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Unfortunate news - Tsui Yuri translation project



(This is a pretty long rant, sorry about that. Please, try to read it all so you can understand exactly what is going on and where I am coming from.)

Hello everyone. Today I have some pretty bad news. I'm going to have to put a stop to the Tsui Yuri translation project, at least for the time being.

I think a lot of people probably knew this would happen. As for the reasons…

So, the past month I have been working on this translation project, that I myself started.

I guess I just really wanted to give something back to this extremely awesome community that I have grown to love over the time I have spent here.

The past few weeks I have had a lot of things on my mind surrounding the project and my own translation. It has gotten quite bad, to the point where I would be unable to sleep at night. I would just lie there, thinking to myself like an idiot.

There has been a lot of reasons for this. First of all, I am currently the most busy I have ever been in school. I have exams, midterms and all sorts of crap going on. In addition, I had a significant amount absence previously this year, which I am still trying to recover from.

On top of school being way too much, I've started to question whether or not I can actually do this. A lot of small factors have started to add up, and it finally dawned on me that I have simply put way too much work on my shoulders during a really, really busy time of my life.

My TLC gave me a little bit of a "scolding" yesterday, saying that I have a decent chuck of grammatical errors that just should not be there. This probably come from a number of factors, but I think my stress IRL has probably rubbed off a bit into my work.

Also, going back to the start of the project, I remember Arcadeotic and Kiriririri telling me not to start the project. It was basically a friendly way of saying I probably wasn't ready for it. I knew that they were right, but still went through with it.

And I kind of came to a conclusion when Decay once again explained why my project wasn't being added to the VNTS. This was such a tiny, tiny little detail that made me realize I just was not ready for this project. I quite simply don't have the time to invest into such a time consuming thing right now.


Like, I guess everyone already knew I wasn't ready for a full on translation project from the beginning, but I still wanted to start one.

I have been learning Japanese for quite some time now, and I have spent a lot of time here on fuwanovel, watching people make translation projects, reviews, blogs, whatever. People do stuff to make give back to the community, and I want to do something as well.

Translating is what I am going to do once I finish university. It's my dream job, believe it or not. I mean, whether it will be translating games or books or if I end up being an interpreter in a company somewhere, I don't know. All I know is that translating is what I seriously want to do, one way or another. It's been something I have wanted to try out for so long, and this experience, though short, has just helped strengthen that wish.

I mean, this past month has been unbelievably fun for me. I have learned so much about making a team, how the translation scene works, and I have also had the chance to actually translate something for real, to see a little what that is like. And it was so much fun!

But ... Yeah, I just ... Am not ready to truly start a project I guess.

I still have a while to go before I can truly start translating a full visual novel. I mean, my translation isn't wrong. And it isn't super bad. It's not that. It's just that, when I have to spend several minutes concentrating on every line, to make sure I don't miss small key parts of the sentence in order to make it a proper translation, it's obvious that I am not quite ready for a real project yet.


I would like to just apologize to the whole community. I truly had nothing but good intentions when starting this, and so many of you encouraged me along the way. A bunch of people showed an interest in helping out, (like, I really got a lot of applications... I never would have thought someone would actually be interested in working on this project with a scrub like me :wahaha: )

Guys, really, I'm so grateful for all the support and all the help, and I am so, so sorry for letting everyone down. Hopefully no one really had any massive hopes for this one. Hopefully people will just be like, "oh yeah, that new kid wanted to translate something and failed. Hah, saw that coming."

Anyways, I truly want to get into the fan translation scene again as soon as possible, and hope that this hasn't completely shattered my reputation forever. I just have to take a step back, re-think some stuff, finish all my exams and take a breather. Then, I'll come back and start translating yuri VNs again. (Because let's face it, yuri is love, yuri is life :makina:

On that note, if anyone want to jump on the team as a translator, or to take over, feel free to PM me. At the moment we have closed down the project, however we can re-open it again easily enough, so if you are intersted, then don't hesitate to ask.

There is a chance I'll come back to this again myself later, maybe in a few months, but at least right now, it just isn't the right time for this.


Thank you for understanding, and let me just say one last time, I am sorry it came to this.



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Hah, totally saw it coming. Pfft.


*ahem*; not really. I perfectly understand what it's like to be going through a busy period and yet still try to manage personal events/projects simultaneously. At least, for me. But I imagine it's somewhat similar, where your stress levels do nothing but go up, proportionally to the velocity at which your self-confidence plummets.

You can see the train slowly derail and how everything is going wrong despite your best, but insufficient, efforts.


I am particularly bad in the "Now's definitely not the time to take on a project." section:
For example, imagine you are swamped with work in real life, but somehow decide to take on a role in a TL Project, while also having proposals for positions in other, completely different, projects. That's me. Now imagine I decided, through all this, to send an application to proofread your project. I nearly did. That would have been the pathway to rapid self-destruction. But alas, I mustered some semblance of constraint and stopped myself from applying for something I obviously wouldn't have been able to do. As is, I am now merely on the pathway for slow self-destruction.

(DISCLAIMER: Even if I weren't taking part in a project, self-destruction would still be inevitable due to unrelated real life reasons. But my point remains)


I applaud the fact that you do what I cannot and decide to stop when you must.

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Too bad though, but guess I'll write this unfortunate news in my VNTS review next week, and I'm apologize if you feel like I'm pressuring you here. But, as fellow member actually I want to support you morally since I didn't had enough skill for translating. I'm actually understand of how university work could take your hobby if your schedule too hectic with addition that you must cover your absence from previous semester.

Sorry for maybe pressuring you again, but if I may suggest maybe you better work this project on your university break, ie you had more time compared to school time (Also make sure you didn't had any assignment or working on script). Although you maybe reconsider it though, and for your TLC pick actually you managed to pick a good one here. For my last word here would be good luck and hope you could get through your university life right now.

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That sucks, but alas, some things aren't meant to be

I can definitely relate on it taking most of your free time and you not being ready for it, as my project is a wondrous black hole of all of my free time.

Well, anyways, good riddance and sorry to hear that

EDIT: Actually, it might actually be short and interesting enough for me to be interested in it, but we'll see what happens after my present project, I guess.

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You can always come back when you get better it doesnt matter when, in the end fan-translation are first of all for oneself and then for the rest of the public (that's what I believe) so if you don't enjoy what you are doing and you think you are not ready then this is the best approach to the matter that you could have taken, kudos for your decision.

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I appreciate you being forthcoming and honest, where when others have been in similar situations they just stayed silent months/years. Good luck dealing with your school stuff.

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It's a shame that it came to this, but don't worry too much on it, friend. You know yourself better than anyone else can, you wanted to show more appreciation than you already have by being an active member to the community by trying to give something back to help it grow. No one can fault you on that, and even though it's come to this, you managed to have some personal growth from the experience by finding out yourself first-hand that you may not be entirely ready to undertake a project currently. You realised this, learned from it and took the necessary steps to move forward.

You just take it easy as much as you can, and focus on your school work and your dream of becoming a translator, and come back to the project or start anew when you're ready. ^_^

It'll happen some day, and I'll read whatever you end up translating. :miyako:

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