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  • Kaguya

    Fabulous on Fuwa - February!

    By Kaguya

      Welcome, fellow Fuwamembers, to the FuwaRecognition thread. Starting this March, we’ll be highlighting some of the best contributions made by our members each month. From snazzy blog articles to delicious forum threads, and perhaps even a few things more on the shitpost part of the spectrum, we'll keep an eye out for the cream of the crop. And then we'll gather them here. Just for you.   *holds up giant APPLAUSE sign*   A-hem, so this is the first time we're doing this and it might be a bit rough; next time will be at the end of March. Anyways; without further ado, let's get to our highlights.    By @Zakamutt.   Threads   Our first highlight on threads comes from two Ask Me Anything topics posted in the span of this month: from our dear provisional Tay, @Kaguya, and from the anti-moege task force founder himself, the saltlord himself @VirginSmasher.   It’s now Kags’ fifth year on these dear forums, and members of new ’n old had a lot of questions, climbing over to 50 comments, almost unheard of in this day and age of lacklustre forum interaction. Even after the glory days of lolis long passed, Kaguya still swears close to his heart how they indeed are the master-race that rule over this weeb-dom, mostly in nukige form. Charming.   @VirginSmasher’s AMA, on the other hand, is mostly an appreciation of past glory and his good friends, met before he died out, but he also remembered some newer members who are already becoming an integral part of these forums of today. Quite a lot of internal banter and jokes flew here and there, but it is quite touching to see even older members returning from long breaks of apparent irremovable death.     As you might have seen, we have a new EVN on the horizon, or rather, KickStarter: One Last Crane, developed by @Blissful-Works This visual novel is being developed by an Indonesian team with some members over at Tokyo, Japan, and it has a an odd goal amount of 10,052 dollars, though this is due the publicization of the project being handled from Japan, which also makes the whole project page ask all money in yens. A risky play, let’s see if it pays out for them. The novel is planned on being released for four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian. Quite the amount for still quite a small goal, but we’ll have to see how it pans out in the end, at least they are in no shortage of ambition. While the art-style itself is quite generic, it does look modern and does its job as presentation well enough, not to mention that the KickStarter page itself is quite stylish, but only time will tell how it’ll go over. All we can do is wait.   @EastCoastDrifter has done something unique on the forums that no one would even think of. He loves space, and he has extended his love to the members of the Fuwanovel community by creating a Fuwanovel Solar System. Using a program called Space Engine, Drifter has taken the liberty to name all planets in this system after very prominent Fuwamembers. It’s a great tribute to the community and you should really check it out. Furthermore, Drifter says he’s not done, and has plans to create more Fuwa solar systems to feature more members in the future. If you want a planet named after you, feel free to post in the linked thread or contact Drifter personally.   By @Arcadeotic and @EastCoastDrifter.   Blogs Hi I'm Zaka and I'm the only one that cares about blogs on the team. Maybe. I didn't actually ask the other guys. Shit. So uhh, here's my recs...   @Clephas writes accessibly about (for the most part) untranslated Japanese visual novels. This time, we have some posts about the recently released third VN in the Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru series, of which the first actually has a translation by MangaGamer. Unfortunately, the second is where people think it actually got good. We start with a more general note on the series, then move on to a review of Otoboku 3 itself.   While Clephas has been writing for quite a while, @MaggieROBOT is a bit newer to the scene. She focuses on Otome and BL VNs, and for this post we'd like to show you her post on an upcoming BL visual novel (fresh from the pot, baby. That thing is probably the first blog post to come right after this one. Oh yeah. That's how we roll. - Kaguya) as well as her review of the robot-romance Otome VN Sakuya. Go ahead and look for her post complaining about a trap in a moege not having a route if you like things on the more humorous side of the spectrum
      Just For Fun!   During the process of writing this post.     Well you know I’m all about that nepotism baby. That's right, this is just for you. Rising 1.8% female readership (thanks Maggie) local GM and blog post connoisseur Kaguya here. To close the blog review section up, we’ll be highlighting the post where I wonderfully delve into the mind of writer Setoguchi Ren’ya, explaining his past and his involvements with the little-known work The Shawshank Redemption as well as how that work affected the VN industry, finishing things with a bang as I explain his history and the hidden messages within Swan Song. And finishing things off in a suitable grand scale, much like a writer who traps himself into writing continuously larger powerlevels until his shounen manga gets to a point where it doesn't even resemble the original, we will be looking at two posts made by Fuwanovel's current closest figure to Jesus, @Kiriririri (Who unlike our creator, did revive. How about that?) He died for our sins as he bravely made two deep posts about the current state of the VN community that were completely hidden by the evil staff... Until now. Gaze upon them and marvel, this is the true work of a genius!! February is over. We bled. We sweat. Friendships were broken and renewed, and old members revived from their graves and mingled with the new pringles to take us where we are now. And the community persists, as glorious as ever.  March is here. And in this rewind, I declare FebruaryFuwa absolutely Fabulous! 

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  1. Happiness+
    Latest Entry

    By Happiness+,


    Enter a world without Christ, a postreligous society

    Enter a dream, that you are fully aware of dreaming

    Enter the birth of 2 new species "Reploids” and "Hybrids"

    Enter Zion, the last Christian missionary on Earth with amnesia

    Enter the mystery of seven extraordinary children and their journey to unlock the past

    Enter The astrofront, Earth's artificial orbital ring.

    Enter Parapsychology

    Enter Transhumanism

    Enter C:\ _Detroit.exe






    This is the first short kinetic novel of a shared visual novel universe. Think of it as a prologue. This visual novel will be on PC, Android, and iOS.

    Right now, this visual novel is 90% complete:
    The story, programming, sound effects, and music are complete!

    I just need three people to help me out.

    I need a background artist to help me out with some additional assets.

    ( You can use whatever art style you like. I am just looking for an aesthetic that resembles their real-life personalities. I will provide you references to help you design them. All of the characters are of high school age. They are all African American and Asian respectively.)

    I need voice actor to voice Elder Zion.

    (For this Zion's, you need to be able to sing.)

    I need a voice actress to voice Alexis Jackson.


    For more casting information: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/detroit-exe-chapter-1


    Detroit.exe: Chapter 1 will be available on PC, Android, and iOS.

    Summer 2019

    This first chapter is freeware, an unpaid project that will be free for everyone forever. The sequel will be a commercial project. This is just to get people into the series, and if it goes well with our niche market. I guarantee you that you will be compensated awesomely. I am a visual novelist of my word.

    As for me, you can call me Happiness+ I'm an EVN developer that has skills in poetry, prose writing, python programming, and voice direction. Making visual novels is literally my dream and I love doing it. The reason why I love doing it is because visual novels are art. We as EVN developers are on the cusp of a revolution. The revolution being a new renaissance of western visual novels and I want my stories to be the spark that sets the flame ablaze.

    I invite you to join me in the revolution!



  2. Clephas
    Latest Entry

    Mmm... this month had a lot of fantasy, so it is probably normal I played more VNs this month than the last few... oh well.

    Anyway, Renran Spirichu is the latest release from Parasol, a charage-specialist company.  Umm... to be honest, I couldn't bring myself to do more than one path of this game, and the one path I did was Botan's (the catgirl).  This game's premise is fairly terrible, with girl exorcists possessing breasts in direct proportion to their spiritual power.  Not only that, but the protagonist screws three of the heroines in the common route out of necessity (the reason is pretty par for the course). 

    I'm going to be straight with you... this game makes a number of pathetic attempts to be funny, all of which fall flat.  The best part of this game is the ichaicha, and, considering I'm not an ichaicha fan, that tells you just how bad it is.  Oh, there is a story... but you have to dig through so much filler material to get to it that it is exhausting to read.  The heroines are all deredere by the end of the common route, and the only real difference the path seems to make is which one he focuses on *sighs*

    Anyway, this isn't something I can seriously recommend, even to charage-lovers...

  3. Yo, I'm back from the dead! (though I can't guarantee that I won't die again) And what was the miraculous thing that had the ability to revive me? Of course, it was the latest title from the legendary eroge maker Winged Cloud, Sakura Beach, which was just released on August 14th! I mean, if their previous titles from the Sakura trilogy were all so successful like that, there is no reason for them to not make another one, right??




    Okay, joke aside, let the summer trip to Hell begin.



    Seiji is a daydreamer who spends too much time thinking about space. When he was given a chance to visit the beach with his two childhood friends, all he can think about is his chance to take out his telescope and look at the stars. But gradually, he begins to realise that his childhood friends want him to pay attention to them instead of the constellations...


    1. Seiji

    Our MALE protagonist (wait, isn't this a yurige?!). A dense guy that loves the space more than girls.

    2. Ayumi


    Osananajimi No.1. A classic over-the-roof tsundere girl that always try to act mature. A good cook, and one of the smartest student at school, but has no swimming ability.

    3. Momoka


    Osananajimi No.2. A cheerful and immature girl that loves to tease the MC and make lewd jokes. A complete opposite with Ayumi (terrible cook, bad in study, but extremely good at sports, especially swimming).


    The story progression can be summarized like this: Seiji, Ayumi and Momoka came to this particular beach-side hotel on their summer holiday. As they were having fun day to day on the beach, the girls tried hard to make Seiji notice their feeling, and also tried to make him confessing the truth behind his obsessed with studying, which they found really unusual. Gradually, Seiji opened up more to them, told them about the thing that he was trying to cover up, his fear, and his true feeling toward his two friends.

    One thing I have to say, is that their plot this time is actually pretty decent for a OEL moege. At least better than their previous titles that I played. However, their plot development is still all over the place, with a ton of random events that just happen out of nowhere without any explanation (I will run through this later in the nitpicking section below). Moreover, some important-looking events even contributed absolutely nothing to the plot, almost were just there to satisfy the fetish of a certain group of players. Yes, I'm talking about the yuri scene, which made me thought that this was a yurige. Just suddenly come then go, no freaking explanation whatsoever.


    They also brought back a bunch of fan-service scenes that were literally just a copy-paste from Sakura Fantasy (and maybe the whole damn series), and even those scenes were so forced that made me just go "wtf?".

    Typos are still lying here and there (and sometimes, it's not even typo, it's just a dumb and funny mistake), seem like their QC need some more practice.

    I have a little complaint about the fact that every single day in their vacation happened in a exact same pattern: Wake up -> Go swimming at the beach -> Random talk -> Go home -> New day, wake up -> ...., though, being a guy that almost never go to the beach, guess I'm in no position to judge people. That said, the only once time I went for holiday in a seaside city for a week, I only spent 2 days for swimming, and the other 5 for going around, visiting this and that place.



    This is my personal taste, but imo, Winged Cloud totally trashed their strongest point, which is the art, this time. The new art is just so much worse, although it's still "acceptable". The BGs are decent-looking though.

    Btw, what happened to their old artist? Rage quit? :makina:


    After 5 minutes of playing, I decided to turn off the music and turn my fripSide playlist on. <_<

    Do something about your boring music please, Winged Cloud.


    Though I did say that the plot was decent, $10 for this game is still a big no. Both the plot and the fan-service quality did not go anywhere near that price. So, if you want to pir---I mean borrow it from someone out of curiosity, then go ahead. BUT DON'T GIVE WINGED CLOUD ANY MORE MONEY PLEASE!


    - Decent plot (wait, is this even a pro?)


    - All-over-the-place plot development.

    - Cliche fan-service scenes.

    - Unexplained details.

    - Boring-to-death music.


    Story: 5/10.

    Character: 4/10.

    Graphic: 6/10.

    Music: 2/10.

    Overall: 4/10.


    I mean, why not? With a game full of problem like this, nitpicking can give us much more fun than even the game itself!


    I recommend Mega or Mediafire.


    Fake stuff everywhere. Seem like this hotel couldn't afford to stuff their pillows with cotton, so they had to use rocks instead.

    Btw, it seems that in the world of Winged Cloud, girls are temporarily deaf when they are changing clothes.


    No no man, it's the censorship light doing its work!


    Girls these days. They love to swim with their full clothes on, then later change to their swimsuit to go to the cafe.

    Is that a new fashion trend? Am I really this behind?

    Meanwhile, Momoka was out there, having fun by herself, while these two flirting around. Poor girl.


    Gold > Diamond confirmed. I blame Riot.


    Right after decided to build a sand castle, the girls headed straight to the ocean and the MC went to sleep.

    The castle? Screw it~


    Yo Ayumi so tsun when the writer tried to write her name, he accidentally wrote "tsun" instead.


    I can feel the cold just by looking at you two.


    Along with a quite amount of cinnamon, fish sauce, mango sauce, chocolate sauce...

    RIP Ocean a.k.a Umi-chan (?-2015)


    I thought he wanted to say "it might be me". Turned out he was just another dense MC.


    You said you did not look you liar! How come you could describe perfectly what happened like that?!


    Look at the neatly arranged pantsu collection on the bed. Fabulous.


    1. By the scene from the window, this is no where near the 20th floor.

    2. These kids don't look like they can afford to live in a 20+ floors hotel.

    3. No one is dumb enough to walk from the 20th floor down to the ground by stair, except in emergency situations.

    4. MC got dragged head-on-the-floor down 20 floors by stairs. He should be brain-dead by now.


    I call BS on any 20+ floors hotel that has no elevator. Or hide them in a place that no one can see.

    Btw, you people had been here for days, and hadn't used the elevator once?!


    Joke on you, that's how I always cook my dinner. And they are all great!


    The next day, Momoka lay flat on the bed, coughing like SARS.


    BS, last time you clearly said that you were fine with harem too!

  4. Once upon a time, in the magical land of Fuwa, there lived a troll named Whore. Whore was the ugliest troll in Fuwa. He was so ugly that no person alive would ever come near him. Now, this would of course make Whore very hungry, for he could never catch a meal. He always felt jealousy towards Nosebleed, the handsomest Prince of the land, son of Queen Aeru and King Tay. Whore, devoured by envy and hunger, set out on a journey to find Nosebleed and make him his first meal in a century.

    Whore, had at last found where Nosebleed lived. In a strong desire to get revenge on Nosebleed for being born beautiful, he sent letters to the nobles of Fuwa. These letters reported that Nosebleed assaulted one of the lolis of Loli Mountian. This was against the law of Fuwa, as the loli's were highly valued and respected by all who lived in Fuwa, as the moé ones. However, he forgot about Sir Steve, the protector of loli's who never missed a single assaulter. Sir Steve would know if Nosebleed truly did this, as he was blessed with the power to send out a million eyes to watch over the loli's and alert him of any trouble.

    When this plan failed, Nosebleed approached Whore, and banished him to 4-chan where he would have to live among those even uglier than himself. They say, Whore will make a return 1,000 years later to have another shot at revenge.

  5. blog-0987093001437416023.jpg

    So I just spent 50 minutes of my day watching this. Trying to process what I just watched is hard, there's just so much information to take in. I watched it alongside OriginalRen, SuikaShoujo and The Major, yet despite our best efforts, our brains simply were no match for the depth and intricacy this anime provides.

    I'll try to give you a feel, a small sample of what it feels like to watch "Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako", but I truly believe that the only real way to appreciate this show is to just watch it yourself.

    So first off we have our heroine Hinako. Hinako really likes to sleep. Her main trait as a character is not being able to fix the strap on her shirt.


    As you can see from this cleverly crafted angle, this entire anime is told in first person perspective. But we're just scratching the surface of how thick the plot really gets.

    After Hinako changes clothes, covering your face so you don't see her changing, even though she just ends up sleeping in her underwear anyway, she goes to sleep.

    And thus, our sleep adventure begins!


    That is the face of pure bliss.

    Here we have some amazing shots that truly depict the wonders of a 2D girl sleeping.


    A real good close up of the heroine, it's almost like she's breathing on you

    vaBgQ9t.pngIn this shot here, you can see Hinako's breasts changing sizes, giving us a clear reason why Hinako just can not get the left strap of her shirt to stay in place, her left breast simply doesn't have as much mass.


    This shot here is a classic. The subtle twitch Hinako's leg makes each time really provides livelyness to her sleep, making you feel like you're sleeping right next to her.


    10 minutes in and the anime really ramps it up by having Hinako turn to the other side. In my opinion this was one of their best moves yet.


    Here we get a first glimpse of Hinako's windowsill which displays a clock and a vase with a plant. This is a very intringuing as the clock displays no numbers, a fact that will become really important later on so make sure you keep it in mind.


    Another very rare shot of Hinako's armpit, one of my personal favorites if I daresay so myself. The disproportionally sized breasts really help elevate that armpit.


    18 minutes in and the biggest game changer yet, Hinako makes use of one of her pillows! We can neither confirm nor deny if there's any significance behind this pose and the pillow's peculiar shape.


    And just 30 seconds later we are shown Hinako's sleep eating abilities.


    This is one of the rarest shots in the whole story, at the 22:22 minute mark, Hinako dangles her arm from the bed. What a delightful display of character.


    And this 24 minute mark is the crucial turning point where we have a clear view of Hinako's room and lo and behold, nobody is sleeping next side her, even though we're supposed to be there, what could this possibly mean!?


    At the 26 minute mark, Hinako has a dream about the moment we confessed to her and she gladly accepted our feelings. While the dream itself lasted a mere 10 seconds, I could really feel a deep emotional connection with Hinako's character just from watching her sleep for the past 26 minutes.


    And in the next minute, Hinako wakes up. I'm sure we were thinking the same thing, and that is how much we love each other. Hinako, being the amazing girlfriend she is, sings us a lullaby with really inspiring lyrics such as "Go to sleep, go to sleep on Hinako's chest" which have the result of making her fall asleep.


    At the 30 minute mark, Hinako has yet another dream, this time about when she was training hard to lose weight, she even gives us advice on how to be BIG like Hinako.


    And now, the biggest game changer yet, Hinako falls off her bed! My heart could barely take it, seeing Hinako fall on the floor after 30 minutes of sleeping really came out of nowhere, this anime sure knows how to tug on your heart strings.


    And now starts the most romantic scene in an anime I have ever seen.


    What a straightforward approach. Hinako tops all those tsunderes in generic romcoms, you don't get this level of romance too often.


    Of course we have a really deep connection with Hinako, and she reassures us of that by returning our feelings (even though we didn't really say anything, I'm sure our feelings got acress).

    I had to hold back my emotions over how realistic everything got, the intense urge to kiss my screen really started to come out.


    *doki doki*

    Hinako wastes no time though, she knows what her main goal is, this woman has her priorities set straights, that's why right after this she once again heads to bed and instantly falls asleep. Pro sleepers really are something else.


    But the thrilling ride isn't over yet, can you believe they still have more in store? This time, Hinako invites us to sleep on the same bed as her. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. The anime really makes this a realistic experience by tilting the camera 90 degrees. It truly felt like I was right next to Hinako.


    [immersion intensifies]


    35 minutes in, Hinako does yet another unpredictable thing, she decides to get a night snack. Gosh, this anime really doesn't hold back on the plot twists.


    Brushing your teeth is important too. Even if you didn't eat anything. Deep.


    Once again, after falling asleep, Hinako falls on the floor. This time facing the other way, I liked that change of pace, this anime really knows when to spice it up.


    She doesn't forget her girlfriend duties though and reminds us we are also an entity, a sentient being, and thus we need sleep as well. Notice how her strap keeps sagging lower and lower, symbolizing we're reaching the end of our journey.


    After she falls asleep, Hinako has one last dream. In this one though, she ended up getting fat due to eating so many snacks. I'm sure she'll resume her training the next day!


    And now, after a whole 40 minutes of Hinako sleeping, morning comes, and this is where the plot really thickens!

    You see, after this, Hinako sleeps with us again, twice, do you not see what this means!?

    This whole time, we've actually been trapped in a dream world, but not just that, we were trapped in a dream world, inside a dream world, inside a dream world, inside a dream world, and we weren't a human being either, we were a ghost that posessed random objects around Hinako's room in order to try to wake her from the dream by looking at her body from several different angles. Remember the clock I mentioned at the beginning? What was missing? Pointers! That's because in this dream world, there's no time flow! We've been stuck sleeping with Hinako over and over, that's why she always wears the same outfit when she sleeps.


    I could barely see this coming, it came by so fast my brain just had no time to process it.

    This anime is a deconstruction of the human psyche, one that if you're not paying attention to, you will miss its profound message, the 50 minute length time really manages to portray to intricacies of the brain by having the same still shots over and over again across the timeline, you really feel like you're diving into Hinaki's profound sleepiness and tracing its patterns.

    The emotional bonds you manage to form with Hinako as you watch her sleep from every possible angle really make this a standout from the crowd. You can not get this deep level of characterization anywhere else.

    It brought me to tears as my eyes were strained while I wtched 50 minutes of a girl sleeping on a bed, making me empathize with her.

    The story sucks you in, almost making you fall asleep just like Hinako.

    This 16 year old girl who can't put on a shirt strap properly is the apogee of all female characters. If you haven't used the term "waifu" now, I'm sure this anime will change your mind.

    Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako is, without a doubt, the best anime ever made.


  6. As for this week review since we have Musumaker partial patch released in which it's at 56% translated along with the release of Sakura MMO 3 back at 7th, I decided to combined both title so we have 'Sakura Brothel' as this week VNTS Review. As for the Sakura part it's pretty much self explanatory, while for the 'Brothel' part it's from Musumaker in which our MC was happened to inherit the orphanage that turned out to be the brothel when the MC must train the small girls that into a fine prostitute (Don't be fooled by the sweet cover of Musumaker, because the sex content of that VN was quite hardcore (Not as extreme as euphoria though)). Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and the main feature of this week is the updates from both of Nekonyan and Sol Press along with usual fan translation updates. We also have a releaseS, although it's a nukige and some partials though so it's obviously not a big release. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

    From Sekai we have their fourth secret project that was apparently will featured catgirls again was at 60% translated and edited, and Nekonin 3 was at 92% translated and edited. We also have JAST announced their exact release date for Mamono Musume, in which it'll be at July 3rd later. Safe to say that they put their effort in the projects that didn't took my interest here, but at least JAST did started to giving the routine updates so I guess that's something.

    As for the release from fan translation, it's this nukige in that we'll going to have our MC who somehow suffered a curse in that the MC (Hideki) can only drink the breast milk and to get rid the curse he must ejaculate (I assume that the curse will come periodically). Fortunately that his sister in law (Sayaka) was more than ready to provide the mean of the breast milk and a way to get rid of the curse because she was grateful for Hideki (Sayaka was taken care by Hideki when she's being pregnant and Hideki's older brother was being dead), so Hideki didn't need to suffer from the curse for very long. And you better not to think about this seriously other than you supposed to enjoy the sex scenes between Hideki and Sayaka, and doubly so if you have lactation fetish. Speaking about nukige, we have Taimainin Asagi Zero did released their 70% translated patch back at May 26th, so at least it mean that we already have Asagi Zero was at 70% translated.

    For this week progress roundup, we have Eustia was at 71.27% translated (Eris's Chapter was at 3.52% translated) along with past halfway (50.27%) edited, Miotsukushi Omote was past three quarter (77%) translated, Loverable was at 65.96% edited, 3,825 lines of Pure x Connect are edited, and Watamasu was at 89% translated. Also for the reminder we have Musumaker 56% patch released, which mean that at least we have Musumaker was at 56% translated in which it's been a while since we see the progress for that. For the last release, we have Gore Screaming Show new partial released in which it's also retranslated the day two of that VN as well so good for them that the project is still ongoing.

    This week we also have PQube announced some less known VN (Raging Loop) in that Lemnisca will take care of the translation side, and that apparently it's quite good seeing that it's already got average score at 8.20 from 30 votes which to say is quite good (Most of the votes were at 8). As for the premise, our capable MC (Haruaki) was break off with his girlfriend and he traveled alone to forget her, and he came to a mysterious village in that he was killed by a mystical wolf at his first night. Of course Haruaki was turned back to the time before he killed instead of permanently dead, and that he find out the village did have a secret namely some of the villagers are the wolf spirit that ready to kill the rest of the villagers. So the villagers job is to find out whose the wolf among them and executed the false villager, and seeing no other choice Haruaki decided to join the villagers to find the wolf spirit and hopefully find out the way out of the village. As for the technical aspect, apparently the seiyuu are mostly newbie and that they'll release it for console only (Although perhaps they may have Steam release plan in the future).

    For the roundup of the progress, we have both of Sol Press and Nekonyan did compile their progress. From Sol Press, we have Onikiss was at 88% translated along with 85% edited, Nukitashi was at 8% translated, the translation for Mirai Radio was about to start, Kimiaogi's QA was in progress, and the translation for Himawari no Kioku was already started. They also have two secret projects that were already fully translated and edited, although seeing that they also involved in light novel I'm still uncertain whether those two projects were VNs or not (At least until they announce it at AX later if possible). From Nekonyan seeing that Aokana was almost finished with 95% translated along with 70% edited and 5% QC-ed, it's certain that this'll be their next release (They even say that at this tweet) so I'll look forward to the time of the release in which it's probably at this year if all goes well. For the rest of Nekonyan's project, we have Hello Lady was at 40% translated, Senren Banka was at at quarter translated and edited, and Makeover was at 40% translated and edited.

    That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

  7. Eclipsed
    Latest Entry


    The Saga of PINK


    The following is meant to serve as background information for Eclipsed's Danganronpa Steam Giveaway. Try your luck at it, if you dare :upupu:

    Question for Giveaway: "Who is the mastermind, The Ultimate Pink?"

    Old Stuff:



    Hello friends of Fuwa,

    As you may have noticed, it has happened.

    I have changed my avatar from the ever lovable Zero no Tsukaima's Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière to the ever lovable To LOVE-Ru's Nana Astar Deviluke.

    Some of you may recall prior to my settling down on Louise that I have had a history of frequently changing my avatar, so this should come as no surprise, though naturally I understand that some people don't like change and so this choice of mine will unfortunately leave a slight bitter taste in your mouth. Oh well~

    On the bright side, multiple features and traits have been retained... pink... tsundere.. beating on the perverted male protagonist...flat...Nana looks pretty damn good with her hair down...

    So why the change then?

    Contrary to the popular misconception of my preference of the color pink, my favorite color is purple. Now, between Louise and Nana, who has purple? Ding ding ding! Nana.



    1. You really went Louise -> Nana just because Nana has purple eyes?

    Yes. Purple eyes are hawt. Give me a character with purple eyes that I really REALLY like and I'll switch to that asap.


    2. RIP Louise?

    I still fking love Louise so don't be surprised if I switch back and forth or become a Bandwagoner-Traveler or



    3. So is Nana your favorite character from To LOVE-Ru?

    Surprisingly, no. It's still Yami > Momo > Mikan > Yui > Lala > Nana etc... though I am very fond of Nana for her similarities to Louise. Besides, wouldn't you agree Momo or Yami as my avatar would definitely feel off?



    4. What have you been up to (Fuwa-wise)?

    My activity on this site -like a few others- has dropped pretty heavily, though I think this is just a phase that we're all going through / it's that time of year and

    because we're all gonna abandon Fuwa soon. Maybe. Hopefully?



    5. Brah, you sure pink ain't your favorite color?

    Yeah, I'm sure. Though, maybe it's my second favorite color by now?


    6. The name of the culprit will be revealed by The Best Pink.


    Chapter 1 - The Death of Louise?


    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30)  "This isn't fair! Eclipsed, that baka! I'm supposed to be the best pink! Why would he abandon me for some flat-chested alien?"

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Look who's talking! And hey! It's not like I wanted to be his avatar or anything! Didn't you read what he said? He picked me because of my purple eyes, not because of my pink hair.  What kind of reasoning is that...? But it's not like it matters now. Didn't he already change his avatar to Yotsuba?"

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "Hmph, you're right. Who cares about Eclipsed, I have Saito anyway.
    What about you, Nana? Do you have someone to go back to?"

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "W-w-what are you talking about! O-of course I do!
    H-h-h-his name i-i-is R-R-R-Rit-"

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "Okay, that's good. Well, I'll talk to you later.
    But man, I wonder what Yotsuba had over us..."

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) : "Huh? O-oh, w-well...there is one thing..."


    VmaDoyv.jpg (200×224)
    :heart::kosame: Yostuba :kosame: :heart:

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) ...

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) ...

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30)That baka inu!!!!!!

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) Udders are SO overrated!


    So who's the best pink? Stay tuned for the next Chapter in The Saga of Pink!

    Chapter 2 - The PINK SAGA Begins!

    Louise woke up in a daze.  DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "Where...Where am I?"

    Gazing upon her surroundings, she found she was in a room bathed obnoxiously in the color pink. Pink beds, pink curtains, pink tables, pink chairs, pink carpets, pink doors... pink as far as the eye could see. There was even a pink note on the table. She picked it up and read it:

    "Greetings Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière and welcome to the 1st Round of the PINK SAGA, a game designed to determine who is most deserving of the title, "Best Pink". You and eight other contestants have been chosen as the "Nine Pink Maidens" who will have the honor of competing for this title. Congratulations.

    Participation is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in a very, very, VERY unpleasant punishment. You have been warned.

    Your first task will be to escape from the Pink Room you are currently trapped in. Solve the room's mystery, and you will be able to move on to the next round and be that much closer to obtaining what is truly yours."

    Louise immediately crumpled the note and threw it away in a fit of annoyance. "WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALL THIS?!!" She stomped towards the pink door and grasped the handle. *Jiggle jiggle*. "Tch, locked. Well..."

    She took a deep breath, brandished her wand, and uttered a single word. "EXPLOSION!"

    The pink door was engulfed in a bright light and with a loud PWRRRRFFFFF!!! it was destroyed. "Hmph, so much for solving the mystery". Louise proudly made her departure out of the room, but not before taking one last glance behind her. "Best Pink, huh..."

    Her reward for escaping the Pink Room was to be greeted by a labyrinth of hallways & corridors. And more pink. Whatever place she was in was completely composed of this color. It was becoming very disturbing. She began pacing faster, growing more and more anxious with each passing second, searching desperately for an exit. Questions were filling her head. What is this place? Why am I here? Who-

    Her train of thought was disturbed by the echoes of running footsteps. She couldn't tell which direction they were coming from, but there was definitely more than one person...two...three...four...five...............eight people, and they were all coming towards her! 

    Paranoid from her earlier thoughts, she closed her eyes, took out her wand, and began her incantation to defend herself- "EXPL-"

    "C'mon! There's gotta be a way outta he- GEH! LOUISE?!" cried a familiar voice.

    "OSION- Huh?!... NANA?! ...And...??!!!"


     Jg3cBEA.jpg (200×203)2Kpm20e.jpg (200×201) cCGxzWH.png (200×200) 5wd3Vgo.png (200×200)
    fKqAf2h.jpg (200×201) YO0qETa.png (200×200) vfdmCUX.png (200×200) aT6vkVL.jpg (200×201) 1H7GdZN.jpg (200×199)

    Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Nana from To-Love Ru. Clover from Zero Escape. Yumina from Yumina the Ethereal. Sachi from Grisaia no Kajitsu. Rise from Princess Evangile. Madoka from Madoka Magica. Yuuna from Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru. and Inori from Guilty Crown.

    The Nine Pink Maidens.

    Only one of them can become the Best Pink...

    Let the PINK SAGA begin!!!
    Chapter 3 - The Best Pink I


    "The requirements for becoming the Best Pink are simple: you must be the last person to survive. How you end up becoming sole survivor is up to you. Of course, you may all choose to live here peacefully for the rest of your lives, but I'm sure you all have urgent responsibilities to fulfill in your respective worlds...

    Louise - The Kingdom of Tristain needs your power as the Void Mage lest it face ruin. Also, Saito pretty much has no reason to be in Halkeginia if you're not there.
    Nana - Mea needs your help to convince Nemesis. Oh, and Rito is up to no good with Momo.
    Clover - Welcome to your Fourth Nonary Game <3 ~
    Yumina - Kirara is going to give you harsh discipline if you don't show up for the next Presidential Election Debate!
    Sachi - Maybe it's good that you're here, so you don't do something crazy at your school...
    Rise - Masaya won't be able to attend Vincennes Academy next year if you don't win the Election!
    Madoka - Homura-chan is waiting for you.
    Yuuna - Everybody in the Hero Club is waiting for you!
    Inori - Shu won't be able to stop GHQ without your power...

    Only the Best Pink will be granted permission to leave. Who will emerge victorious, I wonder...?
    Let the PINK SAGA begin!!!"


    Clover's eyes went wide in disbelief. iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "No...This can't be... not another Zero..." She looked down, visibly disturbed.

    Nana was suspicious. 0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "HEY! Cow udders! What's that about another Zero? And what does it mean by this is your Fourth Nonary Game? Are you Zero?"

    Clover shook her head in anger. iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "Of course not!"

    Yumina stepped in. DWtgzfo.png (30×30) "Wait, you guys! We have to all trust each other if we're going to get out of here! Don't fall for Zero's trap! "

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "Y-Yumina-chan's right. Let's work together!" Madoka agreed.

    AnYQroj.png (30×30)  "We should explore this place, top to bottom. There will definitely be an exit somewhere!" Yuuna exclaimed.
    :sachi: "If you all become weary during your search, please come see me. I am proficient in over 50 therapeutic massage techniques," Sachi added.

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "Why are you wearing a maid costume?" Louise quipped.

    hlxnuOg.png (30×30) "Clover-san, if I may ask, would you mind telling us more about these 'Nonary games' you have been a part of?" Rise inquired.

    u2e0WyT.png (30×30) "We should all take the time to talk about ourselves. It would appear that not everybody is from same universe..." Inori suggested.

    Clover nodded.  iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "Yeah, you're probably right. I'll start then. My name is Clover Field. In my world, I was a participant in something called the Nonary Game..."


    Rise was wallowing in despair. Originally the most high spirited and confident of the group, her extended stay at the Pink Palace has finally begun taking its toll on her psyche. 

    hlxnuOg.png (30×30) "How long have we been here?...the White Lilies must have lost the election already... Masaya...Masaya's gone now..." Tears formed in her eyes. Her chance to reform Vincennes Academy has long expired. That was all she ever wanted...

    BkgKPWc.png (30×30) "Rise-san, there you are!" Sachi emerged from the shadows and walked up to the disinterested Rise. "I have something I wish to discuss with you."

    Rise gave Sachi a cold stare. hlxnuOg.png (30×30) "Hoh... And what is it do you wish to talk about? Didn't we all already share everything there is to share with each other? And then we've done absolutely NOTHING but wander around in circles for god knows how long. My world is ruined by now. What's the point anymore?"

    Sachi didn't waver. BkgKPWc.png (30×30) "Yes, we've been here for a very long time indeed... But remember, the damage that has been done to your world during your absence can be repaired as soon as you return, and for that you must remain hopeful".

    Rise said nothing.

    BkgKPWc.png (30×30) "But I digress. I have come to you to with an urgent proposal: unite with me and Clover against the special ones."

    Rise was confused. hlxnuOg.png (30×30) "Unite against the special ones..?"

    BkgKPWc.png (30×30) "Surely you've realized it by now, did you not?" Sachi explained. "You, Clover and I are the only individuals without any special powers. Louise, Madoka, Yuuna, and Yumina all have magical powers, Nana is an alien, and Inori is a monster. Clover overheard them plotting to take out the weakest first- that's us. We have to take the initiative". Sachi extended her hand to Rise. "Rise-san, join us".

    Rise thought for a moment, eyeing Sachi's hand. She then made her decision. hlxnuOg.png (30×30) "Thanks, but no thanks, Sachi-san. The fact that everyone is finally starting to make a run for the Best Pink just shows that they still have a purpose- their world still has hope. Unfortunately, I no longer have both".

    BkgKPWc.png (30×30) "Tch"

    Suddenly, Sachi tossed a canister onto the ground, releasing a plethora of white smoke around Rise.

    hlxnuOg.png (30×30)"Wha-??!!"

    The last image Rise would ever see would be a masked Sachi lunging straight towards her with two knives.

    187cCIA.jpg (640×360)




    iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "Ahahaha, good job Sachi!" Clover bounced into the room, giving Sachi an ecstatic applause. "You did it!"

    BkgKPWc.png (30×30) "Thank you, Clover-san." Sachi replied. "But It really is unfortunate Rise-san decided not to join our alliance..." Sachi removed her gas mask. "How were things on your end?"

    Clover gave a sly smile. iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "Tee-hee, they're all E-X-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-E-D. It was soo easy to lure everybody else into that bomb-rigged room of yours. All I had to do was scream that I had found an exit, and then once everybody showed up, KAB-OOM! It was spectacular, you should've seen it!!"

    BkgKPWc.png (30×30) "I see..." Sachi replied. She took a deep breath. "So... it's just us two now..." She braced herself.

    Clover nodded. iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "So it would seem. Thanks for your help, by the way. You really are an obedient one, arent'cha? Truly one of the best maids". Clover's smile became twisted. "But are you... the best pink?" She began laughing hysterically.

    BkgKPWc.png (30×30)"Kh-!" Sachi immediately made a dash towards Clover, brandishing her two knives to make the fatal cut-

    -But Clover easily sidestepped her attack and drew her own weapon- an axe, freshly stained with blood- and swiftly brought it down on Sachi's neck.

    It was over within seconds.

    iZVVvm1.png (30×31)"Tee-hee-hee, didn't I tell you about my job? I'm a much better fighter than I look, silly." Clover began dancing around in joy. "YAAAY!!! Hey, Zero!! I won!! I'm the Best Pink!! NOW LET ME OUT!!!"

    *Step* ... *step* ... *step* ... *step* ... Clover's victory dance was quickly halted by the sound of approaching footsteps. She immediately turned to face the source.

    iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "ZERO!!!" But then she was frozen in fear as she caught a glimpse of 'Zero'. "No, it can't be...Why..."

    'Zero' slowly approached Clover, step-by-step, not uttering a single word, only emitting a very twisted smile. It was as if she was being mocked.

    iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "No... Why is it you?! You're supposed to be-!!!"

    In a state of panic, Clover raised her axe and began charging at 'Zero'. iZVVvm1.png (30×31) "WHY IS IT YOU?!@#"




    /Clover End/

    Chapter 4 - The Best Pink II


    Madoka had made up her mind. There was no choice left.

     xNimSbA.png (30×30) "Kyubey! Grant me my wish! Make me a Magical Girl!!!"

    D7e8TVR.png (30×30)  "A wise decision, Madoka!" A radiant pink light showered Madoka as she was imbued with the powers of a Magical Girl. "Now go, become the Best Pink, and we'll finally be able to return to our homeworld! Homura's been waiting for us!" 

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "..."

    Madoka took off, preparing herself for the horrors she would inevitably face.




    DWtgzfo.png (30×30) "It's no good, she's too stro- GHghGH!!!" Yumina was violently pierced through her abdomen, her blood spilling to the ground.

    AnYQroj.png (30×30) "YUMINAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yuuna dashed over to Yumina and embraced her now lifeless body. "Yumina!! Stay with me!! Yumina...! YUMINAAAAA!!!" There was no response. "Sniff... so... that means..." She looked around her. The bloodied corpses of Louise, Nana, Clover, Sachi, Rise, and now Yumina all littered the room. "I'm the only one left..." She sobbed.

    *Step...* *Step...* *Step...* Footsteps were slowly approaching Yuuna from behind.

    She wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to face the one who killed them all. AnYQroj.png (30×30) "You..." Her mind was filled with rage. A pair of enormous gauntlets formed around Yuuna. It was her Mankai form, blossoming her powers to their full potential.


    iKLaoan.jpg (736×414)
    AnYQroj.png (30×30)"YOU MONSTER!!!!" 

    The killer gave a dry, hollow laugh before giving Yuuna a cold, heartless stare. "Yes... A monster...That is indeed..."


    s9zwpXe.png (480×270)
    u2e0WyT.png (30×30)...what I AM!!!




    Madoka mustered up her courage, and then charged valiantly into the room.

    But it was too late.

    At the center of all the chaos was a berserk Yuuna, her fists pounding mercilessly onto a lifeless Inori. AnYQroj.png (30×30) "MONSTER...!!! MONSTER...!!! MOOOOONSTER!!!" 

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "Yuuna-chan, stop!!!" Madoka ran over to Yuuna and grabbed her shoulders. "It's over... you can stop now..."

    AnYQroj.png (30×30) "Madoka...chan....??? You're still... alive?" Yuuna gazed upon Inori's body. "What... What have I done...?" She began weeping.

    Madoka embraced the sobbing Yuuna. xNimSbA.png (30×30) "You had no choice... You did what you had to do."

    Yuuna began crying louder. Madoka hugged her harder in return, silently apologizing as she resigned herself to her fate.

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "...Just like I had no choice in what I'm going to do next-"

    AnYQroj.png (30×30) "!!!"

    Yuuna gave Madoka a hard shove, escaping from the latter's embrace. Madoka landed on the ground with a glorious light thud, revealing a peculiar pink arrow in her hand. It was obvious what her intent was.

    Yuuna was speechless. AnYQroj.png (30×30) "Madoka-chan... Not you too..." Tears were resurfacing in her eyes. Madoka was the most innocent, the most sweet of them all. How could she...? Yuuna couldn't understand it. Everybody had unresolved conflicts in their world, but to actually consider killing others just to return...?

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "I'm sorry, Yuuna-chan. I really am..." Madoka spawned a magical pink bow. "But I have to become the Best Pink. I have to return to my world. Homura-chan and the others are waiting for me."

    AnYQroj.png (30×30) Yuuna closed her eyes. "So that's how it's going to be, huh..." She opened her eyes, facing Madoka with the eyes of a hero. She readied her fists- "Well, at least now we'll get to see who's the better Magical Girl!!" -and began charging at the other Magical Girl.

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "..."

    Madoka knew this wouldn't be a fair fight. She took aim at the determined-looking Yuuna... and fired.


    zvh2NJ8.jpg (640×360)




    Madoka stood victorious over Yuuna. 

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "Mankai form. A phase where your Magical powers blossom to their full potential. But every flower that blooms must also wilt... If you hadn't faced Inori, you probably could've defeated me..." She grimaced. "I wish you did."

    "Well done. Simply well done!"

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "???" Madoka was startled at the sudden voice. She was the last of the Pink Maidens, so that voice could only belong to one person-

    "I am Zero. Congratulations on becoming the Best Pink."

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "Thanks..." Madoka analyzed Zero. She couldn't identify the figure thanks to the ominous black robe and gas mask, and Zero was likely using a voice scrambler.

    Suddenly Kyubey came running in.  D7e8TVR.png (30×30) "There you go, Zero! Madoka has become the sole survivor- the Best Pink! Surely you will allow her to return to her homeworld now?"

    Zero glanced at Kyubey, then gave a quick snap of the fingers.

    D7e8TVR.png (30×30) "!!!" Kyubey immediately was torn apart violently, atom by atom. Madoka could only spectate in absolute horror. xNimSbA.png (30×30) "K-K-kkKyu...bey...?"

    "Do not grieve. The Kyubey can replicate itself infinitely in its quest to prevent Entropy." Zero explained. "But never mind that. We have more important matters to attend to..." Zero turned to face Madoka, and took off the gas mask, grinning ever so maliciously at the crowned Best Pink.

    Madoka could not believe what she saw under the mask. 

    xNimSbA.png (30×30) "No... It can't be..."

    "YOU'RE ZERO?!!"




    /Madoka End/

    Chapter 5 - The Best Pink III




    There were only two Pink Maidens left.

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Don't play dumb! I know you're Zero!!!" Nana was chasing down 'Zero' with all of her might. "It should've been obvious from the very start!"

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "I'm telling you, I'm not Zero!!!" Louise was frantically trying to reason with Nana, but to no avail.

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Uh huh, sure, LOUISE THE ZERO!!" Nana scoffed. "It can't get anymore obvious than that!!"



    LRVbwnI.png (193×417) 

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "That's just a coincidence!!!"

    Louise could not believe her luck. Her failures as a Mage led to her being labeled Louise the Zero which then led her to being suspected for being this world's 'Zero'.

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Lies!!" Nana clenched her teeth. "Everyone... Everyone's gone because of you." A bright light began forming at the tip of the Devilukean Princess's tail. "I won't forgive you!" She charged at Louise.

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "Kh-!" Louise had no choice but to defend herself. She took out her wand. "Explosion!" 

    Nana easily dodged the epicenter of the explosion and lunged at Louise, elbowing her in the gut and sending her flying backwards. DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "GghhGH-" this isn't good... I don't have Saito here to protect me while I cast my Void Magic...!

    Nana started making her way to the collapsed Louise. 0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Why... why do all of this...?" The bright light on Nana's tail grew larger with each passing second. 

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "I'm.. telling.. you... I'm... not...Zero..." 

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "..." 

    Nana was unconvinced. It certainly did not help either that a very, very big explosion was what ended the lives of the other Pink Maidens after everyone gathered when Clover claimed to have 'found an exit', leaving only Louise and Nana the remaining survivors. It was only natural that Nana would thus claim Louise- a wielder of explosion magic- to be the mastermind.

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Tch. Stubborn until the very end, huh... Well, whatever."

    Nana leaped high into the air, taking aim with her tail...

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Sayonara."

    and fired a beautiful ray of light at the fallen Louise.




    The attack enveloped the room with dirt and debris, obscuring all vision.

    When it finally settled, a defeated Nana was collapsed on the ground, nearing death. 0MHO9e5.png (30×31) *Cough* "I see... so you used your World Door magic to... redirect my own attack to me..." she coughed up blood.

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "Nana... I'm sorry..."

    0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Don't be. I... I know you're not Zero. Besides, since it was just between us two... I thought it would be fun to finally settle... who was the Best Pink... once and for all..." Her voice became faint. "And it looks like... You're the better pink..."

    Louise broke down in tears. She hugged Nana. DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "I- I won't let Zero get away with this! I swear I will avenge you all!" 

    Nana used the last of her strength to force a smile and gave Louise a slight pat on the back. 0MHO9e5.png (30×31) "Yeah... You do that." Satisfied, she finally closed her eyes.

    "Marvelous. Simply MARVELOUS!" a cloaked mask figure stepped out of the shadows, giving Louise a slow applause.

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "!!!" Louise faced the enigmatic being.

    "So, you're the Best Pink this time around huh Louise? Jeez, it only took you like, what, 26 tries?! Pfffft"

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "You're...!!!"




    /Louise End/

    Chapter 6 - The Ultimate Pink


    (continued from Louise End)

    "So, you're the Best Pink this time around huh Louise? Jeez Luis, it only took you like, what, 26 tries?! Pfffft. Y'know, I can't believe you all fell for Clover's 'I found the exit!' herpa-derpa bomb trap for that many timelines!"

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "You're...!!!"

    She didn't even have time to exclaim the usual "You're Zero?! IT CAN'T BE!!! WHY?!@#". BS cliffhanger quotes before I so easily slit her throat. I've waited long enough. I've waited for each of the Nine Pink Maidens to become the Best Pink. All for this very moment.

    DtKQx8Y.png (30×30) "Gh...gkH!!!.." Louise collapsed, mortally wounded. "Wh....W-"

    "Why, you ask?" I scoffed, ready to begin my long awaited dark monologue. "Simple! Because I LOVE pink!" I roared. "Pink is the best color! Pink is master race! Pink is life! Pink is EVERYTHING!!" I flashed a sinister smile. "And now that I have finally killed all of the Best Pinks..." 

    I removed my mask in front of the dying Louise in one final act of mockery. Tears welled up in her eyes as she gazed upon me."Sorry. Guess I was the better pink, after all. The best of the best." I turned my back to her, walking away victorious.

    "The Ultimate Pink."

    ///True(?) End///

    Louise couldn't let it end there. As Zero walked away, with the last of her strength, she wrote a phrase because writing the killer's name straight up would be no fun: LITTLE GOB

    ///True End///

    This concludes the vol 1. Saga of Pink. If noone deduces the Ultimate Pink by 12:00AM PST next week (March 23rd), the culprit's identity will be revealed and the Danganronpa Steam Giveaway cancelled/no winner.

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    s6ZbHeh.png (30×30) "It would have to be Nana. She has motive! She is also an alien, and alien chicks are nuts"

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    "Littlebusters is a 4/10 VN, so the killer is Haruka."

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    "You are doing yourself a service if you listen to what I say. Louise is obviously the killer, having killed herself so it would look like she couldn't have been the killer so that she could get away with not being the killer."

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    "Mmmm... If you're using a Fuwanovel theme that doesn't have a white background, you probably saw it already... other than that, try highlighting the text below ///True(?) End///. Solve that, and you'll probably solve the mystery once and for all."

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    "Saw the True End, wtf is a Gob?!"

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    "Stop copying my games, I am entitled to be the only person doing giveaways, and no matter what idea you come up with, I will claim you copied me, because I am the originator of original."
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    "Umm... why bring me into this?"

    Chapter 7 - The Fuwans

    Louise couldn't let it end there. With the last of her strength, she soaked her finger with her own blood and began etching her last words onto the ground.

    "Hoh... is this your final act of defiance, my precious Louise?" I kneeled over beside her and read the phrase out loud. "LITTLE... GOB...? That's your dying message?"  Poor Louise. I was expecting something far more ominous, far more significant. Not that I knew what a 'Gob' was, anyway. Probably some alien cousin to Nana's pet Meda-Q. 

    I looked at Louise one last time. She wasn't breathing anymore... I ran my fingers through her hair affectionately. "Good bye, Louise."

    "Now then..."  I stood up. "It appears the Morphogenetic Field has been accessed... by them..." I put on my gas mask and took off into the shadows as I prepared to make my final stand as the Ultimate Pink.

    "The Fuwans."




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    The Nine Chosen Heroes have finally arrived!!! 

    Can you solve the mystery behind the Ultimate Pink before they do?


    Because I'll be busy for the rest of the week I'm cutting this short

    The mastermind, Ultimate Pink, is me Eclipsed

    Louise's dying message, LITTLE BOG unscrambles into BLOG TITLE


  8. It's the month of summer Comiket, so let's try to make it through piles of Doujins together. I consider Natsuyume Yawa the masterpiece and winner by default. I'm reviewing Salem no Majo-tachi , but I've yet to develop my opinion on it. 

    1. Boku to Kanojo to Kokoro no Kakera 僕と彼女とココロの欠片 [030808] Milky Kiss
    Father gets an urgent work appointment leaving main character in charge of his imouto and niece.
    He has a lover, but something misses in his heart. He starts to see strange dreams more and more frequent. As summer vacations draw close he hears in his dream "The day of the appointment is about to come ..."
    Development and characters are good enough, but story is basically one road scenario and player will is ignored. Lack of depiction is often encountered, and endings are quite disappointing, as for me.


    2. Love Split ~5 Banme no Kisetsu~ Love Split ~5番目の季節~ [030808] Rouge
    Main character has crush on two very different girls since school. Pass a psychology test and start your way to happy college life with one of them.
    Story itself is serious and last for a year with all the complimentary year holidays, but quite ero-centered.


    3. Salem no Majo-tachi セイレムの魔女たち [030808] Daiginjou
    Year 1699. A young priest, named Kevin, sailed to the peaceful town in the British colony in the New World. This town's name was Salem. He is yet to know all of the horrors of the Salem's witch-hunt.
    Game resembles Slave market the most, especially that additional chapter of Slave market that was added in remake version. Creators are virtually the same. There is more solid history foundation here and overall more interesting development, but you probably won't like this game unless you liked Slave market.


    4. Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers ギャラクシーエンジェル Moonlit Lovers [030822] Broccoli 1 2
    Moonlit Lovers, revolves around the battles with remnants of Eonia's forces led by General Rezum and later a mysterious woman named Nefyuuria who claimed to be a member of a race called the Val-Fasq. A new member of the Angel-tai, Karasuma Chitose, is also introduced.
    There are English reviews.


    5. Natsuyume Yawa 夏夢夜話 [030828] KID 1 2 3
    The story centers around a young boy by the name of Reiji Oumi. When his sister suddenly dies, Reiji, along with Kotori and Ryouko each withdraw, not wanting to accept the fact. Years have passed, and the three of them reunite back in their hometown and reminisce on the past events.
    There is an English review.


    6. Himawari no Natsu ~Boku ga Eranda Ashita~ ひまわりの夏 ~僕が選んだ明日~ [030829] Melonpan
    Main character confesses to his classmate Mayu, and they start dating.
    Three months later protagonist meets another girl Mayu who can't find her parents. For the time being hero shelters her at his place. As he starts to ask around, his girlfriend Mayu changes appearance somehow. What's the connection between these two Mayu girls?
    Raising SIM with horrible system and girl customization. Very poor work.


    7. Kattobi! 家飛-カットビ!- [030829] TerraLunar
    Main character leads a normal life until one day he gets confessed to by his greatest enemy - cousin Kotetsu. Is this a mockery? Then suddenly a big earthquake starts and house gets lifted in the air. And that's only the beginning of a joyful and absurd play that protagonist and his cheerful friends set up.
    It's difficult to evaluate the game ... because it's pretty much impossible to understand what's going on. Development is rapid, aggressive and totally beyond laws of logic. 


    8. Kitsune Iro no Komoriuta きつね色の子守唄 [030829] Actress
    Yushihiro is a university student. During his vacation, his old fashioned parents decide to send him to their home city in order to find a fiancee. 
    He goes to spend some days in the house of his mother's cousin in order to meet some girls to decide wich one will he marry. 
    Visiting an old xinto shrine of the city, he met Rie, a strange girl who is actually a childhood friend. And she wants to become his fiancee too, even thought she is not even human!
    Scenario is very short - it only lasts for 6 days. Each of five heroines has a big number of H events - from three to five. Very inarticulate game.


    9. Magistr Temple [030829] light
    Main character lives alone and leads a normal school life till he meets girl Haruka at the school gate.
    Suddenly Haruka becomes assaulted and insulted. A huge robot and glasses girl oppose Haruka and get defeated by her. Haruka turns out to be a magical girl who fights for justice, and she forces protagonist to cooperate. 
    The next day main character awakens and sees Haruka cooking in the kitchen in an apron. She has been kicked out of the house in order to start independent magician life. Protagonist's peaceful house suddenly gets crowded with a lot of girls - either relatives or acquaintances - and all of them decide to live here.
    There are 10 episodes - 7 for common route and the rest for individual heroine. True route opens up after all heroines are cleared. Scenario resembles TV show - it tries more just to entertain than to tell a story. It's that case when funny game is not necessarily interesting.


    10. Majokko a la Mode 魔女っ娘ア・ラ・モード [030829] F&C FC01
    In the Mint Kingdom, there's a magic school called "Twinkle Academy". There, an exam is held in the summer that the students take to test their magical abilities. However, this year the exam will be taken in pairs... and you need a partner! You need to pursue one of the six heroines so you can do the exam... and maybe something else!
    As F&C likes it, there are SIM elements in the form of repeating everyday activities to raise favorability. And it's all for the sake of picture - it's indeed of superb quality rivaling even modern visual novel graphics.


    11. Night Demon -Yume Oni- ナイトデーモン-夢鬼- [030829] Alice Soft
    One day, suddenly a phenomenon called "Tsuzuki" appeared all over the world.
    The phenomenon came without warning.
    It looked like a bridge of pastel light ran across the sky, with a mixture of pink, green and yellow.There seemed to be something lurking behind the bridge...
    After the first sudden appearance, "Tsuzuki" started to show up over the sky without any forewarning sign. And it could be anywhere in world, never stayed in the same place.
    At the same time, mysterious creatures started to show up. They had the same appearance as human, could talk and even had human emotion. However, they still apparently felt very different from human. Gradually, these creatures were called "Yumegami" and being feared by everyone.
    Amidst all this, the protagonist Shuka was working as a bartender at "69" (Six nine) bar...
    It's a regular visual novel without gameplay elements, but this time even Carnelian could not save the game alone. There is a lot of movement, so pace suffers. There is ridiculous number or ridiculous meaningless endings that have to be cleared in order to reach True route. Occult flavor legend that makes core of the work does not really impress. Individual heroines apart of main heroine are given really little time rendering all of them some side-characters. Without the charm of characters all the dialogues feel dry. Carnelian can't really do it all for you...


    12. Please teach! My Angel [030829] Petit Pajamas
    Main character witnesses an angel coming down from the sky in a nearby park. She turns out to be a new teacher appointed from the heavens in order to qualify for heavens teacher in future. She proposes to live with protagonist in order to prevent her identity leak. With such angel older sister and pretty and obedient imouto their crazy life begins.
    There are only two routes, but each lasts for 2 months, so volume is sufficient. H element is quite high and dark, but nothing extreme. Light enjoyable game, but not for those looking for a decent scenario.


    13. Shiki to Hitsuji to Warau Tsuki ~Cry for the Moon~ 屍姫と羊と嗤う月~cry for the moon~ [030829] BaseSon
    Atsushi is an ordinary high school student, spending his time with his friends and living peacefully. But triggered by meeting with four girls, his life starts to change gradually.... It is supposed to be a good change but a rape case happens at school, a classmate suddenly goes mad and a student dies mysteriously.... They are all led by a cursed stone....
    There are four heroines and routes differ from each other a lot - one may be funny and the other one absolutely depressing. Just as with One2 a great variety is presented, so everyone will find something to like and something to hate here.


    14. Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen 私立アキハバラ学園 [030829] Frontwing 1
    The player takes the role of Touma Souichirou, a high school student that transfers into an academy that his younger sister currently attends. Much to his surprise, this academy is actually located in Akihabara, and caters to every possible type of otaku around. Even the teachers themselves are some type of otaku (the principal dresses like a Noface, made famous in Miyazaki movies, while one of the teachers crossplays and talks like Lum from Urusei Yatsura). In a weird twist, our protagonist is a bit of a closet otaku and has a hard time fitting in at first, mostly due to his inability to open up about his tastes in anime and games. Thus, the story focuses on Souichirou's day-to-day life in AkiGaku, while learning about a variety of subjects, interacting with his fellow classmates, and also attempting to woo one of five available heroines.
    There is an English review.




    1. Chikansha Thomas 痴漢者トーマス [030801] Xuse 1
    Tohyama Masuo, who was called Thomas, was dull guy and out of work. When he was going to look for the job, he met Tachibana Ayane, a woman of his type, in a crowded train. Her refreshing smell made him so excited that he found himself touching her on her hip. This was the beginning of his pervert activities. With his technique, he gave sexual pleasure to women all over the place.


    2. Matsuyoigusa 待宵草 [030801] Patisserie
    The protagonist returns to home town after three years. He finds a strange "Red Rose" girl in the form of a girl when organizing the giant warehouse. The doll suddenly starts to move and invites to visit her in the middle of the night. When he comes at night, he is told that with doll's power protagonist can interfere in other girls' dreams. He starts spending nights doing mischief to girls, but one day he notices that girls have marks describing date and cause of death. If he investigates this mark, he may be able to save them...


    3. Parallel no Koibito パラレルの恋人 [030801] D-Power
    Main character is an ordinary student who gets an ability to move between the worlds one day. He finds a lover in both worlds. With frequent shifts between the worlds he starts to confuse the two realities and his role in each of it.


    4. Seireiko ~Mireille no Namida~ 精霊湖~ミレーユの泪~ [030801] Fukurou
    Main character majors in fantasy university at a university in France. His research brings him to a forest lake where he meets beautiful girl Mireille who visited him in his dreams. When he kissed the girl he had no idea he was kissing spirit of the lake. The fairies of the lake dragged him to the bottom of the lake to a new unexplored world.


    5. Tonari no Oyako Pudding となりの親子プリン [030807] Studio-74
    Main character returns to home town to find old acquaintances and love interests waiting for him all this time.


    6. Anagan Oyako 穴玩母娘 [030808] Merlot
    Main character's mother died as a result of traffic accident. But soon he gets to know that seven women of one powerful family are the ones to cause his mother's death. Protagonist takes the path of revenge.


    7. Shin Aniyome 真・兄嫁 [030808] Selen
    When I woke up, Miwa whom I was yearning for was smiling at me. However, Miwa was the wife of my brother, Tomoshi. That is to day, she was my sister-in-law.
    My name is Kagura Takashi. After my parents had died, my brother got into the fast track at a big trading company, and he’s been taking care of me. Thanks to him, I can go to school as other students do. However, I have an envy rather than gratitude for him. The figures, study, and sports, in all aspects, he is superior to me. The most painful thing is his wife, “Miwa”. She lived in another building of the same apartment complex, and she greeted me with a smile every morning. Although I loved her, he deprived me of Miwa.


    8. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Akiba Hen~ しょうじょのみちくさ~あきばへん~ [030809] Sage
    Akiba girls are horny and inventive in setting up erotic situations.


    9. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Comiket Hen~ しょうじょのみちくさ~コミケへん~ [030809] Sage
    Cute innocent young girls are lost in the maze of Comiket. How exactly will you help them?


    10. Tokidomi ~Rikashitsu de Mattete~ ときドミ〜理科室で待ってて〜 [030809] Mechanical Eden
    Main character has a crush with a boy. He enters the same high school and joins the same science lab to get closer. What kind of science will they develop? 
    Boys Love Doujin


    11. Apricot Tei Monogatari ~Egao o Wasureta Koneko~ アプリコット邸物語~笑顔を忘れた仔猫~ [030814] Lilith Soft
    The protagonist's grandfather leaves him to care a mansion where a certain maid serves...


    12. Lamb Lamb-ラム- [030815] Orbit-Cactus
    Sari is a notorious magic user who conducts forbidden experiments in the castle surrounded by deep forest. One day local lord, Mordi visits this castle with his daughter, Charlotte, who is of fairy tribe, but raised as own daughter. The reason for visit is to transform Charlotte into ultimate sex slave... 
    The training begins even though Charlotte resits it.


    13. Natsuiro Toiro -Yuuigi na Kyuuka no Sugoshikata- 夏色十色 有意義な休暇の過ごし方 [030815] Hanerom
    Sakurai Richi's parents have left on a trip overseas and won't be back 2 months. Along with picking up a "pink" cat, goofing around with friends from school and being nagged by his cool uncle, he spends his summer days in bliss....


    14. Perfect Hole パーフェクトホール [030816] Autobahn
    Certain special police department everyday work that's presented by two activities:
    - special interrogation of a captured student boy
    - lust patrol to gather the most semen


    15. Promised Land [030816] TEARS.
    Main character is an artificial creature who wakes up at a research facility. He has to live with four researchers during one week without knowing anything about himself. 
    Boys Love Doujin


    16. Tears -contact- [030816] Team D.T.R. 
    People talk to each other. If you look closely, they only only talking about themselves without trying to hear what the other person is saying. People get desperate to be heard. But sometimes people can understand the other person. Listen to us speak, we'll show you.
    Non-JP doujin


    17. Utakata うたかた [030816] TEARS.
    Main character loses his sibling and memory in an accident. He drives housekeepers crazy. But this 47th housekeeper is a man who is not afraid of difficulties.
    Boys Love Doujin


    18. Akuma-ouji Kisoukyoku 悪魔王子綺想曲 [030817] Black Joke Freak
    On the night of the Demon King's death, Prince Zale leaves the castle to the pure demon Belphegor, who has been designated as the Soul Contractor. As Soul Contractor, he needs to get his hands on a "White Soul" of a human, which must be sought out and brought back. Thus, Prince Zale and his Watch Servant Haruka set out on a journey to the human world to search for this person. But, he didn't know that the magic of true "love" would be so overwhelming...
    Boys Love Doujin


    19. Chou no Miru Yume 蝶の見る夢 [030817] Selenium
    Find the blue butterfly.... The lead character Hirano Kazuya meets a beautiful girl at a belvedere. In the big city Tokyo, his journey to find the True World has just begun.


    20. Fuyu wa Maboroshi no Kagami 冬は幻の鏡 [030817] Hanpamania-Soft 1
    The story is a paranormal mystery with lots of Watanabe brand humor thrown in.
    It starts out very strong but pretty quickly loses all sense of pacing and decides to do a bit of club SoL. You're then suddenly prompted to pick one of three protagonist.


    21. Grape Candy [030817] Tange Kentou Kurabu
    In order to protect his sister from witch's sacrifice, main character takes place of the sister and challenges the witch. However, he gets transformed in a half-human half-cat with very sensual body reacting to witch's punishment.
    Doujin nukige


    22. Kaiki Suru Seisou 回帰する星霜 [030817] Yokare to Omotte Yattanoni
    One Summer day I had a strange visitor. A girl who lost sight of her lover and a married woman waiting for the return of her husband. I listen to their love stories and notice that voices get broken. Hey, are you laughing right now? 


    23. Kaze to Hikari ga Anata ni Megumimasu Youni 風と光があなたに恵みますように [030817] nuko
    Main character returns home after a long time and is greeted by his two younger sisters. But he is interested in the myths of this place. The railway tracks that extend beyond terminal station, the village where population disappeared 80 years ago, the mourning spirit...


    24. Kinou no Yume o Yoru ni Kaeshi 昨日ノ夢ヲ夜ニ帰シ [030817] Ritz software
    Hiro is a grade school teacher and lover of Kurou, the son of a company president. One day, Kurou brings the news that to save his father's company, he has to break up with Hiro and agree to get married to a rival company's president's daughter. Hiro wishes him luck in his future marriage. It's been months later. Hiro thinks about Kurou sometimes but he has other people he can depend on.....
    Boys Love


    25. Knock Out -Taisengata Datsui Mahjong- Knock Out-対戦型脱衣麻雀- [030817] Splush Wave
    Train yourself by playing mahjong with teachers and move on to defeat girls in strip mahjong.
    Doujin Card Game


    26. Madogoshi no Heya 2 窓ごしの部屋2 [030817] Soft Circle Courreges
    The window of the next house is seen from protagonist's room. Girls live there, but they shut the curtains at every attempt of dialogue. One day main character receives a message from that room "Don't you want to come to my place?"
    Doujin Nukige


    27. Nestle Close [030817] Haikara Kissa
    Your parents pass away and you move in with older brother who is married and is a workaholic leaving you and your sister-in-law with a lot of time together. Eventually hormones win and you start having sex and soon it becomes cosplay time to increase the enjoyment.


    28. One ~Sekai de Tada Hitori Boku no Kimi wa Hitori Dake~ one ~世界でただひとり ぼくのきみはひとりだけ~ [030817] Ritz software
    Main character has a habit of oversleeping, so it's difficult for him to find a work for a long time. He is invited to work as a host. The problem is that there is no star host in the enterprise, and main character is pushed to take this position... 
    Doujin Boys Love


    29. Orange Marmalade [030817] Tange Kentou Kurabu
    Space Sheriff Leona avenges evil organization "Flumers" who destroyed her homeland star. After that days start to pass peacefully. One day she receives a request to find a disappeared girl. Mysterious videotape is sent to sheriff office where girl is insulted by a space monster. Leona takes her laser gun and gets back in action.


    30. Ore no Natsuyasumi 2 おれのなつやすみ2 [030817] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
    During your summer vacation your mother has asked that you take care of the two daughters of a friend Marina and Rie. She tells you they're 1st and 2nd grade students so you get very excited expecting two first and second grade high school girls.
    When you meet them at the station you discover that they are in fact 2 grade school girls!
    After their first day at your home Rie asks what a pussy is then asks you what sex is. She and her sister discovered your erotic manga. They now demand that you teach them about sex and how to feel good!
    How will your summer vacation end?


    31. Ore no Natsuyasumi Bangai Hen おれのなつやすみ番外編 [030817] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
    A year after the events in Oreno Natsuyasumi, the protagonist come back to his aunt house where are waiting his little cousins the 6th grade Arisu and the 3rd grade Karin
    Another hot summer is waiting


    32. puncTure [030817] Dopamine Software
    People enjoy eternal life and die only when they wish to. That changes with the birth of a girl that has a power to bring death to the loved ones. She is sealed in the ancient ruin because of her dangerous gift.
    Some time later a crazy nobleman finds her and orders main character to train her and nurture hate feelings in her instead of love.


    33. Shiokaze no Machi 潮風の街 [030817] studio WALK
    In the near future, a dispute erupts over underwater resources in the East China Sea. The protagonist, a fighter pilot, was traumatized in battle and sent back home. While working at his uncle's cafe, he gets to know three girls. However, these restful days will soon end, and the shadow of war will envelop them once more.


    34. sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Otanoshimi CD sol-fa-soft真夏のお楽しみCD [030817] Sol-fa-soft
    Sol-fa-soft Fan Disk is here.
    The contents are as follows:
    ■ Self-flipping
    This is an undressing memory card game.
    Please flip all cards within the time limit.
    ■ Abunai Kaisuiyoku
    Short story.
    The main character (♂) who came to the paternal countryside can play with Takatsuki Miho this year just like last year, but seems to be mischievous this year.
    ■ Ningyou no Yume to Mezame Demo
    New work announced, It features a young love story between Satomi Akira and Shigaraki Kasumi. You can play the prologue.
    ■ H na Oisha-san Demo
    The main character (♂), is a doctor who came to a school for medical examination. H scene which has nothing to do with the main story.
    ■ Nana Chan Smile
    It is a game (?) Playing withNana chan on the menu screen.
    As usual, she will go on going out naked as well.


    35. Sweet Apricot [030817] Sniff Dogs
    Six school girls doing naughty things secretly.


    36. Pretty Idol プリティアイドル [030821] ThunderSonia
    Main heroine is a former cabaret entertainer. She is invited to the best clubs, but she chooses to work at school. Why does she choose to work here?
    Doujin Otomege


    37. Angel Knight [030822] Ferret
    Kirk and Asel are childhood friends trying to become knights. Kirk has a natural healing ability that was a secret between the two of them, until he uses it during training and attracts attention from the knights right away. Naturally Asel becomes envious, but Kirk keeps deepening his relationships with the people around him, and gradually Asel's feelings are turning from friendship to something more.
    Boys Love


    38. Dakkan Kikou Luvnatier 奪還機構 ラヴネイティア [030822] Arkham Products
    Main character is a master of the coffee shop. But his true occupation is the leader of combat maid unit using nano-technology to transform and defeat evil. Two waitresses and childhood make the rest of the team.


    39. Ingoku Seijo Gakuen 淫獄聖女学園 [030822] Girl's Software
    Main character is a physician who is invited to head school's health department. He is unwilling to take the job, but when he sees that it's a missionary school for girls, a wide smile covers his face.


    40. Mahou Tenshi Misaki 魔法天使ミサキ [030822] Rasen
    There was a girl who fought despair of this world. At the moment when she tried to seal the seed of despair, she got a blow from the enemy. The seed and enemies pierced the night city. But the girl stood up to fight through pain and humiliation to stop despair. 


    41. Sweet Devil すい~とでびる [030823] Hanerom
    Mao-kun has become lost in the demon world. The ones who came to help me, as puzzled as I was, were none other than 2 demons! "Sweet Devil" is a shota dice adventure game.


    42. Hoshi no Oujo 星の王女 [030825] Mirai 1
    In the spring when the protagonist is 19 years old she passes her entrance exams and manages to start going to her favored university.
    Both her parents have to go overseas because of work, so she ends up living with just her older brother Kazuki.
    She spends her days happily being watched over by her older brother who thinks highly of his little sister.
    Than one day she receives terrible news, her parents have suddenly died in a tragic accident.
    Losing her precious parents the protagonist sinks into sadness.
    But she is supported by her older brother and her childhood friend Kouhei and becomes a little happier.
    But suddenly the strain of their parents deaths gets to her older brother and he suddenly collapses.
    The protagonist is at a loss, 
    "Please... Save my brother..."
    Her hearts prayer goes answered and her brother regains consciousness for a time.
    However, their house full of the memories of their parents is about to get seized by the Yakuza, and the protagonist gets involved in other various incidents.
    But she tries to live on strongly with various people supporting her.
    In the season of whirling cherry petals a sorrowful and heartrending but also beloved story is starting.


    43. Kuro no Toshokan 黒の図書館 [030828] Fortune♪
    Main character does not remember his identity. He is doing librarian job in some sort of library. There are few visitors, so he has a lot of time to read books. He has colleague girl who is good at making tea. Various girls with problems visit library in search of a way to treat their intimate problems. Protagonist helps them by using a special book that makes dreams come true. 


    44. Sagara-sanchi no Etsuraku Life ♪ 相楽さん家の悦楽ライフ♪ [030828] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6
    You are Yusuke, a Japanese youth about to enter college in Tokyo. When your father suggested that you live with the family of a friend of his while you attend school, you didn't really have an opinion one way or the other. Until, that is, you found out that the Sagara Family is comprised of nothing but women: four beautiful daughters and their sexy widowed mother!
    Of course you don't mind the prospect of living in a house full of beautiful women -- you are a man, after all. The trouble is, they're not used to having men around, so they don't know how to act around one. This will no doubt cause any number of interesting situations to pop up as you get used to living with these beautiful women. 


    45. Aishite Nightingale 愛してナイチンゲール [030829] Cherry Soft
    Main character gets his body replaced with his sister with the power of magical medicine. A large amount of "pure virgin libido power" is needed to return to the original state, as family doctor says.


    46. Ame ~The Rain~ 雨~The Rain~ [030829] Digi Anime
    Main character is at a loss under the rain when he meets a girl with a healing smile. She invites him to live at her place till it stops to rain, e.g. under the same roof with three cute girls. The weather forecast shows that it's going to rain for at least a week more.


    47. Chakku! Tsuiteru!! ちゃっく!ついてる!! [030829] LiLiM
    Youichi finds an abandoned loli in a cardboard box on the road and...
    Sound familiar? Maybe, but the male protagonist doesn't suspect he's merely the pawn in a mysterious conspiracy where NOTHING is what it seems.


    48. Fragrance ~Ryoujoku no Choukou~ フレグランス~凌辱の調香~ [030829] Serene
    Main character's sister-in-law has become a doll-like being after some event. Protagonist tries to investigate it and finds a note with three sister names on it. His revenge is going to be remorseless.


    49. Hisui no Hitomi 翡翠ノ眸 [030829] Alice Noir
    Thousands people get missing each year in Japan. 4% of them are those who devote their body and mind to Yema demon who returned to modern Japan as of late.
    Main character is an exorcist who banishes Yema back to nothingness. He is on his way to next Yema location when he receives a call asking for help to rescue girls trapped in a Western-style building together with demons.


    50. Lime Iro Jankitan ~Meiji Nippon, Otome Sakidumosu.~ らいむいろ雀奇譚 ~明治日本、乙女先ヅモス。~ [030829] Elf
    A mahjong-game side-story of the series.
    Fandisc card game


    51. Puni Fugo ぷに☆ふご~ [030829] Piichigumi
    Main character's parents go bankrupt leaving him a lot of debts. He decides to become a student of millionaire school and learn to gamble in order to cover his debts. Revenge for the enemy who pushed parents to such den of despair starts with a card game.
    Card game


    52. Punitsuma ~Oku-san wa Anatairo~ ぷにつま ~奥さんはあなた色~ [030829] Petit Pajamas
    Main character can not satisfy his newly wed wife. But when her sister comes by there's no problem with protagonist in bed. Sister-in-law taught him how to satisfy his wife, but the affair did not stop there...


    53. Ryoujoku Seifuku Jogakuen ~Chimitsu ni Nureta Seifuku~ 凌辱制服女学園~恥蜜に濡れた制服~ [030829] SQUEEZ
    Main character is art teacher in a girls academy. He develops pervert habits of voyeurism, intimidation and rape there...


    54. Take Off! ~Kore ga Bokura no Erabu Michi~ Take off!~これが僕らの選ぶ道~ [030829] B-wings
    School based yaoi game. Takes place over a full school term.
    Boys Love
  9. Kaguya
    Latest Entry

    By Kaguya,




    Welcome, fellow Fuwamembers, to the FuwaRecognition thread. Starting this March, we’ll be highlighting some of the best contributions made by our members each month. From snazzy blog articles to delicious forum threads, and perhaps even a few things more on the shitpost part of the spectrum, we'll keep an eye out for the cream of the crop. And then we'll gather them here. Just for you.


    *holds up giant APPLAUSE sign*

    Image result for applause sign anime


    A-hem, so this is the first time we're doing this and it might be a bit rough; next time will be at the end of March. Anyways; without further ado, let's get to our highlights. 


    By @Zakamutt.




    Our first highlight on threads comes from two Ask Me Anything topics posted in the span of this month: from our dear provisional Tay, @Kaguya, and from the anti-moege task force founder himself, the saltlord himself @VirginSmasher.


    It’s now Kags’ fifth year on these dear forums, and members of new ’n old had a lot of questions, climbing over to 50 comments, almost unheard of in this day and age of lacklustre forum interaction. Even after the glory days of lolis long passed, Kaguya still swears close to his heart how they indeed are the master-race that rule over this weeb-dom, mostly in nukige form. Charming.


    @VirginSmasher’s AMA, on the other hand, is mostly an appreciation of past glory and his good friends, met before he died out, but he also remembered some newer members who are already becoming an integral part of these forums of today. Quite a lot of internal banter and jokes flew here and there, but it is quite touching to see even older members returning from long breaks of apparent irremovable death.


    Image result for celebration anime gif


    As you might have seen, we have a new EVN on the horizon, or rather, KickStarter: One Last Crane, developed by @Blissful-Works This visual novel is being developed by an Indonesian team with some members over at Tokyo, Japan, and it has a an odd goal amount of 10,052 dollars, though this is due the publicization of the project being handled from Japan, which also makes the whole project page ask all money in yens. A risky play, let’s see if it pays out for them.

    The novel is planned on being released for four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian. Quite the amount for still quite a small goal, but we’ll have to see how it pans out in the end, at least they are in no shortage of ambition.

    While the art-style itself is quite generic, it does look modern and does its job as presentation well enough, not to mention that the KickStarter page itself is quite stylish, but only time will tell how it’ll go over. All we can do is wait.


    @EastCoastDrifter has done something unique on the forums that no one would even think of. He loves space, and he has extended his love to the members of the Fuwanovel community by creating a Fuwanovel Solar System. Using a program called Space Engine, Drifter has taken the liberty to name all planets in this system after very prominent Fuwamembers. It’s a great tribute to the community and you should really check it out. Furthermore, Drifter says he’s not done, and has plans to create more Fuwa solar systems to feature more members in the future. If you want a planet named after you, feel free to post in the linked thread or contact Drifter personally.


    By @Arcadeotic and @EastCoastDrifter.



    Hi I'm Zaka and I'm the only one that cares about blogs on the team. Maybe. I didn't actually ask the other guys. Shit. So uhh, here's my recs...


    @Clephas writes accessibly about (for the most part) untranslated Japanese visual novels. This time, we have some posts about the recently released third VN in the Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru series, of which the first actually has a translation by MangaGamer. Unfortunately, the second is where people think it actually got good. We start with a more general note on the series, then move on to a review of Otoboku 3 itself.


    While Clephas has been writing for quite a while, @MaggieROBOT is a bit newer to the scene. She focuses on Otome and BL VNs, and for this post we'd like to show you her post on an upcoming BL visual novel (fresh from the pot, baby. That thing is probably the first blog post to come right after this one. Oh yeah. That's how we roll. - Kaguya) as well as her review of the robot-romance Otome VN Sakuya. Go ahead and look for her post complaining about a trap in a moege not having a route if you like things on the more humorous side of the spectrum :P


    Just For Fun!


    During the process of writing this post.




    Well you know I’m all about that nepotism baby. That's right, this is just for you. Rising 1.8% female readership (thanks Maggie) local GM and blog post connoisseur Kaguya here. To close the blog review section up, we’ll be highlighting the post where I wonderfully delve into the mind of writer Setoguchi Ren’ya, explaining his past and his involvements with the little-known work The Shawshank Redemption as well as how that work affected the VN industry, finishing things with a bang as I explain his history and the hidden messages within Swan Song.

    And finishing things off in a suitable grand scale, much like a writer who traps himself into writing continuously larger powerlevels until his shounen manga gets to a point where it doesn't even resemble the original, we will be looking at two posts made by Fuwanovel's current closest figure to Jesus, @Kiriririri (Who unlike our creator, did revive. How about that?)

    He died for our sins as he bravely made two deep posts about the current state of the VN community that were completely hidden by the evil staff... Until now. Gaze upon them and marvel, this is the true work of a genius!!


    February is over. We bled. We sweat. Friendships were broken and renewed, and old members revived from their graves and mingled with the new pringles to take us where we are now. And the community persists, as glorious as ever. 

    March is here. And in this rewind, I declare FebruaryFuwa absolutely Fabulous! 

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    Recent Entries

    In the Fallout 4 thread here, I was seemingly cynical on the game for no reason. I have reasons, I just didn't post them. So to not be that bitter pointlessly cynical guy, I'll talk about why I'm still not very excited for FO4. I'll start by talking about Bethesda's older games, because a lot of posters here weren't around for them, and I'll establish the trends that make me skeptical of more Bethesda-produced open-world RPGs. Bethesda started the Elder Scrolls series as just some self-insertion sandbox for their in-office D&D campaign. This is fine, Arena was a charming game in its own right. But it had nary an ounce of narrative to it, which was normal for anything other than adventure games at the time. The world was threatened and you were given a vague directive at the start, you went from dungeon samey dungeon, and eventually found the bad guy, killed him, and won the game. With Daggerfall, you had a bit more introductory story. The world was in trouble and only you can save it. You had to accomplish several tasks before confronting the big bad. Every once in a while you met with an NPC who had small amounts of exposition. There were more side-quests strewn about with some pretty basic objectives, mostly without any story behind them. The game was procedurally generated (not on the fly) so that's to be expected. There were also books around that explained the world a little, it was pretty interesting. You went from dungeon to samey dungeon, killed the bad guy, won the game. By this point, people started expecting more from not just RPGs, but from games in general. Narratives were becoming a big thing, Bioware and Black Isle started doing their things with storytelling in RPGs, and Metal Gear Solid in action games. Bethesda felt like they had to adapt, they had to tell cool stories with strong narratives in their games, too!

    Morrowind was actually a pretty dang good first attempt at this. The world building was surprisingly strong, the setting was unique and interesting. It held inspiration from Heart of Darkness, which was fairly bold for a fantasy RPG. There was a complex political climate with clashes between colonizers and the colonized, on top of this world-threatening event that's going down. You met many of the people deeply involved with the sticky situation the island finds itself in, including the local god-king Vivec who is holding the island hostage by artificially suspending a giant meteor above it (including preserving its inertia) and claiming that if followers stop worshipping him, the meteor will crash and kill everyone. Welp. There's lots of cool stuff like this strewn about. But here's the thing, it's all relating to the setting and the backstory. Anything beyond that is pretty threadbare. Your mission was to find the savior the dark elf prophecies speak of so this person can save the world from some looming evil. You go from dungeon to samey dungeon, and BIG TWIST: you were the savior the whole time! You save the world, game over. You saw a lot of cool stuff along the way, but it felt more like a sightseeing tour than a proper narrative. You were an agent following the whims of others the whole time, too. You get the sense that no one at Bethesda had any experience writing these kinds of stories. But the world-building was so cool that you wanted to keep exploring for hours on end, seeing the unique sights of Morrowind and getting involved in their conflicts. The main quest kind of sucked, but the side quests were a lot of fun. They themselves didn't have particularly strong stories and were mainly filled with one-dimensional characters who just wanted a task done, but there was some real neat stuff thrown in there, like the last dwarf alive, in some plague colony, with his lower body replaced by mechanical spider legs. Cool! It was also the first TES game with an extensive mod community.


    (Morrowind was full of bizarre flora, fauna, and architecture)

    Oblivion was a disaster in a lot of ways. The industry was firmly planting itself in support of strong narratives in not just certain kinds of games, but ALL games, now. While Half Life did a lot for storytelling in shooters at the time, it was nothing in comparison to Max Payne, an intense third-person shooter with a lengthy, twisting plot and plenty of dialog. There was Warcraft 3, a real-time strategy with an epic fantasy story attached (the previous WC games had stories that were more window-dressing than anything). If your game didn't tell a long, complex story, it was junk. It didn't matter what kind of game it was. Even Rockstar got in on the trend with their nonsensical murder simulators, Vice City and especially San Andreas. Bethesda could not afford to release an open world RPG without an absolutely epic story. But here's the thing, they SUCK at at storytelling! They're good at writing backstory, at worldbuilding. Every other facet of their writing is terrible. But gosh darn if they weren't going to try. They splurged on several very expensive voice actors to deliver their surely incredible dialog, then only had a handful of VAs rest for the rest of their hundreds of characters. Oops. The dialog in the main questline was as generic as possible. There were no truly interesting hooks to it, the player didn't have to make any difficult decisions, and the characters were as flat as cardboard. You were tasked to find the savior, did so by going from dungeon to samey dungeon, doing a LOT of busywork in closing those damn oblivion gates, and BIG TWIST: there is no twist! You find the savior and he defeats the final boss, saving the world for you. You weren't even the main hero! Bethesda's one saving grace, their world-building, failed them here. Cyrodiil was originally written as a dense jungle with interesting, dynamic cultures, but was retconned because they deemed verdant plains and deer-filled forests to have more mass appeal in the US and Europe. They spent a lot of money developing a complex AI system where every NPC would have needs and wants, and would seek out their own methods to fulfill them, and then disabled it because it didn't work at all. One thing Bethesda did do is up their game on the side quests. A lot of them were generic, but there were these main guilds in the game, and each one had their own storyline, and some got reasonably involved. They were mostly kind of middling, but the star of the show was the Dark Brotherhood questline, where you join a guild of assassins. There were twists and turns to its story, shady characters with grey-area motives, many assassination contracts had complex setups, and there were multiple endings to the quest line. It felt like its own game. Looking back on it, it's really nothing special, but it was like a small pond in the middle of a scorching desert, an oasis players took solace in and gathered around as a shining example of how to do questing in an open world game. One man wrote and designed all of these quests, Emil Pagliarulo, and his work stood out so much from the rest of Bethesda's offering, they handed him the reigns to all of Fallout 3.

    Fallout 3 was a cool game, although it didn't feel very much like a real Fallout game. I'm not talking about the shift in perspective and gameplay, but the shift in tone, storytelling style, and world design. And you know what? Bethesda's writing still sucked. It became clear that Emil Pagliarulo is not an especially skilled writer. When taken out of the sea of shit the rest of Oblivion was, Emil's quest design and writing was shown to be fairly amateurish and not actually all that interesting. The story still felt uninspired. It was a personal story to find your father (and maybe save the world in the process), but therein laid the problem. The player character was still nameless, mute, and devoid of personality. Can you really tell a personal story involving family with that kind of setup? Well, you can, but you can't get anyone to care. And while the world design was reasonably interesting in its own right, with plenty of unique sights to see, the setting overall was a total failure. It was meant to be 100 years after the apocalypse, but it felt like it was just one year, with no organization, barely anything in the way of factions (other than two shadowy organizations), and people still scrambling and scavenging to survive. I still had more fun with it than I did with Oblivion, but it felt so lacking in so many areas. A couple years later, New Vegas came out developed by a different studio, one staffed by members with experience developing previous Fallout games, Obsidian Entertainment. And it totally clowned Bethesda and their attempt at a Fallout game. It had its own set of downsides, but gosh was New Vegas fun. Many characters individually had more depth to them than the combined depth of all of FO3's characters combined. The quests had a wealth of options, diverging branches, and alternate outcomes. The dialog was often witty and compelling to listen to. The world truly felt like how a post-apocalyptic world should feel like, with budding governments, organized banditry, and more overt faction wars competing for territory with the citizenry caught in the middle. They even managed to make the story feel personal despite your character being a no-name cipher. Many of the dungeons felt more unique. There was more loot with a crafting system. The combat, armor, and weapon systems felt more balanced and more fun. The one point I will concede is that aimlessly exploring the wasteland felt a bit more frustrating and less rewarding.


    (an example of the branching structure of one side quest in New Vegas)

    Would Bethesda learn from their mistakes in Oblivion and Fallout 3, and Obsidian's triumphs in New Vegas? Yes and no. Skyrim was fun. Bethesda's world-building strength has returned to them Skyrim was gorgeous, varied, and a joy to explore. They incentivized exploration in some really smart ways. Character leveling didn't feel so broken. The story, though, was still a problem. Bethesda is still shit at writing. You are the chosen one, overcome these trials, delve through dungeon through samey dungeon, kill a dragon or two, and save the world! It was still stock fantasy fair, without a hint of depth or creativity. That's okay though, because exploring the world is fun. What about the questing in the rest of the world? Well, the faction quests felt like stepped-up versions of Oblivion's faction quests. They had a bit more dialog, a bit more story to them, but most of them were still kind of mediocre. The characters were still largely one dimensional. Most of them did allow you to make a decision or two, which could affect the outcome in some inconsequential manner. The stand-out side-plot in this game was the civil war. It created an interesting political climate, but how much did it really impact the world? You could side with one faction or the other, and each had their own quest line. The faction I sided with lead up to a cool battle where we laid siege to a major city, and assaulted it. There were missions that lead up to it that determined the effectiveness of the soldiers, siege weapons, etc. When you finally got into the battle, and catapults were going off, spells were firing, and soldiers were charging the gates, it was so cool! Then the scripting broke at multiple points, requiring reloads. Well, it's an Elder Scrolls game. Then you won the battle, some buildings were smoldering a little, and a different man sat on the throne. That was it. You could go into towns occupied by the opposing faction and no one would bat an eye at you. It felt like the battle had no impact whatsoever. It was all a bit underwhelming. Bethesda repeatedly teases the players in their games, make grand promises, and fail to deliver time and time again.

    I'm kind of getting sick of being disappointed. I'm getting sick of being a no-personality mute who is little more than an errand boy. I'm sick of the samey dungeons in every single game. I'm sick of the quest design that feels like you're going down a straight predetermined line instead of doing things your way. I'm sick of the shoddy writing, the shallow characters with crystal clear motivations, the stale and generic dialog, and the simple boilerplate storylines. Yes, Bethesda makes some great worlds to explore, but you know, I've played every single Bethesda game. I've played plenty of other compelling open world games. I've kind of had my fill. I watch the Fallout 4 trailer and am filled with apathy. I'm not saying Bethesda should ditch the open world, not at all, but I need something more. I'm looking forward to E3 this year. I'm a long-time fan of Bethesda's games, and I desperately want them to prove me wrong. But I won't hold my breath for it.


    On a side-note, The Witcher 3 has been giving me that something more. Its characters are all fascinating, even the minor ones. The story is a compelling search for your adopted daughter in trouble. The quests are sprawling with many avenues of approach and outcomes, even the side quests. The writing is entertaining and never fails to capture your attention. You are prompted with so many decisions on such a constant basis, all of which have some impact on the world big or small, that it no longer feels like you're playing a god controlling the fates of these characters, but you ARE Geralt of Rivia, in the world, making these decisions. It's an incredibly immersive experience. You end up never wanting to reload and take back your decisions, because they become so personal. And the open world is not sacrificed even a little in the face of this narrative experience, with a huge world to explore with an enormous amount of things to discover. The Witcher 3 allows us to have our cake and eat it, too. What is a Bethesda game in the face of this?


    (as I write this, I'm itching to jump back into The Witcher 3)

  10. Nosebleed guided whore by his hand. It was dark; they were walking among some trees.

    "Are you alright?" , Nosebleed turned his head back, slowly, trying to see whore's face through the darkness. Whore nodded.

    They reached a glade. The moon allowed them to see each other's faces. Nosebleed had a different wig: still Nico's black hair, but he wasn't using twintails. Princess whore had a passionate, yet afraid, gleam in her eyes.

    Whore got near the river flowing down there. She saw her reflection. She trembled.

    "Are you feeling cold?", asked Nosebleed. He came behind her, with his right hand on her shoulder, and the other hand holding a bottle. Looking at his reflection on the water, whore blushed. "I brought hot chocolate with me." he continued.

    "...?" Whore turned back, staring at the bottle and then, at his eyes. She smiled, accepting the offer. "Thank you."

    As whore opened the bottle, Nosebleed lost his balance.

    "Ah..." He fell on the top of her. "Oops." The hot chocolate was all spilled on their faces.

    "It's hot! Hot!" Whore screamed.

    "I-I'm sorry!", Nosebleed also felt the heat. He tried to hide his embarrassment, as he tried to find a way to clean her face. But then, he felt something soft on his chin running through his cheeks, until his forehead. He widened his eyes, surprised. Whore smiled at him happily, holding his chin, and then licking his lips.

    "It has... Good taste... Very... Good taste.", she said, blushing. :kosame:

    "The chocolate? Or my...?"


    "Can I... taste it too?"

    Whore nodded in agreement. Nosebleed licked the princess' cheeks, smoothly, feeling every single flavor there was to be felt. She asked him with her eyes: "Did it taste good?"

    "Amazing." Both of them smiled. They advanced on each other, Nosebleed pushing the princess on the ground. They didn't even feel pain anymore, instead of it, they licked each other as fast as they could, so the chocolate wouldn't freeze.

    Their faces were finally clean.

    "Guess it's time to sleep, nyan~", said the princess. "Can I... Sleep on the top of you?"

    "Uh? Why?"

    "I want to hear your heartbeats. It will give me good dreams."

    "Princess... You do know... What we have won't last long, don't you?"

    "Hm." , she nodded. "That's why I want..." , whore comfortably set herself on the top of Nosebleed, with her ear on his heart. "... To enjoy every single moment of it."

    Next morning, Nosebleed was lazily still sleeping, while whore had already waken up. She looked at Nosebleed's cute face, passing her hands through his dark Nico wig.

    "Nico Nico nii." , she tried to imitate him.

    And then, there was another voice.

    "Who's there?" It was a male voice. Whore got scared. Some people knew her identity before she became a troll. What to do? What to do? Before she could think of anything, two soldiers came out of some trees.

    "Oh." one of them blushed. "Sorry to interrupt your moment, ojou-sama!"

    "Cute girls? Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. The black-haired maiden is cosplaying my waifu..." the other screamed, excited.

    "Hm. ~" Whore's fears seemed to be unreasonable. "There's no problem. Now please we need to rest alone..."

    They were already leaving, however, another soldier came up. A general.

    "Guys, what you're... Uh?" His eyes met whore's. He identified her the moment he saw her. "You!"

    "Master, what's the problem?"

    "That girl is the one who was transformed into the troll! She's whore! She's a criminal!"

    Whore shook desperately.

    "Sir, you must be mistaken." a soldier replied.

    "I am not! How dare you?!"

    While they were arguing, Nosebleed woke up. "Uh... What's happening here?"

    "Nosebleed!" the general recognized him. "What are you doing with this criminal?!"

    "General Eclipsy! I... " he looked at whore, shaking of fear. "I don't know what this person is doing here." He sighed.

    "What?!", whore was wordless. She was taken by her arm by Eclipsy.

    "Come on, whore! I will take you to your place."

    "Where are you taking her?" asked Nosebleed.

    "She is going to be executed."

    "What?! No... I forbid you! Don't do that."

    "Free me!", whore screamed.

    "She is going to jail first. The execution will just happen tomorrow. Talk with the nobles first, then." The general and his men went away, leaving Nosebleed alone.

    "Oh God, what have I done?" Everything was fine. He was so happy. She was happy. But everything was messed up now. And even if he annulled her sentence, she perhaps would never forgive him. :cry:

    "I don't understand. Are you asking us to free her?", prince Marie asked. "Also, nice dress, Nosebleed."

    "Thank you. I mean, she's done nothing wrong , so I don't think she should be..."

    "Nothing wrong?!" General Usagi exclaimed. "Did you forget that she invaded our country, disrespected our laws, used a false identity, offended the majors, and above all things, claimed YOU were a loli kidnapper?"

    "I didn't but..."

    "Have you weakened yourself, Nosebleed?" Marie instigated him. "I remember the times you punished every single traitor with your own sword! But now, just look at you, is that related to the beauty of that whore?"

    "No, not at all. I'm not biased."

    "Well then, give that whore the right prize, so that she will never appear here again!"

    "Right... I'll... Do that..."

    Midnight. Steps echoed in a dark corridor. Whore couldn't sleep: the hour of the execution was approaching. Someone opened the door of the end of the corridor. The person came closer and closer, until whore could see his face. She looked the other way.

    "Princess..." Nosebleed wore a hopeless expression.

    "I don't... Want to talk to you."

    "I'm truly sorry."

    Whore turned to face him. Her green eyes were illuminated by the stars, out of the window.

    "Traitor." She slapped him in the face. Nosebleed couldn't look at her directly.

    "You said you loved me!", she screamed at him, ferociously. "And then you let me in this jail, waiting for my death! Is that what you call love?! You lied to protect yourself! You didn't care about me! I know I did bad things, but..." she pulled Nosebleed by his dress, sealing his lips with an intense, but bitter kiss. "I... Don't want to die." Tears started pouring from her eyes. "Please... Save me."

    Nosebleed felt an intense pain in his heart. He left the jail, running, breathlessly. He sang a song, then. A song that would survive centuries after his death.

    "By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes,

    Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond,

    Where me and my true love were ever wont to gae,

    In the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

    O ye'll take the high road, and I'll take the low road,

    And I'll be in Scotland afore ye,

    Where me and my true love will never meet again,

    On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond."

    A tear came down from Nosebleed's eyes.

    To be continued...

  11. Welcome to the second and final part of EVN Chronicles’ NaNoRenO 2019 coverage (if you missed the first part, you can find it here), where I’m going through my highly subjective picks from this year’s submissions to the biggest annual visual novel game jam. While I don’t think any of the games listed this time could seriously threaten the position of Mnemonic Devices as my personal “winner” of the event, there are at least two worth giving closer attention to – Monochrome Blues, which is another excellent story tackling the topics of grief and depression (even though it adds a much more questionable sci-fi subplot to the mix) and Cooked With Love, which stood out with excellent sense of humour and compelling mix of comedy and smart SoL content. Of course, every VN featured here gets my genuine recommendation and I think they’re all worth the humble amounts of time they require to fully read through – especially considering that, once more, they’re all absolutely free and clicking the titles on the list will lead you straight to DRM-free downloads on itch.io. So, let’s find out what else NaNoRenO participants have prepared for us!




    OS-simulation games, where you interact with a story through an imitation of a computer interface, have a pretty rich history in NaNoRenO, with Christine Love’s Digital: A Love Story being probably the best-known example. While RE:BURN is not the most innovative or intricate iteration of this formula, it tells an intriguing, short story using UI of an e-mail client and an online communicator, and the mechanics of deleting or replying to messages instead of typical dialogue choices. The protagonist, a female student who took up a job as an editor in her college’s scientific journal, is tasked with clearing out old emails from the paper's official account. As the messages slowly synchronise, she starts uncovering more and more strange correspondence and even starts receiving popup messages from someone claiming to be her predecessor at the editorial job, giving her borderline-incomprehensible warnings – and whether she listens to them might have some serious and unpredictable consequences.

                    RE:BURN’s intrigue is not particularly deep or memorable, but where the game truly shines is in its inclusion of various writing styles, unique to every character in the story and creating a sense of danger and urgency despite the rather static manner in which you interact with it. I would love to see more interactivity or some Easter eggs hidden within its Windows-like interface, but even as it is now, it’s definitely worth your attention for its brief, 30-40 minute runtime.

    Rating: Recommended

    Monochrome Blues


    While at first Monochrome Blues looks like a simple story about artist’s block and finding inspiration, it features many twists and surprising elements that leads it into a direction that is pretty much impossible to fully anticipate. Although I have some issues with how the plot developed later on, the overall experience of playing through it and reaching the true ending was excellent, espetially due to its more down-to-Earth and emotional story elements. Maja, the burned-out storybook author starting a new job in a preschool after months of deep depression is interesting and likeable, while the descriptions of her grief, lack of inspiration and struggle with simply keeping up with everyday life are believable and compelling. The five four children she takes care of are similarly charismatic, with their drawing sessions and conversations with Maja being among the clear highlights of the game. With a pleasant artstyle and overall solid writing, it’s a small treat that everyone should seriously enjoy… At least if you can forgive some over-the-top twists, that will seriously challenge your suspension of disbelief.

    Rating: Highly Recommended

    Cooked with Love


    Cooked with Love is a somewhat ironic VN about a messy college student (you can choose their gender and name) trying to prepare an ad-hoc dinner for their crush, after their wallet, along with the money for their date, mysteriously vanishes. The first part of the game consists mostly of a mini-game, where the protagonist tries to combine the underwhelming selection of ingredients they were able to find in their house (which they share with two other students), without a real clue what they’re doing, as they have no experience in cooking whatsoever. Then, they have to decide whether to go on with the date, or rather cancel it altogether and share the miserable results of their work with their roommate, Brooks. This creates two brief routes, with multiple possible outcomes depending on your “cooking” and dialogue options you choose.

                    While relatively short and simple, the game charms with its humour and witty dialogue – the overall silliness of the story is coupled with characters that are exaggerated, but ultimately likeable and relatable in some ways, to a rather compelling effect. I've had quite a lot of fun exploring different, desperate "dishes" you can prepare with ingredients such as old instant noodles and an egg salad stolen from your roommate, and the dialogue they provoke after being presented to protagonist's date. The "right" dish & dialogue combination that will lead you to optimal results are sometimes quite hard to find, but it only takes a bit of patience to crack the "puzzle" by trial and error. The visuals are stylish, making for a really nice overall package – definitely one of the best games in the event and one you shouldn't miss out on.

    Rating: Highly Recommended

    Robot Daycare


    Robot Daycare is a short (about 1,5h of reading) story primarily about friendship and dealing with loss, but adds a very interesting twist in form of an AI observing the three main characters’ crumbling relationship and learning either the best or the worst of human nature, depending on player’s choices. The AI – a robot created as a college project by the said group of friends shortly after their roommate committed suicide, might witness them either coming to terms with the tragedy they went through and reconcile after a period of denial and shifting blame, or tear each other apart with accusations and hateful outbursts. The former scenario will lead you to a heartwarming and SoL-focus good route, while the latter will quickly devolve into a full-on horror story.

                    This seamless fusion of genres is Robot Daycare’s most unusual feature and one of the main things that make it worthwhile, but the general quality of the writing and the game’s visual aesthetic are not bad either (although the art is simple and somewhat cartoonish, and the default resolution of the game is quite low, making it run in a rather tiny window). While I didn’t enjoy some of the overly-optimistic developments in the good route, the drama the game portrayed and its both positive and negative consequences were quite compelling to read through. The same can be said about an AI trying to comprehend human emotion and going haywire is a few different ways because of that – this might not be the best implementation of that idea that I’ve seen, but still one definitely worth experiencing.

    Rating: Recommended

    A Hero and a Garden


    Npckc is an author that uses simple art and stories to tackle the issues of otherness, prejudice and discrimination. A Hero and a Garden is one of the larger and more interesting attempts on their part, subverting the traditional trope of a knight rescuing a  kidnapped princess from an evil witch. Our protagonist, who tried to be a hero like the ones from the medieval epics, ends up in humiliating captivity, cursed by the witch to help restore the monster village he destroyed during his misguided rescue attempt. While he tends to magic plants growing incredibly potent “berries” (this introduces a simple, clicker gameplay mechanic), he interacts with inhabitants of the village, the princess and eventually the witch herself, learning that nothing is as simple as he thought (while we learn the surprising nuances and tragic elements of his own backstory).

                    While the message of tolerance is just as present here as in other npckc’s games, A Hero and a Garden makes an especially interesting commentary on how social expectations and roles we are assigned to by others shapes our lives and perspectives. Its simplicity makes it the kind of game I would love to see presented to children and talked about in classes, but even for an adult reader it’s a nice, casual experience, with enough thought-provoking and creative elements to be worth investing an hour or so into.

    Rating: Recommended


    And this concludes my NaNoRenO posts for this year. Last time, due to RL issues, I didn’t get to cover the event at all and it was a really fun experience to go through all those wildly different, creative games that often stay heavily underappreciated just because of how crowded and relatively niche the jam is. I hope my highlights convinced at least some of you to give these VNs a chance. I’d also like to give shout out to two games that narrowly didn’t make it to the list: Mikomi Kisomi’s Alice in Stardom, which offers a fun, but slightly shallow story about chasing your dreams against all odds and HitOrMissy’s Fetch Quest, which won me over with its humour and fun approach to “fantasy” storytelling, but disappointed with its lack of sound and music.

                    So, thank you all for going with me on the journey through this year’s NaNoRenO VNs! I hope I’ll be able to repeat this after the next edition of the jam and be sure to look out for my Yuri Game Jam summary later this year – that event is something I’ll never skip on, as long as my blog is active. Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. Gathering MOE has been a bit slow, not as many intro threads, but I persevere for the sake of MOE!































  13. blog-0733403001439601224.pngI forgot that I was doing weekly updates on my covers here. Whoops. Oh well, I've posted a lot since last time, so I'll just do a quick update on some of the better ones.

    Cruel Angel's Thesis:

    God Knows:

    Little Busters (The Remake):

    Still Alive:

    Want You Gone:

    Yuuyake no Marginal:

    Anyways, I don't think I'll continue with weekly updates unless people specifically say they want them, in which case I can easily make it happen. Otherwise I'll just do periodic bulk updates like this one.

    ...Unless I do another original song like Gentle Jena, in which case it'll get a separate post.

  14. 2JS5rt2.jpg

    Another quick project plug: Luna Translations just released their v1.0 English patch for the Majo Koi Nikki (a.k.a. Witch's Love Diary) demo. And guess what? You should totally go get it. I've been helping out with their proofreading, and I can tell you they've done a bang-up job so far.

    Best part? It's super easy to obtain. Qoobrand offers the trial, which covers the game's prologue, as a free download on their site. (You'll want to grab the first one, not Trial 2.) Just download it, patch it up, and Robert's your mother's brother. Just so you know, he gets a little grabby after two or three scotches.

    It should also be said that Qoobrand jammed a bunch of H-scenes into the early hours of MajoKoi. Consider that fair warning... or the clang of a dinner bell, if you're hungry for that sort of thing. Unlike a lot of VNs, however, those sections are there for a reason.* MajoKoi is set up as an intricate puzzle, and the oddly early placement of the H is all part of the larger mystery.

    So go on — pull up a chair, order yourself a Dragon Burger (medium rare), and settle in for a small taste of what Majo Koi Nikki has to offer.

    Trial download: http://qoo.amuse-c.jp/01_mazyokoi/download.html
    English patch download: https://lunatranslationstestsite.wordpress.com/downloads/

    * Not a good reason. But a better reason than most, at least.

  15. Arcadeotic
    Latest Entry



    Well, I guess it’s time to show something.

    Don’t worry, dearest follower of this site, I’m not dead, I’ve just been incredibly busy. I’ve had exams left and right, and thus, I’ve felt a little demotivated. But, I’ve never given up on this project, there’s no way I can. I mean, it’s been over a year since I started this “passion project”, and I still intend to finish it with all of my power.

    I won’t give up, there’s no way I’ll allow myself that. This project is important to me, way more than you think. And yes, for a while, I’ve been incredibly dead, I’ve still answered every question coming my way on Twitter, and I’m still active as ever on my Discord server. There’s no need to worry, Biman -1- will see the light of day.

    As for a “beta” patch some people have been asking, I will be looking for two beta-testers after proofreading is done, and after the testing, I will ship the translation out to the masses, and then focus on Biman -2.5- that I’ve neglected, and then onto bigger things.

    I’ve been pretty horrible with my way of keeping all of you above water, but all I can do at this point is to ask for all of you to wait patiently and to have faith in me.



    Well then, this’ll be another sporadic update that won’t become the norm for a while, but the next planned update is the recruitment of those before mentioned beta-testers.

    Until then, everyone!

  16. Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete


    Current Situation:

    We are trying to get this game translated, and had a somewhat functioning team back in December, where we had enough people to make decent progress. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm the only translator left and the group, out of the two members we're left with, and am quite busy for the year, so I'm going really slow with the translations.

    What's been done?

    Most of the TL progress has gone to Airi, with the other routes having practically no progress. Minimal editing has been done, but is not recorded.


    • Kaori 556/8159 6.81%
    • Airi 4837/7236 65.6%
    • Nagisa 0/7356 0%
    • Yui 120/8334 1.44%
    • Others 0/3839 0%

    Total Progress: 4282/35056 (15.7%)

    What we need:

    In order of decreasing importance,

    1. Translators
    2. Editors
    3. Translation checkers


    I'd be happy with even one new translator, because it will mean that the project would not be stagnating as much as it is now. What we need you to be is someone who will stick around to the end. Our last translator just disappeared on us, so I hope whoever comes next won't leave without saying anything. Hopefully, you'd have enough free time to make up for my really slow pace, to give this project some bit of progress. Joining us, you have a choice on any of the routes that isn't Airi. You'll be starting from scratch with the route, for better or for worse. Now if you're interested in this position, simply PM me.

    What now?

    Our plan now, is to finish up the translation route by route, followed by a round of editing, and finally a TLC/QC. One plan of action we are considering is for us to release a partial patch for each of the routes, because they do mostly make sense on their own (with the exception of Yui's route). However, this is not confirmed, and might change in the future.

    I hope we can get the support necessary to finish this translation. If not, we'd have to put this project on hiatus until November or when we get another translator, whichever comes first. If you'd like to help, simply PM me, or even just leave a post in our thread.

  17. There was a fiasco at Nippon-Ichi Software (NIS) a while back, where the Disgaea 4 director left the company for Compile Heart. He was also the director for The Guided Fate Paradox and Zettai Hero Project, the latter of which being one of my favorite NIS games. At Compile Heart he and his team developed Makaishin […]

  18. I've been seeing people wondering about Daitoshokan's translation, so I'm making this compilation of screenshots just to show what the experience is like in English.

    The further down you go, the further into the game you are. But these screenshots are all from the first half of the common route and earlier, so I wouldn't worry terribly.



    Incidentally, the advice was that if you give an inch, they'll take a mile; or all the space in the train, as it were.


    I mean, what else would a student be doing in a Geology class? Wait, this was actually a Math class?


    Finally a game I can empathise with.


    Thank you for your help picking up the rubbish with us. Goodbye.


    Being able to read your book whilst executing any task or walking anywhere is a genuine skill, Ms. Suzuki!


    Bless you.


    I don't even like oysters.


    I've met the character in question. Can confirm.


    The face of innocence.


    Operation: "Call her tiny"


    What slander.


    Sluggo is lit 8)


    You have my tacit agreement.


    Everyone has a limit to what they can take, and she has unfortunately reached it...


    Common sense? What's that? Can you eat it?


    We needed to fill our quote of quintessentially Japanese conversations.


    Whatever. Femininity isn't worth this...


    Today's youth is hitting tragic levels of cynicism.


    These things happen... you know.


    I love the member(s of the Library Club).


    Alas... Farewell, Reggie.


    The (not tiny) face of innocence.


    People should fix their habits of asking questions before thinking.


    Sakuraba is the manliest in the room at any point. Including in the toxic depravity. Down girl!


    A nice, polite talk between nice, polite girls.


    I do love a protagonist capable of talking back.


    How he is loved by his junior.

    A story in two parts:




    Ms. Suzuki has the dubious honour of sharing the butt monkey position with Takamine:




    But it's not like she isn't crazy enough to bring it on herself.


    I feel like I'm on the cusp of a realisation... but... what is it...?



    I think the VN is super fun, and really, that's all I care about, to be honest.

  19. Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia

    Urobuchi Gen and Nitroplus have proven themselves to be quite an irresistible lethal combination of dark gritty stories and highly quality stylized production values pinpointing straight into the heart of those visual novel gamers who look for something more serious and unusual, especially when compared to what their contemporaries are doing.

    Vampirdzhija Vjedonia is Nitroplus’s only the 2nd game but unsurprisingly it keeps the company’s focus on pushing the envelope and trying something fresh and different with their every game but still build upon their recognized stylistic brand. This time Urobuchi (who is also the director) went for a combination cheesy Kaiju, specifically Kamen Raider (bike and mask included), mutated vampire monsters, and the western comic Blade. The premise is very cheesy, in fact so much that you can almost smell the pizza in the oven, it’s sticky and rubbery but sure can be tasty.

    Somehow Urobuchi made it all work, even with hot thick layers of cheese the story is very dark and serious with almost no humor but plenty of gore. This all gets even darker and stranger as the plot progresses to a point that things might even feel uncomfortable for some. However this is not to make things darker for the sake of being dark but plays a crucial role in the plot and style of this visual novel. The game does a really great job of pulling your interest and keeps you wanting to know more about what’s going to happen next. It introduces new characters with critical roles to an overarching plot, conspiracies, science experiments, and lots of action. In terms of pacing the story almost never wastes your time. The story is presented as a series of episodes, each episode starts with an opening and an end credits videos which really gives it that Kaiju series feel, even if the tone is a lot more mature.

    Speaking of presentation, this is where the game might be a hit or miss for some. In terms of visuals the game looks really good, at least for such an old game from 2001-2003, characters look great and are well designed with a really great color palette and cloth designs. The backgrounds are 3DCG, not surprising since Nitroplus relies a lot on computer graphics for their backgrounds. However the problem with the presentation is, first of all the music is bland and there are NO voices at all. No voices doesn’t mean it’s not a fun vn to play but it takes away from some of the more dramatic moments. Another problem are the monster designs, they aren’t just Ultraman cheesy, they have really bad designs and at times even funny, that is when you aren’t left asking yourself wtf am I even looking at.

    An even bigger problem with Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia is that it has gameplay, and it’s a bad gameplay. Since the story plays out like an episodic monster of the week series (with an overarching plot), almost every episode has an action scene where the main character has to fight at least one of these monsters. Before the main character goes on a mission to kill the monster he can choose from a variety of weapons to take with him. As a player you have to pick your weapons carefully, some are better against certain monsters than others. Once you encounter the enemy you enter this really strange rpg style battle with menu selections. The problem is that sometimes whether you hit or miss are just random results. Other times it’s just knowing a patter, select the right choice in response to what the monster is doing. Sometimes the battles can take a long time to finish because you either keep missing or your attacks do very little damage. The end result is that it’s just a waste of time.

    With all the praises the game gets it’s also important to know that the game was developed on a quite an old technology. It was only the 2nd game Nitroplus ever released and as far as I know back then they didn’t have their own engine back then and the game looks very primitive on a technological level. Their first game, Phantom of Inferno, was originally developed on Macromedia Director, today known as Adobe Director. For those who aren’t aware, Director was a multimedia content creation editor and was very popular in the 90’s. Think of it sort of like Flash. You can make animations, films, and even interactive games in it, a lot of people used it to make adventure games. The first Phantom of Inferno version looks extremely primitive and Nitro+ probably doesn’t want you to see it, however Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia on the other hand is a little more advanced with a much better, smoother, and more colorful art and better quality sound. So in terms of production values Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia is still playable but don’t expect the sound or the technology to wow you. Also, find a way to cheat through the gameplay parts and you’ll surely enjoy this little known game.

  20. I_55.jpg

    Goshujin-sama Daisuki is one of the many games left forgotten in my not-so-large hard drive. Due to the fact that it is a nukige, I didn't give it much attention until a few hours prior to writing this review. I bought it through Mangagamer a few years ago, but the fact that I spent actual money to grab a copy was still not enough to convince me to play it back then. I somehow regret that decision now. While it is a game that is far from perfect, I must admit that it is pretty enjoyable.

    In Goshujin-sama Daisuki, you are put into the shoes of Yuuki Toshiya, the head of the world-renowned Yuuki Corporation whose products and sphere of influence are remained unknown, but that doesn't matter. They're just filthy rich. In order to keep his position as the head, he must marry to provide an heir for the corporation according to their family custom. The problem was he had roughly 2 months before the 2-year deadline, so he needs to act fast. But there's another problem: he's super perverted. That made him believe that no one would ever agree to marry him once they have learned his true colors behind his perfect guy persona. So the solution was to pick candidates and make her/them suitable for him instead. Therefore he chose three among his classmates, paid their family's debts to force them to work as his personal maid and that is without disclosing the fact of training them as his prospect wife.

    It sounds perverted, of course this is an ero game, but it kinda gets better after a while.

    The three girls are for the most part likable. We have Murakamo Sakura as a "normal" and cheerful girl thrown into this situation, Kuu Spitfire who has a very odd name but nothing special around her... except for her name and Shishiouin Hime as a loli tsundere ojou-sama. They are a generic cast of heroines if you have played enough VNs for the past who knows, eons? If you're new to the medium however, everything about their personality and reactions are surprising at least.

    Aside from the three chosen girls, we also have another heroine, Ichijou Ema, who works as Yuuki's personal maid and the house's head maid. The true extent of her ability was never revealed. Though it is implied that she is very skilled by being able to handle the family's business at some extent, prepare every single meal and snack for Yuuki and do some odd jobs only rich people can order to. In other words, she's the perfect maid.


    Aside from the massive amount of H-scenes which is pretty much at every corner of this game, the character interactions is what makes this enjoyable, and that is very surprising for a nukige. Not to mention some of them are really funny.

    Each girl has their own problems which gives them enough depth to be likable, and of course those problems are solved, sometimes rather too quickly, by Yuuki through his sheer intelligence and assets. Yuuki is also not spared from the good writing as he was also given depth at some points in the story. His actions and decisions during the major points of the story are believable, justified and makes sense unlike almost all nukige MCs whose brain is made up of cottons thus doing the most absurd decisions at the most crucial points, if there is such thing. The story also managed to surprised me once. I definitely didn't see it coming. While that surprise wasn't a game changer, it still left a big impression to me.


    The art makes this game better and considering that this was released in 2008, that just make it plain gorgeous. They are well-drawn. There are a variety of poses or sprites that helps portray the characters better. The voice acting also does a good job at conveying the characters' emotions. I was never in the brink of muting the game because of an awful acting. However the music is just, well, forgettable since I can't even think of how to describe my experience with it. Its good point perhaps is it wasn't annoying enough for me to mute it.

    If you're here for the H-scenes you will definitely not be disappointed. There's lots of them, really. Look, the game literally starts with a fellatio! I initially thought that there will be rape or rough plays based on the synopsis. Well, I was wrong. It was primarily tame with one or two scenes arguably otherwise. There are the typical punishments involving vibrators but that's the "worse" the game has to offer. And don't you dare skip most them! Some scenes provide character developments and background stories. And here I was only expecting moans and the usual stuff. xD


    Obviously the game has its flaws but they didn't break my experience as they aren't really a big deal in a nukige. Take for instance the unused potential of the tension between Yuuki and his uncle. In a normal story-focused game, that sub-plot will be expanded and often leads or paves way to drama and action. It could have showcased Yuuki's brilliance more. And also despite the absurd amount of H-scenes for 4 heroines, only 2 scenes got me excited. They aren't that bad at least but I've seen better. What bothers me the most was the repeated HCGs for different fellatio scenes. I'm not sure if it is because of budget constraints.

    If you're curious, the game is basically linear; there are no routes. However the choices you make will make slight changes to the story and will decide what CGs you'll see in that particular playthrough.

    There's really not much to say for these kind of games so as to conclude, I can't really recommend this for non-nukige fans. There's little to no reward for casual players. But if you have enough money and libido, you should consider grabbing a copy!

    Purchase it in Mangagamer: link (NSFW)

  21. Heya, people! It's such a long time I don't see you guys, I almost forgot my password to this forum. Guess Fuwa is still alive and kicking just like me, huh. First of all, sorry I disappeared from the face of the Earth and if I disappointed any fans I might had in this site (silly me). Since last time I posted back in February, a lot of things happened so if anyone's curious (maybe the aforementioned imaginary fans of mine) about what the hell's been happening with me, do keep reading. I talk about VNs, anime, and other disgusting weeb things, but it does include some personal shit. Well, a blog is a blog.

       1) Maybe I mentioned this a huge while ago at some point, but I'm pursuing a master's degree in the structural engineering field. All was going well and good, but now it came the time for me to write my thesis. Oof. So yeah, that's the main reason I became a ghost as my weekday free times went down the drain along with my hopes and dreams. It doesn't help my thesis requires some programming knowledge that may be more than what I can chew, sasuga me (whining aside, it's coming along fine as of now, let's hope I can keep it up).

       2) Not only my free time evaporated but also my attention spam. I'm honestly having a hard time staying focused for more than 40 minutes in the same task. When that happens, I usually take a short break to relax before going back. Except I move on to something else, oops.

       3) Related to the problem mentioned in 2, I fearfully discovered a new wonderful world that's now high in my interests list: gacha games. Their content is usually bite sized (except in events, but I don't play all that seriously... I think), I can auto play to grind, and I can play on the train going to uni. No huge time investment at once required, so what can possibly go wrong (dramatic zoom on my face)? Fortunately, I'm still keeping my two accounts (yep) free-to-play and I feel that I grew a lot on the self control department because of this www. Seriously though, never invite me to a casino trip, I may have an undiscovered gamble addiction and I don't want to open that door. But yeah, if anyone else plays Opera Omnia or Shining Live send me a friend inviteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

       4) Even with all that going on, I still find time to at least watch my anime and read my VNs, surprisingly. Thank God for weekend. Guess cutting yourself off of social media truly does wonders too, huh. Not that I check Twitter on occasion to look at art or anything... Soooo about that weeb shit...

          4.1) La Squadra was right all along

          4.2) I'm still a proud BL trash. From what I recently finished, the highlights are Sweet Pool and Nie no Machi. Both are really really amazing games, both scored higher than 9 in my book, and I definitely want to write a review for them at some point. Spread that love, Maggie!

          4.3) I'm actually a bit slow on the otomege department, sorry >.<  I did get Steam Prison and read both of the Prisoner Routes, but I'm not in the right mindset to keep going with it. I wouldn't enjoy it if I force myself through it. Eltcreed and Ulrik were striking my fancy, so I want to savor them. ......Okay, that came out wrong.

          4.4) EVN ftw, I always find some time to read them. Nanoreno gave me some nice short experiences, the highlight being Monochrome Blues despite the ending kek. Oh, and read Heart of the Woods, people. It's an order. High quality shit right there.

          4.5) Also I keep stumbling upon horror games and I'm okay with this. Recently I played Death Mark. As usual, I went without a walkthrough, solving every mystery by myself. Totally worth it. And it also have very good sound design. Mashita best boi.

          4.6) It does sounds like a lot, but there's nothing much more than what I mentioned wwwwww

          4.7) Did I mentioned La Squadra? (<-- edit that bit out, I totally did, as I should)

       5) Now, about my Fuwa life. I'll probably remain on indefinite hiatus, but every time I find the file I wrote some ideas for Dank a Ronpa, I feel sad. "How could I write such a shit story?" Jokes aside, I can try to maybe finish it at some point when Derg finished his battle royale. Such a rude, I gave him such a brutal death in my story and I didn't even debut on his smh. But yeah, I accept suggestion of what to do with it? Give it a Berserk treatment and finish it soon TM? Write all the bad ideas I had for it and let you guys fill the blanks yourselves in a very lazy way? Make each one of you write a chapter, put everything together, approve it as canon and call it a day? Decisions, decisions. Actually, I'm actually paying a homage to it in this post, as I'm not proof reading anything, hope you spot the reference.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's it, I guess. For all of you that reach this line without pressing page down 3 times in less than 3 seconds, a big thank you. Please smash that like button and subscribe to someone's channel that's more active than me. Love, peace, and hope to see you all eventually when I get my degree! Until them!