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December 2000 is a total ripoff. I have zero interest in almost all its games except for Never7 -The End of Infinity- which ends up to be the VN of the Month. But for review I'd rather choose some nukige over Never7, and that game for review is Dorei Ichiba.

1. Effect ~Akuma no Ko~ effect~悪魔の仔~ [001201] Hadashi Shoujo
Nagi Izumi has a normal life... except for a couple of things. Sei, a bullied girl in his class, has telekinesis. And his girlfriend, Mayumi, has the power to cure any sickness or injury. One rainy day in June, Mayumi uses her power to save a woman who attempts suicide...
There are just two heroines with endings, but each of them has both good and bad ending, furthermore there are bonus scenarios after good ones. Story is quite dark with some unpleasant themes, like bullying. It's very uncommon to have one of heroines as lover already at the beginning of the game, and in that case it's very similar for first White Album. The drama itself is drawn well, but there's no feeling that drama is led by the characters - heroines have low appeal.


2. Julia JULIA~ジュリア~ [001201] Uran
Kazuya is a college student. During summer vacations he is invited by his classmate Aya to a pension house JULIA for part-time work. The pension is held by Atsushi with his wife. This summer story can be played from both Kazuya and Atsushi point of view.
Content is lively and romantic, but nothing special. The lack of content is substituted with two protagonists.


3. Raimusutazu Erosu らいむすたーず☆えろーす [001201] Archive
This is "Lamelo Land", a world full of magic and wonder. People lived peacefully there under the rule of a kind hearted goddess, but one day the sun suddenly grows dark, and the invasion of the Demon Army begins. Their purpose is to destroy the sun and open the gate to the Makai world. 
Now fairy with the blessing of the goddess descends to a courageous boy. Together they go on a journey to save the world.
Wow, why even prepare a plot for a puzzle game... Rules are somewhat fishy, but it's needed to prepare chains to destroy blocks below - very difficult, actually! There are a lot of hybrids as enemies with H scenes.


4. Sora no Takaku 空のたかく [001201] Uncanny!
A cold winter that speaks of the end of the year.
Rumours of girls living on the streets. For some reason, they cannot inhabit the regular world, but instead spend their lives on the streets. Though they may be in the same city, they did not live in the same world, and people had started calling them "Alice of the alleys".
How, why, did those girls become Alices? To answer this question, the protagonist, a freelance writer, disguises himself as homeless, and encounters three of these Alices.
Rana, a prostitute with an innocent soul.
Sayaka, a girl whose harsh aura seems to say that she hates everything around her.
And then, Miu, a girl who evokes a mysterious atmosphere.
Though our protagonist started off with mere curiosity in his mind, as he begins to learn of the girls' pasts, he soon starts harbouring feelings that go beyond the ones of a reporter.
And then...
Atmosphere of the underground part of the society is drawn really well. The heroines have very poor circumstances, so there's enough of drama in their roots. The development is good till heroes get in love with each other, but there's still constant itch that protagonist gets drawn just by the appearance. There are just two H scenes per character, one insult and one pure love. Overall the aftertaste is pleasant if you like sad human stories even though development is not quite realistic.


5. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2 Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!!2.2 [001202] Cocktail Soft
2.2 begins where Pia Carrot 2 ends, but protagonist can not find himself a girlfriend. Through December and January he will have another chance with a new set of girls. 
It's GBA and DC exclusive, so for a limited auditory. Gameplay has some changes, but those are simplifications for the most part.


6. Blue Submarine No. 6 Saigetsu Fumahito -Time and Tide- 青の6号 歳月不待人 -TIME AND TIDE- [001207] Sega
A game adaptation based on the Gonzo OVA series, inspired on Ozawa Satoru's classic manga.
The story sets in the distant future, when the Earth's oceans have risen and flooded most of the sea-lying land on Earth.
The rogue scientist Zorndyke caused the flooding, which killed countless individuals, and most of humanity's remaining cities have been attacked or destroyed by Zorndyke's army of half-animal "hybrids". The remaining humans begin to wage war against Zorndyke's seagoing creations for survival. Humanity's best hope for a resolution to the conflict lies with its submarine forces, among which is the focus of the story, Blue Submarine #6. It is revealed that Zorndyke is attempting to decisively end the conflict in the favor of his hybrid children by artificially inducing a polar switch using geothermal energy at the South Pole.
DC exclusive, and I never liked anime original.


7. Tremolo [001207] Merlot
Main character has a painful experience of betrayal in the past. Now he returns to his hometown. There are girls around him with heart wounds and individual problems. Will he find a girl that won't betray him if he lifts the pain from girls' hearts and minds? 
There is one main heroine who was the only one to attend the alumni meeting among the 8 persons who made promise as children. But at the school fire started and girl got to a coma. The ultimate aim is to get her out of coma. Setting is quite good, and there are various village legends around. Each heroine story is different due to different background and problems. The flow of the game is torturing, but mostly because of text speed output.


8. Fragrance フレグランス [001208] Paprika
Main character's father dies suddenly after remarriage, and it was beginning of protagonists living on his own. How will his school life fare till graduation comes?
A typical charage. School map system. Story actually does not end after H which is enough to praise developers for the effort. Probably the good work of voice actors should be noted. Apart of that...


9. Heart de Network はぁとでネットワーク [001208] Euphony Production
Near future. Main character had to change schools often because of parents' work, so he has few friends. Artificial intelligence program kept him company at that time. But then hero moves back to home town where he had childhood friends. This story beings in the season when wind begins to soften.
There are five heroines each having two endings. It's actually a SIM to plan activities for each day and trigger events. The key to each scenario is information on the net, but all the important stuff is found in the beginning, and later on only garbage... it looks like game could not fully utilize its concept of future network society.


10. Hoshizora ☆ Planet 星空☆ぷらねっと [001208] D.O.  1
It's been seven years since you left your sweet hometown. You are back, and you meet up with old friends that have all grown up beautifully. Enjoying this reunion, something triggers your mind to recall a tragic memory that happened seven years ago...
It's another sentimental home town reunion story, but it's the next work of Kana ~Imouto~ creator Yamada Hajime, so it enjoyed immense attention at once. The writing is good as ever, but the everyday life scenes feel ordinary. Unlike Family Project there is no parody material in Hoshizora ☆ Planet, so it was a difficult task to breathe life in such a commonplace story. Period is quite long - from April to December - and for most of the time we just pick some heroine on a map once a week.  It's a work of overall good impression if you don't set expectations too high.


11. Tooryanse とおりゃんせ [001208] Crime
Main character travels with his girlfriend by car, but car breaks on the road. Heroes find shelter at a snowy mountain lodge. At that time a murder happens there.
Investigation is held by talking only. There are few events per heroine, so there's a feeling game's just for insult H scenes only. There are lots of instant death choices, but even with them game only takes one hour to beat. 


12. Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~ とらいあんぐるハート3~Sweet Songs Forever~ [001208] Janis
A mysterious organization keeps sending intimidating letters to Fiasse Christella, the principal of British Christella Music Academy. The purpose is to find the whereabouts of Fiasse's inheritance.
Although Fiasse already has a bodyguard, Ellis McGaren, she asked her childhood friends, the siblings Takamachi Kyouya and Miyuki to help Ellis. This of course is received by Ellis, as a professional bodyguard, with a cold shoulder.
Kyouya remembered an incident that was happened several years ago, when he was about ten years old. This incident was actually aimed at Fiasse's father, senator Albert Christella. So, does Fiasse's fate and case related to this past incident?
This is a popular moege series. The second title had zero story and sense full devoting to girls of a dormitory. This time scenario is strengthened and the volume is good. But game happens to be full of bugs, and it's also difficult to sympathize with main character.


13. All One's Life [001208] BeF
Main character is a freelance writer for a magazine. He cohabits with a girl who is his ardent supporter, but who has not become his lover in several years. He decides to move on with other women he encounters. He needs to make an important choice - to decide who really cares for him and who he himself cares for.
I tried to play this game to the end, but failed at it. It is of choose your story type. Among four and a half heroines (one has only bad ending) three are only capturable with setting different emotion preferences. But I did not find the way to tune up emotions for heroines, only for life, work etc. The content is just realistic depiction of heroines and life - no humor or something like that. Usually there is both good and bad ending for each heroine. I really need to be offered a story, preferably with an integrative protagonist with a distinctive mindset. And there is also the need to notice special lamp effect and activate your emotion exactly at that time. I felt really bad choosing my views on many aspects myself. Developers tried to bring something original - ok, but I don't like it.   


14. Refrain -Mouichido, Sayonara o Iou- リフレイン -もう一度、さよならを言おう- [001214] Hiyoko Soft (old)
Main character can not understand why Rihoko has distanced from him. When an opportunity presents to be with Hatsune, he jumps at it, but relations stay at more than friends, less than lovers level. One day Rihoko visits protagonist for some minor reason, and feelings awaken anew. There is also a good friend Riko who he likes. Main character wants to be with all three girls... what a clumsy feeling.
There are good endings prepared only for two of three main heroines. Hero is very indecisive and that sometimes produces unusual situations.


15. Seishin Hakai 精神破壊 [001214] unknown
That bizarre incident occurred at 8 PM. Girl student was murdered with face distorted violently. Strange killings keep happening around the hero. When judgement and emotions disappear something is going to break...
Game is free, but it does not really help since its title is mental destruction. Anyway, only girls who confess to the hero keep dying. And eventually game really gets into a state of deep suspense and esoterics.


16. Happy Hotaru Sou Happyほたる荘 [001215] Waffle
Main character does not have self-confidence, because he always used to be defeated by his self-proclaimed rival Naruto since childhood. Now hero gets a job of apartment complex administrator by parents recommendation, but it somehow gets known to Naruto who also claims to be this complex administrator. Employer establishes a month test period to choose among two candidates. Will protagonist yield his pride and all the beautiful girls of the complex to his bitter offender?
A bakage with an ultimate failure as protagonist - a good choice if only the game was not a usual SIM. And you really compete with the rival who has the same stats at the start. And that kills the game.


17. Heian☆Love Wars 平安☆ラブウォーズ [001215] Sepia
Main character is born as the eldest son of the left minister during Heian era, so he can spent days in laziness freely. One day father comes home with bad news - his only daughter is called to the palace for a month. In order to keep twin sister out of temptations of the capital, protagonist dresses as a girl and goes in her stead. 
A work with a comedy touch. Despite of Heian era, protagonist sets up microphones and cameras. It's basically a SIM since there four actions given per day.


18. Mezuri ~Aa, Densetsu no Ningyo o Motomete~ 女づり ~あぁ、伝説の人魚を求めて~ [001215] Zenos
Main character buys a book at a secondhand bookstore. It dwelled on contemporary mermaid creatures and ways to capture them. From that day he starts to implement his mermaid capture plan.
Fishing action place in many places around Tokyo. This kusoge even cost 8.8k yen on Christmas sale.


19. Powder Snow ~Kono Basho de Issho ni~ POWDER SNOW ~この場所で一緒に~ [001215] Megami
Main character used to be a great warrior, but constant fight with evil eroded his flesh with only two weeks remaining to live. He is given a girl caretaker by his relatives to have some comfort at least in the end in his life.
Game is actually a comedy that takes place nowadays despite all the warrior fighting evil crap. There are three heroines each with a pure love and devil route. The overall impression is poor due to average production values and lack of actual drama of a doomed person.


20. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo ~Juutoshime no Shoutaijou~ 金田一少年の事件簿~10年目の招待状~ [001216] Banpresto 1 2
Akira Kawai, a first-year student of a Fudou high-school received a mysterious letter with ominous sketch and the text saying "I'll be waiting at the Shiomisou inn.", sender or reason for sending this letter is unknown. Upon reading this himself, Hajime Kindaichi, along with Miyuki Nanase decided to check if there's more to the meaning of the letter or if it's nothing but a prank of a sort. Upon arriving at the Shiomisou inn, which was in a rather secluded and silent place surrounded by mountain on one side, and a sea on the other, he noticed there are only three more guests besides them. Could one of them be the sender of this letter? The night came swiftly and the weather turned gloomy. There and then, Hajime runs into Kengo Akechi, a detective investigating a report of a supposed seeing of a killer in the area from a 10-year old case. With approaching storm, the scream echoes through the hallway and first in the series of murders engulfs this hotel in an aura of tension. Kindaichi and Akechi are now more than ever determined to get to the bottom of this and catch the murderer behind this.
There is an English review for this gameboy exclusive.


21. Never7 -The End of Infinity- [001221] KID 1 2 3 4 5
You play as Makoto, a student who never attends the lectures at the school. As a punishment, you have to attend an extra seminar on an island with other classmates. However, when you arrive on the island, strange things start happening. A girl is found dead on April 6th, with a small bell in her hand. Immediately after that, you found yourself in the bed and see the date - April 1st! Was the vision of the girl just a dream, or do you possess a power to predict events? This is what you will have to find out, as a series of strange deaths make your seminar much more suspenseful than you have thought.
There are enough English reviews.


22. Boku no Mikogami-sama ぼくの巫女神さま [001222] Trabulance
Main character is a college student. He is not the eldest son, so he does not succeed his father as a shrine caretaker. One day father comes with a news that the neighboring shrine priest died without leaving male successor, and that position is offered to protagonist. Hero agrees since the three shrine maidens at that shrine make his heart throb faster.
There are six heroines to capture. The routes are quite alike, but every heroine has individual flags and there are also conditions of interacting with other girls, so difficulty is quite high. The first half has just everyday events, and second half has forced drama.


23. Kao no nai Tsuki 顔のない月 [001222] Root
Koichi Hayama has recently suffered the loss of his step-parent due to a traffic accident. Taking a break from college to join in the funeral proceedings, he is confronted by a strange-yet-familiar young woman. He keeps having these recurring dreams of her, but doesn’t hold any memory of who she really is. This is because he only remembers bits and pieces of his childhood. She, however, says she knows him. Soon they both strive to solve the mystery of his missing memories, and his true origins while staying at the Kuraki temple--which is inhabited by a few more lovely ladies.
Carnelian can make even a newcomer company game a treat with his skills. Story is classic and safe to play and thus boring to read. But there is a mystery that's possible to keep interest to the end.


24. Natural Zero+ ~Hajimari to Owari no Basho de~ NaturalZero+ ~はじまりと終わりの場所で~ [001222] Fairytale 1 2
Our main character is a young and hopeful novelist. He has been uselessly wasting his life away following the death of his younger sister, Yoshino. Our hero is forced to stay in an old decrepit apartment provided by his publishing company. Here, he meets Komano, who remarkably resembles his young sister. They begin living together in the apartment. Shortly after, our hero learns that Komano is the half-sister to Ayane, the chief editor of the magazine he writes for. Komano proves to be poor at housework, but she is completely devoted to our hero. Notwithstanding Komano's cheerfulness, our hero comes to find out that she holds a very dark and bitter memory she is unwilling to recall. Enjoy your short summer with Komano! Following the feature presentation, you will find a side-story about the girls from "Natural-Both Body and Heart" and "Natural 2-DUO-." You will find more information concerning Ayane's life, along with the characters Chitose and Sora. 
There is an English review.


25. Tobikkiri Ruin とびっきりRUIN [001222] Escu:de
Main character gets an invitation from a friend in archaeology department to search for ruins in order to find something interesting and prevent plans for dam construction this way. Will he be able to excavate and explore the ruins and save his village?
As if excavation alone is not enough, exploration part is very dubious. It's basically point-and-click puzzles clearing. And there are more and more ruins and more and more puzzles. Considered the number of girls, it gets really grindy.


26. Dorei Ichiba 奴隷市場 [001222] Daiginjou 1
During the 17th century, the Ronbaldia Alliance and the Holy Aimar are at war for power. Ronbaldia sends its ruler to the royal city of Constantinople for safety. Cathias Gire follows as a clerk. Not knowing anything about the royal capitol, Cathias decides to buy a slave. Cathias heads for the slave-grounds and is shocked to see how they are treated. Nevertheless, he buys a slave recommended by his friend. Cathias can do what ever he wants to do with his salve now. Will this all end when the war finally gets out of control? What will happen?
Game looks like a total nukige and it is one, but it has interesting enough story and atmosphere. There is a hentai anime based on one of the routes, and even by that game's charm can be evaluated. The story is actually even better than that.


27. Yume no Shoujo ~Dream Girl~ 夢の少女~DreamGirl~ [0012] Mizutani Miyuu
Main character is a sophomore in high school. He often sees a girl in his dreams. One day he meets her and remembers that she's his childhood friend and first love partner.
A free game with three heroines. It's surprising that game is voiced. Again a sentimental nostalgia work.




1. Cute Cute Dakishimete!! Cuteきゅっと抱きしめて!! [001201] For
Protagonist is a 3rd year high school student, but he is already engaged since the childhood. During summer holidays a cute girl suddenly visits his house and somehow they spend night together. He feels easy next to her, but he's also looking forward to his marriage with the engaged girl. This summer will be hot!
Nukige (Training)


2. Hakudakuhime 白濁姫 [001201] Sirius
In the remote countryside there is a small village. Although there is peace throughout the whole village, they got used to giving a sacrifice to a demon living in a nearby forest. This year they must sacrifice someone's daughter to the demon. The adults of the village embarrassingly ask for a volunteer, when Erishia appears.


3. Hotaru 炎多留 [001201] Tarutaru
In this love simulation game for gay men, the hero (you) encounters 8 men, meeting up and breaking up with each one as the story unfolds.


4. Mamagoto ま・ま・ゴ・ト [001201] Triangle
The protagonist is an ordinary student. Next door to him lives a younger girl who is his childhood friend. She loved to play with him and call him "onii-chan". Now that they're a little older, she gets lots of attention in school.
One day, her parents and the protagonist's parents had to go abroad together. For three weeks she and him will be alone. She says, "Until our parents get back, let's play house together and keep it a secret from everybody."
Thus begins their exciting three weeks of virtual marriage.


5. Mozu no Nie 百舌鳥ノ贄 [001201] Ankh
Taisho Era. Main character returns to Japan after getting education in Europe, but he does not receive a warm welcome. His father committed suicide after being driven to poverty and his sister suffers from a disease. Now is the hour of revenge - all the brokers and collaborators will be deprived of their most precious treasures - the innocent smiles of their daughters and wives. 


6. Sasayaki 囁 ~sasayaki~ [001201] Arieroof
Main character is good with studies, and for that is chosen as instructor to a girls' school. He is not taken seriously though as he does not have a proper teaching license and skills. The some voice sounds in his head "Do you want to change yourself". He welcomes the change and turns into a beast the next moment. Those ignorant girls will hit the rock bottom of humiliation soon.


7. Zero - Heureum eui won 제로 - 흐름의 원 [001205] Artlim Media
A RPG visual novel that was the first product in the "Zero Project" which consists of manhwas and light novels.


8. Chaos Baby Yoshimi ~Takase Haruna Hen~ カオスBaby義美 ~高瀬春奈編~ [001207] Scoop
Shinichi barely escaped from slavery of Queen Ryoko. Now he lives in the house of Ryoko's sister Misuzu and attends the school where Ryoko's nice Yoshimi is studying. And Yoshimi does have a difficult character as well.


9. Kore D.P.S.? これD.P.S.? [001207] Alice Soft
Pack of 4 short novels:
"Keep Out"
"Iron Maiden"
"Chou Densetsu Kodai Robo Red Thunder"
D.P.S. means "Dream Program System"


10. Aisuru Koto ni Reizoku Suru Onna 愛することに隷属する女 [001208] Surf
Main character lives alone as he does not want to transfer to another school after his father who inherited family business. One day protagonist receives love confession letters from seven girls at the same time. Since each girl's feelings are strong, he decides to test the limit of their love with the amount of insult that each one can bear...


11. Hikagemono ~Ryoujoku no Torikago~ 日陰者~陵辱の鳥籠~ [001208] Chime
Main character works as a technician at "MIYABI" company that occupies a corner of a giant apartment complex "Garden Hills". He has a grudge over his female boss Kanzaki. He hacks "Garden Hills" security system to find Kanzaki daughters and have his revenge.


12. Mi da ra Mi・da・ra [001208] Mink
When a young man named Yuuto bumps into a stranger on the street, he discovers a dropped VHS tape and brings it home. His sister Yuumi isn't around, so he pops it in for a look. The video is a recording of Yuumi tied to a chair... and shockingly the man who tied her up turns out to be him!
It turns out the tape is a window into the secret desires of the viewer, and Yuuto's quickly addicted! Yuumi also discovers her own fantasies on the cassette, and her burning lust cannot be quelled by conventional means! Finally, when his sister's friend discovers the tape, she finds herself on her knees with Yuumi and attending to Master Yuuto's every need as his personal love slave.


13. Pure Partner Pure Partner ~ピュア・パートナー~ [001208] TinkerBell
Main character grows human-like android Aerith into human with emotions. 


14. Saint Master [001208] Bavi Soft
Main character needs to train three maids into slaves in two weeks.


15. Shirasagi no Naku Koro ni 白鷺の鳴く頃に [001208] Actress
Main character comes to distant relatives house in the mountains for the White day, but decides to stay and live there afterwards. What secrets does this hidden mansion hold? Will protagonist choose reason or desire?


16. White Christmas ~Yuki Furu Yoru No Koibito-tachi~ White Christmas ~雪降る夜の恋人達~ [001208] Fairytale
A collection of four short Christmas stories.
Christmas romance mood is poured in a stained city. On this holy night small miracles happen.


17. Canon II キャノン ツヴァイ [001209] Digital Aniki
Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters.


18. Oni 鬼 [001213] Interheart
Main character confesses to a girl he secretly loved, but she turns him down on public. As his pure feelings got trampled, he swore to have revenge on all girls who laughed at him at that moment.


19. Angel’s Lesson [001215] Cronus
Main character is a skilled physician and the only son of the director of the hospital. But director has to resign due to poor reputation and clients leaving the hospital. Hospital sisters are eager to give protagonist special lessons for two weeks to restore their workplace together.


20. Hiretsu 秘裂 [001215] Cadath
Main character likes in a room with his non-blood related sister. His sister is insatiable for lust, so he adds classmates to the roster.


21. Kurohime 黒姫 [001215] SPD
Six boys and girls go camping to deepen mutual friendship. They get attacked by nanpa guys and lose their way finding shelter at a Western mansion in the mountains. However, they instantly get trapped by an earthquake in this monsters infested building. Can heroes survive? 


22. Maison na Yatsura ~Yaru Koto wa Issho~ めぞんなやつら~やることはいっしょ~ [001215] Exserta
Main character happens to live with four girls at the same time. Will he only have lots of fun or take one of the girls to the altar?


23. Ryoujoku Sensei 凌辱せんせい [001215] Powered
Main character realizes his longtime dream to be appointed a teacher at a girls school in order to violate cute girls there.


24. Shadow [001215] Bell-Da
According to local fishermen, suspicious organization occupied the island that used to be a military base in the past. Main character responds to a job application placed by the organization and as a result gets a job to violate girls every day as a part of a human experiment to produce food that kills production values of sperm. Can protagonist escape the island safely and inform mass media about this gross plan?


25. Ryoujoku Santa 凌辱サンタ [001217] Beenyan
At Christmas gods and angels cause miracles. However without the balance of good and evil this world would collapse. Thus the worst and most villainous Santa Claus of all time is born.


26. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 3 Kai Kouen Matsuri no Yoru no Yume 電脳劇団ムー一座第3回公演 祭の夜の夢 [001221] Artifact
Main heroine lost her parents early and was brought up in a neighbor family that had a boy in it. The fresh siblings grow up and one day go to a festival there. There is a bad premonition about the kappa monster on the pond lurking here, but heroes still make their way there...


27. Abdiel アブディエル [001222] GAS
In a scientific establishment, a new form of android called the "Sexaroid" was created. The Sexaroid was created to be like the ultimate "living" sex toy, and the new male half-human, half-animal model is sure to be a success, though still in the testing phase.
The first two prototypes were Shiro, a cat-boy Sexaroid, and Kuro, a dog-boy Sexaroid, created by the Doctor with help from his assistant, Kashiwagi. Before they can be put on the market, the Doctor decides to test them himself, to see if they can be made into subserviant sex slaves.
To get the data needed, he needed a human to compare the results with, and he turned to Kashiwagi, who firmly refused the offer, even when the Doctor offered to double his pay to be the guinea pig for the testing. Not taking no for an answer, the Doctor knocked Kashiwagi out with an anesthetic and restrained him, and is now using him in his studies.
His first client wants a Sexaroid in two months, which the Doctor finds sufficient to do his testing. For the next sixty days, he will find out exactly what the Sexaroids are capable of.


28. Boku to Boku 僕とボク [001222] Ark
Hero lost his brother in a railroad accident. He lived with his sister since that time before she moved out as well. One day protagonist finds a videotape of his mother as sex slave. After that starts to look at his sister from a different point of view...


29. Cosmic Girls [001222] Gaia
'Cosmic Girls' is about a high school student named Yabuki Beniji, a member of 'The Heroine Squad.' This squad, along with a group of beautiful girls, rises against the enemy, who is trying to conquer space.
The girls heal your exhaustion with sexual services, so you'll be able to fight against the enemy even longer!


30. Gakuen Z ~Intou Onna Kyoushi no Inbou~ 学園Z~淫蕩女教師の陰謀~ [001222] Forester 1
Mika Ishiki attends Hako High School. She has finally gotten up the nerve to confess her love to classmate, Akira Tomiya. Just at the moment she is about to spill her feelings, Akira is kidnapped and taken away by an extremely lascivious teacher named Maria Yuuki. This lustful lady is an expert in black magic, and actually plans to revive Satan through Akira's body. 
Mika, along with her friend Yuki Kamishiro, plough through constant traps and puzzling deceptions in order to save Akira's life. Mika is an expert in Kung Fu fighting, whereas Yuki is an intern in magic. At significant points, you will face decisive battles you must overcome.


31. Hako Musume ~100cm Shihou no Ai~ 箱娘~100cm四方の愛~ [001222] Rex
Main character is a driver within a transport company. Once he is ordered to deliver a box, and a girl gets out of it. She does not mind being trained at all...


32. Samenai Yume 覚めない夢 [001222] G'z
Main character is obsessed with dying "fern" monsters. One day he follows three girls exploring fern ruins. There aren't monsters around, but fern spirit possesses protagonist and uses him like a doll to insult the girls...


33. Yakin Byoutou ~Tokubetsu-ban~ 夜勤病棟~特別盤~ [001222] Mink
Fandisk containing various short stories, two games, desktop theme, CG and bonus data.


34. Yume no Sugata 夢姿 ~ゆめのすがた~ [001222] Cage
Main character returns to his home town and is struck by an image of a girl in a hospital room. He decides to explore that hospital. What kind of experience will he encounter in this mad hospital where violation is used as the main means of treatment?


35. Innai Kansen Gozen 3 Ji no Shujutsushitsu 淫内感染 午前3時の手術室 [001229] ZyX
Main character is a physician working for a private medical facility. Through big changes in staff he obtains position of the president with an absolute power. Only beautiful women continue to work in the hospital as slaves while others get disposed of as crude materials...


36. Angelic Parfait エンジェリックパフェ [001230] Soft Circle Courreges
Cafeteria stands quietly in the suburbs of the city. It is opened by main character's grandfather as a means to heal hearts of people around, but he would be shocked by the amount of corruption this place accumulated under his grandson management...


37. Canon III キャノン ドライ [001230] Digital Aniki
Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters.


38. Jitsuyou Shinan 実用新案 [001230] Usagi Purin
Animated sex stories based on Love Hina


39. Onii-chan Suki Desu ka お兄ちゃん好きですか [001230] Chinsoft
Brother and sister lead an ordinary life, but starting from a certain incident their relations suddenly start to change.


40. Bokura wa Kokoro ni Netsu o Daku 僕らはこころに微熱を抱く [0012] Ritz software
The protagonist, Kazama, is a sophomore in high school. He feels nostalgic entering the classroom on the first day of the second semester. He's expecting to see familiar faces from the first semester, but there's a transfer student, Suzuka Akane... Somewhat sad school stories.


41. Hanabi 하나비 [0012] Team Device
Doujin on With You


42. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Shin Hyakki Hen~ 白と黒の伝説 ~真百鬼編~ [0012] Soft Studio Wing



Foreword: I actually knew nothing about the game apart of KeroQ background as a company. There's just one review of the game that blames SCA-JI writing as "feels amateurish and he didn't even try to write characters that would feel fitting to the setting" and theory-crafting as "it wasn't detailed or insightful enough to be interesting alone". I'm speechless. This is an absolutely genius 10/10 work and probably the best visual novel I ever read. The only possible explanation for low scores for Nijuuei is in case of playing PC non-voiced version. I have to admit that my experience of PC version was not too joyful either - the palette was too dark and without voicing I could barely focus attention on characters and the flow. But PS1 version was an absolute revelation for me. This review is based on PS1 version of the game (but screenshots are from PC version due to better resolution).

Title: Nijuuei

Developer: KeroQ

Date: 2000-11-30

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3856

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-u2aKdRWI13_8zRd71pFKl


Synopsis: This game that takes place in Japan in the year 1640. The main character is a samurai that got a sword with a blade with two shadows (one with a human shadow and another one from the world of darkness) that connect with him with the world of darkness. The game begins when the samurai travels to a strange island in which all the children are born twins, he hopes that in that island he can find a cure to his own curse. The adventure starts there, can he come back alive from the island and without his cure?


Structure: 12 days

Length: About 20 hours.

Game type: Mythology samurai horror mystery.

Difficulty: I followed walkthrough and I wound not ever want to play it without one due to slow fast forward.

Character Design rating: 10/10

Protagonist rating: 10/10

Story rating: 10/10

Game quality: 10/10

Overall rating: 10/10

Rating comments: This is a perfect game, thus the perfect score. I adored each element of this game. I'm not giving it even higher score just in respect to the previous few games that I rated as 10/10. Just perfect.


Protagonist: Sougen double shadow is an absolutely awesome protagonist. He's a demon possessed samurai who slaughtered over 200 men and now hunted by shogunate. He's mature, crafty in swordsmanship and very cynical. The first girls he encountered at the island he labled as dimwit, idiot and weak in the head. He can easily torture his opponent, cutting his limbs one by one and then finish him off in the presence of his protesting comrades. We do direct him through the story, but he has a strong personality and acts in accordance to it and not our commands. 


Characters: This is a story-focused story, so there aren't individual heroine routes here, but at the same time even all the secondary characters are depicted so lovely and truthfully that I want to say at least a few words about each character. Three heroines get the ending: Kikyou, Mikoto and Fuurei. But those endings are absolutely the same with only difference in some phrases. There is also a non-heroine ending where we get to insult and kill the chosen heroine for the endgame. It's quite a cool open ending by itself, but its main purpose is just to see insult and death of one of the main heroines.

Il and Sui are the heroines that feature on the game's cover, but they don't have their routes or endings. They are just mysterious twin shrine maidens who have spent all their lives in the same room. Il is the more serious one and Sui is more of a kid. Sougen amuses them with his stories about the world, and they become good friends. Together Il and Sui symbolize purity and their connection with the deity is most important for story purposes.

Kikyou is a female bodyguard of Il and Sui, as well as their whole Awajike family. She knows a lot about the curse of the island, but unable to do anything about it, so she's ready to protect Il and Sui against everything (even Sougen) until the very end and meet a honored death in the fight.

Mikoto also protects Awajike family, but she got the ninja training from outside. She's very embarrassed of her outlook and bunny ears, but claims that she got that outfit because her mother was representing the techniques of the zodiac sign of the rabbit. Mikoto is very fun to tease. Her weapon is very mysterious and cool and thus only fits in a huge box that she carries around her shoulder.

Fuurei fights with a quarterstaff. She has he outfit of a jester. Fuurei comes from a poor family and that's a good way to tease her. She's got the coolest voicing among three main heroines with endings.

Mai is a mysterious small girl who stays at the island even after evacuation of all the islanders. She always is in the mids of some job like counting clouds or waves... a weak in the head child... or is she?

Sae is the maid of the Awajike family. Her voicing is absolutely genius and she has some of the best and funniest dialogues lines in her scenes. Character-wise she's my favorite heroine, but - alas - she has no ending of her own. But if you flag all the scenes for her, her female master Shiho is going to punish the servant for paying too much attention to one guest...

Houjou is actually a boy, but he's voiced. He is not one of the main characters, but he gets his pretty fun ending, the only one among the secondary characters. His main theme is that he lacks talents, but is very diligent - he's always looked down by his comrades and superiors.

Aya is a nice bodyguard who has only episodic appearance, but there are still enough dialogues and scenes with her that make up for the culmination of her story, which is very impactful.


Story: I'll try to to spoil it as much as possible. As the story begins and Sougen arrives at the island, new samurai start to come with each new day and we get a clear assignment - to defend the island against the assault of the pirates that's bound to come. So at first I thought it would be a classic samurai story like Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa, and it would be pretty cool to see samurai get along with each other and the villagers and then participate in a great battle in the end. 


At some point samurai started to have battles among themselves and monsters. There was even a little girl on a shoulder of a masked huge brute which is an evident origin of Ilya from future Fate/Stay Night. So I thought it would be such mortal combat to the end with the only survivor to remain - a cool story too!


Then the fighting among themselves stopped and samurai started to die horribly in the reverse order of arrival. It started with new barely meaningful characters and went on to pretty much the main characters that started to die miserably on your very hands with long farewell scenes. So I thought it would be a story about the curse that reaps all the characters but the protagonist who overcomes the curse in the end somehow. I'd like to see that story as well!


At that point I stopped my theory-crafting and just enjoyed this epic story.


CG: I found and an abundance of CG to my liking. All kinds of horror and gore CG, lots of cute heroines ones. I enjoyed the visual part of the game immensely. Game has actually two softcore yaoi scenes.

Sound: Most of peaceful BGM include bell sounds and most of anxiety BGM include beats in them. At times I got somewhat weary of beat BGMs, but overall it's a nice fresh experience.


Technical issues: I used Pcsxr for emulation because it has its own self-written bios that both allows  faster emulation and deeper enhancement of the picture. It's the only emulation that had an option of HQx2 emulation which made text look smooth and finally improved character sprites to the extent that my eyes did not accumulate stress whenever pixelated character sprites showed up. For hooking I used HAT (Hook Any Text) with 00 hex substitution. 



1) First of all, I deliberately did not mention a special male character among the character cast. But that male character basically becomes the second protagonist and the best friend of Sougen double shadow. I'm absolutely fascinated by this brutal men friendship story.

2) In continuation of the first thought... that special male character actually gains his own love story with a heroine that has multiple steps in it. Where else did you see a story about a love interest of protagonist's best friend?!

3) We all know that SCA-JI is the master of character design. But look at Aya, Fuurei and Mikoto sprites - those are supercute costumes with pants seen at all times. I'm just in awe at each appearance of these heroines on the screen, really.

4) Game has a lot of infodumping and theory-crafting. The mythology part of it can be mostly safely skipped, but I really liked the historical part. There are a lot of references to shogunate, Tokugawa, Sanada and his curse, Sekigahara battle etc, and all the heroes have a place in this historical context with their own backgrounds and supported factions. A person with a really good understanding of the historical circumstances of the period would get immense pleasure.

Overall comments: I am not going to repeat twice, it's all in the review. But the level of my affection towards the game can be measured this way - it's the first game that I'm going to play a fandisk for, but I'll properly wait for reviewing Nijuubako till November 2001 coverage. 



The main shock this month that the number of blocked games surpassed the number of passed games for the first time and instantly by 50%. The only masterpiece of the month is Nijuuei . I also made 1/4 playthrough of Parallel Harmony ... but it was absolutely senseless to go on.

1. Twins Rhapsody ~Kaedama Ren'ai Kyousoukyoku~ ツインズラプソディ ~替玉恋愛狂想曲~ [001102] Discovery
One morning main character can't find his school uniform upon waking up, but instead there's his twin sister's uniform. He decides to go to his sister's girls school and aim for pretty girls there. This is the day when siblings start to attend exchanged schools.
Trap bakage have become very common nowadays, but this is one of the pioneers. It sets up a bright comedy where even love interests of the main heroes and heroines intersect to add even more chaos. The tempo is good, but there's also a lot of repetition. Slutty comedy and les scenes are the main attractions here.


2. Wasurekaketa Kokoro no Kakera 忘れかけた心の欠片 [001110] Lune
Main character has his body exchanged with his sister-in-law as a result of a traffic accident. Now he understands that he has been missing something in his heart - there are paths to different emotions to regain.
It's an ADV with choices, but there is also parameter of favorability of the girl on the screen which can also be checked through the menu. There is also chart of the scenario, so it's easy to understand branching. There aren't any reviews, so can't evaluate end content.


3. Yuki Hotaru ~Nidome no Hatsukoi~ 雪ほたる~二度目の初恋~ [001110] Factor
Yosuke does not have a girlfriend in his twenties because of mistakes of the past. One day he learns about death of the girl he loved at school. Upon returning to hometown a strange phenomenon happens - he becomes able to move to past and correct his mistakes one by one.
Some wicked obscure kusoge.


4. 14 one & four 14 one&four(ワン&フォー) [001112] Studio Trips
One day main character wakes up with a stone in his hand. As he learns later, he died several days ago and now exists as a spirit that is bound to disappear 49 days after his death. He needs to get behind the mystery of his death and recover lost memories of four girls.
Game can not be completed since one of the four items is impossible to acquire even with the patch. Developer disbanded before could fix that.


5. Hand Maid はんど☆メイド [001117] Air Plants
Main character is an alchemist who needs to combine countless parts to create a maid type automatic doll. Afterwards the automata must practice, raise exp and earn money to become the best automata among the rival alchemists.
We also need to find new parts and cards to constantly upgrade the maid android... not my thing at all.


6. Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~ メンアットワーク!2~ハンターアカデミーへようこそ~ [001117] Studio e.go! 1 2
A Hunter Academy was established to teach Monster Hunters.
Cliff came to the academy to become a Hunter,
but the place turns out to be an old building unlike its name suggests,
and the great Hunter couple who was supposed to teach him leaves the Academy to go solve an incident in another town.
The Hunter candidates are all girls except for Cliff.
And after many turns of events, Cliff is placed in charge of the Academy and gets to stay with all the girls...
Game is localized and has some information in English. The full picture is only revealed with each heroine capture. Ideally it's possible to do with just two walkthroughs.


7. Oratorio ~Yakusoku~ Oratorio ~約束~ [001117] Pumpkin Bear
September before the cultural festival. Protagonist becomes responsible for his class preparation. There is a good number of pretty girls in the committee as well. Will he create nice memories with girls till the day of the festival on September 23rd?
Quite a typical charage. Girls are cute, but CG are often rough. There are only some 20 days given, so game length is short. Only one H event per heroine.


8. Wasurenagusa 忘れな草 [001117] Project-μ 1
After graduating from college, our hero in unable to obtain full-time employment and ends up working part-time. Sora receives an invitation from his high school alumni association. He was born and raised in a small village in the mountains, where the he population is now rapidly dwindling. His school has already closed down and the village itself has merged with the next village. According to the letter, the village will be stripped and completely rebuilt. The school will be demolished as well. The letter also says that a class reunion will be held at the school before it's torn down. The invitation hasn't been signed and there is no forwarding address. He has no idea who sent it, and the vagueness of the letter makes him a little wary. However, he decides to attend the reunion to see his old friends and visit his old village.
Game boasts to be originator of new genre - visual novel theater, but all I found is weird angles on character sprites and a strange manner of text to appear. The capture order is fixed and new stories and mysteries show up only after previous ones cleared. The theme is depression and craziness.


9. Tobira no Mukou wa 扉のむこうは [001120] Dollhouse
Main character is an ordinary boy who attends a vocational school. He is in relations with Saito Ume for a month already. Once she picks up some shiny seven colored crystal in the shape of a crescent, and more of such objects show up around the village. His classmates start to turn to strange nuns and mysterious gentlemen. With the help of the object protagonists successfully conquers several more girls, but situation develops in an unexpected direction.
The infamous kusoge maker Pumpie is back, now under cover of poor Dollhouse struggling in the industry since 1995. Game is pretty much a nukige since it starts with a H scene, and there are numerous H scenes afterwards. But with such crazy synopsis, I thought I'd need to dig further. Game has an old-school feeling. We run around the fillage in search for such talismans which are usually in places that are difficult to get to, like on a tree (and it's possible to get it with a fishing rod!). After finding a talismal, we need to place it to the hand of a girl, and if it's a right girl H scene ensues. But the place of power in the village is the local church that radiates evil. If we just come inside, there's a very crazy bad ending, so for a good ending we must gather all the talismans and unlock the seal with their help. Wow, it's a kusoge among kusoge.


10. Arcana ~Hikari to Yami no Ecstasys~ アルカナ~光と闇のエクスタシス~ [001123] Ciel
A young vagabond with a mysterious past named Caprese, down on his luck, meets an old man who tells him of Icons, the essence of a person's spirit and determiner of their destiny. Remarkably, Caprese has no Icon of his own, having instead the ability to copy the Icon of those he meets. With the fairy Primo at his side he goes on a journey, using his power to try to obtain the Four Great Icons, as the one who possesses them may become Lord of the World, and Caprese finds himself at the centre of the eternal war between the powers of Light and Darkness.
Game has a good middle ages fantasy atmosphere. There's also a cute fey character who is fun to talk to and who meddles in all hero's love affairs. The flow of the game is very simple - we stumble upon a girl in a difficult situation - win in the mini-game - H with girl - repeat. I got stuck on some 4th mini-game, but can say with authority that Tony's art is the best attraction in the game.


11. Yamato Nadeshiko o Sagase! 大和撫子を探せ! [001123] Chiffon
Main character is a university assistant immersed in Yamato Nadeshiko research. His former professor invents a time machine, and protagonist goes to the past to make Yamato Nadeshiko his girlfriend.
The setting and atmosphere are unexpectedly pleasant, but game is full of bugs. First we conquer heroine through the series of events, next we bring her to present time. Yamato Nadeshiko is not a proper name, but just an ideal of traditional Japanese woman, so there are more than one heroine. Simultaneous capture is difficult, but there are events that can happen only if two heroines are targeted.


12. Canvas ~Sepia-iro no Motif~ Canvas ~セピア色のモチーフ~ [001124] 1 2 3
Asou Daisuke is a high school student and a gifted artist - but he is currently suffering from a block, which keeps him from painting. His childhood friend, Tachibana Amane, who loves him deeply, persuades him to do a portrait of Kimikage Yurina, a girl with a heart condition, before Yurina undergoes surgery. In the process of rediscovering his art, Daisuke also realises the love that he and Amane feel for each other.
There is an English review.


13. Kaede Doori かえで通り [001124] Inspire
Main character studies at a university and works at a part-time job. It is possible to seek love from heroines of "Days Innocent" who have grown up, or from new girls.  
Structure-wise it's a normal plot-less game with each day divided into four parts to chase for girls. There are days only for university or only for part-time jobs, but there are also events limited to only university or only part-time job. But the word is drawn very attentively. The text and descriptions are superb among the games of 2000, but that's all wasted without a normal story. So it's a game with good atmosphere, text and characters, but that's it.


14. Liebe ~Omoide no Okurimono~ リーベ ~想い出の贈り物~ [001124] Custom Software
Main character has girls phobia because of traumatic past with his former girlfriend. One day he is caught in thoughts and gets to a traffic incident. When he wakes up, there's a girl Aya before him who claims that his life expectancy is just one week. In order to change his fate he must overcome his phobia of women and have a love affair...
Quite a typical charage. It's possible to chase either Aya or any other girl. Each route is short since it must be done in just a week. Drawing is very amateurish.


15. Luna Season ~150 Bun no 1 no Koibito~ るな・シーズン~150分の1の恋人~ [001124] Emu
Main character is a high school student who has bad luck with women, being turned down by 149 girls in three years. The relationship with the 150th girl finally lasts a whole month. On a helpless impulse he rapes her, and relations are on their way to disconnection. Is protagonist doomed?
It's a miracle that in the hero's town there are still girls unaware of him and available for capture after 150 girls failure. Five heroines have individual problems that require tending. Story is poorly organized and only rare laugh reliefs help a bit.


16. One's First Love [001124] Team Plus One
Main character is a salary-man who lives alone. One day he goes for work later than usual and bumps into a high school girl who vomits on him. Such unique encounters happen to him occasionally. Maybe such encounter is the way to his first love? 
Sneeze, sweat etc are in the center of other stories. There's a definite H tilt as well, but game is obscure.


17. Parallel Harmony ~Getsuyou no Tobira wa Suiyou no Mukou ni~ Parallel Harmony ~月曜の扉は水曜の向こうに~ [001124] C's Ware
Main character opens some strange door and appears at a girls school similar to Meiji era. The inhabitants are living spirits of fox and cats. Every time he tries to confess, his juniors get in the way. Will he ever be able to convey his feelings freely?
It's C's Ware. The rest is in the full review... or so I thought till reached 1/4 of the game. Those three hours were a pure torture for me. There is absolutely no aim in the game since the way back to the home world gets cut off right in the beginning and there's no attempts to somehow make it open. The rest is absurdist theater in 12 parts. Each part has some short unique ending like this chapher is fighting one, the next one is playing detectives searching for a can, next one is detecrive in the horror house, but the bulk of each chapter are some random talks about nothing, so dull "jokes" made on grimacing and voice play. I really tried to find a notable joke and could only mark one as an attempt - the only about school club introduced by three rules of the Fight Club movie (and yeah, I'm probably very old since I remember premiere of that movie). The H scenes are just random, at the end of each chapter some girl just passes by and that's it, H scene. So now I know for sure that humor is not C's Ware strong point. 


18. Primary Colours [001124] Extreme
By the sudden invasion of the Ishikari Empire, all the neighboring countries were destroyed. A year after that the people in the colonized countries were oppressed and put to forced labor. Cardinal Sepia Arush, the captain of the former secretary of the state, organized anti-empire resistant movement. The organization got name Sepia, and it consists only of women mages who dance at the battlefields to return the lost homeland.
It's a tactical strategy with the ability to capture any heroines of your mage squad. Battles have a fine mechanic, but are repetitive. Story lacks impact and heroines are surprisingly dull.


19. Love Hina ~Ai wa Kotoba no Naka ni~ ラブひな~愛は言葉の中に~ [001128] Konami 1 2 3
This adventure game's main focus is on collecting words for one of the five heroines from the series. You are Keitarou Urashima, the protagonist from the series, living together in a huge mansion with Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Motoko Aoyama, and Mitsune Konno. You can go to any one of their rooms and check the words you have unlocked for each of the characters, and by combining them start the event scenes which are similar to a visual novel in style with full voice-acting, for player character included.
There is some information in English, and I would not add anything useful in this case anyway.


20. Hana Goyomi 花暦 [001130] Cyc
When a child the protagonist used to play with someone at the flower garden of his grandfather, until the day his family moved to the city.
Many years later, the protagonist went to visit his grandfather who felt ill at the hospital. He asks him to take care and rebuild his flower garden, because he can't take care of it anymore.
When the protagonist went to visit the flower garden after a long time, he is stunned to see a desolated garden. 
And he becomes even more surprised to see in that strange place lives some flower fairies who needs that garden beautiful again in order to become healthy again...
This is SIM, but it's more of a garden SIM akin to Little Witch Parfait series than a real raising SIM. It may look complicated, but compared to all age garden simulators, content is very shallow. The adult scenes are two per heroine and hardly bring anything with them. There are three heroines, plus some sub-heroines.


21. Love Hina 2 ~Kotoba wa Konayuki no You ni~ ラブひな2~言葉は粉雪のように~ [001130] Konami 1 2
The game's main focus is on collecting words for one of the five heroines from the series. You are Keitarou Urashima, the protagonist from the series, living together in a huge mansion with Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Motoko Aoyama, and Mitsune Konno. You can go to any one of their rooms and check the words you have unlocked for each of the characters, and by combining them start the event scenes which are similar to a visual novel in style with full voice-acting, for player character included. This game also requires PocketStation without which you cannot gather words necessary to play the game.
There is a normal English review this time.


22. Ma・Ho・Ro・Ba ま・ほ・ろ・ば [001130] Soup
Main character is going to inherit a big trade business. His trial is to double 10 million yen in 13 months. Is it even possible to do with a shop, 10 million yen and while leading the same gigolo style life?
Some obscure trade SIM with adult scenes.


23. Nijuuei 二重影 [001130] KeroQ 1 2 3
This game that takes place in Japan in the year 1640. The main character is a samurai that got a sword with a blade with two shadows (one with a human shadow and another one from the world of darkness) that connect with him with the world of darkness. 
The game begins when the samurai travels to a strange island in which all the children are born twins, he hopes that in that island he can find a cure to his own curse. The adventure starts there, can he come back alive from the island and without his cure? 
Wow, I'm reviewing this game for sure even though there are couple reviews already.


24. Return リターン [001130] Aquarium
Main character is an ordinary graduate student. One day is called by a professor to test space transfer invention. As a result, protagonist is teleported to another world where he has to earn living as escort hunter while having to deal with a lot of girls.
Drawing and character design are very poor. Length is short and number of choices is small (and they are mostly meaningless). Story moves somehow pretty much without player interference, and ending with each heroine is the same. So there's hardly any appeal in the game.




1. Break Out Airline Break Out Airline [001102] Dall 1
Our stage is on an international flight going from New York City to Haneda Airport in Japan. Our main character is the co-pilot, who has had a very smooth flight up until now... Suddenly, a highjacking begins to take place. The highjacker sets off a poisonous gas that kills all the males on the plane except himself! Our hero has to take over this emergency situation because the captain has been incapacitated. But there's problem: He has changed into a sexual perverted demon from the side effects of the poisonous gas!


2. Mamahaha Choukyou 継母調教 [001102] Giant Panda
Main character's father remarries on the school teacher, the protagonist's first love. He can not forgive her, and thus develops her strict training.


3. Situation 3 しちゅえ~しょん3 [001109] Berserker 1
Same as first


4. Ayatsuri no Kyoushitsu 傀儡の教室 [001110] FlyingShine
Main character sneaks into his alma mater school as a half joke with friends, but he can't get out. If he escapes somehow, he gets killed. Eventually memories of old cases of hypnotism at their school revive in everyone's heads.


5. B.B. Oh, yes! Jonny! [001110] Fairytale
American rockabilly "Johnny" is a self-proclaimed remodeled person from the evil society. He comes to show his Japanese friend the "brilliant nature world" of girls. But in fact he just uses "small Johny" devices to peep and eavesdrop on girls. What kind of world does he have to offer?


6. Imitation ~Manatsu no Ai~ Imitation ~真夏の愛~ [001110] Deco1
Main character acquires right to test an android imitation from a famous company for one month. At first he does not take it seriously, but with time starts to feel sympathy towards Mizuki. With each day time limit draws near - is farewell inevitable?


7. Itadaki Jangarian いただきじゃんがりあん [001110] Studio Miris
Satou Kazumi, a big fan of Eroge and Mahjong, One day, his sister Suzune tells him the family restaurant "Jangarian", which their family runs, is close to a crisis. Kazumi decides to go to headhunting for show girls rival shops with his strong Mahjong...
Card game


8. Life ~Omoide no Hashi ni~ Life ~思い出の橋に~ [001110] Ange
This bridge has seen a lot of stories during its lifetime. Here are memories of some of its regulars - lovers, prostitutes, travelers, soldiers.


9. Luna Majogari ルナ 魔女狩り [001110] Noise
A beam of light suddenly falls to the center of the city. Inspector Kaira receives the imperial command to start hunting witches responsible for that. Kaira meets woman Nia - is she also a witch? What's the truth there?


10. Yasha ~Kakusareta Kyouki~ YASHA~隠された狂気~ [001110] AngelHearts
Main character's father remarries bringing new family to live together. But everything changes with father's overseas assignment. Stepmother starts to bully protagonist and his sister feeling jealousy. Hero stands up on the way of revenge.


11. Duette"A" Duette”A”~デュエット"A"~ [001111] Stage-nana
An Air doujin-soft by Tomo Kataoka.


12. Reversive Himitsu Nikki りばーしぶる ひみつ日記 [001115] Cute
Main character secretly dates his class teacher. Please enjoy the diary of the teacher that covers all kinds of erotic situations and encounters.


13. Sacrifice ~Uzuki no Kubiwa~ サクリファイス ~疼きの首輪~ [001115] Candle
Main character sneaks into a manor to help a girl captured by a demon. However, girl does not wish to return after being branded as a shame of the family. Hero decides to explore the mansion in search of ways to help out while avoiding the encounter with the demon.


14. Soutosai 奏社祭~そうとさい~ [001115] Nekotama
It's 10 days before the culture festival in a certain private academy. Lively atmosphere surrounds the preparations, and lovely girls in a playful mood don't mind new acquaintances.


15. Tsuukin Kairaku ~Chikan de Go!~ 通勤快楽~痴漢でGO!~ [001115] Haoh
Main character is a salaryman who molests every morning and evening. One day his victim congratulates him and wishes him best luck with the contest. It turns out that this train vagon is full of molesters aiming to be the best.


16. Custom Sex Doll カスタムSEXDOLL [001117] ight
School president offers protagonist the position of the next school president with the full control over the school for participating in SEXDOLL contest between schools to train the best nymphomaniac.


17. Mesu Neko Yuugi 牝猫遊戯 [001117] Melody
Our guy finds employees for people. Today he has a new female partner and a mission to find a missing girl plus a secretary in a company. Their excuse for being there is that they are sexual harassment detectives. What a joke, soon the guy has harassed most of the girls that work there. Good thing for him too, because with those girls' help, he will find out the funny going ons of this company.


18. ~Miboujin~ Niku Dorei ~美亡人~ 肉奴隷 [001117] Guilty
Heroine lost her husband due to illness. The bosses of her deceased husband took advantage of the situation turning her into a sex slave.


19. Ryoujoku Dousoukai 凌辱同窓会 [001117] Zero
In order to fulfill what he wished to do at the age of students, protagonist invites former girl classmates to a false "alumni association". He is about to commit each girl one by one in accordance with his memories.


20. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 2 Kai Kouen Rika Junbishitsu de Tsukamaete 電脳劇団ムー一座第2回公演 理科準備室でつかまえて [001121] Artifact
Ultra Mysterious Study Group has a clash among its members. The opposing faction decides to assault girl scientist in the science preparation room at night. Protagonist assists the girl at this time - will he be able to help her?


21. Angelique Trois アンジェリーク トロワ [001122] Koei
Third installment in the series. Angelique Collet now queen of a new cosmos, is drawn into a pocket cosmos, Arcadia, with the rest of the Angelique Special 2 cast. She develops the wilderness of Arcadia in order to free Elda, a strange being she finds there.


22. Island Resort -Kettou Okihimejima Bunkou- あいらんど・りぞーと-決闘沖姫島分校- [001122] Whirl Device
Main character transfers to a school on a resort island because of his father, who gets appointed at work to be responsible for island development. However, opposition campaign has burst out to prevent reconstruction of the island, and the protests wave reached the school as well. Supporting the the right to develop the island, protagonist enters a surrogate war at school where the battles are held through mahjong game.
Card game


23. Sala Ryoujoku no Cello Concours セーラ 陵辱のチェロコンクール [001122] Gondola
Main character is impressed with Sala wonderful musical performance. He suggests she should participate in a musical contest held in town. Sala is going to practice for competition for a month, and protagonist is going to help her with any means necessary.


24. X'mas Present [001122] Pinpai
Two semesters till Christmas. There is premonition that something new is bound to happen. There is a choice among three stories, each featuring a different narration with a different girl.


25. In'yoku 2 淫慾2 [001123] Benten
Main character is a salary-man in a food company. He has to work overtime and on holidays because of an incompetent director. He knows his director is a regular at a SM club. Protagonists joins this club to have his revenge on the director and get new acquaintances.


26. Ai-Sai 愛妻 ai-sai [001124] Prima
Main character is from a wealthy family. His classmate's family in in debts with protagonists' father, so classmate's mother agrees to clean the mansion to decrease the debt amount. Protagonist lusts for the woman, and she unexpectedly surrenders to his will. The everyday fun begins, and then it's classmate's and her sister's turn.


27. Exile ~Blood Royal 2~ Exile ~Blood Royal 2~ [001124] Cherry Soft
Main character is the prince of a certain country. He is cursed by a witch and is destined to become a devil when becoming 20 years old. The king confined him to a small island castle to live till becoming a beast. According to a fortune telling, prince must be sincerely loved to prevent turning into a demon, but no woman could love the cruel prince. Then one day two princesses arrive as a tribute to the kingdom. Prince entrusted the last hope to these two princesses ...


28. Inda 4 淫打4 [001124] Hyperspace
Sharpen typing skills to enjoy gasping voice and beautiful girls.


29. Korashime ~Kyouikuteki Shidou~ 懲らしめ ~狂育的指導~ [001124] Blue Gale
Main character is a Physics Teacher, 25 years old, single. He gets the news that he can go to teach at the university he was longing for from the start. At that time he occasionally eavesdrops girls giving scores to teachers in the dressing room. Then he is invited to a small farewell party where he gets drunk. The next day his embarrassing photos get spread in the class. The anger reaches its peak. Now the revenge is inevitable, but there's the need to plan steps carefully not to get framed.


30. Ryoujoku Toritate 凌辱取立 [001124] Snow
Main character is a debt collector specializing in women. Since it's a job to collect money with whatever means possible, he finds weak spots in body and mind and draws victims to the world of terror. When debtor can't pay himself, his relatives and friends get involved as well.You have to return what you borrow!


31. Salmon Pink さ~もんぴんく [001124] Trabulance
Main character finds a way to summon a devil from grandfather's papers. The devil gets the appearance of selected person, so protagonist selects his childhood friend Momo. The devil Pink is same cute as Momo and is absolutely obedient to the hero...


32. Shachiku 車畜 [001124] Arkham Products
Mika accidentally drives over a woman who dies as a consequence. The woman's now widowed husband loved his wife so much that he decides to live only for revenge. So he sells his apartment, buys a truck with a built-in cell, kidnaps Mika and starts extracting his revenge on her. As time goes by, the man's resolve for revenge starts to waver and his lust for Mika's body starts to grow.


33. SM no Susume -The Seeker ZERO- SMノススメ -The Seeker ZERO- [001124] Tenshindou 1
Satsuki finally confesses to her big brother Taiki that she is in love with him. However, Taiki is a full-fledged sadist! Notwithstanding, Satsuki refuses to let go of her feelings for her brother; with some confusion, she accepts his inclinations.
At about that time, Taiki's junior from high school, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Satsuki's senior, Taeka Yukimoto come to stay with them. All three these girls are infatuated with Taiki. They all offer to begin training to become his girl-slaves. And so, the training in their new profession begins...


34. Yokubou Shikkounin 欲望執行人 [001124] STONE HEADS
Pretty girl seeping innocently in the train with pants seen. A woman ascending the stairs with a super mini skirt. A nurse at a hospital where the protagonist is hospitalized with trauma of both hands. A girl selling ero doujinshi at the event booth. A waitress without a family. When main character meets such girls, a wide smile appears on his face covering his desire, and he starts to act.


35. Youfu 養父 [001124] Miyabi
Main character is a director of a nursing home, and 20 days before building demolition he confines the girls there and teaches them love.


36. Rakuen 楽園 [001127] Kappadou
Main character has puppet mania. And the day the doll is finished the female teacher that doll was named after, appears before protagonist. He confines her and humiliates her each day. Where will it lead?


37. Don’t Stop Mama?! Don’t Stop ママ?! [001130] Authoring Heaven 1
Main characters got divorced, and soon his father remarried. 
12 years later. Father starts to cheat on his wife, and protagonist is very sorry for his stepmother. Stepmother acts in a sane manner, but there is no more cheerfulness in her smile. So protagonist could not refuse her invitation to take a bath together for the first time in a while. And this turned out to be his first mistake...


38. Ore no Miko-san 俺の巫女さん [001130] Evolution
Main character loves shrine maidens, and he gets an ability to turn any girl into a shrine maiden. Now the only question is whether girls are better as they are now or as shrine maidens?

Foreword: Won't lie, I only picked this game since the other notable titles of the month were gameplay-centered. But this one is a mystery story centered around time travel which makes it stand out among the rows of typical charage in October 2000.

Title: Kaichuudokei

Developer: Free's

Date: 2000-10-13

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v21778

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8GxGaUo6Yc


Synopsis: Some girl appears before main character and gives him pocket watch. The next day she meets hero once again, but she had no recollection of the yesterday encounter. Strange events start to pile up turning into bizarre incidents that are able to claim one's life. Can he protect the girls?

Structure: Game takes some 5 days, but we have to repeat only last 2-3 days usually through time travel

Length: 3.5 hours for one route

Game type: School crime mystery with time travel

Difficulty: I'd say moderate. Composition is unusual, so it's possible to get lost without knowing how to proceed after bad ending

Character Design rating: 6/10

Protagonist rating: 5/10

Story rating: 7/10

Game quality: 5/10

Overall rating: 6/10


Rating comments: 6 is the best score I can give to a non-masterpiece game. Game is about the mystery, so characters aren't much developed, same as protagonist. Game quality gets a dent for some poor CG, no voicing and constant crashes at win10 at sound effects play (win98-ME does not have crashes, but it's impossible to hook text there).

Protagonist: Nothing much special. A normal high school student who got involved into a mysterious case.

Characters: There are three heroines - Asuka, Haruka and Sakuya, but the main heroine with the most intriguing plot like is Asuka.


Story: Main character receives pocket watch from a girl one day, but when the same girl moves to his class the next day, she has no recollection of giving the watch. There are several incidents targeting girl's life and of course death in the end which triggers time jump with the need to prevent death. There are four cycles of the same events, and each time we get to uncover new part of the mystery and observe different suspects. The ending was very unexpected for me. Great composition and story, actually.

CG: Most are fine. Good thing that there are very few H events in the game, two per heroine or so.


Sound: BGM turned out to be nice and inspirational, especially liked the danger motives.

Thoughts: The motive of the game is that innocent looking persons are usually the most vile. And it was nice to see how that idea played out in each of girl routes. 

Overall comments: I liked the story here. It's complex enough and short enough to keep the thrill from beginning to the end, creating an overall positive impression.



Baldr Bullet is the definite winner as VN of the Month, but I'm not up for a gameplay game. But then the question arises - what to review from October 2000? The obvious candidate is Bloomers 2000 , but it also has gameplay elements and its content is quite ambiguous for youtube. So my choice is Kaichuudokei - a lesser known school mystery horror.

1. Fuuma Jinja 封魔神社 [001006] TinkerBell
Youkai sealed for 1000 years is now released in the peaceful city. An ordianary high school student receives guidance from a shine maiden and takes a sword to fight the demon. 
A rare TinkerBell game that is not total crap right from the bat. But it does not mean it's not crap. There are three heroines, but the flow is the same, save for some midgame events and endings. With not enough content there's a constant impression of a lousy scenario. And even in this neutral setting TinkerBell managed to include darker themes like tentacles and... worse. Totally unsatisfactory.


2. J.A. Judge August J.A. ジャッジオーガスト [001006] Loze 1
An unbelievably giant enemy is trying to reach Earth. Unaware, most human
beings are leading peaceful lives. Yuzo Hiragi, a space physicist, quickly learns of this threat and begins to develop "the god of war (Illusion)". 
However, he is nearly killed by the mysterious enemy's attack, and Takeru, his grandson, takes charge of the research...
"The god of war (Illusion)" is a machine created by the energy generated from love and trust. However, it is only partially completed, and the pilots are not ready yet.
There's only one year till the enemy's attack... He has to complete the machine and find two pilots.
Will he complete the project in time? Can he save Earth...?
Story is full of weirdness and chunige craziness like aliens blowing up a complex or assassination by a secret evil society. And eventually comes realization that it's not a serious story, but some gag parody. We pick one of three candidates and watch a lined up story for some five hours. It plays like a normal SF bakage, just don't expect seriousness.


3. Koigokoro 恋ごころ [001006] Ram
The main character dropped in at a village on his way home from training camp. It was his first visit but it seemed he had known the place for a long time.... He decided to stay there for a while and he became a security guard for the village. But it was difficult to guard the village by himself so he started to train security guards. Disciples gathered soon as if it had been planned.... There were five girls. They were unique but trained hard. A little while later, the atmosphere around the village started to get uneasy... but nobody knew the meeting of five girls caused this....
Game has mostly positive reviews, because it's a fun polished fantasy comedy with eight animated scenes. Structure is quite simple - chase either of five girls and get either girl happy ending and bad ending without a girl. Ancient China setting can be not for everyone's taste. Overall a high quality game, but not individual enough, story is commonplace.


4. Koimusubi 恋結び [001006] spiel 1
Hero is a student who lives his life by inertia alone away from her parents. 
One night he dreams of living with a girl from his class. He had not special feelings for her till now, but things change from now on...
You are given one month to get attention of one girl, otherwise you lose.
There is an English review.


5. Kyouto ~Omoi wa Watatsukibashi o Koete~ 京都 ~想いは渡月橋をこえて~ [001006] eLia
In autumn thoughts change into love feeling. This is a love story between high school students who live in Kyoto. Where will autumn Kyoto atmosphere bring them?
Sentimental game with quite simple composition that includes heroine introduction - date in the park - return home with H scene - epilogue. The same composition repeats for each heroine. Game includes many Kyoto sightseeing places and can be used as a tour guide. Overall the content is not impressive for an average user. Maybe a sentimental woman would think otherwise.


6. Prism Heart プリズム・ハート [001006] Pajamas Soft 1
There is a tournament for knights at Windland once every three years, a kingdom named after its famous fragrant winds. Seven heroines stand out above everyone else in this years tournament with their fighting spirit. Swords clash, horses race and hearts beat against each other under the famous winds...
There is an English review.


7. Kaichuudokei 懐中時計 [001013] Free's
Some girl appears before main character and gives him pocket watch. The next day she meets hero once again, but she had no recollection of the yesterday encounter. Strange events start to pile up turning into bizarre incidents that are able to claim one's life. Can he protect the girls? 
A confusing game utilizing pocket watch to move back and forth in the game time. Getting to the ending is easy, but it's naturally a bad ending, and from that time all the save and load time jumps begin. These time slips aren't really properly explained in the game. And the real ending is shocking, and not it a good way. So with all the concept novelty and mystery, it's a game that's very difficult to like.


8. Kami-sama Onegai!! 神サマお願い!! [001013] Bell-Da
Main character is an ordinary college student. One day he gets into a traffic incident, and his spirit flies to heavens. There goddess sends him to search for a person thinking of him, as this is the only way to resurrection. However, there are many obstacles on the way of the spirit, like intervention from the demon world. Will he be able to regain his life?
It's a simple gag comedy with several heroines. Scenario is thin. But it's a charage with quite lovely characters, so there's only meaning to play if like one of heroines. 


9. Me-ga-mi ~Megami-chan Get Daisenryaku!?~ ME・GA・MI ~女神ちゃんGET大戦略!?~ [001013] CHOCO
Long ago there was a battle between two races. 
White star race was looking alike humans, but with wings, and they wanted love and peace. The Black star race was with horns and black wings, and they desired fighting and power. The fight was fierce, and both mother stars got destroyed as a result. White race moved to the dark side of the moon and is now called angels. Black race moved to Mars, and they are called demons.
Angels can no longer be born, so to continue but chosen from the Earth girls, and of course demons would be in the way, so their conflict continued on Earth.
Protagonist is an angel who comes to the Earth in search of marriage partner to become and goddess and continue angelic line. 
Another lighthearted ero-tilt bakage. Can't really say much about it. Quite a short one, but at least story is not just about the girl, but also about the conflict.


10. Mugen no Kyoukai ~Kiseki no Umi~ 夢現の境界~奇跡の海~ [001013] Eve
Hero is an ordinary student. After getting in a traffic incident he starts to see events of his previous life in dreams. His previous life was warrior guardian of dream world where all the myths originate protecting it from nightmare monsters.
One day he gets to know that the seal of the dream world is broken, and nightmare monsters threaten to destroy real world next. He needs to regain his love reincarnated in this world and fight invasion with the power of love.
What a mess of a synopsis. But the game is even worse, it's basically a SIM with racial fetish. Battles are done with janken... System is poor. Something waaaay out of my league.


11. Osananajimi 幼なじみ [001013] Prima
At the end of a short spring break hero finds a childhood photo of him and five girls in the neighborhood. There is also a small key to the time capsule beside the photo. He chooses to use the time capsule to reunite with his memories of those days... 
Game is quite short in every of five heroines routes, but it has uniqueness for depicting mental state the environment poetically. A sentimental charage without any drama. 


12. Romance 浪漫珠~ろまんす~ [001013] Angel Smile
Meiji era. The main character is an ambitious novelist. His work is criticized at the redaction, and he is recommended to write romance novels popular with public instead. Hero agrees, but he does not have love experience at all. This is a story of romance birth.
It turned more into sensual novel than a romantic novel, but we aren't to judge here. The deployment is forced since the number of characters for romancing is 8. There is much poetry and sentiments in descriptions.


13. Sakura no Niwa 桜の庭 [001013] Tetratech
Shun Kubota died. His past friend Koji Hirose is sure that Shun could not commit a suicide. Koji starts his own investigation and gets deeper and deeper into Shun circumstances...
Tetratech immediately means it's a nukige for me already, and this game is more nukige than a detective story. During the course of the story we get to know girl acquaintances of Kubota and listen to their quirky stories. CG have old style feeling.


14. Suki no Katachi スキノカタチ [001013] Sarang
Two years ago protagonist's father died suddenly while working in United States leaving lots of money and house that is too huge to live alone. But one day father's American wife comes to Japan with her daughter to live together in this house! What should he do?
Game only takes 3 days and it's possible to chase either mother-in-law and sister-in-law or just any girls around. Childhood friend is the main heroine. H events are animated and have SM flavor. Happy end happens suddenly after three days, so it's a very hasty development.


15. Ao no Ballade 碧のバラード [001020] Gaia
Akira is an amateur musician aiming to become a professional. On a rainy day he meets a girl while working a part-time job. She turns out out to be a daughter of a famous musical producer. Her father becomes the biggest barrier on the way to love as he promises Akira to disqualify him from a musical contest if he continues to pursue producer's daughter. 
A bitter sad story about the clash with reality. Story follows a very depressing development, so leaves mostly negative emotions.


16. Bloomers 2000 ぶるまー2000 [001020] Liar-soft
Divine bloomers were found on the Moon. An evil group BB group "Big bloomer group" seeks a way to make the whole world into a bloomer, and the international MIB "Men in Bloomer" organization monitors the subtle bloomer balance in the world. Their conflict becomes inevitable.
Tokiwa Ai is an ordinary girl who becomes chosen as a goddess of bloomers, and from now on she's a bloomers justice warrior!
Liar-soft continues its crazy crusade to conquer the world. Unexpectedly easygoing and light bakage, but also with serious parts. Endings vary very much from abrupt ones to aggressive ones and happy ones. The balance of battles is very poor. Overall a bright game appealing to Akihabara and alike geeks.


17. Kikoku no Mori 鬼哭の森 [001020] Platinum Soft
A quiet town where future and past mix together. One day, a theft case happens there which would be soon forgotten if there were not strange incidents happening around it. The female teacher in the midst of the theft incident disappears, classmates start to behave strangely and mysterious woman shows up before Koichi. Gradually, but surely anomalities begin to penetrate the daily life of Koichi.
Game involves concept of time not only for movement, but also for talking... Only one of eight endings has something to do with the theft while other endings only uncover memories. The biggest complaint is that there is not enough explanation and here is thrown from one incident to another with semi-random H events.


18. Kono Mune no Naka Ikite... ~Find Love EX 2~ この胸の中 生きて… ~Find Love EX2~ [001020] Lyceen
In 194X Japan surrenders to the USA and gets occupied leaving only reservations for the Japanese. Forced labor became a commonplace. In addition, USA command center secretly conducts sexual experiments to nurture high psychic ability. One of such experiment subjects is girl Ruriko. 
Main character is rescued from forced labor camp in coal mine by the resistance. He now fights the occupational forces as well. But at the same time he gets deeply involved with Ruriko... 
What a nice setting. But sadly setting does not determine content this time. The story is long, but not so deep. Still recommended to fans of alternative history.


19. Baldr Bullet バルドバレット [001027] 1 2 3
Sometime in the near future, the South American rain forest serves as the backdrop of a war between two factions - those who support the Baldr governing technology and those who don't. To ensure that the skirmishes and conflicts don't expand, the BS-OSA or Baldr System - Observation Structure Army is set up to police the region. Inside the Army is a special unit known as SERR14 (Observation Structure Army South American Experimental Riot Regiment the 14th) which is comprised of elite soldiers and operatives such as Sergey Kirkland and Dullahan Cuningham.
There are English reviews.


20. Nanako2 [001027] Studio Pandora
A certain "family" lives since ancient times with the help of technology that prevents aging. But the price for immortality is full of fear and sorrow. 
A detective investigation leads to mysterious undersea temple...
There's not much information on the game. The scenario development is short and different in each branch, with lots of H scenes. Quite shocking non-integral work, but mostly pleasant to the eyes.


21. Omoide Album 思い出アルバム [001027] Trabulance
Just before hero's graduation it's decided to demolish the old wooden school building. Everyone in the class is largely indifferent to the teacher's proposal to make an album about the school building. However, main character wants to engrave the life in this wooden school building into something more than a memory. There are several classmates who share his point of view. They start making an album. And it's also the time when girl comes to his life.
The centuries shift gave a big push to the sentimental romance genre. This is one of such games with clever use of sepia tone and special coloring. The story is very simple and all three heroines routes feel quite alike. The shortness and lack of character background and development results in a so-so impression.


22. SuiSui Sweet すいすいSweet [001027] Tactics
Our third-year protagonist Kosuke is surrounded by unique girls.
His bright and cheerful childhood friend Makoto.
The stoic council president Kyoka.
The cool girl Chiaki.
The flirtatious first year Miho.
And the crazy about adivination Yuubi.
Where will Kosuke's affection lead to...?
Quite a typical school love story with five heroines. Game is dialogues driven, so description is often lacking. The tempo is very bad in the beginning and in the middle, but from the end to the climax it paces up well. Difficulty is not high since there are only two-three options to choose from each time, but it's still possible to get astray from the girl route. There's just one H scene at the end of each girl route, so game was able be painlessly transferred to consoles.




1. Love Call [001006] Mink
Protagonist as a college student. One day he receives a mistaken call from woman Cynthia, and that call brings numerous fears and mysteries to his life. She continues to call for the whole month drawing him into the world of dreams, magic and imagination. Hero uses psycho navigation to travel inside those dreams.


2. Ryoujokuki 凌辱鬼 [001006] Guilty
A serious change occurred to a pharmacy worker after taking part in test of a new medical drug. It turned out to have an effect of superb narcotics and aphrodisiacs making a big fuss within the staff... 


3. Yatsugaike ~Yatsugaike Kitan~ 八ヶ池 ~八ヶ池忌憚~ [001006] Pass Guard
Main character is born in a military officer family. He's a shy boy and currently lives alone due to family circumstances. One day he witnesses sexual assault in the park, tries to help and gets murdered as a result. He awakens as a spirit. He can't affect the world except for when in situation that caused his death. He can materialize only when insulting girls in the park...


4. Zoukeishi 造形師 [001006] Rave
Protagonist is an independent orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in shaping a woman's body into a work of art. 


5. Himitsu no Koi ひみつの恋 [001013] Studio Neko Punch
From when did we become lovers? Love comes unexpectedly as an unforgettable memory in a sweet and sour summer time. Just a week before the summer vacations end our secret love began.


6. Rainy Rhapsody [001014] Guerilla Corps
No idea. Looks like just 2nd chapter of main story.
Shounen Ai at least


7. Soko Dame! Nee-san そこダメ!姉さん [001014] Beenyan
Older sister took care of protagonist after their parents died. Then she disappeared for three years, and now suddenly comes back. But there is no trace of former gentle sister! She's selfish, dominating and does whatever she wants to do. 


8. Kojin Taxi 股人タクシー [001020] Xuse
Main character is a taxi driver. His only purpose is to play with bodies of pretty girls, looking at their face expression. He reveals girls secrets and blackmails them into having a ride with him.


9. Nakayoku Shimasho 仲良くシましょ [001020] Rocket
Main character lost his mother when he was very young, and was raised in his father's household since then. One day his father remarries female cousin. The problem is that all three new protagonist's sister-in-laws are the girls who he had relationship with. They get furious when this fact reveals, but in the end sympathy overcomes first shock and their weird cohabitation begins.


10. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Shokai Kouen Itsuka Mita Mermaid 電脳劇団ムー一座初回公演 いつか見たマーメイド [001021] Artifact
Main character is a millionaire son who is sure he was saved by a mermaid in his childhood. He escapes from his control-freak wife to the island of his memories where he encountered the mermaid.


11. Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi Tadaima Gasshuku Chuu コートの中の天使達 ただいま合宿中 [001027] Pinpai
Night after practice day at the training camp. Defeat the team members in blackjack one by one and you can win a special entertainment...


12. MaeStro [001027] Soleil
Protagonist comes to a usual piano lesson where he is suddenly sexually assaulted by his female teacher. A whole new world of experiments and pleasure opens up before him since then.


13. Midara Gari 淫狩 [001027] Pochette
One day educational practitioners come to protagonist's school. One female college student out of them made a big fuss. Naturally, hero can't take his eyes from her beauty. And when the day of  practical training comes, teacher suddenly appears in his room offering private service. She turns out to be a devil who imbues protagonist with magical power to commit any girls he lusts for.


14. Mitsuryouku 2 密猟区2 [001027] Zero
Daniel Lambert is a mercenary of Spranell Kingdom. His troops currently carry out occupation of the Oak grain village in the enemy Republic of Bali. By a twist of fate this village is Daniel's birthplace. What's the purpose of occupying the village that only has women and children left? Everything depends on Daniel's actions. 


15. Shimaizuma 姉妹妻 [001027] 13cm
Misako is a widow who lost her husband at a young age. She works as a teacher at school. She and college second grader girl Miki get drowned into a whirlpool of lust by three men.
A multi-site adventure from the point of view of Misako, Miki and one of the males.


16. Sixty Nine [001027] May-Be Soft 1
A collection of 69 mini-scenarios.
You are a player luckily picked to try out a brand new virtual reality system.


17. Tsuma x Tsuma ~Koko wa Hitozuma Paradise!~ 人妻×人妻 ~ここは人妻ぱらだいす!~ [001027] Discovery
Yusuke Oshima, the hero, has failed the college career, so his father made him to join "Tokito building services" as a Human Resources Director. 
Finishing the training of five months, he was dispatched to an apartment complex as a manager. One week has passed, and a pair of newlyweds have been moved, including Akira, his classmate from highschool days who was longing to meeting him again...


18. Watashi no Arika. わたしのありか。 [001027] Janis
During surgery to remove cancer under general anesthesia, Kunihiro encounters an angel girl Safar in the dream. Safar offers him power to seduce any girls in the city easily in exchange for keeping her spirit within his body as well


19. Youin no Yakata 妖淫の館 [001027] Black Package Try
Protagonist has an inherited power to subdue wills even of toughest politicians and bureaucrats. He uses this power to confine a number of women in his mansion and apply slavery training.


20. Sei Crain Gakuen 聖・CRAIN学園 [001029] Tennenouji
St. Crain School is an all boys' school where the sons of the rich and famous attend and live in the dorms. However, even though the students come from rich backgrounds, they also come from painful backgrounds, and now a lot of nasty things have been happening around the school, particuarly to the student Yuuya Takaki, who seems to be the chosen victim to several instances of rape.

Foreword: C's Ware chuunige is always welcome by me. There are only couple Japanese reviews with mediocre scores, but knowing C's Ware... they must have prepared a new exhausting system like Kazeoto or Vist that most of people could not even pass through. Welcome to the elitist club review, since I made it to the end and have much to say about it.

Title: Heart & Blade

Developer: C's Ware

Date: 2000-09-29

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6129

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdOxpS1Gfcw


Synopsis: Osamu, the protagonist, is a student whose family descent from a lineage of samurais and owner of a Dojo of kendo.

He was studying and training at the United States, but now is time to go back to Japan.

At this house, where he must protect a sacred milenium old tree, he meets a strange girl who resembles someone he met a long time ago.

But his problems are just starting. His father got him a fiancee from a rich and traditional family, his blond classmate from United States came all the way to Japan after him, and his older female cousin came to help at the dojo.

What is more strange, monsters started to appear in the City. Osamu must wield a sword and fight them to protect the sacred tree and his friends.

Structure: Game is divided into 11 days.

Length: 8 hours for one route

Game type: Small town mystic demon fighter adventure

Difficulty: Well... since game is command selection type it's still best to use walkthrough not to fall astray from the chosen path, but overall there aren't many crucial decisions to make.

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 7/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 6/10



Rating comments: Well, I could not rate even Vist as masterpiece, so can't rate Heart&Blade higher than Vist - and Vist is more impressive in most of fields, but in other fields like story integrity, heroine route integrity and fights mechanic Heart & Blade actually wins. 

Protagonist: Osamu is a normal boy protagonist, but males are drawn very weirdly in this game. It's nice that we don't control Osamu all the time, and he mostly makes his own decisions after we take him to the needed place. I like it that he has a face and some personality, but that's it. He's not voiced ofc.

Characters: There are four heroines that have individual endings, but their routes are almost the same. I chose Alice for playthrough since she's the only one outside of that traditional Japanese spirit that the whole game is soaked well enough already. Can't say that Alice had a good route though... but the story matters much more in this game than some girl route.


Story: So... what's not covered in synopsis yet... actually pretty much everything is there. And nothing much is happening in the game, actually. Osamu arrives, gets acquainted with the girls and then there are several school days with occasional demon attacks. In the center of the story is the sacred tree that grows near Osamu dojo. Some girl vision visits Osamu from time to time near that tree. Girl blames him for not keeping promise. And that girl comes from Osamu past, prior to USA study period... 

CG: Where is Carnellian? Or at least some normal artist? Both CG and heroines design is inferior to previous works. Males usually look plain weird while girls CG feel soapy... can't describe well. The number of CG is big at least.

Sound: BGM is absolutely the best, like in all C's Ware games. At first I thought games is not voiced at all and BGM has to bear full weight like in Re-Leaf, but after first hour girls showed up and they are voiced - phew! Voicing is ok, but can feel irritating at times thanks to chosen heroines archetypes.


Humor: In the core of the game there is confrontation of Japanese ojousama Harunako and American Alice. The whole game either of them tries to invite Osamu somewhere and the other girl instantly shows up and demands accompanying them. That produces quite many funny situations like Alice attending nobility evening in her freestyle outfit.

Mechanics: As if command selection narration and mouse-only control is not torturing enough, there is also horrible fighting mechanics. Games tries to give some tutorial on fighting, but reality gets much fiercer. The very first demo fight with Osamu father in dojo took me some 20 minutes, because - as I understand now - I was expected to make some combination of hits out of 10 different strikes or so. In walkthrough there is a list of combo strikes, but - surprise - they aren't usually available in every fight and game should teach you this strike prior to using it and it only teaches these strikes on hero death... But this is still nothing compared to three very long consequent fights with multiple opponents in a row in the endgame. Absolutely every hits kills Osamu and upon load about 70% of the time Osamu gets killed without even an opportunity to strike. I deliberately left all those save/load stuff in the video so that degree of madness can be felt. I'm quite sure that I had to load at least several hundred times during the playthrough. It's a very sadistic game.  


Overall comments: Heart & Blade is a very C's Ware'ish game. It uses the same outdated engine, same mouse-only control with torturing gameplay elements. What only improved is the system so that now there's at least understanding of flags and of hit/avoid mechanics in battle, as well as voicing. But graphics is worse here. Story still kicks in, but it's much more simpler than in Vist. There is more attention to heroines and slice of life here, but C's Ware games were always story-centric. I adore it immensely in C's Ware that they stay loyal to their principles and keep on making thrilling hardcore games. As a C's Ware fan I really liked Heart & Blade, but if I played this game without the historical contest it would hardly interest me or make me play it to the end.



There are two masterpieces this month - Air and Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 1: Harmonia no Kenshi.  My hate for Air is too big, so I'd nominate any other candidate besides it, so my initial choice is Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 1: Harmonia no Kenshi as VN of the month.

1. Omakase☆Demakase Angel!! ~Chocolat to Milfy Shukufuku Shichau zo~ おまかせ☆でまかせ え~んじぇる!! ~ショコラとミルフィー祝福しちゃうぞっ~ [000901] Triangle
Main character wakes up and sees two celestial girls from his dreams. Both girls want to pass angel exam. The exam condition is only one - to make one person happy. 
Girls can become either of small or normal size at will. It's called sequel only to reap the good memory of first game. Content is nothing fancy this time, but don't expect loli here either.


2. Air [000908] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Kunisaki Yukito's deceased mother left him with the doll and her last wish that Yukito look for the "girl in the skies" because it is his destiny to save her. Only half-understanding what his mother meant, Yukito has been traveling across Japan, vainly searching for this myth-like girl his mother told him about. His latest destination is a small, sleepy town where summer has just arrived; and his encounter with a young girl named Misuzu there sets the wheels of destiny turning....
There are lots of reviews. Not my type of the game AT ALL. This is a watermark game for Key and it's either loved or hated by reviewers, very polar reviews. I won't deny it a masterpiece status though.


3. Bless ~Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind~ [000908] BasiL
Main character left his hometown following his parents job needs. He had to part with a girl who often came to his dreams ever since. Ten years later he returns to this town and tries to find that girl whose image is blurred in his memory. His former friend suggest trying to search for her on the Internet using an online chat "Masquerade".
Internet chat was still fresh back then. Quite a short story (one month), but with good atmosphere and tempo. There are roughly 10 days for flagging, and the rest is personal routes. Synopsis is pushy though as mysterious girl calls for hero to bring her salvation in dreams. In some routes development is forced. Game is rough to be called a masterpiece, but it's a nice short game to play.


4. Hana Monogatari・Natsu 花ものがたり・夏 [000914] Kababo
Main character is the son of girls school president. He spends the summer administering the girls dormitory. Even though it's summer time, seven girls remain the building. Can this situation lead to a new feeling to be born?
Quite a normal girl chasing game. There are some 35 days each divided in morning and evening parts. It's only possible to chase one girl at a time, so need to choose her whenever possible. Oh, and game has flowers in title since flowers are mentioned in each day beginning. Can't call this game special though.


5. Horohoro ほろほろ [000914] LiLiM
Main character returns from medical study in United States only to have his family killed in front of him. He is accused of killing his family for property, but eventually released for the lack of evidence. His heart becomes shut since then. In such circumstances he needs to do a college research for three months.
Game is quite simple. Hero hits rock bottom and welcomes any sympathy towards him. Game takes three months and content is normal, not dark. 


6. Pure Angel -Tatta Hitotsu no Negai no Tame ni- Pure Angel −たったひとつの願いのために− [000914] Aquarium
Main character is driven out of the dormitory and has to stay at a cafe with a condition to help around the place. Several girls already stay and work here as well. Girl in maid uniform asks to rely on her in everything... what's her motivation?
Quite an ordinary setting. There is one month to form romantic relations. Story has fantasy elements, but it's quite strange that maid identity is revealed quite early. Work feels heavy, but if you like one of the girls it should not stop you.


7. Aegenelles no Hanayome エーゲネルスの花嫁 [000915] Mesa
Main character is a crown prince of a small kingdom. Parents choose a suitable candidate who he never even seen in real life. In opposition to this decision prince swears to find a girl to love himself in the castle town. It's three weeks before coronation and wedding ceremony... 
There's not much to say about the game. Girls from different backgrounds and with different problems are gathered here. Quite fun, but not with enough depth. The limit is five movements per day, so save/load ensues.


8. One's Own (or very) [000915] To Be
Main character observes how his classmate becomes suddenly hospitalized after school medical examination with symptoms of unknown disease triggering memory loss. He starts to visit her, but begins to notice numerous contradictions and inconsistencies. Hero initiates his own investigation that keeps creeping him out.  
The aim of the game is to solve the mystery of the incident and help the girl. Location is the hospital, and H scenes are quite dense. That's pretty much all that's known, and I'm not going to uncover another hospital "mystery".


9. Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 1: Harmonia no Kenshi 幻想水滸外伝 Vol.1 ハルモニアの剣士 [000921] Konami 1 2 3 4
Nash Latkje, the protagonist controlled by the player and an agent of Holy Harmonia's Southern Border Defence Force, has been assigned to obtain information to either verify or disprove a rumour concerning the appearance of one of the 27 True Runes in the Jowston City States. During his travels, he encounters Sierra Mikain, a female vampire, who decides to accompany him on his journey. As a result, he soon becomes entangled in the larger conflict involving the events of Suikoden II.
I never played the RPG, but watched this kinetic novel with great pleasure. There are English, and I rate this game as masterpiece.


10. Eye's Only ~Sono Kagayaki wa Mabushisa ni Michite~ eye’s only~その輝きはまぶしさに満ちて~ [000922] ainos
It's spring time, and Yousuke is entering university. In these three months until summer vacation, he meets some interesting girls and starts to have a relationship with them.
Game's main feature is wide-spread animation that's used even for general scenes. But that also sets the limits of the game - limited number of heroines, short branches. As a result it's only remembered by everyone for its animation in H scenes as the only notable memory of the game.


11. Wafers ~Ohime-sama wa Kyou mo Kiken deshita~ うえはぁす ~お姫様は今日も危険でした~ [000922] SofthouseChara
To escape from being forcefully married against her will for the sake of her country, the royal princess Chris ran away carrying only whatever money and valuables she can managed to carry. Naturally, pursuers chased after her. Being only a single woman, evading her pursuers would be hard. While thinking her next course of action, she saw the protagonist' car abruptly stopped, and she took out her gun. And thus begin the princess and protagonist' adventures. 
Meanwhile, there's a military secret hidden inside one of the belongings the princess took with her, one that's important for a certain someone and threatens his advancement. There are also documents detailing business dealings with the Mafia too. From the pursuers that starts to become bloodshot, the chase has begun.
I tend to block card games, but it's not just a primitive card game. It's more like a board game with the aim to get to the end of the road, and cards only help to manage the enemies. It's game over if enemies catch up to the hero for a certain number of times. Every turn cards are replenished, plus it's possible to buy cards during events. Game has zero reviews, because it's plain weird. SofthouseChara had a very difficult past.


12. Love Hina: Totsuzen no Engage Happening ラブひな 突然のエンゲージ・ハプニング [000928] Sega 1 2 3
After having failed the Tokyo-U entrance exam, Keitaro Urashima is nowhere near achieving his goal of entering Tokyo University and meeting his fabled "promise girl". Or is he?
After catching a glimpse of his latest bad scores, Granny Hinata decides to send a real Tokyo-U student to help Keitaro, Naru and Mutsumi pass. Her name is Mizuho Fujisawa and she bears more than a passing resemblance to the girl Keitaro made a promise to several years ago. Furthermore, she is so confident that she can get Keitaro to pass, that she makes this wager: If Keitaro can't pass under her tutelage, he will get to marry her.
Just who the heck IS she?
There are two English reviews.


13. Yume no Tsubasa 夢のつばさ [000928] KID 1 2
Your dream is to fly, and you’ve spent years restoring an old plane, hoping that you will be able to fly in the sky just like your father. However, one day, after a test run you find a mysterious girl collapsed near the runway. Who is she? And why is she here? Even though you don’t know anything, you let her stay at your house, and a chain of events have begun to turn…
There is a short English review, but I'm not a KID fan to dig beyond it.


14. For Season 2 ~Utsuriyuku Kisetsu, Wasurenai~ For Season.2 ~うつりゆく季節、忘れない~ [000929] Giga
Suddenly close friend asked main character for a favor - to substitute him as a tutor for some time. Protagonist can't refuse to his best friend request. What kind of young students await him?
Again, three girls, again tutorship. Period is half a year. During weekdays it's study mode, during weekends it's holidays travelling mode. There's also the need to buy items and put them on students tables - gross! And it's already such alienation degree to the setting that I can't go on.


15. Gaisen! Ichijiku Kanchou! 凱旋!無花果艦長! [000929] BeF
Main character is appointed as a captain of a submarine with the only aim to avoid any crisis. However the vehicle gets hit by a torpedo of enemy submarine "Harukaze". Captain ignores commandment's orders and brilliantly uses has tactical skills and numerous inventions. For the glory of Japan!
Almost kinetic bakage. All player has to do is move inside submarine and sometimes make some choice that does not have much meaning. Still it's more erotic than fun.


16. Gakkou no Kyaa! ~Sennichi Gakuen Shinbunbu no Teinou Kaiki Eigateki Sekai~ 学校のきゃあ!~千日学園新聞部の低能怪奇映画的世界~ [000929] Black Light
School yellow pages newspaper covers psychic phenomena and strange cases inside and outside the school. It has a colorful cast. Main character is sent as a spy to this school club. Is it possible for a normal person to compete against monsters and conspiracies that await him in the evenings?
It's multiple-endings adventure of 5 chapters. In ADV part we gain favorability of the girl of choice and hold dialogues with her. In investigation part we... investigate around the school. There are a lot of time limited choices that can easily result in a bad ending. The atmosphere of the game resembles B class horror movie about occult black comedy. Quite a solid unusual scenario... but not for everyone.


17. Heart & Blade [000929] C's Ware
Osamu, the protagonist, is a student whose family descent from a lineage of samurais and owner of a Dojo of kendo.
He was studying and training at the United States, but now is time to go back to Japan.
At this house, where he must protect a sacred milenium old tree, he meets a strange girl who resembles someone he met a long time ago.
But his problems are just starting. His father got him a fiancee from a rich and traditional family, his blond classmate from United States came all the way to Japan after him, and his older female cousin came to help at the dojo.
What is more strange, monsters started to appear in the City. Osamu must wield a sword and fight them to protect the sacred tree and his friends.
A chunige from C's Ware? YES, PLEASE! Review incoming.


18. Innocent Eye's [000929] Unison Shift
The protagonist Natsume Shinitirou is an assistant researcher working at the Neurosciences Institute. 
He studies biology and genetics, and sometimes even parapsychology. 
But then one day, a sudden explosion levels the institute. To save a trapped girl below he goes down to the restricted floors below. Where he meets the heroines of the story and uncovers the real purpose of the institute...
Utsuge is not my thing at all, but I still tried to force myself to play it. The result is poor not because it's utsuge, but because it has minimal story. All the events happen in the same huge laboratory complex. There are also gameplay elements of finding items and using them properly. It also does not really suit for a video with many H events and loli heroines. Both the story and the heroines routes are unimpressive. Even though game is utsuge, there is a happy ending.


19. Kaitou Z ~Anata to Heart o Nusumimasu~ 怪盗Z~あなたのハートを盗みます~ [000929] Ciel
Kaitou Z is an antique shop holder on the surface, but also a gentleman thief who breaks into houses and uses hypnotism widely. One day he is asked by one girl to steal a film from some office. He steals the film, but what's the meaning of this ridiculous film?
It's a real-time thief simulator in limited time circumstances, that's why there aren't reviews of it. There are many different steal missions. Both lack of information gathering and time limit bring game over.


20. Loveless ~Owaranai Monogatari~ LOVELESS ~終わらない物語~ [000929] Voice
Around the year 200 AD a girl was born as the first 'qualified person' in human history. She went on a journey to find the species as herself. She met three friends during the following 1800 years trip. And together they went on journey again to find the 5th person. He turned out to be the first man from the 'qualified person' species and the protagonist of this story. The existence of five qualified persons at one place and time attracted a monster called "a heteromorphic person", and their fateful encounter is drawing near.
Game is mostly about training SIM, map movement and then difficult battles where you have to defend 90% of time. The atmosphere is good, but the the length and the mechanics not so great. There aren't too many H events.


21. Revolution [000929] Waffle
Three important figures in the kingdom are kidnapped by the Revolutionary organization on their way back to the kingdom from abroad study. The organization forwards insane demands giving only 24 hours to comply before execution of all three figures. Prince "Ash" is hurriedly summoned to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, only 8 hours are left... 
It's an action game with H events on the way. After certain time passes, insult scenes with the kidnapped girls are shown. Can't evaluate the gameplay properly since it's not the genre I like.


22. Seikan Megami Senki Metal Doll 星間女神戦記メタルドール [000929] Cenote
Confrontation between the Tauros faction and the Leo faction becomes extremely fierce after a  mysterious explosion of the huge mother ship. Main character is sent from the Earth to investigate the situation. 
It's kind of tactical strategy SIM in space, but the system and battle mechanics are worst ever. H scenes usually come after each battle. There is only one save... Game's universally condemned as kusoge.


23. Yaminabe Aries ~Asu e no Chousenjou~ 闇鍋Aries~明日への挑戦状~ [000929] Circus 1 2
This game consists of three separate stories. Two of them, "Katomai" (カトマイ) (doesn't have any H-scenes) and "Sana" (紗菜) side stories, are directly related to Aries. 
The third one, "Tail Tale", is about furries/kemonos.
Tail Tale's summary:
In a world consisting of floating continents, there exist races of kemonos with different fur colours. One of the races is known as "Mao" (マオ族). At the east and the west edge of the continent, there are two villages- "Bastalk" (バストーク) and "Zarpat" (ザパト) respectively.
The protagonist living in Bastalk, Rick, looks much forward to being able to build an aircraft (there are none in that civilization) in order to explore a new world. On a very day, while Rick is picking herbs for healing his sick younger brother, Nap, he crossed paths with a girl living in Zarpat, Run. And the life of Rick is going to be changed forever after this encounter... 
I'm no fan of multiple stories format and especially of Aries series. There is some information in English since game is partially localized.




1. M’s If it is true… [000901] Maboroshi Ware
Two persons are attacked at a southern island - one is found hit with a blunt object and another one kidnapped. The investigators got a clue to the incident, and winning in mahjong is needed to unwind the case further.
Card game


2. Uzuki ~Inyoku ni Michiru Tsuki~ 疼き~淫欲に満ちる月~ [000901] Beenyan
In the heavy rain boy is running. He is chased by murderers, and he does not know why. He runs into a mysterious house in the forest... 


3. Katekyo ~Akaruku Tanoshiku Koku Ecchi~ かてきょ ~明るく楽しく濃くエッチ~ [000908] Melody
Main character wants a girlfriend. One day he receives a flyer promising to teach how to win a girl in just a week. He attends the course. Fun times begin now!


4. Onee-chan Video SE おねえちゃんビデオSE [000908] Segue Laboratory
Begin with an interview, lead it to an intimate scene and listen to impression at the end either in kansai or normal dialect!


5. Oshiete Teacher おしえてティーチャー [000908] for
Main character is a teacher in a girls school. At the same time he shares the dormitory with the girls. He is confessed to by a female teacher, and needs to give a reply within two weeks. Who will be by his side at that time?


6. Saimin 催眠 [000908] Yukari
Main character enters a university after a year of ronin study. He starts going out with a girl living in the next room. But everything changes when he meets a fortune teller in the town...


7. Sexy Magic Kunoichi Gakuen SEXY MAGIC くノ一学園 [000908] H・WORKS
Popular OVA heroines return in this puzzle filled eroge. 


8. Tamashi Hime 魂姫 [000914] Pinky Soft
A writer comes to a mountain onsen ryoukan in search of inspiration. There is no electricity there, but laptop suddenly starts up with a strange noise, and a girl appears on the display. As she disappears, heavy feeling starts to fill the heart, and various mysterious phenomena begin to happen.


9. Hatsujou Karte ~Hiiro no Ryoujoku Niku Omocha~ 発情カルテ ~緋色の凌辱肉玩具~ [000922] 13cm
Doctor comes to a hospital full of nymphomaniac patients requiring special treatment.


10. Sweet Pleasure [000922] Cronus
Main character is a famous special coach. One day he receives a request for guidance from a famous private girls' school, and knowing the beauty of its students he cannon say "no".


11. Yurushite ~Yuuki Hitomi no Baai~ ゆ・る・し・て~結城瞳の場合~ [000922] Noise
Two girls explore a newly inherited mansion. However, mysterious powers deviating from common sense swirl inside the mansion. Main character is to pursue the escaping girls in the maze of the mansion and insult them vigorously.


12. Princess Play [000923] Studio Neko Punch
Main character is the third prince of a small country Ipushia sandwiched between superpowers. One day a veiled woman comes and requests to train a certain girl as a slave. The reward is independence of Ipushia. There's no guarantee in woman's words, but the reward is well worth the task if the woman speaks truth. 


13. Cherry boy Innocent girl [000929] Libido
Main character got used to bullying from different girls during his school years. Sometimes they even tease him enjoying his reaction. This is a story about difficult relations with such girls.


14. Collection ~Shuushuu Sareta Akumu~ Collection ~蒐集された悪夢~ [000929] Complet's
Main character learns how to record and edit dreams of other people. Will such experience be akin to reality?


15. Cruise クルーズ [000929] Janis
Main character is invited on a luxurious cruiser voyage. His first objective is gain trust of a certain VIP passenger. His second objective is to train first class girls into entertainment servants.


16. DEEP/ZERO [000929] Selen
A novice nurse comes to the hospital. Doctor smiles at the appearance of a new prey as he established slave-master relations with all other women in this institution already.


17. Hakoten Jan ハコてん雀 [000929] ZyX
Main character works in sales department of Mahjong organization. He needs to bright the light of mahjong to families, institutions and even wastelands. Who will he choose as opponents? Of course, only beautiful girls!
Card game


18. Shinpu no Oshigoto 神父のオシゴト [000929] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Main character gets a temporary job of a priest in a school of missionary system. Girls believe that he's the real priest and confess all the sexual problems to him. It looks like this job is not bad after all.


19. Souzokubito 相続人 [000929] Interheart Co., Ltd.
The struggle between relatives begins after death of the wealthy head of the house. Three girls who are closest in inheritance line are confined in a grim pavillion. Can they safely escape the mansion?


20. Worm [000929] REALDEAL
Main character is a genius doctor. One day a nurse from his hospital is brought to him after collapsing naked at the bar toilet. She survives, but bizarre organisms emerge from her lower abdomen. A request comes to research these "worm" organisms, and it leads to an experiment held 16 years ago. Soon more women become infected...



Foreword: This game has too many girls with guns for me to miss. Sorry in advance for for guns-only gallery! Honestly, Ragnapolice surprised me with quality police story and meaningful heroines. This is a full scale 8/10 masterpiece for me.


Title: Ragnapolice

Developer: Air Plants

Date: 2000-08-25

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v10746

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmpkFM-7C7k

Synopsis: An investigator is dispatched from the Space Police Agency headquarters to the South Area Department. His name is Ryouma "Gold Wolf". He is attracted to a woman detective Margaret there. A shooting incident occurs, and Margaret is killed as a result. Ryouma stands on the trail of revenge and starts his private investigation of this case. 


Structure: There's some kind of prologue and 60 days afterwards (we gain freedom of movement on 8th day)

Length: 10 hours

Game type: SF police story

Difficulty: Very easy, but it takes time to get used to the system of multiple cases

Character Design rating: 8/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 9/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Rating comments: I can't hide my fascination with the game. I liked the short case stories, liked even protagonist, because he has face and is quite fiery. Graphics can look a bit odd, but with time looks very organic as well. My only complaints are about quality of some CG, partial voicing and absence of true route with distinctive truth about Margaret fate.


Protagonist: Ryouma "Gold Wolf" is cool. He constantly opposes his commanders to support his ideals and opinion, and usually manages to prove his point of view. He's a good partner, too. 

Characters: There are as many as 9 routes and endings in the game - 8 for each heroine and one for partner Alex - no, no, no shounen Ai included, even though last CG might look a bit this way. Alex story is hard boiled one about penetrating criminal organization and surviving in it, but I did not include it in my video walkthrough, just a part of it with a bad ending. Among the 8 heroines there are some with not so thrilling stories, like the princess who runs away from the palace and hides at Ryouma room, but every story is curious and easy to watch. Usually heroine endings opens up upon finishing two cases related to that heroine. My favorite heroine is your side-partner Claire. She's cute, feisty and looks great in wedding dress with an assault rifle, hehe.


Story: So we sort of figure out identity of Margaret killer in Claire route, but there's no flashy ending to it, just unwinding current police case, and that's it. But Margaret story is referenced in every heroine route, so maybe Claire route is not the only one fill the puzzle. In the same Claire route we sort of oppose our elder brother who tried to fire Ryouma after incident with Margaret. The stories in the police cases are various : bombings, car thefts, guns smuggling, narcotics etc etc. The shooting mini-game is nice, but I it was buggy for me playing at a virtual machine. Anyway all the sluggishness of minigame disappears after couple of defeats. 

CG: Each of 9 routes has 10 CG, so overall number seems to be 90, which is ok'ish. Some of CG have weird eye drawing and distorted faces, but overall everything's cool. HCG are only at the very end of each girl route, and that is the best option for me.


Sound: All the important scenes are voiced, only daily routing and dialogues are usually not voiced, and I'm ok with it. BGM is not too inventive and irritates if you spend too much time at one scene. 

Overall comments: Ragnapolice does not look too much enticing, but somehow all the heroines here have distinct individuality. There's no need to reread the same main route, so there's no usual aversion for me to do sub-heroine routes. I missed integrity here, and one true route would suit great here, but back at 2000 true routes weren't that common yet. It's an easy and interesting read, and that's something that I encounter less and less rare in visual novels.




There are four masterpieces this month - Tsukihime , Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ , Pure Mail , Gin'iro . Production-wise the most thrilling game is Sense Off, but I opt out for a chuuni whenever possible, so the winner is Tsukihime. I played it in the past, so won't be replaying now. But I still need something for a full rakeview this month. And this month is unusual as I'll be reviewing not game of the month, but some other game Ragnapolice which also turned out to be a masterpiece. Review incoming.

1. Canary ~Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete~ カナリア ~この想いを歌に乗せて~ [000804] Frontwing
A young man moves to Shikoku, the smallest of Japan's four main islands, to live in Kagawa prefecture with his uncle who runs a sound studio. Attending the Kotohira Middle School as a student with an ear for music, the player engages in interaction with seven female students who play in the school band. Some girls specialize in vocals and others wield instruments in the pop section. Music provides the glue for possible friendships and amorous maneuvers. A supporting cast of other characters including classmates, teachers and your uncle also supply additional interaction and bolster the story-line. The bulk of the interaction leads up to the school festival where you and band members hope to create beautiful music together.
A charage with high quality of musical support, but it's not described why heroines like hero. The problem solving almost does not exist. It's almost like good hero exists by himself and nice heroines exist separately, and they can't really get along with each other well. There is just not enough satisfaction afterwards compared to the efforts involved.


2. Hohoemi o Mou Ichido ~Smile Again~ 微笑みをもういちど ~smile again~ [000804 Ume Soft] 1
The story revolves around four childhood friends and their reunion five years after. You are a high-school student going through a story of growing up and falling in love.
This composition is starting to frequent a lot - student happy years and then reunion X years later. Map selection part is quite evident, but what's tricky is mingames that are hard to beat, but reward additional CG. There are as many as 8 heroines. Such a huge gap between student years and aftermath is quite fresh and heroines change a lot in those 5 years. One playthrough is short, just 2-3 hours. It's a charage, so don't expect a good scenario here.


3. Nemureru Mori no Ohime-sama 眠れる森のお姫さま [000804] Penguin Works
Asturia, a world of swords and magic. An evil wizard kidnapped Princess Emilia, and the king sent an elite army to take her back, leaded by the princess' personal clerk, Irina. But their journey was full of danger, and Irina's destiny will change forever...
Game imitates RPG heavily, but remains a pure ADV with only text choices in battles and elsewhere. There are four heroines that are pretty easy to flag - it's enough just to choose them for conversation between battles and events. There is just one H event at the end for each heroine. Game is quite short (some 3 hours) 


4. Omoide no Kanata 想い出の彼方 [000804] PL+US
Main character is contacted to visit his home town after five years of absence. How different will be the town from his sweet memories?
Work is built on contrast of memories with the changed landscape of the town. This mix of reality, fantasy and suspense is the main appeal point. Each of the heroines has her distinctive theme and it's often linked with death theme, so it's not your usual moege for sure. There are a lot of instant death choices in the latter part of the game. Branching happens very early in the game, so no repetitiveness of common route is felt. So it's a work with nice atmosphere, almost a masterpiece, really.


5. Sasurai no Ryourinin さすらいの料理人 [000804] Jupiter
Protagonist is a world-wide known chef. This time he decides to cook for two weeks a western mansion on an isolated island. Six girls volunteer to assist him there.
It's a SIM mix. We need to cook and if the cooking suits girl's particular tastes, there's continuation in the form of some event. I still consider it a nukige for the number of H scenes and lack of any sense in the game beyond that. 


6. She is... [000804] Bell-Da
Hospital in the suburbs. There is an internal struggle between the president and vice-president faction. President hires protagonist and vice-president hires Miu detective to find counterpart's weak sides. 
Cover inevitably suggests it's a nukige, but as a tribute to Bell-Da I won't block it. Basically we gather information and when we gathered enough valuable information the story proceeds to the next day. Difficulty is easy since there is no limit on movements during any day. There are five heroines with endings. It's still more of a romance game than a detective game. It's quite nice as each heroine ending only shows up a portion of truth and the overall picture only comes together when every ending is seen. So it can be called an above average Bell-Da game.


7. Elysion ~Eien no Sanctuary~ ELYSION ~永遠のサンクチュアリ~ [000810] Terios 1 2 3
As the story goes, an old man lives on an island in a mansion near the ocean. He's reclusive, private and very wealthy. As the family physician, you are summoned to the island to care for the old man. The premise of the game introduction seems innocent and routine enough but the various characters you meet arouse suspicion and suspense amongst the different players inside the mansion.
The cast of characters include the codger's granddaughter, a groundskeeper, sinister men, and five maids dressed in frilly maid outfits that have a tendency to billow gratuitously.
The system is like Kakyuusei since we need to move on the map ourselves. DC/PS2 version is all about moe maids while PC version adds insult to the mix. There's a lot of love put into graphics which is superb for the year 2000. But the story is nothing interesting, so no use to play it for the plot.


8. Love Love Navigation ~Koi no Menkyo Koushuu~ らぶ2・ナビゲーション ~恋の免許講習~ [000811] Cocktail Soft
Main character comes to a training camp on the southern island during summer vacation. He meets a variety of lovely girls there. They have fun every day attending classes together and going out to play. But won't study become neglected with so much love in the air?
The flow is good since it lasts up to the very last day of vacations where serious stuff starts to happen. Main character has a shifting personality depending on which girl he dates. The branching begins very early in the game, and after that there are only continuation/death choices. There is no plot, so it's pretty much an ordinary moege.


9. Once More Again [000811] Ail
Protagonist is a miserable office worker in the mid-40s. He was too shy to talk to a girl and could only get married with a marriage arranged by his parents. But neither his wife, nor his daughter never respected him. 
One day such man gets a chance to go back in time and live his youth years once more again. How will his second life turn up?
Hero is a source of gags himself since he has a shy personality, but he is very stubborn in getting a girlfriend this time, getting in funny situations. The scenario is largely divided into two parts, and heroines get much more mature in the second part. The setting looks alien to me, so I rather see it as just another H-centered game akin to other Ail abusive games.


10. Penciller ☆ Kana ペンシラー☆カナ [000811] Ripe
Eroge company Ripe is the stage. Main character becomes a new worker here. While working overnight, once a fairy from the other world appears before the hero. He gets transformed into a cute girl. His co-workers accept the change in appearance and give him a new name "Penciller ☆ Kana". So begins extraordinary life in the game company.
There is a normal game company routine - going to convenience store, eating and working take the bulk of game time with only occasional events. There aren't choices in the game apart of meal choice, so it's pretty much a single road changed only by cards flip. Choosing a certain card can trigger work/meeting event or some CG. And since events are kind of randomly chosen, they duplicate... There's no detailed setting given, and such everyday life bores really fast. All the H scenes are yuri ones.


11. Tsukihime 月姫 [000811] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The story begins in a recollection of a boy called Shiki in his childhood years. There he gains a power out of this world. What is the meaning of this power, and what can he do with it? This is his story of finding the missing pieces of the puzzle.
There are lots of reviews around, so I'm not picking up this game for video playthrough. It's definitely a masterpiece, but I don't like it when some game is only praised. What I personally found bad about is how complex the route structure is - I failed to trigger Arcueid route for numerous times, in the end having to resort to walkthrough. I also found it very weird how Arcueid and Ciel are so super-friendly with the hero when they meet him alone, but whenever all three of them meet, both girls get so angry that they immediately start to treat even hero with suspicion, easily writing him down as an enemy as well. That I could never understand, it felt alien to me since such meeting repeated over and over with the same outcome. Overall I got mostly negative impression from the visual novel, but the anime version which is blamed so much was a lot better for me. But Tsukihime is probably the first classic chuunige - an ordinary high school student receives a wonder waffle and gets in trouble because of that acquired trouble. This setting is going to be repeated numerous times, especially in anime.


12. Natsuiro no Apron 夏色のエプロン [000812] Uran
Main character lives with his elder sister who does all the housework. But as summer vacations start, sister goes abroad. Hero has never washed or cleaned anything, so soon he finds himself in a pinch. He decides to bring one of his acquaintance girls to the house so that she does all the washing and cleaning again!
This exact setting I meet for the second time and its stupidity infuriates me greatly. It's not quite clear from the synopsis, but it's pretty much a nukige since hero starts to molest every girl that agrees to do cleaning for him. Game is focused on naked apron theme.


13. Remel [000812] Usagi Club
Shuji gets into an accident resulting in memory loss. He feels like he enters the body of anothe person. While hospitalized he meets various people and gradually starts to come closer to understanding the truth behind his past.
This is actually a doujin game, but it's fully voiced, has cute characters and not a nukige-tilt plot, so it feels like a normal commercial game. There are four heroines and there's a system of hero and heroine thoughts that need to intersect. Happiness and sorrow is the main theme of the game. The whole curse story seems incomplete, and it's not evident what developers wanted to say. Text often feels childish, but is ok to read unless you can only read professional texts.


14. Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ [000818] Otherwise 1 2
The protagonist of the story, Naoya, was hospitalised after getting in a bicycle accident. During his treatment, it is found that he exhibits a number of unusual brain wave patterns, and he is asked to move into a particular Cognition Dynamics Research Laboratory to undergo further testing, along with a handful of other young people who exhibit similar characteristics. With his newfound friends, Naoya takes classes, has fun and lives peacefully in blissful ignorance of the truth behind their gathering together.
While it is difficult to say much about the story without spoiling a good deal of the enjoyment, 'sense off' is not a title to underestimate, and in whichever route you end up going down, the story will quickly spiral into something far more intricate and detailed than you likely thought possible.
There are English reviews.


15. Camera Eyes [000825] Uncanny!
Women assault murder cases continue to occur in various parts of Tokyo. Main character is policeman specializing in criminal psychology, and he has an ability to read memory of the criminals on the crime scene. He is in charge of this case and investigates it together with his partner. 
As you can see the setting is so comfortable to show lots of insult and voluntary H scenes as a part of recollection memory ability. The volume of the game is scarce, but there are a lot of choices. If not all of the flags are set, only bad ending awaits, so the difficulty is very high. Once a happy ending is reached once, there's no incentive to replay, just to get some additional CG. Little is explained and resolution comes out of the blue, so the overall expression of numerous H scenes followed by hasty resolution is not good. Backgrounds are very simple without character sprites, graphics is very mediocre.


16. Can Can Bunny 6 - I ♥ Mail きゃんきゃんバニー6 i・mail [000825] Cocktail Soft
Imaginary city "Shibuya". Mobile phones received a universal spread, and main character decides to get acquainted with modern technologies after a year and a half of job hunting to get advantage at job interviews. After buying mobile phone he wins  navigation communicator called "Monaco" and a CD-ROM from  mobile phone manufacturer. It turned out to be a cute girl application!
What a depressing synopsis for a genki charage! We need to date by using e-mail and move towards date in real life. There are SIM elements. What disappoints that all the girls follow exactly the same pattern and even extra "Monaco" scenario is absolutely the same by the flow. Game feels to be creator-centered since there's little attention to how player would feel while playing. Maybe it's just inheritance to repetitive and difficult games from the 90s, but it does not really help much with evaluation.


17. Fifth -Twin- [000825] Rune
The Ancient Documents of an angel's heart were stolen when the angel was only a child. The sacred angel's diary was found, but the last page was missing. What could have been written on it? The last page may include the secret of raising both angels to be White or Dark angels. Their destiny depends on you. You have a limited amount of time to decide how you will raise them.
We get to choose either of two girls, the magical element from four elements and start nurturing. After it's done there's ADV part with jobs from the Guild. Girl goes out for the day and tells stories about her daily adventures in the evening possibly triggering nightplay. Repeat till the time is out...


18. Gakuen Ojou-sama Kitan 学園お嬢様奇譚 [000825] C's Ware
Sae Mikado is a genius girl who is good at everything since she were born, but she also have a supernatural ability she will put in use in her new academic life.
I love C's Ware, I really do. But it's monotonous raising SIM  with parameters as well which I just can't stand. Apart of it it's a yuri bakage (also with shota) with very weird story.


19. Inaori いなおり [000825] rúf
Main returns from his trip with Yayoi. What he finds at home is funeral for grandfather and his testament that sets inheritance condition to marry a girl and live with her in this mansion. 
As usual, when it's not clear from the synopsis whether it's nukige or not, I try to elaborate. First of all, it's ruf which only issued nukige at this point. Secondly, game also has a longer title which can be roughly translated as "Inappropriate ~ Or how I stopped worrying and started to love five women at the same time ~". So the answer is yes, it's more of a nukige where protagonists tries to date five girls at the same time in an attempt to choose a wife. We choose the girl portrait on the map and trigger events, most of which are devilish ones. 


20. Kamiuta 神詩 [000825] Black Package
Main character needs to remove spiritual stagnation which is the source of troubles and solve problems of the girls. Will he use family inherited techniques for that or try to relieve troubles intuitively?
It's another SIM as we need to do repetitive actions to advance treatment and increase levels till resolution is available. There are five attributes to raise - treatment, love, trust, ego, courage. Good luck raising them all to 10 for all the girls to see all the events!


21. Maya ~Madoromijima no Nemurihime~ MaYA ~微睡島ノ眠姫~ [000825] Noctovision
The season is summer. Majima Masaharu who won a vacation trip invited his university's classmate, Seta Kiyohiko to participate in the tour. The trip is supposed to last seven days. The destination is a small island called Small-Sleep Island in the waters of Okinawa. They were supposed to stay at the pension named "MaYA" there. There were five invited people who also won the trip staying at "MaYA", other than Masaharu and Kiyohiko, four of whom are women. Majima's friend Kiyohiko is excited about the expectation that summer romance can be experienced on this trip ...
Synopsis is neutral, so let's dig deeper. Genre is suspense with someone threatening to take hero's life and also targeting girls as victims. We choose among girls portraits on the map and trigger events. Scenario is bad in the way that conversations are only loosely connected, and there is zero empathy as a result. Even one missed event results in inability to clear character. But it's not always clear where the character will appear next time, so it's constant save-load battle for each heroine. All the girls routes feel the same and there's no sympathy towards any of the heroines. 


22. Pure Mail -ピュアメール- [000825] 0verflow
Kei has a difficult past with an abusive father and has problems socializing with people directly, so he chooses chatroom acquaintances over real people. But one day he discovers that his chat partner EVE is his classmate Midori, who has a crush on A,W - his internet alias. He falls in love with Midori but hides his idealized A,W identity from her so she would not be deterred by his real self, tainted by past and present events, and blackmailed into a slave-like relationship with the school's web mistress.
Game is a big hit with dozens of reviews. It's the first such bright appearance of hikki as main character on the stage. There are both pure love branches and extreme ones featuring S and M. The contrast of those branches along with the innocent title provoked shocking results. But there are negative sides as well - difficulty level is very high, and there's also a very irritating imouto hated by everyone. That alone can avert all the imouto-lovers. This is a game where Moe defeats eroticism, and that alone is worth the masterpiece title.


23. Ragnapolice ラグナポリス [000825] Air Plants
An investigator is dispatched from the Space Police Agency headquarters to the South Area Department. His name is Ryouma "Gold Wolf". He is attracted to a woman detective Margaret there. A shooting incident occurs, and Margaret is killed as a result. Ryouma stands on the trail of revenge and starts his private investigation of this case. 
I foresee a disappointment due to mini-games and girl-centric case handling, but I'm too fascinated with armed girls to miss this game. I'm making a video playthrough of at least one route of this game, as well as a full review!


24. Gin'iro 銀色 [000831] NekoNeko Soft 1 2 3 4
Giniro is a beautifully crafted fantasy tale comprised of four chapters. It is a bittersweet story of the legendary Silver Thread which is fabled to grant any wish to its holder...
There are four tragic stand-alone stories, and I'm not a fan of such composition. However, there are four positive English reviews, so I gladly agree to call the game a masterpiece. I'm not greedy.


25. Viper-GT1 ~Akira-kun to Issho~ VIPER-GT1~あきらくんといっしょ~ [000831] Sogna
VIPER-GT1, subtitled "Be With Akira", taking place a few months after the story presented in VIPER-GTB's "Rise After", the player fills the role of a new Anne Mitter's employee who attempts to woo the three current waitresses: Akira, Karin, and newcomer Makoto. Many other VIPER characters, both within the Rise series and otherwise, make cameo appearances.
I tried to make my video of it, but actually failed. First of all, it's the first Viper game that's made on a horrible macromedia engine, so forget about skipping etc. Secondly, I found no voicing. Thirdly, it's become SIM-like since you target just one of three girls and spend free time on some part-time jobs to gain strength or smth. Then monsters come and insult all the girls and you can't do nothing. So probably I failed to do smth specific, but there are zero walkthrough, and I'm not going to make one of this less than perfect game.




1. Chijou 痴情 [000804] Front Hook
Former classmates meet at a mountain pension house. The waves of destiny pushed them further and submerged to the edge of dark desire. 


2. FIRST|LIVE [000804] Amedeo
Suzuki Shion is a second-year student who attends Namiki Highschool, and leads a rather average highschool life: her older sister is a teacher in the school, she has a best friend, Akemi, and she has several cute male classmates, none of which she has a particular favoring for, but like most highschool girls, dreams of falling in love. Her hobby is writing songs, but she keeps it secret, having no faith in her small musical skill.
When she was a child, there was a time she had been bullied and a boy had come and saved her, and with a childish heart, promised to marry her. But now it is just a faded memory from childhood with a person who's name she can't even remember, and she thinks it was all just a dream. Pushing back the memory of that first love, she hopes to find a wonderful lover this time.
Then one day in October as she was walking to school, she is stopped by bullies on the way, and is rescued by an unknown boy, who she finds out is Kurosaki Touya, who is just transfering to her school. The event brings back her childhood fantasies, that perhaps they weren't a dream afterall.
Then by chance, one of her songs is discovered by Touya, and she is asked to help with recruiting students to form a school band and compose for them, with Touya as the vocals. Feeling flattered and compelled, she agrees. Will she find love with one of the band members along the way?


3. Ichibatsu 2 Hyakkai 一罰2百快 [000804] Brand
Protagonist decides to play Mahjong again with Akane as his new assistant. This time scene is girls' school with all kind of heroines as opponents. It's an undressing game, and after top and underwear stages there is punishment full voiced stage for each girl.
Card game


4. Rush ~Kiken no Kaori Crisis: 2014~ RUSH ~危険な香り CRISIS:2014~ [000804] h.m.p 1
You are a scientist who is currently working on a project to develop a powerful drug that would cure men of impotency. Even though you haven't yet found the perfect formula for the drug, there has apparently been a leak in the medical institution, since different people were reported to use an early version of the drug, which ended in some very strange side effects. Your task is to find out who (or what) is behind the leak. Concentrating on the task won't be easy, since you have a beautiful girlfriend, a sexy colleague, and later you also meet a lovely journalist who wants to find out the truth...


5. Tokubetsu Jugyou 特別授業 [000804] 1
Main character becomes a temporary instructor to a famous girls school with strict discipline. He pretends to take his job seriously, but in fact he only lusts for flesh of the girls. 


6. Top Breeder [000804] Ange
A human type pet has been recently developed and became a hit. Main character enters an "Official breeder license exam" that lasts 6 weeks in order to be able to discipline human pets. There is cat-girl, a dog-girl, a bird-girl and a rabbit-girl. But protagonist's girlfriend is getting jealous. Will the exam successfully come to an end? 


7. Yokodori ~Omae no Mono wa Ore no Mono~ よこどり~おまえのものはおれのもの~ [000804] Zero
Have you ever been sick of a couple in front of you? Zero gives you a chance to destroy that couple and take away women in six different stories. 


8. Back Stage [000810] Saphir
Main character is a newcomer music producer. With extraordinary talent he can make ordinary girls into popular idols in a blink of an eye! He practices not only conventional serious study session, but also gives energetic entertainment lessons.


9. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! FIRST LIMIT [000810] Platinum Label
One day, Sora mysteriously falls from the window of an upper floor in the school building. After being released from the hospital and returning to the school dormitory, his friend Matsuri announces that he has a new roommate, a very effeminate boy named Sunao who was their friend from childhood. The only problem is that Sora cannot remember him at all -- which upsets Sunao and turns him rather cold to Sora.
Mystified as to why he cannot remember his past or why he fell from the building, Sora is determined to get answers, which turns out to be no easy task when things such as a sexually-harrassing math teacher or ghost possession get in the way. Then there is also the matter of Sunao acting very strangely from time to time...


10. Idol Hakuraku Lesson IDOL剥落LESSON [000811] Studio Nabe Bugyou
Main character is a slightly devilish celebrity manager. He makes idols out of trouble girls with lots of complexes. There are three main disciplines - dancing, singing and acting - but the result greatly depends on the trust parameter nurtured in the girl.


11. Ikenie 2 牲2 [000811] Hyperspace
Main character is a NEET hanging around an adult web site. He sends out emails pretending to be a computer profane medical student inviting girls to meet in real life. He receives a response from milhy84 and they start exchanging emails. One day she sends a letter saying "Hey... do you want to torture women?"  


12. King [000811] Caroly
Main character is a son a business group chairman. But a series of conspiracies is launched against the group destroying it and putting chairman into coma from overwork. Protagonist discovers an ability to turn into his doberman dog with a nickname "king". This way he is going to crush the daughters of his enemies who caused the group collapse. 


13. Kinki2 -Taboo- ~ Hospital Taboo ~ 禁忌2 -TABOO-~Hospital Taboo~ [000811] Succubus
A new nurse comes to a hospital where protagonist works. He knows her already being introduced three years ago, and her shy personality, delicate body and innocent face excite him. He has a key to a secret room in the hospital where he can do whatever he wants to her.


14. Stay. -Fragments of Memories- Stay. -Fragments of Memories- [000815] APPLE Project
Doujin game inspired by ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~.


15. Tokumei Kachou Ijuuiin Ginzaburou 特命課長 慰中陰 銀三郎 [000818] Digi Anime
Japan is devastated by the eruption of Mt. Fuji in 2010. A huge casino is built on the ruins of the city under JCP company. Main character is JCP intelligence agent tasked to prevent hostile companies plotting against JCP. Hero knows special technique from ancient India to make girls fall for him in an instant, and he utilizes it against females of the rival corporations to learn their scheming and secrets.


16. Kenzan!! Momo-chan Zamurai 見参!!桃ちゃん侍 [000825] Aqua House
Heroine of justice "Momo-chan Zamurai" defeats all kinds of evil underlings one by one in quiz battles. But when she looses and gets insulted, can she arise and condemn evil as before?


17. Kokoro... II コ・コ・ロ…II [000825] Aaru
Main character is blessed with beauty and has rich attentive parents. However... he has disturbing erotic dreams at night. What if these dreams are meant to happen in reality?


18. Kyoukan 教館 [000825] Nanami Tougarashi Dan
A boy is very bad in studies and he is sent to a special cram school. Hell reveals before him - escape is impossible, students have to study from morning till night and teachers are very experienced and strict. However it's written with small letters in the bottom that all the teachers are females and they attend students 24 hours a day. Yeah! It may turn out much more interesting that it seemed to be. The girl who likes him decides to follow him and prevent any misconduct that may arise!


19. Sensei 2 せ・ん・せ・い2 [000825] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Shuichi Nakata is from one of the most powerful families in Japan. After the death of his father, he moved out to live with his childhood friend, an older girl named Kumiko. The two of them have lived under the same roof for so long that they're like brother and sister. As time passes she becomes a teacher, and Shuichi finds himself attending to the same school she teaches at. But when he learns that Kumiko is engaged to a teacher he hates, he crafts a devious plan to take her virginity before her new husband can, which catches more than one teacher in his sexual trap.


20. Shiyouchuu ~W.C.~ 使用中~W.C.~ [000825] Guilty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
You can choose one of five different female characters and play through, to see different scenarios from that character's point of view. Explore a cornucopia of forbidden themes as you assume the personalities of each of the characters and play through all parts of the interconnected story. It's a game that explores some of the more bizarre fetishes that can be found in an eroge.
Some say that it's the worst bishoujo game ever made – and it even got a perfect score of -50 over at Something Awful. We think it's a crazy ride through the darker side of eroge genre that many people can enjoy.
Ikumi-chan just can't control her bladder. Julyne is a clumsy nurse. Reika's a model with constipation problems. Setsuko doesn't know how to use a tampon. Shoko has too much time for love of vegetables. Water Closet tells each of their stories in graphic, erotic detail, exploring themes that usually go unspoken. Follow their stories in this fetishist's visual novel game that's fully voiced with the original Japanese, subtitled and translated into English.


21. Tres Marias ~3 Nin no Sei Shojo~ トレス・マリアス~3人の聖処女~ [000825] Nikukyuu
A church on an isolated island. Main character receives a letter from this church asking for help to learn why the state of sisters became strange. Sisters turn out to be sexually aroused which is absolutely strange since sex is absolutely forbidden to them by doctrine. Hero investigates sexuality of the girls and decides to accompany it with sex education.


22. The Guts! 2 ~Umi de Guts!~ The ガッツ!2~海でガッツ!~ [000831] Authoring Heaven
A construction size by the sea is delayed by yakuza interference. Will hero protect the contract and the staff in this confrontation?


23. Photogenic [0008] Ritz software
A young model's journey through his first photo spread and finding love in the workplace.

This game has a good spoilerless review (1) and several mentions on reddit (2 3 4 5) that all claim the game to be a "legendary" eroge renowned for its metafiction-heavy plot" "sometimes seen as a predecessor to games like Ever17" and to have "exciting plot", "saddest and most beautiful H-scene" resulting in being "emotional during reading it". So my only question at this point is "ARE YOU FREAKING BLIND, PEOPLE?!"


Game is ridiculously boring and has NO appeal points besides quirky composition. Composition is ok since there are two stories plus some kind of diary. First it's needed to reach main endings in both of stories, then diary entries get revealed one by one, and finally you need to return to both stories and see the rest of opened endings. Now for the disadvantages:

  • Characters aren't voiced and have zero appeal. They aren't developed at all.
  • Protagonist "N" is not described at all, he persists being a stub of a character
  • There is no story in the game and that's why nothing really to spoiler. In the first game we just get to know who actually is "X" and in the second story nothing really happens at all, just winter suddenly comes, and everyone is free. All we get is seeing all the three absolutely not interesting girls endings which are supposed to be main reason I wasted 7 hours of my life on it. Nothing is explained!
  • Routes themselves are absolutely stupid. Basically from 23 endings about 20 are the same bad ones resulting in being stabbed or hit in the head or loosing memory. Why do I have to read the absolutely same endings for 20 times in order only to rarely get some hint out of them? Is it a game for M?
  • The horrible system does not let customize practically anything.
  • The horrible game engine pours tonns of garbage together with the text. I made over 100 substitutions and it still littered the screen with all kind of nonsense every now and then.
  • There are literally just 10 CG in the game, plus some 20 HCG. Any PC98 game wound beat that many times over without demanding so sit and read nonsense for 7 hours straight.
  • The backgrounds in the game take just 1/3 of the screen space. Is that even normal? I felt like sitting in a very small cage the whole game.
  • There are only one-two variations of sprites for each heroine. This is so stupid that I really thought that Hinata was pregnant till the very end of the game - her only sprite is THAT ridiculous.
  • It would be too cruel to criticize the game for having zero voicing at this point. But the game even does not have substantial sound and BGM support! All those few existing tracks were really irritating after seven hours of playing.
  • Why is this game even described as metafiction-heavy? There aren't any references to external sources, it's nothing but a fluke.
  • I see no way to play this game without a walkthrough since in many places it's needed to enter specific phrases in Japanese manually to see certain ending. It's ok with just "suki" or "aishiteru", but you need to guess 19 (!) numbers of the safe combination with only vague tips and finally once you need to enter "yumenoe" which I've no idea where it comes from at all. 


This review would be much milder if the reviews weren't so obnoxiously praising. It's not a bad game if you like mystery games with complex structure. There was never with so complex structure before, so it's a great example for all future ambitious games. But trying to compare Shoin with Ever17 is comparing an inventive doujin-ish B class game with an AAA title, totally unfair. Shoin can be called a girigiri masterpiece only because it brings new features, but not because it's an organic amusing game.


There's not much to choose from this month. Shoin is the only masterpiece and the winner by default.

1. See in Ao See In 青 -シーンAO- [000706] Alice Soft 1
Kyoya goes to Andrude Ocean School, which is also a large ocean city. Kyoha saved Kisaragi Miyu who lost conscience her memory three years ago. Since then, she has had a secret yearning to him. Her twin sister, Yumi, is helping Miyu fulfill her love, but her thought is wavering between Kyoya and her sister. They lost their parents and they've lived helping each other. However, one day, Yumi turns out to be a biological android that the parents made.
Alice Soft finally joins the romance novel chase. It's a game with absolutely beautiful graphics and nice futuristic setting. But at the same time it's built on a traditional Alice Soft engine that poorly suits ADV novels. There is both pure love and devil route, and I can't really stand the gap between them. Little is actually explained, so reader has to observe the action from outside. The routes are one way roads and have poorly developed drama in them. It's a work that's difficult to evaluate. There is an English review.


2. Yousei 妖精 [000706] Alice Soft
Early 20th century, Western Europe. Protagonist has had success as a painter, but he feels a sense of emptiness in his life with each day repeating over and over. But one day a small winged fairy fitting his palm falls from the sky. He takes her home and finds a new source of inspiration in her.
It's a bonus game without any reviews. Not voiced, and I'm not interested enough to play it to the end.


3. Ambience [000707] Inspire
Main character lives in a mansion with his maid Lease Frau who allows him to avoid socializing. One day he receives a letter from his cousin Liana who is forced to serve at king's court and who wants to spend the leftover time before separation together with main character...
Inspire games are unique in graphics and atmosphere. Again there is medieval Europe and memorable heroines. There are three heroines and their routes mostly about human drama and lots of H events. 


4. Hachigatsu no Nostalgia ~The Summer with You~ 八月のノスタルジア ~the summer with you~ [000707] BeF
Main character comes help manage the pension house at the request of his distant relative. He lived there 10 years ago and now has very vague memories about that time. As he comes closer to the place, the faint memories emerge at the sight of familiar landscape.
Can't stand these nostalgic works. It's first BeF non-eroge work, and it can't boast depth. The volume is smaller than usual. The drawing is original and not too bad.


5. Half Vampire Saki-san ハーフヴァンパイア サキさん [000707] Kurumi
With the law enacted 20 years ago monsters penetrated human society. However, the fundamental difference between people and demons persists and there is a lot of protest movement, so the government dedicates an entire city of the Kanto prefecture as a monster 's living area with full autonomy - Baharihara City. 
Main heroine Saki lives this city with her vampire father and human mother. She gets caught up in the rapist attacks and discovers powers of an old god inherited from her father vampire. However, the government of Baharihara City can't tolerate rivalry and plans to assassinate Saki. So starts the battle over Saki and the Old god in the Baharihara City.
This is a bakage with a heavy use of deformed character CG. Saki is supposed to be main heroine, but the viewpoint actually changes a lot of times. Play time is about 7 hours, and the tempo is good most of the time. But there are mini-games that mess with the tempo, especially shooter one with sloppy mouse controls. It's possible to focus on different girls, but the routes repeat for the most part, and thus it's not fun to 


6. Nakanai Neko なかない猫 [000707] Scramble House
One day Naoki sees a dream that recovers forgotten memories. In the dream he kills his parents inspired by his sister-in-law.  
Naoki resonates with the girls who have "heart wounds". Will he be able to heal their and his own wounds?
Game starts with a blood scene and is built on this contrast of a shocking start and movement to a happy end. Story is told from the 3rd point of view. Story is relatively short and differs with every choice - it's much better than going through the same main route over and over again. There are a lot of insult scenes and bad endings. So returning to normal life is already enough for a happy ending.


7. Milkyway [000708] Witch
Fed up with your lazy attitude, your parents depart on travel for an indefinite amount of time, leaving you with the responsibility of taking care of the family cafe and your little sister. With the help of your childhood friend, you rearrange the shop, and hire new people, hoping to avoid bankruptcy.
A bright restaurant-themed game. There's not such thing as skip unread text here, and also it's impossible to save on the choose location screen, which irritates a lot. Each heroine route is short, but there are a lot of characters, nine, I think. Can't really say much about a moege.


8. Maverick Max マーヴェリック・マックス [000714] Blue Gale
Distant future. Max is a captain of the fastest space ship that delivers cargo between different start systems. He does not belong to the guild, so can take any kind of requests if he feels like, legal or illegal - does not matter. He has two assistant girls to accompany him. One day he gets a request to deliver a mysterious girl Matilda to a certain start. What awaits him there?
There are six heroines to capture. In the middle of the game and in the end of it there are two different mini-games at enemy attack scene - the latter one has RPG feel about it. Basically first half of the game is world depiction and heroine flagging while second half is conflict between Matilda and some shady organization. As a result the setting is quite good and with a lot of explanation and description, but the number of events is small. Overall the impact of the characters is smaller than that of the previous Blue Gale games Pile Driver and Treating2U.


9. Omakase Doukoukai おまかせ同好会 [000714] Rain Software
Main character attends school theater club. Participants work hard together, and satisfaction from well done job can grow into something more...
A romance comedy with easy to understand school setting. There is full voicing, but speech volume is very bad. The number of CG is relatively small. Quite an average game that's still possible to enjoy.


10. Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu 偲-月影の迷宮 [000714] C's Ware BLITZ
Sengoku. One day Huaga clan scrolls get stolen by Saiga clan. Three Huaga clan shinobi were sent to recover the scrolls, but failed. Now a legendary ninja exiled from the Huaga clan in the past is requested to take up the task.
Game screen may look intimidating, but it's more of an adventure game than an RPG, it just looks this way to imitate RPG experience. Story is action one, but ero-tilt and not exciting enough. Since it's C's Ware minor branch and no CARNELIAN present, the game does not interest me much.


11. Suki da yo! 好きだよっ! [000714] Ather 1 2
True love or just true lust?
As one of the most handsome guys on campus, Jun has never had any trouble finding a girl who wants to have a good time, but while the sex is always hot, something just seems to be missing... love. Jun's search to find that special someone leads him to the Shinbashi sisters, his good childhood friends! Should he go for Reina, the gorgeous blonde who overflows with kindness? How about Rina, the perky and agile sports girl who's had a crush on Jun for years? And then there's the mysterious Mina, the fiery redhead with a sharp tongue and a hot body who's just reappeared in his life...
Three very different sisters, but all have the same needs and desires. Will Jun ever be able to pick just one?
Story is actually not as straightforward as in anime. Main character is taken for a molester in the train and has to resolve this misunderstanding at school. For the most of the game we just receive requests and fulfill them in some manner which rises favorability level of certain girls. But in the second part of the game father suddenly remarries and we get three sisters-in-law suddenly living under the same room. The period is relatively long - one year. Some unrealistic features as clones and ghosts are used. There are some bugs like voice accompanying wrong text is some parts. Overall an average game with much less H tilt than in anime version.


12. Twin Way [000714] Studio e.go! 1
Takada is the main character, a karate club member with a few bad habits. He is getting frustrated with being compared to his brother at every turn who started a dojo of his own.
He makes some friends over the internet and after meeting them his life begins to change, gradually he gets closer with more than a few girls and soon he arrives at a crossroads, which way will he chose his life to go?
There is an English review.


13. Shoin, Aruiwa Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari. 書淫、或いは失われた夢の物語。 [000715] 1 2 3 4 5
Two scenarios:
Shoin: You play as N, whose true identity is x, a serial rapist; with your latest job, you go to a hotel where three women, Hinata, Yukari and Misa, are staying, and you have to rape them. However, the first morning a note appears in your room, from somebody who claims to be x.
Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari: The protagonist Akira is staying in a hotel with his friend from college Misa, and along with two other women, Hinata and Yukari. A morning, when they wake up, they discover that they have been closed off from the outer world, and they are left with a message saying that they will be trapped "until the winter comes".
There are English reviews. Definitely a masterpiece and the best candidate for vn of the month so far.


14. Liberal リベラル [000720] Clio
Main character is a college student who attracts misfortune. One day he receives a letter from a childhood friend asking to return to home town during fall vacations. He is welcomed warmly upon arrival. But this town has been cursed 100 years ago. Hero needs help five girls with different troubles to lift the curse from inhabitants and himself.
Period is just a week, and it's needed to form ties with one of girls by day 8 or it's game over. One playthrough is as short as two hours. Just one H scene for each of five heroines. Setting is not used to the fullest. Text interactions are only funny with certain characters. There is nothing immersive or exciting here, not even in the ending. 


15. Snow Drop [000720] Sweet Basil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Snow drop is a beautiful European herb known for bearing nodding white flowers that often appear while the snow is on the ground, despite the cold of winter around it. Filled with symbolism of "hope" and "consolation," the beautiful flower is the central theme in Snow Drop, the romantic wintertime bishoujo adventure from Peach Princess!
You are Minoru Sasazuka, age 19, a bit of a dreamer with a difficult tendency of not being able to make decisions when your heart is involved. A normal Japanese boy, trying to get into college, you've got a handsome physique that should make you popular with girls, but your occasional penchant for romanticism drives them away.
Invited on a winter dream ski trip with a group of friends, you head for a ski lodge for some winter skiing and fun. For you, it's a journey home, since you frequented this particular lodge since when you were young. With you are Kyoka, a very special childhood friend of yours, her stylish sister Keika, and your sister, Honami.
At the lodge, you enjoy the hospitality of the owner, Kasumi, a competent woman with a tinge of sadness in her eyes. Also at the lodge is the lovely Shizuka, the mysterious helper who has many secrets.
As the story develops, you are confronted with the reality that Kyoka, your friend since childhood, loves you. You've suspected this, but haven't ever been able to face this before now, with the magical and romantic winter snow all around you. At the same time, you are strangely attracted to the quiet and romantic Shizuka-chan -- which will you choose? Although many erotic temptations are in store in the quiet mountain retreat, and there are many paths you can choose, you must be true to your heart.
There are English reviews.


16. Calendar Girl カレンダーガール [000721] Foster
Hero has a tedious personality, but once he says to himself "I want to have a girlfriend by summer vacations". He has sympathies for three nice girls around him...
Forster first pure love story! That's the new trend and they hopped in. All three heroines are very cute and voicing is good. But apart of that there is no impact. There is nothing special in hero and characters, and text is not particularly good either. Without the traditional Foster tilt to funny and unusual H events there's not much to talk about.


17. Drill Shoujo Spiral Nami ドリル少女 スパイラル・なみ [000721] Evolution
Our lonely and bored guy decided to buy a maid doll robot. Since he can't afford a new doll, he ended up buying a prototype with a missing right arm. The store owner put in a drill arm as replacement. So, to get enough money to buy a normal arm for his maid, he let her work Monday to Friday to train her stats and earn some money. On Saturday and Sunday, he can take her to doll fights to win more money, or have fun with her if he bought parts necessary. If he defeat other dolls, they might like him too. This game is nice that even though you have one year, you can end the game early with most doll girls.
Evolution continues its experiments with gameplay eroge, and as I see it, not too successfully. There is pretty much nothing in the game but these two protruding elements.


18. Sentimental Graffiti 2 センチメンタルグラフティ2 [000727] STACK software 1 2 3
The second game takes place in a world in which the first protagonist died in a traffic accident during his journey. The game takes place in a college town in which the original 12 girls have gathered to attend. The protagonist, Shiina Kouhei, is a second-year college student and a member of the Photography Club. He has been tasked with the job of finding his own model for the photo exhibition at the upcoming school festival, and thus turns to one of the now emotionally scarred girls in hopes of convincing them to become his model.
There are English reviews.


19. Hoshi no Furusato -Stardust Memories- 星の降る里 -STARDUST MEMORIES- [000728] Face
Main character loses memory after an accident and returns to his hometown to regain his memory. Through conversations with cute girls there he starts to recover, but at the same time he realizes the promises he made long time ago.
Game is a true disaster. The talks are monotonous, the H events are sudden. Heroines are typical and blank. The quiz about little details from previous encounters is irritation. It's hard to find even a single appeal point here, not even the graphics.


20. Kirameku Shunkan きらめく瞬間 [000728] Black Light
Main character breaks a leg in a motorcycle accident and starts to undergo three months treatment in the hospital. This hospital is admitted by students from the same school. He is found by his classmate who can't stop surprising how seriously ill people fight their problems with optimism every day.
Another Treating2U clone with an absolutely plain protagonist. The only surprising thing in the game is one boys love route.


21. Portrait ポートレイト [000728] Tesla
Main character attends a religious school. As a member of arc club he has has hesitations sometimes. One day he reads a book and gets so much inspired by it that decides to make his new work with this book as a motif. Each day he works with girls on his work and each night he interacts with their hearts in his dreams.
Quite a unique work with a lot of reviews. There are 8 kinds of stories prepared for 4 heroines - one love and one insult for each. Game only takes 6 days, but the amount of text is large as there is both real world and the world of dreams. It's a serious scenario-centered psycho nakige, but also with insult routes. 


22. Pure Heart ~Sekai de Ichiban Anata ga Suki~ Pure Heart ~世界で一番アナタが好き~ [000728] Saga Planets
In the future there is a boom of robotics and female humanoids AI-D are developed. Main character suddenly gets a large money from a contest and decides to buy his own AI-D android. How will his living together with a robot fare?
It's kind of a SIM game to cultivate a perfect female android in one year time. Schedule, training... you know the drill. AI-D is cute and all, but I won't ever understand SIM games.


23. Rimlet [000728] Tail
Rimlet is a cafe with a calm atmosphere where main character starts to work as a part-time worker. The staff members and customers make his heart sing there. Can he heal girls troubles and make them smile again?
There are only three heroines and story is only good for one main heroine. Setting is thin and development is too fast.


24. Tsuioku 追憶 [000728] Purple
Main character is a martial arts master who gets to live at a Shinto priest family together with three beautiful shrine maidens. But as memories of his previous life gradually wake up, he starts to treat the priest family members differently... with jealousy, affection, hatred.
A new purple game, but it is a different scenario writer from Lien, so scenario is not even remotely as good. The setting is focused on mystics, martial arts and past life, and this mix makes me feel bored already. There are three heroines both with good endings and bad endings. There are fight scenes in the game, but just few of them. Game is sometimes evaluated as Okinawa version of Kuon no Kizuna, and that's a very good comparison... same deadly boring.


25. Tsukushite Agechau 2 Nandemo Shichau no 尽くしてあげちゃう2 なんでもしちゃうの [000728] Trabulance
Main character has rough appearance, but there are several girls around him who start to pay him a lot of attention. He wants just peaceful life with a girlfriend - but what will he get?
A continuation of an easygoing franchise with a distinctive ero tilt. The difficulty level is surprisingly high for such kind of game. Game is not voiced and there is not enough expression in text. Game is divided into two half - first flagging a girl and then living with her.




1. Kumo Tsukai 蜘蛛使い [000707] Akubi
Main character gets a spider bite in an expedition. That infuses him with great lust and desire to abduct women. He has had his fun with expedition women and now comes back to Japan in search for more victims.


2. Unbalance [000707] 1
The story revolves round a rich man's son, whose wife, Misato, died a year earlier in a traffic accident. After her death, the main character can only indulge himself in drinking. By chance, Misato's little sister, Mika, had a crush on him and one spring night, she could not stand to look at the main character wasting his life away on drinking, so she confessed her love to him in hope of taking over Misato's place in his life. 
As a result Mika sort of becomes a sex slave when the main story starts six months later, but it seems that the main character has not gotten over the death of Misato and he's quite bitter about it...


3. Uragiri 裏切り [000707] Haoh
Main character enjoys face expression of deceived girls. He believes that people want to be betrayed by others. His past memories are deleted by "organization", and now he gets into trust of girls and then kidnaps and trains them without any moral hesitation.


4. Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis- Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis- [000714] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
There’s been an ever-present rumor going around the school that there were some students that held satanic rituals inside the campus. However, the faculty is still tight-lipped over the whole subject. You play as a regular student who stumbles upon the very book the cultist used. You crack open the book, and begin stumbling upon the various powers this book has granted him. Now rumors are milling around you, and your best friend, some fellow cult-happy students, and a few of the school-staff start getting curious. How will you handle this evil power?


5. Hentai Channel Abnormal TV 変態チャンネル アブノーマルTV [000714] STONE HEADS
Main character is a trainer for five applicant girls for hentai TV channel. Learn their preferences and approach accordingly while managing commercials in live braodcast.


6. Houkai 崩壊 [000714] Omni-sha
There are a lot of women who have to uphold high moral standards at work. But the sexual desire is so strong in them that it is possible to collapse if keep everything inside. This is a web site for such women to convey their stories and share experience.


7. Truth of Mind ~Kokoro no Yami ni Hisomu Akuma to Tenshi~ Truth of Mind ~心の闇に潜む悪魔と天使~ [000714] Serene
One day a rape case occurs in a theater that main character is guarding. Owner of the theater asks protagonist to investigate this case discreetly so that theater reputation does not suffer. Girls willingly cooperate with investigation, but then second and third rape cases occur as if criminal wants to ridicule the investigator. Will hero be able to catch the culprit and protect cute theater girls?


8. Dear Daniel no Sweet Adventure ~Kitty-chan o Sagashite~ ディアダニエルのスウィートアドベンチャー ~キティちゃんをさがして~ [000719] Imagineer Co., Ltd.
In order to reunite with Kitty we need to clear the stages all over the world and get "love points". Upon accumulating love points it's possible to use various costumes and items, and enter a hidden stage. The more power-up items you get, the more high-score techniques of jump you can use, making it twice as easy to earn love love points. Mini games and communication function depend on love points.
Gameboy exclusive


9. Hello Kitty no Sweet Adventure ~Daniel-kun ni Aitai~ ハローキティのスウィートアドベンチャー ~ダニエルくんにあいたい~ [000719] Imagineer Co., Ltd.
In order to reunite with Daniel, Kitty needs to clear the stages all over the world and get "love points". Upon accumulating love points it's possible to use various costumes and items, and enter a hidden stage. If you change your costume to fit the stage, you can gain power, fly in the sky, swim in the ocean and use magic. Mini games and communication function depend on love points.
Gameboy exclusive


10. Masuo-san マスオさん [000721] Kurumi
Main character is going to marry a girl from a known family. That family has a tradition that the week before the wedding groom has to live with the bride's family. A lot of unexpected events can happen in one week...


11. Ori no Naka no Watashi 檻の中のわたし [000721] Cage
Girl Nao is taken from an orphanage and has a happy childhood with father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. But it only lasts until the day her step-father abuses her on the exit from the bathroom. Nao decides to accept her obscene fate. Can she ever find true happiness?


12. Ryuusei Tenshi Primaveil 流聖天使プリマヴェール [000721] Escu:de
Main character is an executive of a secret evil society that manages to capture the justice idol heroine. His job is to train her into an obedient slave. But there is another justice heroine still fighting the organization. It would be perfect to catch her and train into pet as well.


13. Success! サクセス! [000721] Scoop
Tokita Hayato visits major manufacturers with his brilliant inventions, but can't find real investors. One day he stumbles upon his former classmate who invites him for an interview to a huge lingerie shop building. Hayato's bio gel invention becomes a huge success, but Hayato gets involved in power struggle between development manager and health underwear director. The tension rises high, and he'll need to cool it down to the best of his ability in a huge building full of passionate girls. 


14. Hako no Naka no Etsuraku 匣の中の悦楽 [000725] Gaia 1
The player becomes a taxi driver and violates passengers, Seeing girl's breasts and beautiful legs through a rearview mirror can easily excite any driver. He stops the taxi where no one is and turns the taxi into a box of carnal desires. 5 different types of girls are your targets, and you can violate them not only in the taxi, but also at your house, or even at a park. 


15. A la Carte アラカルト [000727] Actress
A collection of short stories chosen from the cafe menu:
1. Last mother
2. Dokan at your warehouse 「お蔵でドカン」
3. Chuki Choki Chiki Story 「ちゅきちょきちゅきなものがたり」
4. Distant blue sky 「遠い青空」
5. Voyeur Dog 「盗撮犬わおーん」
6. Wolf King 「狼王」


16. Maamoku Remix!! ~The Mah-Jang Remix~ まぁ黙 Remix!! ~The Mah-Jang Remix~ [000728] West Gate
Same as original game with an addition of some modes and features.


17. Mizu Tenbin ~Nageki no Namida~ 水天秤 ~嘆きの涙~ [000728] Apple Pie
In order to become a successor to the world's most prestigious conglomerate, main character must fulfill Don 's unusual desires which is to collect all kinds of female body liquids. It's a dark world here, and it's possible to dispose of opposing persons calmly.


18. Yuki Zuri ゆきずり [000728] Aquarium
Tomoko is raised by a lady drowned in sex with random men, and as a result gets involved in adult games as well.


19. Canon キャノン [000730] Digital Aniki
A fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters.

Foreword: I only started this game to find references to Phantom of Inferno, but it's high quality entertainment, and it does not let you go easily. Instead of just links to Phantom of Inferno, I enjoyed a colossal multi-culture reference mix, but about that further on.


Title: Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~

Developer: Age

Date: 2000-06-03

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v444

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c74f8Wn4sRw

Synopsis: One day protagonist meets with four sisters, who due to certain events starts living in his house. But he has to go to Europe to follow a story, and they decide to go together with him. They make reservations in an old castle which had reports of a princess' ghost, a legendary wolf, a lake monster and a crashed UFO surrounding it. And this is not even the beginning of the events to unfold around the sisters ..

Structure: Game is roughly divided into four parts : prologue town, hotel, train, epilogue town.

Length: Took me five and a half hours to finish one playthrough.

Game type: Crossover bakage not only between Age titles, but with titles of other five companies

Difficulty: Easy since it's royal road, but as you can give preference only to one heroine at a time, couple more playthroughs will be needed to watch all CG


Character Design rating: 10/10

Protagonist rating: 8/10

Story rating: 5/10

Game quality: 9/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Rating comments: I just can't ever rate bakage highly, and there are very few of them that I can call masterpieces. This is exactly that case. Crossover type has a lot of benefits - all the great characters from previous games are used, there are lots of cool ways to tie incompatible features from different games together, and there's no real need to bother for the story much. The whole first part of the game I was even rating the game as 9/10.

Protagonist: Masaki is not your usual high school boy. Instead, he's a grown-up who lives alone and works as a photographer while being a fan of super rangers franchise in his free time. But his personality is quite usual - reserved, kind, but reliable. We don't get to see his face, but he projects a solid impression. 


Characters: Basically we jump through different games like mad, but Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu heroines accompany us all the way, so we can pay additional attention to one of three girls and get extra CG related to her on the way. But don't get me wrong, there are no main heroines here, and it's totally ok not to chase anyone and just follow the story normally. Shouko from Rasen Kairou also accompanies us the whole way, but she's here for the plot purposes, she sees her role to explain all the mysteries happening around in a scientific or logical manner. Charlotte from "D" plays quite an important role and remains the most mysterious character. Kaseki no Uta maids and their master Welka are important only for hotel part and somehow important for train part.

Story: After the whole band bursts into Masaki house there's not much time to lose, it's already known that Masaki is going to some Europe town for a photo mystery tour, and the girls decide to go together with him. The whole prologue is basically preparation for the trip. Now the glimpse of madness that's going on in the game - photographer Masaki forgets his camera while going on a photo sightseeing trip... Anyway, they are greeted by maids and led to the mansion. There's a number of mysterious legends that they listen to there, and actually get to see each one with their own eyes. Then all the characters are... let's say forced... to leave the mansion and as another twist of absurdity have no better plans than to board the Magic Arrow mysterious train. There's more exploration  and action in this part, and after facing some danger everyone gets home. Basically that's a very rough carcass. There is also mystery and intrigue as some forces set a conspiracy and are interrupted multiple times on their journey. There's a nice resolution of the conspiracy in epilogue in bakage manner.

CG: Have zero complaints. Loving CARNELIAN with all my heart.


Sound: Almost all the female characters are voiced. Only some guest star heroines from the other games aren't voiced (like Aries), there's probably very good reasons for that. BGM is marvelous. My only tiny complaint that sound volumes aren't customizable, and BGM sometimes sounded loud and speech not so loud.

Title and Themes:  Here I'd like to talk about appearance of Ein and Drei from Phantom of Inferno. I'm quite sure it was difficult to use them due to copyright issues, but on top of that it was a difficult task not to belittle famous heroines from a serious games with the bakage jokes. And that task was accomplished 100%. They both appear three times and with the same cool phrases that look very funny at different situations. Ein usually appears when hero is searching someone crying out that person's name. Then appears Ein : "Don't call me by that name. I'm Ein, since old days till now. You are Zwei, my second half". And it's very funny when Masaki just says "Sorry, wrong person" and goes past. Drei always appears at high pitch moments with her phrase "That's the guy who made me a woman. What do you thing he's doing in America. He's a killer." And then scene goes on. That's pretty hilarious each time. They just come to the scene with their cool phrase and the music changes to a special sad one, and then they disappear, and it's normal music again. Those moments really make up for the atmosphere. Couple times Ein and Drei also said some phrase relevant to the current situation in the game, was not something special though.

Another cool theme in the game is power rangers. It starts as just a childish hobby of Masaki, but ends up a huge thing. 


Humor: There's so much of very different humor which is a great relief after Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu boobs size constant repeats (in Age Maniax there is just one single joke on the matter). Most of jokes are built on absurd situations. Can't remember good stand-alone ones right now.

Overall comments: Age Maniax has great pace, great absurd humor and links to lots of different games from 0verflow, TopCat, Nitroplus, Circus, Abogado Powers and one superhero game I do not know. It not only managed to show that Fandisks can be fun if made properly as crossovers (the first visual novel crossover, actually), but it also managed to unite so many different games together. I consider it to be a very important game from historical point of view. It's also a good entertainment that relies heavily on the games from that era. Unfortunately, nowadays players do not know anything about the referenced games (except for Phantom of Inferno, probably), and that deprives the game of a huge chunk of its charm.



There are two masterpieces this month - Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~ and Hateshinaku Aoi, Kono Sora no Shita de..., but the winner is Age Maniax, one of the most entertaining bakage I've played so far. As usual, I'll pour all my admiration in a review coming along with the video playthrough.

1. Lavender [000602] For
Main character suddenly acquires an unstable "predictive ability" that he can not control. He has to see near future against his will. So started the days full of bliss where the the scent of lavender drifts everywhere on a soft wind. 
Game can be described as a moege. It's short, impressive cute. There are five girls including one devil girl from the other world. So it all depends whether you can stand moege or not since the girls have the appeal here.


2. Rakuen Meikyuu Pet 楽園迷宮PET [000602] Speed
Year 2007. Main character gets a media CD after he spends a night with her. She promises him some work, but instead he gets hunted by various people and organizations willing to take possession of that CD.
Scenario base is not bad, but the seasoning is not right. The choices are timed here and actually require reflexes. Characters aren't too attractive and only main heroine story makes sense. It's not clear why game is set in 2007 since no futuristic elements are involved. 


3. Teito no Yuri 帝都のユリ [000602] Sweet Basil
Showa 10th. The "Emperor" reigns for many years while recession continues and natural disasters break out. At the same time the Teito Tokyo faction that seeks reforms grows in power. 
All all-girl military unit that vowed to protect the emperor hear a rumor that that the ruler is obstructed and can not rule anymore. They decide to organize a coup d'etat to protect the emperor. 
That triggered a chain of dreadful events that verged the country in chaos for three months. 
As usual, Sweet Basil manages to produce an intriguing story swarmed with nasty H events at the same time. This time the charm in military struggle and all the yuri events. I like good stories, but I absolutely could not enjoy Rinkaiten ~Critical Point~ due to abuse of H events, and this game is very similar in that way. All kinds of voluntary and non-voluntary dark H events take place at war, and that totally devalues the story. Every heroine has her route.


4. Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~ アージュマニアックス ~伊隅四姉妹最期の日~ [000603] Age
One day protagonist meets with four sisters, who due to certain events starts living in his house. But he has to go to Europe to follow a story, and they decide to go together with him. They make reservations in an old castle which had reports of a princess' ghost, a legendary wolf, a lake monster and a crashed UFO surrounding it. And this is not even the beginning of the events to unfold around the sisters ...
What bunch of weird crap. But I'm much more interested in the girl on the scree - this is Drei from Phantom of Inferno. What the hell is Nitroplus character doing in the Age game?! I even secretly hope this month won't have a superior game, so that I could make a playthrough of this strange game.


5. Ao no Tobira Shiro no Kagi 青の扉 白の鍵 [000609] Cyc
You're on your way to becoming a sports coach, but then you get into a car accident and get hospitalized. There you meet girls and reflect on your past life.
There are five heroines to capture during one month period. Heroines feel real. But here there's no songs and no quirk of Treating2U, it feels heavy overall. And I was traumatized even by Treating 2U...


6. Kioku no Umi Kara ~Watermark~ 記憶の海から ~Watermark~ [000609] Loze
The graduating class of a village school. It consists only of main character and four girls. Soon they fly away from the nest leaving only memories behind. But four years from then the class gets to meet again.
The game of occult theme at the time of alumni association. The four heroines are of typical archetypes. All the sentimental crap really irritates me. Depiction is thin, so it feels a bit flimsy.


7. Maid in Bunny めいどいんばに~ [000609] Eushully 1
The game is pretty much like a fairy tale, and takes place in a peaceful kingdom. The heroine (yes no hero this time) of the game is called Elena, one of the many maids in the castle serving the royalty. What makes Elena special besides her clumsiness and pure (yet cute) innocence is that she is the exclusive maid who takes care of Prince Galu. The 2 of them have a close relationship which makes other maids quite jealous.
Anyways, Elena and Galu was chatting in the garden one day. In the meantime, a mysterious lady came to the throne claiming that she is the dark race and wants to take over the castle (yes it's kinda pathetic but remember, it's a FAIRY TALE). She turns the King into stone. When the Maid Head realizes the problem, she starts to attack the lady. However, the Maid Head's thunderbolts renders useless because the lady had the ancient relic to protect her against magic attacks. Realizing the trouble, the Maid Head decides to ring the alarm to summon all the maids in the castle to hit the lady with brooms etc since that's phyical attacks rather than magical attacks.
Just when Elena and Galu heard the alarm, a Succubus as well as the mysterious lady popped out of nowhere wanting to hold Prince Galu captive. Elena tries to defend the prince but fails. Galu decides to give in since he doesn't want to see Elena get hurt. The succubus then carries Elena in the air and flew out of the castle to get rid of the maid. A slip in the hand made Elena free fall into the ground from the air.
In the meantime, Revea, a royal magician who lives outside the castle sees the invasion of the Dark race. She tells her student Yuri the white mage, to go and find the legendary hero and save the kingdom. Yuri leaves and finds Elena climbing up from the ground where she fell from the sky. At the same time a bunch of monsters popped out of nowhere. When asked by Yuri if she has any weapon, the only thing Elena has is a feather duster. Yuri then uses his magic to enlarge Elena's duster, making her be able to slap the monsters and destroy them. With this enlarged duster as her weapon, Elena along with Yuri have to find a way to get back into the castle (which is now protected by a force field) and save Prince Galu.
There is an English review.


8. Yasoumu 夜想夢 [000609] Melody
A night park connects reality and illusion. Unnoticed by majority of people there is an door here that leads to illusion world. What kind of things can happen there?
Game is similar to Kurayami 2. There are different scenarios. The consistency of each scenario is low and there are a lot of bad endings. The H scenes feel alien to the stories and thus clumsy. It's mostly a stylistic thing.


9. Maykick Online [000615] Zenos
In the end of the 21st century humanity starts to develop artificial life forms. The first secretly developed pack of androids were all beautiful women, and scientists refused to send them to fight. Authorities dispatched mercenaries to kill the androids, but mercenaries were so fascinated that supported androids instead. Instead of participating in military conflicts androids were set to participate in new a fighting sport game. Main character needs to train such android woman to become the queen of the ring.
It's not exactly a nukige, but a raising SIM with H elements in between. Bo-oring. 


10. 8th Angel ~Shuumatsu no Tenshi~ 8TH ANGEL ~終末の天使~ [000616] Eye 1
World is in crisis, and in order to save it you must find and awaken eight angels. To do so, you will have to defeat as many monsters as you can while you develop your relationships with the seven female angels and with your sick step sister.
There is an English review.


11. Bluelight Magic [000623] light
Hero sees a strange dream, and it urges him to visit his three cousins. Seemingly ordinary girls turn out to have superpowers. They are being targeted by a mysterious organization...

Once again a serious story is faked in favor of numerous unlockable short routes (just 5-6 days!). All the routes roughly have the same contents. Game produces a mixed impression. It has wonderful opening, gas, great sound and graphics, but at the same time has bugs, system deficiencies and poor quality text with not much story development. It's a huge step from amateurish White Angel, but can be of interest only as a charage with gags.


12. Enamel Panic!! エナメルパニック!! [000623] F&C
Main character is a reincarnation of a legendary hero. He has no choice but to save a different world by collecting crystals, rescuing damsels in distress and defeating the demon king.
Scroller games are no my thing. At all.


13. Seiryaku ~Koukyuu de no Himegoto~ 性略 ~後宮での秘め事~ [000623] Mutation
Continent drowned in the flames of war. The king of "Jin" country falls ill and his eldest son takes over. He urgently needs to get a wife to become a proper ruler. Six neighboring countries instantly send their bride candidates. If he gives a clear preference to one of the girls, the rivals will assassinate her the same day. He needs to resolve the situation peacefully while keeping his affairs secret. 
It's evident that China is taken as prototype. Character design is specific and overall very nice. Difficulty is reasonable, but it's difficult to foretell assassinations, so lots of loading is required. The game is mostly about secret dates in original atmosphere, so don't expect real story here.


14. Setsunai せつない [000623] Marimo
It's high school love bloom season. Will hero find his love this year?
Game is labeled as kusoge everywhere. The main reason is redundant and repeating scenario. Game takes place during 14 days, but actually has events only for 2-3 days. Tempo is just super bad. Apart of that there are several heroines to flag and enter individual branches. 


15. Roommate Novel ~Satou Yuka~ ルームメイトノベル 〜佐藤由香〜 [000629] Datam Polystar 1 2
It is summer and your parents left on holiday for all of August while leaving you alone with the house. One month complete of freedom. When suddenly destiny throws in a grain of salt. Sometimes one prefers to pass there evenings in the company of good friends and even a girl that you hardly know, meet the famous Sato Yuka!
At this point I'm deeply confused by the number and similarity of these Roommate games - this one seems to be the sixth (!) There's a nice English guide for those willing to know more of the game.


16. Ameiro no Kisetsu あめいろの季節 [000630] ZyX
Hokkaido. Main character lives with two older sisters Yuuko and Kasumi. He learns that he is not blood related with his relatives. Siblings have feelings for each other, but keep it secret. But one day hero's father returns from overseas trip with a new family...
The feature of the game is that it's possible to be played from three points of view - protagonist, Yuuko and Kasumi. Love triangle resembles author's previous work Liaison. Psychological depiction is good, but no much evolution is felt. The number of choices is large with lots of fake ones. Overall it's a solid private story, especially notable for providing woman point of view.


17. Fuurin no Uta 風輪の詩 [000630] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Main character is a university student who sees the same dream every day. The dream depicts his breaking up with his lover two years ago. Guilt and regret feelings make him ride a bike and go on a trip somewhere his memories can't reach him. What will he encounter in this journey?
The first game of Soubi Kenkyuujo is of doujin level. Picture is rough, scenario has no meaning, and there is no skip function. 


18. Grand Finale ~Final Funfair in 7 days~ グランドフィナーレ ~Final Funfair in 7 days~ [000630] Lily-Z
After working almost the whole summer to make money for a seaside trip with his girlfriend, she left him because she longer love him the way she used to. While depressed and roasting in end of summer heat, he got a call from his childhood girl. It seems their local fun park is going to close in 7 days and they need him to help out there. Since he can never refuse her, he starts working as a cleaner in the park. While cleaning, he can chase one of 7 girls. They are his childhood girl, park manager, girl who lost her brother, English girl, horror house doll, alien girl and guardian angel. Will he be able to find lasting love?
This is a charage, so you need to like a particular girl to enjoy the game. Atmosphere and picture is nice. Difficulty is easy for each girl. H scenes are a bit rushed. Nothing in particular except for one thing... ending. There only drama endings for the girls, at least I could not prove otherwise.


19. Hateshinaku Aoi, Kono Sora no Shita de... 果てしなく青い、この空の下で… [000630] TopCat
"Our school will be closed down next year." I know that.... There are only six students (I'm one and only male student...!) A train station will be constructed here. Anyway, what should I do until the school is closed...? We'll get separated next year.... As I look up the sky, the blue sky is spreading as if lapping me over. What am I doing next year...?
This is going to be the most difficult game overview for me this month, because it's not my type, but it's a big mystery work with dozens of contradictory reviews and a great opening that has 70k views. It's being called a classic nostalgic title and sometimes even Hayao Miyazaki work in the world of eroge. Graphics is not appealing, but there is a charm in it. The theme is childhood friendship and trust in each other. There are five girls each with her own mystery. If all the good endings of each girl is reached, bonus after-story scenario opens for each heroine. Work is divided into four parts corresponding Spring, Summer, Fall and Winder with first ones being bright ones and the final parts containing drama. What I want to say is that this work suits well newcomers to the genre and most of positive scores come from there. The more experienced players say that mystery is satisfying only for the first route played and the rest are absolutely foreseen, and the novel with evident ending ends up boring. Text is easy to read, and it also can be seen as disadvantage for mature players who have seen lots of such rural sentimental stories. Each element in the game is good, but it's too classic to bring new emotions. So it's definitely a masterpiece of its time, but it the type of game that gets mentally older with each year passing.


20. Lens no Mukougawa... レンズの向こう側... [000630] Mina
Protagonist is a college student who has eyeglasses fetish. One night he sees a dream of an unfamiliar woman gazing at him near a big tree. He goes to the tree and finds strange glasses at the excavation site near the tree. When he wears the glasses he hears the command to dedicate women to the glasses, and one wish will be granted in return. And the moment the first girl wears those glasses... 
Don't expect a serious story here, the best thing we get is solving the problems of each of three heroines. It's glasses fetish work with three different types of glasses to choose for each heroine. There are three heroines with an ending and four heroines just for occasional H event. But CARNELIAN is responsible for art, so art is super-cool, as usual.


21. Nakushita Jikan e 失くした時間へ [000630] Ciel
Main character is 28 years and he now returns to his hometown. He is shocked to know that his former lover committed suicide two years ago. He gets into an accident and gains an ability to turn time back. Now he can save his first love or opt for absolutely new acquaintances.
Quite a normal school charage, just with a more serious protagonist than usual. There are few impressions, but the existing ones are mediocre.


22. Sakuranbo Kaigan さくらんぼ海岸 [000630] Fairytale 1
Your grandmother has got a house at the beach but she doesn't need it, so you can have it. You have the idea that you could use it during summer vacation as a restaurant. Of course you will meet many girls (and a boy) who would love to work for you in the restaurant.
There is an English review.


23. Senjuuya 千秋夜 [000630] Riot
Protagonist's parents are working a lot, so he has to take care of his sister. She drags after him everywhere and enters the same school and college. He wants some private space and has plans for this winter, but first he needs to do something about his sister.
Scenario is the weakest point of the game. Little is explained and dialogues progress separately, often without realizing who talks to whom. Sometimes game looks really funny because of that. Imouto fans would probably like this game, but there are many heroines besides the sister as well.




1. Marchen Maid Jigoku めるふぇんメイド地獄 [000602] Archive
The mansion has three maids who only live for their master. However, working hard every day is very tiresome, so when the master is not looking, they take a break. In one of those occasions, they pick a white book from the library, but when they open it, they get sucked inside the book and become trapped in a strange wonderland, in which they will be exposed to a lot of erotic situations without taking off their maid uniforms.


2. Mou Suki ni Shite Kudasai ~Ryoujoku to Kusari to Himitsu no Ana~ もう好きにしてください~凌辱と鎖と秘密の穴~ [000602] System Rose
There is an old western mansion on the hill of a small fisherman's town. It is owned by a chairman of a certain company. Main character is the son of that chairman. He lives in the mansion with four women servants. As of late he starts to pay them a lot of attention in attempt to record juicy moments on the camera.


3. Dancing Cat's Dancing Cat's [000609] Dreams 1
In Dancing Cat's (sic), the player takes the role of an ambitious businessman named Kazuhiko. He founds a company named PiPit that focuses on show business. He has two goals in mind: first, hire talented dancers and singers and do everything possible to beat the competition; second, conquer the hearts (or probably just the bodies) of the seductive women who surround him...


4. Kokudouou ~Doura II~ 黒瞳皇~瞳裸II~ [000609] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character is the king of a small country sandwiched between two major countries opposing each other. After his father dies both countries try to impose their princess candidates. Main character does not want to anger any side, so he stales the time promising marriage to each side. But the day of taking decision grows near.


5. Oyako Donburi 母娘どんぶり [000615] Beenyan
This summer is different from previous ones, not only the temparature but also my mind and body. Shintaro has a beautiful mother and pretty younger sister who have been living with him. But this summer is somehow different.... One day, when he enters a bathroom to have a bath, there is a sister, Tomoe. She gives a shriek and runs away. This is the first time for him to see his sister as a woman. And when he soaks in a bath, Tomoe comes in to apologize for what she did to him and she says she will wash his back....


6. Close 2U ~Saigo no Natsuyasumi~ Close 2U~最後の夏休み~ [000616] Aka-chan Club
Twin brothers dream of becoming wind surfing professionals. Together with three other boys and six girls they go on a tropical island. This may be a summer when dreams come true.


7. Karu Mesu かるめす [000616] Dall
Main character is a god who makes women squirt. He conquered women in many dimensions already, so this one must capitulate before him as well.


8. Chat Shiyou yo! チャットしようよ! [000623] Black Package
Nanpa SIM in the form Internet chat. Use boards, emails and chat to try to pick up girls outside internet!


9. Dennou M Dorei - Reimi 電脳M奴隷・麗美 [000623] Guilty
During university, Kazato Reimi was a pop cyber idol because of her talents. 
After graduating from college, she retired from being an idol and established a computer game company, Reimyck, and as the president she has worked to make game software.
However, Reimyck has faced a crisis because a big title game had a virus and stopped releasing.
Saiki Junko, Reimi's partner, asks Reimi to meet Wakura Kenzo, a president of George Electronics to receive financial support. If her financial plan seems good, he will await her payment. There is no way for her to refuse this proposal because of this crisis.


10. Depaga ~Service Angel~ デパガ~service angel~ [000623] Janis
Depaga are top class workers of huge department stores. But what's hidden from the eyes of buyers is lots of training. Main character must become an instructor of useless newcomer girls and make first class universal workers out of them to fill any role from waitresses to elevator girls.


11. Ing 陰具 [000623]  Merlot
Main character inherits an adult shop. Together with his sister-in-law he needs to repay all the debts in just one year. 


12. Kazoku no Kizuna 家族の絆 [000623] Bind
Main character prepares to enter a famous university. On his 20th birthday he learns that his mother and two sisters are not blood related to him. He decides he can't trust his family anymore. And since trust is impossible anymore the best course of action is to make obedient slaves out of them.


13. Lovely Angels Peropero Candy 2 Lovely Angels ぺろぺろCandy2 [000623] Mink
The stage is Image club where one can order various situations for sex. Main character walks inside by mistake but is unable to forget about this place afterwards.


14. Mirror [000623] Alloe
Main character falls from a cliff during a ski trip. He miraculously survives and being unable to climb up the cliff he walks into a lodge in the woods. He stays for the night, but at night the master of the house gets killed. He's unable to leave the house till the killer is found, so he decides to investigate the matter himself.


15. Nie 3 [000623] Hyperspace
Three girls compete to be the bride. Main character needs an enduring wife, so he organizes a series of severe compatibility tests.


16. Sadistic Wedding ~Yogosareta Junpaku~ Sadistic Wedding ~汚された純白~ [000623] Kurumi
Four different girls feel disbelief towards men since attempted rape cases at school. Main character shall help them master their behavior and overcome the complex. 


17. Toilet no Megami-sama トイレの女神様 [000623] Authoring Heaven
Goddess is supposed to come this new moon night to collect all the semen that poor men have been saving. In order to confirm this legend main character searches around various public toilets in the city. 


18. Eden III [000630] Forester
Ellen is stationed at the moon base. The aliens attack the women at the base. Humans who get aware of aliens presence start to fight back with weapons. Eventually aliens take their original form and flee. Meanwhile Glenn sneaks into the base, gathers materials to create his own rocket and struggles to return to the Earth to conquer it and become world leader.


19. Kangatari 神語 ~かんがたり~ [000630] Euphony Production
Main character is leading an ordinary school life. But then one day a student is found in the form of the living vegetable - organs are functioning normally, but there is no consciousness. Such living vegetables start to increase with each day. At the same time the unrivaled protagonists gets beaten by another boy who somehow acquired superficial powers. There's some great conspiracy unwinding, and school administration seems to be involved.


20. Keibiin ~Yuuganda Shokumu Nisshi~ 警備員~歪んだ職務日誌~ [000630] Interheart
Main character is a guard in a department store. All the shoplifters should pay for their crimes, this way or another...


21. Material Girl マテリアル・ガール [000630] Komaya
Protagonist celebrates an anniversary of relations with his girlfriend. It's the real honeymoon of their life. But in the process of experiments it's possible hurt partner. Will they stay together forever?


22. Sei Cosplay Gakuen ~Game Bunkou~ 聖コスプレ学園 ~ゲーム分校~ [000630] STONE HEADS
Popular Tokyo cosplay shop issues a game featuring itself. It's possible to work as a part-time worker there, build up relations with cosplayer girls, get into romance relations with them and even invite girls to school for some hot action! 

Foreword: There were three particular reasons to choose Purepure for review. First, because May 2000 disappoints me with the range of games - most games are either charage, or nukige, or gameplay focused games. Secondly, I see Purepure similarities with Shunpuu Shoujo that I love gently. The third reason is that I see this game to be very different from previous Ange games. I'll try to elaborate in the main part and give my reasons for nominating this game as game of the month in conclusion. 


Title: Purepure

Developer: Ange

Date: 2000-05-26

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v13524

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMpR_BlLqDc

Synopsis: On the moonless night the hero stumbles upon a strange girl. She speaks of herself as master of ceremonies that was kicked out due to being useless. She ends up living with the hero. What's there behind her past?

Structure: Game is divided 14 days with 10 days for setting flags and four days for displaying outcome.

Length: 3-4 hours

Game type: Celestial artifacts girl mystery

Difficulty: There is only a dozen of choices, so easy, I guess. But there are other branches as well.

Character Design rating: 4/10

Protagonist rating: 4/10

Story rating: 5/10

Game quality: 4/10

Overall rating: 4/10


Rating comments: Such ratings from me only mean one thing - game is an absolute disaster. I choose the game for the story and its serious development, and story was somewhat okish, but can't point out anything else. 

Protagonist: Nothing special. His presence is not felt at all.

Characters: There are five heroines overall, but I see no reason to play any route but the main heroine Saki.


Story: Story is quite a copycat of Shunpuu Shoujo except for the fact that Saki is not a celestial being herself, but she possesses mysterious sacred mirror and hand-band. The whole flagging part and a good half of "route" path is just water with absolutely unexpected ninja H events on the way. The actual drama finishing part has the same conflict as Shunpuu Shoujo which saddened me a lot, but without the cool angel buddy and humor. The conflict is almost non-existent and resolution is unnatural. I know there is also a bad ending in the game, but I can't possibly see how it can mend anything wrecked so much at that point. 


CG: There aren't many CG in the game, some 80sh with HCG occupying over half of the number.

Sound: BGM was quite pleasant, but repeated itself too often. I doubt there are even 10 tracks here. No voicing at all.

Humor: I failed to find any humor in the game even in situations where CG are meant to be funny.


Overall comments: So Purepure is horrible to my taste. What strikes me the most is how it's different from previous Ange games. Ange games were never high quality ones, but they were based on curious stories and had a special style, mostly graphical, so that I could guess Ange game almost without fail. This game feels like it could have been produced by any lesser known company, just an average game with an average story and drawing, nothing special about it at all. The main question is why Purepure is the game of the month May 2000 then. Just because it's the only story-based visual novel of May 2000. I can't stand moege or hospital nakige. But May 2000 has a big title "Natural 2 -DUO-" that's better in every way! That's true, but I value story the most. Purepure was not a waste of time in that regard. Natural 2 would be a total waste, and I'm especially disgusted with the games that have both pure love and devil routes with the same heroines. Thus we have what we have in May 2000.



Quite a bland month with few games. There aren't masterpieces this month, but I still need to choose the game of the month that I would record on video. So I need to choose something without gameplay elements, too much insult and not too evident plot. The only game that suits my demands is Purepure, and thus it's the game of the month that deserves a video playthrough.

1. Costume☆Paradise ~Cinderella Rhapsody~ こすちゅうむ☆パラダイス ~シンデレラ狂想曲~ [000512] Rhapsody
A huge entertainment theme park "Cinderella" is build on an island in Tokyo Bay aimed to "fulfill all people's dreams". Hero is a medical college student who works here as a part-time emploee. The hourly is sky high, but he is required to cosplay along with the girls. He overcomes  embarrassment and starts to pay attention to the cute girls around him.
It's mostly a comedy. It's possible to chase pure love or step the devil path. Not particularly interesting, but quite unique and memorable.


2. Marionette Company 2 Chu! マリオネットカンパニー 2 [000518] Micro Cabin 1
In the game, you play a student in a high school - I believe you're supposed to be the same guy from part 1, as you keep on having memories of the Marionette from the original game. One day, you stumble upon a pair of abandoned marionettes, one called Marine and the other called Maria. You take Marine under your care while a rival and all-together obnoxious classmate called Arese takes Maria under hers'. Arese is under the impression that marionettes are nothing more than robots with a heart made of computer circuits, but your experience with part 1, where you apparently managed to raise the original marionette to near human form, has you convinced otherwise, and you intend to prove Arese wrong.
Finally focus has been shifted from training to adventure in sequel. We mostly run around getting the elements from shops or elsewhere, from those elements we gather upgrade parts. We choose the parts ourselves, so can tune up marionette appearance. It's basically a galge now with lots of events triggered by upgrades. There is not just one girl now, but it's possible to target other ones. Duration has been cut from 6 months in prequel to just one month. 


3. Kakuriyo no Mon 幽世ノ門 ~かくりよのもん~ [000519] Air Plants
In the ancient times gods created three worlds and gates between them separating human world from ghost worlds.
Yagami has no parents and lives with his grandfather. He comes from an ancient demon hunter birth-line who have guarded the gates between the worlds for as long as the world existed. Yagami is one of five guardians of different elements - he is the the master of fire. After meeting one girl his live starts to change rapidly.
At least there is some story. So I started it. This is mostly a comedy. It starts with the hero, girl Moe and a bodyguard come to skyscraper and they start to explore it room by room finding all kinds of crazy cults inside the rooms (including H events there). When they get to one of the top floors eventually there's some master that teaches us about five elements and which element offsets what. Well, I've spent over half an hour there and still can't make through it, so it's a drop. I've looked at the screen of this pentagram already, drawn it myself, nothing really helps - there must be a time limit which is not shown. Anyway, game has serious system flaws. First, there is autoplay, but it kind of stops after scene sequence and I have to click manually on. There is voicing in the first scene, but actually no voicing on. Sound levels are non-adjustable and bgm roars like mad luckily ending in some 30 seconds each time. Game is a comedy, but up to that point I did not find jokes and situations funny at all. As it's reported in the only review found battles are same torturing further on - enemies attributes change constantly over time and you need to counter it with the right element within time limit each time. What a bothersome game. First playthrough time is only two hours.


4. Oni no Sumu Sakura 鬼ノ棲ム桜 [000519] AnotherRoom
The university college mystery research group tries to recreate the events of a legend that happened 300 years ago. At that time young priest arrived at "Touchou Shrine" and was a witness of 60 villagers massacre from the hands of a demon. That priest managed to defeat the demon in the end. 
The research club has a bullied member who's going to have his revenge this night. As the bells ring only red moon envelops the screams of the girls. Only unstoppable desire and murderous intent governs this night so that the legend gets repainted.
The synopsis is not your usual nukige stuff, so I need to elaborate. It's pretty much a nukige, but with killings. And it is such, because the scenario is really bad - the outline is drawn vaguely and pretty much nothing is explained - like why or how the character was bullied. The content is thin as it basically follows the same pattern of insult - kill each time. 


5. Shinobi no Hana ~Kunoichi Shimai no Chousen~ 忍ノ華 ~くノ一姉妹の挑戦~ [000519] Aqua House
Main character is an unsuccessful detective who struggles to catch a gangster girl.
One evening he hears a rumor that the legendary thief is going to rob the art museum at night. When he arrives at the destination he finds there the Kaito group of female ninja who accumulate wealth to revive the ninjutsu art. The mystery gradually deepens.
And another bakage. There is also dungeon crawl and combat. Full-voice. Despite the relatively big number of girls, there is only one happy ending with the main heroine. Last boss is undefeatable without applying the patch. The content lacks the impact compared to other notable bakage of the same time.


6. Shoujo Circus 少女サーカス [000519] Evolution
Main character lived with his mother who just died. At her funeral he gets a letter from his disappeared father inviting to join a small circus team. Hero joins the team and admires the cute girls there. However, a few days later father collapses from overwork and hero has to run the circus till his father recovers. Can he manage this difficult task?
Since cover and synopsis are neutral enough, let's talk about the content. It's a SIM - you need to earn as much money as possible, and quite ero-tilt with nasty pictured H events. 


7. Start [000519] Bell-Da
Daydreaming about his childhood girl at work gets a frypan on his head from the same girl. Thus starts this girl chase game. He can go after 5 girls, while bringing up stats that the girls like. Most girls know/love him from before, he just have to get close to them to find out. Hope he can start a new life with the girl he loves.
Ugh, Bell-Da is known for a long history of producing ero-centered works and this one is not really an exception. At least there is a rasing SIM part here. 


8. Seikai no Monshou 星界の紋章 [000525] Bandai Namco Entertainment 1
Linn Jinto's life changes forever when the Humankind Empire Abh takes over his home planet of Martine without firing a single shot. He is soon sent off to study the Abh language and culture and to prepare himself for his future as a nobleman — a future he never dreamed of. Or wanted.
Now, Jinto is entering the next phase of his training, and he is about to meet his first Abh, the lovely Lafiel. But Jinto is about to learn that she is more than she appears to be. And together they will have to fight for their very lives.
Anime was popular enough, but releasing the game on PS as a space strategy was doubtful at the least. 67 different space battles! There are two main routes and three endings overall.


9. St. Luminous Jogakuin 聖ルミナス女学院 [000525] Xing Entertainment 1
A dating sim adaptation of the 1998 original anime by Genco.
When his grandfather dies, Kaihei inherits the post of chairman at an eccentric private girl's school which emphasizes the personal freedom of its students. But he arrives to find that one of the students has gone missing. As he investigates Melina's disappearance more students vanish, strange events occur and his position is placed under increasing pressure from teachers and parents.
Hero puts lots of hidden cameras and cross-dresses to find out the source of girls disappearances, but it's a ps1 game, so it's gonna be clean. Conversation card system is introduced with only three cards possible to be used per encounter. We also manage money since we're given a budged of 30 million yen and we're constantly pestered to spend money on various projects. It looks like the game is built on anime success alone.


10. Avaron [000526] Zone 1
The hero's name is Adalk. One day, his mother dies, telling him that he had been adopted - he was found as a little baby in the town's streets, with a strange symbol engraved on his clothes. Adalk is determined to find out the truth about himself. But first of all he needs some money, so he begins to work as a mercenary, receiving quests from town inhabitants. Before long he hooks up with some pretty girls, each with her own agenda, who will accompany him on his travels.
Avaron is a re-vamped version of Youjo Ranbu 2. It has the same graphics, music, and gameplay system. The story was somewhat altered and expanded; the characters join your party more easily and give more information about themselves. Compared to "Youjo Ranbu 2", "Avaron" has more dialogues, but no voice acting. Cut scenes were re-done, with more full-screen pictures. During battles, party members' attacks are now displayed as anime-style pictures of the characters performing the attack, instead of the simple graphical effects of "Youjo Ranbu 2".
There's nothing really to talk about since it's mostly graphical renewal.


11. Cartagran -Shoujo Shuryouki- CARTAGRAN -少女狩猟機- [000526] Soleil
Hundreds of years have passed since humankind was destroyed by "Aka" beasts that appeared out of nowhere
Dr. Georg and his assistant Alicia are living alone and conducting research of producing "new human beings" that would be able to  eradicate the monsters.
But shortly before the prototype "Mizuki" is completed, the lab is attacked by a powerful armed group. Mizuki is going on a journey  in search of a powerful monster to extract the necessary organ to save his creators and future humankind...
Game is low-cost and pretty mysterious. There aren't any normal reviews around and comments only say it's unsatisfactory. We play as Mizuki. There are five episodes and multiple endings. There are fights in first person dungeon crawl way. There is HP pool and commands that need to be chosen within time limit. Scenario is quite awful and unenjoyable. Systems are very bad. There are quite many insult elements throughout the game. Still the character design and cool protagonist make me curious...


12. Hello Again [000526] Active
Togo Heiji is a problem kid who is suddenly transferred to a special school where children with superpowers are brought up. What will be his school life like there?
Genre is moege. Game takes 3 weeks and about 3 hours to beat for the first time while consequent playthroughs only take one hour. It's mostly a comedy work and text is ok. There are 6 heroines and 6 endings. Second half of the game has more serious approach and some drama development. Heroines are likable and CG are good, though rather few.


13. Kitamakura Hakase no Yuuutsu 北麻鞍博士の憂鬱 [000526] Project-μ
At the end of the 20th century humanity is facing an unprecedented crisis, however most of people are unaware of it. Main character Dr. Kurashira has a genius mind, but he is treated as mad scientist, because he knows the truth of the world... He tracks down school girls who possesses excellent genes in order to pass them to the future generation. But will girls cooperate?
As you could have guessed, it's stalking and insulting girls for the sake of humankind. Overall length for all scenarios is just around four hours. There are five characters for H events - an android assistant, three girls and a boy. But it' s a gag comedy and there are a lot of ironical descriptions scattered around. So nice debut work overall, will look forward to their following releases.


14. Natural 2 -DUO- Natural2 -DUO- [000526] Fairytale 1
Twin sisters, Chisato and Kuu, lost their parents, and they were adopted by an old man. Then they met Shoma. Shoma was living with his grandfather because his parents were going to get divorced. Chisato was a tomboy, while Kuu was a crybaby. They both liked Shoma.
10 years have passed since then. Shoma gave up his dream to become a violinist and worked as an editor of a music magazine office. To hear the grandfather’s death, he went to the house and he had a reunion with the two girls who had become beautiful women...
It's a galge without story. Text is surprisingly good and there is no inconvenience while reading. There are raising SIM elements incorporated. There's both pure love route and devil route for heroines. Pure love part feels a bit short overall. Devil part results in turning the partner into a slave and there is no happy ending after that (which is good imho). Overall feeling that it's an ero-centered work, but not necessarily a nukige.


15. Purepure ピュアピュア [000526] Ange
On the moonless night the hero stumbles upon a strange girl. She speaks of herself as master of ceremonies that was kicked out due to being useless. She ends up living with the hero. What's there behind her past?
Work is mainly a comedy with some serious resolution in the second half. There is no voicing. Quality of the game is quite low.


16. S.N.O.W [000526] Xuse
The hero is a producer. His close friend dies and hero decides to take over his project and promote new idol band "SNOW". However, members of this band are all problem children. Will the project be a success?
General route dill band disband takes 5 hours and individual routes afterwards only 30 minutes each. There is a training SIM part in the common route. The final concert before breaking up is well done. There is a happy ending for each heroine, but there are bad endings as well. Game is full-voiced except for protagonist. H element is weak, just one scene for each. Pink hair girl calls the hero onii-chan and turns out to be his real sister eventually.


17. Soyokaze no Uta ~Breeze Passed Us By~ 微風の詩 ~Breeze passed us by~ [000526] Tomato
Hero is on the last summer vacation in his school life and he still does not have a girlfriend. Pull yourself together, gather savings, learn girls tastes and forward you go!
It's all in the synopsis. It's a common SIM. There is just one savepoint. It's not clear at what time girls get to which location so lots of research needed. Money is scarce and travelling around the town costs money so it's easy to find yourself unable to return home. It's realistic, but too troublesome. It becomes monotonous fast. I thought those kinds of games were left in the 1990s.


18. Last Scene ~Boku ga Kimi ni Dekiru Koto~ Last Scene ~僕が君にできること~ [000529] Maika
Our guy became a doctor in order to try to find a cure for his girlfriend's disease. Now that he is a doctor, he found out that she only has seven days to live. Will he try to find a cure with some nurses' help, spend time with her at a seaside hotel, or resort to drastic measures?
Lots of animation is promised but animated sequences are few. There is just one save which is inconvenient for multiple endings and there are some 24 endings. There are endings for each taste and at least 7 of them are good. Overall impression is ok, but there are quite many dark routes.




1. Gansha de Go! 顔射でGO! [000512] WhiteBear
Adult cumshot shooting game where it's possible even to shoot down a UFO and get a secret photo for that.


2. Pin-Up ピンナップ [000512] Hyperspace
Three girls live in a house with the main character. They were captured separately, but remain in the house by their own will. They walk in underwear all days long provoking main character to inventively use lots of items scattered around the house to insult them. 


3. Ryoujoku Bus Tour 凌辱バスツアー [000518] Zero
It's a bus tour and what started as a cheerful adventure in a few hours turned in a fierce manhunt. 


4. Paradox ~Hakai no Rasen~ Paradox ~破戒の螺旋~ [000519] Deep Zone
Main character lost his parents early and now lives with his sister. He starts to see his sister as a woman, and to extinguish this feeling he starts to attack and insult other girls. Where will that bring him? Can a broken heart be cured?


5. Yobai Mania 夜這いマニア [000519] Waffle
Choose one of three male characters and infiltrate a mansion. Avoid the traps and guards to pave the way to the cutest girls of the town.


6. Hida 秘打 [000524] Dennou Club
A software to learn blind typing skills. Isn't it easier to master blind typing when sight concentrated on girls on display? There is a practice scenario 『くの一くるみ、がんばるもん!』 and a full difficulty scenario 『勇者スカーレット、大地に立つ』.


7. Atelier アトリエ [000526] Miyabi
Main character aims to become the best oil painter of nude models. With time he realizes he does not have enough talent and stops drawing. Half a year later he is called by his professor and urged to draw a painting for the art exhibition a month later. To do that hero needs to relax and follow his desires.


8. Ningyou no Hako 人形の匣 [000526] Pias
Maria arrives at a certain mansion seeking her brother-in-law Makoto sold there for debts. The mansion owner is a powerful figure with connections in both financial and political circles. There is a ritual of adulthood held in the mansion after which person becomes a mindless doll. The same fate seems to have befallen upon Makoto brother. Maria is going to have her adulthood ceremony soon, and all the mysteries should uncover at that time... 
The story is available first only from Maria point of view, and them from Makoto point of view as well.


9. Scandal スキャンダル [000526] Kurumi
A wealthy mansion owner dies one day. Police sees it as an accident, but insurance company demands an additional thorough investigation. Main character is an investigator who arrives at the mansion to get wife and daughters testimonies and to assess the situation with his own eyes during two weeks period. Hidden murderous intentions, conspiracy, astounding propensity and numerous traps await him. Can he find out the truth?


10. Tenshi no Kobako 天使のこばこ [000526] light
Fandisc of White Angel game. Contains wallpapers, event CG, sprites CG, short stories for heroines and a mini game 「いちごのお料理バンザイ!」.


11. Unmei no Furiko ~Pendulum of Fate~ 運命の振り子 ~Pendulum of Fate~ [000526] iMAGE CLUB
A casual town built around a coeducational school. Main character lines in the shrine on the outskirts of the town. There is a poorly known Norther Europe prophecy that this weekend a great danger should befall upon the world. Will hero be able to save the humanity or the Earth is doomed?


12. CROSS script CROSS script [0005] Ritz software
There are two popular male idol rivals. Choose one of them and and enjoy five stories that happened to each of them while remembering to keep stats high to win the competition . 

Foreword: I have a difficult history with Liar-Soft. Their games amaze me, but I usually get really confused by them as well. Like I really liked Forest, but it's so overburdened with meanings and layers that you never know if you grasped it all or not. But Hiragumo-chan that's probably the closest thing to our game disappointed me both times I tried to play it. All I knew that Gyousatsu being the second game of the company (it does not mean first one was not crazy) was already crazy. Crazy good or crazy bad?


Title: Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure

Developer: Liar-soft

Date: 2000-04-28

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v5096

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcrG01XXMAU

Synopsis: End of Edo period, Kyoto.

Hero becomes a part of a newly-formed Shinsengumi unit. He is to protect Kyoto from the evil hands of Kinno (Kyushu) and develop relations with squad female members such as Hijikata and Okita.

Despite the real historical period, events are mostly comical and beyond time limits. For example, heroines often appeal to human rights protection. Depending on the value of real "absurdity" parameter in the game you can get rid of the great devil coming to Kyoto with a 88 mm cannon, cyborgs or panda samurai.


Structure: No real structure

Length: One route took me two and a half hours. But there are a lot of characters and routes.

Game type: Samurai theme bakage

Difficulty: Very easy, apart of quizzes. Could not answer even the easiest level question which rank Adolf Hitler had during first World War. I would not call that an easy question!

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Rating comments: Truth be told, game turned out to be better than I expected, thus the score. It's not just a bakage. Main character and heroines are solid enough. There is a good mix of absurdity and story, and most of jokes are based exactly on absurdity elements. I actually found myself smiling four times during one route, and that's a good result. Character route I played surprisingly had quite satisfactory love story elements. It really made me ask myself - wow, I wonder what the other routes are like. There's a neat epilogue that tells the further story based on your choices. Considered the number of characters, the good and bad endings and different degrees of absurdity for the ending, the replayability is great here.


Protagonist: Shimada Makoto  is pretty cool as protagonist with his carefree attitude, but I don't know what historical figure served as his prototype, so he was no special for me.

Characters: Again, I only remember three members of Shinsengumi - Hijikata, Okita and Kondou, so they made the most sense to me. I choose Okita, of course, since she was supposed to be the captain of the unit and because she had the biggest problem of the characters. Okita story was nice and tender, but the epilogue surprised me even more. 

Story: Hero comes to Edo from Kyoto without money, but luckily he stumbles upon Shinsengumi unit and becomes a recruit there. For some time he just goes on patrols with the member he prefers the most, and then it's time for the clash with enemies who oppose the Shogunate and want to obstruct elections. 


CG: First let's say that there aren't standing sprites in the game. Instead, there are squares with faces. It does not look good generally, but here there is a lot of interaction expressed by movement of these squares - squares clash, chase each other etc, so game feels really lively as you see all the actions happening through squares movement. On the other hand there are few CG because of that since a lot of stuff is possible to show just with square movements. But those CG that exist are quite impressive for me.

Sound: I know there is BGM in game since there is an Omake in game with 20 compositions, but my sound card failed to play it on any Windows version I tried from Win98 to Win10. I was not sure if the trouble was on my side or not, and I was half a way through the game when I recognized there 100% must be BGM. Could have done it on a tablet that usually is much better with sound in old games. Voicing is really partial... only for important events. Was not quite enough, but at least we know how each girl sounds.


Humor: Here are couple examples that made me laugh. First time was when hero was sent to buy juice for everyone in vending machine outside, and there was even a dialogue line "What, a vending machine?!", but I did not want to raise absurdity level for my playthrough. The second time was when hooded monk Benkei appeared as one of the more powerful enemies. That was really funny for me since those historical figures are about seven hundred ages apart.

Overall comments: This game is just nor for a Westerner. It has tons of specific humor that tackles specific situations from Japan history. It was a nice experience though, a gulp of fresh air compared to other visual novels from the first half of 2000.




Finished updating old posts.

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