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Black Sands reveals the Quest Mechanics of the Rift

Black Sands Entertainment


Producer's notes: This new addition is  to explain the questing mechanics in Black Sands. While it is a visual novel, there will be a lot of team management involved and you will have to solve mysteries and defeat enemies with your mental skills above all else. Are you a competent leader?
SCOUTING – Scouting will consist of Base stats checks. Check will be made by the system which is specific to the area you wish to scout. Examples include…
  • Having high enough wisdom to read ancient writings, letting you know of a secret passage.
  • Having enough strength and agility to climb a cliff side.
The danger in scouting is minimal however scouting takes time. Most of the time, it is best to send one person out per mission but occasionally, you may decide to bring a couple. Checks are usually solo checks so if one is incapable of passing it but another is, then it is a success regardless.
INVESTIGATION – These quests are somewhat dangerous and can fail if you lose the element of surprise. Investigations tend to be for smaller groups, if not solo, and they can lead to valuable information regarding important locations or characters. Examples include…
  • Examing the corpse of an ancient Anunnaki.
  • Trying to find a Devic artifact.
Your awareness is the most critical factor when it comes to investigations so keeping your awareness at peak performance is critical. Things that can lower your focus is triggering a trap, fighting, etc. Sure, you may be able to survive such things but you then become paranoid and miss things you might have previously not.
TRACKING – Tracking missions are extremely difficult. They offer amazing rewards and events but also have extreme skill checks and timed decisions. Tracking missions are also limited response missions. It can only be attempted once before the mission is gone. Examples include..
  • Something has been indiscriminately killing everything that comes across its path.
  • These tracks are not of this world.
These missions will test your mettle at on the spot decision making. Only the best trackers will unlock all the potential rewards from capturing or slaying the most elusive in the Rift.
EXPLORATION – Sometimes curiosity gets the better of you. Sometimes you don’t have time to play it safe. Either way, you have no idea what to expect. Explorations are dangerous because everything is unknown. You may unlock new quests or run into an enemy you can’t defeat. Examples include…
  • An ancient facility that is opened due to an earthquake but lava is going to consume it in 3 days.
  • I saw something in the distance with a metallic reflection. We should check it out.
These missions are fun and can leave the heart pounding. Make sure you have your supplies incase the ish hits the fan.
CASUAL – These are relaxing events where you get a lot of choices to effect the relationship you have with the others. Whether its training, swimming, or enjoying one of the only sunny days you get in the Rift. Every day is special.
Main Story – These quests are long and can have multiple parts. It is best to do anything related to the quest prior to it to have the maximum chance of defeating it.


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