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Tsui Yuri translation project update



Gonna go ahead and make this update here as well. When I have something more than just the weekly update to share about the project, I'll make a blog post about it on my own blog, (so I don't spam the dev feed.)


Hello everyone! Today I have great news, and some kind of meh news. First the good news!

Porygon has finalized the patch making tools, so we can now get all sorts of stuff worked out. (Previously we had issues with the text not displaying right, some symbols dissapearing etc. That's all gone now.)


On the translation side of things, I had some days off this week and got some decent work done. The progress has moved quite a lot since the last update. (Progress update and more is below.)

Now for some meh news. I have a really important exam in one week, (like, if I don't study like crazy, I am so failing it,) and so I am kind of studying myself to death here. Because of that, next week I wont have a lot of time to translate. I will still make updates like usual, but expect like, a miniscule amount of progress the next week or two, as I try my hardest not to fail and screw up my life :sacchan:

Also, @Meat_Bun1 is back on the project as an editor, and he will be fixing all the silly mistakes left in by me. :miyako:



Anyways, progress time!

Here is the progress, and also, for those interested, a few pictures of the translation in game. (Note that these pictures have completely un-edited lines, so ... You know, this is not the quality of the final translation.)




Translated: 100% (26/26)
Edited: 100% (26/26)
QCed: 0% (0/26)

Translated: 77% (1284/1662)
Edited: 4% (68/1662)
QCed: 0% (0/1662)

Translated: 0% (0/2183)
Edited: 0% (0/2183)
QCed: 0% (0/2183)

Translated: 0% (0/2001)
Edited: 0% (0/2001)
QCed: 0% (0/2001)

Translated: 22% (1310/5872)
Edited: 2% (94/5872)
QCed: 0% (0/5872)















Recommended Comments

Hey even if it's 1 line in 1 week it's faster than me :rimu: 

Also it's normal to give the priority to your exam don't worry :sachi:

Plus, taking a break from the tl may be good since once you'll come back you will probably notice some new tl error you failed to see before ^_^

Anyway good luck for your exam and keep up the good work :sacchan:

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Yay for progress. No yay for exams :saber: but they're important so it's understandable that you'd halt your translation even if a bit for them.

Great work senpai and hope you're feeling well about getting back to it and that you can remain fired up about it as you are now.

Best of luck for what remains of the project aswell. :sachi:

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Great work as always. I feel you with the exams, I have a very important set of exams that decide if I enter my career of choice in a couple of weeks.

Anyways, it's always good seeing progress of a project. Keep up the good work. :mare:

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