probably in regard of Mangagamer partnership with Navel), so I think I'll keep an eye on this project. Anyway, the project was already here for a while since August, and for the progress it was 30% translated (By the way, the premise was quite interesting with MC cosplay as the girl in order to enter girl's school). Looks quite good if we look from VNDB score (8 for average at VNDB right now).

Anyway, for this week fan translation update, in regard of ToHeart 2 we had ittaku release another beta patch here, and FredtheBarber finished editing twin's route (And bring the editing progress to 85%, also they started to editing Manaka and Sasara route). Also they finished proofreading Konomi route and started on Tamaki route. For Bishoujo Mangekyou, this week we had the 8th script was at 37.7% (Or around 90% to overall script) translated and 9.9% edited. For Tsui Yuri, we had 36% script translated and 8% edited. As for release date for full patch, the translators of those 3 VN (Ittaku, Arcadeotic, and Dergonu) promised that they aim for 2016 release. Good luck for those three. For Saku Saku, there's no progress other than Akerou assure us that the QC still ongoing, while for Irotoridori the progress was at 13% translated (Also Akerou promised us that by August he already finished translating Irotoridori common route. Let's see it later). Majoki right now was at 11% translated and 5% edited (Nice progress).

Finally for Astral Air, this week even crazy was understatement for their progress. In case you wondering, this week the translating progress from last week was at 3.59% (I though 1.65% was already crazy enough), bringing the overall translation progress to 84.95%. And for more news, Corona route was fully translated and they will translated Yuuki route next. Well, looks like Chuee promise in regard of translation progress at summer will picked up was true.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.



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I'm always looking forward to these updates, thanks for making them

I'll confirm right away that once I'll check what time I'm leaving with my family, I'll make the next week's update; I've made enough progress by then to warrant an update

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Excited about all the upcoming yuri stuff :sachi: It is a good year to be a yuri fan :makina: 


1 hour ago, Arcadeotic said:

I'll confirm right away that once I'll check what time I'm leaving with my family, I'll make the next week's update; I've made enough progress by then to warrant an update

Let's all take a moment to pray for Arc, in order for him to still keep his sanity after translating all these colorful H-scenes.

Stay strong!


And yes, as long as nothing unexpected happens, a 2016 release for Tsui Yuri is the goal. :sachi:

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It's not quite true that we "forgot" about the Tsuriotsu translation. It's just that there has been some serious concerns raised about the translation quality. The lead translator is extremely bad at both Japanese and English from everything that I've seen. TBH, I've just been hoping that it would quietly disappear but that doesn't seem to be happening. I guess it should be added, eh.

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