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Visual novel podcast



so, over at reddit I have been looking to see if people would want a visual novel podcast in the vain of the co-optional podcast hosted by totalbiscuit, dodger and jessie cox, the format is gonna be basically the same but with emphasis on eroge instead of "real games".

So head over to reddit and share your thoughts, I have been getting really great responses so far!




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20 minutes ago, Zakamutt said:

This isn't that unlike what FuwaFM's been recently, lol.

true, but I kinda want my own thing thats more "casual" (fuwaFM is kinda casual but yeah I dont know lol). Apart from that, I really want a podcast that isnt fuwa specific, I know the podcast isnt about fuwanovel stuff but the name and the users makes it very community specific.

We could make a fuwa vs. reddit podcast for the lulz :^ )

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