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I have been listening to this track a million times since yesterday and its just one of those tracks that make you as an artist, feel inferior in terms of creativity and overall emotion others are able to put in a track. LORN is one of these guys, he puts so much fucking feeling and soul into his tracks, it gives me shivers, it wants me to dance, cry, laugh, gives me so many cool images in my head, it does everything right and it just feels like its impossible for me as an artist to ever match up to this.

I admire this guy so much for having such a distorted sound but still maintain a feeling of hope.

It sounds like a space opera that you found on a really old LP.

If I ever made a track called "endsky" then it would sound a little bit like this. (I wish I had read tsui no sora, since I feel like this music would fit it perfectly hence why I gave a nod to it just now and to subahibi for that matter)

This also made me think about saya no uta and everything that makes me think of my favorite VN makes me happy, this would fit just as nice in the true end than the original music which is fucking gorgeous too.

P.S if you know a VN thats written like LORN writes music, then please tell me asap.


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