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Honey Pot



Thanks to reading visual novels, I've learned something new. Something I probably could have lived the rest of my life happy having never known.

I hate the term "honey pot" in place of "vagina" when reading eroges. Actually, I'd hate it anywhere but I'd never seen it until I started reading eroges.

It's bad enough that, so far that I've read, the vast majority of h-scenes are so awkwardly written that it makes "Super Hornio Brothers" and "The Bare Wench Project" seem like literary achievements in the entertainment format. Add to it the protagonist talking about her "honey pot" and I'm getting the image of some random Japanese dude with the same shaggy haircut as every other protagonist banging Winnie-the-Pooh's meal container. You already ruined the mood with the two people rutting thinking they can manage to cum together. Now you're adding terrible euphemisms into it? Just call it a vagina. Or slit. Or pussy. Even cunt if you must, though that's pretty harsh. But honey pot? Really?

You're already writing about a scene with naked cartoon people. Why chicken out with such a lame phrase?


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First time I ran into this was Heaven's Feel. On one hand I thought it was kinda hot but on the other I was a little weirded out. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as referring to the penis as "my member" though.

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