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  • Surprisingly poor for masterpieces December, so my grey horse Lilith is the winner this time.


1. Houkago wa Betsu no Kao 放課後は別の顔 [951201] Ucom
A collection of four short stories featuring sexual experiences of school girls.
A distinguishing feature of the work is the presence of narrator girl who also appears in the stories. But overall it's a very specialized content.



2. Momoko-chan for Me ももこちゃんfor Me [951201] Ume Soft 1 2
Momoko-chan for Me: Minarai Kangofu-hen is a visual novel focusing on a young male aspiring physician, the son of a famous doctor who has left on a vacation and entrusted the son with the management of certain hospital-related affairs. The game focuses exclusively on the relationship between the protagonist and a nurse-in-training named Momoko.
Remastered version heroines look much cuter. The difficulty of the game is high since there are over 10 endings - most of them depend on ecstasy level between the characters.


3. Moonlight Energy 2 ムーンライトエナジー2 [951201] Interheart 1
Moonlight Energy 2 is a sequel to Moon Light Enegy. The game's premise is nearly identical to that of the predecessor: the player controls a high school student named Maki, participating in her lesbian escapades with other students or personnel.
The infamous les chikan is back. So it's a normal Interheart work with many H events.


4. Rance 4.1 ~Okusuri Koujou o Sukue!~ ランス4.1 ~お薬工場を救え!~ [951201] Alice Soft 1 2
This is a side-story in Rance series, released shortly after the fourth game, but dedicated to an entirely different quest. All kinds of troubles are happening to a factory where a new Happiness Medicine is being developed. The mercenary Rance is hired by the manager to investigate the source of these troubles. First task: clear the factory of the monsters...
4.1 looks more like introduction to more longer 4.2. Battle system is simplified and few known heroines take part here. The quality is very good for a bonus game given away for free.


5. Reverse リバース [951201] Gloria
Takumi died in a traffic accident when he was young, but his spirit continued to live in his fraternal twin and gained ability to read other peoples hearts. Using that ability he helps people around him to solve their problems.
It's really difficult to comprehend what's going on on the screen since Takumi and his twin change spots all the time. The contents is quite dull and sad.


6. Super Erect Taisen S・EX スーパーエレクト大戦S・EX [951201] Dynamic Production
Hero was watching a pop idol live performance when the skies tore apart and idols got sucked inside the demon-faced black whirlwind together with his favorite Ichigo-chan. After than an angel descended from the skies and offered cooperation to defeat demon king and return the girls.
Each enemy turn takes so much time that I did not have enough patience to wait.


7. Ace of Spades Ace of Spades [951207] Love Gun 1
Ace of Spades is a casino game with a gruesome twist. The player competes against female opponents in poker or blackjack; every victory leads to an explicit scene of sexual torture. The main mode includes a series of matches and subsequent sadistic scenes against various women.
A primitive stripping card game.


8. Custom Mate 3 カスタムメイト3 [951208] Cocktail Soft 1 2 3
It's Christmas. Hayashi Ryuusuke is walking through the crowded city, feeling sad that he is alone on such a day. Suddenly, he spots a neon sign: Custom Mate. He enters and sees a strange receptionist with elf-like ears and a magic symbol on the forehead. She creates the girl of his dreams and they get married! But this is just the beginning, and Ryuusuke realizes that marriage is not all about the honeymoon...
After the honeymoon, the couple returns to daily routine. The player can make daily or monthly schedule. The wife's behavior is determined by character creation, but also by the choices the player makes. The wife would often ask questions, make suggestions, etc.; the player's reaction determines future interactions and the overall development of the relationship. The couple has various parameters, from love level to monetary wealth.
First two parts were blocked as eroge, but this one is much more "fun". There's a good thorough mechanics English review.


9. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Zenpen 魔法少女プリティサミー 前編 [951208] AIC Spirits
Mahō Shōjo Pretty Sammy: Part 1 - In the Earth is based on Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (魔法少女プリティサミー) anime TV series which focus on magically transformed Sasami character from Tenchi Muyo! universe. This is a visual novel featuring Sasami as the protagonist. For reasons unknown, she has been chosen as a champion by Tsunami, the next queen of Juraihelm, to fight in her name. But there are people bent on seeing Sasami fail in her endeavors and her tasks will soon prove much more challenging as she fights her way with Misao, her best friend who was chosen as a magical girl by Tsunami's opponent, Ramia.
Anime was pretty popular since there are at least four different visual novels about Pretty Sammy. Game is issued with CG for PC-9821 consoles and thus is not well known.


10. Miwaku no Chousho 魅惑の調書 [951208] Black Package 1
The protagonist, a young man named Shinnosuke, discovers a beautiful mansion, in which apparently a large-scale party is taking place. Determined to meet and enchant some beautiful women, he ventures into the mansion.
The core of the game is nanpa, but atmosphere and girls are luxurious. The pictures using the full screen contribute to its charm. But don't expect much plot here as after targeting three women an ending happens. To get the rest a new game is needed.


11. Never Land Never Land ~ネバーランド~ [951208] Tips 1
You are Jimmy, a child of Never Land which is an island of magic and fantasy. You are always accompanied by May ,a small nymph, and you can fly in the air. Never Land is a world of children who can dream.
One day a boss of pirates gets a magic wand that has power to transform anything. You set out to restore status quo.
There's an English review that gives a rough outline of what to expect.


12. Rance 4.2 ~Angelgumi~ ランス4.2 ~エンジェル組~ [951208] Alice Soft 1 2 3
Rance 4.2: Angel-gumi is the second part of the story that began in Rance 4.1: O-Kusuri Koujou o Sukue! rather than an all-new Rance adventure. The hero continues to investigate the weird occurrences connected to the Happiness Medicine Factory. Since the story picks up directly where it ended in the sequel, Rance begins his adventure already commanding an all-female squad called the Angel Team.
There is an English review.


13. Toushin Toshi 2 - Soshite, Sorekara... 闘神都市II そして、それから・・・ [951208] Alice Soft
Returning from the goddess tournament, Sid is reduced to level 1 by the Demon King. His dojo sent him to a training journey, but Hazuki was so worried about him that she followed Sid and got into trouble herself.
A kinetic novel with rare pictures - mostly it's just clicking through walls of text. Since hero is weak again there is little excitement. But the story is good and well worth reading for the fans of the original game or if there is sympathy to Hazuki.


14. 2 Shot Diary 2 ツーショットDiary2 [951209] Mink 1
This is the first of the four episodic games that constitute the sequel to first 2 Shot Diary game. Unlike the first game with its 12 different scenarios, it only contains 2, and both are very short; however (also unlike the first game), most of the scenes here are animated. Both scenarios consist entirely of depictions of explicit sex.
One of the scenarios is about a girl named Yukari; after her father died, she had to look for a job, and finally became a maid in a mansion of a rich oligarch, who molests her sexually.
The other scenario is dedicated to a very young girl named Emi, who goes with her friends to the beach. Once she finds herself in a secluded place, a young boy approaches, and the two have sex.
Ero-centered short work.


15. Hiiro no Shimai 緋色の姉妹 [951215] Apollon Create 1
The protagonist of the game is a college student named Shunsuke. His mother died when he was five years old. Now his father is marrying again. He and his new wife have departed on a honeymoon; while he is waiting for them to come home, Shunsuke discovers that he doesn't live alone any more: three young sisters of his stepmother have moved in. Shunsuke now tries to get to know them better (in every possible way..), at the same time gradually discovering dark secrets about his father's intimate life.
Command selection hurts the pace a lot. There are several branches, but all the sisters turn out to be M and their stories aren't that different. Characters are quite cute, though.


16. Kekkon Marriage 結婚Marriage [951215] Westone 1
Shizuka, Mika, Kiyomi, Reiko and Mami are all grown up and have one thing on their mind: finding the ultimate husband! From the workplace to automated dating services, there's wedding bells to be heard and love to be acted on, all for the ultimate goal: marriage! With biological clocks ticking and youth slipping away, these girls will do whatever it takes to snag a man, love or not!
A dating SIM with 5 girl candidates. There are some parameters used. The flow is talking - telephone talk - date - proposal - engagement - marriage.


17. Lilith リリス [951216] Four-Nine 1
An intense night battle between kunoichi clan leader and evil biblical spirit Lilith ends with kunoichi falling into coma state.
A cat gets into an ordinary student Koketsu room, transforms into a girl and claims that Koketsu got her master kunoichi spirit and must help her master and defeat Lilith. The problem is that nothing is known about Lilith but the name and together they set to uncover its secrets.
I have a full review prepared.


18. Clone Doll Kagai Jugyou クローンドール 課外授業 [951221] Space Project 1 2
In Clone Doll, the protagonist is a rather "geeky" teenager who is actually a genius: he invented a machine that can make clones of human beings! After he gets a hold on a few hairs that belong to Kimika, his schoolmate and object of his passionate desires, the young scientist creates a clone of her, a young girl who has no other knowledge and wishes but satisfy the hero sexually...
There is an English review of the game. And Space Project confirms his fame as kusoge creator.


19. Fermion ~Mirai kara no Houmonsha~ フェルミオン ~未来からの訪問者~ [951222] Silky's 1 2 3
In the year 2296, world-wide pollution has led to drastic changes in the natural order of things. Human organism, unable to withstand the pollution, was slowly mutating. In the huge city Megalopolis, a group of young female scientists designed a time machine. One of them, a blue-haired girl named Connie, who can mutate into a cat, is sent to the past, to year 1996, to find a way to change the future...
I have a full review prepared.


20. Getsumen no Anubis 月面のアヌビス [951222] Multimedia Intelligence Transfer 1
The protagonist (default name Keisuke) and heroine (default name Kaori) are astronauts living in a laboratory set on the moon. A group of American soldiers are also stationed there. Mysterious incidents begin to occur that threaten the lives of everyone there - there are multiple scenarios, but only one is explicitly horror-themed. Said scenario involves a race of mysterious space parasites that can take possession of anyone, leading the protagonist (and thus the player) to grow distrustful of the other characters.
Yet another NVL "sound novel". Short and horror one, of course.


21. Idol Project 2 アイドル・プロジェクト2 [951222] KSS Inc. 1
Unlike the first Idol Project, the story of the sequel is directly related to to the anime series Idol Project, starring the same characters, with the young and ambitious Mimu Emilton as the protagonist. Mimu finds herself on a tropical island, where she must rise to fame by winning contests and promoting her singing skills. Like in the previous game, the majority of gameplay is dedicated to exploring the top-down city, visiting various places, searching for necessary people and raising the protagonist's parameters. Mimu has a much more detailed set of parameters than the hero of the previous game, including physical attributes as well as popularity rankings. The RPG element has been further enhanced by introducing random character (crazed fans and alike) who would sometimes attack Mimu on the city map and other locations.
Now is an ADV with a lot of town exploration. Still the use of parameters alienated me.


22. Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy 2 雷の戦士ライディ2 [951222] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
"Ugh... desert travel is terrible on the skin, let me tell you!
Why did I ever choose to come this way... If I don't find water soon it's going to be troublesome.
Wait, what's that in the distance - an oasis?! And a town next to it! Civilization at last..." I am Raidy, wandering the continent of Else as a swordfighter. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the "Lightning Warrior". I'm traveling far and wide to improve my fighting skills and search for clues about my past, and my mysterious power over lightning.
After defeating the monsters in the Cubust tower in my last adventure, I left the village of Sadd behind and continued on my journey. My travels have taken me across the desert to the oasis town of Lake Blue. Looking forward to a break after the long and dusty journey, I settled in for the night at the local inn... only to have its peace shattered by the cries of the young, beautiful innkeeper!
I rescued her from her mysterious assailant, to learn that the town was living under constant fear of attack from a gang of marauding bandits led by a cruel woman called Jammy. It seems my vacation won't be so uneventful after all! I set out to find information on the gang's hideout, and a new adventure begins...
Game's localized and has several English reviews.


23. Meisou Toshi 迷走都市 [951222] Tiare 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Runaway City tells the story of Hiroaki, a boy with a mysterious power of Good Luck. It's almost as it some power makes women do whatever he wants. At first it's a great power to have, then as time goes by it scares him more and more. Unchecked, this power will be the destruction of all Japan. Can you find out the nature of your power and find a way to stop it before it goes too far?
Game's one of the first localized ones and has many English reviews.


24. Mesuneko Hishoshitsu 牝猫秘書室 [951222] Melody 1
Kurou works in a company that specializes in "headhunting", finding and recruiting capable employees for big companies. A new client representing a company that has recently concluded a trade with an American software firm needs a new secretary. Problem: the last headhunter who was given a similar request has gone missing. So Kurou's boss wants him to get to the bottom of things, teaming him up with the resourceful and pretty headhuntress Tomoko. Naturally, as the partners begin the investigation, dark erotic secrets of the employees become gradually revealed...
An ero-centered work where you need to chase the same character to get to her ending. Game's notable for all the target characters being mature women.


25. Metamor Panic Doki Doki Youma Busters メタモル・パニック DOKIDOKI妖魔バスターズ [951222] Family Soft 1
Hero is a high school student who secretly went camping in the mountains with his childhood friend Yuki and cousin Ai. They found a suspicious cave and occasionally lifted the curse laid on demon king. The curse shifted to the two girls with Yuki spontaneously occasionally turning into a kitten and Ai into a parrot. Youkai appear in the city and start rampaging. The three heroes stand up to the demon threat.
This playstation game feels more like an ADV novel with light RPG elements rather than a serious RPG. The start is very harsh and punishing for a player. The second part when you learn to control the transformation is easy, so the balance is not good. Graphics are excellent, but game's only partially voiced. The tempo is slow and bgm quite monotonous. Some affinity to RPG genre is required to enjoy, but game absolutely can be enjoyed.


26. Paradise Call パラダイスコール [951222]
At a place where girls phone in, a guy waits. When a girl calls in, he talks with her. If he respond right, he will meet the girl and have fun. This game is a simpler version of Virtuacall 1.
Very primitive ero-centered game.


27. Viper-V16 [951222] Sogna 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The final game in the V series and arguably the most recognizable. VIPER-V16 breaks with tradition and provides only two stories, instead of three, but both are longer, more complicated, and contain many more options than the prior V series stories, resembling games more than visual novels for the first time. The widely popular Rise story describes the kidnapping and escape attempt of three waitresses, while the lesser known Imagine tells the story of a young technical college student's attempts to attract the interests of three girls.
Game is localized and has multiple reviews.


28. Virtua Call 2 バーチャコール2 [951222] Fairytale 1
Emily has had a crush on Hasegawa for quite some time. A fellow resident of her building, Hasegawa has always been there for her as a friend, though she would like something more than friendship. When Hasegawa starts confiding his woman troubles to Emily, she introduces him to Virtuacall, a service that lets you interact with the girl of your dreams just as you wish you could. Unfortunately, Hasegawa becomes more interested in Virtuacall than her as a result. On the verge of leaving the country for her homeland, Emily is so overcome by emotion that she can neither tell Hasegawa about her feeling or tell him that she is leaving.
Nampage with outstanding difficulty. You really need to make memos during the talks all the time to get by without guide. Game got more user friendly since the prequel and even cuter girls. It's just too difficult to empathize with the nampage nowadays since the genre feels inferior to galge and there are thousands of galge today.


29. Zakuro no Aji ざくろの味 [951222] Imagineer Co., Ltd. 1
The story is set in a five-story office building on a cold winter evening. The protagonist (default name Domon) is working on a story for a monthly science fiction serial. As he goes to visit the editorial department, a series of earthquakes cause the building to collapse and trap everybody inside. Attempting to find an escape, Domon heads into the basement, and depending upon a decision made early in the game, he may run into anything from zombies to demons.
Yet another sound novel. It's released at the same day as Getsumen no Anubis and has references to it. Short horror story again.


30. Doki Doki Pretty League EX DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ EX [951223] Xing Entertainment
The only thing that's known is that it has lots of H content. Original creators of pretty league were absolutely against such game with erotic content. Considered that this game is totally forgotten today and the all-age franchise got continuation, original developers were right.


31. Kousoku Chojin 拘束超人 [951224] Foster 1
Haruki is a student at the prestigious private Morino High School, which he attends together with his beautiful sister, and where he leads the drama class. One day, Haruki discovers a strange toupee that transforms his body. Unbeknownst to him, he has gained special powers and comes into contact with a strange violent world that is hidden inside the school. Now he must understand what's truly going on there, at the same time trying to "score" with every girl he meets - be it student or teacher...
A crazy erotic baka-game. H events happen quite randomly. A cheerful Foster game.


32. Dangel - Special Disk Dangel スペシャルディスク [9512] Mink
Contains a parodying story set in the universe of Dangel, which happens at the same time as when Anduke starts his own adventure.
Game has the same intro as original Dangel, but this Plum hero is a mere parody worried about washing his pants more than saving the world. Text is quite good, but I guess playing through the original needed to appreciate the most of it.


33. Only You -Seikimatsu no Juliette-tachi- Only You -世紀末のジュリエット達- [9512] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
A Japanese teenager named Hiroki is interested in martial arts, and has to take care of his little sister. Their older brother Yoichi had gone abroad; just when he announced that he was coming back he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Hiroki and his friends eventually find out that an international supernatural criminal syndicate is in cohorts with an even darker power that is about to bring the apocalypse onto Earth.
Another RPG hybrid. First part is quite an ordinary ADV where you get humiliated over and over till the flame of vengeance embraces you, and the second part is a whirlpool of battles. Pure love is promoted in the game as each of seven girls has their own route with own boss and a happy ending while trying to get several girls brings a not so happy one. There are as many as 4 usual strikes and 4 special actions, but strikes deal random amount of dmg and should only be chosen with caution when fighting flying enemies. Special actions are only available on bosses and when at the same time the apocalypse timer is close to expiration. The game was initially made only for subscription fans and included lots of materials from previous works, but had great acclaim and had to be redone into an alternative version with all the legal issues fixed. So it is probably the first normal game of Alice Soft without dark fetishes. Good riddance!
  • Youjuu Senki 2 -Reimei no Senshi-tachi- and Eve: Burst Error are the masterpieces of the month, but the upper hand is naturally with the legendary Eve: Burst Error
    1. Moon Gate ムーンゲート [951102] Fairytale 1
    Zion is an adventurer who lives with girl Lina. One day a mysterious person brings him a shining gem and calls it a present to his excellency Zion from his majesty. His best friend Tolland appears from the stone and requests to go to imperial capital and revive the Agarta Empire together. Tolland restores a part of Zion's power, burns down the village to cut off the road back and disappears in a flash.
    A rare RTS fiend in visual novel row. Game's not very friendly with emulators not launching on ntkp and eventually hanging on anex.
    2. D.P.S. Zenbu D.P.S.全部 [951110] Alice Soft 1 2 3
    D.P.S. Zenbu, is, as the name implies, a complete collection of scenarios (total of 15) from all the previous D.P.S./Dream Program System series entries:
    D.P.S. SG
    D.P.S. SG Set 2
    D.P.S. SG Set 3
    Super D.P.S.
    No changes have been made to graphics or gameplay in any of the scenarios.
    As a bonus, the game also contains the 16th scenario, entitled Megumi's Story. The scenario is non-interactive (the player simply has to press a button to scroll the text) and depicts the first sexual experiences (some of them violent) of an innocent teenage girl.
    There is an English review.
    3. Hare Nochi Munasawagi 晴れのち胸さわぎ [951110] Cocktail Soft 1 2
    The story of Harenochi Munasawagi does not start in a very original way: the protagonist is a high-school boy named Kazuhiko, who is - surprise! - permanently horny, displaying his "affections" at any given opportunity to anyone young and female, including even his childhood friend Chihiro. But while the focus on the story is on Kazuhiko and his quest for physical intimacy (which often results in girls getting angry and beating him up), there are other rather disturbing elements that come into play later - in particular, bunny-like demons who share Kazuhiko's passion for the opposite sex...
    There is an English review.
    4. Youjuu Senki 2 -Reimei no Senshi-tachi- 妖獣戦記2 -黎明の戦士たち- [951110] D.O. 1
    Over 10 months has passed since fierce battle with the beasts. They should have been weakened by A.S.S.P. by now, but a new threat rose again...
    Is there a future for mankind?
    The battle with the stakes of A.S.S.P. and humankind existence starts now!
    The final chapter in the strangebeasts confrontation story. Gameplay-wise it's the most refined in the series with all the irritation factors eliminated. Events happen one after another and story develops in a very severe and tough fashion. Interaction with your subordinates now also brings important implications, they aren't just bio soldiers anymore, they are your battle buddies that followed you to the end of the world. The deployment is realistic and final battle can have a big impact if you got attached to the girls.
    5. Eve: Burst Error Eve: Burst Error [951122] C's Ware 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    A Bizarre Serial Murder Mystery. There's A Serial Killer Close By. A Prohibited Psychothriller. The Multi-Sight System Reveals Surprising Truth!
    In this game there are two heroes, Kojiroh and Marina, who are each called to solve their own cases. This game allows you to switch characters at any time to solve the mysteries these heroes encounter. This "Multi-Sight Adventure" allows you to view what's happening behind-the-scenes from the other character's perspective, bump into each other, and sometimes even help each other out. Together, they come closer and closer to the shocking truth through their combined actions and skills of deduction.
    Marina's Episode: Marina is a national intelligence agent with a 99% success rate. Her new assignment is to protect the daughter of a Japanese embassy official stationed abroad. As you encounter numerous attackers, you become aware of a dangerous government dispute that is the root of all these attacks.
    Kojiroh's Episode: A seemingly down-on-his-luck private investigator finally gets a break, as he is hired to locate some mysterious piece of art. Even though he feels a little weird about this case, the pay is huge! Yet he may be drawn into an unexpected nightmare involving a string of bizarre murders.
    Probably the best known old game. Lots of English reviews.
    6. Messenger from Dark Night メッセンジャー フロム ダークナイト [951123] TopCat
    Hero is half-demon who has his demon part "dark night" awake every evening. Such person transfers to a new school that accepts half-humans as students.
    The game can be called an adult sound novel. There are multiple branches and new branches open up after main branches clearance totaling 80 endings. Some of those endings have only slight differences, but just dig the number. The content is different for various branches, but it's not lovey-lovey, on the contrary it's rather dark and has multiple confrontations prepared. If it came out a bit later and was a bit more like a visual novel and not like a book, it would have all the chances to take away the pedestal of originator of visual novels from Leaf.
    7. Koukan Nikki Dai 2 Shou ~Seiya o Anata to~ こうかん日記 第2章 ~聖夜をあなたと~ [951124] Fairy Dust
    New love adventure takes place during winter. While at part-time job hero gets acquainted to different girls and by the Christmas Eve he can confess his feelings to one of them.
    Characters are lively and overall mood is bright. There is an ending for each heroine.
    8. Majo-tachi no Nemuri 魔女たちの眠り [951124] Pack In Video 1 2
    The protagonist (default name Toshio) is working at his office one day when he receives a call asking for help from a girl he knew as a child (default name Yoriko). The next day he discovers that this same girl apparently killed herself by way of self-immolation. He decides to go investigate the girl's mountain village, and depending upon the choices the player makes, may uncover the truth of the matter...
    Literary adaptation of famous horror writer. Year 1995 was a boom for so called "sound novels" which are NVL novels with walls of text on some background with music. It's the closest thing to a book and these are usually short horror stories and I've blocked previous such games since they had multiple stories. This one is the first one with long and more or less long coherent story. There are four parts presented as trials and after completion a true story opens up.
    9. OL Sousamou OL操作網 [951129] Witch's 1
    Akizuki is an ordinary Japanese man who works in an office. One day his boss asks him to discreetly investigate a case of stolen prospects that could damage the company's reputation. Akizuki must talk to the female co-workers and find out the truth. However, his mind is more occupied with his own personal expectations from these attractive ladies...
    The most fun feature of the game is an ability to roleplay either a serious co-worker or a full-scale playboy.
    10. Coming Heart [951130] May-Be Soft 1
    The hero of this game is a teenage boy who failed his high-school examination; as a result, his parents decided to transfer him to a special school in another city. The young hero is at first sad and depressed, but soon discovers that the situation might not be so bad after all: the mansion in which he is going to leave is not empty, and his neighbors are all young pretty girls...
    Story itself is a commonplace, but with an addition of torments over university entrance. Character designs are quite good and atmosphere is bright.
    11. Jack ~Haitoku no Megami~ JACK ~背徳の女神~ [951130] Silky's 1 2 3
    Jack Martin is a private detective. Long time ago, a terrible accident has left deep scars on his psyche, and he tries to atone for what he has done. On board of the space shuttle Gold Mary, Jack joins an organization that fights interstellar terrorism, employing people with psychic abilities. Soon thereafter, the captain of the shuttle is found murdered. Have terrorists infiltrated the shuttle, or is one of Jack's comrades a double agent? Jack must solve the mystery, at the same time discovering his own special abilities... whatever they might be.
    There is an English review and also my review now. Protagonist is actually quite elaborate. He accidentally shot a child in the past and suffers from this trauma trying to find ties to that child murder and being depressed about it.
    12. Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami - Futatsu no Sekai no Monogatari 魔法の天使クリィミーマミ 二つの世界の物語 [951130] Wishbone 1
    Based on the anime Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel. The original tells the story of a 10-year-old girl named Yuu Morisawa, who gains a magical ability to transform into a grown-up young woman, eventually becoming a pop star and acquainting the inhabitants of the Earth with the rest of the galaxy. Yuu appears in the game, but is not the protagonist; the player controls four young women in four different scenarios: two of them, Yuri and Aya, on the Earth, and the other two, Ora and Sita, in an alien world, mixture of sci-fi and medieval fantasy. The story goes beyond the original anime by introducing a magical, sacred land known as Finality, populated by fantasy being, and calling the guardians (the four girl protagonist) to bring peace to the galaxy.
    There are so many early games about ability to transform into grown-up woman that they all start to look the same. But here there are four distinct stories targeted at girls, naturally.
    13. Memories ~Shiroi Yozora ni Mau Tenshi~ メモリーズ ~白い夜空に舞う天使~ [9511] Petit 1
    Memories is a dating-oriented game that can be describe as a light simulation with elements of a visual novel. The game's story premise is abstract: the player character explores a small town, hoping to meet and eventually date young women. The game world consists of photorealistic still pictures of locations; the player's only interaction with the game consists of choosing to travel to these locations and advance the time. Female characters will appear in specific locations at specific times of the day. Several meetings are usually needed to initiate a date. Presents and money can be given to the girls as well.
    A very generic dating sim from a fresh company. And very exhausting since girls can appear any minute anywhere so need to basically stay at the same location and advance time all the time and create chart of when someone appears.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month, but among more traditional visual novels Trouble Chaser Dai 4 Wa - Saishuukai definitely stands out, it's also the most interesting episode in the series being the final one.

  • 1. A Hard Day's Night 吉永サユリがやってくる ヤァ!ヤァ!ヤァ! A Hard Day's Night [951006] Hard
    Teacher instructs the class that at summer vacation textbooks are prohibited and only erotic journals are ok to read. And then he visits students at various locations to check if they follow instructions properly.
    Game is made like a parody, but things go ecchi very fast.
    2. Manami ~Ai to Koukan no Hibi~ 真奈美 ~愛と交換の日々~ [951006] Red Zone
    Manami sex life with her partner has become dull, but everything changes with meeting a swinger couple at dancing lessons course.
    The most weird thing in the game is that Manami whose name is in the title does not have much action during the game after the opening sequence. The focus is on her partner and different swinger club wives.
    3. Trouble Chaser Dai 4 Wa - Saishuukai トラぶるCHASER 第4話 最終回 [951006] Nihon Create
    In the final episode Daisuke gets kidnapped and it's revealed why he's been hunted for this whole time.
    All the mysteries get uncovered and we get to look at villain point of view. There's of course a grand battle involved. Since 3rd episode of the game is a lost piece we also meet some new girl pilot for the first time here.
    4. Majo Gari no Yoru ni 魔女狩りの夜に [951013] Ail 1 2
    Majo-gari means "witch-hunt"; indeed, that is the only thing the protagonist of the game, a young priest living in an unspecified European-like town, thinks about. According to his own words, he believes neither in God nor in the devil; his life is dedicated to one horrifying passion: torturing innocent women...
    There is an English review.
    5. Gakuen Bakuretsu Tenkousei ! 学園爆裂転校生! [951020] ZyX
    A fighting girl transfers to a girls school. Rules and student council are very strict there. After the girl refuses to dress normally and give away her gloves and kneel-pads the student council kidnaps her roommate.
    There are several endings with some being bad ones. The aim is to go around the school, trigger events and beat enemies which leads to les scenes. The overall playtime and the number of CG are small.
    6. Immoral Study Scenario 3: Asakura Manami インモラルスタディ シナリオ3 朝倉まなみ [951020] Scoop 1 2 3
    The third scenario of Immoral Study describes yet another somewhat unusual teaching experience in the life of Mr. Hitosuji, a young and handsome private tutor. This time, the victim... err... pupil is Asakura Manami, a shy, quiet girl who lives together with her mother. Hitosuji is supposed to make Manami a better student - but instead he chooses to participate in S&M relationship between mother and daughter...
    Game is localized and has impressions in English.
    7. Koko wa Rakuensou 2 ここは楽園荘2 [951020] Foster 1 2 3 4
    The Paradise Heights apartment has changed after half of your uncle's company got liquidated. After the money went, so did some of the tenants. Now Keigo Nakadai (You) works for a toy making company (but still stays at Paradise Heights).
    Rumor has it that a competiting company is stealing your brilliant ideas...and the source of the leak is someone with high rank in your company! Fortunately, the new tenants also work at the company as you join forces with them to find out who is conducting industrial espionage behind your back...as well as some entertainment on the side...
    There are English reviews.
    8. Briganty ~The Roots of Darkness~ ブリガンティ ~The Roots of Darkness~ [951027] Giga 1 2 3
    Gady is a black magician and a skillful martial artist who travels around with his personal fairy Leena. Gady is more interested in sexy girls than in anything else, and Leena calls him "the pervert of the century". One day the two of them find a girl in the woods who begs for help. After Gady agrees to help her, she robs all his money and disappears. Before long Gady and Leena meet a sword master girl named Sephina, who explains that her sister started acting strangely after finding a mysterious sword. This is where Gady's adventure begins.
    One of the most hated VN creators Giga makes it appearance on the visual novel scene! But they are praised for action game and their first game is actually an action, or rather a platformer. There's a good English review for this game.
    9. Charade [951027] Apple Pie 1
    Charade describes the daily high-school routine of a girl named Kazumi. The game proceeds from one school day to another, putting Kazumi in the same situations, facing the same choices. Those choices, as well as random events and meetings with other characters, schoolmates and teachers (only female), change Kazumi's viewpoints as well as relationships with the other girls.
    Yuri school ADV. The weirdness of this game is that you set the setting yourself, like this girl will be in the theater and arts clubs and we'll start to pay her attention. And at any time in the morning we can choose - forget it all and get a new setting. Characters aren't cute enough to empathize as well. Game is fully voiced, but making a setting yourself and participating in constant loops just in hope to find an action that would lead to some branching is not the most exciting occupation if you're expecting a story to be told.
    10. Leap Toki ni Sarawareta Shoujo LEAP 時にさらわれた少女 [951027] Ange
    Hero has finally confessed and made love to his childhood friend Ai. But as he wakes up in unfamiliar place, he can't find Ai anywhere. He begins his search.
    Hero needs to travel through the time by having sex with school nurse and find traces of Ai in different time segments. There are multiple endings depending on whether he chooses some local girl or keep on his search. There are a lot of selections and branches in addiction to already confusing time travel. It's an experimental work with a lot of edges, oh well, and it's not hookable.
    11. Power Slave パワースレイブ [951027] Umitsuki Production 1
    Tetsuya is a rather ordinary Japanese teenager, who prefers hanging out with his sweetheart Rika than going to school. His passion are 3D video games. The newest game machine which allows the player to completely submerge into the virtual world, modeled according to his desires, has captured his heart. But one thing is strange: lately, Tetsuya keeps seeing himself as a killer and rapist. Dreams begin to haunt him. Is this just a side-effect of the game, or does he have a dark side he knows nothing about? Or maybe the game took him to another world, which will from now on become part of his life?..
    Quite an unusual mix of genres and with animated scenes on top of that. The first work of the company we all know as Jellyfish for being the only ardent adept of fully animated eroge. A merry game, but not hookable and rather short.
  • Mime is the only masterpiece of September.

  • 1. Mahou no Princess Minky Momo Fantastic World 魔法のプリンセス ミンキーモモ ファンタスティック・ワールド [950901] Wishbone 1
    Momo is a princess of a magical world that has come to Earth together with three companions - a bird, a dog, and a monkey - to help humans regain their happiness and bring the two worlds together. She has the appearance of a pretty, cheerful teenage girl, and immediately attracts the attention of a young boy who lives in a quiet town with his biologist father. Together, the two must solve the mysteries of the town, and perhaps find happiness for themselves as well.
    "Mahou no Princess Minky Momo" is based on an anime of the same name.
    Almost kinetic novel based on anime. And I did not watch this kindergarten anime.
    2. Virgin 2 Hana Hiraku Shoujo-tachi no AVG ヴァージン^2 花ひらく少女たちのAVG [950901] Fairy Dust
    Koji is caught at peeping after the tennis girls, so school girls committee stripped him and ridiculed his masculinity. In order to defend his pride school nurse advises him to be proactive with girls and prove his case.
    Quite a baka comedy with significant ero element. Game systems are quite shallow and it takes significant time for screen to draw. Saving is also limited to before each chapter.
    3. Gakuen Sodom ~Kyoushitsu no Mesu Dorei-tachi~ 学園ソドム ~教室の牝奴隷達~ [950908] PIL 1 2
    The protagonist of the game is a teacher in St. Marianna Girls High School, which his sister also attends. One day, a maniac breaks into the school, and, holding the protagonist and the students at gunpoint. He then holds them hostage and forces them to perform violent and humiliating sexual acts with each other. The whole story of the game is basically a long stretch of such acts, while the maniac (and the protagonist) have to deal with new situations, such as arrival of police, journalists, etc.
    Game starts as a more or less normal school game and then the criminal destroys the world as students knew it. It's a very specialized humiliation subgenre nukige.
    4. Kinbaku no Yakata 緊縛の館 [950908] Xyz 1
    Kinbaku no Yakata (meaning "Bondage Mansion") is a sadistic take on the "raising simulation" genre. Two brothers from a decayed nobility lineage live in a dark mansion, specializing in all things gruesome. The protagonist is one of the brothers, who wants to "prove himself" to the other one by kidnapping a young girl and turning her into his sex slave.
    The fame of SEEK laid the beginnings of a new bondage museum genre. Game is inferior to SEEK in completeness and thus can only be advised to those who had not enough of SEEK.
    5. :Loop ~Izanahi no Kaikiten~ :LOOP ~いざなひの回帰点~ [950908] Grocer 1
    The two young Kodama sisters, Nozomi and Hikari, decided to go for a drive in the countryside, to celebrate the end of Nozomi's brilliant high-school year. They get lost in the woods and are greeted by a handsome young man, who offers to bring them to the nearby mansion, known as the Deer Garden Temple, and to spend the night here. The exciting adventure soon turns into a nightmare, when the inhabitants of the mansion make Nozomi their sex slave...
    There are three branches and only slightly more endings with most of endings being sex slave bad ones. Still it's unusual to see girls treated normally, allowing them give birth to children and making plans for their future.
    6. Dangel Dangel [950909] Mink 1 2 3
    Long time ago, there was balance in the world. Three great tribes lived in peace with each other. Up in the sky, the Heavenly Tribe; down on the Earth, the Human Tribe; and between them, the Demon Tribe. But among the demons, there were some who wanted more power. The members of the Heavenly Tribe were forced to seal the rebellious demons in what they called "Path of Light". But one of them figured out how to break the seal. The demons were now free, and they attacked the Human Tribe. Horrible massacres, ruined cities and villages, exterminated nations - it looked like the End of Days had come to the humans...
    ...A boy named Anduke was raised in a secluded location by two female elves. It was clear that the boy possessed extraordinary powers: at the tender age of nine, he was already able to sexually satisfy his lovely nannies. But a mysterious force tore the boy away, knocking him unconscious. He awoke ten years later, in a human village. A promise given to a young girl led him to a fateful meeting that revealed his destiny: he had the blood of Heavenly Tribe in him, and was the only one able to save the Human Tribe from the demons...
    There is an English review.
    7. Glass no Destiny ガラスの運命 [950914] FMC
    Main heroine Yuri enjoyed a happy childhood. Her father eventually remarries and two families start to live together while Yuri acquiring a new sister. But after Yuri's father death one by one disasters fall upon the family bringing it on the brink of despair.
    Game has a very special shojo manga atmosphere and drawing. It's quite shocking to see this cosy world gets buried to the basement. Then nudity comes to the scene and the impact gets even stronger. It's one of the first works oriented at women, but with unusual yuri genre and emphasis on the story.
    8. Mahjong Gensoukyoku III 麻雀幻想曲III [950914] Active 1 2
    The third installment of the Mahjong Fantasia series is not directly related story-wise to its predecessors. In the story mode, the player assumes the role of Chris, a guard in the city of Burgund. His mission is to protect the princess at all costs, but once the city is destroyed by members of a cult known as Valms, the two of them have to flee. Chris finds out that the only way to restore his homeland is by finding a sacred ring that had been kept in secret for many generations.
    There is an English review.
    9. Tamago Ryouri たまご料理 [950914] Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon
    There 20 scenarios at locations to choose from.
    Specialized ero-centered content.
    10. Cyber Illusion サイバーイリュージョン [950922] Pearl Soft 1
    Around the turn of the millennium, global warming has become a reality. Abusing energy and the Earth's resources, humanity has driven itself to a point where normal life on Earth could no longer exist. Drastic rise of temperatures caused planet-wide dehydration. The only way to keep existing was through the Cyber Net, a virtual reality system. But soon the Cyber Net began to suffer from continuous assaults by hackers, who programmed lethal viruses into it. Thus, the Cyber Police was born. The protagonist of the game is a high-ranked officer of Cyber Police. With the help of his team, he has to solve the hacker problem once and for all.
    SF icon selection type game. By 1995 icon selection was already morally old as it's needed to do two clicks to do anything and it's unnecessary barrier if the volume is big enough. We've got the time before the international summit is held to deal with the hacker. All the hacked characters are girls and they start to behave aggressively. Quite a good SF story with a satisfying true ending if you can get through the clunky "point and click" system.
    11. Immoral Study Scenario 2: Iijima Yuka インモラルスタディ シナリオ2 飯嶋由佳 [950922] Scoop 1 2 3
    You play "Professor" Hitosuji, well-known reputed tutor and teacher for his abilities in turning even the worst students into straight A stars...although it might be just a coincidence that all those girls happen to be very young and beautiful students. His "private tutoring skills" might be somewhat questionable, but it works.
    In Immoral Study 2, the task at hand is to tutor one Yuko Ijima, the only daughter of a big time factory CEO. She's been slipping in her grades lately and her father called you to put her back on the right track again. Oh, she has a major attitude problem. Nothing you can't handle though.
    Game is localized and has English impressions.
    12. Shin Onryou Senki 真怨霊戦記 [950922] Fujicom 1
    Hiroyuki Kitahara was leading a rather ordinary life in a quiet Japanese town, and decided one day to take a stroll at night, enjoying the picturesque landscape. All of a sudden, a horrifying monster appeared right in front of him. Kitahara wakes up in the hospital and tries to convince the doctors that he was not hallucinating. Teaming up with a young female journalist, Kitahara begins to explore the city, searching for clues to solve the mystery and seeking meeting with onryou - ghosts of people who were wronged in their lifetime and who are back for revenge.
    "Shin Onryou Senki" is a remake of "Onryou Senki".
    The story and most of the dialogues remain the same as in the original release. The differences lie mostly in visual presentation and technical quality of the music. A few locations have been added or made accessible at different moments during the course of the game.
    It's always good when classic works get a remastered version, but locking it for just one type of console is not that good. I tackled on original Soft Wing Studio work in 1988 year review.
    13. Vanishing Point -Tenshi no Kieta Machi- Vanishing Point -天使の消えた街- [950922] Tiare
    Kusanagi is a high school student. Recently, girls started to disappear from the area he lives. A friend of his sister requests to search for one such person.
    Game has very primitive RPG system incorporated and there's the need to fight monsters all the time. Apart of that it's just wandering around the town and rescuing girls eventually finding the mastermind.
    14. Figure ~Ubawareta Houkago~ フィギュア ~奪われた放課後~ [950929] Silky's 1
    An oligarch named Takanashi has built a prestigious girl's high school, known as the Hanatsuki High. Mishima, a young man who has recently graduated high school, is approached by Isao, representative of the Hanatsuki High and his former schoolmate, with a part-time teaching job offer. Despite his dislike to certain school policies Mishima agrees - first, because he is broke, and second, because the perspective to teach the pretty daughters of the wealthiest people in Japan doesn't seem all that unpleasant...
    A lesser known Silky's game, perhaps because of ordinary school setting. The features are good psychological portrait depiction and depression as omnipotent theme. There are multiple endings prepared.
    15. Marine Rouge マリンルージュ [950929] Discovery 1
    A young man named Kenji decides to have a vacation on the beautiful island together with his sister Hiromi. Taking a break from work and worries, the two discover a tourist resort with lovely beaches and high-class hotels. Very soon Kenji finds out that many attractive young women either work on the island or have come there for various reasons. Soon the holiday turns into a never-ending string of sexual escapades - and perhaps one of them will turn into a true romance?
    Game branches early. In first branch a conspiracy plot is uncovered. In the second one you and you girlfriend decide to take over the island and subjugate everyone inside to you will. Pretty extreme and leads to harem ending.
    16. Metal Fighter Miku メタルファイター MIKU [950929] Feycraft 1
    In the year 2061 A.D., Neo Pro-Wrestling, a form of wrestling that allows for armour and other enhancements, is rapidly growing in popularity. In this, Miku, a young flighty girl is set to join her friends as the tag team known as the Pretty Four. However, the competition is fierce and their opponents are ready to do whatever it takes to win. Against this, the Four manage to obtain the services of an eccentric coach who trained their hero, Aquamarine. With his guidance, the four start on their fight for the top as they must train within almost inhuman discipline while their matches become more and more challenging as their opponents rise in the ranks.
    Another anime spin-off. There's a nice English impression saying that game's almost unplayable due to fighting element difficulty. There's a good dozen of possible actions during the fight and improper one results in defeat. Game features light yuri elements and full voice with a lot of animation during unskippable talking scenes, so game is targeted on anime fans mostly.
    17. Mime 舞夢 [950929] Studio Twinkle 1 2
    Once upon a time, there was harmony and balance in the world. Four kingdoms of humans have watched over the four elements. But then a traitor appeared, who has angered the Goddess with his selfish deeds. The balance was destroyed, the elements were no more in harmony, and the world plunged into chaos...
    Twelve thousand years later, a young knight named Eagle Windeed has been having a strange dream. Maybe there is still salvation for the human race. Maybe it is still possible to make peace with the higher beings. Eagle arrives at a tavern near the Tree Dungeon, determined to find out what his dream meant...
    The whole world in this dungeon crawler is set as a dungeon without open fields. Characters are cute enough, atmosphere is good and events on the road are nice. Four character team makes battles look solid. There aren't weak points, actually. A very solid RPG for RPG lovers. There is very little H element in the game and achieving favor of target heroine only brings a kiss scene. The difficulty curve is very steep as Eagle is very weak and alone at the start, but with a full party it gets to be a breeze. There is also a bonus dungeon just before the end boss and it has monsters that are even stronger than the boss, but there is little sense in exploring this dungeon.
  • Isaku and Ryouki no Ori are masterpieces of the month, but the winner is Isaku since it's more traditional visual novel.

    1. Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi 学校であった怖い話 [950804] Pandora Box 1 2
    Sakagami Shuuichi, a member of the school newspaper, is asked to gather information about the school's seven mysteries. He meets with six other students after school to listen to their stories.
    There is an English review.
    2. Hyaku Monogatari ~Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi~ 百物語 ~ほんとにあった怖い話~ [950804] Hudson Soft 1
    There is one hundred selectable candles. Each candle leads to a short story a few minutes long.
    There is one small English review.
    3. Immoral Study Scenario 1: Shirakawa Reiko インモラルスタディ シナリオ1 白川玲子 [950811] Scoop 1 2 3 4 5
    You are professor Hitosuji, a well-known teacher who possesses the remarkable gift of turning weak students into straight A ones. What's the secret of professor's method? As you might have suspected, the talented professor uses somewhat... ahem... unconventional means to attain this noble educational goal. This time, the "victim" is a young innocent girl named Reiko Shirakawa. She attends an all-girl and has never had any real contact with men. Controlling the cunning professor, you must seduce Reiko by selecting correct choices that are presented to you at almost any given point, avoiding disturbances such as the ugly housekeeper in Reiko's house.
    Game is localized and has English reviews.
    4. Kirishima Shinryoushitsu no Gogo 霧島診療室の午後 [950811] May-Be Soft 1
    Kyoko is a young woman who does some counseling in a high school; she must talk to people, listen to their problems, and try to solve them. Naturally, this being a hentai game, the problems are usually restricted to sexual fetishes, and the counseling often consists of helping the patients in such ways that new problems of a similar kind might arise...
    Quite a loose ero-centered story about counseling on sex problems.
    5. Frontier フロンティア [950825] Frontier
    A collection of short stories.
    Stories are set in some desolate future and quite elaborately done. It might be the peak of multiple stories genre, but whatever complicated prelude is, it inevitably leads to multiple H events.
    6. Isaku 遺作 [950825] Elf 1 2 3 4
    Unlike the sequels that follows you take on the role of Kenta, a high school student trapped by Isaku, the eldest brother of the Itou Family on the fourth floor of an abandoned school building together with fellow classmates and a teacher.
    The main objective of the game is to have the player and his companions escape from a locked school building, and to avoid having your companions captured by Isaku.
    The only way out is through a stairwell, the doors of which are locked on every floor. The player must search the rooms on each floor for clues and items that will lead him to locate the keys that will open the stairwell doors and allow him to descend to the next level and ultimately to a final confrontation with Isaku himself.
    Famous rapist series of Elf, but this first game has an ordinary high school student as protagonist, so it can be enjoyed. There is one English review. First things first: this game has an amazing point and click system, probably ideal one. There are items to pick up at school, but if misuse some needed item, you won't be able to get a happy ending, cruel as that. There are few VNs with escape as main theme, so it's a nice treat. The graphics of Elf here are in its blossom and it's especially cool that the most attractive character is Kumiko-sensei and not those multiple girls. Game basically has no flaws and manages to have all the elements in sync, so it's a masterpiece, just not for everyone.
    7. May Club 五月倶楽部 [950825] Desire 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    The year is 2023, and you play the role of Hajime Kudo, a young man who has just finished his studies at Jiyugaoka University. Hajime is enjoying some downtime after graduation before he is scheduled to start his training with a CAT company and enter the corporate world as a "wage-slave". One February afternoon you receive a flyer advertising a Virtual Reality Dating Simulator called May Club, apparently the most advanced human interface unit of this type to be developed. In May Club, you can supposedly act out any desire you wish with other May Club users, a world where "virtually" anything is possible and physically represented, and inhibitions are forgotten. Naturally, you're intrigued, and make it a point to spend your vacation time at May Club hoping to meet the woman of your dreams before starting your new life.
    One of the well known old dating sims. Has many English reviews.
    8. Moratorium モラトリアム [950825] Gloria
    Your father remarries and you end up living together with three new grown-up sisters.
    This work has some gag situations in addition to H events. It can sometimes be seen as a unique comic book and it's easy to read.
    9. Ryouki no Ori 猟奇の檻 [950825] Studio Polaris 1 2
    A series of strange disappearances occurs in Zeroshiki Department Store, one of the largest shopping malls in Japan. The management is concerned and unwilling to involve the authorities. For an unknown reason they turn to one of their salesmen, a young man named Kuniharu Shitaku, requesting him to investigate the case and find out who or what is behind these disappearances. Kuniharu must explore the mall and gather information by talking to shop managers and staff, most of which are attractive young women who may not be what they seem at first glance.
    An ADV that incorporates time system. Every map movement takes some time. Suspense story about missing people that turns out to be about organs shipment. Even if you find the criminal, it's only the peak of the iceberg and the puppeteer remains unknown. Graphics is great. There are multiple endings and some of them are quite cheerful in contrast with the dark suspense mood of the game. Of course, there are a lot of bad endings as well, so a guide is almost a necessity in such time driven game. Very original game worthy of masterpiece title, but the modern remake of the game makes old version obsolete.
    10. Sakura no Mori 櫻の杜 ~さくらのもり~ [950825] Active
    Girls school recently started to adopt male students. There's an old urban legend about a ghost called "young lady" at school and three ghost study club members are set to investigate it.
    It's lesbian comedy. And it's more lesbian than a comedy. It's more or less fun through the middle, but don't expect to see any kind of story development here. Yet another bakage with emphasis on H-scenes.
    11. Trigger 2 トリガー2 [950825] ZyX 1
    Trigger 2 consists of three unrelated stories. The protagonist of the first one is Kerberos, the mythical guardian hellhound. Following a dispute with Lucifer, Kerberos was banned to Earth, where he assumed human form and eventually decided to battle monsters who had been sexually assaulting young women.
    In the second story, a seventeen-year-old modern-day girl named Ryoko is magically transferred to a parallel world known as Ryudo. There, she receives painful sexual "training" ans is send to battle machine enemies.
    The third story is set in American Old West and focuses on Marie, a female rogue who wants to pass for a young man. The rest of the plot depicts various sexual encounters of hers with men and women, consensual and non-consensual alike.
    Zyx continues the animated games race along with Sogna and Himeya Soft. But Trigger 2 is almost entirely committed to H events unlike his competitors.
  • Kuro no Danshou: The Literary Fragment is the only masterpiece of the month
    1. Jinmon Yuugi 尋問遊戯 [950707] Red Zone
    Main hero who is an amateur detective is invited to drink in the bar with a beautiful woman while on a voyage. They move to her room and... the next thing he remembers is her dead body on the floor. Hero is the main suspect, but famous British detective agrees to allow him freedom of movement till the end of voyage as an opportunity to search for a different culprit. Time is limited and hero will have to use all his wits and interrogation skills to get to the truth.
    Game is called interrogation play not occasionally. After elaborate introduction content is primarily interrogation. Game has multiple endings including lots of bad ones.
    2. Mugen Houyou 夢幻泡影 [950707] Alice Soft 1
    After a prolonged absence due to mental problems, Kuon, a young heir to a dynasty of powerful oligarchs, returns to his mansion. He is greeted by his wife, his associates, his servants, and other people who live in the huge family estate. Kuon has to continue the political work of his predecessors, but he is more interested in exploring sexual desires - his own and those of other people. But each "experiment" reveals more of Kuon's troubled past, and he will have to fight his childhood traumas and determine himself the limits of what he can allow himself to do...
    Kind of depressing story of Alice Soft tackling on how to spend last days before death from incurable disease. Hmm... what to do in those last days? Oh, right... another setting as an excuse to portray extreme H scenes. Game barely passed censorship thanks to the fact that incest with the sister is not portrayed in the positive manner. Each scenario is no longer than one hour, but there are numerous endings and even more bad endings that reader is supposed to explore. Game might have some charm for someone due to the fact that "events" take place at Taishou era, but I totally could not sympathize with the setting.
    3. Inma Seifuku Gari 淫魔制服狩り [950714] Ail 1
    For years, the days on the Earth belonged to human beings, while demonic creatures roamed the planet during the night. But humans have invented artificial illumination. In huge modern cities, nights became as bright as the days. Demons were deprived of their time on the Earth. So they decided to strike back. A powerful demonic warrior decides it's time to show the human who the bosses are... by having sex with young pretty girls in uniforms, of course!
    There's no much meaning. Just choose one of three girls and play with her.
    4. Jealousy ジェラシー [950714] Interheart 1
    An ordinary Japanese young man named Fujibayashi Kotarou was playing a computer game at his friend's house. Upon returning home at night, he was approached by mobsters, who demanded money. With debts everywhere and without real means to earn money, Kotarou opts to work for a dubious night club manager as a host. He finds it hard to adjust to the new life style, which brings not only danger and violence, but also sexual experiences he hasn't even dreamed of before...
    A host experience ADV, but unlike modern bright host otome novels atmosphere here is very gloomy, fishy and yakuza upper hand seen everywhere. Operability of the game is quite bad and animated H events make the gist of it.
    5. Kuro no Danshou: The Literary Fragment 黒の断章 THE LITERARY FRAGMENT [950714] Abogado Powers 1
    The Literary Fragment is the first game in Abogado's mystery/horror/adult Detective Suzusaki series. The story focuses on Satoshi Suzusaki, a private investigator with a tragic past, which has left a permanent scar on his life and mental abilities. The case that opens the game's story is a horrifying death of an entire family in their house, at the dining table; circumstances lead to an assumption of either a ritual suicide or murder. Suzusaki, his lovely secretary Asuka, and his young friend, psychologist extraordinaire Kusanagi, have to do everything in their powers to solve the case, while the hero's mysterious past continuous to haunt him...
    Suspense detective story with ties to Cthulhu myth. Story shifts into occult theme quickly. Stunning visuals, ever-deepening plot and point and click system make this game a masterpiece. Point and click is not as refined and friendly as in Elf games though. This is definitely a masterpiece, but need some guts to embrace the dark atmosphere and gore scenes. And there's even a sequel in 1996. It should have been a trilogy, but - alas - third part is never going to see the light. There is a good hentai anime that follows game events quite truthfully.
    6. Shinsetsu Kamiya Ukyou 2 真説 神谷右京2 [950714] Altacia
    The theme of the story is "arbitrary arrangement" introduced with the 1988 law. Sarah is the debtor that appeals to arbitrary arrangement.
    Fourth installment of detective series, but actually a remake of older game. Another case based on real life case and again debt as main theme. This work has a much more user friendly systems. As usual, lots of specialized vocabulary and professional slang is used. Ukyo who takes the case is old-fashioned with some bearded jokes to tell, so it's hard to appeal to younger auditory. Case itself lacks excitement so may look boring. But if it does not scare you, it's actually the masterpiece level detective game with many endings, serious approach and story that takes priority over usual tedious detective works gameplay.
    7. Doki Doki Pretty League Final DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ Final [950720] Great
    Pink Angels who won the JPL league discover their trophy disappearance one day. Hero does not want publicity and wants to hire a private detective. But on his way there he attends a birthday party of one of team members and discovers the cup in one of the rooms...
    Mentioning anything else of the plot would be a spoiler. Enough to say that there is a happy end. This episode is "final" instead of a number meaning it's more of an extra episode after the whole baseball business. Episode is the longest and does not have a game included making it a nice final.
    8. Dora Dora Emotion ~Seihaiden~ DORADORAエモーション ~聖牌伝~ [950721] Cocktail Soft 1 2
    A young treasure hunter named Asuta travels together with his faithful companion, the cute angel-like creature Mink. One day, Mink tells her "master" about the floating continent Norland. Rumors say that a golden tablet of immense value is hidden somewhere on that continent. Asuta and Mink travel to Norland and try to enter the Queen's palace. However, it seems that the people of Norland only have respect to those who are proficient in the ancient game of mahjong. Mink quickly teaches Asuta how to play the game, and they challenge the famous people (read: young, pretty women) of the country to the bloodless battle!
    This time with a story. But it does not really help. The game is ordinary.
    9. Lemon Angel レモンエンジェル [950721] Fairy Dust 1 2
    The plot involves Tomo meeting her friends Erika and Miki, only to become trapped in a magical dimension with her friends gone. Tomo must travel to various worlds in order to find them; these worlds have varied themes and settings, including an alien attack on a spaceship, a country populated by giant sexually abusive mushrooms, a realm that changes Tomo's gender, etc.
    There is an English review.
    10. Perfect Blue パーフェクトブルー [950725] Ucom
    Game is not hookable and has no reviews, so difficult to judge the contents, but the number of H events from the start made me really sick.
    11. Arbeit ~Futari no Omoi~ アルバイト ~二人の想い~ [950728] Ange
    A couple is preparing for a holiday together, and need money to do that. Both go for a part-time job.
    You get to see both the boyfriend's and girlfriend's points of view.
    There are six weekly jobs each with a different girl and possibility to confess on the friday. So it's quite close to our usual heroine routes. The multi-site system is still fresh and quite popular after C's Ware hit DESIRE. But the content is ordinary.
    12. Branmarker 2 ブランマーカー2 [950728] D.O. 1 2 3
    Branmarker 2 is a direct sequel to the first Branmarker. The heroine Shami has completed her quest, received the magical artifact known as "branmarker", and is returning home with her companion Viga. Alas, the evil sorceress Kara has other plans, so she steals the branmarker from Shami to use it for her own mysterious purposes. Shami and Viga have to find the thief and recover the artifact before hell is unleashed upon the world.
    There's a good English review out there.
    13. De.FaNa デ・ファーナ [950728] Himeya Soft 1
    A young boy with spiky purple hair lies on the ground, contemplating the clear sky. He enjoys the well-deserved rest. Life is good. The only problem is... he can't remember who he is. Finally, after some efforts, he recalls his name: Luck. Profession: adventurer. He was supposed to meet his partner, a sexy girl named Sue, but instead ended up in some sort of a magical land, with zombies and angry female warriors. Soon he will learn that the land is called De FaNa, is ruled by a queen, and contains plenty of dangerous quests for an adventurer... and pretty girls for a horny teenager!
    Himeya Soft accepts the Sogna challenge and issues another highly animated game. Tempo is a bit sluggish since you need to try all the variants before moving on. Characters and the story aren't too exciting, but overall a very nice work.
    14. Kousoku ~Yorokobi no Juice~ 拘束 ~悦びの淫液~ [950728] Persian Soft 1
    A young man named Keisuke falls asleep on a train and sees a dream: he is having sex with a beautiful woman whom he calls Miyuki, even though he doesn't know this woman in his real life. Afterwards, Keisuke misses the last train to the city and is stranded on a rainy day on a small, uninhabited station. Suddenly, he sees the woman from his dream, and finds out her name is really Miyuki. She tells him and her rich father has built for her and her sisters a European-style mansion nearby, and invites the young man to visit. Keisuke accepts and meets her family, which leads to unexpected and dark erotic adventures...
    Characters were mysterious enough to make me play to the end. But last quarter of the game has much disturbing content. It's still a good thing that Miyuki is not subject to the overall madness, well, maybe just a little. So it's mostly an ero-centered game, but with nice mystery and cute characters.
    15. Kurumi-chan Ninja くるみちゃんにんじゃあ [950728] Studio Jikkenshitsu
    A legendary black ship arrives at Minato shore shipping suspicious black chests. A ninja girl is sent to investigate the contents of the chests.
    There aren't reviews and game process is just too dull. It's still nice to see as much as three attacking commands available to use at any time.
  • True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ , Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki - The Last Crusader- and Tokyo Twilight Busters ~Kindan no Ikenie Teito Jigokuhen~ are masterpieces for me, but only True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ is a traditional visual novel and it's the most accessible to general public.
    1. Trouble Chaser Dai 3 Wa - 2 Do Aru Trouble 3 Do Aru トラぶるCHASER 第3話 2度あるトラブル3度ある [950601] Nihon Create
    This 3rd game is nowhere to be found already and can be considered a lost piece.
    2. Hana no Kioku 花の記憶 [950609] Foster 1
    Hana no Kioku consists of five episodes, all of which can be accessed from the main menu, in no particular order:
    The young school girl Chiko is taking a subway train and is sexually molested by what she thinks is a chihan (a person with the popular Japanese "hobby" of touching young girls on the trains). However, the chihan turns out to be a young girl named Kiko, who wears a rather elaborate disguise.
    An episode dedicated to another popular Japanese theme: tentacle sex. A young girl named Mei thinks about anime stories and brave heroes who defeat monsters; at that moment, she is sexually assaulted by a horribly-looking giant squid monster.
    Mei is back in school, but this time she is not the player-controlled character; the latter is now a female teacher named Sumi, who has ordered Mei to stay in the classroom after the lesson, in order to have sex with her.
    A school girl named Saki is sick and is lying on the bed in the school hospital. From that point, the story can branch two different ways: either she is being raped by Sumi, or seduced by the nurse Aki.
    Back to Kiko from the first story; she is the playable character now, and, depending on the story branch, she either waits for her boyfriend and has sex with him, or goes outside in a disguise already seen in the first episode mentioned.
    Foster did not bother to present a coherent story this time, but picture is as good as ever.
    3. True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ TRUE LOVE ~純愛物語~ [950609] Software House Parsley 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9
    True Love's genre is considered to be a mixture of a dating sim and visual novel. The player controls a college student looking for his true love. The goal of the game is to win the girls' hearts before the last summer of freedom is over. Every day, when the main character wakes up, the player can plan the schedule for morning, afternoon, and evening. The choices (such as pleasure, sports, study, etc.) determine what events will occur during the day (if any), and also raise the character's skills in the selected category. Different girls in the game (there are ten of them) have different interests, goals, and preferences. If the character's skills in the category that the girl finds most important are high enough, he has a chance to become her boyfriend and the player is rewarded with erotic images of the girl.
    Probably the best known old visual novel game. The number of English reviews is excessive.
    4. Kekkou Kamen 2 ~Oshioki Densetsu no Maki~ けっこう仮面2 ~おしおき伝説の巻~ [950615] Dynamic Production 1
    In the sequel to to the first Kekkō Kamen, the player is no longer required to control the satanic protagonist of the previous game. Instead, the protagonist is a young substitute teacher (default name Ryusuke) who is perplexed at his discoveries in the high school he is invited to work for. As the title implies (shioki means "corporal punishment"), some teachers and students engage in bizarre sadistic activities. It's up to the player to decide how the new guy will fit in.
    An ero-centered game, but at least you can take sides in this one and the start of the game is totally normal till you're brought to the basement.
    5. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~ 天使たちの午後 ~転校生~ [950616] JAST 1 2
    In this installment of the Tenshitachi no Gogo series, the protagonist is a male high-school student named Hayato. He was recently transferred to a new school, far away from his home. As in most other Tenshitachi no Gogo games, the story mainly depicts various encounters and conversations with female schoolmates and other girls Hayato meets in the city; the "goal" is to have sex with as many as possible.
    Quite a normal JAST game, easy to read, but not too interesting.
    6. Yakouchuu 夜光虫 [950616] Athena
    Hero is the captain of a cargo ship "Diana" that's been in sail for half a year. He faces three mysteries with new one opening up after each playthrough.
    Kamitachi no Yoru was a big hit and competitors hurried to produce more content in the same vein. The peculiarity of this work is that it's the first sound novel produced not by Chunsoft. The content of the stories is usual for such format horror, but it's the only such game in the closed ship environment.
    7. Chikudenya Toubee Hiroku Chigyaku no Yakata 逐電屋藤兵衛 秘録恥虐乃館 [950623] Wendy Magazine 1
    Matsuo Basho, famous haiku poet is presented here as master ninja of Fuji clan during Edo period. Story focuses on several days of his life.
    Last work of Wendy Magazine and a very rare one. Game has picturesque views of Edo, lots of bad ends and some violent scenes. There is one English review of it.
    8. Hoshi no Suna Monogatari 3 星の砂物語3 [950623] D.O. 1
    The third entry in the Hoshi no Suna Monogatari series is also the first one not to have Gengorou Imai as the protagonist (although he does have a cameo appearance in the game). The playable character this time is the 23-year-old Mine Takaishi. He dropped out of college because of opinion difference with a teacher; now he is poor and can only have jobs as a tutor. Luckily, one of the girls he teaches has a rich family, which sends her on a vacation at the fashionable boarding house on the sea shore, owned by a relative named Uminoya; the private teacher accompanies her. Several relatives also stay at the boarding house, and all goes well until one of them, the owner's younger brother, suddenly feels very sick after having dinner... He is taken to the hospital, and Mine begins to investigate the boarding house and its surrounding, suspecting foul play...
    Game was shocking for including voicing CD. Again a murder case and again it's still mostly about picture and girls.
    9. Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki - The Last Crusader- ロマンスは剣の輝き -THE LAST CRUSADER- [950623] Fairytale 1 2 3
    A young swordsman named Rune is strolling in the woods when he notices a lake. And bathing in the lake is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Suddenly, a wolf leaps from the woods and attacks the girl. Rune swiftly defeats the beast. The girl he saved turned out to be Cecil, the princess of Barran! Watching how the princess was taken back to the castle by a zealous knight, Rune swears that he will do anything to become worthy of her love. And his friends (all of whom happen to be girls) have no choice but to help him!
    SRPG with branches for each of the heroine. SRPG is a rare find already, feels like Utawarerumono. Since it's Fairy Tale title, the CG and character design are outstanding. Maybe the story lacks epicness, but it's a well rounded game with many likable characters and thus is worthy to be called a masterpiece.
    10. Sela セーラ [950623] Harvest 1
    The aim is to bring up the captain's only daughter as an ideal girl.
    Raising sim where you mostly busy with making money and then spending money on education. Side goal is to collect crown stones since perfect ending is only available with all the parameters above 150 and while having 5 crown stones. So it's more like an adult version of Princess Maker with some ADV elements incorporated since you live with the daughter at the same house.
    11. Tokyo Twilight Busters ~Kindan no Ikenie Teito Jigokuhen~ 東京トワイライトバスターズ ~禁断の生贄帝都地獄変~ [950623] Wolf Team 1 2 3
    1923, Tokyo – The Taishou era – Whilst studying abroad in England, Sho Kusanagi receives news that his father - Professor Takuma Kusanagi of the Imperial University - has been reported missing. Sho returns to Japan to uncover the truth behind his father’s disappearance, and is quickly involved with a series of mysterious incidents that have appeared in the capital.
    Game has two nice English reviews. Truly a unique game.
    12. Sotsugyou Shashin ~Naked Color~ 卒業写真 ~ネイキッドカラー~ [950624] Apollon Create
    Keisuke is a high school student. He has a girlfriend Kyouko attending the same class. This is the best time of their youth and time to make memories.
    Difficult to follow, but quite easy to read scenario. Very difficult to empathize with the main hero. Balanced and average content.
    13. Gir l ガール [950629] Juice
    Three girls stories about sexual experiences.
    Les ero-centered narration without wasting much time for talking.
    14. Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna 2: Eien no Princess 銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ2 永遠のプリンセス [950630] Hudson Soft 1 2
    93229.jpgThis is the second game in the series about the school girl Yuna Kagurazaka, who fights crime in cosmic battles. Eien no Princess continues the story of the first game. Yuna has defeated the 13 Servants of Darkness, and their leader Lia has become a friend, fighting crime on her own in a superhero TV show. Life seems to continue normally, the only trouble being Erika, a snotty high school girl who sees herself as Yuna's biggest rival. She challenges Yuna to a fight, but both are spotted by the titular starship "Eternal Princess", commanded by the pretty Princess Mirage, whose task is to stop violence in the whole galaxy. What begins as a misunderstanding ends as a serious threat to the Earth...
    There's a nice English review out there.
    15. Kotohigaoka Monogatari 琴緋ヶ丘物語 [950630] Miamisoft
    Aoi are students of Kotohigaoka high school. They are secretly in love with the heroine Saeki Yuna, but can't confess to her due to constant attention and clinging of their cousin Ayaka and younger student Maiko. Events start to unwind after Aoi is recruited as a substitute basketball team member to replace an injured player.
    Graphics and character designs are very unusual for pc-98 era, it's more like what we have in contemporary games. Perspective was also strange as characters jump out of the picture as are show as half the torso while picture takes less space. At the beginning we need to choose the main character out of two heroes - one is attractive, reach, but rude and the other one is pure brainless muscle. There are total of 8 endings, 4 for each character. Game's not particularly interesting as stories are done just to give all the possible variants of each hero to end up with each heroine. Hetare protagonists don't help either. Game has some unique features, but that's it. It was fun enough to get to some girl ending once just to see where the game is going, but repeating it some 7 more times to see all 4 girls endings for both protagonists does not sound appealing.
    16. Mobius Roid メビウスロイド [950630] Silky's 1
    The main protagonist of Möbius Roid is a young man named Masa Taniyama, who lives alone in a mansion in a quiet district, and dedicates most of his time to one activity: sex. He also has a partner to his sexual escapades, a very "active" young girl named Chie. But another young girl is raped somewhere in the neighborhood, and this changes Masa's life...
    Composition of the story is good and there are 8 endings. The number of H events is quite large totally some 70 HCG.
    17. YES! HG - Hi-Grade, Hyper Graphics A.V.G. YES! HG - Hi-Grade, Hyper Graphics A.V.G. [950630] Himeya Soft
    A collection of eight short stories
    Number of stories jumped to 8 from just 3 in prequel. The degree of H element varies strongly by the stories. There is not nearly enough time for each story, so the game is for enjoying picture in extravagant settings.
    18. Yumemizaka 夢見坂 [950630] Ume Soft
    This game is a story about the adventures of a pizza delivery guy. He meets and have fun with his female customers and friends. His store advertising campaign brings him to a house of three sisters. There he is treated to some interesting stuff...
    Ero-centered work without any plot burden. Basically you're invited everywhere with total number of girls being 11.
    19. Kiboujima no Satsujin 希望島の殺人 [9506] Chirorin House
    A good company has gathered on an isolated island, but one by one murders occur out of revenge. You need to find the culprit and do it fast.
    Doujin work. It's actually a sequel to another detective story. It's a one way road and any variants lead to the same ending.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month, but Koihime has my sincere sympathy.
    1. Monzetsu Fighter 悶絶ファイター [950512] Trush 1 2
    Long ago, there was an evil king who loved nothing more than to rape and torture beautiful women. He was so evil that it became taboo to even speak his name. He was slain by a woman that killed him through sex, but 300 years later he is reborn. In order to defeat this ancient evil, the greatest female warriors in the world face off to see who is worthy of fighting and defeating this terror.
    Monzetsu Fighter is a card battle game where you play as a female warrior fighting other female warriors and occasionally a boss. Battles simulate rape fights and cards represent different ways of sexually attacking an opponent. As health decreases, characters get cuts, bruises, and lose clothes. The fight ends when one of the combatants passes out, of as the title says, faints in anguish.
    There is an English review.
    2. Sexpress セクスプレス [950512] Ange 1
    The protagonist of the game is a young Japanese man who is lucky enough to win a ride on the S-Express, a miraculous train connecting Australia with Canada and going through almost the entire world with stops in Singapore, Japan, China, India, Israel, Russia, France, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Panama, and USA. Nearly the whole game is set on the train itself, with only a few locations accessible within.
    There is a concept of time and each character acts according to his timetable like in Classmate. This is the most difficult type of visual novels and only masterpieces can survive here. And sexpress is very close to it. Heroines are very cute and charming, inspiring to clear the game despite the high difficulty.
    3. Kankin 監禁 [950518] Illusion 1
    The year is 2197. In order to be able to compete with the leading powers of the world, Japan was urbanized, huge city areas covering the entire country. In these huge, soulless cities, crime thrives. Violence is part of everyday life. Female police agents Sagoto, Kikuno, and Chisame are sent to Koube City to arrest drug dealers. But all goes wrong in the very beginning, and the young women fall victims to vicious criminals.
    It's an Illusion game so it takes mere minutes for a spree of H events to begin.
    4. Amy to Yobanaide エイミーと呼ばないでっ [950519] C's Ware 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    This is a story about a high-school girl named Emi, who fell in love with her younger step-brother. Finally, on her eighteenth birthday, she decides to tell him about her feelings. But suddenly, debt collectors arrive and confiscate everything your father possessed. Tomomi, Emi's step-brother, disappears. Now Emi must find him, her only true love, and to confess to him her feelings.
    But on her journey, Emi discovers a different personality inside herself. This other person is called Amy. While the true Emi is a shy, modest girl, her Amy part cares mostly about one thing: to make real her wildest sexual fantasies...
    Game is localized and has lots of English reviews.
    5. Ballade for Maria マリアに捧げるバラード [950526] FAIRYTALE HARDCOVER 1
    In "Ballade For Maria", you control Jake Spikes, a detective from New York. Recently, terrible murders have been happening in Boston. An unknown killer seeks out women and brutally murders them, cutting their hands off. Jake travels to Boston to unravel the mystery, finding out who is responsible for the murders.
    It's from the same developer as Necronomicon, so you should know what to expect. Point and click shifted back to command selection with troublesome flags to find (way too many characters having way too many useless dialogue lines and topics to discuss). Game's main feature is depressive atmosphere so unlike Necronomicon it's a full-scale utsuge. Same as Necronomicon there are two endings - bad and very bad. As an experimental game, it has a lot of gore, but almost no nudity thus continuing Koroshi no Dress trend.
    6. Koihime 恋姫 [950526] Silky's 1 2 3
    Musashi returns to the remote country village where his grandmother lives after being away for 15 years. However, once he gets there, he finds that he has somehow forgotten four different girls whom he had promised to marry when he was a child.
    There are two English reviews of this Elf game, but I'd wish to sum it up. Game is set in traditional japanese countryside and has vertical text display to underline this atmosphere. Text is good and full of gags and emotions. So is the tempo. But the volume is small so story is forced like all the girls are in love with the hero from the start. There are 14 good endings even though the story has no branches. By the end there are several battle sequences, but they are ok to loose. So this is a melancholy rural story with a touch of folklore mystics that was notable in 1995, but today there are hundreds of such works, it's not memorable enough to stand out even though both characters and drawing are very cute.
    7. Mujintou Monogatari 2 無人島物語2 [950526] KSS Inc. 1
    Mujintō Monogatari 2 is a follow-up to Mujintō Monogatari. Like its predecessor, it simulates survival of a group of people on a deserted island - this time, following a ship accident. The basic gameplay is very similar to that of the previous game. The player has to make schedules for the survivors, sending teams to procure necessary supplies such as water, food, light sources, building materials, etc. Only a small part of the island is accessible in the beginning: the player gradually explores it by arranging expeditions. It is possible to manage up to three parties of people, giving each an assignment, which unfolds automatically as the player chooses to complete a day. The survivors' attributes will change depending on the activities chosen by the player.
    This time there are finally unique characters and dialogues on events. The basic gameplay stays the same - gather resources, synthesize them and use them to develop and survive. But that also sets the biggest problem - system has to be changed if unique characters and stories are introduced. You can't just leave it as survival strategy with just naming the characters and adding event dialogues. It's definitely more enjoyable than prequel, but still far from masterpiece level.
    8. X -Ekkusu- X -エックス- [950526] Studio Mebius
    Erika is a 16 year-old high-school student who receives lots of love letters from other girl students. One night space tax collector Seri lands on Erika killing her. In order to regain the body Erika needs to help Seri save the world in the next 500 hours by participating in various interstellar sex events.
    In reality after the opening player is thrown to selection between 10 scenes at once. Yuri love in exotic space locations makes he gist of the game.
    9. Himitsu Chouhou Buin - 00Nanako-chan 3 秘密諜報部員00ななこちゃんIII [9512] Overture
    Third game did not get a Windows version and thus remains totally obscure.
    10. Sailor Bunny Daibakuhatsu セーラーバニー大縛発 [9512] Minto Club
    Game is about training a bunny girl in exchange for pocket money.
    An ero-centered doujin game.
    11. Sinkha [9512] Marco Patrito 1 2 3 4
    Sinkha tells the fascinating story of Hyleyn, a bold girl who lives in the mysterious city of Thalissar. This gigantic and gloomy agglomeration of howling metal, located on the hostile planet Ogon, proves to be of great interest to the Sinkha, a race of immortals who send their living starship Darcron to investigate.
    There are many English reviews of this game, but what matters to me is that this is the first West originated visual novel and the first windows visual novel.
    12. Virgin Angel ヴァージンエンジェル [9512] Crystal Soft 1
    In 2080, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, became a center for daring scientific experiments, newest research in space ship technology, and organized crime. A new deadly drug was developed, that enhanced sexual experiences of human beings, eventually subduing their will and turning them into slaves of whoever possessed the drug. A special unit of the police force was assigned to investigate the crimes committed under the influence of the drug, and to find the criminals that distributed it. The player controls the young female investigator Amano Murakumo. Will she be able to survive in this hostile and terrifying world?..
    Despite being a doujin game, it has some stunning visuals. There should be at least 4 endings since I saw 1st and 4th one but only 1st one is good while others being ero-centered bad endings.
  • Mugen Yasoukyoku and Bunny Hunter Zero are masterpieces of the month, but bakage would always be inferior for me, so Mugen Yasoukyoku is the winner of the month.
    1. Alice no Yakata 3 ALICEの館3 [950401] Alice Soft 1
    As usual, game contains lots of short H stories and some additional materials.
    2. Setsujuu ~Yuganda Kioku~ 雪猫 ~ゆがんだ記憶~ [950405] JAST
    A guy went on a graduation ski trip with his friend and their girlfriends. Before and during the trip, he met and had fun with a bunch of females. In some places, you can choose which girl he have fun with by going to one place or another.
    Scenario is a single road with branching close to the end. There are 10 girls overall for capture. Content is quite poor.
    3. 5 Jikanme no Venus 5時間目のヴィーナス [950407] Fairy Dust 1
    Shimeji attends the Touyama High School. She has a best friend there, is successful in studies, and also has a part-time job as a waitress. Yet she is not happy. One day, her friends find her on the floor, unconscious. They bring her to the young school doctor, who also happens to be the protagonist of this game. The hero is impressed by Shimeji's beauty, but he is also determined to find the cause of her depression. Piece by piece he uncovers the truth about Shimeji's life...
    Basically a hentai anime episode made into a game. Game is straight-forward and features Shimeji secrets one by one, can't see here any value over the anime.
    4. Noushuku Angel 120% 濃縮ANGEL・120% [950414] Cocktail Soft
    Heroine starts to have erotic dreams in broad daylight and starts to loose the grip with reality.
    There are no reviews on the game, but there were way too many H scenes at the start to go on.
    5. School Girls スクールガールズ [950414] Scoop 1
    School Girls tells the story of Shinsuke, a young man looking for a teaching job. His uncle is the principal of a prestigious girls' high school, and he assigns to his nephew the job of a substitute art teacher. The rest of the plot is mostly dedicated to Shinsuke's relationships (sexual and otherwise) with the various female students and co-workers.
    The game starts with a mystery of which girls wears the strawberry pants, but very soon forgets about it and turns into H events parade.
    6. Ushinawareta Rakuen 失われた楽園 [950414] Silky's 1
    College student Kojima Kousaku is promised a high payment for assistance in scientific expedition on a southern island. However, a storm breaks out and the ship suffers a shipwreck. The crew gets separated and they start to search first for bed and food and then find a strange temple in the jungle.
    I've prepared a full review of the game.
    7. Yuuwaku 誘惑 [950414] T2 Co., Ltd.
    One day a young woman comes to the detective office and asks to find a picture that was left by her father. Hero rejects the request at first, but decides to look into it eventually. He starts to gather information about client's family with the neighborhood.
    Game is based on adult manga work and all information gathering happens through the sex.
    8. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 5 Wa - Saraba Pink Angels-tachi DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第5話 さらばピンクエンジェルス達 [950415] Great
    Nanase is promised by her grandfather to do as she likes if she wins the finals. And then the final match against Green Hornets begins.
    I was partly confused by the fact that I actually had to lose in the finals to get a good ending. I knew some Pink Angel girl started to play for Green Hornets, but don't think it was Nanase.
    9. Dual Soul デュアルソウル [950415] Ail
    Gush is a treasure hunter. He is searching for the Gomalie ruins at the request of Evonos Church with tree friends. As he was leaving the ruins he got caught in the trap had had multiple spear piercing wounds. He should have died but he awoke at the bed. His appearance changed drastically as he took the form of Edner who fell from the roof at the same time. He is sentenced to live as Edner by the church bishop. Then suspicious events start to happen one by one...
    It was fully story driven but had poor sales. so next Ail games were of fanservice character and they sold much better. There is a huge sudden shift between first half of the work that's more of a gag comedy with Gush rejoiced about his survival and the second part that's full of drama and emotions. So the scenario felt unprofessional and left a sour aftertaste.
    10. Ring Out!! リングアウト!! [950421] ZyX 1 2 3 4
    Somewhere in Tokyo is an underground club where important political and social figures gather to watch an unusual sport. Two women are put in a caged ring, in revealing clothes, and grope each other while wrestling. Whoever comes first, loses. No holds barred, and the loser has to endure any humiliation the winner asks. Into this ring comes a young girl named Aya, forced into slavery by people to whom she is nothing.
    There are English reviews.
    11. Viper-V12 [950421] Sogna 1 2
    Yet another entry in the Viper series, Viper V-12 exploits the same format all the previous entries followed: there are three unrelated short stories which mostly consist of animated sex scenes, with some interaction here and there.
    Here are the stories:
    Future Investigator Bravan: Bravan is a powerful warrior clad in power armor, who fights for human beings in and has only one weakness: his pretty female comrades. A group of demons called "Donar", led by the mischievous female doppelganger Colonel Gel, decide to use the shape-shifting powers of the commander to lure Bravan to their lair.
    Angel Dust: Kate and Julia, two cosmic rangers, attack a space pirate ship and board it, hoping to steal treasures and to become rich. But they were not careful enough when they entered the ship without any precautions: the space pirates had other plans for the young girls...
    Magical Gambler: A young child has a dream which becomes reality: two cute flying creatures appear in front of her and give her a magic rod. However, when the girl uses the rod, she miraculously turns into a young and sexy woman. She decides to use the powers of the rod for her own greed, and becomes Chiyomi - the Queen of Gambling...
    There is an English review.
    12. Mugen Yasoukyoku 夢幻夜想曲 [950422] Apricot (old) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Nocturnal Illusions' genre is a mixture of a dating sim and visual novel. In this game the main character decides to get away from it all during his spring break and stay in the mountains. While staying in the mountains a massive storm causes the main character to faint. A mysterious woman saves him and uses sexual pleasure to keep him warm. It turns out that he is now in a strange old mansion. The woman who saved the main character is the mistress in charge of the place. The main character decides to explore and while there meets many women as the story unfolds...
    Game is localized and has overwhelming number of English reviews. I've seen it to the end and can't say it's a game for everyone. It has good text and mysterious characters, but don't expect much plot here. It has its unique charm, but can't say I got a good impression out of it.
    13. Bunny Hunter Zero ばにぃはんたぁ零 [950428] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
    Hero is a salary man and he investigates disappearance of his father with the employees salary. The lead takes him to the "Neo Bunny" organization which members are dressed like bunnies. Hero gets attacked by a group of bunny girls on the street. As he wraps himself in matador suit, he feels that he now has power to oppose them as he becomes now "Bunny Hunter Zero".
    The only English review is from someone who does not understand Japanese. Synopsis looks weird... only because that's a weird bakage with little sense to be found. Game features card battles to keep players from getting bored. Another strong side is graphics as the characters were cute and attractive. Card game is also cool, not just another mahjong. The gameplay is quite fun, so game was actually quite popular... not for long, of course.
    14. Itsuka Dokoka de. いつかどこかで。 [950428] Cocktail Soft 1
    The follower-up to the first Erotic Baka Novel game is similar to it in structure: it is a visual novel with multiple story lines, which take place according to the decisions made by the player during the game. The protagonist is once again a regular Japanese male; this time, the initial "trigger event" is a message on his pager. Three different choices regarding his reaction to the beeper's sound lead to three very different story arcs, each involving its own sub-branches.
    There are three branches from the start and new branches open up after seeing consequent endings. There are also bad endings as before, but overall there are much less choices than in prequel. Stories are quite interesting involving third world war and other planets among others.
    15. Oushuu Yuukai Yuugi Pink Tiger 欧州誘拐遊戯 PINK☆TIGER [950428] Peppermint Kids
    Pink Tigers is a secret criminal organization composed only of women dealing with kidnappings and robbery mostly. Protagonist gets a request to rescue one kidnapped child.
    An ero-centered les work.
    16. Reijou Monogatari 令嬢物語  ~れいじょうものがたり~ [950428] Interheart 1 2
    Three sisters of the Saijō family - Michie, Saki, and Erika - lived together peacefully in a quiet house. Their parents have died but left them a very large fortune, which evoked jealousy in people surrounding them. On Michie's twentieth birthday their greedy and corrupt uncle, who recently lost a vast amount of money due to failed business transactions, sent his goons to extort from the young women the fortune they rightfully possessed.
    There is an English review.
    17. Ribbon リボン [950428] Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon 1
    Keisuke Murakawa is a teenager who used to have tender feelings towards his childhood friend Makoto Aizawa. However, they grew apart as each was busy with their own school life. Now, when both begin to attend the same high school, Keisuke is unsure whether she or any of the older attractive schoolmates is the love of his life.
    First part is nampage with all the girls. Second part is pure love story with the main heroine. Third part is H bonus. Quite an ordinary work, but characters aren't based on archetypes and thus feel realistic. Notably, it's not I-ADV, but just ADV with only conversation choices to matter, but structure still suffers from I-ADV heritage, so a mismatch is felt. Game's got good sound support, but it does not make this work special and second part is not long enough to save it.
    18. Rondo ロンド [950428] Frontier
    Protagonists sees a mysterious girl in his dreams who reminds him one of the girls in the class. This is a story of his relations with several class girls over a few days.
    Game was interesting enough for me to see it through the end. The coolest part is confrontation between his childhood friend Fujiwara (descendant from Fujiwara clan) and mysterious girl Hojo Miyuki (descendant from Hojo clan). And the protagonist turns out to be descendant of Yoshimoto. On top of historic parallels there is enough mystics involved to keep interest all the time.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month. Still I feel quite strong impression over Cybernoid Alpha - I nominate it VN of March 1995.
    1. 31 Iwayuru Hitotsu no Chou Lovely na Bouken Katsugeki 31 いわゆるひとつの超らぶりぃな冒険活劇 [950302] Altacia 1
    The heroine of this curiously named title is Choko, the princess of the fictional country Baskin, which is mostly a medieval world with some modern-day anachronisms. She lives in the capital city Robins with her Mom and Dad, namely queen and king. Her curious nature eventually leads her to some interesting acquaintances, including magic users and adventurers, who help her to uncover a threat to her family and country. The princess has to travel through a dangerous forest with her best buddy Meron, in order to protect Baskin from danger.
    Meaningless short adventure without anything to stand out here. There are some gags on the way, but they hardly make it worthwhile. Altacia is just much better at doing detective series.
    2. If 3 イフ 3 [950303] Active 1
    Like its predecessors in the series, IF 3 contains three scenarios, which are unrelated to each other story-wise and can be played directly from the main menu:
    The first episode, sub-titled Will for Suicide, is indeed about that: a person who tries to commit suicide. The scenario can be played in two different ways, from the point of view of either a male or female protagonist. reasons and circumstances of the suicide can also be chosen by the player. The scenario involves supernatural forces that change the fate of the heroes; however, the specific narrative is defined by the player.
    This episode is called Like a Magic Woman; the heroine is a beautiful young woman, contemplating about her future career and desire for money; at that moment, she is hit by a truck. Miraculously, she survives the accident, and is granted the magic ability of shape-shifting.
    The final episode is entitled Eday & Magy (sic), which are the misspelled names "Eddie" and "Maggie". The setting is a fictional city in the USA called "Autumn City"; it is being governed by the powerful Chief Anderson, enjoying an era of stability and peace. But a criminal organization targets Eddie, a young half-Japanese police officer, and he receives the assignment to bring the villains to justice.
    Finally the last game of the series. Multiple stories genre little by little ceases to exist.
    3. Escalation'95 Onee-sama tte Yonde Ii Desu ka? エスカレーション'95 お姉さまって呼んでいいですか? [950304] Melody 1
    Escalation '95 doesn't have a particularly elaborate story: the protagonist is a female student named Naomi, who attends the Catholic St. Azarea high school. At the beginning of the year, new students enter the school, and Naomi's task is to show them around and help them - which she does in a very particular fashion...
    A specialized lesbian love work with some disturbing content.
    4. Cybernoid Alpha サイバノイドアルファ [950310] D.O.
    The great war brought the humanity to the brink of extinction turning the burnt towns in lawless zones.
    Baum Filled is a mercenary who arrives to such town and takes up a request to rescue woman client's sister.
    I love cyberpunk and this game has some great pictures, but it's quite short and ero-centered to be taken seriously.
    5. Wonpara Wars II WONPARAウォーズII [950310] Mink 1 2
    The protagonist of the first game, Leopard Chateau-Lyon, finds himself wandering in a forest, having no memory of his own past, except his name. He is captured by two female warriors and is brought to their queen. It appears that there are only women in this country; when the hero says he is a man, the queen rejoices, telling him about an ancient legend that prophesied the advent of a creature named man, who will save their country from the ruthless queen of the neighboring land. The hero has to prove himself worthy of his heroic status and to defeat the enemy forces that threaten the country.
    There is an English review.
    6. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 4 Wa - Nanase no Himitsu no Maki DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第4話 七瀬の秘密の巻 [950315] Great
    The episode reveals the story of Nanase birth and introduces her sister as well as presents the match against Yellow Jackets.
    Nanase is the best pitcher in the history and from this episode she becomes the center of attention. Her secret upbringing is revealed and for the setting for final confrontation is prepared.
    7. Harenchi Gakuen ハレンチ学園 [950315] Dynamic Production
    A student transfers in a formerly girls school only to find strange rules governing there.
    An ero-centered work with cute drawing, but very nauseating mechanics of first choosing the icon of action and then point-and-clicking everything in hope to trigger some advancement.
    8. Kinki Taboo 禁忌 TABOO [950317] Succubus
    Teacher trains three high school student girls into SM sex slaves.
    This is the actual originator of bondage museum genre. It was mostly notable for voice support and time required to install, but the content was rather generic without providing much uniqueness.
    9. Manami no Doko made Iku no? 2 - Return of the Kuro Pack まなみのどこまでイクの?2 リターンオブTHE黒パック [950317] Wendy Magazine
    In spring 1995 a new conspiracy started to unfold. Manami sets on a course to reveal it while searching for cute girls in the meantime.
    The prequel has a good English review and by that alone it's possible to guess the scale of madness in this work. I did not get far in this bakage since it stopped making sense very soon.
    10. S.A. 3 S.A. 3 [950323] Exst
    Two new stories about sexual experiences of Yuka-chan
    Just like in prequels things turn to H very fast, but Yuka is cute as ever.
    11. Teen TEEN [950324] Custom 1
    The story is about teenagers, high school students. It's divided in two scenarios.
    In scenario 1 "Depression Of Ai" the main figure is Ayumi, a les girl. She wants to get a cute pet girl, but it's difficult because most girls refrain from becoming a les. One day she gets a love letter from a junior girl Ai. Ayumi shouts with joy for that, though she doesn't know what kind of girl Ai is. Ayumi imagines that Ai will be cute and naïve. How will the following story goes? It puts on comic touch.
    In scenario 2 "Last Party" three figures enter the story. Megumi is a girl who has many H friends. Takusi is one of them. One day Megumi invites Takusi to the last party and he agrees. He asks her about the party but she doesn't let him know what kind of party it'll be. He imagines one of group H with all her friends. At last the party day comes. His guess proves to be false. Megumi introduces just one junior girl, Kana, to him. What purpose does Megumi has? Why is the party the last?
    A specialized H-centered yuri work. At the very least there aren't boring parts included.
    12. Tenkousei 転校生 [950324] Space Project
    Heroine is a new transfer student. Player needs to lead her through the daily routine situations with an aim of losing virginity.
    A kusoge in its purest form. You need to constantly click to choose between two stupidest routine activities. There are multiple windows and those tend to hide behind each other and to load for quite a long time. Game's also ridiculously long for this kind of torture gameplay.
    13. Seek ~Chikashitsu no Mesu Dorei Tachi~ SEEK ~地下室の牝奴隷達~ [950331] PIL
    While attending the funeral of a father his hasn't seen in 10 years, our guy found out about his father's job of SM painter, but actually a SM trainer and Will of one billion yen, now half to his assistant and half to an orphanage. If he can become a SM trainer in one month, assistant will be judge, then he can get the whole one billion yen. Well, how well he can train three girls will have different outcomes.
    A famous erotic raising SIM with lots of disturbing content. Not to my liking at all though.
    14. Touch My Heart タッチ マイ ハート [9503] D.O.
    While on the way home from work a mysterious woman begs hero to let her in the car and help her escape from the pursuers. It's up to hero what happens next.
    A very obscure work. All I know is that there are a lot of bad endings and no walkthrough to try and get to the good one.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month, so it's high time to nominate the pretty league series episode Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 3 Wa - Minami no Umi no Kai no Maki as VN of February 1995. It's quite a simple and fun episode on top of that!
    1. Themm - Harukanaru Meikyuu ゼム ~はるかなる迷宮~ [950204] Harvest 1 2 3 4
    Long time ago, human beings believed in gods. But time has passed, and the humans stopped worshipping them. The gods got angry. The world plunged into chaos. Demons who looked like pretty girls have appeared, driving people insane. Five kings have sent brave heroes to find a magical stone that alone could restore peace to the world. One of these heroes is Lucido. Aided by a simple village girl, he bravely descends into a dungeon full of seductive monsters - but he should beware of the competition...
    There are English reviews.
    2. V Zone VZONE [950210] Dollhouse
    By buying top price adult VHRs hero is able to transfer to a different world to become the main actor himself.
    Even though the aim of the game is simple, hero needs to set flags for each heroine in all the five worlds making it very complex taking into account a big city to explore manually area by area. But the heroines are very cute able to inspire to clear those flags.
    3. Poison ~6 Nin no Majo~ ぽわぞん ~6人の魔女~ [950214] Trush
    There is some text in the game, but I'm not patient enough to get through the card game to get a glimpse of it.
    4. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 3 Wa - Minami no Umi no Kai no Maki DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第3話 南の海の怪の巻 [950218] Great
    The Pink Angels, who won the JPL-ONE league and entered the JPL league, now take a vacation to Okinawa. Game focuses on local ghost story and proceeds to Black Shadows match.
    Exact system as the prequels with fun adventure getting the bigger chunk of the not so long playthrough.
    5. Trouble Chaser Dai 2 Wa - Futarime no Chaser トラぶるCHASER 第2話 2人目のチェイサー [950218] Nihon Create
    Daiskuke gets accustomed to living with Rena when his house gets demolished again by another space ship landing on it. Rudy comes out of the ship claiming that she's a friend of Rena.
    There's also a new strong enemy awaiting. Good pace fun mini-adventure.
    6. DR2 Night Janki DR2ナイト雀鬼 [950224] Leaf 1 2
    DR² Night Janki is a mahjong game with adult scenes. The game has two modes: "Story" and "Regular". The story mode is set in a medieval castle, which is said to be ancient grounds for sorcery, but is currently controlled by the mysterious Rumira, who runs a mahjong club. The hero, a man named Ryuuji, decides to investigate the castle, and therefore has to defeat its inhabitants (all pretty young girls) in mahjong matches.
    Game's ordinary undressing mahjong. What makes it special is that there is at least some loose story to tie it together and that it's the first game of the Leaf company.
    7. Nozokiya Kagyou のぞき屋稼業 [950224] T2 Co., Ltd.
    Hero has a car full of peeping equipment and a whole town as his playground.
    An originator of peeping genre "Odori". This game is close to simulators since there is a freedom of movement and lots of game icons to choose from, especially in the car as well as time of the day. It's quite a boring game able to avert even ardent peeping enthusiasts.
    8. Sex Sex [950224] AyPio 1
    The game with such a simple, yet expressive title is also rather simple and to-the-point in its concept: it is about having sex and nothing else. There is no real story in the game: in the beginning, a crazy-looking character named Mr. Funk, who speaks in Japanese with a heavy dose of stereotypical hip-hop lingo, announces that the player is now declared King of Sex and can therefore directly have sex with any of the three "available" young and pretty girls: Nana, the cute school girl, Makoto, the "mature" woman (probably in her early twenties), and the obligatory underage girl with pink hair, Ai.
    There's a small talk with each girl discussing intimate life, but apart of that it's just sex.
    9. Virtua Call バーチャコール [950224] Fairytale 1
    While trying to pick up girls, you are given a card for a video phone service. When you go home you try the number and then a woman tells you how the game works.
    Nampa game with videophones not yet invented. Many conversation variants are present. But game feels too monotonous, something that's going to be fixed only in sequels.
    10. Ce'st la vie Ce'st la vie [950228] May-Be Soft 1
    The game puts the player in a role of an aspiring young painter, who is more interested in pretty, young, naked models than in the art itself. It starts slowly, but soon the hero finds himself sexually involved with different young women, and the net of relationships grows more and more complex...
    Don't expect a story here, because there is little of it. It consists mostly of accidental meetings followed by H.
    11. Valkyrie ヴァルキリー [950228] Discovery 1 2
    An ordinary Japanese high-school student named Hatsumi Tarou was having a normal life - preparing for examinations, like all his classmates - when one day everything changed: it was on the day when he saw a talking cat. The cat promptly explained that it was not a cat, but a creature from the Magic World. Once in a thousand or so years, a fighting competition is being held between the best female fighters of the Magic World. The winner becomes the next queen. The referee however should be a human being; and this time, the honor belongs to our friend Tarou!
    Well, this is not BlazBlue, the story here is almost non-existant, nothing much to discuss in a fighting game.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month, but among others Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~ is worth the honor of being VN of January 1995 the most.
    1. Ayumi-chan Monogatari Jisshaban あゆみちゃん物語 実写版 [950112] Alice Soft 1
    Ayumi-chan Monogatari: Jisshaban is almost exactly the same game as Ayumi-chan Monogatari, with one important difference: it has photos of a real actress replacing the original's anime-style graphics. There are no graphics at all in the game.
    Don't think there is the need to discuss this horrible game once more.
    2. School Festival ~Cosmos Sai Kitan~ スクールフェスティバル ~秋桜祭奇譚~ [950113] Ange
    Hero is a high school teacher and also consultant of ethics committee. The day before the cultural festival, it was cancelled by the principal due to diminished public morals. It's our job to investigate the truth behind the cancellation.
    Well, pretty much every girl is in love with the hero, so that's what diminished public morals, hehe, there's a distinctive harem sensation in the air. The most interesting part about the game is game system - all the characters on the screen are displayed at the right part of the screen and when you press on the face, that character speaks. So it's some mix between ADV and I-ADV. Another feature is when we go on a trip, we gather the team ourselves and dialogues change drastically according to the team members. So another work of Ange with strange systems and heartwarming feeling. Alas, it has little beyond fun dialogues.
    3. Waku Waku Mahjong Panic! ~Shikigami Denshou~ わくわく麻雀パニック! ~式神伝承~ [950113] Four-Nine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    It is in the shadows between the world of the spirits and the world of the flesh that the Shikigami live -- ethereal fairy-beings given form and flesh in the shape of beautiful elfin girls. Shikigami may be caught by a Shikigami Master, someone who knows the ancient art of defeating them at battle mahjong and binding them with a contract. A man who catches a Shikigami could win everything...but risks his very soul. In the very near future, in the city of Demon Tokyo, a powerful Shikigami Master named Jango lives amidst the bustling insanity of the city. A request for help from a beautiful woman leads to a showdown with the vile Organization. Jingo's world is about to be turned upside down...
    Game is localized with lots of English reviews. English version was scrapped for actual mahjong gameplay and was redone with game resources on macromedia flash stealing lots of charm from the game. Still I'm mostly interested in plot and thus English version was perfect for me and took only an hour and a half to see through. So reviews are mostly negative, but keep in mind that pretty much everyone went to play sequel as well. As I see it, it's because story is fun enough and characters very joyful and likable.
    4. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 2 Wa - Mou Hitotsu no Rival DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第2話 もうひとつのライバル [950115] Great
    After decisive win over Blue Dolphins it is the final round of JPL-ONE against Universal Solids. But two days before the match the leading player of the team Nanase goes missing.
    Nanase starts to feature as the leading role and we approach to getting to know her family, her circumstances and her secret.
    5. Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~ DOKIDOKIバケーション ~きらめく季節の中で~ [950127] Cocktail Soft 1
    Dokidoki Vacation tells the story of a Japanese teenager called Junichi. High school is over, the summer vacation has begun. But due to the young man's uneasy relationship with his family and other circumstances, he cannot afford the vacation he was hoping for. So Junichi decides to find a job. He starts working in a book store, and soon realizes that feelings develop between him and Megumi, a girl who works in the same place. But what about the classmate Junichi was in love with before?..
    One of the most epic galge of the pc-98 era. Graphics is just fabulous, characters are super cute. Gamers literally cried with joy at the time of the release. VN has a great balance between gags, seriousness and eroticism. But actually from our days perspective there's nothing much here. Story is one way road with the goal set from the introduction - confess to Mutsu-chan who is school's idol. And actually Mutsu-chan was the only heroine that was impossible to capture and did not have H-scene. That was actually the cry-factor. She's the cutest of heroines are player is suggested to look among the other heroines. Cruel, but that's what made the game famous. And a lot of people do not lose hope up to this day for F&C to issue some bonus CD of fandisc with Mutsu-chan ending in it.
    6. Marmalade Boy ママレード·ボーイ [950127] Bandai Namco Entertainment 1 2
    Miki Koishikawa's ordinary life as a high school sophomore is turned upside down when her parents suddenly announce that they are getting divorced in order to swap partners with a couple they met in Hawaii. They seek her approval of the shocking change, and at a dinner where Miki meets the other couple as well as their son Yuu Matsura, who is about her age, she reluctantly agrees to the arrangement. Yuu, while at first a jerk who takes every opportunity to make fun of Miki, turns out to be fun and attractive, and Miki finds herself falling for him. Little by little, she accepts her new family arrangement and opens up to Yuu as they become friends.
    The game follows a different path from the manga where the player can choose if Miki pursues Yuu, her best friend Ginta or her coworker Kei.
    There are English reviews.
    7. URM ~M15 Wakusei ni Umarete~ URM~M15惑星に生まれて~ [950127] Beluga Computer
    Nothing is known and nothing will probably ever be. One of the most obscure games.
    8. Doukyuusei 2 同級生 2 [950131] Elf 1 2 3 4 5
    Sequel to Doukyuusei.
    Two years have passed Since Doukyuusei, The setting is a new Town and a new Protagonist.
    The goal is the same, romance a girl or girls of your choice with their own stories and quirky personalities.
    If you're lucky during your pursuits you might run into a familiar face.
    The main change is that instead of summer this time the setting is winter. Game managed to introduce even more heroines and increase the volume to sky high level while increasing the difficulty and story emphasis at the same time. It also popularized the word "moe" that was widely used by one of the heroines who called the hero "oni-chan". The high degree of freedom was actually lost since flags were set very strictly and unless you follow the flags you're kicked out of the route. The individual stories now include a lot of drama, making this game a nakige. Game features Misa from prequel as the most popular character of prequel. So game was really popular, but did not have the impact of the first Classmate. Moreover, game would feel much better with general ADV system without those strict flags. Top down view became redundant and useless for a story emphasis game.


First, some statistics. Here's the chart of total number of VNs, number of listed VNs in this blog and number of blocked VNs for the years 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994. Number won't change significantly since for the moment these are all the VNs that vndb.org has for the noted periods.

VN per year






















As you remember, year 1992 was to my liking since, due to harsh censorship, works were more story-oriented. And with almost the same number of total VNs compared to 1991, in 1992 there were much more works that made it in the list and even smaller number of blocked ones.

The total number of works increased further by 28%, but the correlation of quality story oriented works improved slightly in comparison to 1993.

So let's see what year 1994 brought:

  • Dating SIMs showed up and pushed Raising SIMs back
  • RPG weren't too numerous but there are surprisingly many very high quality RPGs in 1994
  • There's the first Otome game Angelique
  • There's the first Yaoi reference in Uchuu Kaitou Funny Bee
  • Gao Gao 3 presented a new model of game - party interaction based.

And five of those 15 are RPGs, pretty insane. I guess there was no competition from the beginning - I'd put DESIRE pretty much above any game put beside. So DESIRE is the game of the year 1994.



Foreword: This is Keno-san's scenario. He did not have much experience when we was thrown to produce scenario of the game that we know as Love Potion in two months time. Critics buried the game and that's why there was much more care in producing next game scenario - that was DESIRE, the game that I can't praise enough. The next year Keno wrote scenario for EVE burst error and on the wave of popularity moved to legendary Elf company where he kept working on EVE franchise and created another masterpiece YU-NO and then left for Abel company. He created a lot of wonderful scenarios after that but we're interested in Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~ scenario. It was developed after DESIRE but prior to EVE. So it was the golden age for Keno and he was experimenting a lot, trying to further develop the already complex DESIRE structure. This resulted in Xenon -Phantom Limbs-.

Title: Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~

Developer: C's Ware

Date: 1994-12-09

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v7474

Synopsis: Kōji, a Japanese high school student, experiences strange, recurrent life-like dreams. He finds himself in a space station inhabited by beautiful young women. As he tries to explore the dream realm he wakes up. His teacher, intrigued by his account of the bizarre adventure, urges him to travel back to the space station in his dream and report his discoveries to her. Eventually Kōji realizes that his dream and reality are tightly connected, and finds himself compelled to avert a grave danger.

Structure: Three routes with 3rd route to have four branches for different heroines, then there is an extra small kinetic route or something like that.

Length: Close to 10 hours, probably a bit less.

Game type: Space mindfuck mystery

Difficulty: Moderate. Flags are obscure so best to use guide.

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 10/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Rating comments: Game is quite difficult to evaluate since there are two worlds with own sets of characters and there are even two protagonists (actually, even three) of varying charm. Not all the characters are cute, some look good only at CG. Game has great text but is lacking in some fields.


Protagonist: Quite and ordinary japanese student on one hand and much cooler The Greatest and Toughest Space Pirate, Genius and Universe Champion on the other hand. I liked the latter much more!




Megumi - real world girl, your lover and her papa is medical center sponsor



Sayaka - real world government researcher




Ryouko-sensei - real world  psychiatrist



Mai - real world Ryouko-sensei sister, participates in experiments as catalyst



Ranfa - space ship mechanic



Fal - space ship researcher 



Tracy - space ship captain assistant



Bianca - space ship sleeping beauty in cryogenic chamber




It's not easy to tell this game's story without spoilers. And this game's charm is only due to this mindfuck state of mind in projects constantly. If I tell the contents of 3rd route, game will be stripped of half of its charm. So I'll only roughly retell first route. Game introduction shows Kouji being taken out of hypnosis state by psychiatrist Ryouko-sensei. And this scene is repeated like 10 times throughout the whole game and it's great for the atmosphere - sometimes it's real awakening, sometimes it's just a dream. After introduction we find ourselves in some hospital chamber, bump in some weird looking (some exposing uniform) girl then discover naked girl wired to some cryogenic coffin.

After that Kouji wakes up in the real world (I'll call it real for now although it's not that simple). He's questioned by Ryouko-sensei about what he remembered from the dream. Outside of the room he is greeted by Megumi, who claims to be his girlfriend and lover. There is also some strict government official lady Sayaka who does not let us go into computer room. And finally there is Mai girl who is very worried about Kouji condition. And from there it goes chaotic. This real world is constantly shifting with the dream world where there are four different space ship crew girls await - mechanic Ranfa, researcher Fal, captain assistant Tracy and sleeping beauty Bianca in cryogenic room (actually, it's the different sleeping girl, first one in the dream was actually Fal).

So Kouji gets thrown from one world to another, sometimes without warning - we share consciousness and even items while there, so basically we've found some media disk in one world and could find the device to play it only in another world. Furthermore, we hear voice of some man from time to time. In real world we try to know more about the hypnosis treatment we undergo and to get to the computer room. In the dream world there is even more action - we investigate the sleeping beauties, try to find out about our identity and once even blow the ship.

As for identity - that's another interesting story. Some ancient ruins were found on some planet and first research team was sent to investigate the ruins. Noone survived. Second research team was sent to investigate the fate of the first research team and.... noone survived, except Kouji. So everyone urges us to remember anything but in vain. Then there is the sleeping beauty Bianca who eventually wakes up and blames Kouji of killing the whole first and second research teams. Then there are reports that actually Kouji was not listed neither in 1st, nor in 2nd research team... So the main question of the game is WHAT am I? That's just an amazing start, but actually game does not live up to this fantastic start to the end.

First chapter ends when Megumi gets kidnapped and as we rush to rescue her we get caught by Ryouko-sensei and get another charge from the mind machine that burns 2000-30000 of brain fibers in Kouji's brain and in the dream world Kouji steals the shuttle and flies to the Eriteia planet with ancient ruins to meet with Ranfa who promises to give answers to all the questions - and we get first chapter end while man and woman promise each other to become new Adam and Eve while staying on some wasteland.

That is a fantastic first chapter. But then starts the second chapter and... Kouji just cries off the bat - I'm the Great Space Pirate, Genius and Champion of the Universe! So the beginning of the chapter feels like a comedy with most of the real world girls trying to calm him down and treat his craziness. But the sad part here that this is real space pirate who changed consciousness with Kouji and came 6000 years from the future. He's cool, reserved and he first persuades Rouko-sensei into being his slave, then with her hands does the same with Ryouko-sensei's sister Mami, then proposes to his girlfriend Megumi to become his wife, actually, slave wife! And together they manage to confront Sayaka successfully after some violent scene and burning 30k more of Kouji's brain vibers. 


Third route finally gives some answers as we play as real-life Kouji on the space ship. Fourth route is just ero-bonus content, sadly. So what we have is awesome space mystery that gradually looses its mystery and turns into a set of ero-scenes.

Theme: The recurring theme of the game is that of the dream. What is reality? Is it possible to percieve what's real and what's not? Game tells us a definite - impossible to perceive. The Confucius symbol of butterfly in human's dream is used a lot. Mai directly asks Kouji to be a butterfly in her dream. Since dream is as important as reality it's best to live a full life and take full efforts even in dreams.

CG: There are very few event CG in this game and those few that exist are of bland palette. 

Sound: Actually, it was to my liking. Especially the theme of Greatest Space Pirate was awesome. It's some heroic march so when it starts merrily, you always know that Kouji now has a different personality. And I totally adored the voicing of Rafna... she's the youngest character and her seiyu just did a miracle here with the special voice and intonations. And Rafna got the cutest character design and CGs on top of that.

Overall comments: Scenario is second to none and text is really good. Game mechanics are finally driven from commands selection to usual ADV type, so story can be enjoyed to a bigger extent. I can't recommend this game to everyone since it does not reach the level of other Mr. Keno's masterpieces. But I can totally recommend this game if you like the space mindfuck mystery setting or if like good writing. Personally, I adore Vladimir Nabokov's books. Of course he has well known masterpieces like "Lolita", but I can take any of his novels and open them at any part and just start reading - the text is so good, complex, multi-level and rich that I get great pleasure just from reading a couple of pages. The same goes to this work. The aftertaste might not be the best, but while you read there's much pleasure in the process.

  • December is rich for masterpieces: Wedding Errantry -Gyakutama Ou-Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~Toushin Toshi IINooch 3 Saigo no SeisenZatsuon Ryouiki and Team Innocent: The Point of No Return. My personal favorite is Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~.

    1. Kagayake! Kirakira Senshi Risky Jewel 輝け!キラキラ戦士リスキージュエル [941202] Natsume
    A meteorite hit the Earth in the past leaving pieces of jewel - source of great power.
    Nine years ago Enomoto-sensei who helped a mysterious organization study the jewels died leaving the secret of the jewels in the hands of his daughter Koriko.
    This days Koriko returns from her study trip to America to find proper girl candidates to master the power of this dangerous source of power - risky jewels. Three young girls will need to use its power for transformation if they want to defend the world from the mysterious organization.
    I actually found the game to be very entertaining, that's why I saw it to the end. Battles are done in a simplistic, yet fascinating way as well. Girls are beautiful and transformation scenes inspiring. But what bugs me is that the game ends abruptly without defeating the main baddie. I tried to check Japanese reviews and only found the same outcome. So the ending disappoints, but overall I got only good impressions from the game.
    2. Trouble Chaser Dai 1 Wa - Trouble wa Sora kara Mirai kara トラぶるCHASER 第1話 トラブルは空から未来から [941202] Nihon Create
    Daiskuke was playing video games when a spacecraft landed on his house demolishing half of it. A pretty girl came out of the ship saying that she came from the future to protect Daisuke who has an important role to play from time criminals.
    Somehow I got a liking to these old multiple volume short games like Houma Hunter and Pretty League. Those are watched like anime episodes due to fast pace, short length and frequent use of animation. I'll make sure I watch these series to the end!
    3. Shinjuku Labyrinth 新宿ラビリンス [941208] Game Technopolis
    Sayako was hugging a wet kitten in the rain asking for help and hero took the kitten to the doctor. That was the start of their friendship. Today is Sayako's birthday - hero overslept and rushes to her place.
    Game Technopolis games are always weird and obscure. This game has relation to very short earlier Technopolis game Dennou Tenshi. And looks like noone cares since there's no reviews. And FM Towns was not really a mass product, so its exclusives usually had a tough time. Which is sad, because it's the last work of Game Technopolis and it seems to be the first human-like one.
    4. Wedding Errantry -Gyakutama Ou- ウェディングエラントリー -逆玉王- [941209] Grocer
    Seth is very indecisive with women. But as the quest for searching the proper groom for the princess of the kingdom is announced, Seth makes his move. The condition is clearing the training dungeon created by the court magician.
    Year 1994 does not have as many RPGs as 1990 or 1991, but those are of highest quality. So is this game, real masterpiece, but completely forgotten. The game starts very lightly as a comedy but with experience and story progression it gets heavily serious. Leveling up is well synchronized with the story events, so you see Seth to grow stronger just at the right moment and it really looks like lvl up affects the character of Seth each time - so there is great pleasure in watching Seth grow. He's not a hero, but he has strong motivation (princess promised to kiss 1000th adventurer to go to this dungeon and it was Seth) and he works hard every day. One nice feature was that the equipment was of multiple sizes like S, M, L and according to the kind of food taken in the shape of body was changing - in other words it was easy to find yourself not fitting in your favorite suit of armor, so in a way it was also a diet RPG. Game's not perfect - it's more complex than traditional RPGs so might not suit total newbies and it requires much tolerance to move step by step to the aim. With great story and character design, this game is a real treat for RPG lovers.
    5. Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~ XENON ~夢幻の肢体~ [941209] C's Ware 1 2
    Kōji, a Japanese high school student, experiences strange, recurrent life-like dreams. He finds himself in a space station inhabited by beautiful young women. As he tries to explore the dream realm he wakes up. His teacher, intrigued by his account of the bizarre adventure, urges him to travel back to the space station in his dream and report his discoveries to her. Eventually Kōji realizes that his dream and reality are tightly connected, and finds himself compelled to avert a grave danger.
    I have a full review prepared.
    6. Hacchake Ayayo-san 5 - Pikapika no Shouwakusei - Ayayo's Dive Aframe はっちゃけあやよさん5 ピカピカの小惑星 AYAYO'S Dive Aframe [941210] Hard 1
    Ayayo's Dive Aflame is the fifth entry in the Hacchake Ayayo-san series. Ayayo, Tomoko, and two other female friends travel on a spaceship to another planet. However, they are abducted by an alien race ruled by a king with bizarre sexual preferences. The remainder of the plot is dedicated to exotic sexual scenes between the girls and the aliens.
    The last work in Ayayo series, but not because Ayayo conquered the whole universe and has nowhere else to go, but because of company financial and managerial struggle. It's a bakage this time, so it tries to include absurd humor to already absurdist H scenes.
    7. Toushin Toshi II 闘神都市II [941210] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6
    You've been in love with your old childhood friend Hazuki ever since you can remember. You've become a couple and all seems perfect...except that she is the daughter of the person you've been studying swordsmanship under. And the fact that you have been stuck at Level 4 for the longest time makes winning her hand a bit out of your reach...
    Then comes the Toushin tournament. A fighting tourney that happens every year, the best of fighters enter to win the coveted Toushin title (Toushin literally means God of Battle). Each contestant must come in with a female partner and if the contestant loses the battle, their partner becomes the property of the winner for the rest of the day, free to do whatever he or she wishes to do to them.
    Hazuki, after getting the promise from her father to allow her marriage to you if she goes as the partner of the strongest warrior of all his pupils, she heads out to the Tournament...but she in fact agreed to a promise waiting to the broken. Hazuki's father, determined to have a strong warrior carry on the dojo, wants only the winner of the tournament to marry her daughter...leaving you with only one option: To win the tournament.
    As you fight, a number of mysteries arise. What is the reason the Toushin Tournament is held every year? Why did a person tell you to not win the tournament? Why is it that none of the previous winners ever leave the city?
    Game's localized and there is quite much information in English, but the fact that there is rape after defeat makes me only smirk grimly. Of course it's Alice Soft. At least there is 3DS version now where you can only date with the defeated girls.
    8. Farce Yuuwaku Hakusho ファルス 誘惑白書 [941213] Software House Parsley
    Tachioki Izumi holds a detective office with his childhood friend as his assistant. They get an unusual request that will shed light on the mystery of the dragon tribe descendant residence.
    No reviews found, but story actually looks interesting, especially adding the fact that there are girls of mixed animal breed in this world. Or maybe not and the whole introduction is a farce.
    9. Bishoujo Tengoku 美少女天国 [941214] Gourd Production
    Today is the exam day of a first class Tokyo academy where Masahiro transferred just recently. The exam is finally over and it's time to seek adventures in the academy.
    Ero-centered work with spontaneous H events.
    10. Deep [941214] 1 2
    In 1999, the Third World War has devastated most of the countries on the Earth. The one that emerged stronger than before was Japan. It became the world's undisputed leader in technology. In the beginning of the 21st century, a company named Nexus began developing a new technology that would eventually lead to production of cyborgs. Nexus soon became the world's most powerful corporation. By then, cyborgs broke loose and caused violent incidents everywhere. A special unit called "Hunter" was deployed to combat them. But Nexus wouldn't stop with their experiments. In 2014, their newest project began, called "Halleluja"...
    Game's just very weird plot-wise and system-wise. Most of the time we just move to next squared and thus trigger new fights that have strange mechanics. At least game offers a choice of battle difficulty. Spontaneous H scenes hit the leftover interest out of me.
    11. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 1 Wa - Pink Angels Kiki Ippatsu no Maki DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第1話 ピンクエンジェルス危機一髪の巻 [941215] Great
    The Japanese women professional baseball league (known as JPL) announces the start of the season. Juniro is a coach of Pink Angels team and their first game is against Blue Dolphins. On the way to the stadium a wild cat jumps before the bus causing the bus to fall down the chasm. Will they get out in time for the game?
    This game is really cheerful and beautiful. I was really afraid of the match part, but that's decided just by the roulette (and probably outcome is scripted ahead), so it totally plays like a normal VN. Girls are very pretty have strong personalities. Game's over in just half an hour, but there are more episodes ahead!
    12. Goice ゴイス [941215] Tenshindou 1
    Goice contains three episodes, which tell three separate stories, but share the same villains: human-looking aliens under the command of the insane female captain Storm, and an army of mechanical dolls they use to kidnap and rape young girls from the Earth.
    The first episode focuses on two girls, Harue and Kyoko, who survive a car crash caused by the appearance of a giant foll that attacks the city in a Godzilla fashion, only to be captured by an army of smaller once, brought to Strom's space ship, and raped in various ways.
    The second episode focuses on three very young high school girls, who hear a mysterious voice on the street and run to seek help by a classmate, but are sexually assaulted by the horny alien dolls.
    The heroes of the third episode are two young martial artists, the boy Kenji and the girl Kaede; Kaede is kidnapped and raped by Strom and her hermaphrodite subordinate, and Kenji is trying to rescue her.
    Story is quite entertaining with some humor elements, but it remains mostly an animated H game. Compared to Viper series here is less animation and more interactivity, so the pace is worse. But overall a nice forgotten H game.
    13. Curse カース [941216] Queen Soft
    Your university female friend is behaving strange. You and your female buddy, both psychology students, set out to find what's happening.
    No Japanese reviews found. And I did not get to the curse part to elaborate.
    14. Image Room Banana Club イメージルーム バナナ倶楽部 [941216] Xyz
    Protagonist wanders the Christmas night town without money and in desperation till a flier of Banana Club flies in his face. He reaches the written address and decides to play by the rules of the club.
    There are three cosplayer girls in the club, but the development actually depends on the answers to the questions filled at the beginning of the game. So there is a lot of repeat-ability. The happy ending is reached upon lifting the darkness off each heroine's heart, so it's not necessarily an ero-oriented work. Quite an unusual work.
    15. Nooch 3 Saigo no Seisen ヌーク3 最後の性戦 [941216] Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon 1
    The mystery of Nooch enters its final phase. Umechiyo and his sweetheart, the genius girl Piliru from the fictional country Paru, are relaxing on the beach when news of another conspiracy surface. The remnants of the Gilbert organization are not willing to give up, and are seeking for a powerful ancient Egyptian artifact. The two heroes must unveil the mystery before their antagonists do.
    Game's the brilliant finish of the series. Tempo goes much faster, unnecessary bruteforce commands are eliminated, saving everywhere is allowed. And even if you messed up, you can go back in time with Heaven's voice feature. Almost in every chapter there's now a maze and top town view is used to navigate. Game shines in every aspect and now several more charming girls are introduced and there are H-scenes with them... since Piliru has always been too clever for that. Game starts in Hawaii, then moves to Egypt and then to even more beautiful places, so it leaves a very good impression as a beautiful adventure game.
    16. Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers II 聖少女戦隊レイカーズ II [941216] Apple Pie 1 2 3
    593837-sei-shojo-sentai-lakers-ii-dos-screenshot-rocky-area-battle.pngThe sequel to Sei Shōjo Sentai Lakers directly continues the story from the previous game. Akira and his team of school girls with supernatural powers have repelled Galvan's forces and protected the Laker Crystals. However, a new adversary named Rayott appears on the stage. Obtaining his power from Leticia, the former commander of the Gadram Empire, Rayott intends to use the power of the crystals in order to invade Earth.
    Since systems is identical to prequel and story is direct continuation, can't really add anything here.
    17. True Heart トゥルーハート [941216] Cocktail Soft 1
    "True Heart" is set in a medieval fantasy country Riku, and the player controls the young prince Gerard, the only heir to the throne. According to the country's tradition, every prince has to undergo a series of trials when he turns seventeen, to make sure that he would be a responsible ruler. However, our young hero is much more interested in other kind of "trials", those involving himself and members of the opposite sex. Surrounded by young and pretty girls of different social backgrounds and personality types, the prince has to find out which one holds the key to his heart... and not just his other body parts.
    There is not enough information to blame it as eroge since official synopsis is less provoking than that of Mobygames, but at the same time there's neither an interesting protagonist, nor an epic story like there was in Demon City, so no incentive to check it out, actually. Game takes only 4 game days and starts right with 2nd day. It looks as if game tries to confuse the reader right off the bat. Introduction scenes are showing the active king 18 years earlier at his trial and coronation time. Then this starting out from the 2nd day persistently implies there is an important event that happened on day 1, but it's not revealed. The king's trial is actually very simple - to hide one's identity and spend several days among the common folk trying to understand their hearts. Story also involves magic and secret treasure that's only to be discovered in the later part. Then there's mysterious amethyst stone that gets affinity for the prince and... it's even possible to try and marry it. So overall it looks like a minor game with quite many H-scenes and some confusion elements dropped in.
    18. Zatsuon Ryouiki 雑音領域 [941216] D.O. 1
    Naoto Matsumoto is a young man who suffers from a peculiar memory loss: he does not remember his life before he was fourteen. Apparently both his parents died, and he was taken in by another family. On one rainy day, during a trip through the countryside, Naoto's car reaches a dead end on the road, and he and his stepsister are invited by a maid to spend the night in a large secluded mansion. Naoto witnesses increasingly strange and violent events and begins to recollect his lost memories.
    Seven women in mysterious mansion - quite a usual setting. But what makes this game special is hero's memory loss, very enigmatic characters and horror atmosphere. You get to discover their secrets one by one and recover parts of your memories. Branching is difficult and there are multiple endings, so satisfaction level is high if you manage to clear all the routes. It's a masterpiece game and only the huge number of masterpieces in 1994 prevented it from becoming known widely. It's not a game to sweep through fast, after all.
    19. Rinkan Gakkou 林間学校 [941220] Foster 1
    Tomoki Tsugawa is a somewhat effeminate-looking male college student aspiring to become a teacher. One day he meets a former schoolmate who is working as a teacher in a girls high school. He agrees to let Tomoki participate in the school's summer camp, under the condition that he wears woman's clothes and passes as a girl.
    Trap protagonist is a rare feature, but I don't think it bears much meaning here. But the real treat to the eye is CG. I don't like ero-centered works, but I'm absolutely sure that Foster reached the peak of pc-98 art both in character design and CG detail. But one version of this particular game in circulation has CG corrupted and I seriously recorded for 40 minutes just text with rare inclusion of partial heroines sprites. As far as I see, Mobygames article used the corrupted version. My video intro gives a glimpse of a normal version and it's beautiful. Plot is not too complicated as you can guess, but I liked that the protagonist was not proactive.
    20. Akiko Gold 亜紀子Gold [941222] Red Zone 1
    A certain girl's high school has attracted the attention of the authorities: girls are disappearing, and there are rumors of strange cult-like activities going on in the school. Secret service sends a female agent (codename "Akiko") to the high school. Posing as an English teacher, Akiko must unravel the mystery - which she eventually does, though not quite the way one would expect from a special agent...
    The synopsis is almost identical to the previous Akiko game. The only difference is that in old Akiko we got to know she was an agent quite late in the game. Anyway, an ero-centered work, no surprises here.
    21. Kairaku no Okite - Aoi Taiken 快楽の掟 蒼い体験 [941222] Moonchild
    An university student is hired by a wealth family(mother and two daughters) to tutor the younger daughter. Living at their house, he soon has relationships with the whole family, daughters' friend, and the two neighbors.
    An ero-centric work with 7 heroines total. The main features of the work is cute character design and only occasional choices selection formula.
    22. Takamisawa Kyousuke Nekketsu!! Kyouiku Kenshuu 高見沢恭介 熱血!!教育研修 [941222] ZyX 1
    Kyōsuke Takamizawa is a twenty-three year old man who has been having some trouble finding a job. His last teaching experience wasn't particularly successful, and now he is out for better opportunities in the city. However, his real focus is on his charming female acquaintances - from high-school students to waitresses, neighbors, and other women populating the city.
    Concept is akin to Classmate and there are 24 heroines available over a long period of half a year. But the game does not have special charms it takes just too much time for each capture nowadays to matter.
    23. Youjuu Kyoushitsu 妖獣教室 [941222] Dez Climax 1
    The storyline concerns a girl who has terrible memories of her friends being attacked and killed by monsters. One day her life gets worse when a gang of randy fellow students attack her. Fortunately the gang is fought off but by a demon tail which unexpectedly sprouts from an unmentionable place on the girl's body. Understandably distressed by this new appendage she seeks help from her new pals who take her to visit a young woman priest hoping she will be able to rid her of this unusual problem. As you may have guessed things get worse before they get better as the group are under repeated attack from sex-crazed, multi-tentacled nasties.
    There is an English review.
    24. Team Innocent: The Point of No Return チーム・イノセント -ザ・ポイント・オブ・ノー・リターン- [941223] Hudson Soft 1 2 3
    The events of the game are set in the future. The Galactic Police discovers that a scientist named Cronus has conducted genetic experiments on human beings. The police chief rescues three little girls, each one of whom bears the traces of these experiments. Fast-forward fifteen years: the three young women - Saki, Lilis, and Ariel - now work for the Galactic Police, determined to find out the truth about their origins and the nature of experiments. They are sent on three dangerous missions - missions they might not survive...
    There's a very good English review so it should be sufficient.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month, but if it comes to the choice between eroge of the month File: Kokubou Soushou Jouhoukyoku Jouhou Rouei Taisakubu Josei Jinmonin provides the best characters depiction.

    1. Onigashirajima Joshi Keimusho 鬼頭島女子刑務所 [941102] Illusion 1
    On a secluded island known as Onigashira stands a prison for women. In this prison, inmates are being methodically raped and tortured by wardens. The player is invites to witness the events that take place in the prison from the point of view of five characters: two prisoners, the lovely 23-year-old Chika Kanzawa and the innocent teenager Miki; the sadistic female warden Enko, the police officer Otonashi Youichirou, and a mysterious man known as Seiki, who has his own agenda.
    Picture and animated H scenes dominate here, but there is still room for the story since there are multiple interconnected branches and a zapping system of changing viewpoint.
    2. Saku Saku Daigoutou Returns サクサク大強盗 リターンズ [941106] Saku Saku Daigoutou Returns 1 2 3
    The playable character in this game is a blacksmith called Bargon. As he introduces himself in the beginning of the game, he explains that he enjoys killing people. And that's exactly what the player will have to do while controlling this character. Bargon enters a small village, where he is able to kill anyone, including little children. If the "attack" key is pressed when Bargon is near a young woman, he rapes her instead of killing. Most of the people he kills can't defend themselves and are completely powerless while he is slaughtering them.
    There are English reviews.
    3. Can Can Bunny Limited 5 1/2 きゃんきゃんバニー リミテッド5 1/2 [941111] Cocktail Soft 1 2
    The sixth (or fifth and a half, as the title suggests) installment of the long-running Can Can Bunny series belongs to the same story arc that started in the fourth game and was continued in the fifth. The player character is the same nameless hero that starred in the two predecessors. But in this game, the lovely goddess Swatty is not here to help the hero to find girls. Instead, all the hero gets is an apprentice goddess named Sawady, who is just a brat and who bothers the hero all the time. Looks like this is going to be the toughest quest yet, with Sawady around and with pretty, but tough-to-seduce girls!
    No-no-no-no-no-no. No! The whole franchise was holding on Swatty's charm. Actually, it's a minor game, that's why it's sequence number is not 6, but 5.5. Game's done just to present this kindergarten brat Sawady. In real part 6 Swatty and Sawady will be there together to help you. At least unlike most of nampa games this one is memorable thanks to Sawady constant failures and pestering.
    4. Tenchi Muyou! - Ryououki 天地無用! 魎皇鬼 [941111] Banpresto 1 2 3 4
    You guide Tenchi around the house and get yourself into various scenarios with the female characters. The story is centered around a girl named Hakua from the Galaxy Police who ends up on Earth with Tenchi and the gang for a short time.
    Luckily, there are two English reviews for this anime offspring.
    5. Zenith ゼニス [941111] Himeya Soft 1
    Zenith, a self-proclaimed "Full Animation Adventure Series #1", is a short interactive anime. The plot depicts a group of young women navigating a space ship and encountering horrifying undead monsters who assault them sexually.
    This work features full-screen animated sequences and in that challenges Sogna in the genre.
    6. Karei Naru Jinsei 2 華麗なる人生2 [941122] Fairytale 1
    Karei naru Jinsei 2 is a board/dating simulation game, very similar to its predecessor. As in the first game, players can compete against each other or against computer AI in an adult-themed board game, with the eventual goal of having sex with various female characters.
    Second installation of monopoly-type game with theme of everyday life and dating. Since it has no story and systems are relatively based on prequel, a pass.
    7. Joshikou Seifuku Monogatari 女子校制服物語 [941125] KSS Inc.
    Hero is attending preparatory school for a year. He lives alone and has to earn a living at part time jobs. If he still has time, he can pursue love interests for girls in the neighborhood.
    Another dating sim, right? I'd say it's survival sim... You need to plan for the week ahead your studies, recreation and part time jobs. Game is superdifficult with tonns of stats to keep in mind. It's possible to pursue many girls simultaneously ... but where to take time and money? Game manual says that there's a good chance to win weekly lottery if participate regularly... Oh, right, another money sink. This game is weird that it has like 40 girls to pursue, literally, all the girls in the neighborhood they must be. There is literally single CG with each girl. With 40 of them there should be no two opinions on the character depth. The game has pager as means of communication that only accepts number! Like 449244 means Let's eat and I've no idea how exactly to transform phrases in such numbers. Game is ridiculous and ridiculously difficult for the zero motivation it gives to continue.
    8. Kamaitachi no Yoru かまいたちの夜 [941125] Chunsoft 1 2
    The game revolves around Tōru and his girlfriend Mari, who are suddenly drawn into a horrible murder mystery while on vacation at a skiing lodge. The first part of the games develops as a crime-solving adventure. Additional murders occur if the player is unable to find clues, and the story culminates into a horror movie-esque ending.
    The first game to be known as of "sound novel" genre. System is simplified in favor of text narration. There are lots of choices and multiple endings according to the choices, so choices form the game and not forced narration. Such concept gives an alternative to normal visual novels and Chuunsoft makes the genre shine.
    9. The Masquerade マスカレード [941125] Janis 1
    Kyosuke, an ordinary Japanese teenager, receives one day a strange invitation to a foreign mansion apparently belonging to a mysterious rich woman. Disregarding the bizarre occurrences accompanying his first impression, Kyosuke agrees to venture into each of the four rooms with colored doors inside the mansion. Each door leads him to a different reality, where he is manifested in different incarnations that allow him to experience various kinds of sexual encounters.
    Quite a simple ero-centered game.
    10. Toraware no Tenshi 囚われの天使 [941125] Interheart
    Heroine gets in a car incident and regains consciousness in a hospital. However, it turns out to be a base of some shady organization and her only option is to try to escape this place.
    It's an Interheart game, so it's evident that there won't be an exit without struggle mostly presented by yuri love and SM.
    11. Viper-GTS Viper-GTS [941125] Sogna 1 2 3
    Carrera is a female demon whose job is to create a wish granting contract with a human being in exchange for their soul. Along with her partners/rivals Mercedes and Rati, they carry out this job for the benefit of the demon world. When Carrera is summoned by the nerdy Ogawa, she finds him to be more interesting than her previous cilents and develops a crush. Mercedes tries to get involved with Ogawa also to compete with Carrera. However, the female angels are upset by this disturbance and are willing to purify the demons with their precious "holy water" to save Ogawa's soul.
    There are English reviews.
    12. Birth Days バース・デイズ [941130] Silky's 1
    Birthdays is a dating simulation game. The goal of the game is to successfully date a girl of the player's choice. The player first chooses a birthday and a name for his alter ego. Then he is presented with a calendar for the year. Visiting different locations (movies, shopping mall, etc.) leads to meetings with different girls. After learning their phone numbers, it becomes possible to call them and set a date. During dates, the player often has to choose between different dialogue lines to please the girl. It is also possible to buy present for the ladies. It is entirely possible to set dates with multiple girls, but they might meet each other and become jealous. Girls also don't take it lightly if you don't appear on a date. Finally, at the protagonist's next birthday, the most impressed girl will agree to have sex with him. The sex scenes are explicit, but rather few.
    Ok, another generic dating sim. Moving on. Actually, not. It's the first work of Elf's subsidiary Silky's that's not blocked by me as eroge, so maybe I should give it a second look. First of all, character design is on par with Elf, very good. The layout of calendar is new. Random dates are picked rather that going day by day 365 days in a row. Each date is accompanied to something like this day in history and when there aren't famous events, something funny is written. So it's the first attempt to try on Tokimeki Memorial hat. Not entirely bad attempt, but game is minor with much lower production values.
    13. File: Kokubou Soushou Jouhoukyoku Jouhou Rouei Taisakubu Josei Jinmonin FILE 国防総省 情報局 情報漏洩対策部女性尋問員 [941130] May-Be Soft 1
    In File, the player takes the role of young man named Pat, who is working for a powerful state security organization in an unspecified English-speaking country. His boss, a mysterious high-ranked agent named Cropp, tells him about a strictly classified project under the codename IBIS, which was intended as a counter-terror measure. Four young women have been apprehended under suspicious circumstances (amnesia following an accident, proximity to weapon research facility, etc.). Pat's task is to interrogate those women and to find out the truth about their activities.
    Hero tries to use psychology and orthodox methods of interrogation, but heroines lock up in themselves, then he adopts the... ehm... lest orthodox method applied by his colleague and it shows surprising results and allows the girls to open their hearts to him. The whole interrogation process looks very truthfully and we get to know the girls very well through it and in that way it's a very unusual and well thought game.
  • Gao Gao! 3rd ~Wild Force~  is the only masterpiece of the month.

    1. Resurrect リザレクト [941007] Lunar Soft
    Hero dies in the introduction. However, if he is loved by four women in four days, he has a chance to resurrect.
    One of the most difficult pc-98 games to clear. It became legendary for that. System is point and click, but game is very punishing on clicking wrong objects and on clicking some objects excessive number of times. Like, to make girl feel good, you need to click like three times on this part, no more, no less. Sometimes there was no feedback until you click some object for like 5 times. Sometimes you need to click on the area of just a few pixels and not next to it. It's a kusoge, but it spawned lots of flame and competition. Old games are sometimes just EVIL.
    2. Kaiketsu Nikki 怪傑NIKKI [941014] Ange 1
    Nikki, the hero of the game, is a cybernetically enhanced young man from the future. His "home time" is the beginning of 22th century; his home town is the international megalopolis Shinjuku City, part of the old Tokyo. Humanity prospers, living in pleasure, relying on incredible scientific achievements. One of them is the time machine. Nikki finds out than four young, attractive school girls from 1994 got involved into some sort of trouble. Using his time machine, Nikki ventures into the past, determined to save them... and expecting a lot of... err... gratitude in return!
    Ange games... they are weird, clumsy, but unique in stories and heartwarming. So you need to evade the pursuit of time-travel regulation bureau and find diaries in girls rooms. Searching in the rooms is done in point and click manner and is very frustrating with systems. When entries leading to bad future are found you've got three different options of changing them - and they lead to different endings. So not a great game, but somehow it feels nice.
    3. Rall 3 Kakuseihen ラル3 覚醒編 [941017] Fairy Dust 1 2 3
    CARON (heroine), a legendary swordsman's posterity, challenges the battle with the cruel monster GEBALZO of the new empire SHADOW, in order to save RUBYNA (the princess of RALL) confined.
    This game is based on the adult anime in "Superdimension SF Legend Rall" (1984)
    As for the animation of "Superdimension SF Legend Rall", the part 1 and the part 2(="Lamu Ru Strikes Back" 1986) were made.
    This game was named "RALL 3" being conscious of those anime series.
    However, the contents of this game are the remakes of the first anime (part 1).
    "kakusei-hen" of a subtitle means "awakening" in Japanese.
    And the ending of this game had the preliminary announcement of a sequel ("betsuri-hen").
    However, the sequel is not put on the market until it continues up to now.
    There is a Polish and a Russian review of this game.
    4. Tonight トゥナイト [941018] Xyz
    A monster "No. 36" landed in Tokyo and heads for America. A preventive nuclear strike is planned so Japan needs to get rid of the monster as soon as possible.
    Three friends take up different approaches to deal with this situation.
    There are three stories linked with the same preamble. Humor, eroticism, love and friends reunion - it's all thrown in the pot together to get get a fascinating omnibus work. What I especially appreciated here is that the story looks more like contemporary novelge with big backgrounds and lots of text with occasional choices selection.
    5. Custom Mate 2 カスタムメイト2 [941021] Cocktail Soft 1
    The second game in the Custom Mate series once again allows the hero to create the girl of his dreams; this time not magically, but by engaging the services of Custom Corporation, whose operator is nevertheless still the same cute elf who created the girls in the previous game.
    Creation, talking and seduction processes are all improved here, but heroines look quite ugly to me and the whole SIM concept is alien to me.
    6. Charm 2 ~Niji-iro no Kaze~ シャルム2 ~虹色の風~ [941028] Acid Plan
    A collection of five stories from everyday life of different girls with the name of Eriko.
    All the story are of erotic, mostly yuri content. Creators did not even bother to save the same protagonist for each story - but introduced multiple ones with the same name... The picture improved greatly, but the "charm" of the sad youth story is gone now - it's more like series of normal yuri encounters now.
    7. Gakuen Taimaden Reiko 学園退魔伝レイコ [941028] Trush
    In order to investigate an incident happened at a girl's school the heroine transfers there as a student. Upon arrival she feels being watched and the only student she meets runs away from her in fear...
    System is command selection and it's chosen to cover the shortness of the game. There are five H scenes and a fast resolution in the end
    8. Gao Gao! 3rd ~Wild Force~ GAOGAO!3rd ~ワイルドフォース~ [941029] Four-Nine 1 2
    Wild Force is set in the same post-apocalyptic world as the previous entry in the GaoGao series. A virus turned most of the Earth's population into mutants, and human beings continued living in artificial cities, separated from the rest of the world. This time, the story is seen from the point of view of the mutants themselves (the previous GaoGao games had human protagonists). These look more like fairy tale creatures (half-cats, winged people, etc.), and continue living on the wild, dangerous Earth, keeping close to their respective animal tribes. The protagonist of the game is a young boy named Wolf, who belongs - you've guessed it - to the wolf tribe. One day, exploring the wilderness, he stumbles upon a strange cave with lurking monsters. Together with a girl from the rabbit tribe and other fantasy creatures, Wolf discovers an advanced civilization, learn of the existence of human beings, and eventually becomes a hero who saves the new world from a grave danger.
    A masterpiece level work at last and 4th part even better. These works are the reasons for part 1 and 2 to be tolerated (or skipped - they are perfectly safe to skip). This work stands out as it was the first adventure work to put emphasis on relations within a party and not on story or exploration. Our wolf boy meets bunny girl and many other charming characters and they interact and grow together as persons and partners. Events take place 100 years after part 2 in an evolved world so no real need to know the previous part. Game loses a few points since it still uses command selection formula that's simplified from part 2, but still gives a monotonous feeling. But it excels in every other compartment - sound, visuals, text. Thanks to a strong affection for characters, this work feels unique from all the previous pc-98 games.
    9. Bell's Avenue 3 ベルズアベニュー3 [941031] Signa Works
    It's not clear how many stories there are this time since there are even more supplementary materials in the game menu, but the gist of the stories remains the same ero-centered as ever.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month, but if it comes down to the impact Ai Shimai ~Futari no Kajitsu~ is the winner, but only its original version, not the dreadful remake.

    1. Jinn ~Eien no Yuushi~ JINN[ジン] ~永遠の勇士~ [940902] Tenshindou 1 2 3
    The hero of this game (whom the player must name at the beginning) is much more interested in pretty girls than in ancient prophecies and religious rituals. However, once he finds out that his sweetheart Adiana is a descendant of an ancient god, and that young men of the village participate in a dangerous ritual in order to be chosen as her husband, the hero decides he must act. Little does he know that this would just be the beginning of a long adventure, involving all this stuff he is not interested in... plus lots of pretty girls!
    The only English review is lacking in some aspects, so need to elaborate. Probably main feature of the game was big map window. Other than that it has big open space areas and at times dark themed H-scenes. It's a decent serious RPG with unique harem-themed setting.
    2. Satyr サティア [940902] AyPio 1
    The main character (default name Momojirou) is hired for two weeks to help a female gardener named Ayaka to grow flowers for celestial creatures - also female, young, and cute, though with elf-like ears and sometimes even wings. The goal here is to learn enough about different flowers, the ways to make them grow, and the preferences of the girls.
    First gardening SIM and quite a bad one. Twice a day you can change the pots and some evens including fairies coming out happen. A short game without much to do. H element is also very weak. Windows that tend to float all over the screen make freak out constantly.
    3. Koukan Nikki こうかん日記 [940909] Fairy Dust 1
    Koukan Nikki has a gameplay somewhat similar to Dokyusei. You will be able to meet different females in the town. At the end, you will be with the girl that you liked the most.
    There is a not bad English review on the game. Quite unorthodox dating sim where you can make it with 11 girls and then decide who you want to be with with a single exception - you can only choose main heroine if you ignore other girls. Another important moment is that heroines know each other and share information. Again, woman's perspective is refreshing. But the game has a poor system. Achieving anything has to be done through frustration.
    4. Animahjong X あにまーじゃん X [940914] Sogna 1
    There is no real story in this game: the nameless protagonist is a young man who roams the city in his car with just one goal in mind: strip mahjong. In the story mode, the hero visits different locations (mahjong parlor, shop, hospital, etc.) and plays mahjong with the pretty girls he finds there; after having won, he proceeds to the next location and next heroines.
    Strip mahjong is nothing new, but Sogna managed to imbue quite some charm to the genre with introduction of cute characters, animation and voicing.
    5. Yuuwaku no Toiki 誘惑の吐息 [940914] May-Be Soft
    Tetsuya is a 4th grade college student who takes up a part-time job to tutor one of the daughters of a famous novelist in his mansion. But for a salary of 1 million yen per month he also agrees to serve as bodyguard to novelist's wife Ayako whose life is endangered by an unknown person.
    Mansion is full of weird characters like novelist himself with a double personality, lover of one of the daughters who attempts to rape juvenile members of the family and even some of the daughters who succumb to lust in broad daylight. It's a very mediocre game full of spontaneous H events, but the resolution and epilogue are quite good as all the mysteries get revealed. It's quite a good concept that was utilized in JAST games a lot afterwards.
    6. Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy 雷の戦士ライディ [940920] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    I am Raidy, wandering this continent of Else far and wide as an adventurer. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the "Lightning Warrior". Why am I standing here in front of this tower, you ask? The cause lies in the village of Saad that I visited recently. I got there to find it in decay, deserted and transformed almost completely into a ghost town...
    Apparently it became that way due to the monsters living in this tower. They'd been stealing away all of the young maidens from the village, and none of the men who went to rescue them ever returned... a harsh and terrible tale. Being who I am I couldn't hear that story and stand by idle, so now I find myself here, facing the tower...
    Game is localized and has no shortage of English reviews.
    7. Idol Project アイドル・プロジェクト [940922] KSS Inc. 1
    In Idol Project, the player takes a role of a young man named Takashi, who works for a company called Mobius, an agency whose goal is to turn young Japanese girls into famous singers. The game can be qualified as simulation: the main gameplay focus is on finding young talents and helping them to become famous. There is also a strong RPG element in the game. Takashi and his recruited "stars" gain levels according to their success. Takashi also has two other parameters, "Power" and "HP". "Power" is Takashi's stamina, which depletes regularly and can be restored with food, sleep, medicine, etc. "HP" in this game is the amount of work stress the protagonist has. Too much HP will require him to "release the stress" by various means - for example visiting a brothel.
    Gameplay oriented raising sim integrated into OVA and musical CD franchise... few things are less inspirational than that. Not all of the versions of the game had the proper sound to shine.
    8. Angelique アンジェリーク [940923] Koei 1 2
    The universe is ruled by a queen, all planets are in their balance... but now, the power of the queen is weakening, and the universe is under the danger of destruction... a new queen is needed...
    One day, Angelique Limoges, saw something in the sky... someone riding on a horse in the sky. None of her friends saw it... she is the only one who saw it, the chosen one--- the candidate of the Queen. Another candidate was Rosalia-De-Catargena. Both of them come to the Holy Land, where the Queen lives...
    There are English reviews.
    9. Yawara! 2 ヤワラ!2 [940923] Sofix 1 2 3 4
    Based on the manga and subsequent anime series Yawara: A Fashionable Judo Girl, this game can be considered a sequel to Yawara!, since its events take place after the conclusion of the previous story line. This time, the player controls Fujiko Itou, one of the original series' heroines, an admirer of Yawara. After having won a major international competition, Yawara feels she cannot bear the fame, longing to return to normal life and leave judo. Shocked by this decision, Fujiko decides to train herself and become a judo master, in order to convince Yawara to come back.
    There are two nice English reviews that vividly reflect game's nature.
    10. Yokohama Elegy 横浜エレジィ [940928] FMC
    Ai is a girl who worked at shinto shrine. She was raped and killed herself afterwards. Such incidents started to happen more and more frequently.
    Two years later her sister Shiori starts to act as shrine maiden. Hero is former Japanese national sports player in shooting. He is asked to bodyguard Shiori, but Shiori gets raped and kidnapped on his eyes. He swears to avenge her and punish the offenders.
    New Ides brand company to specialize on "oppai" so minori competitor here! Dark suspense work with probably the first to feature NTR. Quite a thrilling work up to the middle when you just pull the trigger and - bam - culprit is dead. Easy as that. So not really a good work, but definitely a memorable one.
    11. Tokyo Fuuzoku Kikou 東京風俗紀行 [940929] Interheart
    Hero is a university student who visits different entertainment places of a night customs town.
    There's no real story, just H events at various places. As usual with Interheart, lots of animation is used.
    12. Ai Shimai ~Futari no Kajitsu~ 愛姉妹 ~二人の果実~ [940930] Silky's 1 2 3
    A sincere older step-sister and a curious younger step-sister are doomed to become love slaves. One day, a house wife named Yukie has a traffic accident. She is ordered to pay a large settlement to the other party, Taketo, the son of the owner/president of Nogawa Industries. Unable to make the settlement payment, Yukie allows Taketo to have her sexually. At the same time, Takato's father, Nogawa, approaches Yukie's step-daughter, Rumi, and blackmails her. His evil scheme even reaches for Tomoko, Yukie's younger step-sister.
    First of all, remake version graphics look ugly to me in comparison to original, but it's the only voiced version, so video based on it. And this work was loved because of the cuteness and graphics mostly. Really, remake version is terrible and buries the charm of the game completely. But there is not much in the story department and in the end all that matters in the game is insulting pretty girls, so it's just not my type of work.
    13. Megami Paradise 女神天国 [940930] NEC Home Electronics 1 2 3 4 5 6
    The story is set in a utopia-like world made up of only women, under the benevolent rule of a woman called the Mamamega. The Mamamega possesses a magic item called the Astro Star, which absorbs evil from the world outside the paradise they live in. Eventually, when the Astro Star becomes saturated with evil thoughts and desires, the Mamamega has to perform a ceremony to purify the Astro Star, and then she hands over the position of Mamamega to her successor.
    As the story begins, the soon-to-be Mamamega chooses Lilith as her first miko (shrine maiden) and tasks Lilith with finding two other mikos, who will serve as guards/attendants to the new Mamamega. But as Lilith goes to try and recruit two others to help her, they cross paths with a group that has other plans for the Astro Star and wants to take over the Paradise they live in...
    There is quite much information in English on the game, but mostly it's remembered because of anime adaptation. This work has tremendous voice acting and an ability to actually see different dresses on a character if equipped.That was fresh. RPG system was below the average, but characters saved the game. All female, cute, voiced and in fancy dresses - they made the game "moe" at the times this word never even existed.
    14. California x Party - Joshidaisei Himitsu Club CALIFORNIA X PARTY 女子大生秘密クラブ [9409] HOP
    Did not find the game or reviews.

Another bakage from Alice Soft. I've no idea how to write reviews of such games. Guess a structured review won't go since there's nothing to discuss - there's no serious story or theme or interesting characters or anything worthwhile. All it has is bakage action, ero CG and lowest quality "variety" humor of stupid illogical events, not even sensible one. So I guess I'll just stuff it with images with some comments.


There are four chapters. In first chapter Sati (red-haired wild one) gets a desire to achieve the famous resting pillow from a galaxy museum. She does not even care if it does not have such qualities. Because it has PINK BUNNIES on it!




In second chapter they see some cooking show on a TV and... on a whim go to participate in galaxy cooking competition! First they kick all the opponents asses.




Then they compete with the remaining ones. They set on a fish-man dish. But they lack the main ingredient and you know how to catch man-fish? You don't? Then see for yourself.






But opponent is cheating! They're serving the dish on a naked girl's body! I would not show that CG since it's not entirely safe for work one, but just imagine that Sati is serving three small tarte pies that barely cover her shame parts. 




In third chapter Sait and Shiori read at some super V-DOS net a thread about a dream stone and - what the heck - go to the other side of galaxy to get it.




In fourth chapter they are surrounded by space pirates ships and captured, but after intensive H-scene their robot friend Lambda throws them some activator and they transform in nearly invincible warriors. Only pirate boss could rival them, then they just did some merged transformation or something - go go transformers! THE END. 




I guess the selling point of the game is lots of doors that they encounter in 1, 2 and 4 chapter and behind most of those doors are "humor" events, like this bloomers cult or this interrogation officer.





Or maybe someone finds this scene funny when yakuza space pirate infiltrates Funny Bee ship, but turns out to be a man of very gentle mind.





I was kind of worried by "yaoi" tag this game has and game indeed has yaoi encounter in one of the rooms. But I should give the game its due, the only right answer in the scene is "KIMOUCHI WARUI!!!" and kicking their... uhm... spines... yeah, spines sounds good.




So first of all I'm going to evaluate this came compared to Prostudent G. This game is so much better that I'm putting it 4.5/10 compared to 4/10 of Prostudent G. To tell the truth, this game is not bad if you don't mind bakage and can find some pleasure it this kind of event humor. It's fast-paced, with several types of mini-games, interactivity and great visuals. So compared to Prostudent G this game has the very same engine that only ports pc-98 version to Windows without enhancements. Finally in Funny Bee you don't get to rape the poor defeated side and it took only five years for Alice Soft to come to the idea that such outcome of battle is also possible! Secondly, protagonists here are much more likable. In Prostudent G we had a hooligan pervert with all the thoughts, all the speeches and all the jokes about lower body parts. In Funny Bee there are such stupid moments as well (like when you solve the safe puzzle on the belly of a giant racoon... the next move of Sati is doing him a fellatio just because it's safe and healthy - WTF?!) , but at least "humor" is events-based. The most significant difference is much faster pace and much cuter and funnier CG. And at least in Funny Bee there weren't mind-blowing events (warriors mode transformation looked quite organic for this setting) like summoning of giant mech or rebirths in various people that were in Prostudent G. As much as I would like to throw AmbivalenZ into the comparison, I can't stand rape after defeat there.

  • There aren't masterpieces this month, but I can't let an average bakage to be the winner, so I nominate Shinsetsu Ooedo Tantei Kamiya Ukyou as VN of August 1994.

    1. Mujintou Monogatari 無人島物語 [940805] KSS Inc. 1
    Mujintō Monogatari is a self-described "survival life simulation". A plane crashes into the sea, but the protagonist survives and reaches a seemingly deserted island. The protagonist finds a cabin with a few basic supplies. From that point on, the player has to manage the hero's activities. Water, food and light sources have to be provided. The protagonist can team up with other survivors and explore the island, gradually revealing new locations; this can be done in co-operative mode. Expeditions to other places take place automatically, and must be planned in advance by the player. The protagonist's statistics (stamina, speed, etc.) will change depending on the activities chosen by the player.
    A survival online game, no less! Jeez, it even has co-op mode of up to three players. All the fun seems to be in finding new locations. Forget about the story here. I have some real doubts it has much to do with VN - unlike its sequels. No story, no character personalities - nothing, really.
    2. Uchuu Kaitou Funny Bee 宇宙快盗ファニーBee [940810] Alice Soft 1 2 3
    In the future, space travel has become an inseparable part of human civilization. Humanity spread all over the Milky Way. Most of the problems concerning war, ecological disasters, and others were successfully solved. Human beings have entered an era of peace. But human nature never changes, and most other aspects of human culture haven't either. Since the galaxy became a huge urban playground, a new type of criminals have emerged - interstellar thieves. Piloting their own space ship, they terrorize the galaxy with their cleverly planned tricks. Particularly notorious is a duo of two young and pretty girls, Sati and Shiori... which are the two protagonists of the game.
    I've got a full review prepared.
    3. Diver's [940811] Mink 1 2 3 4
    In the year 2065, the Earth's ecological system has collapsed. Global pollution made it impossible to further dwell on the planet under natural conditions. Human beings were forces to construct huge cities in artificial environment, known as "cyclones". New technology has opened ways to new kinds of entertainment - namely violent battles between cybernetically enhanced fighters...
    A raising SIM to train a fighter. We choose one of four girls and put her in intensive training and leisure schedule. Fights are non-interactive and depend only on parameters of fighters and tactics that trainer supposes to use before the match. There are two qualification leagues and the fighters with the high score follow into a drop-out challenge. There's a shop in the game that sells some buffs and some weapons that are mandatory in some of the battles in order to win. Trainer is not too picky ... there are h-scenes with all the four girls and with majority of enemy fighters.
    4. Sayaka ~Gibo~ 沙也香 ~義母~ [940826] Red Zone 1 2
    Sayaka Kimura is a twenty-six year old woman married to an older man who has two teenage children, a boy and a girl. Controlling different members of this household, the player follows a plot that mostly consists of sexual encounters of various kinds.
    There's the synopsis, but not no story follows, it's purely erotic. The notorious feature is that in contrast to previous Red Zone works the picture is light and even background uses rose color. That was a welcome change for me.
    5. Shinsetsu Ooedo Tantei Kamiya Ukyou 真説 大江戸探偵 神谷右京 [940826] Altacia
    Female college student is found beheaded. Kamiya Ukyou will hold investigation again.
    Third work in the series and first of four works of serious nature. As always, real case is taken as the basis and this time even investigation is based on real one. Case is held with all the formalities and real impediments, so it's the first work using "True theory". While year 1993 became one that allowed extreme H-scenes and CG, year 1994 became first year to allow extreme gore CG. In this work backgrounds are using live-photo, but characters are same anime-like.
    6. To Five ~Natsu no Tobira no Mukou ni Kimi o Mitsukeru~ TO FIVE ~夏の扉の向こうに君を見つける~ [940826] Palm Tree Soft
    Protagonist is a graduating high school student who has only one summer left to create memories till his life changes.
    This seems to be the first game with falling in love with childhood friend concept. On top of that there is a attempt to draw a truthful psychological portrait of the hero and his anxieties. Game also features point-and-click sequences. The picture composition is disappointing since usually there is a window for background, a window for house, a window for protagonist with his text bubble and the active character is depicted on top of it all. So it's a game that experimented with many concepts and failed to get noticed because of those experiments.
    7. Tsumobaka Nisshi つもバカ日誌 [940830] Tsumobaka Nisshi 1
    You play a long-haired salaryman as he visits random clubs to play in 4-player mahjongg against girls, who strip if they run out of funds. The games don't end until you either strip all of the girls or run out of funds yourself.
    Yet another strip mahjong game that I don't have words for.
    8. Metal Eye 2 [940831] Elf 1 2
    Metal Eye 2 is set in the same sci-fi universe and is closely related story-wise to the first game. In the future, people have built the floating city Zeron, where the best scientists work on creating androids, artificial human beings who look the same way as real ones. Harvest Corporation is the biggest company that creates androids. The hero of the game is a scientist named Wirg, the father of the first game's protagonist. His work is to train the androids after they have been created. One day, the company building is attacked, and Wirg has to escape. He is saved by a nun and brought into a small town in the middle of wasteland, where his adventure begins.
    For those who forgot - Metal Eye was crap of a game. In the sequel setting finally has a chance to bloom, but scenario is too bad to enjoy. Again, only rpg fans may find it satisfactory - party consists of 3 to 4 people and defeat of a single party member means game over. Battles are done in turn-based move first person view. On the bright side graphics got better, creating illusion of pseudo-3D isometrics.
    9. Kikai Jikake no Marian 機械じかけのマリアン [9408] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1 2 3
    Psyluth Decker is a young English nobleman. Upon hearing the news of his father's death, he goes to the family mansion, a place surrounded by strange rumors, from which he tried to distance himself. Shortly after his arrival the young man notices that almost everyone he encounters has a secret, and becomes involved in a battle between powerful shapeshifters and mechanical creatures, aided by the trusty maid Marian.
    There's a surprisingly good English review here.
  • Crystal Rinal - Ouma No Meikyuu , DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen and Policenauts are the masterpieces of the month, but in my heart nothing can substitute DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen.

    1. Ash. Ash. [940708] Himeya Soft
    Hero is a warrior who enters a normal fantasy setting town and ... player choices determine the rest.
    There are about 40 endings in the game, so routes take mere minutes. It can be quite enjoyable if looked upon as a collection of short fantasy stories. Such works are rare since many readers would miss large chunks of content. But Ash is the origin of such genre and will be referenced a lot upon stumbling upon such games in future.
    2. Ginga Tetsudou no Tabi 銀河鉄道の旅 [940708] Tonkin House
    Based on novel by Kenji Miyazawa.
    I could not get through the bridge and there was nothing of interest in the houses so I did not grasp the meaning of the game.
    3. Dreamy 夢現 Dreamy -ゆめうつつ- [940709] Megami
    One day Naoki picks up a mysterious pendant hanging on a telephone pole on the way back from school. On that night two fairies came to his dream saying that an angel could return to the original world if Naoki could make some girls happy during the next ten days. He decides to sleep as much as possible during next ten days and girls start to come to his dreams...
    There are options during meeting girls in the dream and wrong options make the dream repeat the next day approaching the deadline. The CG are very beautiful in the game.
    4. Crystal Rinal - Ouma No Meikyuu - クリスタルリナール -逢魔の迷宮- [940712] D.O. 1 2 3 4
    Youhei is a Japanese teenager who is bored with his life, unable to find excitement anywhere. Even sexual escapades with various women don't satisfy him: he craves for real adventures. But on that particular day, his wishes were fulfilled in a very unexpected way. He was talking to a schoolmate named Mahiro, a girl he didn't even like particularly, when something like an earthquake shattered the school. Youhei and Mahiro hurried to the nearby classroom, only to find a strange mirror-like object - which in fact was a portal to a dungeon in another world. Now the two teenagers have to find a way to escape from the dungeon - and eventually to return home.
    Crystal Rinal is an adult dungeon crawler along the lines of Words Worth or Raidy games; but instead of a lonely hero/heroine, the player controls a party of two, Youhei and Mahiro, who fight randomly appearing monsters in turn-based combat. There is also a "talk" command that lets the two heroes chat with each other and comment on the situation. Some gameplay segments follow the template of a Japanese adventure, with menu-based commands and multiple choices during dialogues.
    It's more like ADV with RPG elements since there are only couple weapons given in the events, nothing but hp and mp rises with lvl, magic is cast by consummation of monster drop items. No money. No town. No automapping. But the charm of the work lies in fact that protagonist is no here, he's a very mediocre high school student with weak physical and mental state. There are many interesting events and characters to meet on the way, so overall the game is quite a treat, probably even of masterpiece level.
    5. Cross Changer クロスチェンジャー [940714] Ucom
    A scout ship "Flam" of the evil alien association "Space Syndicate" landed on the Earth and started kidnappings of people. The Planet Minority Galactic Federation Organization warned the Earth government and suggested creating anti-alien defense force. "Cross Changer" organization was created, but it was destroyed by "Flam". Surviving members have to sell information to evil organizations, but three girls Marie, June and May decide to fight on their own.
    Synopsis seems to prepare for a big game ahead, but actually it's a very compact story that takes place at cafes and schools mostly. There are four episodes and each episode ends up with a battle. Another feature of the game is square small windows with faces that make the scene more lively.
    6. Blue Garnet ブルー・ガーネット [940715] Trush
    Shiro Kirishini is a private detective. One day he receives a request on the phone and moves to an abandoned building as the meeting place. There was a mini size girl Myan. According to her story, she is the princess of the Kingdom of Garnet, which was protected by seven hidden treasures till someone stole the gems. She would not regain the height till the gems are returned, so hero agrees to help.
    The help that's required is to seduce different girls, naturally! There are seven days and seven girls, but it takes time and patience to gain money in panty guessing games and janken.
    7. Kyouko no Ijiwaru!! ~Hachamecha Daishingeki~ 恭子のいぢわる!! ~ハチャメチャ大進撃~ [940715] Ponytail Soft
    Heroine Tokugawa Koyko owns Tokushima Takabee group and trillions of yen. One day she misinterpreted her brother's flu symptoms for an incurable disease and went to search for the medicine component of virgin's grey tiny hair in St.Rodrigues Academy.
    To obtain the virgin's grey hair Kyoko attacks both students and teachers without constraint. This is a bakage through and through. Kyoko is nuts herself, but situations she gets into are even funnier. As usual, there's hardly any story and the game can be pleasing only if you like its humor.
    8. Shinwaden: Hatou no Shou 真倭伝 覇刀の章 [940715] Great 1 2
    The game has a RPG-like story-line, but it has so many details about some fantasized gods and devils that it might be hard to understand. Yet, the game is just about saving your girl friend from the demonized enemies. The year is 2189. The city of Osaka has been redeveloped starting from 30 years ago, and there are 5 projects that are particularly prominent. You in the game happen to be a god living in human form, yet without knowing it, you live in a rotten building and there is this girl you really like. One day, she comes to you crying and asking for help to find her friend, who disappears with a man right before her eyes like a mist.
    There's an ok'ish English review on this game.
    9. H+ エッチプラス [940720] Desire 1
    The title H+ is rather self-explanatory to those who understand the meaning of the letter "H" to the Japanese (pronounced "ecchi", it basically refers to all things sexual). The game consists of three unrelated stories, all of which can be played directly from the main menu:
    The first story is a rather mundane tale of a boy and a girl who meet outside and head to the girl's apartment; thanks to the hero's irresistible charm (with a bit of help from alcoholic beverages), the two are able to engage in a variety of sexual acts.
    The protagonist of the second story is an aspiring journalist, who is given the task to interview a famous female movie star. The interview begins with taking pictures of the celebrity wearing different costumes, and ends with her removing those costumes and performing activities which turn into a blockbuster porn movie.
    The third story is dedicated to the obligatory "little girl", a female high-school student. There are two possible scenarios, both involving seduction of the poor girl: one involves a sexy female teacher, the other an older male schoolmate.
    Ero-centered straightforward work.
    7660.jpg10. DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen DESIRE 背徳の螺旋 [940722] C's Ware 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    In the southern ocean on a remote island is a huge research institute called "Desire". An institute built by the large, world renowned financial group, Grandchester Foundation. It's rumored they are involved in military-related research, but what it is exactly is kept a carefully guarded secret. For this reason, a journalist for SNT (Social News Time Network), Albert Macdgul (or Al for short) visits "Desire" in order to collect information for a story. He's one of the rare few who have been granted access to "Desire". So it's in high spirits that he sets forth to complete his story. While at "Desire" he meets a girl named Tina, who is suffering from memory loss. She is destined to change his fate forever. Murder, bomb threats, mysteries shadowing her existence... How far will the chaos go? On the other hand, Makoto Izumi, technical manager at "Desire", finds out how dangerous their research is, and asks her boss, Dr. Stella, to stop all the experiments. Then she finds out that someone on the outside is going to interfere with the research...
    You'll either love this game or hate it. I absolutely love it. And it's easy to check out since there is a great English version of it. With this game I stopped treating visual novels as eroge. The story, composition, characters, emotions - everything is perfect.
    11. Madou Gakuin R 魔導学院R [940728] Foresight 1 2
    The kingdom of Digal was the only peaceful country amidst chaos, ruled by the benevolent king Deneos and his wisest advisor, the High Priest. But the time of peace has come to an end when something strange happened to the king: seemingly controlled by an evil power, he banished the High Priest from the country. Digal plunged into chaos, crime began to flourish, bandits roamed the countryside uncontrolled.
    At this tough time, a young man named Rezas joined the Magic School, where the most beautiful and skillful female magicians were training at that time. But the next day, the school was attacked by a gang of criminals, and most of the people there killed. Rezas and his pretty schoolmates swear to avenge this crime and bring peace back to the kingdom.
    Little is known to evaluate properly. What's clear is that enemies loose one by one pieces of clothes. There seems to a H-scene after each two battles. Strategy part is quite simple, so it's not really a serious SRPG. Pictures quality is uneven, many CG have distortions.
    12. Dengeki Nurse 2 ~More Sexy~ 電撃ナース2 ~モアセクシー~ [940729] Cocktail Soft 1 2
    Dengeki Nurse 2 begins where the previous game ended. The heroes of the story, the young doctor Tanchi and his sweetheart, the lovely Kirara, are enjoying a peaceful moment... when an explosion reminds them that the evil organization Black Cross has not yet been defeated. One by one, the powerful "nurses" - agents with super-powers - are sent to deal with Tanchi, Kirara, and their friends, and the only way to stop them is to use Kirara's own super-power - turning into the "electric nurse"!..
    This game had a smaller impact than its prequel, but its essence is the same, bakage with constant parodies on everything with enemies to appear and be defeated. There's English review.
    13. Giga Motion 戯画もーしょん [940729] Interheart 1
    Jackie was having an ordinary life which seemed to culminate with an intimate intercourse with his sweetheart Mika. However, shortly afterwards he met a mysterious old woman who prophesied his imminent death. He was then transferred to the magical Realm Above the Clouds populated by humans and demons alike. Jackie has to find a way to return to our world and save Mika, who is considered a powerful goddess of love among the indigenous people.
    A simplistic RPG with animated H-scenes.
    14. Himitsu Shirei 1919 秘密指令1919 [940729] Fairytale
    A group of detectives investigates various incidents using unorthodox methods if needed.
    The game starts as a serious thing, but soon becomes ero-centered. There are also parameters to maintain, but I did not get far enough to understand the significance of those. No Japanese reviews of the game found.
    15. Policenauts ポリスノーツ [940729] Konami 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    The game centers on Jonathan Ingram, one of the five "Policenauts", astronauts with police training, assigned to ensure the safety of Beyond Coast, mankind's first fully-functional space colony in the year 2013. A freak accident occurs while testing a new space walking suit and Jonathan is drifted away into space and is presumed dead by his colleagues. He is found alive and well nearly 25 years later thanks to the cold-sleep module connected to the suit. Three years later, Jonathan (now a private investigator working in the former Los Angeles) is visited by his former wife, Lorraine. She asks for Jonathan's help in solving the disappearance of her current husband, Kenzo Hojo, the only clues he left behind being a torn leaf, a set of capsules, and the word "Plato". Jonathan is reluctant to take her case at first. However, after Lorraine leaves his office, she is attacked and murdered by a man in a black motorcycle suit. Jonathan, unable to catch the culprit, decides to fulfill his ex-wife's final request and travels to Beyond. There he is reunited with his former partner from his LAPD days, Ed Brown, who agrees to help Jonathan investigate the circumstances surrounding Hojo's disappearance and Lorraine's murder.
    There is an overwhelming number of English reviews. It's available in English. It was made by Kojima. And it's just a good game.

There are no masterpieces this month, but story-wise Necronomicon is the closest thing to a masterpiece.

1. Libido 7 [940601] Libido 1
The main character of this game is a young girl Naru. She's trained in sisterly love by her sister. Game consists of short episodes about Naru and her friends.
I'm very glad there's an English review since I was sure those are just random extreme H scenes with nameless heroines. Anyway, there's an absolute 0 of the story - just pick one of dozen stories and click through the end. It's the first game I could not make a video of since it'd be just a censored screen all the time. And since there's no story it's utterly useless to hook it and try to see opening scenes because there are none - just select the story and click. I tried several versions of it, but nothing really changed - there was no introduction. Absolutely soulless depiction of H scenes without character sprites or normal CG - just a trail of HCG. The impact of the work was tremendous due to cute heroines in fashionable dresses and extreme context. Who would have thought that such work would see the light of the day just a year and a half after introduction of censorship. I hoped to have video footage of every visual novel found up to 2000's, but have to admit now that soulless nukige take origin as early as the year 1994.


2. Private Slave プライベートスレイブ [940603] Raccoon (old)
Hero is fond of crying women, but he can not reveal his secret to his cheerful girlfriend and thus seeks realization of his dreams with other women.
It is a SM eroge, but without much emphasis on illustrations. Instead it tries to delve in psychology. A very unusual game in this regard. There are multiple branches despite the command selection format.


3. Ikenie ~Kyouraku no Shinden~ いけにえ ~享楽の神殿~ [940611] Cat's Pro. 1
This short game has a rather cryptic plot. The identity of the hero is unclear: we know only that he is a young male, most probably living in our time. One day he is resting after having had sex with a girl, and is mysteriously transported into a strange temple. Without knowing what this temple is, and only presuming it must be built by the Aztecs of Yucatan, the hero must find a way out of it, and back home.
Weird maze full of spontaneous H events.


4. Trigger トリガー [940617] ZyX 1
Trigger consists of three unrelated stories, all of which heavily focus on explicit sexual content. The first story depicts violent and monster-related sexual encounters of a young woman. In the second one, a female detective attempts to investigate the murder of her father and gets captured by the criminals. The third story deals with a raid of mechanized pirates on a spaceship controlled by two young girls.
The main difference of Trigger from other animated old visual novels is that it contains extreme scenes like tentacles and SM. There is some voice support as well.


5. Ami - Kaze Tachinu 亜美 ~風立ちぬ~ [940624] Fairy Dust
Ami-chan is a heroine from "Cream Lemon". Your job is to make an idol of her.
Raising sim - typical, monotonous. Ami is cute and that's supposed to be the selling point of the game. Need to be a real fan of her and Cream Lemon...


6. Necronomicon ネクロノミコン [940624] FAIRYTALE HARDCOVER 1 2 3
Necronomicon is - as the title strongly implies - based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The story is set in Lovecraft's fictional city Arkham somewhere in New England. It is said that a terrible ritual has taken place there, involving a woman giving birth to a demonic child. A journalist named Jonathan heads to Arkham to find out more about the dreadful rumors, and to explore the ruins of an ancient monastery. In the town, Jonathan meets other characters with their own agendas. Terrifying nightmares, like visions from the past, haunt Jonathan. Will he be able to preserve his sanity and solve the mystery?
There are some impressions, but no good English review found so far. Game system is highlighted point and click inherited from Dead of the Brain 2. But scenario is one way road with no parts to get game over. First parts can seem monotonous as you just click on everything while gathering clues, but at some point story starts to develop heavily and grabs you till the end. There is like one H scene and with not a particularly cute girl. There are two endings... bad one and absolutely depressive one. So I like point and click mechanics, but to enjoy the game you should be prepared that it's a depressive Lovecraft experience ahead.


7. Paradise Arena ごくらくアリーナ [940624] Chime 1
A man named Shinichi encounters a mysterious young girl who tells him that she and her friends developed new technology that allows unprecedented immersion in virtual worlds. Shinichi is then chosen to be the test subject of the new virtual reality device, participating in adventures where his sexual powers are tested above all.
Virtual reality situations are very exotic. The feature of the game is timer that starts with 100 and cuts the play once it reaches 0. Depending on the number acquired in each story the ending may change.


8. Venus ヴィーナス [940629] Software House Parsley 1 2
Venus is a fairly simple dating simulation game. The player controls a man named Saeki who gets acquainted with four young women, three Japanese and one Western. Each girl has her own preferences as well as parameters that describe her feelings towards the protagonist. The goal is to raise these parameters (and ultimately the girls' "love level") by repeatedly going on dates. From time to time the player is required to make choices that would influence subsequent dating. There is an internal clock that is advanced every time the player character goes on a date. Successful dating results in explicit erotic scenes.
There is one impression in English, but game is really very simple. I would not be really surprised if it was made just in one month to bathe in the popularity of Tokimeki Memorial.


9. Cutie Cop ~Nusumareta File no Nazo~ キューティーCOP ~盗まれたファイルの謎~ [940630] Ice Soft 1 2
Cuty Cop is a game modeled after a Japanese TV show quiz, but with a background story: valuable papers have been stolen from the police department, and the only clue is a perfume smell, which most probably indicates a female TV star. The protagonist, a young female cop, has to participate in a quiz and give correct answers to questions related to Japanese TV shows.
I'm not good with quizzes to say what lies ahead after all the rounds.


10. Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito 野々村病院の人々 [940630] Silky's 1 2 3
Cuty Cop is a game modeled after a Japanese TV show quiz, but with a background story: valuable papers have been stolen from the police department, and the only clue is a perfume smell, which most probably indicates a female TV star. The protagonist, a young female cop, has to participate in a quiz and give correct answers to questions related to Japanese TV shows. Each round has four questions, and if the player has chosen more than two wrong answers, it's game over. "Defeating" an opponent in a quiz leads to the next round against the next opponent.
There are English reviews.
  • Tokimeki Memorial is the only masterpiece of the month.

    1. Circle Mate サークルメイト [940513] Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon
    Hide is a member of the Club where members that enjoyed sexual pleasures were gathering. One day he gets to know that another club member Yuko is killed by the train and another club member Asako stops going to school because of that. A hired detective suspects Hide in this crime, so Hide starts his own investigation.
    This is an utsuge game full of depression and H scenes. The atmosphere resembles Crazy Fruit from 1992 the most. The mystery is quite shocking upon unwinding. This work has a lot of dark charm and is much less hardcore than contemporary utsuge, so should not be overlooked if you search for a good mystery story.
    2. Twilight トワイライト [940514] Studio Twinkle 1
    In "Twilight", the protagonist, who works for a mysterious magic-using organization, is set to Transylvania, to investigate the murder of a nun known as Sister Christa. A woman named Karen, who also specializes in black arts, goes to the monastery with the hero, but obviously has her own agenda. The goal is to find out the truth by questioning the suspects, keeping an eye on one's own safety...
    In the beginning of the game, the player can choose any of the six possible scenarios, each dedicated to a different suspect (all female). They all take place in the same monastery, but dialogues, events, etc., are completely different. The interaction in "Twilight" is confined to periodical decision-making; many of the decisions are "wrong", leading to the hero's death or otherwise premature ending.
    Atmosphere is created by live-photo images and monotone colors. It's a short one, possible to finish 6 stories in one hour. Drawing and character design are mediocre at best.
    3. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 12 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第12話 [940520] Silence 1
    In this episode Lime, Bass and Kokona depart to the magical world for the final confrontation against two powerful demons and their horrifying fusion known as the Hellraiser.
    The final episode the includes a serious battle and that also gives an epilogue for the whole series.
    4. Super Ultra Mucchin Puripuri Cyborg - Marilyn DX スーパーウルトラむっちんぷりぷりサイボーグ マリリンDX [940525] JAST 1 2
    Kenji was just a regular teenage boy who had a normal life, which included a girlfriend. However, everything changes when one day he comes home and discovers that his insane father has created a female cyborg. His previous attempts failed because he used an artificial brain; this time, to avoid this mistake, he takes out his son's brain and puts it into the cyborg. Poor Kenji gains a second life - as a beautiful artificial woman, whose task is to oppose a dubious world government organization.
    A bakage with RPG elements. RPG elements presented by physical strength and tactical fighting with enemies. Basically, the game has no plot apart of going somewhere with the aim to return initial body. Point and click system is used. So a weird work with a weird title it is.
    5. Tokimeki Memorial ときめきメモリアル [940527] Konami 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    You are a young boy who is going to study three years at the Kirameki High School in Japan. Your goal is to win the affection of one (and possibly more) of the twelve beautiful girls who also study with you, especially of Shiori, with whom you were in love some years ago. This is a simulation game with a high-developed statistics system. You have to increase your statistics in different disciplines, depending on the girl you are interested in. You communicate with people via your telephone, and date girls by going with them to various places. You have to keep your promises, otherwise a girl will become angry and even tell bad things about you to other girls, which will spoil your reputation.
    There are tonns of English reviews on this game, so I'll only notice that it's the first classic dating sim and one of the first full voiced VNs. Its influence on following dating sims and galge was immense.
    6. Holidays In The Sun なつやすみがまちどおしい [941] Bolze 1
    You play as a girl who has made it her goal to have sex over the summer holiday. She can accomplish this by either being passive or active at various points in the story.
    There is an English review.
    7. Liqueur りきゅ~る [94] Atelier Oz
    Hero comes to a town in search of adventures and gets to help different girls to get out of difficult situations.
    Ero-centered doujin game.
    8. Morina もりな [94] Active Gamers
    Only pc-88 version is free and available to get and I hardly understood anything out of it.
    9. Raika 蕾花 [94] Ringerbell
    A stripping card game with five girls as possible opponents and reward after each three games won.
    PC-98 version is a card game without visual novel mixes, but Win version might be different. H event is point-and-click with an additional reward of 2-screen CG for getting within time limit.
    10. S.A. 2 S.A. 2 [94] A-Inn
    A collection of two stories.
    One of the well-known doujin series notorious for its graphic.
    11. Wanderers [94] Crystal Soft 1
    You're an adventurer and your best friend is that girl on the cover. So, what do you want in your adventure? Treasure and excitement! What does your best friend want? Lesbian elf sex! And so, both of you go off on a quest filled with magic, mystery, wonder, and elf boobs. There is an actual plot in there somewhere about ancient ruins, but it gets ignored for the most part in favor of more lesbian elf sex.
    There is an English review.
  • Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends and AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- are the masterpieces of the month, but the VN of the month is AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- since it's original work and not just anime spin-off.

    1. Injuu Genmu 2 ~Brain Burst 淫獣幻夢2 ~BRAIN BURST [940401] Ringerbell 1
    There is no real story in Injū Genmu II: Brain Burst!!; the setting is a certain magical land where three young, pretty, female magical creatures hold a contest. Innocent young girls will test the knowledge of the participant, and should he win, he will be treated to... a blood-chilling spectacle of said girl being raped by a tentacle monster.
    Just a H quiz game with tentacles.
    2. Turn Over [940407] Tear Drop
    You've been accepted as a teacher to Seitoku Girls' High School.
    Did not find a single Japanese and did not bother to get through this beaten setting and mix of command selection and point-and-click systems to see if it was going somewhere.
    3. Kekkou Kamen ~Oshioki Paradise no Maki~ けっこう仮面 ~おしおきパラダイスの巻~ [940408] Dynamic Production 1 2
    When a Japanese game's title includes a word that can be understood as "corporal punishment" (shioki), it's not hard to guess the theme of the "story". Basically, the player is cast as one of Satan's minions, who also happens to be the new "punishment teacher" in the Sparta High School. As the protagonist arrives at the school, he quickly attends to his "duties". However, the sadist's efforts are thwarted by a mysterious, masked, completely naked woman. The player's job is to make sure this won't happen again - which means defeating the super-heroine, and continuing to torture young girls...
    There is an English review.
    4. Zhuang Yang Jia Yao 壮陽佳肴 [940408] Studio Milk
    Hero is a narcissistic god on a training. While strengthening his spirit he has kept abstinence for 500 years and now he finally descends to the lower world.
    Chinese style bakage with mythological at and the same time vulgar atmosphere. Hero fights youkai, but it's the women that's his aim. Command selection formula and long H scenes make it especially painful. Special atmosphere leaves quite an impact and is memorable long after playing.
    5. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 11 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第11話 [940411] Silence 1
    In this episode the heroes meet a manager who arranges for them to attend a pop concert held by the local idol. Chaos ensues as a BEM appears on the stage, attracting the attention of journalists and the crowd.
    Last fooling around episode dealing with hidden camera and idols.
    6. Arabesque! ~Shoujo-tachi no Orinasu Ai no Monogatari~ アラベスク ~少女たちの織りなす愛の物語~ [940413] Fairytale 1
    The story of Arabesque begins in a mysterious way, when a young girl named Alice is approached by a man who calls himself "K". The two share a bizarre sexual experience, which Alice finds herself unable to forget afterwards. From now on, she is determined to find the mysterious K. She works in a mansion, serving another mysterious figure, a masked "Master", hoping to find clues concerning K's whereabouts by talking to the maids and learning about their own experiences.
    Museum type work in a western mansion, but contents in unsatisfactory. The whole premise sounds really stupid to me - come to mansion to do who knows what waiting for some K who does not seem to come. It's reported to have quite a number of fetishes and quite short volume, but I got bored with long absurdist talks already.
    7. Concert コンサート [940415] AyPio
    You become the leader of a rock band of five girls. Will you make a name for yourself?
    Top down classmates style view without concept of time. The top down view makes the game more memorable, but gameplay is too boring and kind of difficult to try and see the end.
    8. Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends うる星やつら~ディア マイ フレンズ [940415] Game Arts 1 2 3 4 5 6
    It is the story of Ataru, a high school lecher who loves nothing more than to try his luck with every pretty girl he meets. Although he is generally good-hearted, he does a good job of hiding that fact.
    One day, Earth is beset by alien invaders who will conquer the planet, unless a chosen representative is able to beat an alien representative in their national game: Tag. Incomprehensibly, Ataru is chosen for the task. His opponent is Lum, gorgeous daughter of the invaders' leader. Shinobu, Ataru's long-suffering girlfriend, tells him that she could never marry a loser, and that he had better win the game of Tag if he wants to marry her. Ataru is filled with new hope, and against all odds, he manages to tag the flying Lum.
    Ataru is overjoyed that he can now marry Shinobu, but Lum mistakes his victory cry as a marriage proposal. She immediately accepts, and then the two are inseparable - not that Ataru likes it that way. Lum's unconditional love poses no challenge, and Ataru misses the thrill of the chase. Unfortunately, Lum dishes out a massive electric shock every time Ataru so much as breathes in the direction of another girl, so he's stuck!
    There are lots of English reviews.
    9. Gao Gao! 2nd ~Pandora no Mori~ GAOGAO!2nd ~パンドラの森~ [940416] Four-Nine 1 2 3
    A biological experiment that began in 1993 led to a terrible disaster in the beginning of 21st century. A virus that turned living beings into mutants and monsters has been unleashed. Soon the Earth turned into a terrifying place of chaos, as more and more human beings became infected. Unspeakable violence obliterated human civilization. Within a few years, humanity was on the verge of total annihilation. The Era of Darkness began.
    But not all hope was lost. Humans began building cities known as "Domes", isolated from the wilderness, protected by glass from all sides, cut from natural resources. It was possible to start building civilization anew.
    On one fateful day, the famous scientist couple Mizuhara were killed in what looked like an accident. Their project, which showed new ways of fighting the virus, descended into the grave with them. Their two children were separated and for a long time were unaware of their origins. But the wheels of destiny keep spinning, as the young Mizuhara is about to discover the truth about his parents, and perhaps bring new hope to humanity...
    I've prepared a full review.
    10. Dare mo Shiranai... Ushinawareta Kioku no Tobira 誰も知らない・・・ 失われた記憶の扉 [940418] Xyz
    A woman is running through the night forest. She seems to be pursued by someone. Man sees a strange dream that she is terrified of an attack from behind. A disaster suddenly falls on the man and his lover. And the key word is "Misty Blue".
    Suspense horror novel. There are lots of branches in here but roughly they can be divided on two stories, of man and of woman. So difficulty is due to a big number of branches full of bad ends. Well, game is horrible, as for me. Protagonist is a woman so thoughts are very inconsistent. And it's not written who is talking so it makes less and less sense in the dialogues. Constant sudden twists of plot leave logic off the board. And the story is not that interesting - just about brother working on a secret project and of the flowers that have special power against the occult powers.
    11. 2 Shot Diary ツーショットDiary [940421] Mink 1
    2 Shot Diary is a collection of twelve short episodes of sexual nature, each told by a different young woman, presented as entries in their diaries. There is no connection between the stories. Each heroine has a different profession and social status (high school student, nurse, model, etc.), where each episode usually centers around a particular sexual theme (voyeurism, lesbian sex, rape, etc.). The game is almost entirely pornographic, with nearly each screen being a depiction of a sexual activity.
    Multiple stories format bloomed during 1993 and in case of this game it evolved into multiple H micro-stories. The quality is good, but plot is absent and there's little to discuss.
    12. Jonason ~Kugutsu no Mai~ ジョナサン ~傀儡の舞~ [940421] Xyz 1
    Kamome and Arisa are two freelance detectives, and their current assignment is to protect Kimiko Ichijou, the daughter of a wealthy oligarch. Three days before her birthday, someone tipped the detective off about a possible assassination attempt. Kimiko has been recently transferred to the prestigious Seika Girls High School. Kamome decides to infiltrate the school, working undercover under the disguise of a janitor. Soon he realizes that powerful figures from a corporation that Kimiko's family is part of are not about to give up, and his life is in danger as well...
    This might be the best action visual novel among pc-98 because since the very first minutes action is overflowing. There are car races and a lot of timed sequences when you need to click on the right objects within time limit or it's game over, so there is constant tension. But the second half is just wandering around the school as a janitor, so it gets somewhat monotonous. Point and click feels awkward with so much moving around the same rooms.
    13. Princess Danger ぷりんせすでんじゃあ [940421] Studio Jikkenshitsu
    500 years ago the Victorian kingdom built by Victorian I upon defeating the Devil suddenly disappeared after a period of prosperity. Ayumi is the direct descendant and 42th ruler of the Victorian royal family. With the help of her companion Puchi she starts reconstruction of the Victorian kingdom. It is said that waking up a great spirit and defeating a new devil is needed for resurrection. And God have mercy on poor souls who stand in Ayumi way!
    A gag adventure with its own absurdist charm. It features multiple parodies on media works of the time.
    14. Atlantia アトランティア [940422] Japan Home Video
    A journalist is sent on a voyage on a huge liner to take an interview from an ambassador.
    Graphics of the game are dated and system is really bad as it's combination of command selection and point-and-click. No Japanese reviews found so it shall remain a mystery what's going to happen on a voyage.
    15. Koko wa Rakuensou ここは楽園荘 [940422] Foster 1 2 3 4
    You are Keigo Nakadai, a 25 year old average guy who makes his living doing odd jobs. Now he's got a job as a caretaker of a top class apartment block (thanks to your uncle who owns the place) where all the residents are women! So, while your uncle is off to Hawaii, you are in charge of taking care of the place in his absence.
    As you get 'acquainted' with the local residents, certain suspicious events that disturb the local residents comes to your attention, ultimately leading to the mystery of behind Paradise Heights...
    There are English reviews.
    16. AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- AmbivalenZ -二律背反- [940428] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Shura is a knight who has devoted his life to two things: his beloved princess and killing evil demon monsters called Duendy. The Duendy goddess, Deirdre, was pissed that her children were being defeated by this knight, so she sent in some monsters to go kill Shura's beloved. Shura goes in to try to save his princess, but it's too late. Her soul had been destroyed and she was never coming back.
    Shura was heartbroken by this. He was also cursed to never age. he would forever have to live with the fact that his true love was dead and never coming back. All the while, Duendy torment him through the centuries and make his life into a living hell. Not wanting to fall into despair, Shura's heart fills with vengeance and promises to one day kill Dierdre and avenge his princess' death.
    In modern day Japan, Shura is off hunting Duendy when he comes across a girl that looks just like his princess. Interestingly enough, she's also very skilled with magic and has wings. She isn't the princess though, as much as Shura wants to believe otherwise.
    AmbivalenZ is an adventure visual novel that has interactive battle scenes and occasional map movement. It resembles an RPG, but it isn't. There are no statistics, no numbers, and no leveling up, almost as if the RPG is just a shell. It also has frequent "boss battles" where you could potentially lose based on how you choose how to fight.
    There are English reviews.
    17. Gakuen Bomber 学園ボンバー [940428] Active 1
    Gakuen Bomber begins with a dream; more precisely, the dream the protagonist of the game, an ordinary Japanese high-school boy, is having: that of his sister having passionate sex with... a female classmate. Since afterwards he begins to dream about spaceships and aliens, he assumes that dream had nothing to do with reality... or has it? Exploring the high school he attends, the hero makes some startling and not very unpleasant discoveries...
    Hero is set to uncover the truth about an incident that happened at school - in that regard content is normal. Using point-and-click system on the other hand was rare. Game is focused on chasing cute heroines including loli ones and character designs are well done here.
    18. Halfmoon ni Kawaru made ~Ramiya Ryou no Niji-iro Tamatebako~ ハーフムーンにかわるまで ~蘭宮涼の虹色玉手箱~ [940428] Cocktail Soft 1
    The game is based on the manga Half Moon ni Kawaru made by Ryo Ramiya. It contains four separate stories/games, which can also be defined as mini-games due to their short length. Each story contained is dedicated to a different heroine:
    Suzuka and her boyfriend escape from ninjas; they are ambushed by amazon warriors and get separated. Suzuka finds herself in a weird mansion overrun by monsters, and must fight her way with a sword. This game is an adventure with top-down movement; the goal is to find the way through the maze-like locations. There are also pre-set turn-based battles - Suzuka can choose between various techniques to defeat the foes. There is no RPG system of any kind. The sex scenes include grotesque encounters with monsters.
    Eve is a saleswoman in a large company that sells items for skin care and make-up. She has to explore the neighborhood and to convince customers to buy their products. This story plays like a standard Japanese adventure with first-person view and menu-based commands. The sexual content here is mostly of lesbian nature.
    The protagonist in this story is the "hero" of the entire game (default name Tatsuya); he offers his services to Selena, the queen of the medieval Rabbi-Rabbi kingdom. Evil bunnies are disturbing the peace in the country side, and the hero, aided by the lovely girl Nina, has to get rid of them and bring back the carrots. This is an action game, with bunnies popping out of holes in different stages, and the player character hitting them on the heads using various items (such as a house shoe).
    The shortest game tells the story of Titis, a lovely mermaid who dreams of marrying a human prince. In search for the love of her life, Titis gets to know the world of humans through a series of sexual encounters. This game is once again a typical Japanese adventure with menu-based commands and no movement of any kind (the player switches locations automatically, as dictated by the story).
    Different stories are of different genres and/or include different mini-games. Development is smooth and the only aim is to entertain.
    19. Reira Slave Doll レイラ SLAVE(奴麗)DOLL [940428] Silky's 1 2
    By the end of the 20th century pollution became so heavy that the hole in the ozone layer expanded greatly, resulting in an acidic rain that rendered life on Earth next to impossible. Mankind had to colonize space, and began producing artificial humans (androids) to work in harsh conditions. As the danger was averted, however, the usage of androids gradually shifted towards mundane life. Female androids, known as "slave dolls", were used for sexual purposes until some of them rebelled and turned to crime. Special agents called "hunters" were dispatched to capture rogue slave dolls. Ryō Kanō is one of those hunters, and he is sent on a mission to apprehend an android named Reira.
    I've got a full review on the work. I can't honestly call it a masterpiece, but I loved this cyberpunk story.

Mirage 2 - Torry x Neat x Roan no Daibouken is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Mirage 2 - Torry x Neat x Roan no Daibouken ミラージュ2 トリーXニートXローンの大冒険 [940309] Discovery 1 2
The sequel to Mirage is set in the same world and features some recurrent characters, although the protagonist and the story are different. The main character is a young monster hunter named Etranze. He needs to slay a certain amount of monsters to reach a higher level, but meanwhile is struggling to be accepted among other heroes. This changes when he befriends Torry, Neat, and Roan, the three lovely ladies who work (of all places) in the local church. Soon Etranze is summoned by queen Irene, who sends him on a quest to find a magical artifact that will save her kingdom from great peril.
You travel with the youngest of sisters Tree only as your support. A very solid user-friendly RPG with a good balance. Quite simple in systems, but that may be only for the best. Story scale is large and there's lots of depth, so the game sets a very high level standard for future RPGs. A masterpiece, of course.


2. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 10 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第10話 [940310] Silence 1
In this episode Lime, Bass, Mizuki and Kokona travel to the countryside. The girls decide to visit the hot tub, leaving Bass outside. A friendly BEM from a previous encounter appears and suggests that its kind may be used by the heroes to further their goals.
More fooling around before the final! And it was high time for a fanservice episode, so here you go a hot springs episode. And the result is three monster jewels at once.


3. LIKE [940311] Ange
Hero is summoned from America by his father and forcibly put into all girls school to find a bride.
After releasing "Kiss" Ange got a lot of attention. And Ange had really cute character designs. There are only three commands to choose from, so system-wise it's a step back from "Kiss". There are all kinds of girls, but need to choose just one and turn everyone else down. But if decision is made, game goes right to ending and that was weird. The only bright point is actually the ending where you get to see the afterstories of each of girls you dumped. So it's a charage through and through, and rather mediocre one.


4. Viper-V10 [940311] Sogna 1 2
The third Viper has the same structure as the two previous entries: three unrelated stories with little interaction, but many animated sex scenes.
The stories this time are:
Northern Lights describes a competition between two young apprentices of kendo. The protagonist, a young boy, is challenging the girl Asuka, who claims to be better than him. He needs to practice in order to win, especially because Asuka promised him she will do whatever he wants if he defeats her...
Children's Play tells the story of a teenage girl named Yuki, who is in love with an older school mate. One morning she goes to school, only to discover that someone has made pictures of her masturbating to the boy's photo...
Read Under follows the adventures of a team of three female soldiers who have to infiltrate the base of an evil robot simply known as "Boss". One of them is captured, and the other two have to save her at all costs.
There is an English review and it's more than enough for a collection of short animated H stories.


5. Fechi ふぇち [940318] Cat's Pro. 1
Feti is a short game that doesn't have a real plot; its entire text is a conversation between two "office ladies" (sometimes shortened in Japanese language usage to "OL"), Eri and Kazumi. They chat mostly about men, clothes, and sex. The conversation develops, until the two young women begin to get intimate with each other.
Game focuses on several fetishes at once including peeping fetish, of course. It's definitely an unusual game, but it's only two diskettes, so the lack of contents does not let it to pretend for something more.


6. Possessioner ポゼッショナー [940318] Queen Soft 1 2
he year is 2035. A series of mysterious incidents began to occur in Tokyo. Young women disappeared under strange circumstances, and returned brainwashed, commanding armies of bionic monsters and assaulting human settlements. Such women were called "Possessioners". A special all-female squad was formed to face them in combat and bring them back to humanity.
Game has a cool SF setting and CG, but actually it feels more like an eroge with the systems akin to Choukou Sennin Haruka. You constantly fight with your 4-girl team and watch lesbo scenes after each fight with the lost side. Fights are actually very challenging, so need to know well the strong sides of each girl and eliminate weaker enemies very fast. So it's pretty much a lesbian eroge, but the first to originate from battle rpg mix.


7. Injuu Gakuen ~La Blue Girl~ 淫獣学園 ~La★Blue Girl~ [940324] Dez Climax 1 2
Miko was just an ordinary Japanese teenager attending the prestigious private Himenogi Girls High School. Everything began to change when she witnessed two of her classmates making love to each other. While taking part in various sexual activities, Miko gradually realizes that supernatural demonic forces have taken control of the school.
Based on manga by Toshio Maeda.
La blue girl is probably the most famous hentai franchise. There's a good English review of it.


8. Emit Vol. 1: Toki no Maigo EMIT Vol.1: 時の迷子 [940325] Koei 1 2 3
Emit is an adventure game that is the first entry of Shibusawa Kou's "English Dream" series. The purpose behind the projects was to teach Japanese people the English language with the help of a thrilling narrative.
On October 5, 1994, a seventeen year old high school student named Yuri meets a polite yet mysterious elderly gentleman at the crosswalk. Although puzzled by his questions, she answers them honestly to the best of her ability. As Yuri walks across the street, she hears the man mutter the word "Emit" to her. Yuri thinks nothing of the conversation until an oddly familiar yet attractive young man approaches her a month later on the street.
There are English reviews.


9. Yami no Ryousen 闇の稜線 [940325] Illusion
A car fell from the cliff and its driver is heavily wounded. He lies on the side of the cliff bleeding and awaiting his last seconds to tick. The driver wakes up in the house bandaged, but with a light memory loss. He was found and helped by a local family. First thing he gets to remember is that he went on a trip to ask Mayumi's father for marriage permission. But at the moment that he arrived, villa got attacked. Mayumi was raped and killed. He discovers from the newspaper that he is the main suspect and now it's the time to go undercover and find out the truth.
The game actually starts as main hero lies on the cliff and it's by the end of it when he goes to uncover the truth. It's a suspense mystery story so during villa attack memory flash it's important to take notes to take a trail. But at the same time it's also a borderline work with strong NTR motive. Scenario alone has a lot of impact, but the game system here is absolutely outstanding as well. There aren't commands like watch, talk etc. Instead, there is a set of commands unique for each scene. Some of them are needed to be repeated at times. Another surprising feature is animation - it's not just eyes and lips, but also other parts of body, which is rare. At times text takes full screen as NVL, but most of the time it's kept compact in the right down corner. I really wanted to like this first Illusion game, but it ended up a nukige with some plot as side-dish. I struggled through first three scenes during the first hour of play, but when the heavily wounded hero regains consciousness only to see the hostess riding on top of him I lost all the hope in the story.


10. Floppy Bunko 25 - Sadistic Gamers Syndrome - Episode 3 フロッピーブンコ25 サディスティックゲーマーズシンドローム エピソード3 [940326] Sixteens
Did not find the game but it does not seem to go far from the previous two parts.


11. Emit Vol. 2: Inochigake no Tabi EMIT Vol.2: 命がけの旅 [9403] Koei 1 2
After Yuri's friend Outa Ichirou tells her that he met her the other day, even though Yuri hasn't seen Ichirou for a year, it becomes clear that a dimensional doppelganger is trying to steal her identity.
There is at least one English review.


12. Emit Vol. 3: Watashi ni Sayonara o EMIT Vol.3: 私にさよならを [9403] Koei 1 2
Ichirou and Yuri's mother start getting suspicious of the doppelganger, not to mention that Yuri's return wrecks her plans to steal her identity.
There is at least one English review.