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About this blog

Creating an archive on my VN reviews when I feel like writing out my thoughts after finishing a game.


Note: I am more or less writing this for myself so be prepared for spoilers for most things I post.

Entries in this blog

Sakura no Toki - An 8 year old Sequel

サクラノ刻-櫻の森の下を歩む-   After 8 years in development, SakuToki was finally released. If Sakuuta is 「幸福の先への物語」, I view SakuToki as a 「虚無の先への物語」. Let's go back a bit to Scaji's previous works: Tsui no Sora and Subahibi, destroys the illusion of inherent human values and ethics. Tsui no Sora covers Nietzsche and how human values are artificially made. It is forced upon other people as a struggle for power with a bit of spice of Spinoza's pantheism. Subahibi covers the same topic from the point


Nemesis in VN Review

Tenshi No Hane wo Fumanaide Review

「ーきっとこれは神様を許す物語」 "...this is undoubtedly a story about forgiving God" Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide or TenshiHane, is a glorious tribute to Nietzsche. It borrows heavily from Christian mythology of an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent God. Alas, due to its themes, if a Christian read this, he will probably have a stroke with froth coming out of his mouth. The setting is a school, Saint Solyluna Academy, which is divided into two different campuses separated as islands: Sun and Moo


Nemesis in VN Review

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