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Amaekata wa Kanojo nari ni



First, this VN is by Giga.  Yes, Giga, the same people who did the Baldr series.  However - and I have said this repeatedly in my comments on other non-Baldr Giga VNs - the second Giga steps outside of hard, complex, violent sci-fi... they get third-rate (except the visuals).  The best non-Baldr VN I've even tried to play by Giga was Harvest Overray, and even that was only just above average for a charage with a central story (though the humor was the best of Giga).  In fact, if you ignore the visuals, every charage they've made other than Harvest has been just below the charage average. 

This one doesn't escape that trap, unfortunately.  To be honest, I thought from the description on Getchu that they might have actually made something worth playing this time (despite the crappy character profiles).  Unfortunately, what I got was a surprisingly shallow VN, whose best content is based entirely in parts (not the whole of) the heroine routes and where the rest stinks of potential but never quite manages to make it live. 

I really and honestly thought I would like the characters... after all, if there is one thing Giga seemed to be capable of doing outside of its visuals and the Baldr series, it was a halfway-decent characterization, right?  Right? 


I honestly couldn't believe how shallow the characterization is, especially in the common route.  The best you get in the common route is a vague, archetypical idea of what the characters might be like (Kanae being the most obvious).  Unfortunately, the heroine routes basically say 'what you saw in the common route is mostly just a bit extended here'.  Tomomi's path had some moments... but the other heroine paths were a patchwork of poor character development and a sudden shift to the 'endgame' after a relatively short bit of story progression. 

Is this a kusoge?  Not necessarily.  I've played much, much worse charage in the past and not criticized them this viciously.  Unfortunately, I'm also not in a charitable mood at the moment, because I was hoping this would wash the Kadenz Fermata flavor out of my mouth so I could play Tsumi no Hikari with a calm, reasonable heart.  This is basically a very, very short charage with a very minimalist approach to... everything.  When carried out properly, a 'minimalist' charage can sometimes be better than a longer one.  Unfortunately, the failure to properly develop the characters (especially the protagonist) in the common route led to me being unable to care very much about the heroine routes.  This made for a very 'rough' and 'slapdash' experience, at least in my (biased at the moment) opinion. 


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3 hours ago, starlessn1ght said:

are you playing the twins thing?

Which would that be?  If you are talking about the VN with the quints, the answer is no... that company's VNs are all pretty awful.

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