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Compilation of Clannad Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (06/04/2016)

For this week title since Clannad was like FF7 in term of popularity (And obviously this week image header was from Clannad, or to be exact Clannad side story), while KEY was like Square but more focused in Visual Novel, I decided to made 'Compilation of Clannad' as my devariation for Compilation of Final Fantasy 7. About the Clannad side story, from the review that I read about Clannad side story, it was contained some past from Clannad character, and also after story for some character (So, I think it's quite fitting for compilation, since FF7 Compilation was mostly in prequel and sequel from what I knew). Here's the review by Mazyrian if you want to find out more. Also, if we compared some spoiler between Clannad and FF7, I think it was quite alike imo, although some of you probably should already knew what I mean.

Well, once again here's my VNTS Review from this week. For this week, only Sekai and Fan Translation project that had something more positive in usual thing (I mean update from the translation progress of course), while JAST wasn't had much interesting progress right now. As for Mangagamer, actually they'll had usual progress next week, but this week they release one nukige which the premise was like MC was working under his ex girlfriend who became the wife of MC boss at the company. Use your imagination what will happen. And by the way, since Corona Blossom wan't part in any of section here, I'll just report that right now it was gathered 11,395 out of 30,000. While Zakamutt said it was quite slow, at least it's still better than Chunsingura Kickstarter (Which right now finally managed to reach 11,000 funded, in about 9 hours before closing ie total failure). Beside we still had one month anyway, and it wasn't state how much day left for the campaign. In short, I think Corona Blossom had decent chance to be funded, and we will had extention if the goal wasn't reached (Probably).

Before I'm writing the round up, about otome hate mail my suggestion would be just ignore whatever 'boredom curing activity' that those trolls had, although in regard of something with gun, I believe it's already criminal level (And here it's more pointless, since Tay here was not CEO of some VN Publisher like Dovac which I'd remember also received similar case). Well, if they really hate otome and complained about torrent take down in Fuwanovel, I would suggest just use Google and search for it, idiot (Not Tay, but the people who message him '... you killed fuwanovl when you took town torrents, and your killing your future by giving otome a single breathe...' of course). Well, I think that's enough for my response about admin Tay problem, and once again it's his right to cover otome game release.


Nothing interesting here, but for roundup here we had Ryoko at 20% script editing, SoniComi was finished dubbing and had programming and game testing right now, Flower was editing at 40% (Also beta testing at 10%), and Seinaurukana was debugging and had programming (For Steam version obviously). Even if I said the progress here wasn't interesting, at least it's improvement from JAST by had translation progress here, and by the wat the last time we had update from JAST was one month ago, when Seinarukana release. But, I think most people here would be interested to Flower progress, which back at February JAST release the demo of it with some infamy. I think right now it wasn't on my interest, but I'll read it in the future (And of course if JAST managed to release it). And for some people who waited for Seinarukana Steam version, the update about that should be the good news. For the rest, no comment.


The reason I opened this section was not because the release of this nukige (I'll already said about that too). But because conjueror 'boredom curing activity' thing together with some translator out there (By the way, the man expression on his twitter was quite annoying imo). And since conjueror was translatior from mangagamer, I figured that I should put it here. Okay, instead of focusing on his cancelled countdown twitter with once again a man with very annoying expression about to do suicide, I'll bring the focus to his ask.fm here. It was in regard of Himawari, which the translator said that it shouldn't be long time before it was finally released (But definitely not as near as countdown indicate). Okay, so apparently from ask.fm answer, Conjueror said that Frontwing was sort of took long time to reply him, in which he said that they probably busy with Island itself. Well, even though I accused Front Wing will doing something divisive ie decided to release Himawari by themselves, for now let's just see it.

Sekai Project

Nothing interesting, although for this week Darekoi (51.42% translated) and Love and Guitar (52.5% translated) was pass halfway for the translation progress itself. While we at Sekai here, WEE Episode 3 was reach 90% mark translated (93.29% to be exact). And for this week, we didn't had any progress for Maitetsu. Oh, and from Sekai there's some great news, especially for yuri fan. What I'll talking is that for Princess Knight, they reached the goal at Indie Go Go (12,000) with the project managed to raise 16,148 with 20 days left. Well, it means that the IGG was success of course. And about the seiyuu replacement, they announce that they managed to got the new seiyuu who will voice MC here. The seiyuu name was Anzu Hana, and according to VNDB she was voiced Kawamura Reo from Sono Hanabira franchise and Tori Kohane from Kara no Shoujo 2. By the way, I'd just realize that for Princess Knight they'll release 2 episodes, and Anzu Hana will once again voicing MC, replacing Mochi Yomogi who was passed away. For Creature Romance, I think I'd already make a comment about Kokonoe Kokoro, but I think 'for the Ladies' version is more absurd ie instead of dating handsome man here like usual otome game, here we'll had a date with 2 'handsome' male alien there. Oh, and for Indonesian lurker or reader here, you could read the article about that from Jurnal Otaku Indonesia (If you not from Indonesia and look at the article, just look at the picture and judge by yourself is the alien handsome or not). Anyway, for Creature Romance series both of VN were 100% translated. That;s all for Sekai Project section now.

Fan Translation

Actually, before I write my roundup there's another project for translating VN here. The VN was Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to or I'll called it Kanobito from now on. Anyway, as for the progress, right now mitchhamilton managed to translated 25 scripts, and according to him the script was quite short (By the way, VNDB classify this as medium length). Good luck once again, mitch. Oh, and about VN info, this VN was first VN from Pulltop Latte (Their 2nd VN was Koiresort). The premise, it was like the main girl causing some injury to MC indirectly (Like saving her) and the girl decided to take the responsibilities by taking care of MC. After MC recovered, the girl decided to had MC as the lover, but since this is VN of course we must had more than one girl who love MC. According to Clephas, he think Kanobito was full of sex scene but ultimately heartwarming. For the project page, you could see it here. And also congratulation for your project to be added on VNTS Page, mitch.

For usual fan translation progress, this time Astral Air managed to be more crazy again in term of progress (I thought that 1.6% progress was already crazy, and here we had 1.65% progress from last week). Anyway, for this week Astral Air progress finally touch 80% translated, or to be exact was at 81.36% translated right now. And for Koiken Otome, it was at 90.2% QC (Does it mean we'll see English patch soon enough? I hope so). Clover Days, we had 100% Izumi route translated thanks to Ittaku, although he didn't sure if astro still active though. For Majokoi, we had 7% text translated, while for Hanasaki, as expected they started with Hikari route, although they had some progress with Ayano route though (The progress right now was 6% translated for Hikari route and 3% for Ayano route). For Tsui Yuri, the progress was significantly raise with 32% translated and 4% edited, and as for Bishoujo Mangekyou, the progress was 16.4% translated for 8th script (Or around overall 86% percent according to Arcadeotic). For last update, we had ToHeart 2 translation team proofreading Konomi's route. I think that's all for my roundup in fan translation progress.

I think that's all for VNTS review this week. See you next week.


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