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Twilight Purgatory Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/02/2016)

Frankly with 4 image at header of VNTS I was quite confused with the title (But I appreciate your effort, admin Tay), so since 2 of 4 header was came from quite popular VN, I decided to use the title based on those 2 VN. Twilight is actually quite infamous with the vampire fan, but I guess it's kinda fitting for the man behind the VN itself until a little while ago. And purgatory was obviously reference to Tokyo Babel duh.

Welcome to my 2nd post for my commentary about VN Translation Update here. First we surely had some of the update here. And for my commentary I think based on Tay update I'll divided between Mangagamer and fan translation segment. Based on VNTS, from JAST and Sekai there's no worthwhile progress, but I think I'll open the commentary segment for Sekai first in order to state my opinion about Root Double

Sekai Project

As only Decay was the one who commented on it, guess it makes me the 2nd people here? Anyway, I'd already suspected that Sekai might delayed the release of Root Double in March considering that they never updated the Kickstarter past March 10th until near March end. From the messages that Funyarinpa got from NeoGAF forum and DavidB statement, I guess it's majorly the delay part was come from Regista or Yeti instead of Sekai which come as of no surprise since Sekai promised us to release XTend version on PC and I suspect that maybe Regista also decided to do that for their own language just recently (Or still in planning), and I speculate that since according to those 2 statements that Regista was did not contact Sekai Project in regard of Root Double (If my instinct was right of course, and virginsmasher said it happened with Himawari). But I think Sekai should announce this fact to the fans instead of fans try to deduce from the publisher word. And as for Sekai Project, other than Root Double delay not much needed to be commented.


Normally until surprised announcement it should be the best announcement and should be save for the last. But because the surprised announcement, I'll decided to make a commentary before fan translation segment. Okay, this time Mangagamer was bring us many update. I think as for round up not much interesting happened there. Fatamorgana, Kuroinu, and MYTH was not on my list of looking forward I think but congratulations for MYTH for reaching 100% translation first though (Fatamorgana will be release on May 13th and Kuroinu reaching 40% though just for recap here). Imopara 2, well copy paste pink-haired heroine issue aside the progress was surprisingly fast (Or Mangagamer already translated this before announcement was also possible) at 36.59% and editing at 10% in this moment. Evangile W as also progressed quite well with the progress was at 32.58% (And it mean the time for Evangile fan to see their heroine more was slowly approaching).

As for the more interesting update, Da Capo 3 at this moment was at 85% (To admin @Tay, you forgot this little update), Pygmalion was at 63.31%, and Bokuten was edited at 70%. Da Capo 3 was had quite an interesting history with this community, notably involving MT and Aaeru. I'll try to write more if Mangagamer managed to release it, and looks like Decay prediction about Da Capo 3 translation will be finished around July might be true. As for Pygmalion, no more comment at this moment other than Clephas didn't like it much (Although the girl MC remind me of Aoishiro premise though). Bokuten, the interesting thing was according to VNDB 2 seiyuu for Root Double MC was casted as male side characters here. Another interesting thing was it will follow Overdrive usual theme (Music, and the band was comprised of all angels), and sex scene was apparently quite important compared to previous Overdrive games. I think if I'll type more here it'll be too much.

Finally for the big news from Mangagamer. As we knew, Tokyo Babel was finally released. From the response at Steam it seems quite accepted well. And VNDB scoring of Tokyo Babel rise a bit from 7.01 to 7.03. Our Clephas and Conjuror also like this game. For the size, it was quite big at 8.57 GB, but I still accepted it compared to School Days (9.6 GB) and Shiny Days (16 GB) size (And apparently 'Days' games had some kind of bug that was caused by poor programming at Overflow). Go play it if you didn't play the demo yet, and it's all age by the way (Although I didn't mean for 4 - 12 years old children though, especially girl one. The reason I stated that because there was some PreCure seiyuu involving in Tokyo Babel, and PreCure targeting girls from age 4 - 12 years old. Anyway, the content was definitely not for children). As for Decay commentary, for the picture it was somehow quite funny that no one commented on that until now, and for maid cafe, well let's just said that propeller also need their fan service dose a little bit.

Fan Translation

There's surely many interesting progress coming from here. First I'll comment on Koiken Otome progress as they finally had their TLC at 100% (By the way, it's 2nd update you didn't catch it admin Tay) and QC at 86.39%. I didn't know how much we must waiting for this, but maybe hopefully this year it'll be finished. Oh, just expect it as moege/charage with chuunige element instead of pure chuunige like Tokyo Babel if you didn't want to be disappointed since I'd read some review about this game and the response was less than favorable. Astral Air was stable (I mean always updated each week) as usual, but the progress was slowing down at this week (From 0.4% to 0.2%) and looks like they decided to finish Yuuki route translation first before move to Corona route. Harakano, well good for pregnancy fetish I supposed (I was only comment on this because it was one of 4 image header lol). Congratulations on Magical Eyes release though (Well Fruitbat was comprised of fan translator, so it's counted here I supposed), although the graphic was quite less good compared to other VN, but I appreciate their effort to make animated OP, had the singer sing the OP, and had the seiyuu for voicing the game (Keep in mind that the company behind Magical Eyes was not professional, but amateur group so normally the expected production value should be less imo. Sorry for to be blunt here).

For the project that need some help, first I will need to commented on Aokana. For Ren's group, good luck for finding N2 and N3 translator first, and I'll be waiting until December for the completion here (Since you promised us to release the patch at October for the earliest, but I'll be lenient here so I said until December (Although earlier was of course very good)). About the second group, for 5 language since mod zenophilius suggested something interesting, how about if I translated it in English, Arabic, Latin, Indonesia, and Chinese language by using Google Translate lol and release it unedited. Just give me script, had programmer created the patch with the translation, and done. For serious comment, it was quite hard to translate in 5 languages at the first place and more hard if you want to had it translated properly. So I think the 2nd group was quite attention seeker here. And for To Hearts 2, even though in 'certain site' it was considered as complete I think it's quite nice that the translator still spent some effort to refine it. Good luck ittaku, and thanks for your 7 years (Soon to be 8 years) of works.

Finally, this is surprising indeed. After I rant on this board back at 21 and half hours ago about this, and suddenly 9 and half hours ago (I was not online back there) it was really happened, the promise from back at 2013 was suddenly happened. I mean with some certain translator promised to release any completed work, partial or not. Okay, I was talk about Dracu Riot and Insem here. Honestly, it was definitely pleasant surprised here, but too bad for Miu's route it's still half translated, so it was still incomplete. I was planned to rant about Dracu Riot here if the announcement didn't happened. Anyway, with this guess Yuzu-soft cursed was almost broken here and hopefully some user here was willing to translate remaining 10% of the game or last half of Miu's route, and finally we had 2 Yuzu-soft translation project break the curse (I mean with August, Yuzu-soft games was cursed to had their translation to be never finished. The first game that break Yuzu-soft curse was Noble Noodle Works translation, which was released back at Christmas 2015). As for my state, I was thinking if I should open the discussion if not, but maybe I should if only to talk about 3 and half finished route (The bonus route script was around 4300 lines, which was quite big compared to Noble Works bonus route script which was only around 1100 lines). See you later at Dracu Riot discussion thread later.

I think that's all I could write for now, and thanks for reading my though here which was quite long here.


Recommended Comments

Thanks. Not sure which site claims To Heart 2 project is complete since I've never claimed it was, even though the translation was finished almost a year ago. I guess this is the danger in releasing a 100% translated patch as a pre-release; people will just grab that and read it since they're always desperate for translations, then the pre-release gets distributed through other channels as though it's the final version and then the VN and project itself gets forgotten. None of this does the Visual Novel itself nor the translation project justice... Sigh.

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