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Dawn After the War Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (05/07/2016)

This time I'd must admit that I'd had hard time to find fitting title for this week, so since there's a VN with post war setting and another VN with Yoake (Meaning Dawn in Japan) word release, I'd decided to use poetic word 'Dawn After the War'.

Anyway, even though I made poetic title for this week VNTS Review, actually the inspiration title for this week kinda mediocre. For Yoake one, actually it was some short dark yuri nukige which according to Decay the size was at 9 GB, which to said the size was too big (Although maybe SakuSaku from same year (2014) release was also at 9 GB for the game file though, but at least it's justified for quite beautiful art). The rating at VNDB this time was quite high (Average at 8.01 and Bayesian at 7.36, although the voter might had particular taste though). Well, I guess this VN would be good for dark yuri nukige fan though. For post war VN, actually it was inspired from the anime which some people called 'K-On on Military' just because the girl design was cute. Anyway, for some who curious here's MAL page for the anime itself (So Ra No Wo To), and I would suggest instead of searching PSP Emulator or something like that, just watch the anime should be enough (Although I didn't knew if there is new content on the translated VN itself though). For the 3rd release, didn't knew much other than it as from same creator as Tokyo School Life.

Okay, after commenting the release for this week (Which compared to April when we got many big release was quite bland), this week was also quite plain to be honest ie not much happening other than some progress. After JAST released Seinarukana (And Steam version for later months), as expected there's not much progress from them. For Mangagamer, as usual we must wait for another week here and we had one certain news that Mangagamer will release The House of Fata Morgana next week. I'd knew that this VN had some people who like the art, hope it'll satisfied the people who like gothic art and unusual character design though. Also I'd heard that the story was also had horror element here.

Since Tay also made a remark about ChuSinGura Kickstarter failure, might as well report it that right now they managed 9,368 out of 160,000 (I'll need to write the number for the reminder here just in case it'll be change next week). Speaking about Kickstarter, actually it was from last week but I'd forgot to report that Libra managed to had the common route 100% translated and it mean that they'll move to heroine's route (I don't know if they'll deliver the release for either Halloween or November though). One last thing, because I'd also forgot to mention Frontwing will release Corona Blossom for English speaker first last week, my comment here it would be interesting I guess, although for now I'd only knew that the people behind design character was also responsible for Grisaia character design and their own 'Hunie Pop' girl thing.

Sekai Project

The only legal company which had the progress this week. Anyway, Maitetsu this week was moving slowly by 0.85%, WEE Episode 3 touched 70% (71.54% to be exact), Darekoi at 64.24%, and Memory Dogma at 13.15%. Well, not much other than Maitetsu and WEE was had some nice progress here (Although Maitetsu was slowing down). Although for Memory Dogma and Darekoi I didn't follow them much though, but nice progress I suppose. And one more thing, they didn't show the progress for Tenshin Rahman and Chrono Clock this week.

Fan Translation

First of all, I'm sorry to said this but Dergonu was decided to stall his project because his real life circumstance. Hopefully he'll be able to get through his circumstance and he'll be able to translating it just like what he want in the future after once again he finished his circumstance.

Anyway, let's move to the update. For Kiminozo we had Akane route transalted. Actually, from some source that I'd read Muv Luv was supposed to be spin off for Kiminozo. Who knew that Muv Luv franchise which grew bigger into Cash Cow Franchise for age was started from Kiminozo in the first place. Anyway, for more history lesson Kiminozo also had dubbed and the anime was get the Western name 'Rumbling Heart'. I'd heard that Kiminozo had some sort of depressive ending and VNDB categorize it as Utsuge. This might be good, although if you want very happy ending don't play this game.

Astral Air, well after one week update absence they managed to had another update this week at 76.06%. For SakuSaku, this week the TLC was at 100%, although the release might be still not very soon though but hopefully this year. For the last update, congratulations for big jump for translating Izumi route at Clover's Day (12% to 50%), ittaku and thanks for your effort. Other than nice progress, I think not much comment needed for now.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review.


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