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Developer Demo Released - Lost Winter Nights Update 3

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Hello everyone,
I announced that we were working on a Developer Demo a few weeks ago, and I am happy to announce that we released it on the 04/24/2016. :)



 1 - What is a Developer Demo ?

First of all, I have to admit that I have made some mistakes when talking about our incoming Developer Demo, so we were misunderstood a little bit.
A Developer Demo is a Demo that shows Developers skills and creativity. This way, the community can have a first look at the current game quality potentiall. On the other hand, developers can have a better idea of players expectations and desires towards their game.
A Developer Demo is meant to establish the opportunity of a dialogue between both parties and make sure everyone is happy with the result. In the end, I believe the community still has the upper hand.

2 - Why release a Developer Demo ?

Lekasoft Studio is a very new team and Lost Winter Nights is a first project for most of us. As a matter of fact, we did not have a very clear idea of how an English Visual Novel was expected to look like. We did not want to copy Japanese games from the start so we tried to inspirate from them but still make something closer to our culture.
As we worked one, we started to wonder if our direction was going the right way, and the best way to make it sure was to ask the community. This is why we had the idea of releasing a short Developer Demo before we keep working on it.

3 - What is next ?

As we get reviews on our Developer Demo, our team is discussing about them and is thinking about what adaptations to be made to insure the sucess of our game. Although we are very strict when it comes to making a game that we all like as a team, we are totally aware of the important of the community. We will always be very open to them and every comment they make on the game.

Feel free to download Lost Winter Nights Developer Demo on itch.io and comment about it there or on our website. You can also contact us on social medias to discuss about the game, we will happily do so.

~ Nahilys
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