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Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart



なんだこりゃ?!  Seriously, that was what I thought as I read this VN.  'What the heck is this?!'  Mmm... at times, it felt like I was reading an adult version of a children's picture book (if such things exist), at others I felt like I was reading a VN version of the various -gatari anime series, and at yet others, I almost thought this was just another charage. 

This VN is by Harukaze, a subsidiary of Minato Soft (makers of Majikoi) that has produced one other game before, Love of Ren'ai Koutei of LOVE!  I played that VN back when it came out, and I remember being more than a little disappointed in it.  The VN started out well, got weird toward the middle, and fizzled out toward the end. 

To be honest, I have almost the same conclusion for this one... except you have to cut out the first part, leaving only the middle and end.  This VN was weird (sometimes funny, sometimes not so) from beginning to end, and if I were to give it a simple stamp for quality... it would probably be pretty low.  There is no real way in which to get emotionally involved with the characters, because the constant shifting from Nora's perspective to the fully-voiced narrator (his deceased mother), and the girls' perspectives gets in the way.  The reason I thought it was funny was precisely because of that narrator... but it is the kind of harem you would have seen in an anime from the nineties or right after the turn of the century (not very good and more than a little repetitive). 

There were a lot of points in this VN that should have been emotional, but the writer obviously didn't actually want you to get emotional... because they were almost all immediately interrupted by something meant to be comedic (I say 'meant to be' because it often isn't).  This VN had enormous potential to fall into the dark side... (in a good way).  I mean, the main heroine is basically undead, another heroine is part-machine, and the other two are both a bit messed up themselves.  So, I have to ask the writer, if he'll answer... just what were you trying to do here?  I ask because this weird mix-up just doesn't work all that well. 

It isn't bad per-se... but I don't know how to feel about it.  It doesn't leave me feeling irritated like a bad charage would... but it isn't satisfying in any way, shape, or form.  So, just what am I supposed to do with a VN like this? 

My final conclusion is that I have absolutely no idea who would like this VN, but I'm sure someone will. 

Edit: Just to clarify... this really isn't a bad VN.  It is just insists on turning even the most serious events into jokes that sometimes seriously aren't funny.

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