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Ultimate Homeless Girl Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (05/28/2016)

Sorry for late blog post here. For the title, this week I choose ultimate title (You knew what I mean if you play Dangan Ronpa) and since the image header was from Homeless School Girl VN, so I'd use Homeless Girl (I'm not using school since the synopsis indicate that the girl couldn't attend school) from the VN title. Okay, about the VN itself, I'd read the VNDB discussion and let's just said that the girl was suffered many rape and humiliation, especially from her step father. Oh, and by the way thanks for translating Homeless School Girl, Deep Blue even though maybe the VN wasn't too much cheery for me and too heavy (Also quite dark from VNDB discussion).

Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week here. For catch up from last week, I'm sorry to said about Angel Beats (AB) translation team who must stop their work for translating it because Visual Art decided to translated AB by themselves. Oh, and by the way we also had news about Ixrec working to translating Rewrite + VN. As for my comment, maybe Rewrite was kind of divisive, but since we'd promised that there will be improvement about the scenario I wonder what kind of reaction we'll see later. AB once again not interested so much right now because it was only volume one, while KEY obviously will add more AB volume in the future. Let's see it later.

For fan translation project, we had another one established here. As for the progress, right now it was quite hard to said but the translator promised us that the moment he update the progress, it'll be at least around 75%. For the VN itself, it was some sort of nukige with fantasy world setiing and loser MC. And for the woman, we'll had big breast one. Not on my list of looking forward though, but good luck on the project though and hopefully this VN will satisfied any big breast fan in the future if it's translated.

About Indie Go Go (IGG), looks like it'll be trend in the future for localizing VN. At least it was had advantage over Kickstarter with flexible fund ie if the project didn't managed to get funded in time, the project itself could be extended compared to Kickstarter which couldn't be extended if it's failed (I guess). Also, apparently it was more flexible for the project with 18+ content ie not as restrictive as Kickstarter in term of adult content. For the report, this week we had 2 projects entering IGG (Corona Blossom and Princess Knight).

For Corona Blossom, right now it was gathered around 8,329 out of 30,000 (Half of it thanks to some backer who backed at 4,000 though), and while the goal was quite small some member here said it was probably for promotion for the VN itself. And this time Princess Knight was very surprisingly almost achieved the goal, with 10,864 out of 12,000 funded. Both VN was said will be delivered at this year, and both of IGG still had one month left for deadline. Let's see it later for both of IGG, although obviously Princess Knight will fully funded first obviously. And before forget, my condolence for Princess Knight MC seiyuu, Mochi Yomigi here who passed away at 30 years old.

Sekai Project

Well, not much here other than Maitetsu picked up again at 15.68% translation progress and WEE at 86.52%. And I think I'd said enough about Princess Knight above. For Darekoi and Memory Dogma, it was had some nice progress (78.75% for Darekoi and 42.15% for Memory Dogma) although I'm still not interested with those 2 though. And for 2 new announced VN here, Sekai was surprisingly fast at translating it (Although the VN length for those 2 was short though). By the way, the progress for both new announced VN was at 50.11% for 2236 AD and 47.08% for Love, Guitars, and the Nashville Skyline (Don't know much other than it was probably about guitar play thing). Other than those progress, not much ie no Chrono Clock and Tenshin Rahman progress once again.


For 2 weeks update roundup we already had Kyonyuu (Or Funbag) Fantasy was fully translated and edited, Kuroinu at 70% translated, Imopara 2 at 46% translated, Pygmalion was at 100% translated, MYTH was about entering beta testing, and Da Capo 3 was at 94.7% translated and 91.3% edited. For nukige progress, no comment other than the progress for Kyonyuu was very fast for just recently announced VN (Or maybe Mangagamer was already did all the work, including partnering with Waffle and keep it secret before announcing it). For Pygmalion, let's see how much fast the editing will be, although hopefully it won't be too long. For Da Capo 3, actually it was had the true route translated and what's left is only epilogue/omake thing. Looks like Da Capo 3 translation will definitely finished before July, and hopefully in next 2 weeks we'll see 100% at translation progress for Da Capo 3.

Fan Translation

For Astral Air, after crazy progress from last week, it was slowed down again at 0.95% progress from last week (I'm still grateful of course) bringing the overall translation progress to 79.71%. Koiken Otome, looks like the VNTS was wrong although we had the QC update though from 86.71% to 87.71%. For Koiken Otome itself, although the game might get not so good review, just try to low your expectation very low in case you want to play it ie not expecting action like Tokyo Babel even though the premise was quite promising for that of course. Hanasaki, after reading Clephas review (He was slightly dislike it though) I think the prologue was indeed mean common route and right now it was 100% translated. About the next route for Hanasaki, they said they'll translated Hikari's route next according to this post.

Majokoi translation team just had the update after VNTS was finished, so I'll report the progress here. For the progress, it was at 5% translated and 3% edited. This is definitely good progress if I may said. Tsui Yuri, since Dergonu was faced the challenge with the name Math test (I understand) the progress was not much compared to last week, although it was still good though (3% progress, and the translation progress right now was at 25%). For last update, since Arcadeotic also busy with exam, there's not much progress in Bishoujo Mangekyou translation (The progress was at 4.7% translated for 8th script). Well, not much progress, but nevertheless good job for updating it even though both of you were busy.

And last word for Fan Translation progress, there is another new translation project for VN called Mahou Shoujo. Here's the page, and if some of you want to offer help just ask Chronopolis there.

That's all for my VNTS Review. And I think this week was quite usual ie not much excitement after many crazy time in April (I mean back in April we'd had many big release for translated VN). See you next week in my VNTS Review. Oh, and thanks for your interview with Sekai Project, Decay.


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