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A Thousand and Two Nights: Revenge of The Kittens



Alright, here's number two! Note that these aren't put in any particular order. Enjoy

1-Understanding Nyanyans

I made a conscious effort to stay from cats last time, but screw it:They are everywhere for a reason. If you're looking to understand cat behavior and language more, or just want cute kittie pics, this should satisfy you:


Also, screw 9GAG. 

According to this info, I'm on a pretty good relationship with my somewhat-officially-owned cat. She's pretty much done all the positive things mentioned here. And I do find the last point to be very interesting. I usually throw the little scoundrel outside the house if he pisses me off, but I might try a different approach now :P

 2-TFW you start out strong, but then things go downhill...

... Literally


Not sure if it's just a Saudi thing, but seriously all Jeep drivers are this derp. It's not uncommon to find them casually driving in the middle of the place where people are suppose to walk over here... Note to self: Never get a Jeep 

3- Reasons why you shouldn't post your pictures on the internet.

Sure, this particular position is kinda asking for it... But anyone with enough photoshop skillz can turn even the most innocent picture of you into a sex tape. Beware

This is an album, so here (way 2 lazy to post every single one w) http://imgur.com/gallery/sxfpA

I guess the fact that it's za supreme leader himself  is worthy of consideration, but regardless I sure will make an effort to never post such an... Easily manipulated pic of myself around here. Do you think that's an exaggeration? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4-Why Women Can't Drive in Saudi Arabia



Rip women's rights

(I'm joking ofc, if this offended you, then I apologies for you lack of humor) 

 5-When you're trying to take down the boss your team be like

I guess you can say this about any team in a co-op game.


I'm usually the guy telling everyone pull their spit together, aka Shia lebouf. It's not an easy job. Which useless party member are you?

And that is that. I didn't type the paragraphs I thought I would, but "The best of speeches are the clear and short" (let's see if you can find the source of that. Note that it's translated from Arabic :P) . Lemme know whachya think buddeh, I'll be sure to... Consider your words :D 


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