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If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. ~Pearl Buck

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Foreword: I made up mind not to read reviews about BM0  in order to preserve original experience, but I was surprised to see negative impressions of BM0 in other visual novel reviews of 2002! Wow, what could this game possibly do to piss so many people off? Can it really be worse than DoNoR with its blurry backgrounds?

Title: BM0 Zankoku na Yoru ni Kanojo no Sakebi wa Dare ni mo Kikoenai.

Developer: FlyingShine

Date: 2003-02-21

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v9602

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y400wnxf22s&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8rKP5oDa1nzt0KevjFrmhw&index=24&t=0s


Synopsis: Main character grows up in an orphanage in a mafia sub-district of Tokyo together with several girls. The orphanage gets burned down, and children get to live in a private family. However, family members die, and protagonist urgently needs money to pay for girl Rina's surgery. He agrees to take up a job of district black market's sweeper. He is in charge of disposal of "products" which is a code word for human traffic. His reality is colored with invisible desires and dead bodies.

Structure: None

Length: 9 hours

Game type: Dark underground crime action drama

Difficulty: Very easy - each choice is either moving on or game over with branching only in the very end.

Character Design rating: 1/10

Protagonist rating: 1/10

Story rating: 1/10

Game quality: 1/10

Overall rating: 1/10


Should I even go on at this point? Well, of course I should, but the less I like the game - the less I can write about it - by this logic I should already stop here. Speaking seriously, I spent some time thinking whether game actually deserves a 2 for those few action CG, but my inner judge did not agree to this compromise. There's nothing to appreciate here. Heroines are absolutely detesting , protagonist is really evil , story is non-existing, pace is horrible in the way that story jumps somewhere all the time without explaining anything or caring to offer just human language dialogue. Heroes moan, weep, rave and just speak rubbish all the time.


But that's not enough to rate any game this low. The reason is that the only thing that stays in memory after the game is utter disgust. Game includes lolicon insult, eye gauging, piercing wounds including fatal ones, gay-ish scenes, corpse grinder, minced limbs, human torso on meat hooks, lots of rubber including gas-masks and just abundance of meat and juice. Is it enough to avert anyone from the game? I don't know, maybe I just have weak stomach, but I was close to throwing up couple times. I still am when I recollect some scenes, so please excuse me for not relying on concrete examples here. All those piercing cries still stay in my head. My main complaint is that story does not lead anywhere and does not bring anything to the reader. My second complaint is why such game is needed at all? It is awful in every aspect and just can't be liked by anyone. Is it self-esteem for making the most senseless and disgusting game of the time? 


FlyingShine hit rock bottom with BM0. I am disappointed to such extent that I'm going to skip its two next ero-tilt games completely. I've no idea how company managed to exist until it was saved by Tanaka Romeo's Cross†Channel. And I just hope I recover enough by that time to overview Umi kara Kuru Mono that was issued in the same month as Cross†Channel. Game still has several nice CG, and I really hope to remember the game only by these CG one day.



Routes is the only masterpiece of the month. By inertia i'm choosing BM0 from FlyingShine for review this month.

1. Cannonball ~Neko Neko Machine Mou Race!~ CANNONBALL ~ねこねこマシン猛レース!~ [030207] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 
There is a big race event in space called Cannonball!
People living in the harsh space environment enter this huge interstellar event with big dreams and excitement in their hearts. The winner gets a huge reward, or at least that's what has been promised... 
Fifteen riders are qualified to enter this race that will take on various courses...
Game is localized and has English reviews.


2. Mamanyonyo ままにょにょ [030207] Alice Soft 1 2 3
Nanus, the prince of Mamatoto has created a machine that is able to summon heroes from other universes. With their help he intends to explore an infinitely deep cave.
An SRPG game featuring a large cast from various Alice Soft and Alice Blue games
Game is localized and has enough information in English.


3. Niji no Kanata ni 虹の彼方に [030207] DreamSoft
Protagonist's school is going to undergo renovation. In order not to lose school festival that falls on renovation time, it's decided to hold festival before renovation starts. Many of protagonist's acquaintances are chosen as executive committee members.
Game is a result of F&C fanclub survey about ideal game fans desired. And just as every such attempt like Ayumi-chan Monogatari from Alice Soft, such fan-based games are destined to turn into nukige. Basically main game is a kinetic novel, then it's time for heroine episodes. And there's such huge number of heroines (over 10) that any individuality gets blurred. Producers boast of over 10mb script size with millions of characters written. It's what's called a combine work with very narrow dark fantasy purposes.


4. Stay ~Anata no Tonari ni~ Stay~あなたのとなりに~ [030207] Ocarina
Main character leads a quiet life until the room of the apartment he lives in gets blown up. People around him aren't able to remember him. Protagonist finds a place to live next to a wonderful girl who seems to know him, but he does not have recollections of her. There are two more girls around like that. Protagonist is a bullied nerd, but is treated like a very popular student who is good with sports. He realizes that he is in the parallel dimension and needs to adjust to this absurd state somehow. At the same time a lot of dangerous incidents start to happen  around him.
Game is so absurd that it gives headache. There are so many loopholes and inconsistencies that it's impossible to take anything happening on the screen seriously. But even if we give it a blind eye, there's also absolutely identical heroine routes with only a few lines changed. Absolutely shameful.


5. Cafe Little Wish Cafe・LittleWish [030214] Patissier
An unknown and starving young man enters in a small restaurant called “Cafe Little Wish.” After gorging on everything without knowing he doesn’t have any money, he tries to escape but is thwarted by the strength of the waitresses. It’s later revealed he’s an amnesiac who doesn’t even know his own name. In a gesture of pity and generosity, the owner hires him to work off his debt. The story begins with our protagonist known furthermore as “Leon” and his life in Cafe Little Wish.
One playthrough can be finished in just one hour. Scenario is difficult to empathize with, because it's written from 3rd person viewpoint. One of the heroines is a real cat-girl with a tail. Quite a normal moege.


6. Danger Angel ~Ijou Shinka~ Danger Angel~異常進化~ [030214] Mink 1
Danger Angel is a sequel to Dangel. Hundred years have passed since Anduke and his companions defeated the demons and saved the Human Tribe. But now, the demons have broken free and are attacking the humans again. Julisse, a young woman from the Heavenly Tribe, asks the king Zeus to stop the massacre, but Zeus refuses. Against the orders of her superiors, Julisse descends onto the Earth, and frees Anduke, who had been imprisoned in a rock all this time. Since Anduke is the only one on the earth with blood of Heavenly Tribe in him, Julisse needs him for a magical ritual that involves finding four mysterious women, and which will ultimately save the humans...
Danger Angel plays similarly to its predecessor, being a traditional Japanese-style RPG with random enemies, turn-based battles, party management (the party can contain up to six people), weapons and armor, etc. The battles are viewed from an isometric perspective. Instead of navigating the characters on an open world map, the player selects locations by simply clicking on them. The game utilizes high-resolution 2D graphics for locations and characters. There is voice acting for important dialogues, and cut scenes include, beside the usual anime-style images, pre-rendered 3D animations.
Story is of good pace and is single road. Fights and maps difficulty is easy (ofc, since hero is self-proclaimed strongest person in the world). Mink is quite famous for HCG, but at the same time for too short H scenes.


7. BM0 Zankoku na Yoru ni Kanojo no Sakebi wa Dare ni mo Kikoenai. BM0 残酷な夜に彼女の叫びは誰にも聞こえない。 [030221] FlyingShine
Main character grows up in an orphanage in a mafia sub-district of Tokyo together with several girls. The orphanage gets burned down, and children get to live in a private family. However, family members die, and protagonist urgently needs money to pay for girl Rina's surgery. He agrees to take up a job of district black market's sweeper. He is in charge of disposal of "products" which is a code word for human traffic. His reality is colored with invisible desires and dead bodies.
I know DoNoR was bad... but I'm ready to step on the same rakes over and over if it's about girls with guns made by FlyingShine.


8. Usamimi Deliveries!! うさみみデリバリーズ!! [030221] Studio Miris
There is a city on a floating island. It's forbidden to construct high buildings there, so all the construction moves underground creating a vast automated infrastructure network. 
Main character works for a courier company there. But one day rival courier appears stealing all the customers. Suddenly protagonist gets an offer to work for this new company with amazing rabbit girls that serve as the main attraction of the company. He can't really say "no" to such offer. 
Orthodox slapstick comedy. Story remains the same, but there are a lot of events for each character, so it does not get boring. Atmosphere is bright and tempo is great, so it feels like anime or manga at times. A great healing game to play after such heavy titles as BM0.


9. Guardian Angel ガーディアンエンギェル [030227] Vridge Inc. 1
Protagonist Eric will have to borrow the mysterious power from an angel to protect his beloved one.
A strange PS2 exclusive about playing a guardian angel (read: a ghost) and solving the mystery by jumping over time and space. If you like the premise, it may be a game for you, but I really can't stand such "mysteries". It's a cheap price game. 


10. Iris Iris -イリス- [030227] KID 1
KID continues their streak of romantic interaction games with one which transpires in a junior high school where first love blossoms among classmates. From the spring semester to winter, the player has 3/4 of a year to find a soul mate from six potential girls ranging from the willowy Mido Shinonome to the lanky Kuwasaka Natsumi.
Atmosphere is bright, and heroines behave childish despite being in high school. Still routes look very much alike, and there is no true route after capturing six heroines.


11. Chikyuu no Heiwa o Mamoru tame!! 地っ球の平和をま~もるためっ!! [030228] C's Ware
Main character's father who works as a researcher of the Earth Defense Force, writes a letter declaring his intent to remarry. Protagonist suddenly has to take care of two young girls.
The next letter father sends is an appeal to prepare for aliens invasion. What the hell is going on here? 
Each of 4 volumes contains 4 episodes making story complete after 16 episodes. Contents is mostly a parody for old special effects movies about robots battles etc. Drawing is uniquely charming, but there's not much in the scenario department apart of over-extended robot battles and constant flow of gags. Each volume is sold for half price, but all four volumes make it an expensive and doubtful purchase. 


12. Daia no Yakusoku ~Aitakute~ ダイアの約束~逢いたくて~ [030228] Jewelry
Main character is busy working at a famous toy making company. One night he receives a letter from home together with his favorite phone toy from the childhood. Suddenly toy phone starts to ring even though it has no batteries. Girl voice from the other reality says that promise must be kept and that she's going to be protagonist's wife. The next day his childhood friend visits his room, but the hidden reason for this visit becomes clear much later...
It's difficult to describe genre here. It's not pure love/comedy/horror ... it's more like... ghost love story? Main heroine is not a real human, but rather a shell embodied with emotions such as greed or jealousy. There is also a comedy route with pretty absurdist development. Variety of routes is the biggest attraction point of the game. Result is surprisingly solid.


13. Demiourgos no Musume ~Hitomi no Naka no Miko Hime~ デミウルゴスの娘~瞳の中の巫女姫~ [030228] Catwalk
The main character got involved in a traffic accident six months ago and he is still unconscious.... One night, a miko appears in his dream and says, "Please keep this." What she hands him is a sword. "If you lose it, your country will be in trouble...." She says so and disappears.... On the next day, he regains his consciousness and finds himself holding the sword. A while later, he leaves the hospital and comes back to his house. However, the miko appears again. Her name is Tamayorihime. It seems she lost all her memories. Also, only he can see and touch her. He is happy to live with her, but some evil people appear around him and he is pursued by a mysterious sister and several men in black suits. At the same time, he gets a power that can cut people's hearts through the Tamayorihime's sword. What is the power of Demiourgos? Will he be able to protect his family and important people...?
Don't be fooled by sword and knife fights, with two shrine maidens and one imouto among four heroines, this game is a charage or at least a blend of genres. Battle between traditional mythology guardians and science impostors is in the center of narration. Still a nice candidate for extra review in the end-of-the-year poll.


14. Hoshitoki no Kanata 星刻のかなた [030228] TerraLunar
Main character is an ordinary student who belongs to the Astronomy Club. Together with his club friends he enjoys night start observation. One day he witnesses a strangely shining meteor. "UFO?" "Human soul?" 
The next day new transfer student Asuka comes to class. She behaves differently from other students, and things start to break around her. When she meets protagonist eye-to-eye, she quietly says "Your time is about to end".
Rocket no Natsu was a success, so why not make game like that about stars and aliens AGAIN? Actually, this time game is more about time travel since Asuka is such traveler who invites protagonist to make a time jump to fix present time. Not bad intention, but with such beaten plot move quality is what matters the most. Do it right and get Steins;Gate, do it wrong and get ... Hoshitoki no Kanata. Here protagonist is donkan, gags aren't funny, and volume is small. But the biggest downside is the True End scenario which is the worst.


15. Muv-Luv マブラヴ [030228] Age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
This game consists of two parts: Muv-Luv Extra and Muv-Luv Unlimited. Unlimited is unlocked after you get the endings of the two main heroines (Sumika and Meiya) in Extra.
Muv-Luv Extra:
Shirogane Takeru is a typical high school student with a lazy attitude and a love for the virtual reality mecha battle game Valgern-on. Even though he didn't really want it, he is popular in school mainly due to his daily fights with his osananajimi (Sumika) attracting too much attention. His life takes an unexpected turn when he finds a girl (Meiya) he doesn't remember ever meeting in his bed one morning. That girl is later revealed to be the heiress of one of the biggest zaibatsu. She immediately moves to his house and starts changing his life for the good with her one-track-mind and unlimited resources...
Muv-Luv Extra, the main part of Muv-Luv, takes place in the same world (and general area) as Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu. The Sky Temple family restaurant is mentioned and visited, and Suzumiya Akane makes an appearance.
Muv-Luv Unlimited:
One day Takeru wakes up late, wondering why Sumika or Meiya didn't wake him up this morning. Not seeing any signs of them he gets a bit worried and goes out of his house only to see the town he lived in all his life in ruins. After getting past the initial shock he decides that this must be a dream and decides to enjoy it as much as he can...
Game is localized and has many English reviews.


16. Natsuiro Komachi 夏色小町 [030228] Purple Software 1
You play as a key player in your school's swim club. Your two childhood friends are part of the archery club, and your sister-in-law is trying her best to swim as well as you. You and your friends are considered the best of your small town, but during this certain summer you begun receiving national attention. A TV news report has made feature on one of your archery friend's recent slew of victories. Now you are becoming notorious through her celebrity as well. You all begin training like crazy, and you soon discover the hidden feelings you have with the women around you. How will everyone put up with this sudden rise to fame?
Story and characters are so generic that it makes me shiver. There are too few events, and text lacks excitement. Even main drama event fails to produce any special feeling.


17. Patissier na Nyanko パティシエなにゃんこ [030228] Pajamas Soft
Shouichi spent most of his life living and working in his father's bakery. Like many young men, he left home for college upon graduating from high school. However, Shouichi's father has fallen ill, and now Shouichi must return home to manage the shop. In doing so he'll be reunited with beloved friends and forced to confront long standing family problems.
On his first night back home, a magical catgirl named Mio mistakenly curses Shouichi to turn into a cat at night! It's not all that bad though, as the girls just love holding cats. Some will even bring him into the bath with them!
Game becomes a marker work of Pajamas Soft influencing company further development. It's pretty much a moege with the process being much more important than the result. A lot of cute girls doing cute things, and sometimes those things look funny. Tempo is good. If you like things like "cake that makes people happy", game might be just for you.


18. Routes [030228] Leaf 1 2
The story takes place in 21st Century Japan (approximately at the end of April 2010). The main character Nasu Souichi is a perfectly ordinary high school student, who tries to do as little as possible everyday, and sleeps though most of his classes, only ever to be woken up by his friend Yuasa Satsuki. They believe they are living in a peaceful time, where no large wars are occurring.
However, these peaceful days are destroyed, when a number of large ships disappear at sea, almost instantly, and with no explanation as to why. A strange woman named Lisa=Vixen suddenly appears and attacks Souichi... however Souichi also has his share of secrets.
There is an English review, so I'd better choose BM0 that no one ever is going to review instead. Maybe if Routes is saved by the end of the year extra review poll...


19. Stay ever... ~Yakusoku Nante Dekinai~ Stay ever… ~約束なんてできない~ [030228] Ga-Bang
Protagonist has a less than lover more than friend Naho, and their parents get remarried making them siblings-in-law. Girl suddenly falls ill and starts to gradually lose memory. She confesses to protagonist in the end, but the scene is seen by the mother that forces protagonist to move out. 
A year later protagonist receives a call from his father saying that Naho died. Time that stopped a year ago starts to move again.
It's been a while we saw a nakige. Text is not bad here, and each individual route feels ok, but pretty much in every route something bad happens. Those illnesses and deaths accumulate to such a point that you start to wonder where it's impossible for writers to squeeze a tear in any other way.


20. The Black Box [030228] spiel
Main character is a police officer who lives alone in Tokyo. At the request of mother-in-law he goes to the countryside to visit his married sister-in-law that he himself has feelings for. However, strange things happen in this mansion...
It's mansion exploration and making decisions at key points. Of course, a great number of bad endings is triggered on the way. Good old-fashioned game, but don't expect a scenario here.




1. Gomenne Fukukaichou ごめんね副会長 [030201] Ringerbell
A private uniform contest is held every year. From this year the number of contestants is tripled. The winner school uniform is going to be longed for the whole year. However, the contents of the contest is known only to participating students ...


2. Custom Reido 2 カスタム隷奴II [030207] Kiss
Main character receives requests coming by mail to train designated girls as sex slaves. The promised reward makes him consider proposal.


3. Itazura BBQ ~Mukitate Lacrossekko Kuihoudai~ いたずらBBQ~剥きたてラクロスっ娘喰い放題 [030207] Tomato
Main character is a salary man who originally works at a technology company and chases after the same girl. But after an incident he loses his job and social status. He is picked up by the owner of a pension house, but has to help about the house in return. This summer Lacrosse club gets boarded in the pension. He recognizes the girl who made him lose his job and the girl he chased after among its members. The sweet feeling of revenge starts to fill him.


4. Tayumi. たゆみ。 [030208] Pawn
Lonely boy meets a lonely girl. The find something in common - they both like talking about math.


5. Aian Maid ~Koi no Gohoushi Daisakusen~ あいあん・めいど~恋のご奉仕大作戦~ [030214] Touchable
Main character comes from a rich family. After graduation he has some time to live alone. His father arranges for five maids to keep him company.


6. Dokidoki Sister Paradise ドキドキしすたぁパラダイス [030214] light
Main character's go overseas leaving him alone. During vacation he decides to stay at his cousin's place that's full of pretty girls and also to help at the family restaurant "Corretto". The four sisters are eager to give all their passion every night, but which one will protagonist prefer?


7. Gibo Shimai 犠母姉妹 [030214] Selen
The owner of the ryoukan inn at a hot spring resort dies and his widow inherits the establishment. Five years later protagonist Keichi shows up at the ryoukan with the will of old master saying about transferring all the property to Keichi. The the different motives in mind they come to a deal to leave things as they are for now in exchange for widow body. Daughters of the widow start to have doubts about this relationship...


8. Itazura A La Mode いたずらア・ラ・モード [030214] Bell-Da
Makoto Ayase, the protagonist, is a young man unemployed. 
One day, he is invited by Mayumi, his former girlfriend during highschool days, to work at the restaurant she is working as a waitress.
Going there, he meets many beautiful girls.


9. Kyouka Suigetsu 鏡花水月 [030214] Gaia
Main character confesses to his childhood friend. His feelings are accepted, but relations hardly progress at all, and things get uneasy. At summer roughly a year later childhood friend suddenly gets missing. Protagonist begins his own investigation and finds out that his lover is sucked into an ancient mirror by the magic of the summer festival. He starts to look into the mirror, and dreams about insult start to come to him.


10. Omegane Teacher Valentine Plan おめがねティーチャー Valentine Plan [030214] Studio Miris
Main character lives alone with his sister while parents transfer overseas. As graduation approaches, he gets a call from female teacher Saya inviting him to receive chocolate on a Valentine Day. That's as good as direct confession! Protagonist's sister is willing to protect her brother from the poison of other women, so she invents a plan to sabotage the meeting.


11. Sweet Devil ~Negaigoto, Kanaemasuu~ sweetでびる ~願いゴト、叶えますぅ~ [030214] TinkerBell
Main character is a shy introvert with his life passing by uneventfully. One day he finds an old book in the library that triggers his meeting with a devil girl. The girl is ready to fulfill any wish, but says that protagonist only has 10 days to live, and it can't be changed. Protagonist does not want to die, but if it's inevitable, he desires to have as much sex with cute girls over these 10 days as possible.


12. Toon [030214] Teatime
Main character has to take supplementary lessons alone during summer vacation as a result of traffic accident. However, childhood friend comes to visit him secretly feeling partial guild for the traffic accident. With a cute teacher and a childhood friend like that summer may still bring joy.


13. Pokopoko Imouto 3 ぽこぽこ妹3 [030215] Soft Circle Courreges
Protagonist unexpectedly has to spend 10 days of spring break together with his sister.
Doujin nukige


14. Augustic etc. オーガスティック・エトセトラ [030217] August
Short stories and fun scenarios with the characters of Binary Pot and Princess Holiday.
Originally published with the Tech Gian magazine.


15. Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku 薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク [030221] Cyc Rosé
It is the early Showa era, during the early stages of World War II. In Japan many prestigious boys' boarding schools exist, where students study mathematics, science, philosophy, and German language, hoping to make a future for themselves, while indulging in women and alcohol in their free time.
Hyuuga Kaname works as a handyman at such a school, Riotsu. One day he is cleaning up under the large rose tree in the garden of the school and visiting with Amano Junya, a first year student who is friendly with him, when he discovers the corpse of a dead bird. He tells Junya that he will return later that night to bury the bird beneath the rose tree. That night when Kaname returns, he finds the bird corpse missing; suddenly his nostrils are filled with a medicinal smell and he faints. He regains consciousness to find himself tied up and blindfolded, and he is raped beneath the rose tree.
The next day, Kaname is delivering the mail to the teachers at the school, and stops in to see Tsukimura Mikihiko, one of the professors on campus who is his closest association. One of the letters sent to Tsukimura is addressed from "Hanakuihidori," and when Tsukimura opens the letter, inside is a photo of Kaname sprawled out under the rose tree, unconscious and covered in semen from the brutal rape. Kaname is horrified, and Tsukimura advises him to investigate around campus to discover who the "Hanakuihidori" is that has committed this crime against him.
Taking Tsukimura's advice, Kaname notices that the attitudes of several of the students around campus have changed towards him suddenly after the event, and his friend Junya suddenly disappears. How many people have witnessed the violation under the rose tree, and what will it take to keep them from leaking this information? What has happened to Junya? And just who is the Hanakuihidori, the mysterious man that raped Kaname that night under the rose tree?
Boys Love


16. Chokotto☆Rhapsody ちょこっと☆RHAPSODY [030221] West Vision
Main character suddenly starts to live with cousins seeking to take advantage of him. However, at the first day of co-habitation he dies. Two girls - angel and devil - appear before him saying sorry to have cut his soul thread by mistake. As a way to correct their mistake they get to live together with protagonist till his soul becomes stable. How will battle between cousins and celestial beings thread?


17. Imouto Rental 妹・恋タル [030221] Chiffon
Main character wants so bad to be called "Onii-chan". He also wants to find a girl who would life only for him. He finds "Sister rental" service that promises to make all his sister dreams come true. Organization is somewhat suspicious, but offer is too good not to take.


18. Onnanoko no Himitsu 女の子のヒミツ [030221] Yamikumo-Communications
Main character has a distinctive female face. He is invited to drink tea an advisor to science department, and meeting passes without any surprise. However, overnight his body turns into a female body! It turns out that tea contained powerful drug, and antidote can be used only in a month's time. This month is going to be the time for peculiar explorations and unexpected meetings.


19. Shisho-san to Issho 司書さんといっしょ☆ [030221] Trabulance
Main character is an ordinary student during last year of school study. He is in charge of library committee that noone cares about. But one day a goddess comes to the library!


20. PRIMROSE [030225] Studio-Sakura
This is a hentai ADV game about the rape of Card**ptor Sa**ra. Please make sure you give Sakura-chan lots of love in the various situations you will encounter!
Doujin Lolicon


21. Eien to Natta Rusuban ~Papa wa Kaeranai~ 永遠となった留守番~パパは帰らない~ [030228] Touchy
Main character is a physical education teacher in a college. He lost his wife in an accident a year ago, and now his only daughter becomes immobile after an accident. He tries to transfer daughter to another school, but she opposes that wish as it means to lose friends there. Protagonist is at a very depressed state when he is offered a job of private tutor of a little girl. This time all his anger with this world is about to burst.


22. Hi-mi-tsu ひ・み・つ [030228] Guts!
Girls becoming of age have many secrets which are worse than death to many of them. Why don't you peek at these embarrassing secrets that rarely get known to the public?


23. Love Unfair [030228] Easy Mode
Main character is a chain restaurant manager. His father makes huge debts with the chain president and dies. Protagonist struggles with repaying the debt, but is unable to do it in time. President says that he can forgive the whole debt if protagonist's sister can satisfy president in one night. He can choose to train and sacrifice his sister or some other girl that is ready to stand in her place.


24. Nikutai Ten'i 肉体転移 [030228] Silky's
Kenichi and several of his friends stay after school to look at a new archaeological find, a bizarre looking mirror. Suddenly, the entire building is transported to an alternate dimension and a magic field surrounds it to prevent them from escaping. Also, their minds have switched to other people's bodies. The only way to switch bodies is when their sexual emotions are high. Kenichi must find a way to return everything back to normal until the dimension falls apart.


25. Yuukyou Gangu 遊狂玩具 [030228] Nigred
Main character works at a company, but secretly has dreams of girls trained as dogs. One day he goes to catch women and realize his dream.


26. Kami no Mizo Shiru 神のみぞ知る [0302] ThunderSonia
Main character Geo is an angel born with black feathers. He is avoided by other angel, but he has a best friend Rubis who is going to be the next God. One and a half year passes since Rubis shelters Geo, but one day Geo is sentenced to death in a week suddenly. Geo wants to spend this week so that he has no regrets. Rubis attends Geo each day, and they have long talks. What will happen to Geo in a week's time?

Foreword: Why would KeroQ make a moege? This thought bothered me for a while. But what if KeroQ tricked everyone and made something entirely different under facade of moege?

Title: Moekan

Developer: KeroQ

Date: 2003-01-31

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3139

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=011WabnKsQ8&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_47rfDklNMh3spmTY4nrpl


Synopsis: An anarchistic country that is said to dominate the world exists on a vast island known as Moekko Island. This is where the final works of AC Company's android combat maids (resembling beautiful young girls) are done, also where these maids get there communication training. A new maid is to come to the island to be trained, Rinia, she is a young looking girl, who has lost her all of her memories, she tries very hard to impress the owner at Moekko island, but just ends up making a lot of trouble around the mansion. Takahiro, the owner of Moekko island, a depressive young man who has also lost his memories is seen as a very unhappy person who thinks Rinia will only be trouble around the mansion. As time passes, Takahiro slowly grows attached to Rinia's attempted ways of helping and so starts a beautiful relationship among the quiet island.

Structure: Roughly a month from November 25 to around December 25

Length: About 30 hours.

Game type: Alternative world moe maid adventure

Difficulty: Chioices are evident, but are numerous.

Character Design rating: 9/10

Protagonist rating: 8/10

Story rating: 8/10

Game quality: 9/10

Overall rating: 8/10


Rating comments: I found only one (1) English review of the game, and it claims that it's hard to see how someone could find real fault in this title. I took the challenge... and... failed to find anything irritating. The only vague reasons that I cling to decrease evaluation is the story that I do not consider overall interesting or curious. It does not mean it's bad - it's full of tricks, and resolution that takes 1/3 of the game is great. Still 2/3 of the game nothing but gags happen, and I can't approve it. Not after Tsui no Sora and Nijuuei.

Protagonist: Takahiro is pretty much the largest mystery of the game. We more or less know who he was and who he is now. But he has huge potential and background that can strike at any moment in any way. It's heroines that search a key to his inner self, not the other way. Basically, his story is the thing that keeps things moving.


Characters: I am true to my review system, so I played only two routes. First one is main heroine Rinia, naturally. As for second heroine, I chose Kirishima just because I got pretty tired of maids after Rinia route - Kirishima is assistant with boyish looks and pretty wild temper.

Rinia is more just main character - she's reincarnation of Sae from Nijuuei. Even I noticed that Sae is absolutely the best heroine of Nijuuei giving the game that special positive tilt. Rinia is also a maid and - moreover - she is voiced by the very same seiyu in the very same manner. That instantly rises moe level of a new game to the skies. Despite all the huge story layer built over Moekan, I will still treat it as a huge fan-disk of Nijuuei to finally give Sae her own huge route. And it really worked out great as we got 10 hours devoted almost exclusively to Rinia. We get to see her in happiness, in illness and during crisis, so it's a normal main heroine path. Oh, and the most important thing in Rinia route is that it does not have H events at all (one half-naked after bath scene does not count). There are three special training evil endings just for the sake of H events, but that does not spoil impression of good ending at all.

But then I played Kirishima route... It had some cute scenes and one H event by the end, but what absolutely shocked me was the ending. The ending is not really a good one - and that's the only ending we get for her. Giving one heroine a good ending and another one not so good one is absolutely genius. I did not have the strength to play the other two maids Fuyuha and Kazusa, as well as zashiki-warashiki type heroine Suzuki, but if their endings at least remotely same shocking, that'd be absolutely amazing.


Story: There's not much to say about the story. Takahiro is given difficult task and limited time. There are a lot of sharks waiting for him to make a mistake. Rinia route has two action scenes regarding assaults of enemy forces on Takahiro while Kirishima route only has one. And that's pretty much the whole story. But what makes the story shine is the amount of details in the well developed worldview. Just as in Nijuuei there's quite a lot of infodumping first about the present state of the world with huge organizations based on islands, then we are gradually accepted to see the past - the fake one and just a bit of the real one. Nothing is easy here - we don't have some enemies. We rather have some five groups of rivals, and we never know their intentions and which one is going to strike. Attention to details and world-building is what makes games masterpieces.

Humor: There's so many gags in the game. They are mostly presented by chibi CG. I just can not forget that hysterical laugh "ehehe" upon breaking that vacuum cleaner lever.



1) Moekan tricks us presenting action-packed charage instead of a promised maid moege.

2) Game's still more of a charage than a plotge - that's why I'm showing action CG to remember game for its action scenes.

Overall comments: Game of very high quality and care for detail. I was going to give it a 9/10 score, but over time impression got duller and I was able to rate it more rationally. Even with such top class heroines I still can't fully appreciate a charage. There's a huge difference with Nijuuei. In Nijuuei characters empasized the plot, but here plot emphasizes characters. And for that reason I do not really want to play Moekan fan-disks Moekasu and Moeten. There's enough time devoted to each character, so there's no wish to explore them further in any kind of side-stories. It's one of the best charage in visual novel history, but for me it's not as strong as other three KeroQ works.



Moekan is the only masterpiece of the month

1. F no Fuuin Fの封印 [030124] Girl's Software
Main character is a university student who studies local history. As a part of his investigation he visits ancient shrine maiden island. There he finds and breaks a mirror, which is followed by a dream of a woman who lost her mind and wore girl clothes. Mysterious incidents start to happen from that point. What secret is sealed in maiden that came to his dream?
Main character needs to solve an incident in a month's time before the next lunar eclipse. Every heroine has the same development, so story gaps do not get filled with next playthroughs. Character relations are vaguely depicted. Graphics is probably the only attraction point.


2. Heart de Roommate はぁと de ルームメイト [030124] Angel Smile 1 2 3 4 5 6
During his transfer to a new school, Yusuke starts to think his luck couldn't get worse. Due to a series of inexplicable, unfortunate accidents, he is left in a strange city with nowhere to live. What is he supposed to do now?
Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, he runs into an old friend, whom he hasn't seen for years. The hyper-active Asumi decides that due to an old debt that she must repay (Yusuke can't even remember what she's talking about!), she will help him out with a place to live. She then drags him along to her dorm, where she announces to her two roommates that Yusuke will now be living with them! But it's an all-girl dorm!
Things continue to get more and more complicated. First, boys are forbidden in a girls' dorm, so Yusuke has to dress up like a girl each and every day in order to go to class. Also, he is apparently the new housekeeper and is made to do all the cleaning. And they make him sleep in the closet, of all places! Last but not least, he finds himself slowly but surely drawn to these girls, and begins to care for them….
Game is localized and has English reviews.


3. Komorebi no Namikimichi 木漏れ日の並木道 [030124] F&C FC01
You play as Kouichi, who lost his wife years ago. The game places you in a love story involving six girls.
The first visual novel based on life after main heroine dies (Clannad does not count). The atmosphere is bright and lovely. But thanks to impact on child raising, heroines are given relatively little time, and scenario feels sober overall.


4. Marginal マージ ~MARGINAL~ [030124] White Clarity
Shio lost his parents when he was young and lived with his grandfather since then. When he is at border of death, he gives Shio the key to a house located in a village and tells him that he has the right to choose if he wants to live there. Thus, he goes to the village thinking that the house is abandoned, but he finds that five maids live there. Soon, another maid who came from the woods joins them. Shio starts living with them at the house and thus, his new life begins...
Game is notable for having the same scenario writer who wrote Kuon no Kizuna, and he's the only thing that saves this game with a horrible synopsis. He tones down eroticism and develops relations extensively. There's a week for common route, then individual routes begin. All the mysteries are only revealed in the final Marge route.


5. Tenohira o, Taiyou ni てのひらを、たいように [030124] Clear 1 2
Haruno Akio lives his days without interest in anything, going to school for a vague reason he himself does not remember. One day a transfer student comes to his class, claiming she knows him and bringing with her the much needed wind of change that revitalizes his stale life and lets him rebuild his relationships with his estranged childhood friends.
First route is automatic bad end, then can make positive choices for one of heroines. Pure heart and friendship are main motives. If you can tolerate loli characters and nostalgic atmosphere, it can be enjoyable.


6. Moekan モエかん [030131] KeroQ 1
An anarchistic country that is said to dominate the world exists on a vast island known as Moekko Island. This is where the final works of AC Company's android combat maids (resembling beautiful young girls) are done, also where these maids get there communication training. A new maid is to come to the island to be trained, Rinia, she is a young looking girl, who has lost her all of her memories, she tries very hard to impress the owner at Moekko island, but just ends up making a lot of trouble around the mansion. Takahiro, the owner of Moekko island, a depressive young man who has also lost his memories is seen as a very unhappy person who thinks Rinia will only be trouble around the mansion. As time passes, Takahiro slowly grows attached to Rinia's attempted ways of helping and so starts a beautiful relationship among the quiet island.
There is an English review.


7. Separate Blue セパレイトブルー [030131] Frontwing 1
The game begins on June 14, Saturday, in the coffee restaurant Amica Cips. Here, the protagonist wakes up and introduces himself as a transfer student who moved from Tokyo to his uncle's home in town Mihatoya City about three months ago, in early March. His uncle and aunt are currently out of Japan.
There's no plot, so writers are given full freedom. Because of different writers approaches, routes vary in quality greatly. Might be the first attempt to produces such combiner visual novel.


8. Snow [030131] Studio Mebius 1
The story of Snow starts when the main protagonist Izumo Kanata visits a small village called Ryujinmura (village of the dragon god) to help his cousin Tsugumi manage a local hotel with hot springs. In the village there is an old legend: In ancient times, the village is protected by the dragon goddess. However, one day the dragon goddesses fell in love with a human, which is strictly forbidden, and this incident finally caused the village to be always covered by snow after that. The game then tells the daily life of the protagonist in the village, and finally links the story to the legend of dragon goddess.
There aren't many nakige up to this point, so nakige are being compared to main Key's works. And it that regard Snow looks like a degraded verson of Kanon/Air. The tear is squeezed by killing treasured for so long heroines, and even the True Snow scenario that's supposed to lift the sadness, does not really live up to expectations.


9. Tokidoki Sugar ときどきシュガー [030131] Xuse
There is a secluded town in the mountains which attracts tourists with its ski resort and lake. 
Main character fails university entrance exams and is commanded by parents to return to the town villa by the lake. He hates to inherit parents tea ceremony business, but just can't think of what else he can do. However, surrounding girls are able to inspire his heart. Sometimes sweet, sometimes clumsy pure love story unfolds in this quiet countryside.
Basically a game about solving five girls' problems. Atmosphere is good, but scenario is lacking. H events are rather frequent (at least 2 times per herone), long and dark for pure love story.




1. Subarashiki Usotsuki Yarou 素晴らしきウソツキ野郎 [030101] Liar-soft
Fandisc with characters from different Liar Soft games fighting each other over the chance to have a sequel of their game.  


2. Incest [030109] Puni666
My name is Mari. I have a brother.
A very kind brother. I love my brother very much.
He's the most loving brother in the world.
There is nothing I wouldn't do for him. Because I love my brother.
Lolicon Doujin


3. Rewinder リワインダー [030109] I-tea Koubou
Having gifted "power", Wakana Tokio reluctantly uses it to please his beautiful but selfish girlfriend, Chitose Miku. To not be dumped, Tokio keeps up the pathetic efforts, but turns involved in an inevitable destiny of sorrow...


4. Heavenly Blue [030112] Lycoris
It's summer time and Takamura is lazily passing the summer days, when suddenly he found out he could possibly inherit a certain island. 
The present master of the island had no child to inherit it, nor any close relatives. 
So he set up a tour over five days. 
However, Takamura will learn the truth behind the plan.
Boys Love Doujin


5. Hissatsu Panda Samurai 必殺パンダ侍 [030114] KEN and Beniiro
Once upon a time, there lived a panda samurai, brave and true.
The rest, dear reader, is up to you!


6. Hirameki Nuki Animation vol.3 閃 ヌキアニメーション Vol.3 [030117] Devil's Works
It's time to attend school and the city - from sex friends to fabulous city harlots. Find them based on clues and get your reward!


7. Hana Hiraku ~Ano Ko wa AV Jou~ 華開 ~あの娘はAV嬢~ [030124] Riddle Soft
Main character learns to be movie director after his father who is legendary AV director. Protagonist struggles with the funding of his independent films, so decides to shoot some AV movies to sell quickly thanks to his father's fame.


8. Mahou no Shippo na Dai San wa 魔法のしっぽな 第三話 [030124] Sith 1 
The third and final part of the Mahou no Shippona series. Emiru and company are onto the final two elemental fragments. It would seem that both of these magical items lie inside an enormous cave. They all begin exploring, but soon find themselves attacked and separated. Is this the end of their journey without the taste of triumph?


9. Momoiro Paradise -Sumikomi Baito Ren'ai-tsuki- ももいろパラダイス -住み込みバイト恋愛付- [030124] Yui Koubou
The protagonist is an university student who receives a call from an old friend, the owner of a pension at mountain. 
She needs help. So he began a part-time job as a resident of the pension. There he meets many different girls.


10. NA-RA-KU ~Geijutsuteki Ryoujoku Lesson~ NA-RA-KU〜芸術的陵辱レッスン〜 [030124] Marine Heart
Star Season Company with its musical performances plays a leading role in entertainment industry. 
Main character has to become the director of the play "The Demon of the Stage" and gather a cast of skillful actors. He exercises special "Oki" acting school that demands individual pride and shame destroyed to be perfect actors. To reach that perfection he sets up late-night private lessons with the members of the crew.
Boys Love


11. Okite no Shima 掟ノ島 [030124] TinkerBell
Main character follows his parents as demonist. There is a village with a belief that first sexual experience of girls must be with the evil spirit conductor. Main character comes to this village to initiate the ritual of coming of age with the girls. However, there is already a chained and bullied girl in this village. Can he save the girl from the demons?


12. Puni Mo E~ru! ~Sensei, Shimasho~ ぷにも☆え~る!~せんせぃ、しましょ♪~ [030124] Xai
Main character is a tutor hired to teach three girls during summer vacations. However, he is not an ordinary tutor who teaches maths or English. He rather helps to overcome students' weak points and get them interested in the study process. 


13. Refine [030124] Monoceros
Main character enrolls the the university thanks to his sport successes. He joins a basketball club and fosters relations with its members. However, his close friend betrays him...
Boys Love


14. Kooru Tsuki 凍る月 [030128] Amecyan
Melty Blood fan-fiction novel with the events happening in parallel with the original game.
Doujin Fandisc


15. 12nin no Onna Kyoushi 十二人の女教師 [030131] Deeper
Main character transfers to an elite boys' school where his uncle becomes a president. They decide to use women teachers as a bait to attract the best students. For that protagonist develops a plan to train teachers into slaves.


16. Angel Maker ~Hitotsu no Negai~ えんじぇるMAKER ~ひとつの願い~ [030131] Xyz
The battle between angels and demons goes on starting from prehistoric times.
In one of its episodes little devil steals an angel egg, but in the chase he has to drop the basket which falls on the head of main character. His brother puts the egg in the oven and pushes the switch, but soon the oven door blows up with a roar. A naked girl appears from the smoke. An angel and a devil join them to look over the newborn angel. So starts the strange five people co-habitation.


17. DA Pantsu!! DAパンツ!! [030131] Cadath
Aliens have sent flying panties that attach themselves to girl's panties, replaces them and inseminates them. A scientist discovers that the only way to prevent this is by already having some sperm inside their panties. So, suddenly five girls you know are demanding your services.


18. Shikkoku no Hana 漆黒の華 [030131] Black Package
England in the late 19th century. An estate is lost in the gamble. Main character is the winner's son who is given this estate as a present. All the things and people of the mansion become protagonist's possessions. Protagonist enters this mansion as a butler and starts to spread his poison.


19. Ura Bangumi ~Bijin Joshi Ana Yokubou Seichuukei~ 裏番組~美人女子アナ欲望生中継~ [030131] 13cm
In the world of color TV female caster occupation becomes as magnetic as idol. Each year a lot of young girl come to TV station with their dreams about amazing career and own program. However, they will soon find out that this television station is far from amazing.


Year 2002 was quite curious. A lot of heavy weight candidates finally entered the scene. 

New portion of Visual Novel Openings 2002 with songs.

My list of masterpieces in 2002:

  1. Baldr Force 
  2. Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi.
  3. D.U.O. ~Song for All~ 
  4. Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-
  5. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
  6. Hotosenaru Uta Chitosenaru Shirushi
  7. Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer 
  8. Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~
  9. Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2
  10. One 2 ~Eien no Yakusoku~  
  11. Princess Knights
  12. Rocket no Natsu 
  13. Subete ga F ni Naru ~The Perfect Insider~ 
  14. Suigetsu
  15. Utawarerumono
  16. Viper-RSR

It's evident that public sympathies stand for translated visual novels. But for me meta-layer intellectual novels would always stand above plotge, so VN of the Year 2002 is Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~ .

My previous attempt of poll for review failed mostly because I do not like to return to VNs that I played recently. This my new attempt is for visual novels that I evaluate highly, but did not have time to make a proper review due to one month - one review concept. This time poll won't have ending date, and I will be reviewing game with highest number of votes despite of overall number of votes. So here we go. 



Foreword: Girls with swords - will they repeat success of Gunsister?

Title: Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~

Developer: Mireille

Date: 2002-12-06

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6182

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9XSjuPuqPVDpGPnkGKY1Z-


Synopsis: Mysterious girl Shoko suddenly transfers to main character's school. One day she confesses to protagonist, but gets rejected. She says she has an ability to control the darkness and is drawn to protagonist's inner darkness. But her attempts of mental control get blocked. At that point Shoko starts to involve people around protagonist. Will hero engulf in darkness or break free from it?

Structure: None

Length: 15 hours or so overall

Game type: Mystery devilish school story

Difficulty: Moderate

Character Design rating: 4/10

Protagonist rating: 5/10

Story rating: 4/10

Game quality: 4/10

Overall rating: 4/10


Rating comments: I don't have much to say about this game. It's all in the synopsis. The game itself pales in comparison to synopsis.

Protagonist: Protagonist is the only bright spot of the game. He's mature, with strong will and just adequate in evaluating his power and power of his neighbors. 


Characters: There are five characters. Rei is a small blue hair girl with a huge greatsword. We stumble upon her for the first time at school during her gang-bang... and she does not resist at all. The same action repeats on the following day. And she's freaking cute main heroine! That was enough to ruin the game for me. Rei teaches protagonist to fight and they face Shoko on the night of the ritual together. Then comes the 15-minutes battle scene that's pretty much the only remotely interesting part of the game. The rest 3 hours in each route is just eventless talk. But then start all the other routes - teacher, classmate and imouto ones. And all of them are absolutely the same - again Rei fights with Shoko alone, but just different girl appears in the end. All these routes are degraded versions of Rei route. And finally the featured heroine of the game - Shoko. The most devastating route ever, basicly it's just porn with insulting absolutely every girl over and over with Shoko remaining for finale. 


Story: Game is porn. What kind of story do you wait for? 15-minutes battle scene has 2 (!) battle CG with swords - that should be enough for you. Don't expect any voicing or drama, please.

Overall comments: It's difficult to talk about a game that infuriates me so much. Let's try to find something good in it. Rei route is passable. She has nice background, carries a cat with her and is overall mysteriously cool with her greatsword. Why does not she resist being insulted? Well, let's leave at least this side of story concealed, as well as her identity. Game is memorable for its curious concept and strong willpower protagonist. Is it enough to actually play the game. Don't know, man... don't know...



There are no masterpieces this month. This is becoming a tradition! Guess Popotan can be called VN of the Month. I'm choosing Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~ for review. Girls with swords not as cool as with guns, but will do.

1. Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~ 玉繭 ~魅せられた蜜の糸~ [021206] Mireille
Mysterious girl Shoko suddenly transfers to main character's school. One day she confesses to protagonist, but gets rejected. She says she has an ability to control the darkness and is drawn to protagonist's inner darkness. But her attempts of mental control get blocked. At that point Shoko starts to involve people around protagonist. Will hero engulf in darkness or break free from it?
Game is rather story-oriented than H-oriented. There are a lot of overlapping parts in different routes. Occult part is thin. Basically only Shoko and Rei route stand out while others mimic Rei route. Not a masterpiece, but a fine choice for those grown tired of pure love stories.


2. Yotsuba no Clover ~Akane Sasu Tsukiyo ni Yakata Terasarete~ 四つ葉のクローバー~茜指す月夜に館照らされて~ [021206] Iridium 1
The protagonist, Kinoshita Kouichi, works for an insurance company and is sent to investigate the death of a famous painter. He goes to the painter's house and meets his four beautiful daughters. Can he solve the mystery without being killed himself?
A museum type game. Whatever you do, you get killed on initial run. There are too many places visit with few characters to see. Story is full of inconsistencies and it's not clear at all why sisters would wear maid uniform at home. Game is buggy and exhausting - a real kusoge.


3. Lime Iro Senkitan ~Meiji Nippon, Otome Sakimorisu.~ らいむいろ戦奇譚 ~明治日本、乙女防人ス。~ [021213] Elf 1 2 3
Around the the 37th year of the Meiji Era (1904) in the midst of the Russo-Japanese war, the small Japanese army, in need of assistance, uses its special flying (thanks to a benevolent demon) ship, the Amanohara, to attack Russia's major base at Port Arthur (Lushun).
Umakai Shintaro, a Russian diplomat originally from Japan, defects and goes to Sapporo to teach at a girls academy. However, that girls academy is not typical - it is on board the Amanohara, and the five girls Shintaro teaches are known as the Lime Unit - girls with the ability to summon powerful beings to fight for them.
There is an English review.


4. Mission of Murder [021213] Mink
The story took place in a city which never slept. A city of alcohol, drugs and sex. A city of pleasure and desire.
In that city lived an assassin called D, whose name or nationality were unknown. The underworld feared him, calling him "the Angel of Death".
One day, D received a request from a mysterious girl, Shinmei Tsubasa, who claimed to be the daughter of the Head of the Shinmei Ecology Lab. The lab was burnt down three days ago and everyone, Tsubasa included, was supposed to be dead. The girl said her life was in danger and wanted D to become her bodyguard.
Each of five regular chapters are devoted to individual requests. There is intermission before each chapter to advance the plot. ADV part is mostly to upgrade equipment. RPG part is quite simple. There are supernatural fantasy elements that ruin the whole hard-boiled sci-fi synopsis and make it what it really is - a kusoge.


5. Narikiri Princess ~Onna ni Natta Boku o Mite!~ なりきりプリンセス~女になったボクを見て!~ [021213] Zero
You are to join the school's drama club, but the high-handed club president dresses you up as a girl and introduces you to the other club members as a girl.
It's unexpected to see Zero making something other than nukige. Game has its share of H, but overall it's a low quality low price love comedy. Protagonist is barely shown and he acts so normally that it's really not clear why the whole trap thing needed to be done.


6. Popotan ぽぽたん [021213] Petit Ferret 1
The player assumes the role of Chris, the protagonist of Popotan. Chris is a high school dropout who dislikes the direction of society and refuses to get a job. He wanders the streets making a living as a guitar-playing busker. He feels he cannot play well without an audience, which is hard to find as a drifter. The other main characters include three sisters and their maid who live in a western-style mansion. Ai is the eldest of the three and communicates with plants. Mai is the middle sister; she is a tomboy and disapproves of Chris's behavior. Mii is the youngest and the most energetic; she often cosplays as "Magical Girl Mii" and helps people. Their maid Mea appears emotionless at first, but reveals hidden depth later in the story.
Popotan takes place in the distant future within the remnants of Tokyo, destroyed by a cataclysm and since altered by geological transformations. The disaster was caused by a giant dandelion structure resembling a spire that arose in the city atop a hill. The main location of the game is a European-style mansion, seen as completely out-of-place in the city. Much of the daytime is spent outside the mansion wandering around town meeting characters and triggering event sequences.
Popotan follows Chris's lifestyle changes, as well as the mysteries surrounding the spire-like object that caused the destruction of Tokyo in the past. The story opens as Chris desperately considers stealing food from a stand near a shrine entrance. His theft is unsuccessful, and he wanders around town looking for work. He finds a convenience store, where he gets directions leading him to the mansion. He enters without asking permission and runs into the three sisters and their lifelike android maid. Chris asks permission to stay because the rent is cheap and the girls are pretty; they consent, but force him to take a part-time job. The convenience store owner hires him, and as the story progresses, Chris opens up socially and begins caring about others as he interacts with the girls. He also meets new friends, including a classmate Konami, a local shrine maiden named Nono and a mysterious girl named Shizuku.
Game is not blocked by me as Lolicon only because it has an all-age PS2 version.


7. Sengoku If 戦国 if [021213] Rune
Sengoku era.  
Main character is born in the family of a powerful daimyo. During his ceremony of coming of age father gets killed putting protagonist in the head of the family. He is guided by his uncle, but there is no more time to waste. Chaos of war approaches this province. 
We can choose one of five provinces and aim for princesses of other provinces. Idea of sengoku card game is not bad, but here balance is terrible. It's easy to get stuck. Combo conditions are fulfilled rarely, so it's gets down to simple attacking most of the time. For some reason all the warriors have the same name even though pictures are different, that really kills immersion.


8. Piano Forte [021218] BeF
Main character is an aspiring pianist. He starts his career in a different province and now comes to visit his home town. His family has always lived heart-to-heart with the neighbor family. This is a story of protagonist cheerful time spent in both families during his visit.
Comedy is nice here, but game is just too short to take it seriously at all.


9. Erde ~Nezu no Ki no Shita de~ Erde ~ネズの樹の下で~ [021219] KID 1 2
One day, a motorcycle crashes into Takumi's house, an ordinary man living in a village. The driver of the motorcycle is Yoko, a traveller who wants to discover the world. As a payment, she wants to stay in Takumi's house for a while. During her stay, Takumi starts asking himself if he should also start discovering new things...
Game shines for slice-of-life scenes, but there's lack of explanation in many scenes which makes it difficult to grasp situation. Play time is just around 3 hours.


10. The Ren'ai Simulation ~Watashi ni Oma Cafe~ THE 恋愛シミュレーション ~私におまカフェ~ [021219]
Main character follows the will of deceased parents and becomes a manager in a coffee shop in his free from study time. He becomes famous in town as the only high school manager. Can he have both work and love with so many pretty waitresses around?
Classic dating SIM with parameters and schedule.


11. Triangle Again 2 [021219] Kiki Co., Ltd. 1
Triangle Again 2 continues where the story left off in the previous installment. In Triangle Again, a highly talented, young pop star had to fight her way back to the top, after her voice changed. The second game will begin after her comeback. 
All depends on prequel evaluation.


12. Aqua Blue [021220] Giga 1
Every year there is a nationwide high school girl contest. The winner will have a chance to make an idol debut backed by the event's sponsor. However this year's contest has a new sponsor and things are slightly different this time around...
There is an English review.


13. Double Mind だぶるまいんど [021220] F&C FC02
Main character moves to a port town apartment left from his grandmother.  He has many cute girls as neighbors. But two personalities dwell in the protagonist. Will angel or devil in him take over?
Game has very high capture difficulty level, but at the same time game system is made in such a way to make capture even more tormenting. Scenario is weak. Game can be played both as pure love and devil game, depending on chosen personality.


14. Innocent World [021220] Dress
Main character is sent to a university by her father. He finds no joy in study till the day his never encountered sister asks for a meeting at the antique shop. This place allows to meet the same girls in another world and understand them better in the real world. 
Scenario is long, but uneventful, so interest fades relatively fast. Still, enjoying the atmosphere in slow pace is possible. Initial route takes around 5 hours and covers 17 days.


15. Moldavite モルダヴァイト [021220] Clover
Meteorite falls from the sky. Its study boosts technology triggering multiple years of war.
Many years have passed since the fall. Main character is a boy with a dream to become the best summoner in the world. One day he overhears a story of powerful legendary cards. He travels to the foreign land to gather all these cards.
Conquer territories and meet beautiful girls. Battles aren't totally boring since conditions for winning vary. Capturing is difficult since a lot of conditions need to be fulfilled for each girl.


16. Platinum Wind ~Hoshi no Uta ga Kikoetara~ プラチナウインド~星の詩が聞こえたら~ [021220] Clover
Albeit tiny, the kingdom of Quartet is prosperous thanks to a mysterious magical light (known as "Platina") that envelops the region. In this bustling city, an alchemist returns home after his apprenticeship.
Moege with six heroines. Common route takes most of the time while heroines routes feel too short and forced.


17. Sayorana Etranger さよらなエトランジュ [021220] Clover
Main character is recovered from a frozen state after cure to his illness is discovered. As a result he loses his memories. He feels very lonely with no familiar face and being thrown 200 years in the future, but cheerful girl Haruka colors his world. Little by little he starts to open his heart to Haruka and with that acknowledges his position in this new world.
A decent nakige. Game is developed in three chapters - first atmospheric intro, then school common route and finally heroine routes without choices in them. All heroines are attractive, but Haruka route is definitely the main one which may make other routes look pale.


18. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 [021220] Root 1
Story begins with a girl from our world who's taken to a strange, magical realm by a dragon. She apparently was taken to the library where all past, present, and future realities are kept within the books. You play as a guy who has come from one of these books as well, but has forgotten his way back home. You are commissioned to find this girl by the denizens of the library, and you search by entering these tomes. Perhaps on your way you'll find your own origin as well .
Game that incorporates characters from several games to create metastory akin to Age Maniax. But this time it's middle price game, so first class product can't be expected. Same as Kao no nai Tsuki, Carnelian makes CG for the game, and the atmosphere is good here as well. But overall game lacks excitement and gets boring. There is anime version for those who want to sample it.


19. Cake x 3! -Ichigo Ichie- ケーキ×3!-苺いちえ- [021227] Frau
Main character hears about a cake contest with the first prize of ability to open his own shop. He does not even have a finalized recipe of the cake. Can he really win?
Pace and text are bad. It's difficult to find anything good in this game... maybe music?


20. Girigiri Love ぎりギリLOVE [021227] Hayashigumi
Main character's father remarries and brings new family to live together. But soon protagonist's childhood friend Kana dies, and he flees from this town to study abroad. A few years later he returns to his home town, familiar yet so different already.
Mother-in-law and sister-in-law get all the attention here rendering sub-character hardly noticeable. There are many endings, but they all are very similar. Game is short and over in just 2 hours.


21. Guren Tenshou -Rasetsu- 紅蓮天衝-羅刹- [021227] Zone 1
Guren Tenshou: Rasetsu directly continues the story that began in the first and was continued in Guren Tensho: Shura. After Lee Rekka and his all-female Guren squad have defeated the evil organization of Tetsu ("iron") in the previous game, they thought that there would be finally a chance for peace in the old Japan. But then came the assassination attempt on a commander of Guren. The trace leads to the assassin Naotaka. Rekka and his companions have to chase him down, but they aren't ready for another surprise: the remnants of the Tetsu clan raise their ugly heads again...
Rasetsu follows the non-RPG template of its predecessor, rather than returning to the RPG roots of the series. A large bulk of the gameplay is the same as in "Shura": listening to/reading dialogues, being automatically taken to locations and from time a time participate in pre-set turn-based battles. There is however an important gameplay mode that makes "Rasetsu" a strategy game: in dungeons, the player has to throw dice to navigate the hero over top-down corridors with grids. Depending on the number on the dice, the hero advances to different grids, which results in battles, poison traps, items, healing spots, or puzzle pieces that are needed to unravel anime-style pictures of the Guren girls.
There are several mini-games, but most irritating is that CG are picked up randomly like drop. As a game, it's really boring. Just as the prequel the only attraction point is CG.


22. Imouto de Ikou! 妹でいこう! [021227] 0verflow
Hisashi Yoshizumi lost his mother at a very young age, and has always lived with his father. One day after arriving from school, he finds out that he has a new mother and sister! A heartwarming family comedy ensues.
Unlike previous games of 0verflow this one is quite usual heartwarming comedy. There are a lot of heroines for capture, but none of them has drama, so all these light positive stories look quite alike. With so many heroines overall volume is lacking.


23. Men at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~ メンアットワーク!3~ハンター達の青春~ [021227] Studio e.go!
In the deep forest of Europe there is a school focused on natural sciences and mysticism. But its true purpose is to pass thousand-year old knowledge of monster hunting with the use of magic. 
Women have natural predisposition for this profession, so main character Ryle becomes the only male student here. He even gets to stay at girls' dormitory! This is world's paradise provided that he can find common language with the girl students.
Synopsis has not really changed since 2nd installment, but hey, it's not a game about the story. Capturing girls with all this study, quests and timetables is not a simple task. System is more advanced than in Izumo, but I really prefer story-driven games like Izumo to sandbox-oriented games like Men at Work.


24. One and Only [021227] Sirius
The protagonist is a popular guy. However, no-one has asked him out. When he was a child, an accident meant he had to move away. But he made a promise to a childhood friend. "I'll definitely return to this street." That was 10 years ago, and he has been waiting day after day to return to the girl...
Scenario is strange here since the promise is given only to main heroine, so it's unclear how protagonist can chase sub-heroines in this situation. Big number of heroines. Overall a pure love game, even though blood related sister is involved as well.


25. Melty Blood [021230] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4
2274.jpgTohno Shiki hears of a new series of murders in Misaki similar to the ones that took place in Tsukihime. Whilst searching for the murderer he meets Sion Eltnam Atlasia who initiates a fight with him, attempting to capture him. After the fight she reveals that her reason for attempting to capture him is to get in contact with the "True Ancestor" (referring to Arcueid) so that she may acquire information on the "cure for vampirism". Shiki then decides to help her with this task.
Melty Blood is a 2D fighting game. The first couple of PC releases had adventure style stories with branches and multiple number of endings and a secondary story in arcade mode. Later versions only have the arcade mode, but they have many more characters.
There are English reviews.




1. Auau あうあう [021206] Silver Co., Ltd.
Near future. Main character works hard at part-time jobs and finally can afford to buy an android maid. However, she is defective and has much wider range of emotions and senses than usual. She begs protagonist not to exchange her immediately. There are two weeks of free exchange period to test her properly.


2. Cabaclub Time キャバクラたいむ [021206] Pirka
Main character works as a clerk at a cabaret shop. One day most popular host gets unavailable, and protagonist is asked by the manager to fill his position. Protagonist reluctantly agrees, but little by little starts to enjoy his position. However, he starts to feel rivalry for the chair of №1 host very soon.


3. Hitozuma Mahjong 2 人妻麻雀2 [021206] Rouge
6 years ago - the young student protagonist (while living with his parents?) had an unrequited love for a young OL - Sakurazawa Nanako - who lived alone in the next apartment. Sometimes he'd hear sounds of Nanako in her room separated from his by just the wall, especially the sounds of her showering. He indulged in masturbation every night while imagining her shower scene. He found that he could peep into her bathroom if he leaned out from his balcony. However, she also had had simple conversations with him, knew that the he had begun job hunting, and even given him a job guide book that she had used. To this end, he entered her apartment for the first time with a throbbing heart.
One day he crashed into her while she was taking out her trash. Things became awkward when used condoms spilled out, and he began to intensely masturbate every night imagining her sex life. Nanako eventually noticed the feelings of the young student, and promised him "I'll have sex with you once you've passed the employment test"! The student kicked it into gear and gave his all to studying, but then shortly afterwards, he found that Nanako had suddenly moved away. He became desperate, spent his savings on losing his virginity in the late-night city, and abandoned the employment test. Eventually he slipped unnoticed into the underworld of professional mahjong masters.
Still to this day, he seeks opponents for the game, aiming for money and older married women.
Nukige card game


4. Inmyouji 淫陽師 [021206] Fruit
Main character moves to a house left by his deceased grandfather. In the middle of the night he wakes up from a blowjob being given by a beautiful woman. Then she disappears without trace. It turns out that this land is full of unique shrines with shrine maidens advancing "spirits as friends" doctrine. While being swayed by such girls protagonists searches for truth behind the mysterious woman.


5. Magical Love Lesson まじかるLOVEレッスン [021206] Giant Panda
Childhood friend suddenly confesses to main character that she is actually a magical girl. They need to study for the exam, It's easier to memorize something if it's associated with something naughty, so they start special magical training sessions every night.


6. Mitsugetsu ~Secret Moon~ 密月 ~Secret Moon~ [021206] Eve
The noble vampire moves to an old castle and finds a "broken girl" in one rooms there. She turns out to be a souvenir of the former vampire castle lord. Girl calls protagonist a master and is absolutely obedient to him. Well, at least this hundred years won't be as boring as previous ones.


7. Neige [021206] Cherry Soft
Main character is an ordinary student, but with ability to see spirits. He lost parents early, so lives at his relatives house. There are two cute girls in the house, but he can not overcome his phobia to get close with them. One day girl Neige appears from a tree. She is a spirit who controls sexual desire. She raises sexual desire in the girls of the house, so the outcome approaches.


8. Tsukushite Agechau 4 ~Watashi-tachi no Mitsugetsu~ 尽くしてあげちゃう4 ~私たちの蜜月~ [021206] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6
My name is Aoyama Kouji. I'm an ordinary guy living an uneventful life as a university student. Because my parents are separated, my uncle, a somewhat strange man who runs a restaurant, has taken the role of being a father to me. Although it's hard work, I actually like helping out at the restaurant from time to time.
One day, while walking with Himeko, who I've been friends with since childhood, I was hit by a car and nearly died! Thanks to a miracle, I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed in America. After some bizarre adventures, I return to Japan and decide to move into my uncle's house where I can help him run his restaurant.
Imagine my surprise when several beautiful girls approach me to tell me how happy they are that we'll be working together. First, there's Himeko, who tells me she'll do anything for me, followed by Chizuru, a beautiful girl who lives in the neighborhood who wants to shower me with attention. Takano, a gorgeous girl from my class, also confesses her desire to do anything she can for me, as does Leo, the quiet girl who lives and works at the restaurant. At first I think they're just happy that I wasn't killed in the car accident, but gradually I realize that they've all fallen in love with me for some bizarre reason. The girls are spending every moment they can, taking care of me and giving me all their attention.
Am I the luckiest guy in the world, or what?


9. Asobi Juku あそび塾 [021210] An*tique
Main character is a university student who inherits father's private company. This summer vacation he meets a mysterious and attractive girl Ichigo.


10. A.A.A. [021213] Piyopiyo-Gumi
Angelic Android Company is world's largest company. Main character gets a job here as instructor to make androids more human-like.


11. D.C. ~Da Capo~ Seasons D.C. ~ダ・カーポ~ シーズンズ [021213] Circus 1
Da Capo Four Seasons & Da Capo After Seasons are compilations of the Da Capo fan disc after-stories. The White Season and Summer Vacation scenarios from the respective PC games are included, along with two brand new scenarios taking place in the Spring and Fall seasons.


12. Dokidoki Onii-chan どきドキ・お兄ちゃん [021213] Aqua House 1
One day, a distant relative arrives at our hero's house.
Her name is Rumiru. She's a cute girl with big eyes.
Our hero met her long ago, but he can't even remember how she looked back then.
Rumiru remembers him as a kind boy who played with her when she was little.
It seems she has just run away from home after fighting with her mom...
Our hero soon receives a phone call from her mother. 
He tries to persuade Rumiru to go home, but she just won't listen to him.
Her mom tells him Rumiru is very persistent.
Finally, Rumiru's mom gives up and asks our hero to let Rumiru stay a while...
This is how life with Rumiru begins.


13. Ikenai Oshigoto い・け・な・い♥お仕事 [021213] Black Package
Main character continues family business of a firm fulfilling any kinds of requests coming by email. This time a request comes from a woman who needs to ruin the omiai date prepared by her parents. Protagonist decides to hook up male partner with some girl to avert him from the girl in question.


14. Imouto Jiru 妹汁 [021213] Atelier Kaguya
Akira's father, an archeologist, has remarried, giving him a new stepmother and three stepsisters, Yuki, Nana and Miu. While on his honeymoon, Akira's father makes an archeological find and decides to stay on site in order to supervise and leaving Akira at home alone with his new family members. After being discovered in bed with Yukie, his stepmother, Akira finds a box containing a scroll and three bottles. Using the knowledge his father taught to him, he reads the Sumarian language on the scroll and finds himself in a contract with the goddess Inana, who tells him to collect the love juices of his sisters in the bottles before the next full moon or else a terrible horror will befall him.
Lolicon nukige


15. Imouto Kansatsu Nikki いもうと観察日記 [021213] Triangle
Main character discovers a hole in the wall leading to his sister's room. What he sees there is beyond his imagination - sister reads eroti books and gets unconsciously excited! Moreover, the erotic book is one from protagonist's own hidden stash. He can't hide his voice in exclamation, and his sister walks out to return him his book. From that day siblings relations can never be the same. 


16. Meshimase Idol 召しませアイドル [021213] Sekilala 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Life is pretty good when you get assigned to manage the careers of two superstar idols! You are put in place to countermand the rebellious tendencies of these stars' previous manager, and you have all the power!
Beautiful women surround you now, all at your beck and call! Do you feel like seducing your lovely assistant, or maybe the sexy ex-idol co-manager is more your style? And of course, don't forget your two superstars. Their careers are in your hands, and surely they are grateful for that! Now what could these gorgeous girls possibly do to repay you?


17. Seiai Chiryou ~Chijoku ni Nureru Hakui~ 性裁恥療 ~恥辱に濡れる白衣~ [021213] Tryset
Main character wanders in the dark till he remembers he is in the hospital undergoing a treatment against a heart disease. A girl appears before him. She introduces herself as a Grim Reaper coming to take his soul. Protagonist cries and demands more time to prove it's a medical error. He is given just  seven days. He swears to have his revenge in this hospital.


18. Shibarare Nurse 縛られ ナース [021213] hi-way
Main character is a guard at a hospital who protects nurses from suspicious persons. However, he has other side of personality - at night time he aims at late-shift nurses with the aim to tie them up and make photos of them.


19. Typing SM Muchiuchi タイピングSM 鞭打 [021214] PIL
Maid in Heaven, SEEK remastered and Gakuen Sodom are presented as three typing games with increasing difficulty level.


20. Aki no Miko 晩秋の巫女 [021216] Soft Circle Courreges
Main character is a ronin who has enough time till entrance exams to have some rest in the countryside. His girlfriend broke up with him lately. A pretty shrine maiden appears before him on the trip to the mountains. She perfectly fits his taste.
Doujin Nukige


21. Dark Illusions [021216] Vonwert
In this game the main character decides to get away from it all during his spring break and stay in the mountains. While staying in the mountains a massive storm causes the main character to faint. A mysterious woman saves him and uses sexual pleasure to keep him warm. It turns out that he is now in a strange old mansion. The woman who saved the main character is the mistress in charge of the place. The main character decides to explore and while there meets many women as the story unfolds...
Dark Illusions is a western remake of "Nocturnal Illusion" in RPG Maker for PS1. The game adds adventure game elements, like puzzles and obstacle courses, removes the presence of Kusayama and adds additional secret characters, one of them being Priss from developer's first game "Treasure Hunters".


22. DRAGEE ~Tenshi no Tamago~ DRAGEE~てんしのたまご~ [021217] Ritz software
Main character is an angel and the only son of the Heavens ruler. One day father summons him and asks him to look for life companion. There are five candidates to get to know. Who of them will be chosen by the birthday?
Boys Love Doujin


23. Shirotsume Souwa Bangai Hen "Tsunakawa-sanchi no Christmas" 白詰草話番外編 『津名川さん家のクリスマス』 [021217] Littlewitch
Short, stand-alone side-story available for free from Littlewitch's website.


24. Darling II: Backlash [021220] NEST
A racing themed love/relationship simulation game follows the exploits of a team of young male drivers, who compete for the racing group Team Angstrom. Since the (unseen) main character is a girl with the customizable name of Hitomi, gameplay consists of conversations with male drivers. Conversations lead to specific events and story twists, which in turn, lead to different types of endings.


25. Gap P ギャップ・P [021220] Harvest
Main character is a slightly weak boy. He can not confess to the girl he likes for a long time. But everything changes after meeting demoness Pumy who promises to help him confess after transforming to the girl he likes. At times practice sessions turn into sensual lessons. What will happen after confession to the real girl?


26. Hana no Kioku Dai 7 Shou 花の記憶 第7章 [021220] Foster
Five new short stories united by the concept of darkness.


27. Mahjong G-taste マージャン G-taste [021220] WINC
Meet Moe, Nana, Mai, Sayaka, Misuzu, Asuka and Yuna, the sexiest girls around, but they have a common problem to each other: They can't get enough sex and get satisfied. They will do anything they can to accomplish their dreams and desires.
Nukige card game


28. Make Love! + ~Plus~ メイクLOVE!+~ぷらす~ [021220] Kiss next
Extended version of Make Love! ~Slave Love~ including a lot of plugins for further customization.


29. M&M ~Torokeru Mahou to Amai Jumon~ M&M~とろける魔法と甘い呪文~ [021220] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
A magical ceramony gone wrong, an accident that caused Marie's body to stop growing. Now a little over ten years later Marie seeks out the one who holds the key to breaking her curse. A childhood friend named Yusuke, but with an overprotective yin-yang sorceress named Misaki who secretly has a crush on him. Breaking the curse won't be easy, just who will win in a battle between a witch of the west and a yin-yang sorceress of the east. No matter the outcome, Yusuke's peacefull days are coming to an end.


30. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! Heroines Fun Box Pia▼キャロットへようこそ!! ヒロインズ Fun Box [021220] Horon
A collection of typing mini-games featuring heroines from Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 3


31. Reijou Caster 2 隷嬢キャスター2 [021220] Guilty
Three years after the first incident. GUIL-TV recovers from crisis and becomes a top-class broadcaster company. Five bright new casters have come to take the place of retiring star caster. 
Main character has a grudge over selfish casters. Now that he's promoted at the studio, he can finally put his revenge plan to action.


32. Ryoujoku Joshi Gakuen 凌辱女子学園 [021220] GuiltyN
A strict prestigious girls school. There is even a rumor that even the examination of the underwear is done here in the name of guidance. There is a girl under suspicion who is ordered to pass underwear examination and virginity check.


33. Shikijou Zense Kanteishi 色情前世鑑定士 [021220] Pinky Soft
Main character is counselor with the ability to see past life of girls. Under his supervision phantom beast girls are trained.


34. Stitch -Kakechigaeta Button- Stitch -掛け違えたボタン- [021220] Aias
Main character is the owner of a clothes brand for teens. However, he is also pervert and sadist who insults girls wearing clothes of his design.


35. Suimitsutou no Namida 水蜜桃 の涙 [021220] hi-way
The other face of the companies is never shown to the public. In one of such companies woman is beaten and insulted. In order to protect her future she now has to comfort members of the company. 


36. Takuhai Ren'ai Kurabu Sapphire 宅配恋愛倶楽部サファイア [021220] Jewelry
Girl loves a boy, but can't confess her feelings. She even leaves him a love letter, but he fails to receive it. Girls asks her friends how she can approach her love in a natural way, and they come to an idea to pretend to be love service company and send her as a prostitute to his house as a new customer free trial.


37. Viper-M3-3.2 Viper-M3-3.2 [021220] Sogna
A love triangle develops between Kenji and the two women he's grown to love. Will he choose his childhood friend and cosplay-fanatic, Kaoru, or the beautiful and charming, Rika? And whomever he chooses, will the other be jealous?


38. Teripura テリぷら [021223] Terios
Short after-stories of Elysion ~Eien no Sanctuary~ and Ikinari Happy Bell heroines 


39. Momoiro Memory Azu ももいろメモリあず [021224] Studio-74
A simulated life of a 3rd grader. He enjoys school life, talks with girls and studies together with them. Decide his fate whether it's eternal life or a darker future that awaits him. 
Doujin Nukige


40. Otokoyu ni Haittekita Onna no Ko o Dou Suru ka 男湯に入ってきた女の子をどうするか [021226] Sol-fa-soft
Papa took his precious little girl to the bathhouse. The tanned, budding daughter gets teased!
Makeouts in the steamy water, mutual "playtime" washing, grappling bodies in the sauna. 
Doujin nukige


41. Teriru no Christmas BOX てりるのクリスマスBOX [021226] Witch
A fan disc featuring familiar characters from Milkyway and Ichigo-Da! They rampage in a block-breaking typing game while wearing cute uniforms.
An original story with content to make fans happy, such as mini-games and wallpaper sticks.
Familiar theme song, "UNDER17" and a must-have new song.


42. Gakuen Banchou! 学園番長! [021227] Marine Heart
A new student, Ban Chouta, arrives on campus. He takes a seat next to the protagonist, Kozono Nanao. How will the gang leader change a school of bourgeois?
Boys Love


43. Kokuentouki Dark Shadow 黒炎闘鬼ダーク・シャドー [021227] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Evil organization "Eden" aims to conquer the world. It imbues main character with the ability to manipulate physical bodies and erases his memory. He boldly decides to fight "Eden" in order to recover his memories.


44. Magical Premium [021227] Magic Private Eye
A girl suddenly jumps out of the doujinshi picked up on the way back from Comiket! For some reason this busty girl loves you! Earn points in mini-games to get to know her better.


45. Perfect Prince [021227] Gimmick House
Scholar Nicolas receives a letter one day. It is an invitation to the southern seaside country, the Neiapolis Kingdom. The king of the country wants him to become a tutor for the royal prince.
Boys Love


46. Shi/Ko/Mi [021227] ZyX
Family restaurant "Petit Rabbit" in Tokyo has a reputation for cute waitress uniforms. Also, waitresses are selected based on appearance and manners. 
Main character works as a manager here. He gives out atmosphere of exquisite youth elite, but in fact he is a cruel person who threatens to intimidates women. He devises a plan to train three high-end waitresses.


47. Soyokaze no Okurimono -Wind Pleasurable Box- そよかぜのおくりもの -Wind Pleasurable Box- [021227] minori
This is a fandisc for Wind: A Breath of Heart.
It is divided into three parts. First part covers all the related magazine articles, posters, drawings and stories presented in the similar sources. Second part covers new stories to play including the ones written by fans and the developers. Third part is a movie chronicling the making of the game's famous video sequences.


48. Injoku no Kajitsu 淫辱ノ禍実 [021228] Chinsoft
Main character is a graduating student. He is ordered to investigate project of a professor. However, when he arrives to the laboratory, surroundings begin to gradually turn weird. What's awaiting him in this wrong place during wrong time?


49. Love Me Do [021228] team e-DaTe
"One Piece" Zoro x Sanji fanfiction.
Boys Love Doujin Fandisc


50. Tsuki Jan 月雀 [021228] Kagetsu Gumi/Fairytale
Strip mahjong with heroines drawn by more than 20 different illustrators.
Nukige card game


51. Angel ★ Pop [021229] Hanerom
Main character is appointed to educate an angel. But he does not think he can be a good teacher. Why not teach him something bothersome instead and turn him into fallen angel?
Boys Love Doujin


52. Countdown カウントダウン [021229] Strawberry Argyle
New Year's Eve. Today main character is about to confess to his partnter and move to physical relations.
Boys Love


53. E.G.G [021229] STPower
Akito, a young scientist, finds an abnormally large egg and is ordered by his boss to take care of/study it. A small, cute creature soon hatches out of it, and Akito slowly becomes attached to it. One day, the creature evolves into something resembling a young human boy...
Boys Love


54. Matenrou 摩天楼 [021229] ANGEL/BLOOD
Main character "D" is a man who accepts different requests. What kind of request is waiting for him today? There are three chapters with multiple endings possible as a result.
Boys Love


55. Mimosa no Saku Koro ミモザの咲く頃 [021229] I-Raf-You
Miyazawa Shinji is a high school boy who fantasizes about being with giant women. One day, Shinji is late to science class, and as a punishment is given a drug that makes him shrink.
Nukige doujin


56. Blueberry Pie [021230] Tange Kentou Kurabu
One day main character receives a mysterious crystal ball on his journey. The hidden truth about reality is reflected in it. For example, it's shows how priest seals nun's purity just for her virginity to be taken by a tentacle monster.
Doujin Nukige


57. ERO Ragnarok Offline 2 [021230] PERCEPTRON
When Ako, Milka and Puri were called to the merchant Chris, they did not expect the danger that approached.
Doujin Nukige


58. Jitsuyou Shinan ~Re Pure~ 実用新案~リ ピュア~ [021230] Usagi Purin
Sister Princess heroines are ready to give all their sister love to their onii-chan.
Doujin Nukige


59. Ore no Natsuyasumi おれのなつやすみ [021230] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
During your summer vacation you stay at your aunt's house for a week. Living there are two cute young girls, 10 year old Arisu and 7 year old Karin your younger cousins. A chance meeting with a classmate of Arisu, a boy who goes by the odd name of Gorizou finds you in possession of some of his collection of pornography; it's every young man's dream!
However Arisu finds the magazine you borrowed and shares it with Karin. Now the two believe it's only natural that two people in love have sex together and since they both love you they decide to start on an ecchi journey with you!
Lolicon Doujin


60. Strawberry Tarte [021230] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Modern time. There exists a magic group established during Heian period with the role to reconcile governmental institutions. Main character is its executive and special exterminationist with the  mission is to defeat the sorcerer and his tentacle monsters.
Doujin nukige


61. Dally Dash! [021230] Splatter Hour
An innocent store clerk is caught up in a robbery in the late hours of the night at the store. Will he make the right choices to keep himself alive? Is there more to this robber than a simple criminal?
Boys Love


62. Daraku Monogatari ~ Aru Jiyuujin no Hanashi ~ 堕落物語~ある自由人の話~ [021230] hi-way
Main character is a freeter who lives in Tokyo. As his sluggish life with eventual part-time jobs continues, he comes up with a plan. He does not want to fall alone, but wants a companion. He goes out in search for appropriate target. 


63. Kioku ~Kakashi ver~ 記憶〜カカシver〜 [021230] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Little Lover story alternative version with memory loss and many possible endings.
Doujin Fandisk Boys Love


64. Little Lover [021230] TOKOTON-LOVERS
There are two visual novel pieces in the package:
One is Naruto story about getting a teacher
The other one is memory loss kinetic mini-novel.
Doujin Boys Love


65. Papyrus 紙莎草書 [021230] Yuta SoftTek
The protagonist is touring around a museum, admiring a particular ancient Egyptian painting & wondering why the girl in the painting looks just like her.... when suddenly, her spirit is called upon on by the past "her" & she is transported to the Egyptian era. She wakes up and finds herself in a foreign place with a totally different identity...a training priest! Apparently the past "her" has an identicalappearance to hers, & she requests for the protagonist to take her role in order to change history & save her loved ones... she has no choice but to accept. The protagonist gets to meet her not blood related "sibling", her "childhood friend", the Pharaoh, the harsh head priest, an invader of the city fulfilling a curse made long ago & the playful sibling of the Pharaoh... Of course the aim of this game is to chase after all those bishies! 


66. Sasuke no Love Mail Daisakusen! サスケのラブメール大作戦! [021230] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Sasuke x Iruka mini-game.
Doujin Fandisk Boys Love


67. Seiyoku no Toriko 性欲の虜 [021230] hi-way
Female teacher Mao has strong libido. Even in the new academy workplace she continues to conduct indecent acts provoking students and co-workers of the same gender.


68. Sinkha: Hyleyn Sinkha: Hyleyn [021230] Marco Patrito 1
Hyleyn has now become involved with the immortal Sinkha, the most advanced life form in the universe. Through a series of dramatic circumstances, she is no longer wholly human — now she is also one of them... Together with her new Sinkha friends Aker and Darshine, Hyleyn embarks on an adventure to save a world from an encroaching invasion.
As an added bonus, Hyleyn includes an abridged version of Sinkha which contains fewer but enhanced (although static) CG artworks, as well as an expanded description of the original events.


69. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! 3 -Rain- 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! 3 -RAIN- [021230] Interchannel
Up to advanced class and all things settled satisfactory...
No! No! No time taking rest! New troubles happened a lot.
"The campus tinkers" appeared!!!
It's our copy cat?
Come on! I'll debunk who they are! Let's go Fujimori!
Boys Love

Foreword: Guns and girls is a great concept, but it can go all way wrong as it happened with DoNoR. Can Silver Co., Ltd. really pull it through?

Title: Gunsister

Developer: Silver Co., Ltd.

Date: 2002-11-29

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2814

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt49qIwDIFw&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8Da9PQZfIpp0SKP3KvrVNi


Synopsis: 250 years from now. Human race is reduced to 2.5 billion due to fierce confrontation with the fairy race. Many secrets of lost civilizations are lost in the chaos.

Main character is a travelling gunman. One day he gets into bitter rain and regains consciousness at a monastery with his right arm and left foot injured. He starts to live there with a priest and five sisters and gradually gets involved into the battle they lead.

Structure: Five heroines routes about 2-3 hours each.

Length: 10-15 hours

Game type: Erotic gun action story with animated sequences.

Difficulty: Easy as we answer questions on the preferred type in the beginning, and heroine suiting those answers becomes a heroine

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 7/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Yes! A masterpiece score. I'm surprised myself. Let's observe its individual elements to understand why.

Story is really short. Bank robber gets injured and together with his fairy companion stays at a church until recovery. But some powerful group aims  to grab church land, so church father buys a wagon of weapons to protect their way of life. They put protagonist Clyde in charge for defense since he introduces himself as a sherif. He has his shooting arm injured, so he takes one of the girls as his assistant and teaches her shooting during several days. Then some group arrives, but they are actually aiming only at Clyde as the criminal of their country and corrupted comrade. Church girls are touched by Clyde confession and decide to help him... by opening a hurricane fire over law enforcers! Then Clyde goes to save target girl who is seen close to enemy troupes, and together they go on a breakthrough mission to defeat the group's leaders.


Each route follows the same pattern, but somehow manages to present a totally different approach to every girl, and this ability to present individualistic simple and funny heroines shines in the game. I found myself smiling all the time reading each girl individual story parts. Maria seems to be the main heroine since she's the only one in the game menu. Maria is kind of tsundere with some really curious mental problem. Luca is a girl who can only talk with one world "Gau". Poor seiyu had to say this world a hundred of times with different intonation. But Luca is also very sincere with herself and her desires. She's the only heroine who can't master a weapon... but is surprisingly powerful with fists. Sylvia is first encountered in town brothel, but later is seen among church sisters. She's really funny trying to present a paragon church sister image while being the most voluptuous heroine. Beth is kind of cinderella who is he only one who works around the house. She grows very strong this way so can use minigun without much effort. Her route has to deal with abuse by outsiders and is very good at it. Sophie is a mysterious library girl who always speaks in riddles. Her route opens the last and presents some unique development compared to previous routes. She's our sniper girl. 


Girls are really memorable here both due to their character traits and to erotic scenes. Animation during those scenes helps, but actually dialogs during those scenes are the best. It's a rare game when heroines retain individuality and do not become just abstract moaning bodies. 

Let's say a few words about Clyde and his fairy companion Liliard. Their dialogues are eternally funny. Clyde acts tough and hardly says any kind worlds to her. Instead he constantly calls her a bug and promises to get rid of her. I'm really longing for such humor-based fairy companions since Arcana ~Hikari to Yami no Ecstasys~, they really color the narration.


But game's not perfect. Story is short and the same for each route. There's nothing but individual heroine charm to push further after the first playthrough. Story means a lot in my evaluation, and story is very simple in here. Hooking works really bad with this game as well, was only able to hook the first line while there are phrases with as much as three text lines.

But game is re-relased for five consequent times not by accident. It's an entertainment based on humor, individual heroine charm, bright atmosphere and animated ero-scenes. It's a masterpiece even though story freaks like me would not find much sense in going past first route.



Blocked games surpass normal ones three times this month. Baldr Force is the only masterpiece of the month. I'm true to my fetish and thus reviewing Gunsister

1. Baldr Force [021101] Team Baldrhead 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
As a hacker of the renowned hacking group "Steppenwolf", Tooru Souma and his partners earn their living by hacking into servers and selling the information they steal.
As the last hacking before disbanding their group, they hacked into a military server, but soon they find this is a setup by the military to lure terrorists, and they were drawn into battle between two factions. At the end, one of Tooru Souma's friends was killed by an unknown Simulacrum, while most of other group members have been arrested. To investigate and avenge his friend's death, Tooru Souma accepted the offer to join the military.
Game is localized and has many English reviews.


2. Soukou no Shiro 蒼煌の城 [021101] Octave
Main character comes to a castle where princess is taken away by demons. Together with his childhood friend they managed to rescue the princess, but another person got captured. No more half-hearted measures. What kingdom needs is the assault on demon territories.
Typical dungeon crawler. Just attacking and using special actions is enough for any boss. H element is thin, just once per heroine. Game is rather short, around 10 hours long.


3. Re-Laive [021108] Klein
Main character gets to the same class as his childhood friend Kazue in the new school year. By a twist of fate they even get to share the same dormitory room. One day she confesses to protagonist, but he only sees a childhood friend in her. This year is going to be unlike any other.
Quite a meaningless setting without any explanation. Protagonist lays down multiple girls from school, but keeps on pushing childhood friend Kazue away endlessly. Can't really find any appeal points here apart from graphics.


4. Thread Colors ~Sayonara no Mukougawa~ スレッド カラーズ ~さよならの向こう側~ [021114] HuneX
Childhood friends and new mates are met in high school and the town hospital when the main character of the game interacts with four teenage girls and a leggy guidance counselor. As the game begins, the player wakes up at a hospital with memory loss and struggles to remember a life lived and friendships from the past. The game takes place primarily at the hospital and the local high school where the girls drift in and out of the player's daily life. During the hospital stay, our hero befriends a girl who tends to be sickly and naïve to the ways of the world but perhaps the two will help each other recover from their respective ailments.
Routes are different for each heroine. Story feels a bit heavy and sometimes dark involving human death. Memory loss feels too commonplace at times. Overall quality is high.


5. Kimi no Moto e... 君のもとへ・・・ [021115] D-Angel
A new company "Virtual World EXP" provides a revolutionary simulated experience with all five senses. Main character is going to test the system for 21 day. Will he choose virtual avatars of real girls or try to build relations with artificial intelligence girl "Anon"?
SIM with additional systems like feelings. There's the need to input answers "to produce sense of more realistic conversation". Of course it ends up being crap as a result.


6. Shibuya Days@ ~Shibu Digi Tantei.com Series~ 渋谷DAYS@ ~渋デジ探偵.COMシリーズ [021115] Splash
Main character is a detective. One day a girl that he admires applies to his place to search for her missing brother. She tried to investigate the case herself together with detective club friends, but they got attacked themselves as a result. With the appearance of a thief stealing paintings case expands. Where will investigation lead?
Game's too short, too disoriented and too prosaic. There's no energy in writing and even H element is thin while scenes being vicious. It's definitely a wrong work for those seeking detective mystery.


7. Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi ~Memories Off~ 想い出にかわる君 ~メモリーズオフ~ [021128] KID 1 2 3 4 5
Shougo is an ordinary if somewhat lazy university student. Instead of studying he prefers to hangout with other regular visitors in a place called the Cubic Cafe. Several years ago his girlfriend Kanata suddenly left him, disappearing without a trace and giving him no message on why she ran off. One day, completely by chance, the two happen to meet each other again in that cafe.
The story takes place in summer, a year after the events of Memories Off 2nd (Memories Off 2nd)
There is an English review.


8. Gunsister ガンシスター [021129] Silver Co., Ltd.
250 years from now. Human race is reduced to 2.5 billion due to fierce confrontation with the fairy race. Many secrets of lost civilizations are lost in the chaos.
Main character is a travelling gunman. One day he gets into bitter rain and regains consciousness at a monastery with his right arm and left foot injured. He starts to live there with a priest and five sisters and gradually gets involved into the battle they lead.
I think I know what to review this month.


9. Harumachi Kagerou 春待蜻蛉 [021129] Noctovision
The protagonist, Asami Teruhiko, has a young sister. His parents are already dead, and he lives alone with his sister, whom he loves more than anything else in this world. He works hard to make her happy.
Unfortunately, she dies of leukemia. The protagonist spends several days at home crying by himself, until he decides that since he cannot live without her, he must join her.
Teruhiko goes on a trip to search for a beautiful place to commit suicide.
He climbs to the precipice of a very beautiful hill. Right before he jumps, a girl screams for help. Her crippled older sister almost falls from the precipice in her wheelchair.
After Teruhiko saves the life of the girl, the younger sister asks him to stay a night in her home, since that small town doesn't have a hotel. The protagonist doesn't have anything to lose, so he agrees.
This is just the start point of the game. The protagonist meets:
Miyuki: the sad and lonely, crippled girl
Shizuku: the cheerful and cute girl who loves anime and manga
Sayoko: the lonely mother of Miyuki and Shizuku
Satoko: the girl who manages a shop and lives with her grandmother
Ai-chan: the energetic and cute loli girl who has a “suspicious” relationship with Kazuo, a policeman
By interacting with all these girls, the protagonist finds a new reason for live, and finally finds his true love.
Quite an orthodox ADV. Scenario is not integral enough, and hardly anything happens here. But it's not my genre to begin with.


10. Kajitsu 夏日 -kajitsu- [021129] Studio Ryokucha
Main character's parents divorce, so he has to move to a rural school. After the initial week he gets disenchanted with the school and his classmates. One day he notices a shadow in the school building. Protagonist decides to investigate it and finds a girl sitting alone in a classroom dyed in the red sunset. She does not notice protagonist and leaves the classroom. The next morning he learns that girl is a local mentally ill weirdo Chihaya who is of school age, but does not attend school. He starts to get interested in this girl.
There are three heroines, and Chihaya route does not really stand out that much. All three heroines are involved deeply in each of the routes, so characters are the strong side here. Great voicing adds up to the feeling. Quite a solid read as a representative of pure love genre overall even with below average production values and excessive emphasis on slice-of-life.


11. Sweet Season すぃ~とし~ずん-SWEET SEASON- [021129] Tarte
Yoshinori Asamiya is a high school freshman who is in the shogi club. One day, he meets a girl while she was walking her dog. She's from a different school, but she's on the shogi club as well...
That girl was Ayumi Jinguuji, and Yoshinori can't help but be intrigued about her. Even if at first it was difficult to be her friend, Ayumi seems to have taken a liking to him.
Love can be fun, but also painful at times.
First comic part is quite fun, but relationships development looks sudden. Protagonist is a complex character, but some his actions just make him weird. Play time is about 6 hours per route. It's funny that a new special route opens up if you manage to answer all of shogi quiz answers correctly.


12. Uso x Mote ~Usonko Motemote-shon~ うそ×モテ ~うそんこモテモテーション~ [021129] Studio Neko Punch
Main character moves to an academy with boys to girls ratio of 1:9. One day he meets a self-proclaimed flower fairy "Momo" who promises to make his dream come true. Without much thinking, he says he wants to be super popular with girls. That wish is granted on the condition that he can only say lies from now on.
Not a masterpiece, but definitely a game with a funny scenario. The setting of the need to always lie is fully exploited to produce lots of gags, including confession scenes. Momo accompanies protagonist and participates in the gags as well.




1. Cosplay Jansou Go! Go! コスプレ雀荘 GO!GO! [021101] Ringerbell
Undressing mahjong with earning undressing points and returning in cosplay outfit after clearing.
Card game nukige


2. Kabe Nuki Animation vol.1 壁 ヌキアニメーション vol.1 [021101] Devil's Works
Women of different professions like stewardess, waitress, maiden are caught by the camera during indecent acts. 


3. Moe yo Baka ~Watashi wa Baka no Kachuu e Yuku. Yo no Baka ni Akita Mono dake wa Tsuitekoi~ 燃えよバカ ~私はバカの渦中へゆく。世のバカに飽きた物だけはついて来い~ [021101] Liar-soft
The main story of fandisc:
Hijikata from Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi acts as student detective and infiltrates girl school filled with heroines from Sapphism no Gensou in order to find and defeat evil.  


4. Ryoujoku New Town ~Hitozuma Gari~ 凌辱ニュータウン~人妻狩り~ [021101] Maika
Main character knows a secret of magic fist that can touch secret spots inside female body. But to inherit ancestors truly he needs to compete with another guy about who can make more married women do indecent things.


5. Sensei 3 せ・ん・せ・い3 [021101] D.O. 1
Shotaro Kondo is a senior at Yumigaura High School. From the day is homeroom teacher, Nanami Seno, saved him from being bullied; he's had feelings for her. One day, Shotaro feels the urge to kiss Nanami. His chemistry teacher witnesses the whole thing. From that point on, Shotaro's life changes, and his feelings for his teacher turn to overpowering lust... 


6. Jewel Garden [021108] White Plum
Kinosato Keichi is your average loafer, who after losing both his job AND place he lived in, with a stroke of luck discovers a part-time job that would provide a place to live in as well!
Said job, is to gather data for two weeks by looking after and educating the two humanoid robot [DOLL]s, Ruby and Sapphire.
Of course, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than Keiichi thinks, be it the complicated soap opera relationships going on between his colleagues OR the possible disposal of the DOLL deemed to have ‘inferior data’ when the time limit is up…
Boys Love


7. Kizu Darake no Tenshi-tachi ~Maid Kenshuusei~ 傷だらけの天使たち ~メイド研修生~ [021108] Blue Heaven
At the mansion of shadow cardinal of Japan politics four maids are being trained. But after two weeks of training the owner gets to a hospital. Mansion secretary has to employ protagonist as a temporary instructor. One night some drug is released in the rose garden, and one maid goes missing afterwards. At the same time remaining three maids get insulted by a figure in the mask of a demon. Chaos arises at the mansion, but the missing maid returns. She conveys the truth that has been revealed to her... 


8. Ohime-sama wa Tokkun Chuu!! ~Seinaru Mahou Shugyou~ お姫様は特訓中!! ~性なる魔法修行~ [021108] Lusterise
Kingdom second princess Celestina is chosen as competitor at a magic tournament where only girls can participate. She is able in magic art, but she can not refill and control the source of magic by will. Main character is hired as her instructor to teach her various sexual pleasure techniques and thus self-control.


9. Onna Kyoushi Mesu Dorei 女教師・牝奴隷 [021108] FlyingShine
Class gathers for bathing at the sea, but one girl goes missing. Female teacher and another student follow missing girl's steps to the offshore island. There they encounters a fugitive murderer, and a horrible night starts for the two females.


10. Utau Ehon 1 2 3 Hai!! うたう絵本1・2・3 ハイ!! [021108] Circus
Released by Circus and distributed to the users who registered for it. It's contents could be best described as omake content to some of Circus' earlier titles, namely Aries, Infantaria & Suika.


11. Suzaku no Namida 朱雀の涙 [021111] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
You are the only daughter of an old family in Misaki city. 
You get a letter of challenge from a certain Phantom Thief Silver Night stating that he is going to steal the Suzaku Manuscript.
Knowing that the thief is really real, you informed the police but they brushed it off thinking that it's just a prank.
You then contacted a senior from your school whose brother is in a detective agency. 
Together, you can either look into the matter or enjoy a romantic life; the choice is yours.
There are 8 endings and 5 dead-ends.


12. Aniyome 兄嫁 [021115] Selen
Main character lost his parents in an accident and was brought up by brother as a result. Now protagonist has inferiority complex over his brother. Brother marries kind and gentle girl Miwa. Jealousy burns up to the point when protagonist desires to rob his brother off the happiness in life starting with his beautiful wife.


13. Hitozuma Hime Club 人妻姫倶楽部 [021115] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
It's amazing how small a world it can be at times. On the first day of his new tutoring job, Issei realizes that the student's mother is the beautiful woman he had a fling with on a vacation in Bali. She recognizes him, too, and soon approaches him with an interesting proposition.
“These are my two closest friends,” Chisato says, introducing him to her two best friends, who are also the wives of rich men, ladies of leisure. They admit to Issei that they are bored and want more excitement in their lives. Almost before he realizes what is going on, they have made a pact: Issei will secretly teach them the pleasures of sex and indulge their fantasies.


14. Kusabi 楔 [021115] Dark Side
Main character is an unemployed, shy young man. He has no luck in finding a job, so spends his days in a villa given by his father with father's secretary. Protagonist starts to lust for father's secretary and insults her one day. Father starts to bring young girls to the villa with no known reason, but protagonist drowned in lust does not need a reason anymore.


15. Rinjin 隣人 [021115] Waffle
Main character has uneventful school life apart of the fact that each morning he rides in a bus together with his attractive neighbor. He gets drawn to her. As he gets in physical relationship with another girl, he starts to seek sensual pleasure with his cute neighbor.  


16. Ryoujoku Guerilla Choukyou 凌辱ゲリラ調教 [021115] Liquid
Originally a free gift for the buyers of the original release of Ryoujoku Guerilla Gari that mailed to Liquid the survey postcard coming with it.
This add-on makes the connection between the moment when Haresu was brainwashed by two cups of tea and its harem ending (incorporated as it is). It adds an alternative ending with Sharumi.


17. Ryoujoku Guerilla Gari 凌辱ゲリラ狩り [021115] Liquid 1 2
The anti-government guerrillas are fighting against the government's military forces in the country that is at political unrest. Suddenly, there is an incident in which a woman was raped and murdered in a small village. Guerrillas are the suspected culprit of that incident.
Mr. Prosper, the Lieutenant of the military, was sent together with his men to this small village to investigate the incident and hunt down the guerrillas. But the incident was actually all planned out by him so that he could have a gang rape party for himself. All women who were suspected of being guerrillas were arrested. That was the beginning of the insane gang rape party.


18. Semishigure 蝉時雨 [021115] Noa 1
This story begins towards the end of the Taisho Era.
Kotaro is the third son in the Miwa family, head of one of the largest financial groups in Japan. He is born a weakling, and he looks weird with strange gray hair and red eyes. He was brought up living in a padded cell, but his oldest brother, hoping for the best, has arranged for him to live in a villa.
He finds life at the villa pretty boring, until he meets one of the maids, Mika Sakuraba. She's beautiful, but she looks very unhappy. He tries to accept her as she is, but to his astonishment, she comes to his room and asks him to spend the night with her! Being the gentleman he is, he of course turns down the offer, but she insists that it's her job, and she forces him to do it!!!
Ever since, they spend their nights together...


19. Discode-2 Niretsu Haihan DISCODE-2 二律背反 [021116] Soft Circle Courreges
For as long as I've lived, I've had something I shouldn't have between my legs. A man's sexual organ.
And lately, it has begun to itch.
I don't know how long this situation will last, but I have to cover up until it settles down.
The player takes control of the hermaphrodite girl Futaba (name can be changed).
It is the player's task to relieve her of her sexual frustration so that she can hide her condition from her environment.
There are three stats in the game: stamina, lust and money.
Depending on the stats and items, various events will occur!


20. Chaos Queen Ryouko 4 Moriyama Yuri & Ikumi Shimai Heidon Hen カオスQueen遼子4 森山由梨&郁美姉妹併呑編 [021122] Scoop
Shinichi works as a temporary lecturer in a private school. He stays at a private family keeping a glamorous, but unstable position. It's summer now and the family he stays in goes overseas. Suddenly a cute girl Yuri shows up in his life certainly aiming to marry him.


21. Gematria: Code [021122] Forst 1
The hero of the game awakens in a office of a seemingly abandoned building. He doesn't remember much, his past is blurred. He knows that his name is Hinoe, and that he was brought to the building by a secret organization that fights demons. A monster has invaded the building, and your task is to vanquish it. As you begin your investigation, you realize that your arm contains powers similar to those possessed by the demon. You are determined to find out more about your past, and to reveal the truth behind your mission.
Gematria: Code plays similarly to Savior, being an adventure game with real time movement through 3D environments. Story-related events are mostly depicted as still CG sequences. There are no puzzles or action elements, and the gameplay consists entirely of exploration.


22. Kizumono no Gakuen 2 ~Case of Saint Spica~ 傷モノの学園2~case of saint spica~ [021122] Rasen
School life is uneventful till one day when earthquake breaks out. School gets cut from the outer world, and madness feast begins in the school with no escape.


23. Mitsu 密 [021122] Rouge 1
Our hero lost his parents in an accident when he was small. He's a very depressed and poor college student, and worse, he's still a virgin.
By fluke, he gets a managing position at the dorm of a famous all-girls school. He's pretty excited to be around so many pretty girls! But of course, he chickens out and can't do anything. 
One day, he finds an old well near the dorm. He encounters an evil spirit who wants to unite with him. He concedes and the evil spirit is revived. With this evil power, our hero begins hunting for sacrifices. Naturally enough, his prey will be the pretty dorm girls!!! 


24. Ogeretsu Daihyakka オゲレツ大百科 [021122] West Vision
Main character is a researcher. He finds drawings of a robot in the rubble of a collapsed wall of the mansion. He manages to attract an investor for robot creation project, and now he needs to send progress reports at regular time intervals. But cute robot girl is worth it.


25. Peeping Web [021122] Sweetpain
Main character is a popular student, but with a peeping hobby. He starts to live alone and now can experiment with peeping devices as much as he wants. As he learns secrets of girls, he starts being obsessed with them beyond limitations of peeping.


26. Shinjin Kangofu Miho ~Juukyuusai no Kutsujoku Nikki~ 新人看護婦・美帆~十九歳の屈辱日記~ [021122] Anim
Nurse Miho notices panties in her locker dirty with semen. As she tries to find the culprit she gets assaulted and gradually turns into a sex slave.


27. Tsumishiro no Wa ~Yakata ni Himerareshi Shinjitsu~ 罪しろの環~館に秘められし真実~ [021122] Happy West
Main character has been separated from his mother in the childhood. Now he gets a telegram about his mother funeral. He reunites with his sister and the maid of the mansion. However, cursed memories of the past linger in this place. One day sister brings him a collar asking to put it on her...


28. Yami no Koe II 闇の声II [021122] Black Cyc 1
Sayoko sends K off the island to a secluded private academy, where she makes an ally of the principal and begins to influence the students and faculty, slowly degenerating the entire school. However, one of the students is a miko who resists K's influence.


29. Caliz [021129] Cronus
One day protagonist confesses his feelings to one of the maids that brought him up. The feelings are mutual, and two young persons get involved into passionate relationship. It's two more weeks till father arrives from the overseas trip. Let's have fun during this time.


30. Dokusen Kango 独占看護 [021129] Empty
Main character gets hospitalized after an accident. When he wakes up he sees a smile of an ideal nurse over him. He does not know how dangerous his trauma is, but he is ready to act proactively during his hospitalization.


31. Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? 2 エッチなバニーさんは嫌い?2 [021129] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5
Wanting to forget bitter breakup with his dear Sumika, Takatsuki Kazuma chose the farthest place he could to run to: Europe. There he learned about wine and how to serve it with style, and eventually became employed as an expert sommelier at fine restaurants. After several years of this lifestyle, he crossed paths with his former love. Sumika had grown even more elegant and beautiful since they had been together. Their meeting brought back all the old memories of their love. When she told him that she'd been made manager of a new high-class restaurant, he found himself agreeing to work there before he knew what he was doing.
Upon his return to Japan, he prepared himself for his new employment at "Platinum: Oceanside", a very special restaurant which offers superb food, an elegant atmosphere, and to his surprise -- incredibly cute waitresses who dress in sexy bunny girl costumes! Luckily for him, these aren't just your average bunny girls. They're extremely horny, and aggressively approach Kazuma to have their desires fulfilled.


32. Gezamushi 下座蟲-ゲザムシ- [021129] Flady
A scion of a rich and powerful family gets a vacation that he plans to spend chasing girls and committing them to sensual pleasures.


33. Itazura 4 ~Ore-tachi no Sentou Sharyou~ 悪戯4~俺たちの戦闘車輌~ [021129] Interheart
Main character is a molester with multiple arrests. His jail time really decreased his enthusiasm. One day he witnesses a group of molesters on the train who coordinate their actions on an internet bulletin board. With a group of four people it's much easier to conduct mischief and hide the traces of it, so protagonist joins them.


34. Ore no Shita de Agake 俺の下であがけ [021129] Alice Blue
You are Kurosaki the president of a large company. Your hobby is to entrap guys and make them your slaves. You meet 3 guys and decide to 'blackmail' them into becoming your slaves by putting them into as much debt as you can allowing you to buy them.
Boys Love


35. Sensei Da-isuki 先生だーいすき [021129] Score
Kazuya wants to be a teacher and he is in the middle of job hunting. But it doesn't go well.... One day, his aunt offers him, "Do you want to work for my school?" He immediately accepts her offer and comes to her school. He joins the school dormitory and starts his new life at the school. His love romance with girls is about to start....


36. Tanjoubi ~Kayoizuma (Jishou) Nikki~ 誕生日~通い妻(自称)日記~ [021129] Ivory
Main heroine is a lively student who looks up to her painter older brother. But as her body matures, she starts to have strange dreams about her brother while body begins to feel weird.


37. Tobira Nuki Animation vol.2 扉 ヌキアニメーション Vol.2 [021129] Devil's Works
A practical collection of looped animation for releasing some steam. 

Foreword: Absolutely unknown game in the West that has overwhelmingly positive evaluation in Japan. Which side would I take?

Title: Rocket no Natsu

Developer: TerraLunar

Date: 2002-10-11

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v4190

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_HLI2A5oFE&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_3lP089VAcjTRvabUf9dJf


Synopsis: There used to be a season called "Rocket summer"...

The Earth has become a member of the Galactic Federation and has accepted multiple emissaries from aliens.  Silver rockets are launched from the Earth on daily basis, but one day all inter-galaxy contacts cease and space port doors get shut.

Main character has dreamt of space travel since childhood. One day he decides to help girl Chise to participate in self-made rocket competition "50 Miles Over". Together with princess from the other star they form a rocket club. Will their dreams come true?

Structure: Roughly a month from 05.07 till 06.11

Length: 7 hours for initial route, some 3 hours for each of remaining 4 routes. Plus 3 hours for omake.

Game type: Space dream youth comedy with aliens

Difficulty: Moderate

Character Design rating: 8/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 8/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 7 or 8/10

Rating comments: It's 7 if you have sound stuttering like me and are't crazy about the genre like me. It's 8 for everyone else.


Protagonist: Takashi is pretty cool. He's so knowledgeable of rockets and so patient and attentive that I'd happily have same intelligent protagonist everywhere. 

Characters: There are five heroines which are very different. Chika route is forced as first - and she's the only normal human among all the heroines. She has the only normal route about passion for rocket building and normal romance. But after that surprises begin. There are two routes for each of aliens - Selen-chan and her guard Berthia. Characters are pretty crazy and so are their routes, but it was really sad for me to see ignorant and vain Selen-chan to have teary face in the end. Tsundere should never cry! Haruhi-sensei is... android teacher. And Akira is our normal childhood friend with a huge secret about her - the most shocking route for sure.


Story: Main route only covers characters getting together around Chika desire to build a rocket and being joined by aliens. Then each route has its turns.

CG: No complaints at all.


Sound: Everyone is voiced, including protagonist. That's absolutely superb. But sound stuttering that I got at Win10 really started to kill the fun around the third route I played. Freezes also got more and more frequent, so I did not record past 3rd route.

Thoughts:  It's the third rocket club theme visual novel that I play, and it's actually the best one of the three. The reason is the variety of routes and only interesting scenes. There's tension that leaves your interested from beginning to the end. Full voicing, bright atmosphere and colorful characters add up to the feeling. Omake about space adventures fits greatly to the picture as well.


Overall comments: Game is a masterpiece, no doubt. It's not a breakthrough game to become a pillar of new visual novel world. No, it's just a cosy cool place to visit and have a rest. I guess it's the real reason why it went unnoticed in the West - we need a breakthrough. The Japanese can be jerks about plotge, but they can rarely be wrong about a good calming charage.



Rocket no Natsu is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Minami no Umi no Odyssey 南の海のオデッセイ [021003] Global A
Main character is 6th grader in elementary school. He comes to Guam island with his twin brothers fleeing from the plague. The uninhabited island gets flooded with time, and there's no other option but to try to flee the island.
GBA exclusive is of zero interest to me and pretty much everyone in English visual novel community.


2. Kanojo 彼女~Kano-jo~ [021004] Sophia 1
Our hero falls in love with Ayane Tsuzuki, but he can't tell her his feelings because he's afraid of ruining their friendship (She's secretly in love with him, as well!). His friend sets up a double date for him, but he clams up and still doesn't relay his true feelings to Ayane. What's worse, he ends up having sex with Rena Tozuka. One day, 'Mariko Kanazawa,' a member of the photography club, tells him she loves him. He's never been really attracted to her, but he accepts her because he doesn't know what to do about Ayane. He becomes Mariko's boyfriend, but he can't help feeling strange. Ayane starts acting awkward around him. However, the more he knows about Mariko, the more he's attracted to her. . .
Ayano finally realizes she can't hide her love for him anymore. . .Which girl will our hero choose: Ayano or Mariko? What will the future hold? How will people and their relationships change when a 'friend' becomes a 'lover?' How will the past affect the future? This story is based on psychological connections people really have. We're confident that playing this game will mentally heal any player!
Charage without emphasis on scenario. Poor system and obsession with H really averts me from this game. At least game tries to get as far away from conventional moe attributes as possible.


3. Kuroyuki Hime 黒雪姫 [021004] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Noal left his country when he was young, and now when he hears that it's invaded by occupation forces, he rushed to join the oppressor's side. Eight years have passed since occupation, but resistance is still breathing. Noal nicknamed as "Black Angel" is in the avant-guard of resistance submission. One day mysterious woman Sariel shows up before him and asks if he wants to become the king of this country. These words resonate in his mind, and his heart starts to change. 
Scenario is determined by the set of tarot cards, so progression is totally event-based. There are three heroine endings, and mystery of Sariel is revealed in the true ending. Main character is all about insulting, so it's more of a nukige, really.


4. Nejire ネジレ [021004] En
Unreal things start to happen in reality as effects of various emotions such as person's dreams and hopes. A boy interested in occult phenomena joins a girl conducting a scientific research in order to reveal the mystery of the twisted world. 
Same as previous game of the studio, there is great atmosphere here, but scenario lacks impact. There are five heroines to consult, and afterwards there is a true route revealing the source of mystery. During talks with heroines we collect keywords. We can choose among 6 places at school and near it, and heroine appearance is not fixed. There are also two conversation patterns allowing to collect all the keys. At night we try to combine keywords in correct order and that advances investigation leading to guessing the reason of troubles - right guess triggers heroine ending.


5. Osananajimi 幼馴染 [021004] TinkerBell
Main character is a student approaching graduation. One day he gets a message that all his family dies in a traffic accident. He returns to his home town for the funeral and reunites to many childhood friends. The rest of his school life he spends in this town.
I buried Tinkerbell so many times, but it still tries to produce pure love games once in a while. Scenario is heavy and with sudden 180 degree shifts. H element is surprisingly thin - just once-twice per heroine. 


6. Rocket no Natsu ロケットの夏 [021011] TerraLunar
There used to be a season called "Rocket summer"...
The Earth has become a member of the Galactic Federation and has accepted multiple emissaries from aliens.  Silver rockets are launched from the Earth on daily basis, but one day all inter-galaxy contacts cease and space port doors get shut. 
Main character has dreamt of space travel since childhood. One day he decides to help girl Chise to participate in self-made rocket competition "50 Miles Over". Together with princess from the other start they form a rocket club. Will their dreams come true? 
Game with surprisingly good atmosphere and pace. Game is equally strong in the beginning, in the middle and in the end which made it really popular in 2002. There are five heroines with endings and also a bad end without heroine. What makes this game special is that scenario is completely different in each route which is super-rare for 2002. There are couple particularly boring routes though. Can't call this game a masterpiece, but if you don't raise hopes too high, it's an enjoyable read.


7. R.P.M. ~Hitomi no Naka no Omoide~ r.p.m.~瞳の中の想い出~ [021011] e-Erekiteru
A popular robot contest "GIRLS" is being held for the 10th time on the TV. Main character attends the same school club as robot girls participating in the contest. The hot summer of his dreams begins now.
Scenario itself is a collapse, and there aren't attractive heroines. Tempo is the worst and H scenes look the same.


8. Umi no Megami Sora no Megami 海の女神 空の女神 [021011] Gazelle
In an training camp of folklore club, you visited a local island, a natural rich village in this island that is surrounded by the sea.
Away from the urban hustle and bustle, but it is you who leisurely to send every day by the encounter with a woman who lives in the village, to encounter the incidents that you never will forget.
But.... this is definitely an adventure that does not end like you want to.
Multiple viewpoint adventure that can be seen both from hero and heroine's eyes. First we open up a route as a protagonist, and later can view it as heroine. After all the heroines are cleared in both viewpoints a route of a certain new character shows up that reveals the mystery. Scenario feels too short with number of events and CG not enough.


9. Koukyuu Shoufu ~Cortigiana~ 高級娼婦 ~コルティジャーナ~ [021018] Maple 1
Our protagonist Ouran, is a prodigal musician in Renaissance Europe. He used to play for the royal courts: people would pay a great deal to hear him play. That was, until a foul plot left him unwelcome in the palace. And so to the streets he went, left with but the clothes on his back. A mysterious lady comes, the widow of a baron. She's seen him before, apparently, and offers to give him room and board, in exchange for teaching music to some of her subjects. He's more than happy to grab this chance. A few hours a day lets him squander the remaining drinking his devils away.
Then, one day the landlord shows him two girls, Elsa and Emilia. Their dance and song leave an impression on him.
As he belatedly learns, the Lady dealt in the pleasure sector. Why she was running such a shady business out of her own volition, he did not know.
At the start of novel he's presented with a choice. Having seen the potential in the two girls, the Lady wants Ouran to be instruct the two girls on prostitution and how to carry themselves among the opposite sex. She had them becoming, not a common whore but a courtesan in her sights. He was not particularly fond of the arrangement, but the Lady was correct in her assessment: as such a man of pursued skills, he could not so easily abandon potential talent. He would show them that much pity.
The two were more oblivious than most, he later glumly admitted. Perhaps that was to be expected. To say "whore" is but a single word, and yet the path towards being one is littered with feelings of confusion and torment, of emptiness and shame. But there was still something in each of the girls which drew him. Perhaps there was something else to be found within these two months, however insignificant and transient.
Through conversation, Ouran learn more about the two girls and the landlady(the baron's widow), and various going-on's of the world. The two girls Elsa and Emilia, meanwhile, follow the only path they have.
There is an English review


10. Rasetsu Xan [021018] Kogado Studio
Main character is the "head" of the mercenary guild. He maintains the organization while accepting various requests. Now with advanced game mechanics.
It's hardly a visual novel at all.


11. Gyakuten Saiban 2 逆転裁判 2 [021022] Capcom 1 2 3 4
The setting for the game takes place roughly one year after the events of the first game.Like the first game, the first trial is a tutorial one that guides the player, Phoenix Wright, into all of the elements of the Ace Attorney courtroom. This is established by having Phoenix receive amnesia due to a head trauma. The remaining three trials are united by the mysterious disappearance of prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.
Justice For All plays similarly to the first Ace Attorney game as a visual novel/adventure game. While the game has been adapted from the GBA version to use the DS touch screen, none of the special investigation techniques introduced in the "Rise from the Ashes" case from the first game reappear.
A small but significant change is that a player can now present the profiles of people involved with the case, in addition to the evidence in the Court Record. The player can present them either during the court room or investigative phases.
Justice for All features a new gameplay concept called Psyche-Lock. Phoenix Wright has to unlock several locks that have been placed over a witness' heart in order to reveal the truth.
There are English reviews.


12. Cross Hermit [021023] Enterbrain! 1
You are a teacher who has wandered for nine years, for some unknown desire, you feel the need to return to your hometown. Unfortunately upon arrival, you have bad news from a woman you knew, 9 years ago. Some enemy (I do not know how to translate the name) has attacked and successfully abducted some important person from your town. She is very sorry that she was unable to protect the person. Immediately, you visit your ex-teacher (some old man) to have a clearer detail on what has happened. After a long chat, you decide to organize an army to fight back and retrieve what is lost and rid of the evil which is infiltrating your land, your country. At the start, the woman which has talked to you, agrees to help you fight, and also two other students which you have taught, 9 years ago, before leaving.
Cross Hermit is a fantasy RTS game. As story unfolds characters grow stronger as they complete missions, learn skills and equip items between the missions. Battles are handled similar to Age of Empires series. Whether to launch and instant assault or prepare properly is always a tough choice. If the target of the mission is perfectly clear, it only means that considerable increase in difficulty will be involved. Each week one story event takes place.
There is enough English information.


13. Critical Bullet: 7th Target クリティカルバレット 7th Target [021024] Capcom
This is a sequel to the game Bounty Hunter Sara: Holy Mountain no Teiou. The stage is Neo Tokyo, a dark futuristic city where crime reigns and where no police force is strong and courageous enough to stop the criminals. This is where Sara Fitzgerald, a freelance bounty hunter, enters the picture. Your goal is to plunge into the crime world of Neo Tokyo and ultimately to defeat the greatest mafia bosses who are pulling its strings.
Scenario is twice longer and more diversified. But the core is the same - it's not about the story, but about the means to reach the same goal.


14. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Innocent Black 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Innocent Black [021024] WorkJam 1
Jingūji is asked to search for a missing daughter from the director of a hospital where he had received treatment. This small case gradually expands to revive a deep and complex mystery.
There is an English review.


15. Assault Armoroid Angelio ASSAULT ARMOROID Angelio エンジェリヲ [021025] Outgrow
Around 2500 AD. 
The development of science has given birth to a humanoid artificial life named "Methocera". Among them are special species with probability of one for many millions of those who can transcend humanity. 
The five superpowers live and peace and settle all their problems with space duels of such "Methocera irregulars" in exoskeleton suits "A2". Every superpower huts for talented warriors. This is a story about beautiful girls who are destined to keep fighting.
I have zero tolerance for scrollers.


16. Datte Suki Nandamon! ~Be With!~ だって好きなんだもん! ~Be With!~ [021025] Usagi Software
School setting. Main character fights and dates various girls, laughs and cries with them. Together they make their own adventure.
Game even more boring and commonplace than original Be With!


17. Hatsukoi 初恋 [021025] Rune 1 2 3 4 5
Hatsushima Minoru was a high school student, who goes to Seiou Kan Gakuen High school which located on the hill in a historical town. He spent a carefree campus lives with his friends. One day in spring, his boy and girl friends announced that they began to go out with each other. Until then, Minoru hadn't wanted to have a lover very much. But he found he yearned for their relations. After a while, when his little sister took him to the tennis mach, he met Sakurai Momoko who was his senior student.
Game is localized and has many English reviews.


18. Ikusa Megami 2 ~Ushinawareshi Kioku e no Chinkonka~ 戦女神2 ~失われし記憶への鎮魂歌~ [021025] Eushully 1 2 3 4 5
Protagonist is the reincarnation of the Goddess of War but fate has it it doesn't help him much being a guy. People who don't know of this call him girlish; but the ones who know of him and his earlier exploits call him the God Killer...
When an ancient fiend that has been sealed a long time ago begins to awaken water priestesses approach him and ask him to kill the fiend before the world is destroyed.
As his and the goddesses soul battle for the control of his body he is helped by the womans by his side, it seems as long as he is intimate with them the goddess cannot come forward...
There are English reviews.


19. Izanagi Denshou ~2010 Banki Tanjou~ イザナギ伝承~2010磐姫誕生~ [021025] Black Butterfly
In 2005 a man is found dead in the Tokyo park with the name of the village written on a note in his pocket. Main character is a researcher who combines pieces of information about the village and visits it, but villagers hate external visitors. It turns out that Imperial Army built the battleship "Darker Heavens" to turn the tides of the war. Now descendants of military families try to revive the idea and reconstruct the ship. The Prime Minister secretly orders to stop the growing revolt. Protagonist gets engulfed in the intertwined vortex of legends around the ship and those who seek it.
Last game of Black Butterfly was so complex that pretty much noone was able to perceive it. Izanagi Denshou inherits clunky system, but is able to offer a more logical composition of the story. Game has as many as seven heroines. Pace is very unstable with walls of text flowing endlessly at times.


20. Nanairo ~Koi no Tenkiyohou~ なないろ~恋の天気予報~ [021025] Film Software 1
Kyosuke Inaba loves girls more than anything! He really falls for girls who are honest and feminine. However, even a carefree hero like Kyosuke has hang-ups. He has one big problem he's never told anyone about!
His problem is, he has horrible luck with the weather! It's a sunny day, so Kyosuke decides to go out. As soon as he does, it starts pouring cats and dogs. He goes back inside, and the sun comes out again! What a poor guyc Oh, did we forget to mention that Kyosuke's family runs a cafe his grandfather started?
One day, Kyosuke wakes up and finds a letter from his grandfather on the table. It says, "Take care of the cafe for a month." As he lets out a sigh, he hears a loud noise. CLANK!! He heads toward the noise and finds 3 girls in strange clothes standing beside a statue. The statue claims to be God. The girls tell him they're the goddesses who control the weather. In return for messing up the cafe, Kyosuke asks them to give him the power to control weather. Unable to refuse, the girls unwillingly relinquish their power for a limited time.
This is how the 3 goddesses, God, and Kyosuke start living together.
Weather control system does not make much sense as it's only used for important events. Scenarios lack unity, clearly written by different authors. Lots of bugs in this debut work.


21. Natsukage なつかげ [021025] Sakuraneko
A group of friends rent a small cabin by a beach in a rural town and spend their summer there.
A kusoge with the worst stamps collected together.


22. Niji-iro Suishou 虹色水晶 [021025] Jewelry
One day main character buys an old box at a small antique shop. Inside is a transparent dice and a figure of a girl. Suddenly figure starts to talk. She turns out to be fairy Norn who is able to change the fate. From this day life fills with novelty and excitement.
Dice can be rolled only once a day, and it changes stuff, like all the girls start to speak Osaka dialect or all air conditioners break, but actually only one even during first week matters to choose one of the girls. The rest is just not to get bored. There are few events per heroine, and things still get boring.


23. Piano Strain PIANOSTRAIN [021025] Falstaff
The world 50 years past the tragedy.
Main character is a traveller who wanders around the Europe with a single bag. The girl he met along the way accompanies him to the Blinger Forest, where the sender of the love letter lives. She picked up the letter accidentally, but now wants to know the truth about this love letter. The Blinger Forest is full of mysteries that date back to pre-tragedy era.
Developers are same people who made Prime Girl, so there's some use of animation, even lip sync, but overall there's not much movement on the screen compared to previous work. The aim of the game is to escape the forest villa full of evil spirits. There is just one end, but many ways to reach it. Tactical battles aren't particularly sophisticated. Quite unusual high quality game, but not exactly a masterpiece.


24. Rance 5D - Hitoribocchi no Onna no Ko - ランス5D -ひとりぼっちの女の子- [021025] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Rance 5D, the seventh entry in the Rance series (since there were three "nr. 4" games), begins in an embarrassing way for the hero: he is lost in a huge dungeon, with only his loyal and lovely slave Sill to help him. Little does he know that escaping the dungeon will be just the first part of a new adventure, which will involve invoking ancient powers, meeting an old rival, and of course, having fun with various girls.
Rance 5D introduces new features to the standard gameplay formula of the series. The dungeon navigation is done from a "wheel screen"; the player has to spin the wheel, and as a result Rance and his party will advance to a new location. Even though the player can choose the speed of turning the wheel, and field representing different locations are displayed on it, landing on a new location depends mostly on luck. Rance can encounter a random enemy, find a treasure chest, trigger an event, etc. The battles are somewhat simplified, using a standard turn-based engine without the strategic element of moving on the battle field. As always in Rance, expect to see some hardcore erotic images.
Game is localized and has many reviews.


25. Revenir [021025] Tropical Soft
Due to an accident, the protagonist returns to the house of his parents that he has been away for a long time. Just before his return, he starts having dreams about a strange book and a ghost called Revenir. When he returned he found out that his parents turned his old house into a boarding house and they now had six female tenants. He starts living in the same house with those women and his thoughts about those strange dreams that he's having...
Same producers who made Atmosphere and text quality are notable, but character personalities and immersion level are weak. Play time for one character is just between 1 and 2 hours.


26. Sotsugyou☆Made in Love ~Okinawa Long Vacation~ 卒業☆MADE IN LOVE~沖縄ロングバケーション~ [021025] Splash
Main character Michiru attends a small school in Okinawa. He has five best friends at school. They have different personalities, but like to spend time together. With summer come fun activities outdoors, and feelings start to bloom.
Scenarios are almost the same for every heroine. A kusoge with no other merit than graphics.


27. TenAku ~Angel and Devil~ てんあく ANGEL and DEVIL [021025] Studio e.go!
Main character is a thief who is often put to custody by the police. On one of such returns from the custody he saves a girl from a running car, and falls unconscious afterwards. When he wakes up, he sees a grim reaper who explains that protagonist experienced a temporary death, and now he is given ten days to show whether he deserves to live on or should die. The boy, the girl and their supervisors - the devil girl and the angel girl - start to live under the same roof for ten days.
Don't expect a scenario here, so for ten days before the verdict is done there is nothing to do but to H. Game was sold for only half the normal price.




1. Ingoku Byoutou 2 ~Karamiau Wana~ 淫獄病棟2~絡みあう罠~ [021001] Girl's Software
Young and talented surgeon is a deputy director of the famous hospital. All the nurses here under his total control as slaves. One day protagonist is sent by the director to the rival hospital for nurse training exchange. With his specialty in insults he needs to enslave nurses of this rival hospital.


2. Dakara Doushitatte だからどうしたって [021002] A-10 no Yukue
Main characters are going to Osaka. However, incidents with the dead arising start to occur around them. What will they do in this messed up situation?
Boys Love Doujin


3. Angel Blade エンジェルブレイド [021004] Digi Anime
In the near future, the earth is covered in a chemical smog and Dark Mother, evil villainess, leads a secret organization devoted to world domination. But there is a masked heroine named Angel Blade, a beautiful woman who fights the evil of Dark Mother.


4. Gakuen Counselor 学園カウンセラー [021004] Puchi Ankh
Main character lives with his father, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. One day his father is asked to become a masked counselor at a prestigious school with his children allowed to study there in exchange. However, father has urgent business overseas leaving protagonist to play the role of masked counselor of all these cute school girls including his sister-in-law.


5. Inbaku Kazoku 淫縛家族 [021004] Cross
Main character leads a normal life of the eldest son. But behind the scenes he abuses his sister. One day letter arrives from his true parent claiming there are no ties between protagonist and the family he lives in. With that information last sibling ties with his sister-in-law get torn.


6. Konna Mahou Shoujo ... Watashi wa Remii こんな魔法少女…アタシはレミィ [021004] Winters
This spring you're just graduated from university, without a career, unemployed.
In vain you're hoping to get a job, and then suddenly a girl appears ''an magical girl?''.
She claims that she came from the TV screen... ''what is going on?!'', her appearance was indeed ''magical'' though.
But what is the purpose? why did she came out?
Is she going to....


7. Midara na Kangofu Monogatari 淫らな看護婦物語 [021004] Aqua House 1
Our hero begins work at a university hospital after graduating from medical college. 
He finds out just how ugly the medical world can be, and he slowly starts losing interest. He ends up making some grave medical mistakes. When such mistakes are made, one loses any trust invested in him. Such is the case with our hero; he also loses status among his peers and becomes extremely introverted. 
Our hero's former medical teacher hears about the situation. He feels responsible for referring our hero to the hospital and invites him to come and work at his own clinic. Our hero takes him up on the offer. The teacher's wife and three daughters also work at the clinic, and they gladly welcome him into their midst. 
Come and find out how different our hero's life is going to be!


8. Boku no Kareshi wa Juliet ボクの彼氏はジュリエット [021011] SandalDash
Tenma Hiromi moves in at a new school. He gets a letter from his girlfriend that she doesn't want to be in a long distance relationship.
He's surrounded by beautiful student council staff and selected to play the lead role for the play at the school festival, "Midnight Juliet", but he's only just moved in so he doesn't know the tradition that the person who plays the lead role and the role of the heroine in the play become a happy couple.
Boys Love


9. Miko wa Kyouen no Naka ni 巫女は狂宴の中に [021011] Touchy
Main character is a university professor who fails to motivate his students. But his new research is going to change everything. He goes to a certain island and insults and interrogates ladies of the island who are all shrine maidens to approach the core of the mystery.


10. GHQ ~Chihiro Gakuen Ura Gakuensai~ GHQ~千尋学園裏学園祭~ [021018] Luchs
A quiz-based game set in a secret school tournament where the winner gets her wish fulfilled. What the girls don't know, however, is that the losers of each round will have to pay with their body...
You can choose one of the 5 playable protagonists and try to get her to the ending. Each round you win you can see the "punishment" of one of the other girls (rape or other forms of sexual humiliation). Losing on the final round also grants you a "game over rape" scene with the girl you've chosen as protagonist.


11. Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Fandisc アイドル雀士スーチーパイ ファンディスク [021018] Harvest 1
This is a fan disc for Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III. It includes the following features:
Suchie-Pai series dictionary
Suchie-Pai history gallery
'Paper doll' dressing game featuring Miyuri
Talking calculator featuring the voices of the characters


12. Momiji Happy Story もみじ Happy Story [021018] Lune
One year after events of prequel. By the time Kazuto graduates from school, he and Momiji get into love relationship. And the two get tied together... like on that day one year ago.


13. Nonfiction ~Daimei no nai Love Story~ Nonfiction ~題名のないラブストーリー~ [021018] Ripe 1
Kouki Inoue, the protagonist and the apprentice manager, is dating Manami Ayasaka (彩坂 愛美), an actress, but due to load of work they barely have time to spend with each other. Despite the lack of time, they feel jealous and overprotective of each other and have continued to feel of each other as irreplaceable partner and are wholeheartedly devoted to one another. But in such an unbalanced relationship the strong love they have for each other may take turn to unexpected as another people appear on the scene, Mitsuru Tsurugi (剣 充), a star actor and a womanizer, and Reina Oosaki (大崎 玲奈), Manami's manager who is experienced and also acts as your mentor.


14. Taishou Rouman Jikenbo 大正浪漫事件簿 [021018] Marine Heart
Taisho era. Western influence makes the empire bloom, but also has some mysterious consequences. 

Main character is an illustration artist who assist his interviewer partner on various incidents. One day his partner gets involved in a secret plot and disappears. Protagonist starts the search together with the editor. Will they rescue the partner and reveal the evil plot in the capital?
Boys Love


15. Watashi ni Konya Ai ni Kite 2 ~Oyome-san wa Hime Miko~ 私に今夜会いに来て2~お嫁さんは姫巫女~ [021018] Sekilala 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are Kensuke Tsukikage, the son of a family that runs the famous Tsukigake Shinto Shrine. One day your grandfather, chief priest of the shrine, introduces you to a beautiful girl: Koruri Hanayashiki, a young shrine-maiden-in-training who will be studying here. It's quite an honor to be able to train at such an ancient and famous religeous site as your shrine. A party is held withyour childhood friends Nanao and Shiina to welcome Koruri-chan.
At the party, your grandfather makes an announcement: the upcoming harvest festival will be broadcast live on television, including the climax of the festival, the beautiful "dance of the shrine maidens." There's just one complication: it's the custom at this shrine that the shrine maidens have sex as part of their graceful festival dance. To make the special event a success, it's vital that you train all the girls in the erotic act of the dance in time for the festival, and choose your true love in the process. Because the girl who you take as your wife will help save the honor and tradition of the Tsukikage Shrine.


16. 1 -ichi- イチ-1- [021024] Tarutaru
Just make Ichi shut up by insulting him in a public toilet.
Boys Love Nukige


17. Glass no Mori 硝子の森 [021024] HuneX
Taking a request from a relative the protagonist moves to an out of the way village in the middle of a forest to take care of an old vacation house.
She spends a short summer vacation in this quiet, forgettable village.
But one day while going deep into the forest on a whim and finding a lake, plains, and a cafe she meets three mysterious guys who seem to be manifestations of the forest, and maybe she falls in love.


18. Confession ~Hajimete no Kokuhaku~ Confession ~初めての告白~ [021025] Crystal
An omnibus comic-style pure love adventure game with the theme "Let's be gentle to girls!" 
● First night 「初めての夜」
● Please, brother! 「お兄ちゃん・・・お願い」
● Morning packed train 「朝の満員電車」
● Two crossroads 「二人の岐路」


19. Dorei Hisho no Tori 奴隷秘書の島 [021025] Chiffon
Main character is approached by a mysterious person who offers instructor's job with very generous payment. The job contents is to train completely new type of secretary suitable for the company in the 21st century. 


20. Dormitory ドミトリー [021025] Passion
Main character is forced to study abroad. He somehow finds a place to stay, but it turns out to be a boarding house for shrine maidens. Only five girls know his secret that a man lives in a girl dormitory. Surrounded by attractive unique girls his days of joy are about to begin.


21. Jokei Kazoku 女系家族 [021025] Silky's
In order to revenge the Sannoji family that forced his brother to commit suicide, main character becomes family adviser to bring forth family's demise.


22. Ningyou no Yakata ~Inmu ni Dakereta Maid-tachi~ 人形の館~淫夢に抱かれたメイドたち~ [021025] Atelier Kaguya
Sou was working at the house of a millionaire, Katsuragi during the summer break. Though the house located deep in mountains far from the town, he enjoyed the days with a beautiful lady, her daughter, and charming maids. One day, he found a mysterious dollhouse in the attic. Inside it, there were dolls that looked like people in the house. He found that the doll had a magical power to manipulate the person at his will, and he made the women his sexual slaves one after another not knowing it is the way to lead to the ruin.


23. Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu 羞中恥療室 [021025] rúf
Makoto Sugiura has studied his whole life to become a doctor. He's looking for revenge on the doctor with a scalpel scar across his left hand. It was that doctor who is responsible for his sister's death. After finally being assigned to the right hospital, Makoto finds that the entire staff is involved in something suspicious. He decides to sleep his way to the truth, squeezing a confession out of one nurse after another until he makes his way to the top.


24. Hotaru II 炎多留 II [021026] Tarutaru
Taiyou Suna is famous as an actor as well as a singer. However, his previous scandals are still known to everyone. The characters take advantage of this to increase the ratings on your TV show. However, after the truth is revealed, the TV men go out of their way to help him.
Boys Love


25. Reminiscence [0210] Team Device
That summer's wind carried with it warmth... I did not have much luck in entering a university and led an idle life. The only place in which I could find comfort in was "Cafe Reminiscence".
That certain encounter on that summer. The future became the present and the present became the past. Those memories protect us. 
And now our ordinary story which started from that place begins...
Non-JP Doujin

Foreword: With script size of around 4.5Mb Hello, World is one of the largest visual novels ever created. Cyberpunk, Nitroplus and positive reviews (1 2 3 4) all promised a great time. However...

Title: Hello, world

Developer: Nitroplus

Date: 2002-09-27

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v431

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsNedut_3eE&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-KYrXbyAGXRCg720guyMwo


Synopsis: Set in Akihabara in the near future, "Hello, world." is a hearty, feature-length, cyber battle-action/campus-life story about a robot boy and the girls that surround him.

Tremendous progress has been made in technical advances. Various networks have taken strongholds with each new generation. Though not nearly advanced as humans, two-legged robots are utilized in many practical areas throughout the world. Amid worldwide peace, the human race remains unchanged.

Kazuki Tomonaga is a robot made by an entity called "HIKARI" for the purpose of "GLOBAL ILLUMINATION". He's created with ingenuity as precise as that of a human being. Kazuki is commanded to research the concepts of "human emotion". Along the way he meets various girls and has exchanges with them. In their "exchanges" his "curiosity" gradually turns into "affection" and his mission becomes more intense. He gradually starts to build his own philosophy, not knowing he will be forced to make crucially important decisions in the near future.

Structure: Days from October 1st to October 30th

Length: 100+ hours

Game type: Cyberpunk android adventure

Difficulty: Relatively easy, most of choices are just about picking the same girl all the time

Character Design rating: 3/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 6/10

Overall rating: 5/10


What? How can "Hello, world" not be a masterpiece - are you even sane? That would be my initial reaction as well, but I have my argumentation. All in its due time.

First of all, I was shocked by trash rating of the game in the most notable Japanese reviewer blog of old games ADVGAMER (1). The reasons for that are quite vague: overextendent, confusing in the second part and as a result a really boring game. But of course I just considered reviewer a weakling who could not understand the gist of the game - and bravely dived into the action.

The first half of the game is surprisingly orthodox despite the fact that protagonist as an android. He explores the world and the girls close to him. There are over 10 events with each girl to pursue with its romantic resolution. Pace is really bad, but curious side-characters and unfamiliar futuristic setting make it tolerable.


But then happens second part which is a set of action episodes with a bit of romance in-between. And it all comes to very simplistic story. There are five girls who have relatives suffered from a certain "evil" corporation. Hacker incidents start to happen breaking out into a full-scale machine rebellion. That's it! There's no sophistication in the plot at all. Of course, there are much more side-characters, every girl has her own circumstances, and there is a series of incidents leading to the culmination, but it does not change the fact that it's all done just to show action scenes, not to really move the plot. But the greatest tragedy of the game is that it lasts for 30 hours on initial playthrough, and subsequent routes need to go through absolutely the same plot, just with different romance events and the very ending. As ADVGAMER puts it, game either must have an unusual setting and take time to describe its details or have a common setting and then adhere to compact structure. But Hello, world tries to present a common setting like something new, and then prolongs it to insane lengths putting reader in the state of the ultimate boredom. 

One of the flaws of the game is tasteless character design. Who said that green hair girl should have green eyes, violet hair girl - violet eyes, blue hair - blue eyes and red hair girl - red eyes?! That looks absolutely stupid. Character designs are trashy, and artist work manages to catch such poor angles at times that result looks super-ugly. There is just one girl with the design I like - that's Junko. Cool white long hair with really nice haircut, great black and red suit, mini-skirt and always carrying a gun. Just perfect! But she's not one of the heroines! She's just a side-character to help fight baddies in action scenes! Why-y-y???


The second disappointing feature is "partial voicing", but don't be misguided here, it's actually NO VOICING. We barely manage to hear how each heroine should sound during the first hour of play, then there are 30 hours of NO VOICING. Not in action scenes, not in culmination romantic scenes - just never. That's something really disappointing.

Game really makes the best of 3D rendering from Phantom of Inferno (close-ups on weapons) and Vjedogonia (moving vehicles), but action scenes remain confusing. The air battle between three aircrafts on one side and one modified air fighter on the other side left me really disappointed. Action scenes end with some sudden development rather than being one logical performance.


Routes are composed in one of the worst possible ways. Story is absolutely the same with just romance events changing from heroine to heroine. Then each heroine has her individual end where only she and hero survive as well as the true end where everyone survives. There is just a bit of fresh air in the individual endings of each heroine, but True ending of each heroine is absolutely the same... save for the last 5 minutes that describe heroine 6 years after the main events of the story. That's a real crime to make people try to grasp something new in 30-hour long route and not even giving anything really new. It's the same story, but we hope you have 150 hours to read them all - a horrible move.

The biggest problem with "Hello, world" is the aftertaste and lack of satisfaction. It's not that bad while it lasts for the first time even though pace is terrible, but each new "route" only brings anger and despair. I look back and only see dozens of hours of wasted time. What did I get in return? Nothing. Not a good story, not a good romance. Some flashy action scenes and some nice side-characters are the only things that I look back to without irritation. Game does not respect its readers. Readers should not respect such a disintegrated game.



Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2 is the VN of the Month. Hotosenaru Uta Chitosenaru Shirushi is definitely a masterpiece as well. As for "Hello, world." with its great reviews, I'll tell you in next issue whether I consider it a masterpiece or not.

1. Hoshimatsuri no Uta ほしまつりのうた [020906] Softhouse Dew 1
Soichiro Sugimoto is a kind, quiet boy attending Yuigasaki High School. Students at this school like to throw festivals, and the upcoming festival, the Star Festival, is one of the biggest festivals of the year.
Soichiro doesn't like festivals or parties, but his friends won't leave him alone on the night of the Star Festival. Kaya, who grew up with Soichiro, asks him to go to the festival with her. The truth is, Soichiro is secretly in love with her.
Fine naive heroic youth scenario. Full female voicing is promised, but actually there's partial female voicing. Below average game even if you like the heroines here.


2. Jewel Matrix じゅえる☆まとりくす [020906] Ivory
Main character returns from adventure with power "matrix". It can be magically activated to attract matrix jewel girls with different respective attributes. His story of love and protection begins now.
Game was supposed to be a SIM, but got delayed significantly to convert it to ADV. 9 chapters are devoted to the heroine line and the last three chapters are the rush to the end. Ending chapters are very similar for all heroines.


3. Mystic Report ~Koi no Bukatsu wa Chikoku Shinai~ ミスティック・リポート ~恋の部活はチコクしない~ [020906] Hadashi Shoujo
Main character belongs to school newspaper club. He is inspired by the the seven school wonders stories and takes interview from girls who experience strange phenomena at school. With his pretty girl assistant he faces mystic, but so real dangers.
Mix of RPG and ADV. Losing in fight means game over as long as insult scene usually. There are four episodes. To see every route it's needed to play seven times, but it's very tiresome to play after initial playthrough. Erotic element is thin overall.


4. Tearful Eyes ~Anata shika Inai~ ティアフルアイズ~あなたしかいない~ [020906] Kamen Shoukai
Main character meet a girl on the hill behind the school. She lies on the hill wearing a white dress instead of uniform. He only dares to talk to her after becoming festival committee member, and they seem to have much in common, but she asks to keep white dress in secret. However, after becoming friends, protagonist starts to notice strange shadows behind the girl personality. One day she stops talking to him...
Orthodox school love drama. Story is short, and showing synopsis takes the majority of its time.Development is sudden and there aren't enough events to pull it through.


5. Hotosenaru Uta Chitosenaru Shirushi ほとせなる呪ちとせなる詛 [020913] Project-μ
Main character is visited by a girl who claims that his only distant relative taking care of her died in a fire. Mysterious death cases start to pursue protagonist. One of the latest victims blamed "email from a closed girl" curse as the cause of deaths.
Horror entertainment novels as developers call the genre. This company is well known for presenting concept of the theater in each work. This time is no different - there's a lot of movement going on the screen, but thanks to other means than animation. It manages to be both horror and bakage. Game grasps fears of modern age realistically creating hard-boiled horror atmosphere. Real masterpiece here.


6. Stairs ~Natsu no Chotto Mae~ STAIRS~夏のちょっと前~ [020913] Aias 1
After living in the U.S., our hero returns to Japan to continue his studies. He stays at the shrine of his dad's friend and goes to school in the country...
Our hero will meet up with many fun-loving babes:
The only daughter of the shrine priest. She wants nothing to do with the occult.
Our hero's cheerful but troublemaking classmate.
The senior would-be "magician" with a red cape.
The foreign student from England who is more Japanese than most Japanese people.
The girl listlessly standing on the rooftop.
He's supposed to have a peaceful school life with these girls, but life is not that easy! 
A lot of weird things are happening around him, one after another...
Heroines are nice, but story lacks excitement. Climax and H events are sudden. Whatever good is created in the first half is crushed mercilessly in the second half.


7. Blue-Sky-Blue(s) -Sora o Mau Tsubasa- Blue-Sky-Blue【s】-空を舞う翼- [020920] Emu 1
The protagonist's mom passed away 10 years ago and the father-son relationship is a strained one. When poppy's work as a weatherman and new marriage sends them to Hokkaido, the player enters a new school and joins up with a group of student's whose passion is the sky - with the belief that people come from the sky and will eventually return to the sky...
Six girls are available for the romancing including honor student Kasumi Itimatsu, school director's granddaughter Fuuka Mitsuba and assistant teacher Tomomi Shinose.
This is a story of conflict with abstract perceptions of heroines, so don't expect a love comedy here. It may be called the opposite of charage as personalities live in lies and dreams, and everyday life scenes get truncated. A bold experiment.


8. Hajirahi はじらひ [020920] Blue Gale
Main character fails a big project at an advertising agency, and now he takes a month long paid vacation. He goes to a remote village which image he remembers from a postcard.
It's needed to raise favorability rating with one of heroines in the course of numerous events. After the three sisters are captured, true route is revealed. Apart of three sisters there is also a school teacher and a lively girl, but they are treated as sub-characters not gaining own ending. Development is boring as there is nothing to do but enjoy rural life and various situations.  


9. Panic!! Kerokero Kingdom ぱにっく!! けろけろ王国 [020920] Pajamas Soft
A lot of frog have fallen from the sky! Extremely selfish protagonist intends to defeat them quickly and become famous. Suddenly first princess of the country shows up and persuades protagonist to fight for her cause.
First part is tetris game with frogs as blocks, second part is various puzzles with H as reward.


10. Brave Knight ~Leverant Eiyuuden~ ブレイブナイト ~リーヴェラント英雄伝~ [020926] Panther Software Co., Ltd.
Medieval romance interaction game featuring 14 lovely maidens available for the wooing.
Another useless lazy Xbox exclusive SIM.


11. Dalk Gaiden DALK外伝 [020927] Alice Soft 1 2 
Our hero is the Love God, "Martis," who also appeared in the previous title. He was turned into a regular person because he disobeyed the Master God, Furad. He ends up searching inside the body of the giant god Varuga with 7 maids in order to subdue the Demon God, Port Nunu. This parasitic demon is running rampant around in Varuga's body.
Varuga's body is a labyrinth, which consists of a giant dungeon with many floors. Martis and the maids advance into the dungeon as they beat small monsters on their way to defeat Port Nunu, who is hiding in the deepest area of the dungeon. 
Game is a sequel by name only, even story has no connections. Story is one road, each heroine has very few events. Battle system is quite simple and entertaining. Game is sold for just 1/3 of normal game price, so epic hopes should not be placed on it.


12. Hachimitsu Sou de Hoppe ni Chuu はちみつ荘 de ほっぺにチュウ [020927] Palette 1
The hero is a fourth grade student from college who is graduating this year. 
During the summer break from the university, he was living a lazy life and doing nothing all the time. One day, his parents kicked him out of home. Seeking independence, tries to find a part-time job. And then he becomes an apartment manager. In his the last summer vacation, his stopped time begins to move. 
SIM with schedule and something else, but I already don't care.


13. "Hello, world." [020927] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4
Set in Akihabara in the near future, "Hello, world." is a hearty, feature-length, cyber battle-action/campus-life story about a robot boy and the girls that surround him.
Tremendous progress has been made in technical advances. Various networks have taken strongholds with each new generation. Though not nearly advanced as humans, two-legged robots are utilized in many practical areas throughout the world. Amid worldwide peace, the human race remains unchanged.
Kazuki Tomonaga is a robot made by an entity called "HIKARI" for the purpose of "GLOBAL ILLUMINATION". He's created with ingenuity as precise as that of a human being. Kazuki is commanded to research the concepts of "human emotion". Along the way he meets various girls and has exchanges with them. In their "exchanges" his "curiosity" gradually turns into "affection" and his mission becomes more intense. He gradually starts to build his own philosophy, not knowing he will be forced to make crucially important decisions in the near future. 
There are many English reviews. 


14. Majo no Ocha Kai 魔女のお茶会 [020927] Frontwing 1 2 3 4 5
Long, long ago, there was a world in which mages and humans existed in harmony. Deep contrasts in their two cultures, however, caused differences that could not be overcome between the two races. The humans feared the great power of the mages, and hunted them, trying to erase their kind from the earth. God felt pity for their plight and created a world of magic for them, which they could go to in peaceful exile. In this way the mages faded from the Earth, and all contact between the two peoples ceased. Each continued on their own paths, the humans that of civilization, and mages that of magic.
A few hundred years have passed since that time, and the mages are hopeful that, once again, the two races can live in harmony together. In the hope of finding a way to bridge their differences, the mages send out their young acolytes for training in the world of the humans. If the younger generations of the two peoples can find a way of connecting, perhaps the acolytes could gain important knowledge that will enable the two groups to live together again. This year three young wizards will cross over into the world of humans... Two of them are elite, and one a total drop out. Can they reunite the two peoples of Earth and the World of Magic?
Game is localized and has many English reviews.


15. Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2 勝 あしたの雪之丞2 [020927] Elf 1
Kubo Masaru was knocked out into a critical state of unconsciousness by the prequel's protagonist, Yukimura Yukinojou, during a boxing practice.
He recovered from the coma now, and at present is attending Ryouzuki School.
However, due to his insufficient attendance, he has to repeat a year, additionally got barred from the possibility of practicing box, and is moved from the specially selected sports class to a general education class where he, alongside with his classmate Mizushina Akira, is fighting against heavy odds at the studies designed as preparations of entering university.
After regaining his consciousness and recovering from the feeling that "he has somehow slipped into the future" due to the time he lost in coma, the doctors also forbid him to practice his biggest passion - boxing -, thus now Masaru is frustrated of being unable to continue and is completely burning out inside.
Just what sort of destiny such a Masaru could end up with?
There is an English review.


16. Nor Near the Once Reality [020927] Alice Noir 1
In the not so distant future...
Kisaragi Shirou, a man with a special power who lives in the slums.
His power is only known to a limited group of people in the government.
Topological Ghost (TG), the power to materialize digital objects 
into the real world.
Shirou, his sister Aki and his brother Jin worked as test subjects in a 
TG research project funded by the government. But an accident during an experiment kills his sister and his brother disappears soon after.
After leaving the research institute, Shirou begins to live a life of self-indulgence in the slums.
Until one day, when he suddenly meets a girl who resembles his dead sister...
Typing adventure... seriously? Story is quite good, and I bet there are just no good enough typing games to compete with this one so far. Game's sold for 1/3 of usual price.


17. Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ Princess Holiday~転がるりんご亭千夜一夜~ [020927] August 1 2
The story takes place in a medieval world. The protagonist, Cliff Cloud, comes back to his hometown of Symphonia Kingdom after 3 years of wandering through the lands as a travelling bard. The very day he arrives in town, he has a chance meeting with a girl who's pursued by soldiers. He rescues her, and since she's searching for a place to accommodate for a while, he introduces her to his family and friends at the Korogaru Ringo Tei (= Rolling Apple Pavilion) inn. 
That girl, who named herself Leticia Apple, quickly turns out to be the Princess of Symphonia Kingdom, Leticia la mew Symphonia. She slipped out of the castle in order to see the outside world and the lives of common people. After a few discussions with the protagonists, her father, the benevolent King Worsel, allows her to stay and work at Rolling Apple for a few weeks, as a training as the future Queen.
And thus starts the story, as you'll see the lives of the people of Rolling Apple. As Cliff, will you follow Leticia's training and form a relationship with her, or will you interact with the other girls? Choose you own 
adventure, and get to discover their stories, as well as the mysterious background behind Cliff, and the secrets around Symphonia Kingdom!
There are English reviews.


18. Sorairo Memories そら色メモリーズ [020927] Ga-Bang
Main character is surprised to see a girl next to him as he wakes up. All the neighbors claim that she is protagonist's sister Sora-chan. Girl has no memories prior to standing in front of the house. They decide to walk around the island to try to regain the memory. Is she really protagonist's sister who he has no recollection of?
Period is one week. We choose which girl to visit at the beginning of each day and there are more choices afterwards. System is quite heavy. The aim of the game is to... recover from father's death? Really? Just stupid, as for me. Game is rather short.




1. Nukarumi ~Onna-tachi no Choukyou Nisshi~ ぬかるみ ~女たちの調教日誌~ [020906] White
Main character enters university and starts to live alone. He frequents adult sites and one day identifies childhood friend's mother in one of the models. She surrenders to blackmail, and her training starts. At the same time protagonist keeps searching new victims on the net setting up an internet site to record the patter of the training.


2. Oshiete Agechau 教えてあげちゃう [020906] Trabulance 1
Takumi Aoba stays with the Miyazaki's because his parents live abroad. All the family members are female, and they passionately welcome Takumi. They do more than he's expecting: They lay around the house naked, try to join him in the shower, and lots more! Takumi's going to have a lot of fun...
If you like older women, you'll love this title! Beautiful women with mature bodies will try to seduce you every time you turn around!
Momoko Miyazaki: She grew up with Takumi and is now a student teacher at Takumi's school. She has big tits.
Ran Miyazaki: She's Momoko's twin sister. She also is a student teacher. She has sexy
Yoshino Miyazaki: A widow. She passionately tries to seduce Takumi. She always ties her beautiful long hair with a big ribbon.
Hitomi Saginuma: Yoshino's little sister and Takumi's homeroom teacher. She's
separated from her husband, and she and her daughter stay with the
Miyazaki family. She's tall and has really big tits.
Chinami Saginuma: Hitomi's daughter. Even though she doesn't really understand
much about sex, she actively asks Takumi to sleep with her.
Join the Miyazaki household and learn what you can from older women!


3. Pachi File ぱちFile [020906] Soubi Kenkyuujo 1
Here are the games included in this fun disc:
"Cosmic Man Episode 9"
This is the never-released episode of "Cosmic Man," released in October 2001. Because of the controversial title "co*c" and some other reasons, it couldn't be included in the original game. All the details of the story haven't been revealed yet, but it seems you'll be able to see four girls having sex...! 
"Pachimoso" Special Shortened Edition
One day, our hero receives a mysterious package from his father in Africa. Mojita opens the package and finds his father with a completely changed image inside...
This is the follow-up story of "Pachimoso." The story begins where the previous story left off. Your target girls are: Benny, Tamao, and Miruka. What's waiting for our hero!? 
"Bacha Bacha Cop"
Shoot the female cop with your water gun! The system is very simple: you move your mouse and click the button to shoot. If you successfully hit the female cop, you'll be able to see through her clothes...! Furthermore, if you continue shooting her until her clothes are soaked, she'll start taking off all her clothes. Don't give up; make her wet!! @
This is a block breaking game. Blocks consist of girls' clothes. Break the blocks and reveal girls' embarrassing parts! Do you think you've heard of this title before? Ha-ha-ha, it's only your imagination...
"Geki Kukan Ero Yakyu-ken" ("Shinpu no Oshigoto")
"Shinpu no Oshigoto" was originally released in September 2000. It was popular because of its high-quality graphics, great storyline, and exciting sex scenes. You play "rock-paper-scissors" with girls. If you win, a girl has to take off some of her clothes. If she wins, you have to take off yours. Pray for luck and see how fast you can get the girls naked!!
Nukige fandisc anthology


4. Paradigm Shift ~Mezame no Toki~ パラダイム・シフト~目醒めの時~ [020906] Tail 1
Brutal murders are occurring at Shiramine School because the students become possessed by demons. The protagonist, Ootori Kirio, must purify the students by having sex with them.


5. Enzai 冤罪 [020913] Langmaor 1 2 3 4
This is a story of France, during the rule of Napolean. Although the Revolution brought with it new laws and some semblance of representative government, there are some places that never change: the dark hole known as prison. Into that hell a boy called Guys is sent. The crime is murder, and the sentence, life without the possibility of parole.
However, Guys is innocent of this crime. He was living his life as he always did, running through the city and stealing to survive when he was caught by a policeman. Before he knew what was happening he was accused of a crime he knew nothing about, hauled before a dishonest judge and found guilty of the heinous crime. But just who was killed, and why?
In prison, Guys is made to endure a world of violence and betrayal as he fights desperately to survive. Inside that world of fear and loathing, he endures in his quest for justice for himself. He finds help in unlikely places -- from alcoholic lawyers and insane men in the prison with him. Eventually he begins to realize the scope of the diabolical plot he's fallen into, but even as he works to uncover the truth, he despairs of that which he has lost. And every day, he struggles for dignity and survival, while the powerful interests who put him here look on with smirking amusement.
"I just want to be free..."
Will his strength and determination be enough to break through the hearts of his fellow prisoners? Will he be able to finally uncover the truth and find salvation? 
Boys Love


6. Kegareta Eiyuu ~Jain Seijo Gari~ けがれた英雄~邪淫聖女狩~ [020913] Clock Up
Several hundred years ago heroes finally defeated the source of evil
Nowadays grand battle starts to be forgotten until demon king slaughters hero descendant and turns him into his servant. The devil infiltrates the city taking revenge on the citizen girls. However, the order of Empire protectors is still strong. Will devil have his revenge or fall in the battle with the knights?


7. Kinoko ~Kindan no Chiryouyaku~ きのこ~禁断の治療薬~ [020913] Tomato
Main character is a world famous fungi researcher working at a pharmaceutical company. Now he's developing vaccine for a strange infection that invigorates sexual desire draining energy till death. In fact, he's infected with it as well. Mixing mushrooms with bacteria provides unexpected results...


8. Mahou no Shippo na Dai Ni wa 魔法のしっぽな 第二話 [020913] Sith 1 2
In this second part of the Mahou no Shippona saga, Emiru has already obtained the magical fragment of fire. She and her new compatriots now venture to find the fragments of the missing elements. Using a magical dectection device, they’ve found that two of the elements are close together, whereas the final element lies alone and far away. Once again, this is a fully animated Hentai adventure.


9. Meshimase Ouji-sama 召しませ王子サマ [020913] Marine Heart
One kingdom approaches hereditary crisis. Royal family decides to hold a competition with the best candidate to be adopted as a prince.
Main character is a teacher of poor aristocracy candidate Rufus. But under the mask of duties  hidden love starts to flourish.
Boys Love


10. Onna Kyoushi - Yumi no Houkago 女教師・裕美の放課後 [020913] FlyingShine 1
Hiromi Hayama is a beautiful English teacher working at "Seimei." Unknowingly taking a sleeping pill the vice-principal Ishikuro passed her, she passes out at a party. He takes her into his private office and tries to rape her. Luckily, she wakes up and escapes!
The next day, he pretends he had had too much to drink and was just fooling around. 
Hiromi is really pissed off and insists on his resignation, but this jerk won't listen to her and even starts to make plans to try raping her again...


11. Ryoujoku Konbini ~Tenchou Yamete Kudasai~ 凌辱コンビニ ~店長やめて下さい~ [020913] spiel
Main character is a convenience store manager. The staff is gentle here, and customers evaluation is high. One day a part-time worker makes a mistake and undergoes sexual harassment punishment from the manager. But with every following day his actions become bolder.


12. The Guts! 4 ~Shiritsu Guts Gakuen!~ The ガッツ!4~私立ガッツ学園!~ [020913] Authoring Heaven 1
On the very day our hero transfers to the Private School, Oshima, he bumps into something very hard thing and is knocked out. When he comes to, he finds a stocky looking girl looking down at him. That hard thing was this girl! 
Her name is Minako Takahara (Taka-san). She's president of the "Civil Engineering Study Club." Our hero ends up being coerced into becoming a member of the club. This club has some very unique members! Mutsuki Oshima (Ojo-san) is the vice-president of the club, chairman of the council, and granddaughter of the principal of the school. Akira Hayasaka (Akira-kun) is a tomboy. Kaori Nanamori (Nana-chan) is a new member. With these girls around, our hero won't have time to get bored!!
Moreover, there's a rumor that buried treasure lies somewhere around the school...
Will our hero be able to survive all the excitement...?


13. True Blue [020913] LiLiM DARKNESS 1 2
The protagonist, Kurusu Akito is a second year high school student at Mikage Gakuen and the baseball club's ace. His childhood friend and classmate, Kanzaki Aoi is a campus idol and is this year's Miss Mikage Gakuen. They're close together since birth and thought that these days would last forever.
One day, an unknown organization picked Aoi as their next item for their "auction". The organization then organized a contest to see who gets to successfully train her to become a sex slave and picked 7 people in close proximity to Aoi as the contestants. Akito is one of them. The time limit is one month.
Not wanting his childhood friend to become a sex slave, Akito decided to protect Aoi against the other 6 instead. Unfortunately they're being observed and he doesn't know who the other 6 are so he couldn't move unskillfully and decided to protect her behind her back.
Can Akito successfully protect her?


14. Yumekumi ゆめくみ [020913] Megami
After the sudden death of his father, the protagonist had to suddenly take over his father's position as company chairman. But then he collapses due to overwork. At his doctor's recommendation, he's taking a week vacation at a cottage where he finds his two loli sister-in-laws, Yumemi and Kurumi, are waiting for him.


15. Puchi Shinigami Pleco プチ死神プレコ [020916] Bipolar
No info


16. Lyrical Mint リリカル☆ミント [020920] Untouchable
Suddenly Mint visits main character's house asking him to help her store enough energy to return to the devil world. They start practicing every night while keeping their relations secret from protagonist's sister-in-law. 


17. Nyan Nyako Nyan にゃんにゃこにゃん [020920] Pianissimo
Main character moves to a small village on the beach. He picks up a cat-girl "Miu" to live with her, and there are also a lot of lively girls in the village to have fun with. 


18. Onii-chan Jushinchuu お兄ちゃん受信中 [020920] Vega
Main character shares car hobby with his boss. One day they get in an accident damaging house of the boss. The house is co-owned, so protagonist has to shelter two girls for the time being.


19. Shisukon しすこん~妹魂~ [020920] Angel Smile 1
Naoki Tachibana is madly in love with his little sister, Miyuki. However, because he's her brother, he can't cross the line. Instead, he falls head-over-heels for a popular singer, Ayumi Tenkawa. She looks just like Miyuki.
One day, Naoki receives a letter from his dad stating that Miyuki and Naoki are not blood-related, and that his dad's new wife's daughter, who happens to be Ayumi, will come to live with them.
The peaceful household suddenly changes into a battlefield of love! 
This new title from Angel Smile is a slapstick comedy AVG. Cute girls are out to get you!
Miyuki Tachibana: A very smart but shy girl. She's on the archery team. She's in love
with Naoki, but...
Ayumi Tenkawa: A very popular singer. Her mom is married to Naoki's father and comes
to live with them. She seems like the "perfect girl," but the truth is...
Urara Shiratori: Another new singer. She's competing with Ayumi for the top spot.
Sayuri Akiyoshi: Naoki's homeroom teacher. Although she hasn't realized it yet, she's 
very popular among male students at school.
Akiru Yamada: Ayumi and Urara's manager. She's always twisted around with their selfishness. She's not a very happy person. 
Can you survive this love battle!?


20. Tokubetsu Jugyou 2 特別授業2 [020920] Bishop 1
The College of Sacred Maidens is bubbling over with sexy young ladies perfectly suited for Tomoya’s lusts. So, when he crosses paths with a new student professor for the college, he’s not about to let his chance pass by - he wastes no time drugging the guy, and taking his place. Now this dangerous sex fiend is surrounded by beautiful, buxom women, and he’s already got a lot of "assignments" planned for them.
The innocent cheerleader Yumi, the fiery swim girl Seira, and even Asuka, the ravishing actress. One by one, he’ll collect them all as his pets, eager sex slaves who’ll fill his every burning desire. But the girls won’t take it lying down, so to speak. What will it take for Tomoya to twist his way into the deepest parts of their hearts, minds, and luscious, energetic bodies?


21. Madogoshi no Heya 窓ごしの部屋 [020921] Soft Circle Courreges
This game depicts the relations of two old childhood friends over the course of 20 days. You progress through the game by picking various options as things happen to you in the game. What will happen over those 20 days between this boy and girl who have never before been more than childhood friends?
Doujin nukige


22. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 4 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD4 [020924] NekoNeko Soft
A collection of short stories:
・「初駒 瑠璃 ショートストーリー」


23. Crave x 10 [020927] Cherry Soft
Main character is an ordinary young man who lives in the same city as his 10 girl cousins. One day a girl with a big rose shows up at his house commanding him to hunt 10 girls in 10 days. He dares not to object.


24. Hadan'ya 破談屋 [020927] Mink
Main character looses memory and gets hospitalized after an accident. Because of his memory problems he becomes a suspect. At this time appears a person who claims to know protagonist well and who blames him guilty. Protagonist under pressure agrees to undertake a job to make couples break up for money. What awaits him?


25. Hitsuji-tachi no Yuuutsu ~Concrete ni Utsuru Kage~ 羊たちの憂鬱~コンクリートに映る影~ [020927] Fairytale
Heroine is subject to sadistic sexual abuse by childhood friend. She seeks to escape from the world of pain and pleasure. In this attempt she starts to associate with her classmate as she seeks love and protection. However, childhood friend has his own plans.


26. Hotaruko 螢子 [020927] Tigerman Project
When the protagonist and his girlfriend, Hotaruko, had sex for the first time, they both simultaneously saw a strange image in their minds. When they tried investigating it, it led them them to a solitary island - Amatojima.
Thinking that it's somehow related with Hotaruko's lost memories, they decided to visit the island during their summer break. After a one day trip from Tokyo, they arrived at Amatojima. They were the only passengers getting off the boat there, and the harbor was surprisingly deserted. They went to the only lodging house to book a room for the night. When the old lady who owned it heard Hotaruko's surname, her expression suddenly changed. She told them that Hotaruko is related with the island chief, and hurriedly directed them to the Kizuki household.
There, they were welcomed by a woman called Kasumi, who led them to the guest room. The island chief, Kizuki Mizuno-sama, despite his suspicious appearance, gave them a very warm reception. It was decided they will stay at the Kizuki household for a little while...


27. Jigoku Sou e Youkoso 地獄荘へようこそ [020927] Pochette
Main character inherits a three-story rental apartment after his parents death. He is not willing to bother with rental business management, so wants to sell the apartment fast. Real estate agent can only offer a really low price, but price can rise five times if the room are sold together with trained girls in them. Protagonist starts to insult and train women to prepare the sale.


28. Mahou Shoujo Ai 2 魔法少女アイ2 [020927] Colors
Several years after the incident, main character attends a preparatory school in Tokyo with inconvenient memories pushed out of his memory. One day he witnesses a girl fighting monsters while no ordinary human can see the girl as she is protected by the barrier. Girl tries to erase his memory, but it does not work. As a result she suggest living together as a form to keep the boy protected from monsters.


29. Tomohime 従姫 -ともひめ- [020927] X[iks] 1
A lot of students at Miyoshino High School are missing. It has something to do with a special "drug" dealt around the school. Kei Fujiwara has been hired to secretly investigate the case. After facing some dangerous situations, he finally has the police arrest the teacher who knows something about the case.
It seems the case is solved, but Kei isn't satisfied with the outcome; something still isn't right. One day, one of the girls who was missing suddenly asks him to run for student body president. She then hands him a pair of earrings, which stand for "slavery" to the current president. 
Kei's instincts tell him something is going on underground, and he decides to run for president to find out what's happening... 


30. Zetsurin Acrobat Oyaji Tobimasu Iremasu Ikasemasu 絶倫 アクロバットおやじ 飛びます・いれます・いかせます [020927] Studio Kinky
Your father was a great sexual acrobat. He now has passed the skills--as well as the torch--onto you. You now know that it is your destiny to entertain/assault the female populous with your amazing sexpertise and use of positions. Witness some freaked-out, over-the-top fucking in this 3DCG adventure.


31. Qpit キューピット [0209] Overture
Comedy puzzle adventure. 
One day main character gets lost in a forest and finds shelter in a house. However, a terrible witch lives in the house. The witch makes protagonist to do the puzzles with the prospect of being turned into an animal on refusal. Is it possible to pass all the trials and defeat the witch?

Foreword: I'm always curious about another FlyingShine game, but this time scenario by Arakawa Takumi is the biggest attraction point.

Title: Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi.

Developer: FlyingShine

Date: 2002-08-09

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6544

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBEIudaA_x8&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8VvcJZUr-a2osG0BOPAdMl


Synopsis: Shinichi Manabe attends Seiryo High School. His father is a writer. 5 years ago, Shinichi went to see a mysterious mirage with Mio Fukamachi and Tamako Fujiomi. Mio is one year older than Shinichi and acts like his mother, while Tamako loves old samurai movies and likes to hug.

The mirage really was mysterious, and they had a lot of fun. However, a week later, Mio tries to save a cat but ends up being killed. Shinichi hasn't seen a mirage since that fateful day.

One day, Tamako and Shinichi suddenly encounter another mirage. Shinichi pulls Tamako into the dense fog. Shinichi soon realizes that he is with Mio, not Tamako. He also realizes that instead of Mio, Tamako is dead. He asks himself, "Am I in a different world?" Looking for further clues, he flips through his album and finds many pictures he doesn't even recognize. He's now convinced that this isn't his world.

Structure: Three consequent routes with first two being kinetic ones and last one branching off to four sub-heroines

Length: 12

Game type: Heartwarming light comedy about youth

Difficulty: Almost kinetic novel

Character Design rating: 8/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 6/10

Game quality: 7/10

Overall rating: 7/10


This game is very difficult to talk about, because nothing happens there. Synopsis really prepares us for a full-scale mystery drama, but game's totally different. Homerical gags take 4/5 of the game. They are so densely packed that you can start playing from any point in the game and have a lot of fun. Because of this overwhelming amount of humor there's not really much time for drama left. Only first Mio route has some time devoted to building up relations. The other routes have roughly a minute in the end to light up the mood. A nice example of game's humor is a scene of Mio's mother calling police to start searching for Mio. But because of her childish voice, police asks her several questions and considers it a childish prank cutting the call.

Humor is main actor of the game, so it deserves a close-up. The cover of the game already says much about it. There aren't character sprites in the game. The majority of time characters are presented by enclosed chibi drawings. Just as in Lien they allow to show a great variety of funny emotions and also depict actions just fine. Like heroine square approaching hero square little by little, and hero square moving the opposite direction little by litte, or these squares start to approach closer and closer, then - bam - some acquaintance comes in and face squares jump off to opposite corners. I totally love humor here, even at times when it concentrates on Mio teasing hero with adult talk about shame play and Tama teasing him with childish flashes of underwear etc.


Since we touched characters already, let's introduce them. Shinichi is our main hero. Mio and Tama are his childhood friends with Mio being onee-san long hair type and Tama being genki imouto short-hair type. Other heroines don't really deserve a mention as full-fledged characters. Story often returns to characters of kindergarten age and uses chibi pictures resembling those super-young characters, so it's very difficult to treat main heroines as objects of love interest. Game is not about love. Yes, it has some branchings to satisfy this need, but only so forth.

Game engine inherits DoNoR model with its crude auto-reading. But even though backgrounds here are also rendered real photos, they look totally fine and natural here thanks to just decreasing number of colors creating water paint effect. No more eye pain because of blurry images!


Game title is quite touching as it can be translated as "It's a miracle that we all are here". In fact it corresponds to the picture book that Shin started to write and that has nothing in it but this title. 

What I mean to say by this hectic review is that this game is absolutely revolutionary in its lovely passiveness. There are no logical connections, no plot movements, no love drama, no conclusions. Game presents us lots of good moments with perfectly voiced heroines and ends on a high pitch note. It's free of all the stamps of the media. It's an enjoyable entertainment from beginning to end and great text to read. As if game tells us that we should be free of conventions enjoy at least this time we read this visual novel, because it's a miracle that we all are here. 



Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- is undoubtedly the game of the month. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni makes the second masterpiece. But the world does not need yet another review of either of it, so I'll review Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi. which I also consider a masterpiece.

1. Beast 21 ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~ BEAST21 ~凌辱の館~ [020802] Birdy Soft
10 years ago the hero suddenly became plagued by strange nightmares. 
He remember something about a strange woman in an old mansion of his youth days.
Willing to discover the truth, the hero goes with his girlfriend to this mansion in a raining night.
"Birdy Soft" tries to recreate the spirit of original game. For that we choose of two heroines as lovers and investigate rooms to reveal the mystery - game story changes a lot with different girl. And the gameplay is akin to it - we search items in the rooms in order to use them later. Scenario is of zero level of quality. Of course it's a nukige, but was still curious to know how this "sequel" is made. 


2. Yami-iro no Douwa 闇色の童話 [020802] Candle
Main characters goes together with his university circle members on a training trip to a pension resort. They finally reach the place but what dark things await them inside.
Guro utsuge horror with friends dying all the time. Development is often forced, so it will probably only suit those seeking horror.


3. First Kiss☆Story II ~Anata ga Iru Kara~ ファーストKiss☆物語II 〜あなたがいるから〜 [020808] HuneX 1
A domineering father demands that his son join him in the family business but junior has other plans. To escape the tyranny and familial obligations, the young man runs away and settles in Amagi City located in Fukuoka Prefecture where he grew up. Once there, he proceeds to reunite with girls from his childhood as well as acquaint himself with new female targets, er friends, which may lead to love.
It's a direct sequel with love line of Kana to be realized here, so now she can be officially treated as main heroine of prequel. It starts as a comedy and has serious development later.


4. Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi. ぼくらがここにいるふしぎ。 [020809] FlyingShine 1
Shinichi Manabe attends Seiryo High School. His father is a writer. 5 years ago, Shinichi went to see a mysterious mirage with Mio Fukamachi and Tamako Fujiomi. Mio is one year older than Shinichi and acts like his mother, while Tamako loves old samurai movies and likes to hug.
The mirage really was mysterious, and they had a lot of fun. However, a week later, Mio tries to save a cat but ends up being killed. Shinichi hasn't seen a mirage since that fateful day.
One day, Tamako and Shinichi suddenly encounter another mirage. Shinichi pulls Tamako into the dense fog. Shinichi soon realizes that he is with Mio, not Tamako. He also realizes that instead of Mio, Tamako is dead. He asks himself, "Am I in a different world?" Looking for further clues, he flips through his album and finds many pictures he doesn't even recognize. He's now convinced that this isn't his world
Scenario is written by the same person who wrote Lien and homerically funny Konoha Challenge, so that's an instant stamp of quality. Story is nothing new, but it feels deeply lyrical and funny thanks to numerous gags. Capture order is fixed and that allows to construct a story-centered narration. Don't expect a real masterpiece here, but Arakawa fans will like the game.


5. Mizu no Kakera みずのかけら [020809] Io
"Please... please help me..."
"Please... look..."
"Look for the shrine...'
The story tells about a hero who suddenly received a letter from his cousin to be invited to their home.
He hears a mysterious voice of a girl and follows it...
A mysterious legend and a hidden truth comes out when the heroes join the journey to remember something that was forgotten until now.
The resolution to this samurai legend mystery comes really fast. There are a lot of heartwarming scenes. Nostalgia rural story does not really touch any strings in my heart.


6. Ryouki no Ori Dai 4 Shou 猟奇の檻 第4章 [020809] Penguin Works
After joining the manga research club with impure motives due to its female members the protagonist is now convinced to accept a job as a volunteer security staff at a manga convention that is said to receive 500.000 people over 5 days.
But trouble starts happening. A fire is started at a stand, a threatning letter is delivered to stop the event and then things start to escalate...
Place is now Comiket, and cage no longer feels bizarre in the way that crimes are much milder now and mystery weaker. Lots of cuties and laughter this time. What remains unchanged is high difficulty level with all this travelling around lots of places.


7. SinsAbell ~Hi Gureshi Sora no Tooku~ SinsAbell~緋昏し空の遠く~ [020809] Studio Miris
A wave of witch hunting struck a peaceful town 400 years ago. Among the burned victims was one girl, but the same night everlasting fire covered the whole town in flames.
Main character comes from a family of a legendary demon hunter. He was attacked by the evil spirit in his childhood, and now he continues his hunt for demons. 
One day an unmanned train with all the passengers disappeared appears on the TV. Protagonist's magical sight detects a demon of unprecedented scale. He sees an image of all the passengers burnt alive  - yes, just like witch hunting. 
Adventure with battles made in 3D fighting mode. Either boy or girl can be chosen as main hero. Story is quite heavy and decadent as most of acquaintances get killed in the story process. Quite a scary experimental work who can get through the combos and fighting flow.


8. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ひぐらしのなく頃に [020810] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni takes place during June 1983, at a fictional rural village called Hinamizawa, which has a population of approximately 2000. The main character, Keiichi Maebara, moves to Hinamizawa and befriends his new classmates Rena Ryugu, Mion Sonozaki, Rika Furude, and Satoko Hojo. Keiichi joins their after-school club activities, which consist mostly of card and board games (and punishment games for the loser, usually him.) Hinamizawa appears to be a normal, peaceful, rural village to Keiichi. However, the tranquility abruptly ends after the annual Watanagashi Festival, a celebration to commemorate and give thanks to the local god, Oyashiro-sama. Keiichi learns that every year for the past four years, one person has been murdered and another has gone missing on the day of the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi himself soon becomes drawn into the strange events surrounding the Watanagashi Festival and Oyashiro-sama. In each story arc, he or one of his friends become paranoid, and a crime is committed. Usually, the crime involves the murder of one of their own friends. While it seems impossible to tell their delusions apart from the mystery of Hinamizawa, slowly the truth is revealed.
Game is localized and there are English reviews.


9. Memorial Song メモリアルソング [020822] Vridge Inc. 1 2
The protagonist, whose name is entered by the player, is a high-school student. This game is trying to show how a song can awaken the memories of the past and tie them together. The story opens as you listen to a song on a CD and start reminiscing events from the past... and of course, all the girls you met.
There is a bit information in English, and that's all you'd want to know about this game.


10. Crank In -Soushunfu- クランクイン-早春賦- [020823] Hotchkiss 1
Keita Amamiya's dream is to become a movie director, and he's now studying hard to enter college. One day, he finds an 8mm movie camera at a recycle shop, "Kaikodo ? Memories House," 
that he's always wanted. He asks the owner, Shino, to sell it to him, but she won't; it's not for sale. 
However, she informs him that she will give the camera to the person she likes most. He'll do anything for that camera, and he takes on a job at her store to impress her.
There's just one, small problem; his cousin Mami Sashibe has already been admitted to college, 
and she's helping him with his studies. If she finds out about his job, she's going to be pissed! 
Even worse, a girl in hunting clothes suddenly shows up at the store and tries to get the camera.
Will he ever get his dream camera? Don't forget that Mami will try her best to screw everything up between the two. How about the girl in hunting clothes; what about Shino!? You've got to play this game to find out!!!
Short cheap work with low production values, also borderline eroge.


11. Galaxy Angel ギャラクシーエンジェル [020823] Broccoli 1 2 3 4
Galaxy Angels are from the "Special Guardian Division" and they work closely with the "Imperial Special Guards" and the "Satellite Defense Teams". They are the guardians of the White Moon, the sacred planet of the Transbaal Empire, and the personal protectors of the White Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The story begins with Prince Eonia attempting a take over of the Transbaal Empire with the aid of the mysterious Black Moon, counterpart to the White Moon. To counter Prince Eonia, the Angel-tai along with their flagship the Elsior are placed in the hands of the kind and ever-capable Commander Takuto Meyers.
There are English reviews.


12. Kaze no Uta 風ノ唄 [020823] Milksoft 1
The story takes place in a small rural area around the seaside town called Sakuragi-cho. The protagonist returns from Tokyo to spend the summer in a town which brings him a lot of nostalgic memories. But after being absent for so long, unaware about the current events in the town, the summer vacations may not be so carefree and relaxing as you expect them to be.
Story is heavy and all girls have either health or mental problems. Scenario is thin and development monotonous.


13. Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- [020829] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Ever17 is the tale of seven individuals who come to be trapped 153 feet within the underwater marine theme park, LeMU. During an apparently normal day at the park, a massive accident happens, placing almost half of the facility underwater. The path to the surface and the communication lines are cut off. In addition, LeMU is under constant assault by severe water pressure, limiting time to find a means of escape to 119 hours. Escape is not the only concern, however; many questions arise as to the legitimacy of the accident and whether or not those trapped there were brought there for a purpose.
Game that does not need introduction - lots of reviews.


14. Aikagi ~Hidamari to Kanojo no Heyagi~ あいかぎ~ひだまりと彼女の部屋着~ [020830] F&C FC02
Takashi Murase lived an average live along his father but one day, he suddenly died in a car accident. Unable to live by himself, Takashi's homeroom teacher will start living in his house to take care of him - and her sister's joining this new family too! What will be of the three of them..?
Narrow view of the world, and same actions repeat over in over with cohabitation as main theme. Nothing special about this work.


15. Gonna Be?? Gonna Be?? [020830] Groover 1
The man is an agent for the ministry of research. No one knows his name, only his code name, "September." His main duties are spying overseas, but on return from an assignment, he is suddenly ordered to spy on students at an all-girls' school, "Akisui." He's not too happy about the situation, but orders are orders...
Disguised as "Shun Mishima," he becomes a teacher, where he runs into an ex-girlfriend who once betrayed him, "Miyuki Jinnai." She hands him a drug, and even though he's been burned by her before, he gulps it down... He changes into a "girl!!" She tells him, "You now have a free pass around the school..."
Why did the ministry send him to this all-girls' school anyway? With the ability to switch identities, will he be able to clear up the mystery at the school?
With their big hit, "Green-Green," Groover, will now try their hand at a "transsexual spy adventure" this summer. Many new innovations have been made to their system, and even the characters are more unique and interesting than their previous game!
Genre is self-defined as "Intrusive sex conversion spy adventure"? but in fact it's a complete bakage with weird characters. The story is single road with three consequent chapters, each with its own ending. Main character constantly changes from man to woman and each heroine has at least one H scene with him as a man and as a woman.


16. Gyakutama ぎゃくたま [020830] Discovery
Main character is always short for money since he's the only working member of the family after his mother death. He needs to pay the debt within a month or house will be taken for debts. He's very good in athletics, and because of that he gets a place at a super prestigious school. Since he can't get the money the proper way, he intends to get the money from naive rich ladies at school.
It's a very orthodox system. One month, three actions allowed per day and lots of girls to chase. Otherwise it's a normal moege with a comedy touch.


17. Himawari ひまわり [020830] Regrips
A small former mining village is almost fully destroyed by tsunami. Main character goes to teach in Tokyo, but eventually returns. He is greeted coldly by remaining villagers, and his heart shrinks even further. That is until he meets a girl.
Redundant system and scenario loopholes make reading painful. Three heroines stories look unrealistic.


18. Mizukabe みずかべ [020830] F&C FC01
Mizukabe is a direct sequel to one of the endings of the game Suigetsu. The game also includes wallpapers of Suigetsu.
Short game with straightforward scenario and just one heroine Nana for capture, but there also H scene for Kosaka sisters.


19. Re☆cycling Day's Re☆さいくりんぐDay’s [020830] Paprika
Main character is student who prepares for entrance exams. But he also has enough time to chase girls around him. Who will he live with during his college life?
A SIM game where girl choice depends on parameters value. Part-time jobs are also needed to buy physical strength items. Game's super boring because lack of events.




1. Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~ マーメイドの季節〜カーテンコール〜 [020801] Game Village 1
Curtain Call is a fan disc for the Mermaid no Kisetsu romance adventure visual novel. This fan disc includes many sub-scenarios as well as a prelude scenario that tells the story before the actual game happening, one week earlier to the events of the main game. In addition this game includes several voice dramas, a DJ mode with the main characters on air radio, a conversation mode where you can communicate with one of the four heroines, and a quiz mode with 900 questions related to the game in total. There is also a lot of bonus content including illustrations from various CG artists that worked on the game, CG modes showing event scenes from the main game, a bonus movie and scrollable artwork.


2. Choukou Tenshi Escalayer 超昂天使エスカレイヤー [020802] Alice Soft 1 2
One day, a girl transferred into Kyouhei Yanase's class: his childhood friend who moved away when they were young, Sayuka Kouenji. While Kyouhei was happy to see her again, Sayuka seemingly pretended that he didn't exist.
Just then, out of nowhere, the evil intergalactic empire Dai-Lust began their invasion of Earth!
Upon seeing their advance forces, Sayuka rushed into a nearby back alley, where Kyouhei, having chased after her, found her absorbed in masturbation. He was so taken aback by this that he yelled in surprise, and Sayuka, having noticed his presence, immediately screamed in orgasm before being enveloped by a dazzling light that transformed her into Earth's mightiest warrior: the angelic Escalayer!
With her transformation complete, Sayuka soon drove away the army of Dai-Lust.
Having returned home, baffled by what he had seen, Kyouhei found himself being greeted by a girl named Madoka, who claimed to be a robot living with Sayuka. Madoka went on to explain that Sayuka acquired the necessary energy to transform into Escalayer and drive away Dai-Lust only by experiencing sexual arousal.
"I'm begging you, please make my heart beat fast!" said Sayuka to Kyouhei... and so their days of sex and war began. Their goal? The total defeat of Dai-Lust!


3. Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble! 学園ヘヴン BOY'S LOVE SCRAMBLE! [020802] Spray
Ito Keita, an average high school boy, is surprised to receive an acceptance letter from the renowned Bell Liberty Academy.
After being involved in an accident (and luckily, surviving) on the day of his transfer, Keita finds himself among a variety of unique people... but what is Keita's "special ability"? Will he truly be accepted into this school full of elite students?
Boys Love


4. Imouto Bloomers ~Houkago no Kuikomi Lesson~ いもうとブルマ~放課後のくいこみレッスン~ [020802] Moe.
Main character's father remarries leaving protagonist to live with three cute sisters-in-law. Protagonist is going to know each sister better after classes in the gym.


5. Lovely Lovedoll ラブリー・ラブドール [020802] Escu:de
A huge box is delivered to main character's house. Insides is a sleeping girl. She is the latest model of love doll. It is protagonist's duty to test the product and help it develop.


6. Motto Muriyari! もっとムリヤリ! [020802] Sekilala 1
The protagonist is a management consultant called in to try and save a failing restaurant whose management has disappeared and left a lot of debt. Consequently he is rather aggressive both in trying to save the restaurant and with the 3 waitresses and floor manager who remain.


7. Tenjou Ura kara Ai o Komete 天井裏から愛をこめて [020802] Clione
Main character dreams of having a harem. One day he becomes an owner of a female-only apartment. There is a hidden passage to reach any room any time he wants. The daily effort to peek and observe in search of approach to each girl starts.


8. Heaven ~ Tobenai Tori HEAVEN〜飛べない鳥 [020805] ANGEL/BLOOD
Main character loses his parents one day in a traffic accident and barely survives himself. After a few years he returns to his home town and reunites with old friends. Will he remain shut in himself?
Boys Love


9. Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~ カフェ・リンドバーグ ~ぼくらの恋愛心理学2~ [020808] Ein
Cafe Lindbergh is a small restaurant famous for its tea, coffee, pastry, and sandwiches, and has become very popular by word-of-mouth for its atmosphere. The cafe is staffed by Itsuki, the master of the shop, Takumi, the cook, Tsukasa, a full-time waiter, and Shinya, a part-time waiter. A fifth employee Chihiro, is newly hired as another part-time waiter, and told on his first day to "Please fall in love." Watching day-to-day events unfold through the eyes of these five co-workers, will they find themselves falling in love?
Boys Love


10. L Shitai ne! Lしたいね! [020808] Unicorn-B
"Houshou High School".... famous for beautiful male students. The biggest event is a school festival, held in autumn. Every student looks forward to this event and works hard for it. "Love Season, Autumn", this is a love story among students and teachers.
Boys Love


11. Midara Ryuu 淫ら龍 [020809] Pinky Soft 1
Ikaru Dragio is the capital of the Dragion Empire. Rudin (or player's name) has just been awarded the rank of fighter, but he has no motivation at all. His parents are highly successful business executives, and they're now high-ranking government officials. Rudin is simply bored!
One day, as he's looking out the window to find a girl to pick up, he notices a hunter-type girl glaring at him. Rudin rushes toward the girl to pick a fight... Later, he learns that her name is Shalvina, visiting Dragion as an exchange hunter trainee. Rudin and Shalvina start quarreling, but soon witness the space next to them suddenly tear apart. A dying woman appears from the tear!! The woman appears to have been warped from somewhere, but she dies before she can explain everything.
The police arrive while Rudin and Shalvina are dazedly standing there and try to arrest them on murder charges. However, the tear opens up once again and traps Rudin and Shalvina inside. Both of them wake up in the middle of a prairie. How long have they been here? Where the hell are they? And so begins the mysterious adventure of Rudin and Shalvina...


12. Nukasero Nurse Hitozuma Joshikousei 抜かせろ ナース・人妻・女子校生 [020809]
Big park in a certain developed city. Main character likes to wander this park and assault women that are to his liking.


13. Onegai お願い [020809] Rouge
The main character is a very ordinary young man from a preparatory school. One day a pretty girl from the same class asks a huge "request" from him - to make love with her. As training goes on with every week secrets of the girl start to shop up. Mysterious organization preys on her, and balance should be executed in training to satisfy the organization and not to harm the girl.


14. Ryoujoku no Rensa 凌辱の連鎖 [020809] Black Package Try
A couple of men that own an adult video store has a plot to kidnap the daughter of a prominent man to rape her on video. They also target the mother. 
Will they succeed? How far can these lewd men get away with it? Who else will get involved?


15. Tajuu Ryoujoku 多重凌辱 [020809] My Hime
Main character falls in love with a beautiful woman who is worried about her dreams at a party. He keeps  thinking about this woman. One day intercom rings and that woman enters his place. She says she wants to be with him. They start to live together, but there is one secret about her...


16. Tenshi no Subako 天使の巣箱 [020809] Hanerom
"I awoke to a warm, fuzzy feeling.
The sun shining through the curtains caught my eye.
A normal morning in heaven, in the same bed I always sleep in.
But there's something different about me today."
Hisui, a 15-year-old angel, descended from heaven to find a partner to raise an angel's egg with.
In school, his senpais and classmates seem to have ulterior motives,
and he's accompanied by his annoying childhood friend, a kind priest, and even a demon...
Will Hisui be able to raise the egg properly and become a full-fledged angel?
Boys Love


17. Yuki Hotaru 雪蛍 [020809] Teatime 1 2
In this game, you control a successful doctor who left his quiet hometown for Tokyo. There, he had a successful career at the central hospital, which made him forget his past life in the province. But an inexplicable desire to return overcomes him, so he takes the next train to his hometown. He finds that many things have changed. Other people are living in his former house. His old lovers have a new life. Little children have turned into pretty young girls. But some people remember him, and not everyone is happy about him leaving the town and moving to Tokyo. Now, the doctor wants to establish good relationship with the female inhabitants of the town... which for him, can only mean one thing.


18. Houkago no Kaidan Karera no Sumu Basho 放課後の怪談 彼らの棲む場所 [020810] Ritz software
Asano Keita is trying to find out about the seven mysteries of the school. He goes around asking different people, including a senpai, kouhai, teachers, old friend/rival and others. Strange things start happening and new bonds are being formed. What kind of mysteries are waiting to be solved at this school?
Boys Love


19. Discode-1 Ijou Seiai DISCODE-1 異常性愛 [020811] Soft Circle Courreges
The player takes on the role of Kyouka, an everyday beautiful model student, with a lot of sexual desire build up in her heart.
Drenched in semen in the street and at the campus, it's a one improper deed after another!
The game takes place over a period of 14 days.
During that time, you can tempt your classmates, go to orgies, flirt with people in town, and lots of other fun erotic stuff!
Your three stats are "Power", "Subordination" and "Money".
A lot of events that will increase your stats or get you items will occur during the game.


20. Kinbaku Juurin ~Tojikome Rareta Omoi to Yokubou~ 緊縛蹂躙~閉じ込められた想いと欲望~ [020811] Tange Kentou Kurabu
GREEN RACCOON DOG is doujin release which includes the VN 緊縛蹂躙~閉じ込められた想いと欲望~, a gallery (pictures of the VN) and unassociated wallpapers.
Nukige doujin


21. Mahou Shoujo Ai Extra Story 魔法少女アイ ExtraStory [020811] Colors
In the center of the story is a period prior to Ai becoming a warrior including childhood encounter with protagonist of original game.


22. Red Fox [020811] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Main character sees his sister masturbating and approaches her in excitement.
Doujin nukige


23. Toriko 鳥篭 [020811] Soft Circle Courreges
Main character promised to marry a girl and after many years needs to train her as a maid for a month.


24. Two Shot Daisakusen 2 チューショット大作戦2 [020821] Kodomo no Koe
Erotic card game that starts with a kiss for the loosing side.


25. Buhi Gecchu~! 部費げっちゅ~! [020823] West Vision 1
The private school "Olive" is famous for its sports programs. Each team depends on the budget provided by the school budget committee.
Shinji Arisawa is a temporary auditor for the budget department. Team managers ask him to increase their budgets with "erotic" persuasion. 
Will they make him happy enough to get their desired increases?


26. Discovery Climax 2001 ディスカバリークライマックス2001 [020823] Discovery
Collection of data from:
Tsuma x Tsuma ~Koko wa Hitozuma Paradise!~
Tsuma x Tsuma 2 ~Motto! Hitozuma Paradise~
Twins 2 -Ren'ai Miman-
This is NOT a visual novel and should be expelled from vndb


27. From the Darkness ~Injuu Genmu~ from The Darkness ~淫獣幻夢~ [020823] Ringerbell
A collection of four stories:
1. 「一ノ瀬と如月の秘密登場」
2. 「岡本瞳~図書室にて~」
3. 「藤沢弥生の体験」
4. 「小早川里美~契約~」
Nukige anthology


28. Miwaku no Hitori Zuma 魅惑の独り妻 [020823] Chiffon 1
Our nerdy hero has a dream... It must be a dream; real life just isn't this easy! 
One day, he finds that a young, beautiful married woman has moved in next door. Full of curiosity, he tries to eavesdrop on her activities through the wall... When he hears her erotic moaning, he realizes she's masturbating! A young, beautiful wife masturbating inches away from him... Our hero quickly loses patience and begins to peep in...


29. Momoko-chan for Me R Gaiden ~Yubiwa ni Kometa Omoi~ ももこちゃんfor Me R 外伝 ~指輪にこめた想い~ [020823] Ume Soft
Main character is a doctor is a doctor who finally is going to propose to his assistant nurse Momoko. He buys a ring, but it disappears. He gets upset, but starts to think that maybe it's a sign not to get bonded with just one person.


30. Plastic Boys ~Mizuiro no Kimochi~ Plastic Boys ~水色のキモチ~ [020823] Gaia
Main character is a slightly introverted student who studies to prepare for the exam. He is surrounded by foreign students, twins and such unusual things like android. Looks like he won't be able to study in peace.
Boys Love


31. Private Garden 3 プライベートガーデン3 [020823] Tetratech
There is a puzzle part an a novel part for each girl that appears.


32. Slapstick すらっぷスティック [020823] Prima 1
When he was a student, Seiji Hibiki had a younger sister, Saori, who died because of a serious disease. Heartbroken, he left his city to study abroad. 
Years later, he comes back as a teacher in training. In a new catholic school he discovers that one of his students is his cousin SAORI, who looks exactly like his deceased younger sister. They even have the same name, written with different kanjis.
He meets another student, Kiriko, who dislikes him because of something that happened between him and her mother, the widow KIRIKO. (same name, different kanjis)
One day he meets the funny nun Maria, too, and at night he's stalked by a strange miko girl, MARIA. 
What mystery these strange girls are hiding?


33. Date Connection デートコネクション [020824] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Ryoma x Tezuka fan game.
Fandisc Boys Love


34. Celestine ~Hikari to Kage to Uchuu Kaizoku~ セレスティン~光と影と宇宙海賊~ [020830] Marine Heart
One day a space pirate raids the Federal Government Base and kidnaps a young high official.
Will he escape from the pirate or change sides?
Boys Love


35. Delicious Lunch Pack Neo DeliciousらんちぱっくNEO [020830] Scoop
Remake of Delicious Lunch Pack with the same stories, but with redone graphics. The choices for the second and third stories are different.
NOT an individual visual novel, just remake that should be merged in vndb


36. Devote 2 Ikenai Houkago DEVOTE2 いけない放課後 [020830] 13cm
One day, a group of five female students suddenly say to Tetsuya, "You can do whatever you want to us after school." At first, he doesn't know what to say. But he has sex with them, and each time things get gradually bolder and bolder...


37. Discipline -The Record of a Crusade- DISCIPLINE -The Record of a Crusade- [020830] Active 1 2 3 4 5
Takuro Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St. Arcadia, and his once-normal life immediately takes a troublesome turn. After his innocence is stripped away by strange dorm mates, a nagging two-faced friend, a nymphomaniac teacher and several corrupted sports clubs he fears that things can't get any worse. That is, until he meets the sadistic heiress Leona Morimoto...
Will he fall pray to Leona and her perverted minions?


38. Hijoushiki ~Kairaku wa Soko ni Aru~ 非常識 ~快楽はそこにある~ [020830] Puchi Ankh
Main character is an average office worker who lives happily with his wife and daughter. However, he gets a lot of stress at work and no excitement at home. One day he delivers documents to another company and witnesses its female boss masturbating. Something turns in his mind and he becomes obsessed with indecent behavior. 


39. Itazura Hime いたずら姫 [020830] Fairytale
Main characters gets instructions in the net how to track and grasp weaknesses of girls. He needs to get in contact with a girl, gain her trust and cheat her to perform indecent action.


40. Pigeon Blood [020830] Abogado Powers 1
Hidden in a forest lies an extravagant residence. It is owned by our protagonist, known only as Chris. Chris is the latest in a family line of sex-slave trainers. His latest acquisition, a girl named Rita, is to be completely trained within six months. Our hero is also a bit of an enigma, for he has actually lost most of his memories. However, as the training of Rita continues, he begins to slowly piece together the fragmented events of his life. Chris will occasionally get help from his two assistants; conveniently each of them embodying either 


41. Shitsuraku no Miko 失楽の神女 [020830] MBS Truth
While on his very rare visits to his unsupportive father’s grave, our hero glimpses a “phantom girl” whom he recalls faintly in dreams that he has had. Half freaked out and passing it off as late-night delusions; he heads home and tries to continue his peaceful college days. However, now the ethereal woman seems to have followed him home. She introduces herself as Raine, and it appears that our hero is the only person who can see her. While trying to come to terms with her existence, the two beings begin to live together. Of course this soon means that his peaceful days are at an end as the landlady, her daughter, the grave keeper, a professor, and several others begin prying into his new life. Just who the hell is Raine?!


42. Shoujo Ningyou ~Ai to Shiiku no Hibi~ 少女人形~愛と飼育の日々~ [020830] Puchi Devil 1
One day, our hero happens to cause an accident and a girl loses her memory. Afraid of the situation going public, he takes her to his house and hides her in his room. This is how they begin living together. 
There is only way for her to regain her memory: sleep with her and make her cum! Will our hero be successful in helping the girl retrieve her memory?
Puchi Devil's latest title is a sex training simulation game, which is about the strange life of a shy boy and a girl who has lost her memory. 
The goal is to bring back the girl's memory. The only way to achieve this goal is to make her cum.
The game consists of two parts: "living together" and "sex training." The game will advance with each part influencing the other.
When you first start the game, the heroine is virgin. Be patient and develop the innocent girl little by little!


43. Suit o Nuida ato... スーツを脱いだあと… [020830] Recipie
Fujimura Takato is an advertising agent in his early 20's. Unfortunately, when he goes to work, he's surrounded by horny men who want to drag him to bed after a hard day's work.
Boys Love


44. Duolith [0208]  Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing
Network of all states stops to function today at 3 AM. Third Section of the Public Security Agency is assigned to investigate this act, supposedly of terrorist nature. Agency summons various persons suspected of terrorism. Main character needs to question them and try to find out the truth behind it. 

Foreword: RSR is the last big game of Sogna. I can't pass without saying farewell.

Title: Viper-RSR

Developer: Sogna

Date: 2002-07-31

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v970

Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsrmSBbNUMM


Synopsis: A game that blends old school dungeon crawling along with animated cutscenes.

It is a dark age in the kingdom of Alitalia. Monsters ransack cities, slaughtering the men and taking the women as their slaves. Four adventurers set out to end the rampages...

Structure: 8 chapters 

Length: 3 hours.

Game type: Fantasy

Difficulty: None

Character Design rating: 10/10

Protagonist rating: 7/10

Story rating: 3/10

Game quality: 8/10

Overall rating: 7/10


RSR is not a good game per se. RPG part is non-existing, purely decorational. Story is quite simple, without much fancy and with usual Sogna motives. So why is it different from all its previous big games?

RSR is revolutionary in the amount of efforts needed to reach animated H scenes - here it's done by introducing a map and characters moving through it very slowly while triggering hundreds of random fights, literally a fight each few steps.


Game is blamed for too high price of 9800 yen, too long time in development (it was planned to be released in 1999 and then was postponed many times - and it's the last game in Japanese game history to be released on diskettes as well with the number being 42 if I recall correctly), too short H scenes, absence of pure love scenes.

But what does it really shine for? First is main heroine Cala. She's the most sexy heroine ever created. For me that's a given, and can't be changed.


Secondly, only this game managed to raise monster insult appeal to the highs not yet imaginable. I do not know whether it's inner censor or lack of skill to blame, but there is no work in the whole genre even comparable to RSR.

I mentioned that story is weak, but what I liked is that story does not end with Cala saved. Story goes on to save princess Julieta. And I especially liked that the ending is orthodox viper, not like an ending everyone else would have.

So it's a contradictory game, but with battles cut it becomes the legendary eroge that changed history for me.



Viper-RSR is the only masterpiece of the month

1. Psychicer Mimi サイキッカー美々 [020705] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Main character is a genius young man. One day he has his psychic powers awoken in front of a female classmate. She agrees to help him train these powers with a series of exercises, but others think of them as usual lovers. Strange incidents start to happen at school - is it possible to investigate them with newly acquired powers?
Training is a form of H. There are three fields of supernatural studies, and investigation of the incidents depends on what power is mastered. Borderline half-baked game.


2. Shiroi Kiseki ~White Spur~ 白い軌跡 ~White Spur ~ [020705] Modern Times
Main character starts to live alone to attend a university in Tokyo. However, his mother asks his childhood friend who came to Tokyo one year earlier to take care of protagonist. When protagonist sets to go to a snowboard training camp, his childhood friend volunteers to accompany him.
It's a game with "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced"