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Yumiko Wanna Be Sachi Dog Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (05/21/2016)

Okay, for the title this week I decided parodying this song from 1969. As we could see, Sachi was hypnotized Yumiko and Sachi said 'Come on, Sakaki-san... What are you?'. Well, there's much more choice in term of what you want to become in term of animal though, but Yumiko decided to became a dog (Well, it's the writer choice anyway, and in game Yumiko said 'bitch' so I guess it was appropriate). After my comment on VNTS Header Image this week, welcome to my VNTS Review for this week. As for Leisure itself, not interested but anyway, there's a good news for everyone that waited for Meikyuu (It will be released this summer) and Rakuen (Translated 35% as of now).

Well, the Anime Central announcement this time was surely would bring everyone with high expectation down. Okay, maybe Kyonyuu Fantasy (Or Funbag Fantasy for localization) was quite decent (Bookwormotaku like this nukige) and Fata Morgana fandisc should be good for anyone else who want to read more Fata Morgana after finished reading it, but 4 out 6 six announcement was turned out to be hardcopy from already existed title, so this is quite letdown (Although if I said the box might attract the people who want to collect the packaging though). Although the earlier announcement was letdown, Mangagamer also announce that they'll release Tatarigoroshi on June 24th and Umineko on July 8th. I only look forward to Tatarigoroshi (If only to patching the voice), while Umineko was already had the patch with improved sprite and voiced to boot (And I kind of didn't click with new sprite from Mangagamer). I think since Anime Center announcement was majorly from Mangagamer, so I'll conclude Mangagamer section here. Oh, for last word I think I better look forward to next week update from Mangagamer to made up this letdown.

For more announcement, Sekai announce one doujin VN called 2236 AD which the premise might sounds interesting, although kind of vague. For more update, other than Grisaia series Sekai also had nice progress from WEE Episode 3 which touched 82.49% as of now. Other than that, there's not much interesting although if you want to knew the round up Darekoi and Memory Dogma had some nice progress (More than 10% progress) while Sekai also want to launch Princess Knight using Indie Go Go (At least they learned not to using Kickstarter in case the project failed I supposed).

Okay, this week instead of Anime Central, actually interesting news mostly came from Fan Translation. Astral Air progress this time was crazy (1.6% progress from last week, and for the progress it was at 78.76%), and looks like this summer we'll get boost in term of progress according to Chuee. Koiken Otome, they had 100% editing and 86.71% QC this week, which mean it shouldn't be long time before they release the patch (Or maybe next month hopefully?). While both of those 2 news of course good, we'd also face the problem from Dracu Riot side. As we knew, the team right now face some real life issue so maybe they need delayed the first rough complete patch (Although they said it'll be at the end of June, I'm still willing to wait until end of July).

For last roundup, Tsui Yuri as of now had 22% translation progress and 2% edited. There's no translation progress from Bishoujo Mangekyou, but the QC was already started and it was at 3.1%. And for last update, we had Majokoi translated at 1.9% and edited at 1.6% (Also Majokoi team got another new 2 translators there. Hope it'll be speed up the translation). Oh, and actually from last week Mari's route at Libra was not 20% translated, but 25% translated.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - Since Decay mentioned his worry about Angel Beats translation project (Not that I'm interested as of now), here's the translator response in regard of Angel Beats localization announcement from Key at Arcadeotic post (Thanks). It mean that they'll try to continue for new as long as they didn't get hit by C&D or DMCA claim as for now. Although the translator word was more likely they wait until Key make official announcement. Well, let's see it for later though.


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