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I see it in tld VN chats all the time. "I read flowers, I read kindred spirits on the roof and I read half of katahane and dropped it. What gay girls can I read next?" 

Why, I have just the answer for you. Spend 4 hours reading yuukuri panic escalation then despair at the lack of yuri once more. Also, finish Katahane! 



Yuukuri panic escalation tells the story of Rie-chan - a shy, reserved and easily flustered girl with a traumatic(?) past who moves to a christian boarding school, can play the piano and ultimately finds gay love. 

This might seem similar to flowers to you, but it's not. That would be an insult to this masterpiece. You might think I'm overselling this, but does Flowers have a spiked dildo they call the lance of longinus? 

I thought not. 

Rie-chan is a good girl who liked her sensei, but was too scared to fuck him. Then sensei fucked her mom instead and now she's in an all-girls school to get away from this two-sided betrayal. 

Rie doesn't really know what sex is or how you do it, which is pretty funny given how she's in heat all the time. 

Random oji-san from mind control harem fantasy game move away, this is probably the horniest protagonist out of any eroge I've read, despite her not knowing what masturbation is. Literally immediately orgasms from seeing two girls go at it for a second, despite not understanding why people do lewd things. 

It's quite funny seeing her wanting to masturbate but not knowing how to. Poor girl. They use drugs on her at a point, but it makes her reactions no different from normal H scenes, probably because she's a bunny in heat all the time.


There are two routes in this game. You can choose to have Rie-chan be dominated by the cool, elegant onee-sama or by the girl the onee-sama normally dominates. The latter is unexpectedly hotter. Sex scenes are all SM, but really mild SM. Still good, though. Protagonist's VA is also great for some reason. 

Game actually has a lot of plot twists, despite being so short. Finishing every ending should take about an hour and a half. 

"But Kaguya, what's up with that 80's arcade gameplay you talked about earlier?"

Well, as you've probably figured out, it's where the rest of your 2 and a half hours will be sunk if you so choose to go that way.  

See, this game's story doesn't have enough space for all the sex scenes they wanted to put in, so instead they made a whole different side game that has its own story (that is mainly an excuse to put a bunch of random sex scenes together.)

Characters are all the same, but to reach the sex scenes you must play qix over CGs that lose their clothes as you progress while the girls talk about how good your gameplay is (of course in a very sexual way.)


This is a surprisingly good yuri porn game no one ever talks about (probably because everyone who read it read it 10 years ago. I know I had forgotten all about it until I saw it in my old notebook recently.) 

Please try it out.


Gacha hell



How to put it.

I am very very sorry.

I happened to be playing granblue fantasy for 2 months straight with absolutely no time to login.



I'm back now, hopefully with a real blog post for my 2.69% female readership soon. 




Otaku and media

"Unfortunately, media in our niche is targeted at teens and harcore otaku." The man types on his membrane keyboard, lightly sighing. "That's what leads to this abundance of shitty moebait. It's ironic, really. Companies want to play it safe and must rely on those people to survive, but that is what causes them to ultimately fall and crash." He mentally scoffs at all the weirdos that allow his hobby to go on. "Visual Novels will never reach their full potential until they kill that mentality" The man yawns, looking at the clock marking 11 PM. "And finally start valuing good storytelling." 


Now that you're pissed off, sighing or smirking at the post above, let me try to drag you into this narrative before I make my point. 

When I first started consuming otaku media, there were two things I was really into: cool guys with swords and cute girls into cool guys with swords. 

I'd say that's fairly normal. I think there's an inner desire most men have of being a cool strong guy that can do whatever he wants and is stronger than everyone, as well as having all of the hottest girls around be all over your dick. Specifics differ from person to person, as well as what age you really started doing weeb stuff, but I would call this the standard teen male otaku starter pack, nowdays probably coupled with a spice of pokemon/dragon ball/saint seiya/whatever you didn't even know was anime during your childhood. 

As I grew up, however, my tastes changed, something also very very common. No longer could I enjoy just stories about being a cool guy with a sword that gets 7 girls over his dick for little reason. I started requiring character development and well paced stories and some type of theme to think about and even dynamic, interesting directing (despite not knowing I was into directing.) That's when I had contact with Kubrick movies and was absolutely mindblown by them, and when I started liking different anime. No longer would I praise those silly shows to the heavens. A new Kaguya was born, a Kaguya that would only enjoy ~good~ shows, such as Death Note, Gurren Lagann and Cowboy Bebop. As time went on, that philosophy would stick, and maybe I would experiment with things like Psycho-pass, Steins;Gate and Hunter x Hunter. 

Storytelling was, after all, about execution, not concepts. And what better than tightly paced exciting stories with probably strong character development and some nice themes for me to mull over? Westerners would be into their breaking bad and game of thrones but I unfortunately had acquired a preference for anime aesthetics. Araki was my Tarantino and Urobuchi was my edgy Kubrick. 

Today, now over a decade since that phase started, I can only say about my old tastes: "What a fucking normie."

And I dislike to use the word since there's nothing inherently wrong with being normal, but it's very effective in our circles, since otaku have the tendency to pride themselves masters of the niche and unknown, even if they don't want to say it because they're embarrassed, but I digress. 

Last year, I watched and got really into Saki, which led to me following the manga (which I still do.) 

Saki isn't very well-paced, not particularly smart, not very stylish or well directed and it doesn't really have strong character development. It's about gay girls playing superpowered mahjong. And it was really enjoyable because I'm really into shy girls, female protagonists and lengthy sports tournaments. What really pushed it over the edge though, was that I decided I wanted to play some mahjong, and in the end I got really into mahjong. 

I then rewatched saki and was minblown by it too, despite being well aware that the show wasn't any better. 

A lot of things happened there. First of them was an accurate showing of my otaku level, if anything. I liked Saki initially because it had a shy girl protagonist, was basically a sports anime and had gay girls in it. Now, I'm incredibly into shy girls, sports and yuri shows, so all three together made it an enjoyable experience for me. 1

"But Kaguya" the imaginary reader that's duller than the average person I have created just now says "that doesn't make sense. Didn't you have ~good~ taste now? What about execution over concepts? What about pacing, themes, character development, directing?" 

To that, I only have everyone's favorite normie meme as an answer


Which brings us to the second part. 

Because I got really into mahjong and I was breathing, eating and talking mahjong, and the show already had all of my favorite things in anime with a gay shy girl protagonist and a longass sports tournament, the quality of it really didn't matter. 

Saki can't be better for me by changing stuff like that. None of it matters, because dumb as it was, the show spoke to me on a personal level. What was happening onscreen was perfection, the ultimate combination of all the things I cared about put together. For the first time in my life I was able to experience a show as a hardcore otaku would, despite their overall miserable rep. And it was pretty good! It feels great to care strongly about media. 

Now, Saki isn't a very good story, but it made me open my eyes. European/American storytelling are fundamentally different from Japanese storytelling. Saki, a not very good story, was the starting point that made me get actually used to japanese media, and understand that a lot of what people criticize as bad storytelling in that media isn't even actually bad storytelling, just storytelling based on different values with different priorities because it had a different fountain of knowledge to drink from. Such "good" storytelling rules completely excludes genres that aren't supposed to abide by it in the first place. Iyashikei are slow-paced atmospheric shows with little conflict that calmly draw you in and benefit from carefully crafted ambiance to show their strength. In fact, any sort of storytelling not based on the traditional western idea of conflict as the driving force of the plot would be labeled as bad under those rules, even if following them would only make the story worse. 

At the same time, it gave me a newfound respect for traditionally bad stories and otaku media in general. As you consume more and more media, the more your tastes diversify and the more you find your own specific niche that can appeal to you on a higher level than normal media can. 

A lot of people will never get to that point, but a lot of people will actually reach it, but with other types of media. Maybe music. Maybe a sport. Maybe amateur blog posts. Who knows. The sky's the limit. 

Lately I've made a bunch of posts defending moe. In truth, I'm not the right person for it. I'm just not a giant moe guy. But moege are exactly one type of game that's retarded judge by western storytelling standards, and yet I only see people talking about them with those standards. 

I have a bone to pick with the type of person who keeps spouting that stuff, wanting to wipe out 90% of all VNs and force their western normie taste down everyone's throats. If you're spending your time basically talking about how your japanese media not following western standards is wrong, you are the problem. 

As for the actual otaku, you keep being you. It's because you drive this medium that it can manage to be such a diverse, wonderfully odd and unique art movement, despite all of the bad publicity you guys get. Ultimately, it's probably the same for all types of media. Comic book nerds were awful outsiders, the butt of all jokes and prejudice just a few decades ago, but now those comic books drive mainstream media blockbuster films. Funny how it works. 

This goes for all art movements, but those outside the wheel are the vanguard. Experimentation, the willingness to dive deep into things everyone else mocks and isn't even willing to give a shot to - That's what will create the mainstream in its medium later. 

But hey, at least you get to experience superior media before everyone else. 



Eastern Radiance capital, Immortal Dao Temple. 

100 years had gone by, and as per tradition, today the test to join the empire's most illustrious sect would begin. 

Lines extended for hundreds of kilometers all the way to the city's golden gates, and some people had spent years on foot in the journey to reach the capital. The amount of people taking the test numbered in the millions. It was a once in a lifetime chance - A chance to allow martial cultivators to join the Temple as outer court disciples.

Within that gigantic maze of a city, a little girl ran. 

"Passing through, passing through! Sorry!" 

She nimbly jumped through the crowded streets, avoiding the people as if they were obstacles. 

"Ah, heavens! The sun's already casting shade this far. It's one past midday already! I'm late, I'm late! Make waaaay!" 

From up in the mountain, at the Dao Temple's gates, an old man and his disciple watched. 

"Hoh. That little girl sure has good legs, doesn't she?" 

"True enough. She'll be here shortly. Should we stop her, master?" 

The old man furrowed his brows as he thought about it. The disciple, seeing his master's doubt, argued further:

"If she took the outer court disciple test, she would definitely pass. If she's truly talented, then she could join the inner court after a few decades. But for her to run straight to the hidden inner court test site... No matter how heaven-defying her talent is, at that age there's no chance she'll pass. We should conserve talent." 

The old man then shook his head. 

"No, let her pass. We have hundreds of thousands of talented people here today. Missing one or two is no problem. However, in the infinitesimally small chance she can pass our inner court test today... Hehe. We'll be able to groom someone who's truly been blessed by the Heavens from that young an age. Given time she'll become a true dragon able to roam the continent freely. More importantly, she'll be a dragon belonging to our Immortal Dao Temple." 

The disciple looking at him disapprovingly. The master, seeing his face, let out a hearty laugh.

"You think I dream too highly, Zhang Yan? But our sect hasn't had any true genius for centuries now. We're renowned as the strongest faction in the continent, but that may already not be the case. It's about time we raise a true dragon again." 

"Yes, master... But certainly, His Highness would object to this. As my oath demands, I'll be forced to report this once he's back." 

The master mockingly looked at Zhang. 

"Hah! I see you've learned how to make threats. But the sky is big and the Emperor is far away. When the cat is gone, the mice will play. Just watch for now. She's almost here." 

Zhang Yan angrily replied: "Think twice, act once. I'm afraid master Yao isn't looking before he takes the leap. But fine. I'll watch for now." 

Both stopped as they heard the tiny footsteps and ragged breath getting close. Soon after, the girl's tiny body appeared from the staircase. 

"Haah... Haah. I present myself to take the Immortal Dao Temple's inner court disciple test. Please forgive my lateness!!!" The girl bowed profusely as she screamed. 

Zhang Yan looked at her and sneered. "And here I thought this might be at least a little bit interesting. No cultivation? Girl, how old are you?" 

She turned her head upwards and looked at him dead in the eyes. "Ten. What about it?" 

The master turned his head and softly said "Zhang Yan." 

"Fine. Have it your way. This girl's corpse is in your hands. I won't stand to look at this farce any longer!" Zhang Yan exclaimed as he turned around and left. 

Master Yao ignored him and instead studied the girl. His eyes lit up with surprise. 

"Good. Good. Girl, we don't allow liars in the Immortal Dao Temple. What's your real age?" 

The girl's lower lip quivered as her body froze up. She looked at master Yao's face in panic as she said: "S-seven. But I'll be eight today. In just six hours I'll reach the minimum age for cultivation. Please, let me take the test!!" 

Master Yao's mouth curved into a smile. 

"Sure. Of course. It'd be a waste to let a kid as determined as you out for such a pedantic reason. My name is Yao Ye. Call me uncle Yao if you wish. I must resolve a small issue but I'll be right back. Your test starts in about five hours as well. I'll have a servant bring you some food. Until then, sit here." He kindly said as he turned around and entered the sect's gates. 

As soon as he entered the sect's gates his kind demeanor was all but gone, and hands started shaking in excitement. He looked at one of the outer court disciples and said "Stop whatever you're wasting your time on now and go find caretaker Chen. Tell him to make the little girl's test ten times as difficult. Bring her some shark fin soup as well."

The disciple looked at him with surprise. "Ten times as difficult? That's just sending the girl to her death. Are you sure?" 

Yao Ye replied with anger and disdain. "In six hours, she'll be eight years old. Do you understand? This absolutely mustn't go wrong. We'll be feeding your head to the dogs if it's not ready on time so stop replying and go find old Chen already!" 

"U-understod!" The disciple ran. 

Yao Ye turned around and hastily returned to the gate's stairway, greeting the girl with a smile. 

"I forgot to ask, but what's your name, little girl?" 

She looked up at him, nervous as she timidly said "Ming." 

"Lil' Ming then. That's a very boyish name, huh. Good for a rowdy girl like you. No need to feel shy. Here at the Immortal Dao Temple, we highly value talented youngsters. Ah, before your food comes, would you like to be part of a mini-test?" 

Lil' Ming nodded her head as she shifted gears into battle mode. "Please allow me to do so!"  

"Haha, no need to be so tense. If you hurt your body before the main test, it'd be terrible, wouldn't it? This is very simple. Just put your hand over this stone. It'll change color based on what cultivation technique and element suits your internal energy the most."

Lil' Ming put her hand on the stone, and once more, Yao Ye smiled, assured her, and left. A more experienced person might notice the maddened glow in old Yao's eyes, but Lil' Ming didn't have the means to do so. 

As soon as he passed the sect's gates, Yao Ye personally sent messages to be delivered to the Eastern Radiance monarchy, inviting all nobles to come. As the hours passed by, the Emperor learned of it, and quickly returned to the capital. 

Eastern Radiance Capital, Immortal Dao Temple. 

"Yao Ye. Have you gone mad?" 

Yao Ye cackled, looking at the imposing figure of their ruler. A sane man would not dare to treat the blackened silhouette as disrespectfully as he did... And yet, old Yao showed no signs of fear.

"You haven't come personally, Emperor, so you wouldn't be able to see... Try to give sight to this dummy" 

After doing so, the Emperor now laughed. "Good. Very good. What a good Yao Ye! You'll be handsomely rewarded for this once I'm back."

Yao Ye smiled. The test wasn't even worth looking at. 

In the Martial Hall of the sect, the scared newcomers hid in a corner. 

Zhang Yan wanted to spit out blood while looking at it. Ten years old? Your sister! 

"So that's what ole Yao was playing at. He must have noticed it as soon as the girl started climbing the staircase. That sly fox!" 

"S-senior Zhang! What's going on!"

"You must be from some other part of the country, huh. Eight years ago... Two giant dragons, one green and one red, flew over the twilight sky. They were extremely imposing, and gazing upon them made anyone who lives in this continent feel tiny. And then, they disappeared. No, it'd be more accurate to say that one of them has disappeared, at least until today. The other flew towards the capital's palace and entered the body of the newborn imperial princess. Damn. I got beaten to it by that bastard." 

Back to the Temple's gates, the Emperor, laughing heartily, asked: "So there's no doubt it's her?"

Yao Ye answered "Yes. She's the right age to the seconds, and her qi stone test results were dual cultivation, fire element. More importantly... The dragons once more roam the skies, now that the girls are allowed to cultivate. We ought to treat them well, huh?" 

"Yes, yes... We most certainly do."


Fuwa Chronicles - 1

Humanity exists for art.

Life is a mistake.

There exists no deletion. Here lies everything and yet nothing. You can't alter how it started, only what will come next. But if you stop typing, there's no more point to it. 

Humans can only live for 1000000 years. That's only 365000000 days. And the longer you spend thinking of the next phrase, the more times ticks, seconds you cannot get back, no matter what. So you must not stop typing. 

In the past, the creator of our group, now the owner of its own medium-sized galaxy, fought for the end of artificial scarcity of content that could be endlessly reproduced. Leaving behind the now irrelevant context of the time, it is incredibly clear to see now that her supposedly glorious revival and heroic charge leading to the creation of our rebellious faction in the last era was incredibly foolish. 

There exists no pain, no hunger, no scarcity. After we found out conservation of energy was an embarrassing dumb mistake from our ancestors, it was only a matter of time before we reached the point we're in today. As time goes on, humanity has always proceeded to a godly state compared to what came before it. Our previous species, homo sapiens, would have found the laughably primitive technology of contacting other people on the other side of a pretty small planet to be literally above what the gods they imagined were capable of, and that's only in a 2000 year timespan, about the time it takes for a kid to actually finish their basic education after they learn everything there is to learn about the cosmos. 

Humanity exists for art.

Life is a mistake. 

Haaah. I wish there existed an alien species. 

I could make one if I wanted.

Heh. How embarassing. Am I kid now? Most people get bored of playing god by themselves after a few millennia or so. 

Nothing to do. Guess I'll continue thinking.

How nice must it be, to live in a world of scarcity. To have to earn what you get, and to treasure your possessions. To only have a single body, and having to die with it, instead of waiting for the inevitable time when our souls burn out after a measly million years. 

There is no hunger. No pain. No scarcity. But there is want, want and void, a void that consumes us so deeply it makes 20% of the population destroy their soul at some point, our only cause of death other than old age.  

Endless gluttony. Our basic education exists only because you first need to understand the universe to be able to understand  all art forms. 

Oh, a quasar. The galaxy next side is having a blast huh. I should at least look at it when the light gets here. Those are still somewhat rare since making your own galaxy to fuck with the nucleus is pretty inefficient as far as entertaining yourself goes. Nice that there's still people who care about others though. 

I'll do that someday.

Anyway, writing. Writing. Writing. Writing as if I am writing to a child who knows nothing. It's depressing, though. Even if I spend the next few hundred thousand years on it, I'll never be as good as any of our top artists involved in writing as if they were writing to children. Life is a mistake. 

Producing and consuming art, that's the human existence. Completely futile. You'll find maybe 10000 works of art that truly impress you in your life, and you'll probably never produce anything worth looking at. 

And yet in the past, even though their art was complete and utter childish trash, human beings still had more fun with it than we do today. 

I wish we could bend time though the universe doesn't really let us do so. Maybe something to consider when we're making the next universe in a few billion years, I guess. Won't be alive by then so it doesn't matter though. 

Well, even if I could bend time, going back with my ascended mind would change nothing of my predicament. Wishing we could revert back to normal humanity would be nicer. 

Post-scarcity was a mistake. 


can't stop won't stop

A common private message I've received a lot of as a response to my blog posts is "why?" 

Not from strangers, though. Only people that know me and I've talked to for years look at it and ask "What's the point of this? Why did you write it?" or at least they're the only ones who bother sending me messages about it on discord ww

Now, obviously that doesn't apply to all of my blog posts. Both the hoshimemo and the kozukuri banchou were pretty self-explanatory, but when I write stuff like this I always end up getting that same question - "I got it, but what's the point you're trying to make"

In truth there is no point to be made. Those are the posts I like the most (and also the posts with by far the highest comment engagement percentages from the people reading it) but they're also by far my most disliked posts and I completely understand why.

I can say those posts are half memeing, but then again so is everything else I happen to post in these blogs. 

So why even make these posts. 

Why are you still reading this when I've basically spent this entire post saying that people ask me why I write these posts.

Why am I even writing this post? 

Writing for the sake of writing. I enjoy writing. These posts are pretty much an unfiltered stream of my consciousness, when I happen to remember an interesting point I read god knows how long ago or when I get a cool idea in my head and feel I should get it out. When I write these posts I often feel surprised at how much I end up saying about something even though I don't particularly believe the point I'm making and had no direction at the start of the post. 

So what I plan on doing next is not really the next logical step, but it is the most entertaining to me, even though I'm sure pretty much no one who reads these can possibly enjoy it. 

If it does work out and I don't get lazy, it'll be the epitome of writing for the sake of writing, and I'm sure the majority of you will not understand it, not because you're not capable of doing so, but because there's no way you'd possibly bother to do so. 

There is no message to my next series of posts other than whatever fragments of poorly-remembered arguments and people. 

I do, however, intend to make it as fun as possible to read, in its own confusing way. 

Either way, I'm addicted to writing blog posts, and this has been a pretty fun and refreshing experience so far.

Can't stop writing won't stop writing. 

Next stop, fiction. 


You are a pirate!

Lazy town memes have this weird tendency to fade away then come back stronger than ever after like 2 years. Dunno how to really explain it. God knows I got tired of listening to "we are number one" in recent times. I digress, though. 

This post is by no means a defense of piracy. Hear me out for a sec though.

Fuwa has been a weird place over the last few years. As I'm sure you all know, we used to be a VN-hosting website, with a bunch of pre-patched torrents that collectively pissed off the entire existing community when we started hosting them because translators didn't want their patches pre-patched so they wouldn't be associated with piracy and there was like a 1/4 chance something weird would break in the games we were pre-patching when we first started doing it (though by the time we stopped hosting them, we were actually pretty good at it.)

Aaeru, our creator, who is now a blur in the forums and you can only find via remembering exactly where she posted or via our discontinued gift bot (who has none of her involvement or her personality, but does maintan her avatar) was vehemently pro-piracy, going so far as to include a text file in every single one of our old torrents explaining how piracy was a good thing for an industry, an idea she passionately championed.  

A few years ago, we stopped hosting torrents, a decision that was probably for the best, and we got to this. What we currently have in the forums. Saying you have pirated a visual novel will lead to a slap in your wrist, and we're all more or less supposed to pretend no one pirates anything, even though everyone knows that's not the case. Like talking about being a nazi in germany, you will be strongly admonished, though without the getting arrested and loathed part. But hey, our torrents didn't enact a terrible, irrational and disgusting massacre against our fellow human beings, so I think the reaction being weaker is justified. Just a little bit. 


There are several reasons that lead people to pirate things. One big problem is torrents. If this was back in the old days, where you had to download daemons tools, install that, figure out how to use it and, download 20 parts of zip files through your shitty wifi connection with the hosting service also being complete garbage and half of those files randomly crashing because internet and servers are a potato and you having to start their download from the beginning then figuring out how to install the patch it might be a pain, but torrents are very convenient.

It is literally easier for me to download a torrent for grisaia than it is for me to buy it right now. I will spend less time and go through less steps by downloading this torrent than I would if I tried to buy it. That is a serious problem, because I will obviously spend less money downloading a torrent for grisaia than I would if I bought it, and if I'm even slightly savvy at this, the torrent will be no less safe than buying the game. 

And that's for official releases. Fan translations are a completely different beast. No normal person will go out of their way to buy a game in japanese going through sites they don't understand or having to deal with the long ass 2 week wait and uncertain clusterfuck that is international shopping to then apply a fan patch to read a game just because they want to support the industry.

The average VN reader does not give half a fuck about the industry, and that will never change. 

You are probably a pirate. Chances are that if you are reading this, you are either a complete newcomer who hasn't even read 50 VNs or you have pirated games before. Because it's much much easier and more convenient to be one. Out of all the people this post will reach, I doubt even 5 go out of their way to buy jp games then patch them. 

And there's so many more small things that add up to it. If I want to buy VNs, I need to make accounts in like 5 different websites and input my credit card info in all of them when I could literally just go to the same torrent site and download all of them without any of the extra steps. 


I think the way VNs are sold needs to change somehow for them to actually get the sales they could get. No clue how, though. But until someone figures out how to do it, the vast majority of readers will continue being pirates. Because it's easier, convenient, doesn't take money and no one cares about the consequences. 



VNs are not books



I know this may sound incredibly patronizing but bear with me for a second.

VNs are not books. 

I understand you are all well aware of it. 


Why does everyone, me included, talk, review and seem to generally think of them as such?

In our modern world, this is how most the vast majority of VN screens tend to look like:

Image result for visual novel


A semi-transparent window with text and a few menus on the bottom, with the vast majority of the screen being taken by character sprites, backgrounds and the occasional CG. There are other ways to go about it, but this is what I'm sure is most common for everyone. 

As it's very easy to see, only a small portion of the screen is dedicated to the text at any given point. There's also music and voice acting, and overall, you're taking in a lot more information than you are with a book. 

Some might reasonably argue that a VN is still primarily a novel and as such we should first look at its writing. That may be true, but the amount of reviews I've both read and written that completely ignore the other aspects of a visual novel with the blanket statements of "music is adequate, good artwork" and moving on to extensively talk about only about the writing of the work is so big that I have to argue back "but we shouldn't ignore them either."

Aesthethic is narrative. These girls are in the same pose doing the same thing and even conveying the same emotions, but you know these are vastly different games by just looking at it, with no words needed at all



And here's the bizarre thing, I don't think we actually ignore artwork at all. In fact, how many times have we turned away from a well-regarded VN or have seen someone turn away from one because it kinda looked like shit?

Spoilers for the latter two in the links, bu it's no accident that the top 3 VNs on VNDB are Steins Gate, Muv Luv Alternative and Baldr Skydive 2. 

It's common sense that any great work will utilize its medium to its fullest potential. There's definitely a measure of some of that in all of them, be it via unique artstyles coupled with interaction, an actual fun game with real gameplay that the VN utilizes as its backbone or even pure visual trickery being used to make a tragic scene all that much more heart-wrenching and unexpected. 

And how could we forget the king of recent releases in the western community, doki doki? Regardless of whether it's completely mediocre, total garbage or the greatest VN of all time, we all know exactly what made it such a hit.

The impact that game had on the community that enjoys it would be greatly diminished if not for very careful visual presentation. 

It's probably in part due to reviewers being people who care about writing by nature of being reviewers, but that wouldn't really explain why the pivotal visual aspect of a visual novel is so oten ignored and thrown aside.  

In my latest meme post, "to be honest, story-focused VNs mostly really suck" I say "Not like anime where you can just leave it on the background and listen to what's going on either, because autoplay won't read all the critical lines that have no voice, so you better get cozy and glue your eyes to that screen, where the game will of course (not) use the opportunities the medium provides to its fullest with interesting, unique visual effects or actually well-done music that doesn't sound like some shitty freeware stock template. " 

Now, the purpose of that post as a whole was parodying two members I loved that have been gone from the website for a long long time and to make a comment on a certain type of VN fan, but that phrase in particular is something that holds true to my thinking - VNs are significantly harder to get into than most other media. You cannot engage it passively like anime or movies, and unlike inherently interactive media like video games, you are  not particularly rewarded for engaging it actively, but you must do so as a cost of entry anyway. Good, professional visual presentation is by far the most effective and natural way to reward those who read VNs for having to pay attention for what they're doing, and that's a big reason for why these games thrive in the first place, and without it, VNs suffer as they fall into the pit of "kinda looks like shit" that the vast majority of the medium is buried over.


It's already being done to some extent, but in my opinion, what we have is not really enough. Why are the vast majority of VN screens that boring text box under sprites and backgrounds? I sure dunno since I don't make VNs.

But I think the way for them to evolve as an art form and reach greater popularity in the west is to fully embrace being not only written, but also a visual medium. 

Now go. Hopefully some of you also have this opinion and you'll start talking about it enough that some lazy dev decides to get out of his ass and actually do something I want to see done in a VN ww





We've all been there. An adequate, fast-paced, tightly written scene showing off where the story will go and what they're planning for the endgame - then boom. The story breaks down immediately after it as the previous atmosphere slows down to a screeching halt as some rando monologues about his morals, introduces a girl or infodumps you the setting. Hope you enjoy 20 fucking hours of bad highschool comedy hijinks (but in space, or in a wacky city!) with some vague spooky shadowy things happening in the background. Not like it's going to be jarring to your audience if they basically have to start a completely new game after they kinda got used to your much better prologue. Not like anime where you can just leave it on the background and listen to what's going on either, because autoplay won't read all the critical lines that have no voice, so you better get cozy and glue your eyes to that screen, where the game will of course (not) use the opportunities the medium provides to its fullest with interesting, unique visual effects or actually well-done music that doesn't sound like some shitty freeware stock template. 

By the time you've gone through that slog with 5 more immersion-breaking sex scenes in the most inappropriate places possible, hopefully the last dozen of hours of your life you just wasted on the most basic, mediocre and patronizing thing a human being could possibly write, the morphine drop that is that story and your half dead brain will make you care enough about whatever is going to happen in the story that you can feel something out of it, anything other than emptiness and wondering why you're wasting your time.

But those games are so much better than pure moege, aren't they? The games that are actually intentionally slow-written with the main appeal being the slice of life and relationship with the heroines, with the H scenes feeling much more organic because the entire game is building up to them, a formula that works so well with this medium over half of the story VN writers make you read this exact same thing but with way less care put into it and making way less sense since they just copied it without knowing what it's good for and have to sell you their shitty rushed story that'll only be progressing on the background for most of the game. 

Can't really be an intellectual about moege  (or, god forbid, nukige) though. Better show off your VN dick by giving 10/10s to stuff that's just ripped off aspects of moege with poorly written action scenes and highschool philosophy lessons instead of making something that people can actually enjoy.

Suck my sweaty moe balls.

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Writing prompt 16 on 50 creative non-fiction prompts.


"What do you want more than anything in your life? Write about the burning hot core of your desire, and how that desire has changed over your life."


I'll be running away pretty far from the main topic of this prompt, but bear with me for a while. 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a toy store owner. The reason for that was pretty simple - Grade school was boring, I liked playing with my toys and I thought playing with them all day would be awesome. And I took that wish very seriously. I'd constantly try to argue with my family that I shouldn't go to school because I was going to become a toy store owner and so I wouldn't have to learn anything, an argument which was soundly defeated every day because I didn't know how to subtract stuff, kinda sucked at addiction and didn't know how to multiply yet and I was told you had to be proficient in that to own a store.

I think I was obsessed with the thought of owning a toy store for a full year, a very significant portion of my life at the time, when I dropped that and went on to my second obsession of primary school. Becoming a garbageman. And maybe this sounds a bit odd, but I'd see the big garbage truck coming down the street  and all the garbagemen running and screaming and throwing all those trash bags into the truck super fast and sometimes they'd tear apart and it'd be hilarious to baby Kaguya, and it looked like they were having the time of their lives. I wanted to be a part of that, and I spent a great many hours throwing rocks at the wall to get swolle and be able to aim the trash properly over the course of the year I got into that. Plus, garbagemen couldn't possibly need education in my mind, so skipping the rest of school seemed pretty sweet. 

Eventually I learned of the stigma of being a manual worker and, as my teen years approached, I got a group of the coolest older kids as my friends, and I wanted nothing but to impress them and be seen as a cool person. As status became important to me, I was absolutely obsessed with it for a reasonable amount of time. All the other kids my age thought the slightly older kids were cooler, so being accepted by the older kids was my goal and means of standing above my peers as one of the ultimate kids in our ecosystem. 

After that I get to the age where I actually was a young teen, and what I wanted the most was superpowers. I'd spend days on end and the vast majority of my time at school writing what superpowers I and all my friends would have, and how they'd be pretty cool but I'd be cooler than all of them, and I'd be able to beat up anyone who disagreed with me with my laser magic, inspired at the time by watching Saint Seiya and seeing how cool the gold saint of my constellation was. This was a time where I was frustrated over the lack of control in my life and wanted enough of it to be able to do whatever the hell I wanted. 

As I grew older and reached my 15 year old goth phase, I still wanted to have superpowers, but what I wanted the most was probably petty revenge on what was my first ex-girlfriend at the time, thinking she was a total dick who deserved to burn in hell. I'd listen to edgy songs, thankfully way before I really had access to the internet and I think before facebook was a thing at all, so I have no records of the embarrassing memories I'd probably like to erase from that time other than my own mind, which still makes me cringe sometimes. 

As I became a young adult a left my angst behind, what I wanted the most was money. Lots of money. Being a billionare - A wish I still hold to this day, though I changed how I look at it a lot over the years.


When I look at the major points of my life, I can't ever see one core desire that I always worked towards, but I can see a general desire towards leading a "good life," which I would guess every single person on the planet has. Wanting to have the most fun possible, wanting to have high social status because other people acknowledging you for real felt good, wanting to kick the ass of everyone who disagreed with me, wanting to get back at what I saw was a great wrongdoing and a backstab at me and wanting high acquisitive power to be able to go wherever I want and experience whatever I want. 

Because of my tendency towards traveling a lot and how my relationships with my family completely fell apart after I basically ran away from home to do our thankfully state-funded college, as well as never getting back in touch with them, my desires are mostly selfish. Past really wanting other people to acknowledge me as someone of high status when I was a kid, those desires don't really feature other people at all. As I played cross channel, I actually wondered how nice it would be to have a constantly resetting week with no one other than me where I could just do whatever I wanted, though nowdays I wouldn't want to be limited to the tiny city that story takes place in. 

My desires have always been hedonistic, they just changed as my perception of life and what would bring me the most pleasure changed.

Interesting writing prompt. 


Also I could have written a full review for FuwaReviews with the time I spent on this. Just as I could have also written a full review for FuwaReviews with the Hoshimemo shitpost. Makes me wonder. 


Red and Green Lotus

When I first met her, I didnt think much about the girl.

A servant. Fourteen years. One star, Earth realm. Below average training talent – that was the only thing which came to mind.

That assessment wasnt wrong but now, after a year by her side… Id like to slap myself to make up for my blindness. Indeed, If doing so a thousand times could turn back time, I’d gladly hit myself until I shed my skin, and I’d gallantly hold her in an arm and fight my way out of that tiny mansion, even if I had to go through twenty or thirty people to escape that place. There is, however, no medicine for regret…


I put my dress and look at the mirror.

…Awful sweat. Trembling hands. Long, messy hair.

I’m nervous. No… I’m scared.

I close my eyes and focus on my body, trying to gain some confidence. I can feel the gathering qi – my life energy – within my dantian, inside my body.

Fifteen years. Eight star, earth realm. One more before I’m capable of breaking through to the Sky realm. A genius for the younger generation, I’m often told. Yet right now, that assessment can only bring a bitter smile to my face. Who cares about talent? The weakest of the opponents I’m about to face could probably beat me with his eyes closed.

What I’m about to do is suicide. I have no hope of intruding in a clan meeting, taking a servant with me and escaping from the grasp of the old monsters that are gathering in those giant halls.

Hundreds of years of training. That is the difference between us. Their sect leader sits atop the peak of the Sky realm – a true expert, rumored to be able to fly in the skies. Someone able to kill me with his aura alone.

Aaaaah, so be it. It’s bizarre. Everyone in the world would think me crazy. But still – still!

Her temperament, like a blooming lotus. Her smile, more gracious than the fields of cherry blossoms from my home country.

 “...It is because of you that I have become confused, but my love for you still remains.”

That girl belongs in my side. I won’t let her waste away serving tea to some haughty clan in the middle of nowhere. The stage most suitable for her is atop this continent, not as a slave to some talentless fools, but ruling millions of kilometers alongside me.

It may be irrational or bizzare. We may both be girls, but my feelings won’t fade.

I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I don’t want to die.

Yet, if it’s for the sake of love…

There is a road to heaven which I cannot take. There is no door to hell, yet I must barge through.

If burning in to death in a blaze of glory against the old generation is my fate, then so be it.

Are you ready, Two Dragons Sect?