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Foreword: With script size of around 4.5Mb Hello, World is one of the largest visual novels ever created. Cyberpunk, Nitroplus and positive reviews (1 2 3 4) all promised a great time. However...

Title: Hello, world

Developer: Nitroplus

Date: 2002-09-27

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v431

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsNedut_3eE&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-KYrXbyAGXRCg720guyMwo


Synopsis: Set in Akihabara in the near future, "Hello, world." is a hearty, feature-length, cyber battle-action/campus-life story about a robot boy and the girls that surround him.

Tremendous progress has been made in technical advances. Various networks have taken strongholds with each new generation. Though not nearly advanced as humans, two-legged robots are utilized in many practical areas throughout the world. Amid worldwide peace, the human race remains unchanged.

Kazuki Tomonaga is a robot made by an entity called "HIKARI" for the purpose of "GLOBAL ILLUMINATION". He's created with ingenuity as precise as that of a human being. Kazuki is commanded to research the concepts of "human emotion". Along the way he meets various girls and has exchanges with them. In their "exchanges" his "curiosity" gradually turns into "affection" and his mission becomes more intense. He gradually starts to build his own philosophy, not knowing he will be forced to make crucially important decisions in the near future.

Structure: Days from October 1st to October 30th

Length: 100+ hours

Game type: Cyberpunk android adventure

Difficulty: Relatively easy, most of choices are just about picking the same girl all the time

Character Design rating: 3/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 5/10


What? How can "Hello, world" not be a masterpiece - are you even sane? That would be my initial reaction as well, but I have my argumentation. All in its due time.

First of all, I was shocked by trash rating of the game in the most notable Japanese reviewer blog of old games ADVGAMER (1). The reasons for that are quite vague: overextendent, confusing in the second part and as a result a really boring game. But of course I just considered reviewer a weakling who could not understand the gist of the game - and bravely dived into the action.

The first half of the game is surprisingly orthodox despite the fact that protagonist as an android. He explores the world and the girls close to him. There are over 10 events with each girl to pursue with its romantic resolution. Pace is really bad, but curious side-characters and unfamiliar futuristic setting make it tolerable.


But then happens second part which is a set of action episodes with a bit of romance in-between. And it all comes to very simplistic story. There are five girls who have relatives suffered from a certain "evil" corporation. Hacker incidents start to happen breaking out into a full-scale machine rebellion. That's it! There's no sophistication in the plot at all. Of course, there are much more side-characters, every girl has her own circumstances, and there is a series of incidents leading to the culmination, but it does not change the fact that it's all done just to show action scenes, not to really move the plot. But the greatest tragedy of the game is that it lasts for 30 hours on initial playthrough, and subsequent routes need to go through absolutely the same plot, just with different romance events and the very ending. As ADVGAMER puts it, game either must have an unusual setting and take time to describe its details or have a common setting and then adhere to compact structure. But Hello, world tries to present a common setting like something new, and then prolongs it to insane lengths putting reader in the state of the ultimate boredom. 

One of the flaws of the game is tasteless character design. Who said that green hair girl should have green eyes, violet hair girl - violet eyes, blue hair - blue eyes and red hair girl - red eyes?! That looks absolutely stupid. Character designs are trashy, and artist work manages to catch such poor angles at times that result looks super-ugly. There is just one girl with the design I like - that's Junko. Cool white long hair with really nice haircut, great black and red suit, mini-skirt and always carrying a gun. Just perfect! But she's not one of the heroines! She's just a side-character to help fight baddies in action scenes! Why-y-y???


The second disappointing feature is "partial voicing", but don't be misguided here, it's actually NO VOICING. We barely manage to hear how each heroine should sound during the first hour of play, then there are 30 hours of NO VOICING. Not in action scenes, not in culmination romantic scenes - just never. That's something really disappointing.

Game really makes the best of 3D rendering from Phantom of Inferno (close-ups on weapons) and Vjedogonia (moving vehicles), but action scenes remain confusing. The air battle between three aircrafts on one side and one modified air fighter on the other side left me really disappointed. Action scenes end with some sudden development rather than being one logical performance.


Routes are composed in one of the worst possible ways. Story is absolutely the same with just romance events changing from heroine to heroine. Then each heroine has her individual end where only she and hero survive as well as the true end where everyone survives. There is just a bit of fresh air in the individual endings of each heroine, but True ending of each heroine is absolutely the same... save for the last 5 minutes that describe heroine 6 years after the main events of the story. That's a real crime to make people try to grasp something new in 30-hour long route and not even giving anything really new. It's the same story, but we hope you have 150 hours to read them all - a horrible move.

The biggest problem with "Hello, world" is the aftertaste and lack of satisfaction. It's not that bad while it lasts for the first time even though pace is terrible, but each new "route" only brings anger and despair. I look back and only see dozens of hours of wasted time. What did I get in return? Nothing. Not a good story, not a good romance. Some flashy action scenes and some nice side-characters are the only things that I look back to without irritation. Game does not respect its readers. Readers should not respect such a disintegrated game.



Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2 is the VN of the Month. Hotosenaru Uta Chitosenaru Shirushi is definitely a masterpiece as well. As for "Hello, world." with its great reviews, I'll tell you in next issue whether I consider it a masterpiece or not.

1. Hoshimatsuri no Uta ほしまつりのうた [020906] Softhouse Dew 1
Soichiro Sugimoto is a kind, quiet boy attending Yuigasaki High School. Students at this school like to throw festivals, and the upcoming festival, the Star Festival, is one of the biggest festivals of the year.
Soichiro doesn't like festivals or parties, but his friends won't leave him alone on the night of the Star Festival. Kaya, who grew up with Soichiro, asks him to go to the festival with her. The truth is, Soichiro is secretly in love with her.
Fine naive heroic youth scenario. Full female voicing is promised, but actually there's partial female voicing. Below average game even if you like the heroines here.


2. Jewel Matrix じゅえる☆まとりくす [020906] Ivory
Main character returns from adventure with power "matrix". It can be magically activated to attract matrix jewel girls with different respective attributes. His story of love and protection begins now.
Game was supposed to be a SIM, but got delayed significantly to convert it to ADV. 9 chapters are devoted to the heroine line and the last three chapters are the rush to the end. Ending chapters are very similar for all heroines.


3. Mystic Report ~Koi no Bukatsu wa Chikoku Shinai~ ミスティック・リポート ~恋の部活はチコクしない~ [020906] Hadashi Shoujo
Main character belongs to school newspaper club. He is inspired by the the seven school wonders stories and takes interview from girls who experience strange phenomena at school. With his pretty girl assistant he faces mystic, but so real dangers.
Mix of RPG and ADV. Losing in fight means game over as long as insult scene usually. There are four episodes. To see every route it's needed to play seven times, but it's very tiresome to play after initial playthrough. Erotic element is thin overall.


4. Tearful Eyes ~Anata shika Inai~ ティアフルアイズ~あなたしかいない~ [020906] Kamen Shoukai
Main character meet a girl on the hill behind the school. She lies on the hill wearing a white dress instead of uniform. He only dares to talk to her after becoming festival committee member, and they seem to have much in common, but she asks to keep white dress in secret. However, after becoming friends, protagonist starts to notice strange shadows behind the girl personality. One day she stops talking to him...
Orthodox school love drama. Story is short, and showing synopsis takes the majority of its time.Development is sudden and there aren't enough events to pull it through.


5. Hotosenaru Uta Chitosenaru Shirushi ほとせなる呪ちとせなる詛 [020913] Project-μ
Main character is visited by a girl who claims that his only distant relative taking care of her died in a fire. Mysterious death cases start to pursue protagonist. One of the latest victims blamed "email from a closed girl" curse as the cause of deaths.
Horror entertainment novels as developers call the genre. This company is well known for presenting concept of the theater in each work. This time is no different - there's a lot of movement going on the screen, but thanks to other means than animation. It manages to be both horror and bakage. Game grasps fears of modern age realistically creating hard-boiled horror atmosphere. Real masterpiece here.


6. Stairs ~Natsu no Chotto Mae~ STAIRS~夏のちょっと前~ [020913] Aias 1
After living in the U.S., our hero returns to Japan to continue his studies. He stays at the shrine of his dad's friend and goes to school in the country...
Our hero will meet up with many fun-loving babes:
The only daughter of the shrine priest. She wants nothing to do with the occult.
Our hero's cheerful but troublemaking classmate.
The senior would-be "magician" with a red cape.
The foreign student from England who is more Japanese than most Japanese people.
The girl listlessly standing on the rooftop.
He's supposed to have a peaceful school life with these girls, but life is not that easy! 
A lot of weird things are happening around him, one after another...
Heroines are nice, but story lacks excitement. Climax and H events are sudden. Whatever good is created in the first half is crushed mercilessly in the second half.


7. Blue-Sky-Blue(s) -Sora o Mau Tsubasa- Blue-Sky-Blue【s】-空を舞う翼- [020920] Emu 1
The protagonist's mom passed away 10 years ago and the father-son relationship is a strained one. When poppy's work as a weatherman and new marriage sends them to Hokkaido, the player enters a new school and joins up with a group of student's whose passion is the sky - with the belief that people come from the sky and will eventually return to the sky...
Six girls are available for the romancing including honor student Kasumi Itimatsu, school director's granddaughter Fuuka Mitsuba and assistant teacher Tomomi Shinose.
This is a story of conflict with abstract perceptions of heroines, so don't expect a love comedy here. It may be called the opposite of charage as personalities live in lies and dreams, and everyday life scenes get truncated. A bold experiment.


8. Hajirahi はじらひ [020920] Blue Gale
Main character fails a big project at an advertising agency, and now he takes a month long paid vacation. He goes to a remote village which image he remembers from a postcard.
It's needed to raise favorability rating with one of heroines in the course of numerous events. After the three sisters are captured, true route is revealed. Apart of three sisters there is also a school teacher and a lively girl, but they are treated as sub-characters not gaining own ending. Development is boring as there is nothing to do but enjoy rural life and various situations.  


9. Panic!! Kerokero Kingdom ぱにっく!! けろけろ王国 [020920] Pajamas Soft
A lot of frog have fallen from the sky! Extremely selfish protagonist intends to defeat them quickly and become famous. Suddenly first princess of the country shows up and persuades protagonist to fight for her cause.
First part is tetris game with frogs as blocks, second part is various puzzles with H as reward.


10. Brave Knight ~Leverant Eiyuuden~ ブレイブナイト ~リーヴェラント英雄伝~ [020926] Panther Software Co., Ltd.
Medieval romance interaction game featuring 14 lovely maidens available for the wooing.
Another useless lazy Xbox exclusive SIM.


11. Dalk Gaiden DALK外伝 [020927] Alice Soft 1 2 
Our hero is the Love God, "Martis," who also appeared in the previous title. He was turned into a regular person because he disobeyed the Master God, Furad. He ends up searching inside the body of the giant god Varuga with 7 maids in order to subdue the Demon God, Port Nunu. This parasitic demon is running rampant around in Varuga's body.
Varuga's body is a labyrinth, which consists of a giant dungeon with many floors. Martis and the maids advance into the dungeon as they beat small monsters on their way to defeat Port Nunu, who is hiding in the deepest area of the dungeon. 
Game is a sequel by name only, even story has no connections. Story is one road, each heroine has very few events. Battle system is quite simple and entertaining. Game is sold for just 1/3 of normal game price, so epic hopes should not be placed on it.


12. Hachimitsu Sou de Hoppe ni Chuu はちみつ荘 de ほっぺにチュウ [020927] Palette 1
The hero is a fourth grade student from college who is graduating this year. 
During the summer break from the university, he was living a lazy life and doing nothing all the time. One day, his parents kicked him out of home. Seeking independence, tries to find a part-time job. And then he becomes an apartment manager. In his the last summer vacation, his stopped time begins to move. 
SIM with schedule and something else, but I already don't care.


13. "Hello, world." [020927] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4
Set in Akihabara in the near future, "Hello, world." is a hearty, feature-length, cyber battle-action/campus-life story about a robot boy and the girls that surround him.
Tremendous progress has been made in technical advances. Various networks have taken strongholds with each new generation. Though not nearly advanced as humans, two-legged robots are utilized in many practical areas throughout the world. Amid worldwide peace, the human race remains unchanged.
Kazuki Tomonaga is a robot made by an entity called "HIKARI" for the purpose of "GLOBAL ILLUMINATION". He's created with ingenuity as precise as that of a human being. Kazuki is commanded to research the concepts of "human emotion". Along the way he meets various girls and has exchanges with them. In their "exchanges" his "curiosity" gradually turns into "affection" and his mission becomes more intense. He gradually starts to build his own philosophy, not knowing he will be forced to make crucially important decisions in the near future. 
There are many English reviews. 


14. Majo no Ocha Kai 魔女のお茶会 [020927] Frontwing 1 2 3 4 5
Long, long ago, there was a world in which mages and humans existed in harmony. Deep contrasts in their two cultures, however, caused differences that could not be overcome between the two races. The humans feared the great power of the mages, and hunted them, trying to erase their kind from the earth. God felt pity for their plight and created a world of magic for them, which they could go to in peaceful exile. In this way the mages faded from the Earth, and all contact between the two peoples ceased. Each continued on their own paths, the humans that of civilization, and mages that of magic.
A few hundred years have passed since that time, and the mages are hopeful that, once again, the two races can live in harmony together. In the hope of finding a way to bridge their differences, the mages send out their young acolytes for training in the world of the humans. If the younger generations of the two peoples can find a way of connecting, perhaps the acolytes could gain important knowledge that will enable the two groups to live together again. This year three young wizards will cross over into the world of humans... Two of them are elite, and one a total drop out. Can they reunite the two peoples of Earth and the World of Magic?
Game is localized and has many English reviews.


15. Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2 勝 あしたの雪之丞2 [020927] Elf 1
Kubo Masaru was knocked out into a critical state of unconsciousness by the prequel's protagonist, Yukimura Yukinojou, during a boxing practice.
He recovered from the coma now, and at present is attending Ryouzuki School.
However, due to his insufficient attendance, he has to repeat a year, additionally got barred from the possibility of practicing box, and is moved from the specially selected sports class to a general education class where he, alongside with his classmate Mizushina Akira, is fighting against heavy odds at the studies designed as preparations of entering university.
After regaining his consciousness and recovering from the feeling that "he has somehow slipped into the future" due to the time he lost in coma, the doctors also forbid him to practice his biggest passion - boxing -, thus now Masaru is frustrated of being unable to continue and is completely burning out inside.
Just what sort of destiny such a Masaru could end up with?
There is an English review.


16. Nor Near the Once Reality [020927] Alice Noir 1
In the not so distant future...
Kisaragi Shirou, a man with a special power who lives in the slums.
His power is only known to a limited group of people in the government.
Topological Ghost (TG), the power to materialize digital objects 
into the real world.
Shirou, his sister Aki and his brother Jin worked as test subjects in a 
TG research project funded by the government. But an accident during an experiment kills his sister and his brother disappears soon after.
After leaving the research institute, Shirou begins to live a life of self-indulgence in the slums.
Until one day, when he suddenly meets a girl who resembles his dead sister...
Typing adventure... seriously? Story is quite good, and I bet there are just no good enough typing games to compete with this one so far. Game's sold for 1/3 of usual price.


17. Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ Princess Holiday~転がるりんご亭千夜一夜~ [020927] August 1 2
The story takes place in a medieval world. The protagonist, Cliff Cloud, comes back to his hometown of Symphonia Kingdom after 3 years of wandering through the lands as a travelling bard. The very day he arrives in town, he has a chance meeting with a girl who's pursued by soldiers. He rescues her, and since she's searching for a place to accommodate for a while, he introduces her to his family and friends at the Korogaru Ringo Tei (= Rolling Apple Pavilion) inn. 
That girl, who named herself Leticia Apple, quickly turns out to be the Princess of Symphonia Kingdom, Leticia la mew Symphonia. She slipped out of the castle in order to see the outside world and the lives of common people. After a few discussions with the protagonists, her father, the benevolent King Worsel, allows her to stay and work at Rolling Apple for a few weeks, as a training as the future Queen.
And thus starts the story, as you'll see the lives of the people of Rolling Apple. As Cliff, will you follow Leticia's training and form a relationship with her, or will you interact with the other girls? Choose you own 
adventure, and get to discover their stories, as well as the mysterious background behind Cliff, and the secrets around Symphonia Kingdom!
There are English reviews.


18. Sorairo Memories そら色メモリーズ [020927] Ga-Bang
Main character is surprised to see a girl next to him as he wakes up. All the neighbors claim that she is protagonist's sister Sora-chan. Girl has no memories prior to standing in front of the house. They decide to walk around the island to try to regain the memory. Is she really protagonist's sister who he has no recollection of?
Period is one week. We choose which girl to visit at the beginning of each day and there are more choices afterwards. System is quite heavy. The aim of the game is to... recover from father's death? Really? Just stupid, as for me. Game is rather short.




1. Nukarumi ~Onna-tachi no Choukyou Nisshi~ ぬかるみ ~女たちの調教日誌~ [020906] White
Main character enters university and starts to live alone. He frequents adult sites and one day identifies childhood friend's mother in one of the models. She surrenders to blackmail, and her training starts. At the same time protagonist keeps searching new victims on the net setting up an internet site to record the patter of the training.


2. Oshiete Agechau 教えてあげちゃう [020906] Trabulance 1
Takumi Aoba stays with the Miyazaki's because his parents live abroad. All the family members are female, and they passionately welcome Takumi. They do more than he's expecting: They lay around the house naked, try to join him in the shower, and lots more! Takumi's going to have a lot of fun...
If you like older women, you'll love this title! Beautiful women with mature bodies will try to seduce you every time you turn around!
Momoko Miyazaki: She grew up with Takumi and is now a student teacher at Takumi's school. She has big tits.
Ran Miyazaki: She's Momoko's twin sister. She also is a student teacher. She has sexy
Yoshino Miyazaki: A widow. She passionately tries to seduce Takumi. She always ties her beautiful long hair with a big ribbon.
Hitomi Saginuma: Yoshino's little sister and Takumi's homeroom teacher. She's
separated from her husband, and she and her daughter stay with the
Miyazaki family. She's tall and has really big tits.
Chinami Saginuma: Hitomi's daughter. Even though she doesn't really understand
much about sex, she actively asks Takumi to sleep with her.
Join the Miyazaki household and learn what you can from older women!


3. Pachi File ぱちFile [020906] Soubi Kenkyuujo 1
Here are the games included in this fun disc:
"Cosmic Man Episode 9"
This is the never-released episode of "Cosmic Man," released in October 2001. Because of the controversial title "co*c" and some other reasons, it couldn't be included in the original game. All the details of the story haven't been revealed yet, but it seems you'll be able to see four girls having sex...! 
"Pachimoso" Special Shortened Edition
One day, our hero receives a mysterious package from his father in Africa. Mojita opens the package and finds his father with a completely changed image inside...
This is the follow-up story of "Pachimoso." The story begins where the previous story left off. Your target girls are: Benny, Tamao, and Miruka. What's waiting for our hero!? 
"Bacha Bacha Cop"
Shoot the female cop with your water gun! The system is very simple: you move your mouse and click the button to shoot. If you successfully hit the female cop, you'll be able to see through her clothes...! Furthermore, if you continue shooting her until her clothes are soaked, she'll start taking off all her clothes. Don't give up; make her wet!! @
This is a block breaking game. Blocks consist of girls' clothes. Break the blocks and reveal girls' embarrassing parts! Do you think you've heard of this title before? Ha-ha-ha, it's only your imagination...
"Geki Kukan Ero Yakyu-ken" ("Shinpu no Oshigoto")
"Shinpu no Oshigoto" was originally released in September 2000. It was popular because of its high-quality graphics, great storyline, and exciting sex scenes. You play "rock-paper-scissors" with girls. If you win, a girl has to take off some of her clothes. If she wins, you have to take off yours. Pray for luck and see how fast you can get the girls naked!!
Nukige fandisc anthology


4. Paradigm Shift ~Mezame no Toki~ パラダイム・シフト~目醒めの時~ [020906] Tail 1
Brutal murders are occurring at Shiramine School because the students become possessed by demons. The protagonist, Ootori Kirio, must purify the students by having sex with them.


5. Enzai 冤罪 [020913] Langmaor 1 2 3 4
This is a story of France, during the rule of Napolean. Although the Revolution brought with it new laws and some semblance of representative government, there are some places that never change: the dark hole known as prison. Into that hell a boy called Guys is sent. The crime is murder, and the sentence, life without the possibility of parole.
However, Guys is innocent of this crime. He was living his life as he always did, running through the city and stealing to survive when he was caught by a policeman. Before he knew what was happening he was accused of a crime he knew nothing about, hauled before a dishonest judge and found guilty of the heinous crime. But just who was killed, and why?
In prison, Guys is made to endure a world of violence and betrayal as he fights desperately to survive. Inside that world of fear and loathing, he endures in his quest for justice for himself. He finds help in unlikely places -- from alcoholic lawyers and insane men in the prison with him. Eventually he begins to realize the scope of the diabolical plot he's fallen into, but even as he works to uncover the truth, he despairs of that which he has lost. And every day, he struggles for dignity and survival, while the powerful interests who put him here look on with smirking amusement.
"I just want to be free..."
Will his strength and determination be enough to break through the hearts of his fellow prisoners? Will he be able to finally uncover the truth and find salvation? 
Boys Love


6. Kegareta Eiyuu ~Jain Seijo Gari~ けがれた英雄~邪淫聖女狩~ [020913] Clock Up
Several hundred years ago heroes finally defeated the source of evil
Nowadays grand battle starts to be forgotten until demon king slaughters hero descendant and turns him into his servant. The devil infiltrates the city taking revenge on the citizen girls. However, the order of Empire protectors is still strong. Will devil have his revenge or fall in the battle with the knights?


7. Kinoko ~Kindan no Chiryouyaku~ きのこ~禁断の治療薬~ [020913] Tomato
Main character is a world famous fungi researcher working at a pharmaceutical company. Now he's developing vaccine for a strange infection that invigorates sexual desire draining energy till death. In fact, he's infected with it as well. Mixing mushrooms with bacteria provides unexpected results...


8. Mahou no Shippo na Dai Ni wa 魔法のしっぽな 第二話 [020913] Sith 1 2
In this second part of the Mahou no Shippona saga, Emiru has already obtained the magical fragment of fire. She and her new compatriots now venture to find the fragments of the missing elements. Using a magical dectection device, they’ve found that two of the elements are close together, whereas the final element lies alone and far away. Once again, this is a fully animated Hentai adventure.


9. Meshimase Ouji-sama 召しませ王子サマ [020913] Marine Heart
One kingdom approaches hereditary crisis. Royal family decides to hold a competition with the best candidate to be adopted as a prince.
Main character is a teacher of poor aristocracy candidate Rufus. But under the mask of duties  hidden love starts to flourish.
Boys Love


10. Onna Kyoushi - Yumi no Houkago 女教師・裕美の放課後 [020913] FlyingShine 1
Hiromi Hayama is a beautiful English teacher working at "Seimei." Unknowingly taking a sleeping pill the vice-principal Ishikuro passed her, she passes out at a party. He takes her into his private office and tries to rape her. Luckily, she wakes up and escapes!
The next day, he pretends he had had too much to drink and was just fooling around. 
Hiromi is really pissed off and insists on his resignation, but this jerk won't listen to her and even starts to make plans to try raping her again...


11. Ryoujoku Konbini ~Tenchou Yamete Kudasai~ 凌辱コンビニ ~店長やめて下さい~ [020913] spiel
Main character is a convenience store manager. The staff is gentle here, and customers evaluation is high. One day a part-time worker makes a mistake and undergoes sexual harassment punishment from the manager. But with every following day his actions become bolder.


12. The Guts! 4 ~Shiritsu Guts Gakuen!~ The ガッツ!4~私立ガッツ学園!~ [020913] Authoring Heaven 1
On the very day our hero transfers to the Private School, Oshima, he bumps into something very hard thing and is knocked out. When he comes to, he finds a stocky looking girl looking down at him. That hard thing was this girl! 
Her name is Minako Takahara (Taka-san). She's president of the "Civil Engineering Study Club." Our hero ends up being coerced into becoming a member of the club. This club has some very unique members! Mutsuki Oshima (Ojo-san) is the vice-president of the club, chairman of the council, and granddaughter of the principal of the school. Akira Hayasaka (Akira-kun) is a tomboy. Kaori Nanamori (Nana-chan) is a new member. With these girls around, our hero won't have time to get bored!!
Moreover, there's a rumor that buried treasure lies somewhere around the school...
Will our hero be able to survive all the excitement...?


13. True Blue [020913] LiLiM DARKNESS 1 2
The protagonist, Kurusu Akito is a second year high school student at Mikage Gakuen and the baseball club's ace. His childhood friend and classmate, Kanzaki Aoi is a campus idol and is this year's Miss Mikage Gakuen. They're close together since birth and thought that these days would last forever.
One day, an unknown organization picked Aoi as their next item for their "auction". The organization then organized a contest to see who gets to successfully train her to become a sex slave and picked 7 people in close proximity to Aoi as the contestants. Akito is one of them. The time limit is one month.
Not wanting his childhood friend to become a sex slave, Akito decided to protect Aoi against the other 6 instead. Unfortunately they're being observed and he doesn't know who the other 6 are so he couldn't move unskillfully and decided to protect her behind her back.
Can Akito successfully protect her?


14. Yumekumi ゆめくみ [020913] Megami
After the sudden death of his father, the protagonist had to suddenly take over his father's position as company chairman. But then he collapses due to overwork. At his doctor's recommendation, he's taking a week vacation at a cottage where he finds his two loli sister-in-laws, Yumemi and Kurumi, are waiting for him.


15. Puchi Shinigami Pleco プチ死神プレコ [020916] Bipolar
No info


16. Lyrical Mint リリカル☆ミント [020920] Untouchable
Suddenly Mint visits main character's house asking him to help her store enough energy to return to the devil world. They start practicing every night while keeping their relations secret from protagonist's sister-in-law. 


17. Nyan Nyako Nyan にゃんにゃこにゃん [020920] Pianissimo
Main character moves to a small village on the beach. He picks up a cat-girl "Miu" to live with her, and there are also a lot of lively girls in the village to have fun with. 


18. Onii-chan Jushinchuu お兄ちゃん受信中 [020920] Vega
Main character shares car hobby with his boss. One day they get in an accident damaging house of the boss. The house is co-owned, so protagonist has to shelter two girls for the time being.


19. Shisukon しすこん~妹魂~ [020920] Angel Smile 1
Naoki Tachibana is madly in love with his little sister, Miyuki. However, because he's her brother, he can't cross the line. Instead, he falls head-over-heels for a popular singer, Ayumi Tenkawa. She looks just like Miyuki.
One day, Naoki receives a letter from his dad stating that Miyuki and Naoki are not blood-related, and that his dad's new wife's daughter, who happens to be Ayumi, will come to live with them.
The peaceful household suddenly changes into a battlefield of love! 
This new title from Angel Smile is a slapstick comedy AVG. Cute girls are out to get you!
Miyuki Tachibana: A very smart but shy girl. She's on the archery team. She's in love
with Naoki, but...
Ayumi Tenkawa: A very popular singer. Her mom is married to Naoki's father and comes
to live with them. She seems like the "perfect girl," but the truth is...
Urara Shiratori: Another new singer. She's competing with Ayumi for the top spot.
Sayuri Akiyoshi: Naoki's homeroom teacher. Although she hasn't realized it yet, she's 
very popular among male students at school.
Akiru Yamada: Ayumi and Urara's manager. She's always twisted around with their selfishness. She's not a very happy person. 
Can you survive this love battle!?


20. Tokubetsu Jugyou 2 特別授業2 [020920] Bishop 1
The College of Sacred Maidens is bubbling over with sexy young ladies perfectly suited for Tomoya’s lusts. So, when he crosses paths with a new student professor for the college, he’s not about to let his chance pass by - he wastes no time drugging the guy, and taking his place. Now this dangerous sex fiend is surrounded by beautiful, buxom women, and he’s already got a lot of "assignments" planned for them.
The innocent cheerleader Yumi, the fiery swim girl Seira, and even Asuka, the ravishing actress. One by one, he’ll collect them all as his pets, eager sex slaves who’ll fill his every burning desire. But the girls won’t take it lying down, so to speak. What will it take for Tomoya to twist his way into the deepest parts of their hearts, minds, and luscious, energetic bodies?


21. Madogoshi no Heya 窓ごしの部屋 [020921] Soft Circle Courreges
This game depicts the relations of two old childhood friends over the course of 20 days. You progress through the game by picking various options as things happen to you in the game. What will happen over those 20 days between this boy and girl who have never before been more than childhood friends?
Doujin nukige


22. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 4 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD4 [020924] NekoNeko Soft
A collection of short stories:
・「初駒 瑠璃 ショートストーリー」


23. Crave x 10 [020927] Cherry Soft
Main character is an ordinary young man who lives in the same city as his 10 girl cousins. One day a girl with a big rose shows up at his house commanding him to hunt 10 girls in 10 days. He dares not to object.


24. Hadan'ya 破談屋 [020927] Mink
Main character looses memory and gets hospitalized after an accident. Because of his memory problems he becomes a suspect. At this time appears a person who claims to know protagonist well and who blames him guilty. Protagonist under pressure agrees to undertake a job to make couples break up for money. What awaits him?


25. Hitsuji-tachi no Yuuutsu ~Concrete ni Utsuru Kage~ 羊たちの憂鬱~コンクリートに映る影~ [020927] Fairytale
Heroine is subject to sadistic sexual abuse by childhood friend. She seeks to escape from the world of pain and pleasure. In this attempt she starts to associate with her classmate as she seeks love and protection. However, childhood friend has his own plans.


26. Hotaruko 螢子 [020927] Tigerman Project
When the protagonist and his girlfriend, Hotaruko, had sex for the first time, they both simultaneously saw a strange image in their minds. When they tried investigating it, it led them them to a solitary island - Amatojima.
Thinking that it's somehow related with Hotaruko's lost memories, they decided to visit the island during their summer break. After a one day trip from Tokyo, they arrived at Amatojima. They were the only passengers getting off the boat there, and the harbor was surprisingly deserted. They went to the only lodging house to book a room for the night. When the old lady who owned it heard Hotaruko's surname, her expression suddenly changed. She told them that Hotaruko is related with the island chief, and hurriedly directed them to the Kizuki household.
There, they were welcomed by a woman called Kasumi, who led them to the guest room. The island chief, Kizuki Mizuno-sama, despite his suspicious appearance, gave them a very warm reception. It was decided they will stay at the Kizuki household for a little while...


27. Jigoku Sou e Youkoso 地獄荘へようこそ [020927] Pochette
Main character inherits a three-story rental apartment after his parents death. He is not willing to bother with rental business management, so wants to sell the apartment fast. Real estate agent can only offer a really low price, but price can rise five times if the room are sold together with trained girls in them. Protagonist starts to insult and train women to prepare the sale.


28. Mahou Shoujo Ai 2 魔法少女アイ2 [020927] Colors
Several years after the incident, main character attends a preparatory school in Tokyo with inconvenient memories pushed out of his memory. One day he witnesses a girl fighting monsters while no ordinary human can see the girl as she is protected by the barrier. Girl tries to erase his memory, but it does not work. As a result she suggest living together as a form to keep the boy protected from monsters.


29. Tomohime 従姫 -ともひめ- [020927] X[iks] 1
A lot of students at Miyoshino High School are missing. It has something to do with a special "drug" dealt around the school. Kei Fujiwara has been hired to secretly investigate the case. After facing some dangerous situations, he finally has the police arrest the teacher who knows something about the case.
It seems the case is solved, but Kei isn't satisfied with the outcome; something still isn't right. One day, one of the girls who was missing suddenly asks him to run for student body president. She then hands him a pair of earrings, which stand for "slavery" to the current president. 
Kei's instincts tell him something is going on underground, and he decides to run for president to find out what's happening... 


30. Zetsurin Acrobat Oyaji Tobimasu Iremasu Ikasemasu 絶倫 アクロバットおやじ 飛びます・いれます・いかせます [020927] Studio Kinky
Your father was a great sexual acrobat. He now has passed the skills--as well as the torch--onto you. You now know that it is your destiny to entertain/assault the female populous with your amazing sexpertise and use of positions. Witness some freaked-out, over-the-top fucking in this 3DCG adventure.


31. Qpit キューピット [0209] Overture
Comedy puzzle adventure. 
One day main character gets lost in a forest and finds shelter in a house. However, a terrible witch lives in the house. The witch makes protagonist to do the puzzles with the prospect of being turned into an animal on refusal. Is it possible to pass all the trials and defeat the witch?

Foreword: I'm always curious about another FlyingShine game, but this time scenario by Arakawa Takumi is the biggest attraction point.

Title: Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi.

Developer: FlyingShine

Date: 2002-08-09

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6544

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBEIudaA_x8&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8VvcJZUr-a2osG0BOPAdMl


Synopsis: Shinichi Manabe attends Seiryo High School. His father is a writer. 5 years ago, Shinichi went to see a mysterious mirage with Mio Fukamachi and Tamako Fujiomi. Mio is one year older than Shinichi and acts like his mother, while Tamako loves old samurai movies and likes to hug.

The mirage really was mysterious, and they had a lot of fun. However, a week later, Mio tries to save a cat but ends up being killed. Shinichi hasn't seen a mirage since that fateful day.

One day, Tamako and Shinichi suddenly encounter another mirage. Shinichi pulls Tamako into the dense fog. Shinichi soon realizes that he is with Mio, not Tamako. He also realizes that instead of Mio, Tamako is dead. He asks himself, "Am I in a different world?" Looking for further clues, he flips through his album and finds many pictures he doesn't even recognize. He's now convinced that this isn't his world.

Structure: Three consequent routes with first two being kinetic ones and last one branching off to four sub-heroines

Length: 12

Game type: Heartwarming light comedy about youth

Difficulty: Almost kinetic novel

Character Design rating: 8/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 7/10


This game is very difficult to talk about, because nothing happens there. Synopsis really prepares us for a full-scale mystery drama, but game's totally different. Homerical gags take 4/5 of the game. They are so densely packed that you can start playing from any point in the game and have a lot of fun. Because of this overwhelming amount of humor there's not really much time for drama left. Only first Mio route has some time devoted to building up relations. The other routes have roughly a minute in the end to light up the mood. A nice example of game's humor is a scene of Mio's mother calling police to start searching for Mio. But because of her childish voice, police asks her several questions and considers it a childish prank cutting the call.

Humor is main actor of the game, so it deserves a close-up. The cover of the game already says much about it. There aren't character sprites in the game. The majority of time characters are presented by enclosed chibi drawings. Just as in Lien they allow to show a great variety of funny emotions and also depict actions just fine. Like heroine square approaching hero square little by little, and hero square moving the opposite direction little by litte, or these squares start to approach closer and closer, then - bam - some acquaintance comes in and face squares jump off to opposite corners. I totally love humor here, even at times when it concentrates on Mio teasing hero with adult talk about shame play and Tama teasing him with childish flashes of underwear etc.


Since we touched characters already, let's introduce them. Shinichi is our main hero. Mio and Tama are his childhood friends with Mio being onee-san long hair type and Tama being genki imouto short-hair type. Other heroines don't really deserve a mention as full-fledged characters. Story often returns to characters of kindergarten age and uses chibi pictures resembling those super-young characters, so it's very difficult to treat main heroines as objects of love interest. Game is not about love. Yes, it has some branchings to satisfy this need, but only so forth.

Game engine inherits DoNoR model with its crude auto-reading. But even though backgrounds here are also rendered real photos, they look totally fine and natural here thanks to just decreasing number of colors creating water paint effect. No more eye pain because of blurry images!


Game title is quite touching as it can be translated as "It's a miracle that we all are here". In fact it corresponds to the picture book that Shin started to write and that has nothing in it but this title. 

What I mean to say by this hectic review is that this game is absolutely revolutionary in its lovely passiveness. There are no logical connections, no plot movements, no love drama, no conclusions. Game presents us lots of good moments with perfectly voiced heroines and ends on a high pitch note. It's free of all the stamps of the media. It's an enjoyable entertainment from beginning to end and great text to read. As if game tells us that we should be free of conventions enjoy at least this time we read this visual novel, because it's a miracle that we all are here. 



Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- is undoubtedly the game of the month. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni makes the second masterpiece. But the world does not need yet another review of either of it, so I'll review Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi. which I also consider a masterpiece.

1. Beast 21 ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~ BEAST21 ~凌辱の館~ [020802] Birdy Soft
10 years ago the hero suddenly became plagued by strange nightmares. 
He remember something about a strange woman in an old mansion of his youth days.
Willing to discover the truth, the hero goes with his girlfriend to this mansion in a raining night.
"Birdy Soft" tries to recreate the spirit of original game. For that we choose of two heroines as lovers and investigate rooms to reveal the mystery - game story changes a lot with different girl. And the gameplay is akin to it - we search items in the rooms in order to use them later. Scenario is of zero level of quality. Of course it's a nukige, but was still curious to know how this "sequel" is made. 


2. Yami-iro no Douwa 闇色の童話 [020802] Candle
Main characters goes together with his university circle members on a training trip to a pension resort. They finally reach the place but what dark things await them inside.
Guro utsuge horror with friends dying all the time. Development is often forced, so it will probably only suit those seeking horror.


3. First Kiss☆Story II ~Anata ga Iru Kara~ ファーストKiss☆物語II 〜あなたがいるから〜 [020808] HuneX 1
A domineering father demands that his son join him in the family business but junior has other plans. To escape the tyranny and familial obligations, the young man runs away and settles in Amagi City located in Fukuoka Prefecture where he grew up. Once there, he proceeds to reunite with girls from his childhood as well as acquaint himself with new female targets, er friends, which may lead to love.
It's a direct sequel with love line of Kana to be realized here, so now she can be officially treated as main heroine of prequel. It starts as a comedy and has serious development later.


4. Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi. ぼくらがここにいるふしぎ。 [020809] FlyingShine 1
Shinichi Manabe attends Seiryo High School. His father is a writer. 5 years ago, Shinichi went to see a mysterious mirage with Mio Fukamachi and Tamako Fujiomi. Mio is one year older than Shinichi and acts like his mother, while Tamako loves old samurai movies and likes to hug.
The mirage really was mysterious, and they had a lot of fun. However, a week later, Mio tries to save a cat but ends up being killed. Shinichi hasn't seen a mirage since that fateful day.
One day, Tamako and Shinichi suddenly encounter another mirage. Shinichi pulls Tamako into the dense fog. Shinichi soon realizes that he is with Mio, not Tamako. He also realizes that instead of Mio, Tamako is dead. He asks himself, "Am I in a different world?" Looking for further clues, he flips through his album and finds many pictures he doesn't even recognize. He's now convinced that this isn't his world
Scenario is written by the same person who wrote Lien and homerically funny Konoha Challenge, so that's an instant stamp of quality. Story is nothing new, but it feels deeply lyrical and funny thanks to numerous gags. Capture order is fixed and that allows to construct a story-centered narration. Don't expect a real masterpiece here, but Arakawa fans will like the game.


5. Mizu no Kakera みずのかけら [020809] Io
"Please... please help me..."
"Please... look..."
"Look for the shrine...'
The story tells about a hero who suddenly received a letter from his cousin to be invited to their home.
He hears a mysterious voice of a girl and follows it...
A mysterious legend and a hidden truth comes out when the heroes join the journey to remember something that was forgotten until now.
The resolution to this samurai legend mystery comes really fast. There are a lot of heartwarming scenes. Nostalgia rural story does not really touch any strings in my heart.


6. Ryouki no Ori Dai 4 Shou 猟奇の檻 第4章 [020809] Penguin Works
After joining the manga research club with impure motives due to its female members the protagonist is now convinced to accept a job as a volunteer security staff at a manga convention that is said to receive 500.000 people over 5 days.
But trouble starts happening. A fire is started at a stand, a threatning letter is delivered to stop the event and then things start to escalate...
Place is now Comiket, and cage no longer feels bizarre in the way that crimes are much milder now and mystery weaker. Lots of cuties and laughter this time. What remains unchanged is high difficulty level with all this travelling around lots of places.


7. SinsAbell ~Hi Gureshi Sora no Tooku~ SinsAbell~緋昏し空の遠く~ [020809] Studio Miris
A wave of witch hunting struck a peaceful town 400 years ago. Among the burned victims was one girl, but the same night everlasting fire covered the whole town in flames.
Main character comes from a family of a legendary demon hunter. He was attacked by the evil spirit in his childhood, and now he continues his hunt for demons. 
One day an unmanned train with all the passengers disappeared appears on the TV. Protagonist's magical sight detects a demon of unprecedented scale. He sees an image of all the passengers burnt alive  - yes, just like witch hunting. 
Adventure with battles made in 3D fighting mode. Either boy or girl can be chosen as main hero. Story is quite heavy and decadent as most of acquaintances get killed in the story process. Quite a scary experimental work who can get through the combos and fighting flow.


8. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ひぐらしのなく頃に [020810] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni takes place during June 1983, at a fictional rural village called Hinamizawa, which has a population of approximately 2000. The main character, Keiichi Maebara, moves to Hinamizawa and befriends his new classmates Rena Ryugu, Mion Sonozaki, Rika Furude, and Satoko Hojo. Keiichi joins their after-school club activities, which consist mostly of card and board games (and punishment games for the loser, usually him.) Hinamizawa appears to be a normal, peaceful, rural village to Keiichi. However, the tranquility abruptly ends after the annual Watanagashi Festival, a celebration to commemorate and give thanks to the local god, Oyashiro-sama. Keiichi learns that every year for the past four years, one person has been murdered and another has gone missing on the day of the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi himself soon becomes drawn into the strange events surrounding the Watanagashi Festival and Oyashiro-sama. In each story arc, he or one of his friends become paranoid, and a crime is committed. Usually, the crime involves the murder of one of their own friends. While it seems impossible to tell their delusions apart from the mystery of Hinamizawa, slowly the truth is revealed.
Game is localized and there are English reviews.


9. Memorial Song メモリアルソング [020822] Vridge Inc. 1 2
The protagonist, whose name is entered by the player, is a high-school student. This game is trying to show how a song can awaken the memories of the past and tie them together. The story opens as you listen to a song on a CD and start reminiscing events from the past... and of course, all the girls you met.
There is a bit information in English, and that's all you'd want to know about this game.


10. Crank In -Soushunfu- クランクイン-早春賦- [020823] Hotchkiss 1
Keita Amamiya's dream is to become a movie director, and he's now studying hard to enter college. One day, he finds an 8mm movie camera at a recycle shop, "Kaikodo ? Memories House," 
that he's always wanted. He asks the owner, Shino, to sell it to him, but she won't; it's not for sale. 
However, she informs him that she will give the camera to the person she likes most. He'll do anything for that camera, and he takes on a job at her store to impress her.
There's just one, small problem; his cousin Mami Sashibe has already been admitted to college, 
and she's helping him with his studies. If she finds out about his job, she's going to be pissed! 
Even worse, a girl in hunting clothes suddenly shows up at the store and tries to get the camera.
Will he ever get his dream camera? Don't forget that Mami will try her best to screw everything up between the two. How about the girl in hunting clothes; what about Shino!? You've got to play this game to find out!!!
Short cheap work with low production values, also borderline eroge.


11. Galaxy Angel ギャラクシーエンジェル [020823] Broccoli 1 2 3 4
Galaxy Angels are from the "Special Guardian Division" and they work closely with the "Imperial Special Guards" and the "Satellite Defense Teams". They are the guardians of the White Moon, the sacred planet of the Transbaal Empire, and the personal protectors of the White Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The story begins with Prince Eonia attempting a take over of the Transbaal Empire with the aid of the mysterious Black Moon, counterpart to the White Moon. To counter Prince Eonia, the Angel-tai along with their flagship the Elsior are placed in the hands of the kind and ever-capable Commander Takuto Meyers.
There are English reviews.


12. Kaze no Uta 風ノ唄 [020823] Milksoft 1
The story takes place in a small rural area around the seaside town called Sakuragi-cho. The protagonist returns from Tokyo to spend the summer in a town which brings him a lot of nostalgic memories. But after being absent for so long, unaware about the current events in the town, the summer vacations may not be so carefree and relaxing as you expect them to be.
Story is heavy and all girls have either health or mental problems. Scenario is thin and development monotonous.


13. Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- [020829] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Ever17 is the tale of seven individuals who come to be trapped 153 feet within the underwater marine theme park, LeMU. During an apparently normal day at the park, a massive accident happens, placing almost half of the facility underwater. The path to the surface and the communication lines are cut off. In addition, LeMU is under constant assault by severe water pressure, limiting time to find a means of escape to 119 hours. Escape is not the only concern, however; many questions arise as to the legitimacy of the accident and whether or not those trapped there were brought there for a purpose.
Game that does not need introduction - lots of reviews.


14. Aikagi ~Hidamari to Kanojo no Heyagi~ あいかぎ~ひだまりと彼女の部屋着~ [020830] F&C FC02
Takashi Murase lived an average live along his father but one day, he suddenly died in a car accident. Unable to live by himself, Takashi's homeroom teacher will start living in his house to take care of him - and her sister's joining this new family too! What will be of the three of them..?
Narrow view of the world, and same actions repeat over in over with cohabitation as main theme. Nothing special about this work.


15. Gonna Be?? Gonna Be?? [020830] Groover 1
The man is an agent for the ministry of research. No one knows his name, only his code name, "September." His main duties are spying overseas, but on return from an assignment, he is suddenly ordered to spy on students at an all-girls' school, "Akisui." He's not too happy about the situation, but orders are orders...
Disguised as "Shun Mishima," he becomes a teacher, where he runs into an ex-girlfriend who once betrayed him, "Miyuki Jinnai." She hands him a drug, and even though he's been burned by her before, he gulps it down... He changes into a "girl!!" She tells him, "You now have a free pass around the school..."
Why did the ministry send him to this all-girls' school anyway? With the ability to switch identities, will he be able to clear up the mystery at the school?
With their big hit, "Green-Green," Groover, will now try their hand at a "transsexual spy adventure" this summer. Many new innovations have been made to their system, and even the characters are more unique and interesting than their previous game!
Genre is self-defined as "Intrusive sex conversion spy adventure"? but in fact it's a complete bakage with weird characters. The story is single road with three consequent chapters, each with its own ending. Main character constantly changes from man to woman and each heroine has at least one H scene with him as a man and as a woman.


16. Gyakutama ぎゃくたま [020830] Discovery
Main character is always short for money since he's the only working member of the family after his mother death. He needs to pay the debt within a month or house will be taken for debts. He's very good in athletics, and because of that he gets a place at a super prestigious school. Since he can't get the money the proper way, he intends to get the money from naive rich ladies at school.
It's a very orthodox system. One month, three actions allowed per day and lots of girls to chase. Otherwise it's a normal moege with a comedy touch.


17. Himawari ひまわり [020830] Regrips
A small former mining village is almost fully destroyed by tsunami. Main character goes to teach in Tokyo, but eventually returns. He is greeted coldly by remaining villagers, and his heart shrinks even further. That is until he meets a girl.
Redundant system and scenario loopholes make reading painful. Three heroines stories look unrealistic.


18. Mizukabe みずかべ [020830] F&C FC01
Mizukabe is a direct sequel to one of the endings of the game Suigetsu. The game also includes wallpapers of Suigetsu.
Short game with straightforward scenario and just one heroine Nana for capture, but there also H scene for Kosaka sisters.


19. Re☆cycling Day's Re☆さいくりんぐDay’s [020830] Paprika
Main character is student who prepares for entrance exams. But he also has enough time to chase girls around him. Who will he live with during his college life?
A SIM game where girl choice depends on parameters value. Part-time jobs are also needed to buy physical strength items. Game's super boring because lack of events.




1. Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~ マーメイドの季節〜カーテンコール〜 [020801] Game Village 1
Curtain Call is a fan disc for the Mermaid no Kisetsu romance adventure visual novel. This fan disc includes many sub-scenarios as well as a prelude scenario that tells the story before the actual game happening, one week earlier to the events of the main game. In addition this game includes several voice dramas, a DJ mode with the main characters on air radio, a conversation mode where you can communicate with one of the four heroines, and a quiz mode with 900 questions related to the game in total. There is also a lot of bonus content including illustrations from various CG artists that worked on the game, CG modes showing event scenes from the main game, a bonus movie and scrollable artwork.


2. Choukou Tenshi Escalayer 超昂天使エスカレイヤー [020802] Alice Soft 1 2
One day, a girl transferred into Kyouhei Yanase's class: his childhood friend who moved away when they were young, Sayuka Kouenji. While Kyouhei was happy to see her again, Sayuka seemingly pretended that he didn't exist.
Just then, out of nowhere, the evil intergalactic empire Dai-Lust began their invasion of Earth!
Upon seeing their advance forces, Sayuka rushed into a nearby back alley, where Kyouhei, having chased after her, found her absorbed in masturbation. He was so taken aback by this that he yelled in surprise, and Sayuka, having noticed his presence, immediately screamed in orgasm before being enveloped by a dazzling light that transformed her into Earth's mightiest warrior: the angelic Escalayer!
With her transformation complete, Sayuka soon drove away the army of Dai-Lust.
Having returned home, baffled by what he had seen, Kyouhei found himself being greeted by a girl named Madoka, who claimed to be a robot living with Sayuka. Madoka went on to explain that Sayuka acquired the necessary energy to transform into Escalayer and drive away Dai-Lust only by experiencing sexual arousal.
"I'm begging you, please make my heart beat fast!" said Sayuka to Kyouhei... and so their days of sex and war began. Their goal? The total defeat of Dai-Lust!


3. Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble! 学園ヘヴン BOY'S LOVE SCRAMBLE! [020802] Spray
Ito Keita, an average high school boy, is surprised to receive an acceptance letter from the renowned Bell Liberty Academy.
After being involved in an accident (and luckily, surviving) on the day of his transfer, Keita finds himself among a variety of unique people... but what is Keita's "special ability"? Will he truly be accepted into this school full of elite students?
Boys Love


4. Imouto Bloomers ~Houkago no Kuikomi Lesson~ いもうとブルマ~放課後のくいこみレッスン~ [020802] Moe.
Main character's father remarries leaving protagonist to live with three cute sisters-in-law. Protagonist is going to know each sister better after classes in the gym.


5. Lovely Lovedoll ラブリー・ラブドール [020802] Escu:de
A huge box is delivered to main character's house. Insides is a sleeping girl. She is the latest model of love doll. It is protagonist's duty to test the product and help it develop.


6. Motto Muriyari! もっとムリヤリ! [020802] Sekilala 1
The protagonist is a management consultant called in to try and save a failing restaurant whose management has disappeared and left a lot of debt. Consequently he is rather aggressive both in trying to save the restaurant and with the 3 waitresses and floor manager who remain.


7. Tenjou Ura kara Ai o Komete 天井裏から愛をこめて [020802] Clione
Main character dreams of having a harem. One day he becomes an owner of a female-only apartment. There is a hidden passage to reach any room any time he wants. The daily effort to peek and observe in search of approach to each girl starts.


8. Heaven ~ Tobenai Tori HEAVEN〜飛べない鳥 [020805] ANGEL/BLOOD
Main character loses his parents one day in a traffic accident and barely survives himself. After a few years he returns to his home town and reunites with old friends. Will he remain shut in himself?
Boys Love


9. Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~ カフェ・リンドバーグ ~ぼくらの恋愛心理学2~ [020808] Ein
Cafe Lindbergh is a small restaurant famous for its tea, coffee, pastry, and sandwiches, and has become very popular by word-of-mouth for its atmosphere. The cafe is staffed by Itsuki, the master of the shop, Takumi, the cook, Tsukasa, a full-time waiter, and Shinya, a part-time waiter. A fifth employee Chihiro, is newly hired as another part-time waiter, and told on his first day to "Please fall in love." Watching day-to-day events unfold through the eyes of these five co-workers, will they find themselves falling in love?
Boys Love


10. L Shitai ne! Lしたいね! [020808] Unicorn-B
"Houshou High School".... famous for beautiful male students. The biggest event is a school festival, held in autumn. Every student looks forward to this event and works hard for it. "Love Season, Autumn", this is a love story among students and teachers.
Boys Love


11. Midara Ryuu 淫ら龍 [020809] Pinky Soft 1
Ikaru Dragio is the capital of the Dragion Empire. Rudin (or player's name) has just been awarded the rank of fighter, but he has no motivation at all. His parents are highly successful business executives, and they're now high-ranking government officials. Rudin is simply bored!
One day, as he's looking out the window to find a girl to pick up, he notices a hunter-type girl glaring at him. Rudin rushes toward the girl to pick a fight... Later, he learns that her name is Shalvina, visiting Dragion as an exchange hunter trainee. Rudin and Shalvina start quarreling, but soon witness the space next to them suddenly tear apart. A dying woman appears from the tear!! The woman appears to have been warped from somewhere, but she dies before she can explain everything.
The police arrive while Rudin and Shalvina are dazedly standing there and try to arrest them on murder charges. However, the tear opens up once again and traps Rudin and Shalvina inside. Both of them wake up in the middle of a prairie. How long have they been here? Where the hell are they? And so begins the mysterious adventure of Rudin and Shalvina...


12. Nukasero Nurse Hitozuma Joshikousei 抜かせろ ナース・人妻・女子校生 [020809]
Big park in a certain developed city. Main character likes to wander this park and assault women that are to his liking.


13. Onegai お願い [020809] Rouge
The main character is a very ordinary young man from a preparatory school. One day a pretty girl from the same class asks a huge "request" from him - to make love with her. As training goes on with every week secrets of the girl start to shop up. Mysterious organization preys on her, and balance should be executed in training to satisfy the organization and not to harm the girl.


14. Ryoujoku no Rensa 凌辱の連鎖 [020809] Black Package Try
A couple of men that own an adult video store has a plot to kidnap the daughter of a prominent man to rape her on video. They also target the mother. 
Will they succeed? How far can these lewd men get away with it? Who else will get involved?


15. Tajuu Ryoujoku 多重凌辱 [020809] My Hime
Main character falls in love with a beautiful woman who is worried about her dreams at a party. He keeps  thinking about this woman. One day intercom rings and that woman enters his place. She says she wants to be with him. They start to live together, but there is one secret about her...


16. Tenshi no Subako 天使の巣箱 [020809] Hanerom
"I awoke to a warm, fuzzy feeling.
The sun shining through the curtains caught my eye.
A normal morning in heaven, in the same bed I always sleep in.
But there's something different about me today."
Hisui, a 15-year-old angel, descended from heaven to find a partner to raise an angel's egg with.
In school, his senpais and classmates seem to have ulterior motives,
and he's accompanied by his annoying childhood friend, a kind priest, and even a demon...
Will Hisui be able to raise the egg properly and become a full-fledged angel?
Boys Love


17. Yuki Hotaru 雪蛍 [020809] Teatime 1 2
In this game, you control a successful doctor who left his quiet hometown for Tokyo. There, he had a successful career at the central hospital, which made him forget his past life in the province. But an inexplicable desire to return overcomes him, so he takes the next train to his hometown. He finds that many things have changed. Other people are living in his former house. His old lovers have a new life. Little children have turned into pretty young girls. But some people remember him, and not everyone is happy about him leaving the town and moving to Tokyo. Now, the doctor wants to establish good relationship with the female inhabitants of the town... which for him, can only mean one thing.


18. Houkago no Kaidan Karera no Sumu Basho 放課後の怪談 彼らの棲む場所 [020810] Ritz software
Asano Keita is trying to find out about the seven mysteries of the school. He goes around asking different people, including a senpai, kouhai, teachers, old friend/rival and others. Strange things start happening and new bonds are being formed. What kind of mysteries are waiting to be solved at this school?
Boys Love


19. Discode-1 Ijou Seiai DISCODE-1 異常性愛 [020811] Soft Circle Courreges
The player takes on the role of Kyouka, an everyday beautiful model student, with a lot of sexual desire build up in her heart.
Drenched in semen in the street and at the campus, it's a one improper deed after another!
The game takes place over a period of 14 days.
During that time, you can tempt your classmates, go to orgies, flirt with people in town, and lots of other fun erotic stuff!
Your three stats are "Power", "Subordination" and "Money".
A lot of events that will increase your stats or get you items will occur during the game.


20. Kinbaku Juurin ~Tojikome Rareta Omoi to Yokubou~ 緊縛蹂躙~閉じ込められた想いと欲望~ [020811] Tange Kentou Kurabu
GREEN RACCOON DOG is doujin release which includes the VN 緊縛蹂躙~閉じ込められた想いと欲望~, a gallery (pictures of the VN) and unassociated wallpapers.
Nukige doujin


21. Mahou Shoujo Ai Extra Story 魔法少女アイ ExtraStory [020811] Colors
In the center of the story is a period prior to Ai becoming a warrior including childhood encounter with protagonist of original game.


22. Red Fox [020811] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Main character sees his sister masturbating and approaches her in excitement.
Doujin nukige


23. Toriko 鳥篭 [020811] Soft Circle Courreges
Main character promised to marry a girl and after many years needs to train her as a maid for a month.


24. Two Shot Daisakusen 2 チューショット大作戦2 [020821] Kodomo no Koe
Erotic card game that starts with a kiss for the loosing side.


25. Buhi Gecchu~! 部費げっちゅ~! [020823] West Vision 1
The private school "Olive" is famous for its sports programs. Each team depends on the budget provided by the school budget committee.
Shinji Arisawa is a temporary auditor for the budget department. Team managers ask him to increase their budgets with "erotic" persuasion. 
Will they make him happy enough to get their desired increases?


26. Discovery Climax 2001 ディスカバリークライマックス2001 [020823] Discovery
Collection of data from:
Tsuma x Tsuma ~Koko wa Hitozuma Paradise!~
Tsuma x Tsuma 2 ~Motto! Hitozuma Paradise~
Twins 2 -Ren'ai Miman-
This is NOT a visual novel and should be expelled from vndb


27. From the Darkness ~Injuu Genmu~ from The Darkness ~淫獣幻夢~ [020823] Ringerbell
A collection of four stories:
1. 「一ノ瀬と如月の秘密登場」
2. 「岡本瞳~図書室にて~」
3. 「藤沢弥生の体験」
4. 「小早川里美~契約~」
Nukige anthology


28. Miwaku no Hitori Zuma 魅惑の独り妻 [020823] Chiffon 1
Our nerdy hero has a dream... It must be a dream; real life just isn't this easy! 
One day, he finds that a young, beautiful married woman has moved in next door. Full of curiosity, he tries to eavesdrop on her activities through the wall... When he hears her erotic moaning, he realizes she's masturbating! A young, beautiful wife masturbating inches away from him... Our hero quickly loses patience and begins to peep in...


29. Momoko-chan for Me R Gaiden ~Yubiwa ni Kometa Omoi~ ももこちゃんfor Me R 外伝 ~指輪にこめた想い~ [020823] Ume Soft
Main character is a doctor is a doctor who finally is going to propose to his assistant nurse Momoko. He buys a ring, but it disappears. He gets upset, but starts to think that maybe it's a sign not to get bonded with just one person.


30. Plastic Boys ~Mizuiro no Kimochi~ Plastic Boys ~水色のキモチ~ [020823] Gaia
Main character is a slightly introverted student who studies to prepare for the exam. He is surrounded by foreign students, twins and such unusual things like android. Looks like he won't be able to study in peace.
Boys Love


31. Private Garden 3 プライベートガーデン3 [020823] Tetratech
There is a puzzle part an a novel part for each girl that appears.


32. Slapstick すらっぷスティック [020823] Prima 1
When he was a student, Seiji Hibiki had a younger sister, Saori, who died because of a serious disease. Heartbroken, he left his city to study abroad. 
Years later, he comes back as a teacher in training. In a new catholic school he discovers that one of his students is his cousin SAORI, who looks exactly like his deceased younger sister. They even have the same name, written with different kanjis.
He meets another student, Kiriko, who dislikes him because of something that happened between him and her mother, the widow KIRIKO. (same name, different kanjis)
One day he meets the funny nun Maria, too, and at night he's stalked by a strange miko girl, MARIA. 
What mystery these strange girls are hiding?


33. Date Connection デートコネクション [020824] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Ryoma x Tezuka fan game.
Fandisc Boys Love


34. Celestine ~Hikari to Kage to Uchuu Kaizoku~ セレスティン~光と影と宇宙海賊~ [020830] Marine Heart
One day a space pirate raids the Federal Government Base and kidnaps a young high official.
Will he escape from the pirate or change sides?
Boys Love


35. Delicious Lunch Pack Neo DeliciousらんちぱっくNEO [020830] Scoop
Remake of Delicious Lunch Pack with the same stories, but with redone graphics. The choices for the second and third stories are different.
NOT an individual visual novel, just remake that should be merged in vndb


36. Devote 2 Ikenai Houkago DEVOTE2 いけない放課後 [020830] 13cm
One day, a group of five female students suddenly say to Tetsuya, "You can do whatever you want to us after school." At first, he doesn't know what to say. But he has sex with them, and each time things get gradually bolder and bolder...


37. Discipline -The Record of a Crusade- DISCIPLINE -The Record of a Crusade- [020830] Active 1 2 3 4 5
Takuro Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St. Arcadia, and his once-normal life immediately takes a troublesome turn. After his innocence is stripped away by strange dorm mates, a nagging two-faced friend, a nymphomaniac teacher and several corrupted sports clubs he fears that things can't get any worse. That is, until he meets the sadistic heiress Leona Morimoto...
Will he fall pray to Leona and her perverted minions?


38. Hijoushiki ~Kairaku wa Soko ni Aru~ 非常識 ~快楽はそこにある~ [020830] Puchi Ankh
Main character is an average office worker who lives happily with his wife and daughter. However, he gets a lot of stress at work and no excitement at home. One day he delivers documents to another company and witnesses its female boss masturbating. Something turns in his mind and he becomes obsessed with indecent behavior. 


39. Itazura Hime いたずら姫 [020830] Fairytale
Main characters gets instructions in the net how to track and grasp weaknesses of girls. He needs to get in contact with a girl, gain her trust and cheat her to perform indecent action.


40. Pigeon Blood [020830] Abogado Powers 1
Hidden in a forest lies an extravagant residence. It is owned by our protagonist, known only as Chris. Chris is the latest in a family line of sex-slave trainers. His latest acquisition, a girl named Rita, is to be completely trained within six months. Our hero is also a bit of an enigma, for he has actually lost most of his memories. However, as the training of Rita continues, he begins to slowly piece together the fragmented events of his life. Chris will occasionally get help from his two assistants; conveniently each of them embodying either 


41. Shitsuraku no Miko 失楽の神女 [020830] MBS Truth
While on his very rare visits to his unsupportive father’s grave, our hero glimpses a “phantom girl” whom he recalls faintly in dreams that he has had. Half freaked out and passing it off as late-night delusions; he heads home and tries to continue his peaceful college days. However, now the ethereal woman seems to have followed him home. She introduces herself as Raine, and it appears that our hero is the only person who can see her. While trying to come to terms with her existence, the two beings begin to live together. Of course this soon means that his peaceful days are at an end as the landlady, her daughter, the grave keeper, a professor, and several others begin prying into his new life. Just who the hell is Raine?!


42. Shoujo Ningyou ~Ai to Shiiku no Hibi~ 少女人形~愛と飼育の日々~ [020830] Puchi Devil 1
One day, our hero happens to cause an accident and a girl loses her memory. Afraid of the situation going public, he takes her to his house and hides her in his room. This is how they begin living together. 
There is only way for her to regain her memory: sleep with her and make her cum! Will our hero be successful in helping the girl retrieve her memory?
Puchi Devil's latest title is a sex training simulation game, which is about the strange life of a shy boy and a girl who has lost her memory. 
The goal is to bring back the girl's memory. The only way to achieve this goal is to make her cum.
The game consists of two parts: "living together" and "sex training." The game will advance with each part influencing the other.
When you first start the game, the heroine is virgin. Be patient and develop the innocent girl little by little!


43. Suit o Nuida ato... スーツを脱いだあと… [020830] Recipie
Fujimura Takato is an advertising agent in his early 20's. Unfortunately, when he goes to work, he's surrounded by horny men who want to drag him to bed after a hard day's work.
Boys Love


44. Duolith [0208]  Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing
Network of all states stops to function today at 3 AM. Third Section of the Public Security Agency is assigned to investigate this act, supposedly of terrorist nature. Agency summons various persons suspected of terrorism. Main character needs to question them and try to find out the truth behind it. 

Foreword: RSR is the last big game of Sogna. I can't pass without saying farewell.

Title: Viper-RSR

Developer: Sogna

Date: 2002-07-31

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v970

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsrmSBbNUMM


Synopsis: A game that blends old school dungeon crawling along with animated cutscenes.

It is a dark age in the kingdom of Alitalia. Monsters ransack cities, slaughtering the men and taking the women as their slaves. Four adventurers set out to end the rampages...

Structure: 8 chapters 

Length: 3 hours.

Game type: Fantasy

Difficulty: None

Character Design rating: 10/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 3/10

Game quality: 8/10

Overall rating: 7/10


RSR is not a good game per se. RPG part is non-existing, purely decorational. Story is quite simple, without much fancy and with usual Sogna motives. So why is it different from all its previous big games?

RSR is revolutionary in the amount of efforts needed to reach animated H scenes - here it's done by introducing a map and characters moving through it very slowly while triggering hundreds of random fights, literally a fight each few steps.


Game is blamed for too high price of 9800 yen, too long time in development (it was planned to be released in 1999 and then was postponed many times - and it's the last game in Japanese game history to be released on diskettes as well with the number being 42 if I recall correctly), too short H scenes, absence of pure love scenes.

But what does it really shine for? First is main heroine Cala. She's the most sexy heroine ever created. For me that's a given, and can't be changed.


Secondly, only this game managed to raise monster insult appeal to the highs not yet imaginable. I do not know whether it's inner censor or lack of skill to blame, but there is no work in the whole genre even comparable to RSR.

I mentioned that story is weak, but what I liked is that story does not end with Cala saved. Story goes on to save princess Julieta. And I especially liked that the ending is orthodox viper, not like an ending everyone else would have.

So it's a contradictory game, but with battles cut it becomes the legendary eroge that changed history for me.



Viper-RSR is the only masterpiece of the month

1. Psychicer Mimi サイキッカー美々 [020705] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Main character is a genius young man. One day he has his psychic powers awoken in front of a female classmate. She agrees to help him train these powers with a series of exercises, but others think of them as usual lovers. Strange incidents start to happen at school - is it possible to investigate them with newly acquired powers?
Training is a form of H. There are three fields of supernatural studies, and investigation of the incidents depends on what power is mastered. Borderline half-baked game.


2. Shiroi Kiseki ~White Spur~ 白い軌跡 ~White Spur ~ [020705] Modern Times
Main character starts to live alone to attend a university in Tokyo. However, his mother asks his childhood friend who came to Tokyo one year earlier to take care of protagonist. When protagonist sets to go to a snowboard training camp, his childhood friend volunteers to accompany him.
It's a game with "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" ski courses, so players are supposed to start over and over. But - luckily - they can't because of a critical bug that prevents reaching ending. Cool times.


3. Shirotsume Souwa -Episode of the Clovers- 白詰草話 -EPISODE OF THE CLOVERS- [020705] Littlewitch 1
Tokyo, year 2008. 
There is a mysterious group that experts from various fields gather. And Souji is the most outstanding researcher in the group, who researches about combat androids. He has produced three androids, Ema, Sayu and Toka. They adore Souji, and live a peaceful life. But one day, combat robots invade into his laboratory, and the battle to the end starts....
There is an English review.


4. Soukoku no Tsuki ~Aoku Kagayaku Tsuki no Yoru ni...~ 蒼刻の月~蒼ク輝ク月ノ夜ニ・・・~ [020705] Sight
Main character's parents die in a traffic accident, and he is invited to stay at his grandfather's place. One day girls arrive to live in the same mansion. Girls have the same circumstances as protagonist and, according to grandfather, are invited to live as protagonist's wife candidates.
This supposedly nice game has zero Japanese impressions, because zero originality moege from an unknown company can not be a nice game.


5. Alfred Gakuen Mamono Daitai アルフレッド学園魔物大隊 [020712] SofthouseChara
The protagonist is a resident of devil's world and wanted to became a teacher.
He finally managed to became a teacher and started teaching at Alfred Academy while living inside its night duty room. However, various mysterious cases started appearing one-by-one inside the academy, and he couldn't get a peaceful sleep. The source of this is that the academy is unnaturally overflowing with magic power. He called his subordinates from the devil's world and ordered them to recover the overflowing magic power. He feels the need to defend his position as a teacher.
Will he be able to resolve the mysterious cases while still remaining as a teacher?
Simulation game from Softhouse Chara.
Defend the academy at night, scare and exorcise the evil spirits that's possessing your students.
SofthouseChara keeps making weird mix of genre games. I need at least a normal RPG or tactical strategy to look into it.


6. Silvern ~Gin no Tsuki, Mayoi no Mori~ Silvern ~銀の月、迷いの森~ [020712] G-clef
Main character admires manly men, because he is often take for a slender a cute girl. He gets a job of female dormitory caretaker for a week by mistake. How will this week go?
New scenarios show up after each clear. First part is comical, second - serious. Scenario is inconsistent. Did you expect of trap moege something better?


7. Kamaitachi no Yoru 2 ~Kangokujima no Warabe Uta~ かまいたちの夜2 ~監獄島のわらべ唄~ [020718] Chunsoft 1 2
Abiko Takemaru, the creator of "Kamaitachi no Yoru" decides to invite all of the people he has based his characters on to his mansion on the otherwise deserted island of Mikadzuki. When they arrive they find themselves stuck on the island with their host inexplicably missing and an unknown culprit hunting down people according to an old song.
There is an English review.


8. Guren Tenshou -Shura- 紅蓮天衝―修羅― [020719] Zone 1
Guren Tenshou: Shura continues directly from where the original Guren ended. After the fateful battle with Yasha, a new threat appears: a blond young man who has apparently come from another time. Lee Rekka and his girl-only Guren brigade (now fully assembled) have to figure out why and how such a man ended up in medieval Japan, defeating more demons on the way.
Despite being a direct sequel story-wise, the gameplay in Shura has been greatly simplified, to the extent of not being a RPG any more. There are still turn-based battles, but they occur only against "boss" enemies, when the story dictates it, and involve little strategy but choosing the strongest attacks for all the characters. There are no experience points, no equipment, no items, and even no movement of any kind in the game - it just takes the player from place to place, allowing him only to click on the only available location on the map and occasionally slightly branch the story by making a decision.
Scenario was not a strong point of Guren, and now it's even more obvious when RPG part is excluded. Noone took responsibility for the scenario, because it's just a scam - full of inconsistencies and bad moves. It's also surprising that only 3 out of 5 heroines have H events. Game is sometimes called the main kusoge of 2002.


9. Kikou Juu Yuushi Sakigake 機甲銃勇士サキガケ [020719] Digital Monkey
22nd century. Global self-defense organization "the Outer Space Defense Force" is launched. 
Main character is its officer. He leads a happy yet slightly boring everyday life, but everything changes with the assault of unidentified "Seeker". By chance he takes command over battleship and starts his crusade.
There's strategy part and tactical land battles. Difficulty is moderate and can be lowered. Scenario is usual anime stuff. Some heroines can't be captured without latest patch.


10. Tantei Shounen A 探偵少年A [020719]  Foster 1
Many people are in trouble in the big city. "Shirokuma Investigations" set up office here years ago, and it has helped numerous people with their problems.
Akira is a student. He admires his energetic aunt, who runs "Shirokuma Investigations," and he's learned a lot from her. One day, his aunt suddenly disappears, leaving behind a note, "I'm going on a trip. Akira, please take care of my business." Suddenly, he's become the head manager in the investigation office!
With the assistance of two cute girls, Akira manages to solve cases. Will he be able to become a full-fledged investigator, in whom his aunt would be proud of? What kind of cases will he and his assistants encounter?
Game only takes 10 days, and there's small volume. The number of H events is high as usual, some 20 while the overall number of CG is just 65.


11. Aoi Umi no Tristia 蒼い海のトリスティア [020720] Kogado Studio 1
Tristia was a beautiful seaside town which slowly fell to ruin and dilapidation, following the invasion of the dragon ten years ago. The people of the town tried rebuilding the city in the hopes of attaining its former glory, but they failed. Hopeless, the people decided to send for Prospero Flanca, a legendary inventor who was well-known for revivifying many cities that were dying out. They received an answer from Prospero, but to their confusion, it was a girl who arrived to the port of the town. That girl was Nanoca, Prospero's granddaugther, and she is the one who was assigned to do the renovation project.
There is an English review


12. Rhythmic Rev リズミック・レヴ [020725] Extreme 1
The hero of this story was a former champion of the RRGP125cc class. He moved onto the 500cc, but suffered a serious accident that took him out of racing. Still having a passion for the sport, he now happily works as a motor sports journalist. RRGP stands for “Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix”…Yeah there are a few letters missing in that anagram. In any case, it’s a motorcycle race, and he’s been covering/supervising an all-girl race team on their way to the final race. They are actually a sub-division of his old race team that helped him win his races before the accident. They go by the name of “Brain Palette Junior Team” (don’t ask me where “brain palette” came from *shrugs*), and they’re staffed by many a hottie. Will these ladies be able to achieve what he could not?
AVG with three branches, each for two heroines. Six heroines overall. Polygons used to show race in order not to feel bored. Heroines lack personality.


13. Blue [020726] Caramel Box
The protagonist was a star basketball player, looking forward to a bright future as a sportsman.
But then he injures his right knee and the doctor's diagnosis turns out to be for him to refrain from hard exercise.
Two years later he has overcome the odds and partially recovered, once again being able to play basketball.
Even so, because of his measly height he isn't able to pursue a career in the sport he loves.
He regrets nothing and continues to attend school, hanging out with his friends.
What will happen the first summer he spends since quitting basketball...?
Six heroines with most being weak. Atmosphere is relaxed and overall pleasant. Quitting basketball depiction takes a lot of game time, but it's hardly relevant at all for the course of the game. Love comes suddenly, same as drama.


14. Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi 2 ~Softball Hen~ コートの中の天使達2~ソフトボール編~ [020726] Pinpai
Main character is a gentle-minded lecturer who is ordered to supervise "Woman Softball Club" immediately after his arrival. He has to deal with withdrawal of almost all members after last coach spring training camp incident. Is restoring such club even possible?
AVG + raising SIM. Special training and games increase the bond. It's time to let franchise rest in peace already.


15. Ebenbourg no Kaze エーベンブルグの風 [020726] Studio e.go! 1
Claude was a poor scholar living in England, but is called back to become the Lord of Ronsard by a counselor known as Sophie. Claude's life begins anew with the fate of the city in his hands. But the exiled former lord Eric wants his power back and plans to assassinate Claude.
At his new home, Claude meets the lovely maid of the mansion, Mylene.
There is an English review.


16. Knot ~Kizuna no Mahou~ knot~絆の魔法~ [020726] feng
Main character became director of "The Study Group on Magic" school club. He needs to figure out why "magic" begins to intervene in this world.
It's a normal charage with the exception of mechanism of paranormal activity used in the later part of each route. When heroine is chosen, it goes down the single road. Climax comes too suddenly after series of everyday life scenes. So it's a moege without a normal story.


17. Mist -Second Edition- MiST-second edition- [020726] Regrips
Main character goes out on a trip with his five friends during summer vacations. In this picturesque mountain landscape he gets to know many secrets about his friends.
System is poor. There are three heroines with individual routes, but only main heroine route is somewhat impressive.


18. Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen. 娘³動物園~むすめさんじょう!!どうぶつえん。~ [020726] Panda House
Main character loses parents, but inherits a zoo after them. Soon he finds three cradles with girls on his doorstep. Girls grow up and help around the zoo even under constant danger of its closure.
Mostly a comedy with some incest vibe ("father" in H events).


19. PRIMO ~Amore e l'ordine di arrivo?~ PRIMO ~Amore e l'ordine di arrivo?~ [020726] Active 1
Takuma Hasebe is really unlucky! He loses his parents in an accident and his grandparents end up taking care of him. This might be a common tragic story, but it's not over yet! Even worse, his grandparents pass away! 
Fortunately, his lawyer informs him that a really nice person wants to adopt him. Of course, he takes up the offer. His new guardian is Grandma Machiyo. He enters Kuregashi School and finds out that Grandma Machiyo is a director at the school! 
One day, he asks her, "Why did you adopt me?" but she just says, "Don't worry." Full of anxiety, he ends up being the manager of the school. The job sucks; he's just a janitor! 
His busy schedule of school life and managing the school begins... 
There are three months to trigger all kinds of events as a classmate and as a janitor. Game's very short. There are large chunks of text common for multiple heroines. Only couple heartwarming heroines save the game to some extent.


20. Senkou Yuugeki Oukatai Yuri ~Denshi no Seirei-tachi~ 先攻遊撃桜花隊・YURI~電子の聖霊たち~ [020726] Ape & Frog
Continent is a battlefield between states. 
Alliance Forces defeat Imperial forces in decisive battle. Imperial army girl trained in secret arts becomes the last trump card for disjointed forces.
Training SIM, strategy, rpg-like growth and probably more. Story is attractive to some extent, but still weak. Rough system and bugs deteriorate the impression.


21. Sultan ~The Lovesong is Forever~ [020726] light 1
In a semi-fantasy world set in a sort of medieval time; our protagonist grew with his siblings and friends after their parents died. After many years surviving on the streets, they are met by a couple of people of soldiers who take them straight to the king. The king, upon reviewing them, tells our hero that he’ll be next in line to succeed the throne! It turns out the hero is the old man’s lost grandchild. Now the royal court is either up in arms about the new prince or frantically trying to find him a suitable candidate to be the future princess. Who of the lovely ladies will be chosen by you--or will you pick his childhood friend?
Good dialogues, but scenario is just ordinary court romance without originality. Since it's a charage, some girls are just better than the others. 


22. Sumeragi no Miko-tachi すめらぎの巫女たち [020726] D.O. 1
Tokyo, year 35 Taisho era. 
The organisation "Fuuma", established to maintain peace in the mortal realm, becomes aware of an aberration borne into the world. The evil god who once led a great army into battle with the holy gods but was thought to be defeated has revived once again. The identity of the reincarnated evil god's vessel is...
The protagonist Kitagawa Daisuke, an otherwise ordinary young man is abducted by a beautiful girl Kuroba Saya who then has sexual intercourse with him, which awakens Daisuke regarding his status as the evil god's incarnation as well as his abilities. Saya pleads with the awakened Daisuke to join her in crushing Fuuma, the holy god's shock troops. Now the millennia-old battle between light and darkness is about to reach a decisive conclusion
7 episodes with 5 being common route and the rest branching off to "god", "human" and "truth" routes. RPG part is unbalanced. Sumeragi looks up to Sakura Wars, but manages to create a thrilling story that's highly recommended for RPG enthusiasts.


23. Unicchi! ~Weenie Witches~ うにっち! ~Weenie Witches~ [020726] Tactics
Fokrim Magic Academy studies magic for over 100 years. One spring day President Rivade-Fokrim dies, and lots of teachers and students leave academy afterwards. Only director's widow and three poor female students stay. Protagonist becomes teacher for these girls.
Raising SIM with the period of one year. How come this genre is not dead yet...


24. Viper-RSR Viper-RSR [020731] Sogna
A game that blends old school dungeon crawling along with animated cutscenes.
It is a dark age in the kingdom of Alitalia. Monsters ransack cities, slaughtering the men and taking the women as their slaves. Four adventurers set out to end the rampages...
For me and many others this game is the last farewell of the ancient era of visual novels. The highest Sogna masterpiece still makes breath stop in awe. I can't miss such opportunity to say farewell to the legend with a gratitude review.




1. Natsu no Hi no Resonance 夏の日のレザナンス [020701] Kagura Saitoh 1
A delicate tale of coming-of-age, with cell phones, and friends in far-off places, and the first blush of unrequited love ...


2. Ikihaji@ -Haha Ane Imouto no M Lesson- 生恥@-母・姉・妹のMレッスン- [020705] BOM
Main character notices that his family is addicted to dating sites. So he joins such site in order to drown them into the world of lewdness.


3. Onna Kyoushi -Nikutai Jugyou- 女教師 -肉体授業- [020705] Guilty 1
Misaki Nagasawa is assigned as a new teacher for the new school term. She witnesses one of her colleagues being raped by one of the schoolboys. Misaki is also nearly raped; Yukie the school nurse saves her. An honor student named KIYA, protects her from perverts on the train. Both KIYA and Yukie provide her with moral support. One day, Misaki finds TAKAYA calling her name out while masturbating. KIYA ends up confessing his true feelings for her. Will his love for her mature into anything? What will become of Misaki's future as a teacher?
In sensual novel circles, this female teacher game is really becoming popular. During the course of the semester, this new teacher is molested in every way possible. The story depicts how this young woman grows through her tribulations. The game is set up with Misaki as the heroine. Through a third person narration, this story develops into a truly sensual novel. 


4. Shura no Fude ~Kyouki ga Ai ni Kawaru Toki~ 修羅の筆 ~狂気が愛に変わるとき~ [020705] Marine Heart
A popular novelist discovers he can cure his writer's block by unleashing his sadistic side.
Boys Love


5. Gakeppuchi Kakeibo 崖っプチ家計簿 [020712] Waffle
Main character works at a company that goes bankrupt. In order to provide for his three cousins and sisters he needs a quick solution - he decides to win a mahjong tournament. 
Card game


6. Nakanai Tsuki 泣カナイ月 [020712] Vega
With mother remarriage, main heroine starts to feel more and more lonely. She runs from the house to his new brother-in-law apartment. Soon they become lovers. But happy days do not last forever. Human desires break the peaceful life. Can heroine be happy?


7. Shimai Soukan ~Kindan no Kakeizu~ 姉妹相姦~禁断の家計図~ [020712] Analog Factory
Shunsuke Kobayashi live with his imouto Mayu at their parents home, while his elder sister Natsumi live with his husband, the rich heir Kimishima Yohey and Yohey younger sister Yoko.
Indebted after the death of both parents in an accident, Shunsuke and Mayu where asked to move to Yohei mansion, Natsumi seem to be worried for that but Shunsuke accept and move in with the help of his girlfriend and classmate, the fatherless Yuki Kawai; at the dinner Yohei tell everyone "Never enter to the room at the ground", but it's clearly a invite to enter.
And in the evening Shunsuke hear moaning from that room; "That's normal because Yohei and Natsume are married" but he can't restrain to peek and see Yohei having sex with his own sister Yoko.
In that moment Natsume came from the back and introduce Shunsuke to the room and undress; but Yohei treat Natsume like a toy, having her masturbate, drink his pee and give a blowjob to the terrified Shunsuke.
It seem that Natsume in past gave sex services in a soapland to pay same debt, and there killed a man that was threatening her, Yohei blackmailed and married her, and turned her in to a masochist, also that man she killed was....
Now Yohei want to involve Shunsuke as his companion in this crazy sex life.


8. Pokopoko Imouto 2 ぽこぽこ妹2 [020713] Soft Circle Courreges
Play sensual game with sister and enjoy various situations in school and at home.


9. Boku no Atarashii Sensei 僕のあたらしい先生 [020719] Guilty 1
Takao Nanase is a senior at a well-known high school. It's Friday, and he has his eyes on the new English teacher, Michiko Utsumi. Takao gets his friend Tsuyoshi Mishima to take pictures of her in leotards. Takao is obsessed with her looks.
He returns home, where his cousin Miho greets him. She tries to seduce him, but with Michiko on his mind he ignores her.
Tsuyoshi is secretly in love with Sana Dojima. A few days later, he follows her and learns an amazing secret! He discovers that Sana and Michiko are lesbians and are really hot on each other. Michiko also has her eyes on Takao as a new pet.
One day, while Michiko and Takao are alone together after school, she seduces him. Later, Miho calls and asks him to come home. As he enters the house, Miho confesses her infatuation towards him. His stalwart reasoning begins to crumble.
Tsuyoshi gives Takao a key to the girls' locker room. Takao goes in, finds Michiko's panties, and starts masturbating with them. Michiko walks in and finds him in the middle of the act. She yells at him, but he confesses his love for her and begs for mercy. Surprisingly enough, she accepts him and their days of carnal pleasure begin.
A few days later, Sana tells Takao that he is simply a pet for Michiko. Takao bursts into rage and questions Michiko. He later finds out about her relationship with the chairman of the school board and?
Where is this story going? Just how will these love-crazed fiends end up?


10. From M [020719] Black Rainbow
The main character starts working at a hospital as a security officer. Thanks to his friend from college, the director of the hospital. But his life changes when he meets Murakoshi, a doctor....


11. Sakura Kikou ~Dorei Choukyou~ サクラ紀行~奴隷調教~ [020719] Triangle
Main character attends literary arts club. The whole club goes to hot springs resort. He intends to make all the girls his slaves during the trip. But he can't risk with half-baked crime - he needs to go all way through with as many girls as possible under limited time conditions.


12. Shi Shi Syndrome しーしーしんどろーむ [020719] Yamikumo-Communications 1
Toya Hayami works as an art teacher at a prestigious school. However, Toya and his art lessons are looked upon coldly because the school is just too busy with students cramming for tests.
One day, Toya becomes close to the school idle Sayuri and invites her to his studio. A few days later, Toya is suddenly laid off because people have spread rumors about his relationship with Sayuri. Needless to say, Toya is depressed and furious about the treatment and begins to take out his frustrations on Sayuri and his successor, Noriko...
The player will become the despairing art teacher and violate the girl who used to adore him. He will also get his kicks out of raping the female teacher who has replaced him with a bunch of sexual tools.


13. Tain Shoukougun 多淫症候群 [020719] TinkerBell Nanigashigumi
Main heroine is a college student who performs indecent acts as a hobby. She repeats actions seen in adult magazines.


14. Cage ~Toraware no Kioku~ Cage ~囚われの記録~ [020726] May-Be Soft
Near-future women-only prison facility. Main character works as inspector here. He tries to facilitate prisoners corrention and regain memory lost after fire accident. He investigates insult incident in prison and finds out illegal underground facility and mysterious drug use.


15. Gakuen ~Nerawareta Chitai~ 学艶 ~狙われた痴態~ [020726] Riddle Soft
Main character belongs to the photography club. One day he receives a news of a cute foreign student girl coming to this school. He starts to burn with desire to make her his own no matter what means it takes. 


16. Garasu no Yakata ~Kimi ga Inai Yoru~ 硝子の館~キミがいない夜~ [020726] Liddell
Your car breaks down in the middle of the woods, and you and your girlfriend find shelter at a remote mansion.


17. H ~Itsuka Tadoritsuketa Ano Basho~ H ~いつかたどりつけた場所~ [020726] F&C FC01
Main character injuries his food during club activities. He is forbidden to run, so he spends days in frustration. At that time childhood friend approaches to comfort him. Protagonist does not mind, and dark passion pierces his stagnant heart.


18. Kojin Taxi 3 股人タクシー3 [020726] Xuse
This time protagonist is a pure villain. He kidnaps girls using fake taxi and confines them in the basement of his house. What's the fate of six girls unlucky enough to get on his way?


19. Oshiete Goshujin-sama! 教えてご主人様ぁッ! [020726] Studio Tako
Main character sees an advertisement of a new maid android version and makes an order. As manual says, maid can perform all human functions with the only difference that she can't age or die.


20. Owari naki Maid-tachi no Yoru 終わりなきメイド達の夜 [020726] Crowd 1 2
Our hero is the son of a district lord. His dad is a greedy and arrogant playboy. 
His mom is from a good family, but she gets fed up with his dad and runs away. 
Even now, his dad's attitude doesn't change. Our hero vows never to become like him.
Upon entering an elite private school, our hero finally gets to move out of the house, away from his dad! Before he even graduates, his father passes away; there aren't many tears shed. He receives a letter of appointment to be the new lord of the now vacant district.
Childhood friends, classmates and maids are waiting for him. He now has the power to control all of them!


21. Shucchou♪ Shirogane Gakuen Maid-bu 出張♪しろがね学園メイド部 [020726] Aqua House
Maid club had to dissolve when one of its three members quit it. But now there's an energetic newcomer whose presence allows to revive the club. Club does "field training" activities with all school's boys as customers.


22. Silent Moon [020726] Swallowtail
Rock band "Black Teresa" loses vocalist just before its debut. There is a talented vocalist around who refuses to cooperate, but time and effort can help to change his attitude.
Boys Love


23. Silver Chaos [020726] Vivid Color
The story of Silver Chaos is set in an hypothetical fantasy role-playing game world, which once was menaced by a cruel demonic entity called Hadeus. The terrible war which followed had left many orphans, and one of them is Might. Raised up without his parents, with the only company of his older friend Adonis (another orphan), Might became an ambitious teenager training for his dream to become a soldier of the royal army. One day, though, Might found himself terribly wounded after falling off of a cliff while training. Adonis, who loved Might over anything else, used a forbidden dark spell to save his life. So Might's life was saved... but Adonis mysteriously disappeared.
Might will then go on a quest to find out what has happened to his beloved Adonis, meeting a rather wide range of handsome characters – each one with a peculiar personality – who will either join him in his quest or become an obstacle to it. The player, after making the appropriate choices, will be able to pair up the protagonist with one of the characters he will meet.
Boys Love


24. Tanpopo ~Everything Nice~ たんぽぽ~Everything Nice~ [020726] Ichigo Milk 1
Our hero belongs to a volunteer club at his school. He enjoys the club activities with his friends, however misfortune strikes them, and they start having sex in order to comfort each other...
This is the newest adventure game from Ichigo Milk, the company responsible for the acclaimed adventure game "Close2U," back in June of 2000. The serious yet warm story depicts four heroines going through a variety of ordeals in search of happiness. Come and experience their sentimental journeys and help them find what they're looking for!!


25. Yakin Jantou 夜勤雀棟 [020726] Mink 1
This game is another mahjong-tournament. 
In the story-mode player takes role of the doctor of the original game and challenges all nurses of the hospital in a strip-mahjong tournament.
The game offers also a single or multiplayer option for playing against characters without strip element or against other players by LAN.
Card game nukige


26. Ojou-sama no Himitsu! お嬢様のヒミツ! [020727] Sol-fa-soft
Little lady does various challenges to kill time.
Doggy play on physical examination, and of course exposure.
■ Episode 1 "Dad and Ojou-sama"
Ayana's dad returned to the residence, where Ayana lives, after a long absence. While checking Ayana's growth, they play with a souvenir.
■ Episode 2 "Maid and Ojou-sama"
Ayana was brought to the river by the maid Takagi and the latter suddenly goes missing.
■ Episode 3 "Visitors and Ojou-sama"
Ayana is alone in the garden, and has started playing with herself. Visitors to the mansion also want to play with her.
Anthology nukige


27. Manatsu no Tobira 真夏の扉 [020731] Dennou Oroshidonya
Main character has a wrote a story book to read for his ill sister Nanami. Today sister is totally healthy already and protagonist approaches graduation. One day Nanami brings unfinished continuation of that story book. When did you stop creating? When did you forget how to dream? With that feeling new brave world starts for main character.  

Foreword: I was wondering what FC experimental branch (Dreamsoft) was capable of. Synopsis is quite fantasy-ish and girls with katana are featured, so I'm sold here.

Title: Asa no Konai Yoru ni Dakarete -Eternal Night-

Developer: DreamSoft

Date: 2002-06-28

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v1205

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooV-q4jSD9A&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-k2sH-Gg8wOnLUF96lDXAB


Synopsis: Main character dates his childhood friend. Days pass happily till a deformed body appears from the "gate of the other world" and kills childhood friend. Protagonists makes a contract with the evil god to revive her, but it's only beginning of the battle that approaches. Will night ever end?

Structure: 5 chapters

Length: 10 hours

Game type: Fantasy adventurer story

Difficulty: Very easy, branches are either dead ends or entrances to routes.

Character Design rating: 6/10

Protagonist rating: 5/10

Story rating: 4/10

Game quality: 9/10

Overall rating: 6/10


I like honest games where cover and synopsis generally tell me what to expect from the game. But Eternal night is not such a game. Cover shows a girl with katana, and synopsis prepares us for battle with demons. So, what's this game actually about?

First of all, it's not about battles in any way. I gathered here all CG of characters with weapons. The only action scene of every chapter is at the end and takes roughly a minute. Katana is featured for the most time at the very beginning when young Misora sits in the warehouse hugging katana and not knowing what to do. That's your battle scenes.


So it must be a game about mystics and mythology? Not really, very few monsters ever show up, usually during the same battle scenes. The demon who kills Misora and who revives Misora upon establishing pact with Tatsuto is the VERY SAME demon. So there's same amount of mystics as of battles.

Oh, then it must be charage! There are four nice heroines in here! Not really. There's osanajimi main heroine Misara, absolute pervert who adores bullying Tamaki, mysterious weirdo librarian with supposedly magical powers Miyako and free-spirit experienced and lustful teacher Patricia. There are basically only one and a half normal characters to even start with!


So what's this game? Freaking nukige. First signs of it I noticed at getchu page. Non-nukige titles almost always have non-HCG on the game page, but this game did not. Masochist pervert as one of heroines kind of strengthened this idea. But final fifth chapter put all dots at the right places. Demon totally absorbs protagonist's personality and he just insults everyone everywhere for as long as he wants. What makes him come to senses in happy ending? Freaking deus ex machina. It just happens, what kind of explanations do you expect?

But I should not focus on negative sides only. Game has high production values, and I noticed it in game quality score. Lips are synched, CG are mostly beautiful, and there's a huge use of special effects, including some animated ones. Auto-reading is called "drama mode" not just because it's a cool name. The whole game is based on dialogues. And only Tatsuto is not voiced when he is the protagonist. I say "when", because a lot of scenes are seen from different than Tatsuto perspectives.


Let's touch game concept even if it's a bit late for that after all the conclusions have been made. There are five chapters with first four chapters focusing on each of four heroines. And nothing that happens during those chapters actually means anything, because at the end of those chapters gates open and we move forward. Intro ends with the same door opening. And fifth chapter basically starts with it. So why not just watch intro and then fifth chapter if nothing else matters? Oh, then we'd miss H events with each of the heroines, right.

I can't call "Eternal night" a bad game. It just deceived my expectations and failed to produce any significant story development. I hoped to see some scenario-centered narration, but I received something that's two grades worse than I expected - a nukige.



There are no masterpieces this month AGAIN. I hate D.C. ~Da Capo~ series so much that I'd literally prefer any game over those. It's time to pay credits to Purple Software and nominate Kanade as game of the month. For some reason I picked Asa no Konai Yoru ni Dakarete -Eternal Night- for review. Why? Oh, Why?

1. PINK PANZER [020607] Liar-soft
After decades of anarchy and dark times humanity regains its nation and civilization, but science, technology and cultural maturity return to basic levels. 
It's 50 years after the start of the "New World history", but Japan still has war with "Continental Union". Situation reaches stalemate after two years of active action, and only technological innovation can cause a breakthrough. 
Main character is appointed as platoon leader of the new weapons experimental unit. The subordinates are five amateur soldiers who are all women. The mission is to spread the new weapons technology with province regions, oppose guerilla forces and get the real picture of the battlefield spots. Protagonist has unlimited authority over his team, and it's up to him whether he brings up soldiers in spartan conditions or harasses his subordinates to satisfy own desires.
Scenario is quite fun in Liar-Soft way with multiple gags and serious moments, but bugs and horrible combat and strategy realization - it's basically a card game with parameters. Game idea remains unclear till the end, and the ending is forced.


2. Utakana うたかな [020607] Prima
Main character meets an unusual student who introduces herself as an angel.
After a while strange incidents involving girls start to happen at school. Then the angel girl comes to class as transfer student and joins the investigation. What's happening in this school...
It's a dark occult story. But protagonist awakens as spirit master and, to tell the truth, he becomes kinda OP. Period is relatively short, so it's surprising to see girls fall in love this fast. One playthrough is just 4 hours. There is cosplay and 3 H scenes for each heroine.


3. Yuki no Hana 雪の華 [020607] Raptor 1
During the sixteenth century, Japan is experiencing civil war. Even worse, monsters attack the Shimizu castle, where Seishiro Tachibana, a low ranking samurai warrior, serves. After barely escaping from one of these fiends, he hears that the princess of the castle, Natsu, has had a curse placed upon her. She is to become a sacrifice for reviving other monsters. Seishiro sets out on a journey to find a way to remove the princess's curse. During his trek, he encounters girls who help him find clues. He'll meet up with Shion, Rindou, and Kikumo. They learn that the ultimate monster, "Azami," is looting the entire country, in search for sacrifices to revive his fiendish clan.
The powerful daimyo "Tobusa" rises against the monsters to end the sacrifices causing all this turmoil.
Natsu has only two months to live. With the help of his comrades, will Seishiro be able to remove the curse and save her?
It's actually a story of fight against youkai with maximum of 4x4. Balance is ridiculous and luck-dependent, and losing main character is game over. There are four heroines and all bear flowers names. Story is orthodox and sober.


4. Bistro Cupid ビストロ・きゅーぴっと [020613] Success
The player takes control of a bistro in the Cinnamon Kingdom. During his job, he'll meet several girls.
Just some generic crappy SIM to fill the spot of the first XBOX visual novel.


5. Ama Tsumugu Norito 天紡ぐ祝詞 [020614] Hooksoft
People and gods live alongside each other, but gods start to lose their meaning. God hunters show up to destroy old gods.
Main character is born in such family and continues god hunting tradition even though the reason for it is drowned in time. One encounter with a girl makes him doubt his ideals.
Game is about main character questioning his society ideals and looking for answers independently by leaving the community. The scale of the story is limited to one usual person hesitations. The setting turns out to be much grander than realization, so game lacks impact.


6. Machine Maiden Next マシンメイデン・ネクスト [020621] Evolution
Development Company "Spiritual Enterprises".
Many android models have been created here, but research and development costs have risen enormously to go on on one's own. In such circumstances company receives a request from the military to produce battle robots.
If you had any doubts, military models are same good in sex as social models, so it's another pointless SIM-related development to beat around the same bush.


7. Yuibashi 結い橋 [020621] Windmill
A small town that has a legend about "angel coming down to this land" which serves as tourist attraction. This town is notorious for its stable climate. There is a festival here that happens once every 12 years. But as preparations get busy suddenly snow falls even though it is summer season. This year festival must be special...
Game takes place during the festival days. Twin sisters story is quite touching, but two remaining heroines stories are short and unimpressive.


8. Triangle Again トライアングル・アゲイン [020627] Kiki Co., Ltd. 1
Triangle Again games are often referred to as music adventures rather than typical visual novels in a way that when the branching in the story occurs, choices are presented in a way of notes rather than text. The game story is centered around young Akari Tateshina and her debut as a pop singer.
Some shoujo story, out of my league.


9. Asa no Konai Yoru ni Dakarete -Eternal Night- 朝の来ない夜に抱かれて -ETERNAL NIGHT- [020628] DreamSoft
Main character dates his childhood friend. Days pass happily till a deformed body appears from the "gate of the other world" and kills childhood friend. Protagonists makes a contract with the evil god to revive her, but it's only beginning of the battle that approaches. Will night ever end?
Game follows anime pattern presenting five episodes each starting with an opening. First four episodes are individual stories linked with the fifth episode. Thanks to this composition, intrigue persists till the end. Overall game feels short.


10. Brave Hearts ~Yuusha no Tamago-tachi~ Brave Hearts~勇者の卵たち~ [020628] Asobell
Main character enjoyed his life as second royal prince in a small country, but devil's assault changed everything. Protagonist lost his whole family and avenged them in battle with demon king.
Since then he lives in solitude in a remote forest. One day his former companion persistently invites protagonist to become teacher in his adventurers school.
We bring up girls as heroes in multiple disciplines, and make them participate in RPG-like battles. But weekends are free for chasing and dating girls. Boring stuff.


11. D.C. ~Da Capo~ D.C.~ダ・カーポ~ [020628] Circus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The game is centered around the protagonist, Asakura Jun'ichi, who lives on a fictional japanese island named Hatsunejima peacefully attending the local Kazami Academy. His childhood friend and cousin, Yoshino Sakura, returns to the island Hatsunejima after moving to America several years ago. Most of the main stories revolve around the magical unwilting sakura tree, it's powers and mystical connection to the main characters.
Game is localized and has many reviews.


12. I-Doll [020628] Image Craft
Main character joins an idol producer company to realize his old dream to make his childhood friend an idol. However, that childhood friend dies in an accident. He promises himself to realize some other girl's dream of becoming an idol instead.
Game widely uses animation and for this reason does not have CG gallery, just as Viper games. Game is surprisingly long and includes both good and bad endings. There are three main heroines and several side-heroines.


13. Innocent Hearts -Hitotsu ni Naritai- innocent hearts -ひとつになりたい- [020628] Aquarium
Unknown sealed letter arrives. It only contains a travel ticket for one person with the destination being the place protagonist's only childhood friend went out for a trip. A rural town visited only once. What's the truth about this invitation?
Game does not have impressions, but according to opening it's just a rural love story with strong ties to traditional culture like kimono, festivals etc. Aquarium presents "unique" in its ugliness character design, as always.


14. Kanade 奏 ~カナデ~ [020628] Purple Software 1
Yukiya Tanigawa was born with a weak constitution, and his doctors said he wouldn't reach his twentieth birthday. After his parents died in a traffic accident, his relatives thought of him only as a burden and became estranged to him. Only his cousin Kanae Mizumura and her father stayed to support him.
When Yukiya reached his 10th birthday, his condition started to change, and within a year, he was able to walk outside the hospital room. He was sent to "Kisaragi Hospital" to undergo rehabilitation.
With a new doctor, Masami Kisaragi, and a new nurse, Haruka Fujisawa, he begins his ordeal. Kazumi is Masami's little sister and Yukiya's classmate. She really helps him out a lot.
With the support of these people, Yukiya gradually becomes healthy. It's spring now, and he bids farewell to his long hospital life and sets out for college. He wishes he could help someone now...
Heroines routes open one by one, and only the last one is really fun. The main attraction point here is characters and dialogues. A decent charage in a while.


15. Lost Passage [020628] Deep Blue
Kyoto, the ancient capital.
A heavily traditional Japanese city separed from modern society. Akira Misaki, the hero, is a fourth year university student who is homecoming for teaching practice.
In his old town he meets many familiar faces. After some meeting and reunion with girls from his past, a big story begins to move, quietly .......
Work is prominent for a kind touch to Japanese history and mythology. Game resembles Campus the most. Overall scenario does not feel complete even though it has unique appeal. Just don't expect "education practice adventure" as box suggests, only two routes have this theme. 


16. Milkyway 2 [020628] Witch
Three years have passed. Main character falls in love with a girl who happens to be a clerk in coffee shop "Milkyway". He gets chosen out of 1200 competitors as the first male part-time worker here.
Game progress is very much similar to the prequel. If you liked the prequel, will like this one as well.


17. Shinkirou 心輝桜 [020628] Carriere 1
A sleepy little town in a remote corner of Japan is actually the front for a secret society devoted to the protection of a Sacred Tree capable of granting wishes to special people.
The male protagonist, Yuuya Furusaka, is a member of this group but, although blessed by the Tree with a healing power, the side effect of this gift only worsened the suffering that plagued most of his life.
But maybe even Yuuya can hope for lifelong solace and love by sharing his hidden torment with another distressed soul, if his own power doesn't destroy him first....
Setting is unique enough. Each of three main heroines has completely different route. Main character is a donkan here. Common route takes 3 episodes out of 8. A light work with cooperation as one of main themes.


18. Sore wa Maichiru Sakura no Youni それは舞い散る桜のように [020628] BasiL 1
Maito came back to his hometown and started living alone one year ago. He had spent his childhood there and was back for the first time in several years. He enjoyed his school life with his friends and the story starts when his new school year begins.... He will get to know something, lose something, and find something.... 
Game is famous for gags, but reaction to its humor can be different from person to person. Game's good at showing its best size to appeal to big number of players. However, heroines routes development is almost the same. Not sure modern player would be able to enjoy such kind of game same as in 2002.


19. Spiritual Bind ~Rakuen no Gen'ei~ Spiritual Bind~楽園の幻影~ [020628] Tryset
Main character investigates old school building with his friend to find the source of "curse mail". He is joined by some other students who want to find lost dog. Together they encounter paranormal activity that they need to oppose somehow, and strangers help them to overcome the danger. However, on the way back from building they get engulfed in darkness and appear in another world inhabited by hostile demons.
Some kind of board game with card battles. It's usually possible to either escape the trap or defeat boss in it.


20. Trouble Captor! とらかぷっ! [020628] Pulltop
Yomoyama town is an old spa town and has been developed recently. There is a traditional festival called "Yomoyama Dai Taisai" taken place once every sixty years. However, this festival has another aspect called "Kuro Harai", it is said that the God comes to smash monsters called "Kuro". The protagonist has just moved to this town and he is chosen to play a role of God's partner at the festival. He doesn't know what is happening but is forced to take part in the festival...
AVG with "easy SIM" part. In fact it's easy only when you get to understand it already. Before that it's hella confusing - it's fighting battles on bigger and bigger maps with more and more enemies. First half is a comedy while latter half is serious.


21. Yu-u-e-n-chi ゆ・う・え・ん・ち [020628] Custom Software 1 2 3 4
In Amusement Park you play as the main character who is left to manage an amusement park after the late owner had passed away. The amusement park is unprofitable, and its your job along with a workforce consisting of highly motivated girls to bring the park, “Fantasy Gardens” back to its former glory.
Game is localized and has English reviews.




1. Haitoku 背徳 [020607] rúf 1 2 3
Koichi lost his mother as an infant, and his father remarried a woman with three daughters: Misaki, Haruka, and Ayano. Unfortunately, Koichi's stepmother is killed in a traffic accident, and because of his job, his father is constantly on the road. Koichi and his stepsisters help each other and build a relationship that is even stronger than if they had been real brother and sisters.
One summer day, Misaki suddenly disappears. Later, they receive a mysterious videotape. They play the tape and see Misaki being violated. The attached blackmail note says, "If you want to save Misaki, rape the other sisters." With nothing to lose, Koichi decides to train his sisters as sex slaves.
Now, their summer vacation turns into a sexual training camp. Who is threatening them? What does the person want? What will happen to this family?
Under the theme of 'immorality,' witness our hero raping his sisters. By raising parameters, such as 'affection,' 'sexual feelings,' and 'immorality,' the varieties of sexual training will increase dramatically.


2. Maids in Dream [020607] Lune featuring D
A young man wakes up in an unfamiliar room. He has no memory about anything and can’t even remember his own name.
When he first wakes up there are six maids waiting and worrying about him because he is their new master. One of them tells him his name is Akio. He then learns that he is in a special mansion and will be able to leave only after he manages to resolve his personal issues. The maids are supposed to help him do so, however with no memory he has no idea what personal “issues” he needs to resolve…


3. I’m ~Kokoro no Mukougawa ni~ I’m ~心の向こう側に~ [020612] Studio Tea-room
Main character is a shy high school student. One day he awakens at school because of the voice in his head. From this day he decides to make many memories with someone. Once he gets in peculiar encounter and starts to wonder which girl participated in it.


4. Triangle Heart Gaiden とらいあんぐるハート 外伝 [020614] Ivory
Contains three mini-scenarios
Anthology Fandisc


5. ERO Ragnarok Offline ERO Ragnarok Offline [020616] PERCEPTRON
Mini AVG containing girls of different professions in horny situations.


6. Tsuki no Sabaki 月ノ裁 [020616] PsG System Laboratory
A parody game using the characters from Tsukihime to tell a courtroom drama story in the style of Gyakuten Saiban. Most of the background is used only loosely, and no supernatural elements are involved at all.
Doujin Fandisc


7. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side ときめきメモリアル Girl's Side [020620] Konami 1 2 3 4 5
The player is the main character, a new student at Habataki High, Habataki City. The goal of the game is to create a relationship with one of the ten males that are available to you, so that on the last day of your high school, you will receive his confession of love at the chapel in the school. 


8. Chijoku Kaigishitsu ~Onna Buchou ga Chi ni Ochiru Toki~ 恥辱会議室 ~女部長が地に堕ちる時~ [020621] Chiffon
Main character is a security company employee. One day he notices that his female director has exhibitionist habits. From this day work becomes more fun.


9. Chijoku Shinsatsushitsu 恥辱診察室 [020621] Atelier Kaguya
Dr. Shinji Ishida is a doctor working at a hospital on the brink of ruin. People have heard that this doctor has brought many hospitals back from financial ruin, however his methods are what you might say "unorthodox". After his sessions the patients can't seem to get enough of being treated by him which naturally causes the hospital to be full of money again.


10. Immoral Sister Reo Immoral Sister玲緒 [020621] Tristar
Main character is an extremely self-centered narcissist and a lewd guy who considers himself   "God's guardian deity". He has a habit of using "ultimate means of loving women". There's been rumor of a bewitching woman lately. Such evil should not remain unpunished. 


11. Shippo no Kimochi しっぽのきもち [020621] Cage
Main character is approached by a daughter of father's director. She claims that it makes her protagonist's boss as well and invites him to become her pet. There's no particular rejection of the idea, but what kind of life will now start for him?


12. Burumania ぶるまにあ [020625] Digital Aniki
A Gunparade March fan-fiction VN featuring the sub character Moe Ishizu.
Nukige Doujin


13. Fukuramikake ふくらみかけ [020628] Trabulance 1
Shutaro Shina has returned to Japan after a year as a foreign exchange student. In return for college funds, his father tells him he must go to work at his restaurant, Lavieen-Rose. Yukino Kiyose manages this restaurant. Shutaro actually told her that her was in love with her just before she got married.
Once he arrives, many familiar faces welcome him! Tsubomi Kiyose, Aika Izumi, Hiyori Takano, Chimari Shina. On top of everything, this is a lingerie restaurant!!
This is how his heavenly (?) time begins.


14. Immoral Emotion インモラル・エモーション [020628] Prima
Two main characters enjoying their sensual life with new mother-in-law and sisters-in-law from different viewpoints.


15. Innai Kansen Shinya ni Hibiku Pon Chin Kan 淫内感染 深夜に響くポン・ちん・カン [020628] ZyX 1
This game is a Mahjong tournament against girls (most of then doctors/nurses) from the games of the popular Innai Kansen series. This game has no big own story. Simply challenge one girl after the other and enjoy the graphics as well as their voice-acted embarrassment.
The game offers two modes of playing: 
1.) VS-MODE, that lets you each time challenge only one out of ten girls and play against her a one-on-one-mahjong with japanese rules. In addition to that, this game offers also a system of "magical (or rather medical)" items that could be bought at the beginning of each challenge. Those items could been used in game as "magic attacks", that modify the coincidental factors of the game to the players advantage.
2.) TRIAL MODE, that lets you select three out of twelve girls for a regular 4-players mahjong with japanese rules. By beating all 10 girls in the VS MODE, the TRIAL MODE becomes unlocked.
Card game


16. Ubawareta Yuugure ~Hamidashi Bukatsudou Ryoujokukei~ 奪われた夕暮れ~はみだし部活動・凌辱系 [020628] Toikiya
Main character is invited as adviser to "Petit Cross" club just before its abolishment. He tries to rebuild this small sport club, but he also has a habit of assaulting women secretly ....


17. Yami Choukyou Sin 闇調教SIN [020628] Merlot
Main character is a student who is secretly a "trainer" for nasty women. For him women are just tools to make money. However, one day he encounters a woman at school that he passionately lusts for...


18. Rakuyou 落陽 [0206] Ritz software
Kaoru, a university student, loses his father to suicide, although he feels suspicious about the circumstances. He is worried about living expenses, and he considers moving to an apartment and working part-time so he can continue studying. As a strange coincidence, an attorney from his dead mother's estate shows up and states that he inherited a house in the countryside. He is allowed to live off the estate and not worry about the expenses, but only if he changes his last name to his mother's last name. He agrees and moves there. People living in the village act very cold and scared towards him and he is asked to avoid the mountain and its temple. As he finds out more about the secrets of the mountain and his family line, something is just waiting to happen in this strange place......
Boys Love

Foreword: Voiced protagonist has become deciding factor to choose Fearless] over Shitai o Arau. Fearless] also is a mystery to me structure-wise and story-wise.

Title: Fearless]

Developer: Active

Date: 2002-05-10

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2360

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsCMKS_aJ5M&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8rKP5oDa1nzt0KevjFrmhw&index=22&t=0s


Synopsis: Azumi Shizuhara is an orphaned student attending Rakuryo Gakuin.

One rainy night, he finds a girl in the rain, soaked to the skin. The girl has scratches all over her body and blankly stares out at nothing. Azumi tries to ignore her, but suddenly realizes from the girl's uniform that she attends his school. He simply tells the girl to call police with her cell phone and leaves...

Later, this girl, Yuzu Sakurai, pleads with Azumi to help her search for her lost brother. Azumi turns her down once, but he finally agrees because Yuzu resembles his cousin, Nanao. The search for Yuzu's brother begins.

With the help of Sayoko, their search seems to be going fine until Azumi begins to feel the presence of someone else...

The story progresses with the mixed emotions of a girl with a lost brother and a boy who wants to protect his little sister.


Structure: 10 days

Length: 10 hours.

Game type: School occult horror mystery

Difficulty: Structure is difficult, but there aren't many choices, so it's average difficulty.

Character Design rating: 6/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 5/10

Overall rating: 6/10

Fearless] is one hell of a weird game. Let's count its distinguishing features.

1. It's imouto game in the way that two only heroines are imoutos - Nanao is yours, and the other one Yuzu is looking for her lost onii-chan. 

2. It's a horror game since spontaneous horror scenes make up for the main attraction of the game, and there is Cthulhu element as monsters are really weird.


3. Main character is OP. When he asks Yuzu why she chose him - she answers that he's the only guy with fighting capabilities. She actually just listened to Nanao describing her onii-chan as the best, but protagonist is indeed one hell of a fighter - whether it comes to half a dozen of armed guards or primal beasts.

4. It's not really a game about girl appeal or about girl chasing. And that's what makes it different from other games. Nanao as imouto does not trigger any interest from her brother. And Yuzu... she's far from attracted. When she offers herself for the first time to protagonist, he's disgusted by her body engulfed in darkness. He asks himself why he is even doing it. Quite sure that H scenes can't be enjoyed in this game.


5. Structure is complex, but it all goes down to one same root that I recorded. Then it's possible to go towards trashy route with lots of insults. There are a lot of bad endings, but good ones include us with Yuzu alone, Yuzu recovering her onii-chan (not sure it's a good one though) and Nanao and Yuzu become sisters with us all a big family. But the gad endings are much more sophisticated up to the point everyone becomes sex slave or killed in lots of ways.

So Fearless] is totally weird. It does not have an intriguing integrative plot or appealing characters. What it only has is imouto stuff, OP protagonist who defeats any monster from Abyss in an instant, spontaneous horror/insult scenes and endings to fill everyone's wishes. Protagonist is voiced, but he does not talk that much. Backgrounds in this game are really simple. If that all manages to produce some kind of special atmosphere for you - it may be a curious game to play. But if not - it's utter trash.



There aren't masterpieces this month. I could not decide what to review myself. But in the end Akane Maniax has enough English reviews and Shitai o Arau is of quite familiar Silky's signature to me. I decided to play Fearless] . Akane Maniax is VN of the month even though I don't consider it a masterpiece either.

1. Akane Maniax ~Nagareboshi Densetsu Gouda~ アカネマニアックス~流れ星伝説剛田~ [020501] Age 1 2 3 
Jouji Gouda is a new transfer student at Hakuryo High School. On his first day of class, he fell in love at first sight for Akane Suzumiya and boldly proposed to her on the spot. The two characters conflict with each other greatly, but Jouji never gives up and would do anything to express his love towards Akane.
Although his attempts to win Akane's love at first do nothing but anger Akane, he gradually starts to make an impression on her, inspiring Akane to be more honest about her own feelings.
There are English reviews.


2. Fearless] [020510] Active 1
Azumi Shizuhara is an orphaned student attending Rakuryo Gakuin. 
One rainy night, he finds a girl in the rain, soaked to the skin. The girl has scratches all over her body and blankly stares out at nothing. Azumi tries to ignore her, but suddenly realizes from the girl's uniform that she attends his school. He simply tells the girl to call police with her cell phone and leaves...
Later, this girl, Yuzu Sakurai, pleads with Azumi to help her search for her lost brother. Azumi turns her down once, but he finally agrees because Yuzu resembles his cousin, Nanao. The search for Yuzu's brother begins.
With the help of Sayoko, their search seems to be going fine until Azumi begins to feel the presence of someone else...
The story progresses with the mixed emotions of a girl with a lost brother and a boy who wants to protect his little sister.
The synopsis is quite normal, so I should elaborate on what's wrong with it instead of just blocking. The whole brother investigation is sneaking and triggering insult situations at times. But there are a lot of unusual events encountered, including comical ones. There's a lot of mystery, and scenario is actually a strong side here. Game gets fairly high scores from the Japanese, so I'm reviewing it myself.


3. Shin Ai 神愛 ~Shin ai~ [020510] Cyc 1
Every night, the hero has a strange dream.
"Help me ... Help me please ..." - says a mysterious girl on your dream.
Her voice looks familiar. You think you know that voice, but can't remember. A friend gives to you an incomplete album. Somehow, the photos were removed. Looking every page in a hurry, you find three attached photos of strangers on the last page. There is a different landscape on each photo. The last one is one of a flowery desert garden, and one of a green meadow.
When you picked up one gently, ... suddenly everything flashes.
Stories are unfolded in two worlds. In real world, Toru falls in love with a girl, and in the other world, he protects the heroine. 'Pictures' are key items. You'll be able to enter the other world by using them. Try to collect pictures in the real world! You also have to be careful about the timing because if you miss getting a picture at the right time, you'll miss some events! In the real world, you'll up meet with four girls: 'Minori' and 'Aya,' your classmates, 'Sara,' your senior, and 'Yuri,' a younger student. In the other world, you will protect four girls: the maiden 'Minori,' 'Iris,' the fighter, 'Sara,' the religious girl, and 'Lily,' the nun. Why does Toru have to live in two different worlds? Who's the girl calling for help in his dream? Solve the mysteries by going through lots of adventures!
Game is about constant travel between real world where pictures are gathered and three different worlds where events are triggered. Setting is good, but walkthrough is quite painful. Cyc is known for introducing fresh game elements each time, so it appeal to those who like experiments.


4. Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Tsuki no Hikari ~Shizumeru Kane no Satsujin~ 赤川次郎ミステリー月の光  ~沈める鐘の殺人~ [020523] Victor Interactive Software 1
Based on the novel by Akagawa Jirou, the story puts you in a role of a high-school teacher who due to a painful breakup leaves his old workplace and comes to a far away place to start a new job at Bell Garden school. While taking a stroll, a woman's scream is heard... you run to see what is happening, and the mystery begins. You can select main character to be a man or a woman, which slightly influences the game scenario (when the player is a man, his partner will be a woman and vice-versa).
Game progress advances as a mystery novel. As the case becomes obvious you will investigate and use deductive skills to find out the culprit and the motive behind the crime. During the gameplay you can visit various places and check the map of the Bell Garden school and its surroundings. During investigation and story progress, you will use a character correlation diagram to connect a certain person with the matter at hand. Also, the diagram can be used to make relations between characters (for example to mark them as lovers). Story can have more endings, depending on the player's deduction and skills to solve the case. After a solved case, if available, a new scenario will open.
The third work in the series of book adaptations. Those who liked previous works would probably like this one.


5. Ethos ~Tenshi no Furu Basho~ Ethos~天使の降る場所~ [020524] Forte
Main character meets a mysterious girl in strange clothes during his part-time job. She turns out to be an angel who now sheds her light to the people. So their unusual cohabitation begins. 
Game period is from 1 month to 2 months, and simultaneous capture is possible up to middle stages. Game is focused on the angel girl, so other routes feel redundant.


6. Hayashi Meisaku Gekijou ハヤシ迷作劇場 [020524] Hayashigumi
The protagonist is a young shepherd in a certain rural village.
One day, while he was feeding the lambs on his daily duties, he discovered a girl unconscious on the mountain trail and nursed her back to health. After a while, this girl, named "Lina", finally awoke. She had apparently become separated from her mother and was searching for her. The protagonist took pity on poor Lina, and let her stay at his home until she felt better...
After several days, Lina decided to set out on her journey again. Feeling that he couldn't leave her alone, the protagonist decided to go with her. Will Lina be able to safely find her mother?
The feature of the game is that choices determine personality of Lina, and the essence of the game in the violent Lina. There are also other characters that usually show up and disappear as single episodes. Story development is good, but ending is abrupt. H scenes are quite frequent.


7. Hissatsu! Satomi Attack! 必殺!さとみアタック! [020524] TinkerBell
In 20XX mysterious creatures "Noum" start to invade the Earth from space. These are virus-like micro-organisms that can turn into various forms depending on affected creature.
Main character attends a his health teacher Natsuki dojo to compete with his childhood friend Satomi. Natsuki is the only survivor of battle with Noum that happened 10 years ago. His extraordinary skills are passed to his students who must oppose new invasion.
Never expected to ever unblock a TinkerBell game, but here it is. Battles are difficult since favorite girls needs to be hit as little as possible and should possible stay close to protagonist to gain favorability. HP can only be recovered with help of one one character, so no ruthless actions are allowed. But there's very vague story - all girl choices are evident.


8. Itsuka, Dokoka de ~Ano Ameoto no Kioku~ いつか、どこかで ~あの雨音の記憶~ [020524] BeF 1
Spring of 2002.
Naoto Sodeyama is an Interviewee of a research company. At the time of joining, his first job is to make a research for a travel company. 
His destination is the very village from where he lived and fled from, the place where something bad happened to him when he was a kid.
Now is the time to go face to face with his past at that small mountain village. 
Bef is true to itself - character with phobia is featured, plus new elements introduced like this "Behavior selection" and "Call-out-mode" system which enables to call out characters at certain points in the game. So overall there are cases of different behavior prepared, but one playthrough becomes very short. But who would want to check out outcomes of different behavior?


9. Nursery Song [020524] Cronus
20 years ago, a boy (our hero) was sent to a hospital. While hospitalized, he met a nurse and became completely indebted to her in the short time that they were together. He then made a promise to himself to become a doctor so that he could one day work alongside her. Now our hero has just graduated, and now works at the very same hospital. However, the nurse from long ago is nowhere to be found. On the other hand, he now works alongside a trio of beautiful new nurses, as well as the surprisingly attractive senior staff. You can actively explore the hospital to pick which of the various women our hero will meet. Perhaps, within his coworkers, you'll find hints of the lost woman from his memories.
Borderline game with some 60% being pure love moege and 40% nukige. Most H scenes are delusion ones. Chiharu mystery is hidden in different heroines ED, but some have nothing to do with Chiharu.


10. Konohana 2 ~Todokanai Requiem~ 此花2 〜届かないレクイエム〜 [020530] Vridge Inc. 1 2
Meguru Momoi, a second-year student at Konohana high-school returns in another murder mystery adventure. He gained status of recognition after the infamous Grim Reaper murder mystery in the original game. Everything's back to normal, or so everybody thought, until one morning on their way to school, Meguru Momoi and his partner, Miako Tachibana, arrive only to see police cordoning the area of what appears to be a murder case. Thus they end up entangled in yet another series of murders case.
New bullet in the low cost series. However, cost has jumped from 2800 yen to 3800 yen while the quality remains roughly the same. Same mystery killings, same comedy in interaction. Relatively easy and short.


11. Natsuiro no Sunadokei 夏色の砂時計 [020530] Princess Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The story revolves around a Japanese sophomore named Kotaro Makimura. As the school year ends and summer vacation approaches, he decides to admit his feelings to his crush, the beautiful Kaho Serizawa. As hopeless as the situation looks to his best friends Ai and Takeshi, he is determined to make Kaho his girlfriend by the end of summer vacation. However, on his way home, he has a collision with a mysterious stranger, and ends up getting covered in a strange multi-colored powder. When he wakes up the next day, he finds himself waking up on September 1st - the first day of the next school year. He also learns that Kaho, who had been his girlfriend, had died in a car accident. Eventually, Kotaro discovers that he has begun day-dropping, in which he skips days, and goes back and forth in time through different days of the summer vacation. With the help of Ligene the Time Patroller (also translated as Lee Jane), Kotaro must win Kaho's heart and prevent her tragic death before he runs out of time.
Game is localized and has lots of reviews.


12. Floralia Floralia ~フローラリア~ [020531] Xuse
Our protagonist Yosuke Tachibana is a kind second year in Aohisashi Academy who likes to take care of flowers.
However, his average life is turned upside down when his sister-like childhood friend Suzune Asou is appointed as a teacher in his school. What's more, she'll live in his house?
Soon they'll be joined by director's daughter Maki Izumi and chemistry teacher Shino Sakurai. 
Will he succumb to his teachers' temptation...?
Three classmates and three teachers are available for seduction. Work famous for moe eroticism. Eroticism is achieved by borderline situations and horny voicing while there aren't too many orthodox H events. It all ends in a harem route, so it fits pretty much all the modern moege stamps.


13. Genome ~Shinka no Idenshi o Sagase~ GeNOME~進化の遺伝子を探せ~ [020531] Ast
Main character is the third year student of agriculture faculty. General education process ends, and it is finally time to enter the laboratory. Under guidance of the laboratory adviser he will need to repeat genetic research with partners from the same laboratory to create new life.
There are 7 routes, but each contains only three events. It's enough to combine 8 pairs to trigger credits. With such length it's hardly a game, more of CG collection.


14. Shitai o Arau 肢体を洗う [020531] Silky's 1 2
~The smell of formalin that tempts you into the world of ero~
Yasaka was a poor student who wanted to become a doctor but couldn't afford medical college. He was studying for the entrance exam next year while working part-time in a university hospital. However, he was suddenly fired from his part-time job by the vice-director, Tsuyuzaki Chigusa. He was shocked by this sudden event, so she gives him the only option he has left to continue working in the hospital. The work she prepared for him is called… “Corpse Washing”. 
He will learn based on real experience and mental shock at work. In normal life, it's not possible to understand what “Corpse Washing” is. It is only possible by “being thrown out of daily life, into an unusual life, and having his mental state change”. That is “Corpse Washing”.
New experimental work of Silky's is based on real experience by author ... corpse washing. But the content is of horror and madness. The second half gets to do much more with the drugs and pretty much nothing with corpse washing. Dark and unusual work.


15. Trouble Busters トラブル バスターズ [020531] spiel 1
Shuichi is a new history teacher at Mitarai. The story begins as he is suddenly put in charge of the school's mystery club. The club used to be called the occult research club but was forced to downsize because of numerous scandals. 
Shuichi feels something is fishy about the club and regrets being called as the advisor as he starts hearing rumors. The vice principal also threatens Shuichi that if something bad happens, he must take full responsibility! Shuichi feels extremely uneasy about his career. One day, a student shows up and tells that she has a request to the club...
This is a slapstick comedy of problematic students and a new teacher, who struggles to gets his normal life back. This game is an orthodox adventure game, however, the first and latter parts have completely different stories. In the first half, the player tries to get close to girls. Later on, you choose one of the girl characters and explore a story, which is tailored to each specific character.
School love comedy. The main part is really funny. The girl stories are too monotonous to try other ones. H events show up suddenly which ruins atmosphere. Game is pretty much impossible to find now.


16. Univ ~Ai Omatase~ univ ~愛・おまたせっ~ [020531] Cocktail Soft
Student life enters its climax period - third and fourth years of university. This is your chance to find true love!
As usual, Cocktail Soft games don't bother with a synopsis presenting the very generic story that anyone can sympathize to. First work included 1st and 2nd years, this work - 3rd and 4th years. System is is typical dating SIM - stalk girls, talk to them, bring them presents etc. As usual with Cocktail Soft - game for those who likes the process, girls or CG.


17. Tears 9, 10 [0205] Team D.T.R. 1 2
Tears - "Nine, ten" is a visual novel that tells the story of a girl with nine fingers and a boy with ten fingers. A story about our lives, human rights, laws, relationships, and dreams in the face of economic imbalances. Their short but intense encounters and stories will impress you a lot. 
Game's released on Steam, so has abundance of reviews.


1. Elfeena ~Yoru e to Urareta Oukoku de...~ エルフィーナ~淫夜へと売られた王国で…~ [020503] Ail 1
Elfina lived a life of luxury as a member of the royal family. She was waited on hand and foot and had a team of servants. That was until her country was invaded! Now Elfina must comply to the sexual demands of her new masters and it doesn't matter how humiliating or intimate the favors! 
2. First Anchor FIRST ANCHOR ~ファーストアンカー~ [020503] Forst 1 2
In the near future, human beings managed to reach Mars and to colonize it. However, during the last 25 years the relationship between Earth and Martian colonists has worsened. An expedition is sent to Mars for scientific and training purposes, with the crew consisting of young students. On the way, they discover an abandoned warship and decide to investigate it. This is where their adventure begins...
First Anchor is a Japanese-style adventure game, without puzzles. Unlike most games of this kind, there is real time movement in a 3D environment here. However, most locations and events are displayed as still pre-rendered images. Only the sex scenes are shown as animated 3D movies. The gameplay consists of navigating your character through the ship. The choice of the next location you go to might influence the story line.
3. Kawaisou na Kotori かわいそうな小鳥 [020505] Eno Yamamoto Ten
A little songbird goes on a journey in search of his friend who abandoned him ...
4. Mizu no Kaina 水の腕 [020505] Green Tea Milk
Main character returns to his nostalgic home town by the village. Through the revived ritual of old festival everyone is engulfed in strange events.  
5. Kokan Hunter 3 ~Chikyuu Saigo no Hi~ 股間ハンター3 ~恥丘最後の日~ [020510] Usagi Software
Main characters stalks a girl in the town and gets kidnapped by an organization aiming to conquer the world. Will the ambition of organization's mad scientist be crushed?
6. Kuro no Tsuki Gaiden ~Maboroshi Yoru no Sho~ 蒼黒の月外伝~幻夜の書~ [020510] Moon Parrot
Four years after events of Kuro no Tsuki. 
The slowly regains peace. The towns are revived, and those who lost relatives learn to nurture new love.  
One day Altraud gets a letter saying “I want you to leave my church”. Once again he sets to the Black Kingdom to uncover the mystery... 
Boys Love
7. Roshutsu Choukyou Doukoukai 2 露出調教同好会2 [020510] Sekilala
Main character works as a pediatrician in a general hospital. One nurse really hates him. He tries to consult with senior doctor about that, but ends up losing virginity as a result. The next day he finds nurse masturbating at his own desk...
8. Suzune-tan to Ofuro 鈴音たんとお風呂 [020510] Ichigo Milk 1
The fan disk for our 2000 release of Close2U -Saigo no Natsuyasumi is finally here!
The original game was released two years ago. In the original, our hero meets different people and experiences new and exciting things during his last summer. The story is pretty good, and our characters are even better! You can do just about everything with these cute girls!!!
Just as the title indicates, the heroine of this game is Suzune. She is our hero's first cousin. They're so close; they seem like brother and sister. However, their relationship is a bit more complicated. Suzune is extremely shy and quiet and always looks lost with her smile. The story takes place a year after the last episode. Their relationship is on fire! Why don't you try this game out before the end of the world comes!!
9. In'yaku ~Haitoku no Kojin Jugyou~ 淫薬~背徳の個人授業~ [020517] Mireille
The protagonist has a pretty normal life living with just his sister. He's the sole member of the chemistry club. One day, he finds a notebook with a formula for an aphrodisiac written in it. He starts doing experiments on various girls...
10. Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights ~Heroine Ryoujoku Shirei~ 魔法戦士スイートナイツ~ヒロイン凌辱指令~ [020517] Triangle 1
The depths of our planet hide a subterranean, magical world named Roa currently in the grip of a terrible war between the all-female knight corps of Queen Gloria and the monstrous troops of the evil syndicate Zerou.
The game starts when Metzer, a young and brilliant Zerou officer, gets official approvation from Zerou's high command to try a new plan suggested by the protagonist himself. Secretly relocated to the surface of Earth, his mission consists in gaining the trust of the Sweet Knights, the two japanese girls invested by Queen Gloria with the power to protect the surface world from the monsters of the syndicate. Next, once discovered their weak points, Metzer will use his monsters to defeat, kidnap and brainwash the Sweet Knights into sex slaves devoted to Zerou's cause.
However the syndicate do not know (yet) of Metzer's great ambitions...
11. Mikogami Aventure 巫女神あばんちゅーる [020517] Trabulance 1
Toru Hazuki is a student of divinity. His family manages a shrine, where he will someday become the priest. One day, he is invited to 'Moegi Shrine' as a substitute priest and falls in love with the Moegi priest's second daughter, Aoi. She used to be shy, but once she experiences pleasure, she becomes very sexually active. Toru is ecstatic about it, but he doesn't know what he's go to be put through
Aoi's sisters, Midori and Akane, and their stepmother, Ayano, keep asking Toru questions about his sex life. Further more, Aoi's best friend, Ai, who happens to be a lesbian, tries to steal her from him. Will Toru be able to stand these energetic girls and be happy with Aoi!?
12. Web no Naka no Tenshi-tachi Webの中の天使達 [020517] Chiffon 1
Is this a nightmare or what? Just an hour ago, Kyosuke Takei's girlfriend up and dumped him! He feels so hopeless and depressed, but he soon finds access to a new dating service website. To his surprise, he finds all different types of girls, from housewives to students. This is paradise; they all listen to him and help mend is wounded heart. 
Our hero really gets into talking with these girls, and he becomes addicted to the website. However, simply talking through the Internet doesn't satisfy him anymore. "I want to see the girls!! Yes, I will!! I have to!!" And so, our hero sets out to meet up with the girls. Will he be successful in meeting them? Come find out!
13. Destiny Destiny ディスティニー [020521] Touchable 1
The protagonist, Sumeragi Jin, and his sister, Ai, lost their father in an accident a year ago and now live by themselves. One day, a classmate, Yanase Megumi, warns Jin, Ai, and Ai's best friend Edajima Takano, to be careful. Since then, the fates of the people around them are accelerating.
14. Dark Ages -Asa no Konai Basho- Dark Ages -朝の来ない場所- [020524] Optim
The dark ages where powerful people rule. 
Main character loses his home and family due to the war and gets to live as a bounty hunter, but via friend acquaintance jumps at a chance to train slaves for rich people. 
15. Gakuen no Shuryousha ~Noroshi~ 学園の狩猟者 ~烽火~ [020524] Empty
Revenge never felt so good!
After Noelle's parents die suddenly in an accident, her older stepbrother Shuuichi returns to take care of her - in ways she could never have imagined. Noelle is horrified when, on the very night of her parents' funeral, the stepbrother she remembered so fondly cruelly rapes her. Then, without explaining why, Shuuichi forces Noelle to transfer to the prestigious Takamine College.
Each night as he ravishes her body, Shuuichi pumps Noelle for information about the women on campus. Women like the curvaceously timid Haruko, the sexually talented Shirone, and the beautiful blond-haired bombshell Elena... Women who will be able to satisfy his insatiable desires - and provide him with the information he needs to avenge the death of his mother. 
16. Kuro to Kuro to Kuro no Saidan ~Kodoku~ 黒と黒と黒の祭壇~蟲毒~ [020524] C's Ware 1
There is a land called Rayark. It is called a holy place, chosen by gods. 
However, there are two religions dominating in this land with a long rivalry history. The one controlling the holy place is considered favored by gods.
One religion holds the spot for six decades straight, but some day prophet demands execution of the current guardian of the holy place. Her brother is labeled as rebel by prophet, and he starts his revenge.
17. Monologue [020524] Libido
32 stories with 32 heroines. The secrets of girls that can not be spoken out loud are revealed here. Can such cute heroines really have such big secrets?
18. Osen Byoutou 汚染病棟 [020524] Cross 1
Takuya works at Shiratori General Hospital, the biggest hospital in town. One day, he unexpectedly discovers a secret in his work place. The hospital is actually an underground membership whorehouse! The members consist of politicians and lawyers, who come to purchase trained sex slaves.
Once Takuya finds out about the hospital's dark secret, he's forced to help the club as a sex trainer. As he begins tormenting various girls, he realizes that he really enjoys it.... His acts of violence escalate day by day. He starts out with nurses, but soon moves on to female patients, as well. Takuya quickly begins losing his sanity. The quiet and peaceful days will never return. What awaits him beyond the doors of this dark pleasure!? 
19. Pandora no Bikkuribako パンドラのびっくり箱 [020524] Pajamas Soft
Fandisc for Pandora no Yume. 
The main content is Pandora no Yume - Another Story, two after stories for the main game. Yume is set several years after the main story, with Yuito studying robotics. In Gokuraku the characters give a party half a year after the story.
It also includes mini-games and user apported illustrations and stories, along other extras.
20. Realize Me [020524] Mink
Main character is a nerd who attends a vocational school, but aims at becoming a scenario writer. He wants a girlfriend, but is afraid to confess his feelings, so he becomes obsessed with game girls instead. One day he starts to play a trial version of a new game and manages to call the heroine to his room. She seems to have an ability to open the gate between fictional and real world. She looks very friendly, but she's a heroine from a 18+ game, right?
21. Ryokan Shirasagi 旅館白鷺 [020524] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
Yuriko is the proprietor of the financially challenged Swallowtail Inn. The death of her husband deprived the Inn of his culinary skill, which was the main source of the Inn's prestige and income. Unwilling to shut down, Yuriko has turned to exploiting her body to keep the Inn solvent. But her sexual skills are limited, and that, along with the Inn's degradation, spell trouble. The discovery of an unconscous man allow Yuriko the opportunity to be both a good samaritan and the recipient of a blessing in disguise. Although he suffers amnesia as a result of his injury, the man, whom Yuriko names Kenji, proves to be the answer to all of the Inn's problems. Kenji does everything from maintenance to cooking. He is clearly a skilled chef, but there is another area he is equally adept: sex. Kenji coaches Yurika and her ex sister-in-law Fuyuka in the varied arts of sex and eroticism. Revenues and passion rise, but Kenji's forgotten identity may prove to be the Swallowtail Inn's true salvation.
22. Ryoujoku Hishoshitsu 凌辱秘書室 [020524] Maika
Main character is a very ordinary office worker. But he has a secret to manipulate other people bodies freely. This ability is being limited by the organization and his colleague on lookout. One day company's president dies under mysterious circumstances. Protagonist gets unlimited authority to interrogate office members who are all beauties.
23. Shuugaku Ryokou ~Yume no Naka~ 襲学旅行~夢の中~ [020524] Infinity
Main character goes to a school trip for 5 days. He is not interested in the shrines and temples at all, but what excites him is the prospect of naughty games with girls. 
24. Virgin Trigger ヴァージントリガー [020524] Soup
One day a girl appears from the window. She asks main character to fight together to protect the Earth. She starts to train together with protagonist until the day of decisive battle.
25. Tsuma x Tsuma 1.5 ~Koko wa Niizuma Paradise!~ 人妻×人妻1.5~ここは新妻ぱらだいす!~ [020530] Discovery
Sequel to the first game.
Yusuke Oshima, the protagonist, is forced to marry his former classmate Akira Orisaku by his father for all the help she gave to save the apartment complex.
Yusuke film was made to the film festivals, and he receives a prize effort, thanks for the recommendation of the manager of the apartment Shizuma Fujimiya who served as assistant director.
Now as a newlywed couple, Yusuke and Akira move no a new house to start their new couple life, and spend their first honeymoon night. Can you really satisfy Akira? 
26. AZ no Rakuin AZの烙印 [020531] Piyopiyo-Gumi
Kilts' country loses the war, and he is shipped to the winning country as a slave. A brand called 'AZ no Rakuin' is carved to his neck, marking him as a slave and also serving as a first class deadly curse in the case he rebels...
Shortly after, he is bought for 30000 gold, a sum that is never been paid for a slave before, by an elven woman. And taken to a mansion where he is treated like a guest much to his surprise. But he soon learns that this is a house of pleasure that only serves to high class woman...
While he briefly considers death instead of being a prostitute, he also realizes that he'll have a much better life working here than any other slave outside. He accepts his fate and his training begins...
27. Chijoku no Kankei ~Inkou Kyoushi~ 恥辱のカンケイ~淫行教師~ [020531] Interheart 1
Toya Hayami works as an art teacher at a prestigious school. However, Toya and his art lessons are looked upon coldly because the school is just too busy with students cramming for tests.
One day, Toya becomes close to the school idol Sayuri and invites her to his studio. A few days later, Toya is suddenly laid off because people have spread rumors about his relationship with Sayuri. Needless to say, Toya is depressed and furious about the treatment and begins to take out his frustrations on Sayuri and his successor, Noriko...
The player will become the despairing art teacher and violate the girl who used to adore him. He will also get his kicks out of raping the female teacher who has replaced him with a bunch of sexual tools.
In this game, you will be able to use a remote controlled dildo. You attach the dildo to girls and enjoy watching their reactions whenever or wherever you activate it. When the game switches to the Dildo Mode, you will see a switch gauge and the girl s heartbeat monitor on the screen. You observe the rate of her heartbeat and control the on/off on the dildo. You will also enjoy seeing a girl's thoughts during this mode.
28. Fall Down ~Ochita Tenshi no Monogatari~ Fall Down ~堕ちた天使の物語~ [020531] Lust
Main character is forced to live a haunted life in a certain mansion. One day he meet a mysterious girl who suddenly comes down from the sky. The girl does not remember anything. They start to live together in the mansion to find their true self.
29. Happy Bell Lovex2 Honeymoon はぴベルラヴ×2ハネムーン [020531] Terios
Includes a quiz game, a "visual story" (NVL style visual novel), and six minigames.
30. Honoka ni Mieru Zetsubou no Memento ~Remember that I love you.~ 仄かに視える絶望のmemento~Remember that I love you.~ [020531] FlyingShine
Two girls lose memories in an accident. Two men volunteer to cooperate to try and return memories to them. But since girls forget everything every few hours, this time is mostly used for insults. With this pieces of memories start to come together. What lies ahead - truth or despair?
31. Itami no Umi イタミノウミ [020531] Devil's Works 1
Yuya Azuma has been continuously bullied since he started school. However, he manages to hold on through it all. One day, his foster sister, Yuka, whom he secretly loves, attempts to kill herself.
Bullies Michiru Ota and Aina Shindo unexpectedly calm down after Yuka is hospitalized. Yuta feels the change in their attitudes, but he doesn't know why until Yuka regains consciousness in the hospital. She doesn't recognize him, and she suddenly grabs his dick and starts sucking on it!
Yuya is terribly shocked at the sudden change in Yuka. He goes home and finds her diary in her room. Even though he feels guilty, he opens the diary and begins to read. He finds out the horrible truth: Yuka was gang raped in her efforts to help him!!
Yuya swears revenge on the bullies and his teacher who didn't try to help...
Our hero swears revenge for his foster sister, who has become mentally deranged because of the gang rape.
32. Jangyaku 2 & 3 ~Ryoujoku no Gakuen Janki-tachi~ 雀虐2&3~凌辱の学園雀姫たち~ [020531] Puchiyu~mi 1
Tekka Private School is filled with an evil presence. Guys who like to gamble, cause problems, and sleep with girls tend to gather here.
In our prequel, Agaru Yasuda raped all the beautiful girls in the tea club, and as a result, it was closed down. Now, he returns once again on a new stage! What will happen this time...?
The popular series is back with two sequels on one disk! "Jan Gyaku 2" is "The Chapter of The Evil Tournament!" The story starts off when Hotaru Tendoji, Agaru's mentor, visits the school festival. To find out who's king of the hill, an underground mahjong tournament is held. The battle of the fittest now begins...
"Jan Gyaku 3" is "The Chapter of True Red Revenge." Agaru finally does the unbelievable! He shows his true colors in front of his stepsister, Hanae Yasuda.
33. Kazoku Doreika Keikaku 家族奴隷化計画 [020531] Zero
Main character is adopted to a family that caused his father's death.
Protagonist waits till his foster father goes to a business trip to start his domination plan over his new family members.  
34. Mori no Kioku 森の記憶 [020531] Marine Heart
Takumi and Jun are two students who find an abandoned bomb shelter in the forest behind their school, a secret they keep between them. One day they hear, noise, and upon investigation find a secret lab within the shelter, and a young boy, Tsukasa, being held prisoner there. They decide to try to free Tsukasa and try to solve who is responsible for his kidnapping. They suspect it is someone within their school that knows about the place, and decide to hide out at the school at night to see if they can find their answers...
Boys Love
35. Riru Meru Shimai no Motto x 2 Oshiete! Onii-chan-sensei 璃瑠・瑪瑠姉妹のもっと×2 おしえて!お兄ちゃん先生 [020531] Jewelry 1
Our hero leads a pretty normal life, but one day, a family with 2 daughters moves into the house next door. He becomes close friends with the new neighbors, and the parents ask our hero to tutor the daughters because their grades are slipping. He's more than happy to help out. He starts out being a serious tutor, but these two babes do their best to seduce himc Will our hero be able to remain stalwart and withstand their seductive tactics?
This is the game you guys have been waiting for! You'll find three completely different routes: "Tell me about girls," "Please treat me kindly," and "I'll hold out." You'll really enjoy the different personalities of these two sisters!! If you like to be called "Bro," this game is perfect for you!!
36. Shukketsubo ~Senaka no Oetsu~ 出血簿〜鮮赤の嗚咽〜 [020531] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
One day in May, a new chemistry teacher assumes his duties at a Junior College. He is Kengo Inui, a man blessed with a sharp mind, great athletic skill, and handsome looks. In spite of these gifts, or perhaps because of them, his heart is that of a black devil. It was some months ago that he let the devil come out and work its skills on the beautiful women around him, but he had crossed a line then. Now at his new posting, he is finally free to explore his evil passions once more.
The hunt is beginning again...
37. Trouble Triangle とらぶる☆とらいあんぐる [020531] Ripe
Calm and gentle protagnist Erisaki invites a girl to live together after two years of dating.
Free spirit Daisuke protagonist gets fired from a company and needs a place to live for a week with his girlfriend till their new place gets renovated. Erisaki can not let his former school friend stay outside. So starts two couples memorable week of co-habitation.

Foreword: A bad-ass cover and cyberpunk setting is all that it took to interest me.

Title: D.U.O. ~Song for All~

Developer: Panda House

Date: 2002-04-26

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2235

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttjs7mdDS3Q&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_0xb07WK6DgqoNosWs_kET


Synopsis: It happened on December 25, 2001, right after the new century began.

It was the biggest and worst disaster in human history, "Apoptosis Crisis."

A virus called "apoptosis" begins to destroy human cells. 80% of the Earth's population is killed and the people who survive try their best to revive civilization.

A century has passed, and it is now the year 2099 in Tokyo. Something is happening in this big city, where many kinds of ethnic groups reside. The network junkies, called "jugglers," suddenly die an unnatural death. The cause of death is still unclear. However, it is apparent they were all on computer networks when they died.

Takuya Takahashi, who is a professional investigator, a "Runner," is asked to investigate the case, and he starts investigating this dangerous disease, without even knowing much about it?


Structure: 12+1 chapters.

Length: 7 hours for one route, but second route is almost the same.

Game type: Cyberpunk detective mystery

Difficulty: Easy, we move on if exhaust all options

Character Design rating: 9/10

Protagonist rating: 10/10

Story rating: 9/10

Game quality: 10/10

Overall rating: 9/10

Rating comments: The only question for me is whether it's 9 or 10. I totally like the game, but story overall and the heroines in particular appear to me with flaws.


Protagonist: Takuya is great. He has face and hard-boiled personality. At the same time, not everything is clear about his personality that happens to content quite the depth.

Characters: Hitomi and Itsumi are main heroines of the game. These is also mysterious girl Sophia that exists for plot purposes. Can't say anything bad about Hitomi or Itsumi, it's just sad that the difference in their "routes" is just choice of who to H, not much character development.


Story: Synopsis actually covers all I could tell. I can only hint that story tackles genetic and cyberspace a lot. I'd really like it to be more focused on actual  virus and deaths, but most of the time we just hang around with girls stumbling upon important events at times, so resolution feels forced.

CG: Loving CG here. Lots of motion in the interface. I especially appreciate those several animated moments used for underlining charm of the heroines, and NOT in H events.


Sound: Game is called "song for all" not for nothing. There are a lot of vocal parts in here. Very enjoyable. Everyone but protagonist is voiced, and that includes all the male characters.

Thoughts:  The title "D.U.O. ~song for all~" contains two spoilers itself, but luckily you only get to know why late in the game, so there is that "a-ha" moment. No idea what "D.U.O" stands for, but the word "duo" already gives an important hint. I really appreciate when title gets to say so many things about the game.


Overall comments: Absolutely magical game. Great direction and use of interface make an impression of a futuristic world, can't really believe game dates back to 2002. I was treating Cat's Pro quite favorably, and it's joyous for me to see Heart Heat Girls concept being reborn in such way by the successor Panda House. Game's very nice while it lasts, but it's quite gentle-minded and lacks impact, so it gets average or poor scores by the Japanese. I absolutely can't understand how the Japanese manage to bury the best representatives of the genre with their own hands.



D.U.O. ~Song for All~ is the VN of the Month Among masterpieces are One 2 ~Eien no Yakusoku~ , Suigetsu and Utawarerumono

1. Trans' ~Boku to Atashi no Kyoukaisen~ Trans’~僕とあたしの境界線~ [020404] Catear 1
Main character has to wear his lover's clothes after Christmas Eve night. Somehow he likes wearing that dress and starts to improve his makeup and clothes to become more beautiful. This way can bring him to wearing a wedding dress, a SM outfit or even become an idol.
I have not invented a category to block Trans all-age games, but it does not mean I'm going to look into it because of that.


2. Ripple ~Blue Seal e Youkoso~ Ripple~ブルーシールへようこそっ~ [020405] Giga
Main character looses a job and applies for an internet ad vacancy to work at a huge leisure park "Blue Seal" with multiple facilities including restaurant. There are many curious girls working around.
A SIM game to raise protagonist's parameters and set dates. Combined to Giga failure as VN maker, game's a total crap.


3. Wish ~Owari Yuku Sekai de~ Wish~終わりゆく世界で~ [020405] Selfish 1
The year is 20xx... A new life form called a "Mamono" has suddenly appeared in Japan.
With great sacrifice, the Japanese government finally succeeds in retrieving a part of this "Mamono." Of course, it's kept secret from the general public and all evidence is eliminated...
Soon after, the government takes a few civilian scientists and begins a top-secret mission called "Project HI" (Project Human Infinity). The project's purpose is to somehow inject the unknown virus from the "Mamono," which will give the subjects super powers. The goal is to create a human that will withstand any kind of environment, which will then be used as a lethal weapon. Knowing the project might fail, the government simultaneously creates a militia known as the "Witch Hunters."
Minoru Yamanashi's father was one of the scientists involved in this project. He's so crazy that he submits not only himself but also Minoru's sister Chisa to the "Project HI" experiments. Unfortunately, the experiment on Chisa fails, and she falls ill with the virus. Not having the kind of money to save his sister, he decides to join the "Witch Hunters." He ends up killing his beloved sister. Losing the will to live, he wanders aimlessly around the streets and eventually crumbles with hunger. A girl named Yukari Arisa saves him from the streets...
Heroines are unique and lively. The first half is hero gradually healing his mind wounds with a touch of comedy, but in the second part there is serious development. There is only common scenario during first play. From the second play there are heroine scenarios that show up. Surprisingly well done scenario-oriented suspense adventure.


4. Koi Suru Science 恋するサイエンス [020412] Complet's 1
Hiroshi Koizumi is a student at Oshima Private School. One day, he receives an invitation to the science club from a girl named Sakura Sakura. Hiroshi's shy but falls madly in love with Sakura at first sight and visits the club, which is located on the outskirts of the school property. However, as soon as Hiroshi opens the door to the club, he loses consciousness...
When he comes to, Hiroshi finds himself on an operating table. He sees a small girl holding an old book. She's trying to experiment on him! What's going to happen on him!? 
You will witness mysterious experiments, battles over the old book, and expectations of love in this love comedy.
This game might look like a comedy... but in the end it's still a nukige with everything whirling around it. There are hardly any other advantages.


5. Maid Hunter Zero One ~Nora Maid~ メイドハンター零一~のらメイド~ [020412] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
Reiichi Satsukido is a noncareer public employee, leading a peaceful life. One day, he is suddenly assigned to become a special national agent called 'Maid Hunter!' His mission is to hunt down and rehabilitate aliens called 'Nora Maids' (Stray Maids), in accordance with Special National Health Regulations.
However, a secret organization named 'Kampfgruppe Nora Maid' stands in his way. This organization is formed to free the Nora Maids, and they are willing to fight in order to accomplish their goals. 
The Special National Health Regulations are only in effect for the next thirty days. Reiichi must capture and rehabilitate four Nora Maid renegades within this time. Otherwise, he will be demoted and sent to an uninhabited island. Will he succeed in his mission and avoid spending the rest of his life on a deserted island...!?
Parody is the dominating feature of this game. But there are a lot of confusing systems in this bakage, including battle system. 


6. Wasurenagusa ~Forget-me-Not~ 忘レナ草~Forget-me-Not~ [020412] Unison Shift
A story about a boy that is destined to die, a shinigami that is given the task of taking his soul and the people he is connected...
Period is 2 weeks. During daytime we deepen relations with the chosen heroine, during night time we entertain the heroine. Period feels too small, relations develop untruthfully, with sudden climax.


7. Dennou Yousei Elfan 電脳妖精エルファン [020419] Noa 1
Elfans are cyber fairies, which live in the "Net World," which exists inside of the Internet. One day, our hero is sucked into this Net World and is forced to fight against evil monsters. With the help of Elfans, he must bring peace back to the Net World!!
The evil Net Kizer sends his monsters and Elfans to attack our hero. He must defeat these monsters and persuade the Elfans to join him. Some of the Elfans will change shapes during the journey! Our hero must gather 30 Elfans from all over the Net World and defeat the evil Net Kizer!!
This cyber battle adventure game consists of an adventure part and a battle part.
The player chooses one of three Elfans as a companion:
The gentle and kind Mei Nyuang
The strong-minded Fairy Ann
The energetic, yet sad Bloomer Rabbi
These Elfans occasionally change shapes. For example, Mei Nyuang sometimes becomes the martial artist, Mei China, or the fighting nurse called Mei Nurse. You'll really enjoy bringing them up! Not only that, but you'll also meet up with more than thirty different Elfans, who have been designed by a variety of artists. What does this all mean? You will definitely find an Elfan to suit your tastes!!
Befriend the Elfans and defeat the evil Net Kizer!
Quite a strange bakage with battles and lolis.


8. Hanketsu 2 ~Forget Me Not~ 判決2~Forget Me Not~ [020419] Noctovision 1
The case is not over yet...
A half naked woman is taken into protective custody at Jissoji Park around midnight. She has been assaulted and drugged. Her name is Tomomi Sawada, and she was participating in a 'Blue Aqua' ritual prior to the incident.
Blue Aqua is a cult seminar, led by Kirara Rendaiji. It is quickly spreading among the young female population at Jissoji. There is also a rumor that Blue Aqua uses drugs in their rituals, and Tomomi's case seems to back it up.
The drug is called 'Blue Seal,' a love potion that shines in blue. The town of Jissoji once suffered from a drug called 'Blue Misty,' but Blue Seal is taking over now. Yura Tojima is the man behind this case, and he tries to reach out to a young female singer, Chiaki Aikawa. 
Yuji Akagi is a district attorney at Jissoji. With help from his beautiful assistant Misa Sugasawa, he is about to try wiping this blue drug out of his town!!
This is a sequel to the real legal adventure "Hanketsu," and more realistic court trials are depicted than ever before.
The street musician from the first title, Chiaki Aikawa, is now a professional singer, but she is having problems with her career and with a band member who uses Blue Seal.
Aya Shirahama is a lovely girl, who happens to know Yuji, but she often causes trouble for Yuji. 
Misa Sugasawa is a sharp and beautiful legal officer, who has experience in foreign legal services.
Players will find many other beauties, along with many hot scenes. Get the bad guys and bring peace back to the town of Jissoji!!
Of course game is better than it predecessor 4 years ago, but it does not mean it's good. Main character and realism are praiseworthy, but concept, scenario and realization aren't.


9. Nanji, Sono Muku Naru Tamashii de Yoru o Samayou Nakare 汝、その無垢なる魂で夜を彷徨うなかれ [020419] NeoUme
If you walk alone on the moon night, you will meet the witch of the moon. 
Such city legend flows in the city of Mahoroba. 
Main character is a freelancer who also has part-time work at convenience store "New Life". One night he meets a witch...
There are a lot of heroines including moon witch. Each of them has some kind of problem to settle. Characters here are very weak.


10. Wind -A Breath of Heart- Wind -A Breath of Heart- [020419] minori 1 2 3 4 5 6
That summer day. Makoto Okano and his younger sister Hinata sit across from each other in the box seats of a local express heading to that town, underneath a blue sky that seems to stretch out to infinity. The town they are heading to is the very one that they were born in and were separated from long ago -- Kazune City. In the midst of the midsummer wind, bathed in the wind that rushes in from the train window, they head to that town, which they only have vague memories of.
"Say, let's promise to meet again."
"I'll keep playing this harmonica, okay? Because even if I can't reach you, the sound of the harmonica surely will."
The harmonica, which was handed over together with the promise to that girl.
And within the shaking cabin of the train, Makoto wakes up, dimly but surely recalling that memory ... 
Game is localized and has English reviews.


11. Yuki no Tokeru koro ni... 雪のとける頃に… [020419] Studio e.go! 1
Your character, Dr. Hoshino, iis transferred from central Japan to the New Hokkaido General Hospital, where he reunites with his underclassman, Mikage Ayumi, and academy days nemesis, Shinowara Tsukasa. As a doctor in the late 20's (he is 28 years old), he faces the trauma situations of the E.R. (Emergency Room) and treats his own clique of long-term patients.
Every successful man must have his woman behind him, and Masato's wife, Hoshino Mizuki, supports him in every way.
Life seems to be the usual...or is it? In this foreign part of Japan, covered in snow and ice, what will happen to Masato and his surroundings?
There is an English review.


12. Ouma Petit ☆ Kaitouden 逢魔ぷち☆怪討伝 [020424] Sakuraneko
Demons are actually real. They can take human form and infiltrate human society. 
Main character studies at a mission-based school in Yokohama that's rumored to contain hand of a legendary demon in its basement. There are various forces trying to revive the demon. Can protagonist prevent that?
School love bakage. Scenario is of not high quality, gags are rarely funny and heroines lack attractiveness.


13. My Merry May [020425] KID
This VN tells the story of Kyosuke, a high school student, who lives a normal student's life in a dormitory until one day he receives a strange device from abroad. Inside the device is a female replis, an artificial human being. Kyosuke decides to awaken her, but before her personality is fully loaded, a thunderstorm briefly cuts the energy in the dormitory, creating a bug in Leu's system. Instead of his own personal servant, Kyosuke now has to take care of a teenager with a childlike mind. The remaining cast of heroines include Hitoe Haruna, Yasusuke's childhood friend, Motomi Agatsuma, the girlfriend of Kyosuke's best friend, Ryo Hagimoto, 21-year old Tae Kizuki, and her friend, 13-year old high school student Misao Yuki.
Careful character depiction is the main attraction in this work. Even though it's love comedy, it's explained why and how each girl starts to love protagonist.


14. Shine ~Kotoba o Tsumuide~ SHINE~言葉を紡いで~ [020425] Vridge Inc. 1 2 3
One day, the protagonist decided to chase after the dream of becoming a cameraman. To become the student of his famous upperclassman (senpai) cameraman in his university, he headed towards an island in Okinawa area where his upperclassman cameraman lived. On the way to the island, the protagonist met his senpai luckily and was given a very hard assignment to complete. If he complete the assignment, then he could become his senpai's student. That assignment is taking a picture of all SIX girls who he met on the ship by chance. And for some reasons, all SIX girls hate camera. But, there is nothing he can do about it because if he doesn't take their photos, his road to become a cameraman is closed.
With that, the protagonist met and parted with those girls repeatedly at the island. And with each of them, conversations are being spinned into stories.
There is enough English information.


15. Azrael アズラエル [020426] Frontwing 1
After being saved by the god of death, our hero becomes a messenger of death for girls who are destined to die. Working as a messenger, he has to go through a lot of heart-rending experiences and anguish.
Most of us enjoy our lives and don't think about death until something happens to us. Through this game, you'll realize that death is always just a step away...
The best scenario out of three 426 works, but it suffers from the lack of volume, so it's difficult to empathize with characters that weren't given enough screen time. There are several endings. Game was sold for just 1/3 of normal price.


16. D.U.O. ~Song for All~ [020426] Panda House 1
It happened on December 25, 2001, right after the new century began.
It was the biggest and worst disaster in human history, "Apoptosis Crisis."
A virus called "apoptosis" begins to destroy human cells. 80% of the Earth's population is killed and the people who survive try their best to revive civilization. 
A century has passed, and it is now the year 2099 in Tokyo. Something is happening in this big city, where many kinds of ethnic groups reside. The network junkies, called "jugglers," suddenly die an unnatural death. The cause of death is still unclear. However, it is apparent they were all on computer networks when they died. 
Takuya Takahashi, who is a professional investigator, a "Runner," is asked to investigate the case, and he starts investigating this dangerous disease, without even knowing much about it?
Looks like my type of game. I'll review it myself.


17. Happy Breeding はっぴ~ぶり~でぃんぐ [020426] Purple Software 1
Our protagonist (Takashi) has taken the opportunity of working away from his parents home and started living by himself.
One day, a strange girl enters his house and eventually comes to stay with him since the house is too big for one person to live in. 
The girl seems to be searching the person who tended an injury of hers when she was a child, and the protagonist offers his help.
New girls gradually show up and starts living in the protagonist's house, each with their own purpose that he will try to help them fulfill.
Nice heartwarming story, but short - 5 hours is enough to clear. Only one heroine route is special, all the others are unnoticeable.


18. Kin no Hitomi x Gin no Hitomi 金の瞳*銀の瞳 [020426] Uncanny! 1
The latest title from UNCANNY! This is a fantasy adventure game, where the stage is set in a world of swords and magic.
The story unfolds following the war between humans and monsters. The humans are lead by a brave man with golden eyes. Eventually, they win the war against the monsters, but humanity is still far from peace. The player will become a boy named 'Cych.' He is a 'gladiator' with no memories of the past, and he will challenge the death tournament at the coliseum. 
The tournament will last two months. Going through many things, such as the training to survive and encounters with various heroines, a player will become strong and learn about love. Will you choose to pursue physical strength, or will you choose to go after girls? It's all up to you!
Self-training SIM with parameters. Period is 8 weeks. Every 1st and 7th day of the week there is event and every 4th day there is combat. The overall difficulty is low.


19. One 2 ~Eien no Yakusoku~ ONE2~永遠の約束~ [020426] BaseSon
I was away from home during the summer vacation, when I returned I found out that my father has moved away. No one in the school knew my name, not even my classmates. I started my new life like that.
I never expected those things, to miss the everyday life, going to school... and to love...
BaseSon had a difficult task to make a remake worthy of famous original, and they actually succeeded at it. There are 5 + 1 secret heroine routes, and each route has something to do with vanishing or loosing. The whole concept of eternal world is focused too much here and there are questions about length, but it's definitely a masterpiece as a pure love game with a good scenario.


20. Sekai no Subete 世界ノ全テ [020426] Tama-Soft 1
Hiroshi returned to his hometown after 8 years in Tokyo trying to attain his childhood dream and failing to do so. Feeling powerless and lacking support from his family, he could only think about giving up. He felt that a poor student like him was unneeded and there was no longer any place for him. That was before he met Tomoko at the light music club and realized that he was not the only one in the same situation.
Main features of this work is depressed protagonist, kansai dialect girls and great music. There are many heroines, but only Tomoko route is deep enough.


21. Suigetsu 水月 -すいげつ- [020426] F&C FC01 1 2
On a summer afternoon, I woke up in a hospital bed without any recollection of the past. I was suffering from severe amnesia, and the ones who saved me as I trembled with doubt and fear through the night were my friends and my maid, Yuki. Through their kindness, my life began once again. A new life filled with joy and happiness. 
However, the nightmare that haunted me ever since I woke up that day continued to torment me. In my dreams was a woman with pure white skin and black hair so lustrous it seemed to fade into the dark night. And within a few weeks, on the night of the Star Festival, I would meet this beautiful girl.
Makino Nanami...
The girl whom I killed with my arrow each and every night ...
There are English reviews.


22. Sweet Legacy スイートレガシー [020426] Frontwing 1
Satou Mamoru has always dreamt of becoming a famous patissier. However, the famous school he wanted to enter in... is actually an all-girls school! Mamoru will have to disguise himself as a girl in order to enter and starts meeting some interesting girls.
Game's short and of relatively low quality, that's why it's sold several times lower than normal price. Still as a charage or a game about shemale it's quite good.


23. Utawarerumono うたわれるもの [020426] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Hakuoro, a man who wakes up in a tiny backwoods village near the mountains with heavy injuries, no memory, and a mask he cannot remove. After being nursed back to health by Eruruw, the girl who found him lying at the point of death in the forest, he starts to view the village as his new home. But when an oppressive ruler threatens the peaceful life of Hakuoro and his newfound friends and family, they find themselves hurtled towards war, chaos, and a destiny far greater than any of them imagined.
Game's localized and has lots of reviews.




1. Fukushuu no Susume ~Gyakuten no Catharsis~ 復讐ノススメ~逆転のカタルシス~ [020405] Kamen Shoukai
Main character and his sister are adopted by Kamishiro family after loss of parents. Kamishiro family abuse siblings to the point that sister gets destroyed and brother gets daily humiliated and insulted. One day the head of Kamishiro family dies leaving huge debts. Now it's time for protagonist to have his revenge.


2. Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III アイドル雀士スーチーパイIII [020405] Harvest 1
The third arcade entry in the Suchie-Pai series, Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III brings more strip mahjong with Misaki Kyoko, better known as Suchie-Pai. But things get strange when a second Suchie-Pai appears. 
This game features some returning opponents and some new opponents. Graphics are vastly improved over those of its predecessors, released several years earlier.
Card game


3. Itaike na Tenshi-tachi ~Akumu no Byoutou~ いたいけな天使たち ~悪夢の病棟~ [020405] Megami
Hospital full of desires of rich and powerful people. Girs are being insulted here in exchange for promises of bright future or money. But playing with innocent girls proved not enough. The clients  started to catch and drug enthusiastic idol fans to make them dirty their paragons with their own hands.


4. Onna Kyoushi Nijuusan-sai 女教師二十三歳 [020405] GuiltyN
English teacher is attacked by a molester on the way home from work. She cries for help, but molester has a menacing look and turns out to be from a powerful family, so no one dares to interfere. But that is only an overture to the tragedy ...


5. Suki Suki Onii-chan ~The Pretty Little Sister~ すきスキお兄ちゃん ~The Pretty Little Sister~ [020405] Aqua House 1
A girl named Miyuri lives near you. She looks so young that she can almost pass as your little sister. Miyuri seems like the strong type, but she is a super, shy girl, who is very naive. For some reason, Miyuri has total trust in you and calls you, "Brother." Even Miyuri's mother has total faith in you.
One day, Miyuri sneaks into your room, and you later find her taking a nap. You try to wake her up, but she tells you, "I love your blanket. Every time I wake up, I can see you." Miyuri tells you this and blushes.
Then you have dinner together and watch T.V. Well, this is what you guys go through on a normal, routine basis. What kind of relationship will this turn into? Since this is an 18 and over game, it's obvious where it's heading, if you get my hint...


6. Maimu まいむ [020411] Squadra D
Apparently, Tomoe Misaki is just another nerd mysteriously popular with beautiful women, in the true eroge tradition.
But maybe he's hiding something...


7. Deep 2 [020412]  Selen
Main character is dormitory supervisor of a girls academy. He makes one room a punishment room where he sends girls suspected of impure heterosexual exchange. 


8. Kyousou no Nie 狂想の肉宴 [020412] West Vision
One day protagonist receivers a letter from his sister-in-law inviting him to ryokan "Mykoshi".  
The encounter reminds him of forgotten past events, and gets overcome with lust. Black desire pushes him to make a feast of insult in this inn. 


9. Mayonaka wa Ware no Mono 魔世中ハ我ノ物 [020412] Touchy 1 2 3
Ogata Seishirou is a man whose power exceeds more than mere wealth or temporal holdings: his might and influence dominates the supernatural. Demon Lords bow before his presence, and it is even whispered the Devil himself fears Seishirou’s authority. Yet for all the power at his command, there remain threats deadly enough to unseat him. Nonetheless, Seishirou is not one to avoid danger, and the same individuals who would dare remove him from power, could easily serve as tools to cement it… but only if the opportunity is seized.


10. Pine House ~Onii-chan Oshiete!~ ぱいんハウス ~おにいちゃん教えて!~ [020412] Tomato 1
There is a dorm called "Pine House," filled with dropouts who need to be straightened out before they return to regular academic activities. Unlike previous years, the dorm is now filled with lots of cute girls! 
You are hired as a tutor for the students at Pine House. The girls start to call you "Bro" as you become close to them. Not only that, it seems they really like you a lot! Will you be able to hold out on these flirtatious babes?
This is an ADV+SIM game, in which you'll have to discipline girls who have taken wrong turns. First, you'll try to talk with them and make good impressions. Once they start calling you "Bro," take their virginity away and train them to become your sex slaves!


11. Ryoujoku Salesman ~Akutoku Shouhou Toranomaki~ 凌辱せぇるすまん~悪徳商法虎の巻~ [020412] Interheart
Main character gets experience at a trading company and then becomes a self-employed salesman. He gets excellent in skills to sell something even if it is not needed to the potential buyer. When confronting women, he uses their weaknesses and desires to come to a beneficial result.


12. Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~ Siesta ~すすき野原の夢物語~ [020412] Amedeo
Our protagonist is a mundane high school student, but suddenly she develops an uncontrollable habit of sleeping at random times... and it interrupts her daily life to a large extent. She lives in a fairytale in her dreams, sometimes she is a princess, at other times she is a magician or a nun. One common aspect that is always present in her dreams is that she encounters men of all kinds.
Furthermore, what's bizarre about this is that in reality, she knows men who are very similar to the ones she have met in her dreams, and if she arranges a date with one of them to a particular place in her dream, she will run into him at a similar dating spot that they had agreed on in reality.
Is this merely a dream?
Or is it a premonition?
Maybe, a memory from the past....
Although it seems extraordinary, the protagonist develops feelings for "him" in her dreams, and naturally starts to get closer with his counter-part in reality.. Eventually, she discovers that he shares her dreams....
One day, the protagonist and he enter the dream together, becoming one with their counter-part in the "dream" world...
What will their future be like in such a surreal world?


13. Toga ~Kegareta Shizuku~ 咎~ケガレタシズク~ [020412] Ankh
Main character's past of abuse by his father keeps pursuing him. One day a girl who claims to be his sister shows up, and they have a confrontation. Then his former tutor who is also his first sexual partner, shows up. Protagonist's heart gets violently disturbed - what will he do?


14. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 3 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD3 [020413] NekoNeko Soft
A collection of short stories:


15. Tamayura たまゆら-霊響- [020414] Studio Air
Main character lives with two cousins and their appointed teacher.
At school he is forced to join sorcery club to study occultism. There he undertakes a dark-hearted supernatural case pushing him in the middle of two forces.


16. Yukibana -Kira- 雪花 -きら- [020415] Tinsmith 1
A town covered in snow, a man, a mysterious little girl, and their entanglement.


17. Eguchi Kenkyuushitsu エ口研究室 [020419] Rasen
Main character is a volunteer to text a machine that makes dreams real. He will need to hold many experiments to help with the research.


18. Himekagura ~Kurutta Jouen~ 姫神楽~狂った情炎~ [020419] Chiffon 1
Takato wakes up in a female's room, and he has no recollections coming here. Why is he here? It seems he has lost his memory. He tries to remember about his past, but a voice keeps bothering him, saying, "Rape girls..." Not being able to resist this voice, he begins to rape a girl. As he is raping her, he suddenly remembers a piece of his past: a scene where he is brutally killing someone. He learns that he's from an assassin group called the Kagurazaka.
He remembers his past as he rapes girls... Who or what is the mysterious voice!? What will become of Takato?


19. Hitozuma Mahjong 人妻麻雀 [020419] Rouge
Main character participates in multiple mahjong tournaments to get money from men and get intimate with women. He's only interested in married women.


20. Kango Shichauzo 2 ~Joshi Ryou wa Moeteiru ka~ 看護しちゃうぞ2 ~女子寮は萌えているか~ [020419] Trabulance 1 2 3 
Eiji is a priest at a catholic school for young nurses. Well, he's not really a priest -- while traveling in Europe, he learned how easy it was to impersonate the clergy and what fun it could be. Ever since those days, he's enjoyed the unique life in the Church, even after returning to Japan.
When a panty thief helps himself to the underwear in the girls’ dorm at a school for young nurses-in-training, Maria asks him to help put a stop to it by moving into the dorm himself. Although he tries to be the best person he can be, the thought of living alongside all those young nurses-in-training is enough to really get his juices flowing.


21. ShiKing Kimusume no Chisui 失KING 生娘の恥水 [020419] Tamachi Yudou
Main character suffers from mysterious disease. He can only suppress these attacks with virgin pee. His daily quest for survival begins now.


22. Warudakumi Nugi Nugi Nen Shooting 悪だくみ ぬぎぬぎ念シューティング [020419] Arkham Products
Fan disc includes 24 games in variety genre and also a story mode.
In Story Mode girl clothes get stripped and “Evil” parts of body get cleansed with psychic power. 


23. 501 [020426] Frontwing 1
This is a violence adventure game made by the tag-team of "Frontwing" and "Soft House Dew."
"501" is the name of a popular darts game. In this title, the name refers to the murder game, which looks a lot like the "501" darts game. Three guys and one woman make a team, and to win, they have to capture a woman from another team. It sounds like a simple game, but what you will find is unbelievable! They can kill to catch a woman, and they can rape a woman they capture. Our hero happens to take part in the game. Is he going to choose to kill his enemy? Will he rape the girl after the victory? This game will shake a player's sense of ethics.


24. Hajimete no Oisha-san はじめてのおいしゃさん [020426] Zero
Main character has maid fetish, but he does not mind hospital examination of two twin girls as well.


25. Harumi Sou Monogatari はるみ荘物語 [020426] Studio Neko Punch
Main character takes a part-time job to get residents out of their homes prior to building demolishing. He pretends to be apartment keeper and uses any means possible to expel residents who are all pretty girls.


26. Kiss x 200 To Aru Bunkou no Hanashi KISS×200 とある分校の話 [020426] Winters
Main character is a new teacher who just graduated from college. He gets directed to a village with just 32 inhabitants and only 4 school students. These four students are all cute girls, and they don't even know what "kiss" means. But with protagonist arrival that's bound to change.


27. Make Love! ~Slave Love~ メイクLove!~SLAVE LOVE~ [020426] Kiss next 1
Our hero has always dreamed of becoming a high school teacher. With his internship[ close at hand, his girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him. He heads to the high school buried in grief. The story begins as one of the female students confesses her infatuation with him
This is our newest title from the custom slave series. With our Make Up! System, you can customize the heroine, choosing her hairstyle, shape of eyes, her boob sizes, eyebrows, hair color, eye color, skin color, her personality, and even her profile. Have fun with your dream girl and fulfill all those desires you've been hiding!


28. Obbligato オブリガート [020426] Crowd
Main character falls in love with a girl and starts dating her. One day he hears an outrageous humor about her sleeping with anyone willing. Still... can protagonist love her and change her mind?


29. Onii-chan Yamete お兄ちゃんやめて [020426] Gaia
Main character lives with his female relative who calls him onii-chan. They live alone, because his parents travel a lot. Protagonist is an ordinary young skeptical man who has discovered a loli fetish in himself recently... 


30. Oni Isha 鬼医者 [020426] Saga Planets
Main character works in a large hospital with 22 females co-workers or patients. His distant uncle is the director of the hospital, so protagonist decides to act on his free will when personnel starts to criticize him. He searches for his next prey... 


31. Ouma no Mori ~Inouja no Gakuen~ 逢魔の森~異能者の学園~ [020426] Marine Heart
A boarding school for boys in secluded forest has an unusual committee. 
Main character in invited to participate in this committee by a bad friend and a mysterious transfer student. One day a request comes to investigate a rumor about disappearances in the dormitory
Boys Love


32. Shoka no Miko 初夏の巫女 [020427] Soft Circle Courreges
A revival of spending five perverted weeks with a shrine maiden, brought back to life again in this SLG novel. Doing things to the horny shrine maiden, becoming lovers, everything depends on your actions!
The status depends on your actions with the shrine maiden and others, and it goes up and down depending on how you go about your business and go out and play.
Purchase various items with your "money" earned from your job, and set all kinds of events into place with different items and by adjusting the status level.


33. Imbalance アンバランス [020428] Strawberry Argyle
Main character participates in occult school club. When rumors start to spread about strange events at night, he volunteers to investigate them.
Boys Love


34. Lolikko Ryoujoku Club ロリっ娘陵辱くらぶ [020430] Sol-fa-soft
A short novel collection focusing on rape.
■ Episode 1 "The price of forgetting"
Kawamura Natsuki forgot her homework, making her teacher angry. As a punishment, she has to stand naked in the classroom. After that, she's called to the teacher's room...
■ Episode 2 "145500 yen"
I lent 144500 yen to a man named Kijima Yohei. When demanded a repayment, he gave me his sister Yuuko instead of money. Well, what shall I do...
■ Episode 3 "Adventure is not over"
Aikawa Yuka has a exhibitionist habit. One day, when she came back from her "adventure", her brother Takashi was waiting at the front door with a a digital camera...

Foreword: Girl with a gun and concept similar to EVE from FlyingShine - that's a curious thing to investigate provided that only a year later the same brand will create Cross Channel!

Title: Donor - Onna Tantei Ryoujoku

Developer: FlyingShine

Date: 2002-03-08

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6542

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlZTV0b7nLY&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-uWqueJwenXF1BJZOgphqE


Synopsis: Futaba Kawana is an attractive American detective, who recently uncovered the whereabouts of her sister, who disappeared in Japan some few years ago. Once she arrives to Japan, Futaba hurries to the hospital where her sister was last seen. The hospital is one of the best hospitals in Japan, but many strange rumors are floating around. People have seen dead people coming back alive, lost people found, and so on. As our heroine searches for clues, she finds out that the hospital is actually a huge whorehouse controlled by some organization. To find out about the organization, our heroine becomes a nurse at the hospital, but...

This game runs on a system called, "The Buddy System." This means that there are multiple characters and multiple scenarios, where each character has it's own story. In order to understand the complete story, you have to go through each character's story. Besides our heroine, you will meet Chiya, Aya, Shihomi, and Mio. Take out your sexual desires on these beautiful but strong girls.


Structure: None

Length: 32 hours

Game type: Futuristic erotic detective mystery

Difficulty: Kinetic novel

Character Design rating: 2/10

Protagonist rating: 2/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 1/10

Overall rating: 4/10


Game got only two votes on VNDB - that's 2 and 4, but that's probably some haters or trolls, right? Or perhaps they were disappointed by H scenes - but we're here for the story, so we move on.

The start up to the opening is usually the most lively part of any visual novel, but it was not that much lively for DoNoR. It was mostly dialogues with just couple of CG with people, the other CG were blurry zoomed in versions of real time photos of some objects like door bulb or telephone. Then happened pretty cool opening featuring as many as four different people armed with guns.


But then I understood that the biginning WAS the most lively part in DoNoR as well. What awaited me next is over 10 hours of watching horrible blurry CG of real life photos, walls of NVL text and and almost total absence of dialogues. It's been four years since FlyingShine first amateur attempts of Sadistic medicine and Revolver, but not that much has changed since then! It's same blurry real life photos, same NVL, same absence of sprites and CG with people. Hell, even HCG look exactly the same - disgusting and from the same angle in order to take as much screen space with body parts as possible. What's only changed is engine that can actually run on modern OS, rare non-HCG with people and introduction of "Auto pilot" reading mode. And even that they managed to screw - at the lowest speed auto reading is too fast and absolutely not comfortable for the absence of delays between the lines.


But let's drop these technical issues and enjoy the fabulous plot... yet we can't do that. The "Buddy system" makes the story jump to and fro between a lot of people without showing them on the screen or giving their names or at least anything to identify them apart of rare female voicing and location and time announcements. I don't really know how to rate the story. For 10 hours pretty much nothing happened, then couple hours of constant gunfire with very random H evens inserted here and there. Game provides a lot of cool CG, but they have very little to do with reality as 99% of the time you see only some hyper-zoomed blurry CG of rendered object from reality, and that's a very depressing sight. Gunfire keeps ringing, and you only see the corner of some table or just one of car lights. Story is absolutely kinetic, so no interactivity is prepared as well. In couple words, DoNoR is an organization that is involved in illegal transportation of organs and genetic studies. And most of the game is about the detective agency conflict with DoNoR organization forces shown from the sides of different detective agency members.


But when the painful 12 hour narration finally ended... it turned out that there are two more same length episodes. The first episode only covers only mostly Shoichi story, and that story features a variety of female partners. The second episode focuses on female detective Futaba, and that's the route full of insult scenes of Futaba and earlier kidnapped girl. The third final episode features only a Tower, and that's a bit shorter route that has just one H scene and that puts all the points of views together and presents the culmination and the end of the story.


As a short summary, game looks really bad not because of H scenes, but because of direction, pacing and graphic aspects, as well as poor systems. It's very painful to read and follow due to the mess that's set on the screen. It manages to ruin all the benefits of visual novel as medium and provides a "B" rate book novel with rare voiced lines instead. Oh, yeah... the theme of guns is really well covered in here. And that passion is really stunning. If only blurred images did not make my eyes peel off...



Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer and Subete ga F ni Naru ~The Perfect Insider~ are masterpieces, but only the former is the winner. I'll be reviewing Donor - Onna Tantei Ryoujoku

1. Sister Angel しすたぁエンジェル [020301] TerraLunar
Main character loses his memory in an accident. After being discharged from the hospital, he starts to live with his self-proclaimed sister. Hero regains his memory while in contact with her. 
And at some point the feelings of the two go beyond the scope of the brother and sister. 
However, their peaceful life gets interrupted when a girl from the rich family and a Maid Robo girl move in...
A very funny comedy. Routes with all four heroines move in a light fantasy way. There are four heroines and six endings. There is not much seriousness in the game. A must have in sister lover collection and a worthy candidate if you like comedy.


2. Donor - Onna Tantei Ryoujoku DoNoR 女探偵凌辱 [020308] FlyingShine 1
Futaba Kawana is an attractive American detective, who recently uncovered the whereabouts of her sister, who disappeared in Japan some few years ago. Once she arrives to Japan, Futaba hurries to the hospital where her sister was last seen. The hospital is one of the best hospitals in Japan, but many strange rumors are floating around. People have seen dead people coming back alive, lost people found, and so on. As our heroine searches for clues, she finds out that the hospital is actually a huge whorehouse controlled by some organization. To find out about the organization, our heroine becomes a nurse at the hospital, but...
This game runs on a system called, "The Buddy System." This means that there are multiple characters and multiple scenarios, where each character has it's own story. In order to understand the complete story, you have to go through each character's story. Besides our heroine, you will meet Chiya, Aya, Shihomi, and Mio. Take out your sexual desires on these beautiful but strong girls.
I know it's an early FlyingShine game about insults, but it's woman with a gun! That rule can not be easily overlooked, so I'm reviewing it myself (party because it's EVE like world and system) 


3. Sakura no Ki Shita de 桜の木下で [020308] Words
Main character loves to watch Hanami - Sakura petals fall - with his mother every year. But his mother dies, and he sits under sakura tree alone in grief.
A girl approaches him asking what he was doing. From that encounter protagonist's mind started to heal
Ten years have passed. He and that girl Suzuna attend the same class. He receives a letter from Suzuna telling "I want to love". He's puzzled by the contents and former sadness returns to him. It's time for new memories to be forged under a sakura tree.
Four heroines. Each route is smaller than usual. Scenario is slippery in words and leaves only dissatisfaction and weirdness feeling. At least it's not a full price game.


4. Maokko Crisis まお~っ娘クライシス [020315] Scramble House
Main character was relaxing on the grass when a girl descended from the skies. 
"I'm a demon, can I destroy this world?" 
It was his first encounter with Miu.
Love comedy with four heroines. Each day demon king Miu gives girls artifacts of the doomsday. Successful intimacy with the needed girl in the night allows to acquire artifacts and destroy them preventing the end of the world. Such situations continues eternally until clear conditions are meed, and those conditions are very severe, so not many players were able to fulfill them.


5. Valentine Memories ~Mai Furu Yuki no Naka de~ Valentine Memories ~舞い降る雪の中で~ [020315] Sight
Lively main heroine studies diligently in order to enter the same school as her beloved calm brother-in-law. Finally she succeeds, and it's time for rest on Valentine's day.
Lots of typos and no voicing, so it's usually not clear who's talking. Horrible system and low quality graphics (though event CG are good). It's easy to get in endless loop. Text render speed is slow, so common route gets tiring, then there's sudden climax and the end.


6. Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koiseyo Otome~ サクラ大戦4 ~恋せよ乙女~ [020321] Sega 1 2 3 4
Oogami Ichirou returns to Japan after having defeated the evil that threatened Paris. Something is once again wrong in the Imperial Capital, as two street cars go berserk without any reason, saved only by the mech-commanding girls of the Hanagumi Brigade. The girls from Paris Kagekidan return to join forces with the original cast, to help Oogami Ichirou to defeat evil one more time.
There are English reviews.


7. In White [020322] LiFox
Main character returns to his hometown for the first time in three years. He could not save a favorite girl in the traffic accident, and that wound lingers since then. His wish to get back to past is so strong that he is able to get there guided by a voice in the cherry blossom. This time he needs to protect the girl no matter what.
Five heroines with an average play time of two hours per route. Standing character sprites are great, but event CG quality is unstable. There is no voicing. BGM quality is low. System is bulky and stressful.


8. Senryaku Musume 戦略娘 [020322] Blue Gale
Continent drowned in battle for territory. In this world only women can become military personnel since men are intelligently and mentally inferior to a women.
But one day a savior appears in one country, and the problem is that he is a man. That savior is you. Good luck!
Strategy + H scenes. There are only 38 CG. There are seven heroines - two in allied country and five in enemy countries. However, protagonist is an elder brother from a good family, so H events aren't dark. Strategy part is quite simple, and there's no need to worry about supplies.


9. Subete ga F ni Naru ~The Perfect Insider~ すべてがFになる ~THE PERFECT INSIDER ~ [020328] KID 1
The player has to investigate and discover who was the murderer of a genius that was murdered in her private laboratory isolated from the outside world with the doors closed and the only clue was a mysterious message that was left.
The player controls Kiryuu Wataru, a young fourth year university student in the faculty of engineering and architecture who is into mystery novels. To solve this case he will have the help of Nishinosono Moe (a first grader girl in the University Department of Architecture & Engineering) and Saikawa Souhei (University Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture) and other characters.
This game might resemble both Ever17 and Never7 that came later, but actually this work is based on a novel, and game scenario is created together with the author. Mystery is good, and there are 11 endings. Price tag is higher than usual. The only strange thing in the game is that there is there is no tension among the characters even though there are murders occurring nearby.


10. Angel Core ANGEL・CORE [020329] Rune
A young military officer, Captain Ralph Maskenval, was sent to Nortland, to fulfill a mission, which was to keep a close watch over the Angels. The Angels were coerced into believing they needed to have sex to nurture the "Angel Core" inside. Ralph starts to feel awkward about his mission. Then Ralph learns the reason behind the Angels' sex-craved behavior. Ralph will have to make a big decision... 
Unique game with a solid military world view. Heroines are diverse and each root demands that you both interact with the favorite heroine and get information about her from other heroines. Development is a bit hasty in the second part of each heroine route, but still each story is quite long. Erotic part is not as strong as the story.


11. Angelic Serenade AS〜エンジェリックセレナーデ [020329] Kuroneko-san Team 1
You are a teenage boy traveling to find the angel that stopped you from aging. You don't remember it very well since it was what, ten years, twenty years ago? Maybe even longer. Other than the clothes on your back, you carry a magical, musical instrustrument and the feather of the angel you are searching for. One day, you come across a girl. This girl is very different. She can't talk and has different colored eyes. Her left eye is dark blue and her right eye is fire red. This is how the game begins.
There is an English review.


12. Comic Cafe コミックカフェ [020329] Girl's Software
Main character is a regular of a certain manga cafe that hires only cute cosplay girls to work here in maid outfits to rise the sales. There is a ticket system here that allows to exchange tickets for a cosplay event of the favorite girl. 
Until the middle of the game the shifts of girls aren't known, so it's all about save and load. There's no real common route, just individual routes. System is quite painful, so the further you go, the more stress you accumulate.


13. Gaia -Save the Earth- ガイア -Save the Earth- [020329] Xai
Pollution levels hit their limit in the 21st century causing water, air and soil contamination, as well as global warming.
At such time goddess Gaia appears in the sky with the power of love to save the Earth. She chooses a savior who must bring together powers of heroines from five different countries. And that savior is you.
You're not explained anything, so it gets confusing what to do - that hurts pace a lot. Even though you need to travel, you need to choose destination among choices, not on the map. There's only very painful skipping. Volume is small.


14. Genmukan ~Aiyoku to Ryoujoku no Inzai~ 幻夢館~愛欲と凌辱の淫罪~ [020329] Aias
You play as Satoru, a detective that smokes 40 cigarettes a day. He and his lovely lady assistant come upon a mysterious parcel at work with an address and the single request of "Protect this family". When he scouts out the address he finds an enormous estate with an equally breathtaking European-style mansion. He heads to the building to further investigate. There he finds the steward, the maid, the manservant, and even the young-lady of the house along with her tutor. However, the master of the premises is nowhere to be found. He then realizes that he's in too deep, but finds out that he's locked within the pavilion. He will soon witness the wicked perverted secret behind the mansion.
Actually an eroge with mystery stronger than H motives. Tony's art is a great plus as well - I adore detective assistant Nakayama Mei for a long time, actually. All routes can be beaten in 5 hours overall. Difficulty is easy as there are almost no branches.


15. Hyakki ~Inmoku Sareta Haikyo~ 百鬼 ~淫黙された廃墟~ [020329] Elf
Once, "Ohka Island Island" I had ... a vibrant.
But a little one kilometers surrounding islands, flourished by coal production, building a 10-story Class line the heyday,
I was proud enough to surpass the population density of Tokyo.
Includes parks and shrines, to schools and hospitals, but small scale, "Ohka Island" is a splendid town.
However, by main force of energy has shifted from coal to oil, the closure of coal mines of the island.
Because there is no other than the coal industry, the island residents would no longer have much in months. Now the buildings became ruins .......
Story unfolds on the ruins of "islands Ohka" that has been sealed ...... even the weathered storage.
Stunning hidden truth and eternal love ......... the drama joy, anger, and sorrow is! ?
There are 15 routes hidden inside the island, but they demand exploration and thus are easy to miss. Routes are absolutely different varying from pure lot to erotic, from mystery to ghost stories. Each route takes only one day. Too many elements are introduced at once - exploration, 3D animation, point-and-click during H events etc. Boring conversation kills the middle game.


16. Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer 鬼哭街 The Cyber Slayer [020329] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A tale of revenge set in future Shanghai, where crime syndicates and cyber-warriors rule the city.
The schools of martial arts can be largely divided into two styles - Waijia, the external schools that concentrate solely on the development of speed, strength, and powerful forms and techniques - and Neijia, those that use control of breathing and blood flow to master the internal energy - qi - that flows through the body's meridians. Because of these methodological differences, the two styles have vied time and again for supremacy.
Although practitioners of Waijia were far greater in number, in the end not one of them could stand up to a warrior who had truly mastered the secrets of Neijia. For centuries, this was the unchallenged law of the martial arts world. However, the advent of cybernetics changed everything. Freed from the yoke of their physical limitations, Waijia schools discovered an entirely new world of possibility. The Neijia schools that had reigned over the martial world with their secret techniques, suddenly found themselves obsolete.
In this age where technology is changing the face of combat, heirs to the ancient martial traditions have developed anti-cyborg techniques for the sole purpose of defeating cyborgs with one's bare hands - at great cost to the wielder. 
Kong Taoluo, one such master and former asssassin in the Qingyun Society, returns to Shanghai from a year in recovery after being betrayed by the syndicate and assumed dead. Discovering the horrible truth of what has happened to his sister during his absence; Taoluo swears an oath of vengeance and sets out to murder those responsible.
Game is localized and has lots of English reviews.


17. Mayu ~Yuki no Knife~ 繭~雪のナイフ~ [020329] Gipsy
A letter arrived to main character from a childhood friend asking to return to his hometown. At the station he is met my a maid and guided to the mansion.
At night one of the guests of the mansion is found dead. Then another one. What's the motive of the criminal? 
Period is 7 days. Lots of mystic concepts are piled together in this game. Lots of hints are scattered around in cryptic notes. Thin scenario and small number of CG are the main weak points.


18. Missing Link -Actual Facts- [020329] Altacia
A middle-aged man's dead body is found on the rails at Nakano Station in Tokyo. Is it a suicide, murder or an accident? 
Ukyo meets with the widow with three children and starts to move. However, during investigation he starts to feel that the family is about to be incorporated into a “multi-edged whirlpool of organized crime”. 
Can Ukyo protect the family from the impending crisis?
Case is based on real events, but according to the genre rules there's a proper ending here. During game release in 1996 such ending was not possible since lawsuit was still not finished. This particular works deals with sufferings of Ukyo as a human being rather than focuses on women. Realist and feelings depiction shine here.


19. Mugen no Zero 夢幻のゼロ [020329] Studio B-Room
Main character is blown into a mysterious space one day leaded by the voice of the girl asking for help. He has no other option but take the sword and slay monsters in this ever-changing labyrinth to recover his memories.
RPG part is quite easy and fun. Text is quite rich, and there's some loli girl waiting by the end. Lots of meaningless battles, but it does not irritate too much.


20. One Night Heaven ~Aka to Kuro no Hitobito ni Sasagu Hommage~ One Night Heaven ~赤と黒の人々に捧ぐオマージュ~ [020329] Black Butterfly
High school at Shinjuku, Tokyo, but in imaginary world created by human brain. 
Fates of 18 people are intertwined there.
A girl is in love with a boy, but he only plays with her heart. One day illusion of the girl appears at school, and rumors about her suicide start to spread.
At the same time Ryusei creates "Misuzu" and tries to infest people's minds with "Misuzu" through the internet. 
Nagase starts to investigate the connection between the illusion girl and the "Misuzu"...
Game is sometimes called Odeon 2, because of the same developers and no less difficult world. It's really difficult to identify the words of all 18 people without the portraits and relations chart given in the game manual. The wall of text and absence of voicing don't help either. The outcomes here can be absolutely bizarre like resurrection of Christ that triggers destruction of nuclear power plant with the whole world. There aren't real reviews for this modernistic thing.


21. Pokopoko Gunsho 2 ~Its a Real World~ ぽこぽこ軍将2~いっつ・あ・りある・わ~るど~ [020329] Yui Koubou
Select opponents in military shogi game and defeat cute girls! There are both familiar faces of heroines and new ones. Difficulty is up due to doubling the board size.
Surprising... but still not interested.


22. Seishun 18 Radio 青春18ラヂオ [020329] Ark
There is a community radio station "Seishun 18 Radio" located in the former elementary school building in Kubota. It is a radio station loved by the youth for its sincerity. However, hospitalization of the leading producer forced the station to shut down due to confusion and financial difficulties. 
Protagonist starts reconstruction of the station. Will he be able to overcome difficulties and build human relations with his colleagues?
First half is ADV, but the second half is a board game. There are 15 game episodes and, sadly, they are disjointed. In order to move to the next board round it's needed to expand your team and fulfill a certain condition. The development is sudden, and no conclusions are prepared. There's no such thing as mutual help - just individual H paths with some girls. Game's a total mess.


23. Sky SKY ~スカイ~ [020329] Cherry Soft
The sun darkens and casts shadows, and the wind clears her hat. 
Summer sea glimmers. 
White clouds run across the blue sky. 
She waves to me a lot. 
That's something I like in her.
Period is one month. You need to solve various troubles in your studies and grow love feeling with some heroine. Thanks to introduced hint system walkthrough is not really needed. Everyday sweet talk helps the relations. Weekends are for date events. There are multiple animated H scenes for each heroine totaling over 30 minutes of real time. Development is without any ups and downs, so feels boring. Surprisingly ordinary game for Cherry Soft.


24. Mukou no Yume 向日の夢 [0203] Treasures 1 2
For reasons completely unknown, Chisato Mikogami kills herself. She comes back as a ghost and wanders the earth, meeting the many interesting spirits and ghosts that make up the afterlife. Like Fishman, a fish spirit with a grudge against Chisato; Chisato's crazy sister who experiments on her, Chiyu; and their insanely powerful Mom.
There are English reviews.




1. Kannagi 巫~かんなぎ~ [020301] Black Rainbow
Two families with psychic abilities fight each other since ancient times.
Main character is from one of those families. He is brought up as a God. His human part gradually fades away, but continues to pursue him. Unknown past, mysterious child and woman that must have died.


2. Private Room [020301] Jelly Bean
Private Room is an animated chat simulation.


3. Pure Drain ピュアドレイン [020301] Chiffon
Main character is suddenly fired. A fairy appears in front of him promising to fulfill a wish in exchange for finding fairy world's treasure "Jousyu". This treasure is cultivated inside woman body, and making love is required to excavate it. Protagonist decides to infiltrate theater club of a certain academy as adviser to get the required results. Will he keep to his plan or find true love there?


4. Tenshi ni Dakarete Shousetsu "Tenshi ni Dakishimerarete" Yori 天使に抱かれて 小説「天使に抱きしめられて」より [020301] Gaia
Main character is an angel apprentice who is given task to find the true love on the Earth to become a full-fledged angel. Protagonist borrows a certain male body and starts his quest. He tries domination, destruction, coexistence, dedication, subordination and even has relations with a demonic woman - will that all help him find true love?


5. Tokubetsu Settai ~Gokuraku Joudo e Youkoso~ 特別接待~極楽浄土へようこそ~ [020301] Waffle
Main character graduates from the National University and has all doors open before him, but he actually has to inherit hot springs resort after his father. On his hidden side he likes to prey on women. When a family of four people - mother and three daughters - arrive to the resort, he makes sure to prepare all his devices and traps to provide an enjoyable pastime.  


6. Tsukikagerou -Senshuu Renka- 月陽炎 -千秋恋歌- [020301] Studio Miris
Tsukikagerou's fandisc. Requires the original game to be installed.
Includes 2 side stories, 2 new songs, a new character voice system, mini-games and desktop accessories.


7. Nana-chan to A-so-bo ななちゃんとあ・そ・ぼ [020314] Sol-fa-soft
Nana-chan is your childhood friend and classmate.
One day you went to play at her house.
Nana's family is not home and you and Nana are alone.
This is a story of that one day.
■"Playing House"
I will be playing house.
■"Food, Bath or Me"
Which one do you choose?
■"Playing Doctor"
You must be a doctor and see Nana-chan.
Palpations, tongue diagnosis (?), And injections.
Play with Nana-chan as you wish.
■"Taking a Walk"
We both go out to the neighborhood park.
Nana-chan is running around and does not wear any clothes.
Please look at the unprotected Nana-chan as much as you want.


8. Himitsu 秘密 ~ひみつ~ [020315] Dark Side
Main character is a temporary lecturer who picks up girl's notebook and photo at school. When he tries to return them to the girl, she asks his cooperation to avenge bully girls in class in exchange for her body... 


9. Kaitou Apricot 怪盗アプリコット [020315] Takuyo
You take control of Anzu. She is a high school girl during the day, but she becomes a mysterious thief, Apricot, at night. Your mission is to steal someone's heart...


10. Tsumamigui 妻みぐい [020315] Alice Soft 1
What can a widowed woman do when she gets that itch? Invite a nubile man over to help her decorate! It has been a year since Chiho became a widow and the nights are getting lonely. It’s a good thing that her friend Kanae is there to help. Kanae is experienced, she’s been married for eight years and she knows just what Chiho needs. A little spice, a little color and some new scenery is what’s missing from Chiho’s life.


11. Yuuwaku 2 Tsume Ato 誘惑 第二章 爪痕 [020315] Scoop
Main character is a new teacher at a girls' school. One of his students Masaki sets up perversity situations around protagonist and records them on video. Then she blackmails teacher into insulting her classmates...


12. Bokura no Triangle ぼくらの三角形 [020316] Dennou Oroshidonya
Three boys have been friends since elementary school. Even though they attend different clubs now, their friendship is the most precious thing in their hearts.
Boys Love


13. Maiden☆Breeder めいでん☆ブリーダー [020321] Teatime
Main character is a trainer of girls with beast ears called "maidens". He's limited in resources, so he needs to train them a few tricks fast so that they could bring money home soon.


14. Haitokusha no Serenade 背徳者の小夜曲 [020322] Deep Blue
Main character is the second son who is jealous of his excellent older brother. He has a sympathy towards his music tutor, but soon she announces engagement with his brother. Seeing their happiness, black desires start to overflow protagonist...


15. Jaku-Niku 弱肉~Jaku-Niku~ [020322] Berserker
Main character is locked up in old school building. He needs to interact with girls and find items in order to find a way to escape. However, monsters lurk in the dark...


16. Mahou no Shippo na Dai Ichi wa 魔法のしっぽな 第一話 [020322] Sith 1
In this cutesy world of fantasy and magic lives a young woman named Emiru. Emiru has come from a long line of magicians and she’s dreams of getting to the best magical schools. She has mastered several difficult spells spent many a night on the roof of her house; dreaming of better things. That is, until she fell off! Upon colliding with the dirt she used powers she never even knew she had. She then begins her adventure on discovering these untapped powers. The first in this fully animated Hentai adventure.


17. Onna Kyoushi Saeko ~Biniku Jugyou~ 女教師冴子~媚肉授業~ [020322] Riddle Soft
New English teacher Saeko, 20 years old. She is enthusiastic to become a good educator, but faces merciless violence from men very soon. Saeko is stripped of pride and dignity... Is this the only future that awaits her now? 


18. Saiinjutsu 2 催淫術2 [020322] Beenyan
A boy bullied by women receive a pendant that can produce a distorted hypnosis, the saiinjutsu, sexually-charged hypnosis.
With it he takes revenge on those that harmed him.
But will he stop there?
And what will happen when a girl come to get back the pendant whose original owner has mysteriously disappeared?


19. Seisai ~Hakudaku no Misogi~ 性裁~白濁の禊~ [020322] Blue Gale
A horrible murder has been committed on the grounds of Nankai Academy. Professor Yuko, one of the school's most popular teachers, died when she was pushed off of the roof of one of the school's buildings. Her death has left her students with feelings of confusion, pain, and above all else anger. Four of her male students, Masayoshi, Daisuke, Mitsuru and Shinya, are determined to uncover the truth. They soon discover an important clue: Professor Yuko's planner had been marked on the very night she was killed... marked with the names of seven girls. With this evidence, the boys begin their investigations and they'll use any method required in order to find the murderer. Through rape, manipulation and torture, they uncover important details, but piecing the puzzle together won't be easy. And the longer their search draws on, the more they feel themselves being overtaken by their own dark desires...


20. Aoi no Kokuin ~Blue Tempest~ 蒼の刻印~BLUE TEMPEST~ [020329] Marine Heart
Boys all over the country yearn to join Saint Sirius' Knights and Saint Capella's Knights. Alf, who wants to be a knight, traveled to the Holy City from the country in order to take the test to become a knight which is held once a year. But he's had a childlike face since birth and is small, so he's turned away at the door. The tests begin while he disputes it with reception, and just when he doesn't know what he's going to do one of the leaders of the knights calls over to him. Wanting to become a knight by any means possible, he's told that if he helps the five leaders with their official duties and improves his skills under them, they will add him in the next year's test.
Boys Love


21. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 4 Kai Kouen Geten no Hikari wa Subete Hoshi 電脳劇団ムー一座第4回公演 下天の光はすべて犯人 [020329] Artifact
Main character with short-term memory problems is invited to a detective office. Woman Machiko, who seems to be director here, listens to his problems and goes to another room. She calls protagonist to proceed there, and there sexually assaults him. She explains that he was possessed with evil spirit and needed ejaculation to get rid of it. Now they need to restore memory about where that evil spirit could be contracted.


22. Dennou Yousei ~Cyber Fairy~ 電脳妖精 ~サイバーフェアリー~ [020329] Apple Pie
Main character is a student in a pubertal period. He saves money for an erotic game, and from the disc box pc fairy shows up. She asks what wish he's willing to fulfill. He has only one wish... 


23. Hime Zanmai ~Ochiiku San Shimai~ 姫三妹~堕ち行く三姉妹~ [020329] Tomato
Main character lives with his three sisters happily at daytime, but at night time training goes on. Depending on the progress of this training, new items and cosplay costumes are revealed.


24. Ingyaku Joshi Kangoku 淫虐女子監獄 [020329] Vega
2020 AD. Population has bursted increasing crime level. Prisons are functioning at 180% capacity. Government issues Article 59 called "Prison Private Property Law", according to which prison personnel can take prisoners home to take care of them. Main character is a part of this experiment giving shelter to five women prisoners.


25. Inran OL ~Modae Naku~ 淫乱OL 〜悶え泣く〜 [020329] 13cm
Three hot ladies work in this trading company. They have different personalities, but what unites them is desire for indecency.


26. Onna Kyoushi 女教師 [020329] Atelier Kaguya
Yuichiro Dake intervenes in his teacher's rape, but gets framed as rapist himself and is expelled as a result. He changes schools, but this time does not want to see kind-hearted nurse bullied and double faced teachers ignoring this fact. Protagonist makes three female teachers his sex slaves to fight the injustice at school.