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  • Kaguya

    Fabulous on Fuwa - February!

    By Kaguya

      Welcome, fellow Fuwamembers, to the FuwaRecognition thread. Starting this March, we’ll be highlighting some of the best contributions made by our members each month. From snazzy blog articles to delicious forum threads, and perhaps even a few things more on the shitpost part of the spectrum, we'll keep an eye out for the cream of the crop. And then we'll gather them here. Just for you.   *holds up giant APPLAUSE sign*   A-hem, so this is the first time we're doing this and it might be a bit rough; next time will be at the end of March. Anyways; without further ado, let's get to our highlights.    By @Zakamutt.   Threads   Our first highlight on threads comes from two Ask Me Anything topics posted in the span of this month: from our dear provisional Tay, @Kaguya, and from the anti-moege task force founder himself, the saltlord himself @VirginSmasher.   It’s now Kags’ fifth year on these dear forums, and members of new ’n old had a lot of questions, climbing over to 50 comments, almost unheard of in this day and age of lacklustre forum interaction. Even after the glory days of lolis long passed, Kaguya still swears close to his heart how they indeed are the master-race that rule over this weeb-dom, mostly in nukige form. Charming.   @VirginSmasher’s AMA, on the other hand, is mostly an appreciation of past glory and his good friends, met before he died out, but he also remembered some newer members who are already becoming an integral part of these forums of today. Quite a lot of internal banter and jokes flew here and there, but it is quite touching to see even older members returning from long breaks of apparent irremovable death.     As you might have seen, we have a new EVN on the horizon, or rather, KickStarter: One Last Crane, developed by @Blissful-Works This visual novel is being developed by an Indonesian team with some members over at Tokyo, Japan, and it has a an odd goal amount of 10,052 dollars, though this is due the publicization of the project being handled from Japan, which also makes the whole project page ask all money in yens. A risky play, let’s see if it pays out for them. The novel is planned on being released for four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian. Quite the amount for still quite a small goal, but we’ll have to see how it pans out in the end, at least they are in no shortage of ambition. While the art-style itself is quite generic, it does look modern and does its job as presentation well enough, not to mention that the KickStarter page itself is quite stylish, but only time will tell how it’ll go over. All we can do is wait.   @EastCoastDrifter has done something unique on the forums that no one would even think of. He loves space, and he has extended his love to the members of the Fuwanovel community by creating a Fuwanovel Solar System. Using a program called Space Engine, Drifter has taken the liberty to name all planets in this system after very prominent Fuwamembers. It’s a great tribute to the community and you should really check it out. Furthermore, Drifter says he’s not done, and has plans to create more Fuwa solar systems to feature more members in the future. If you want a planet named after you, feel free to post in the linked thread or contact Drifter personally.   By @Arcadeotic and @EastCoastDrifter.   Blogs Hi I'm Zaka and I'm the only one that cares about blogs on the team. Maybe. I didn't actually ask the other guys. Shit. So uhh, here's my recs...   @Clephas writes accessibly about (for the most part) untranslated Japanese visual novels. This time, we have some posts about the recently released third VN in the Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru series, of which the first actually has a translation by MangaGamer. Unfortunately, the second is where people think it actually got good. We start with a more general note on the series, then move on to a review of Otoboku 3 itself.   While Clephas has been writing for quite a while, @MaggieROBOT is a bit newer to the scene. She focuses on Otome and BL VNs, and for this post we'd like to show you her post on an upcoming BL visual novel (fresh from the pot, baby. That thing is probably the first blog post to come right after this one. Oh yeah. That's how we roll. - Kaguya) as well as her review of the robot-romance Otome VN Sakuya. Go ahead and look for her post complaining about a trap in a moege not having a route if you like things on the more humorous side of the spectrum
      Just For Fun!   During the process of writing this post.     Well you know I’m all about that nepotism baby. That's right, this is just for you. Rising 1.8% female readership (thanks Maggie) local GM and blog post connoisseur Kaguya here. To close the blog review section up, we’ll be highlighting the post where I wonderfully delve into the mind of writer Setoguchi Ren’ya, explaining his past and his involvements with the little-known work The Shawshank Redemption as well as how that work affected the VN industry, finishing things with a bang as I explain his history and the hidden messages within Swan Song. And finishing things off in a suitable grand scale, much like a writer who traps himself into writing continuously larger powerlevels until his shounen manga gets to a point where it doesn't even resemble the original, we will be looking at two posts made by Fuwanovel's current closest figure to Jesus, @Kiriririri (Who unlike our creator, did revive. How about that?) He died for our sins as he bravely made two deep posts about the current state of the VN community that were completely hidden by the evil staff... Until now. Gaze upon them and marvel, this is the true work of a genius!! February is over. We bled. We sweat. Friendships were broken and renewed, and old members revived from their graves and mingled with the new pringles to take us where we are now. And the community persists, as glorious as ever.  March is here. And in this rewind, I declare FebruaryFuwa absolutely Fabulous! 

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  1. Happiness+
    Latest Entry

    By Happiness+,


    Enter a world without Christ, a postreligous society

    Enter a dream, that you are fully aware of dreaming

    Enter the birth of 2 new species "Reploids” and "Hybrids"

    Enter Zion, the last Christian missionary on Earth with amnesia

    Enter the mystery of seven extraordinary children and their journey to unlock the past

    Enter The astrofront, Earth's artificial orbital ring.

    Enter Parapsychology

    Enter Transhumanism

    Enter C:\ _Detroit.exe






    This is the first short kinetic novel of a shared visual novel universe. Think of it as a prologue. This visual novel will be on PC, Android, and iOS.

    Right now, this visual novel is 90% complete:
    The story, programming, sound effects, and music are complete!

    I just need three people to help me out.

    I need a background artist to help me out with some additional assets.

    ( You can use whatever art style you like. I am just looking for an aesthetic that resembles their real-life personalities. I will provide you references to help you design them. All of the characters are of high school age. They are all African American and Asian respectively.)

    I need voice actor to voice Elder Zion.

    (For this Zion's, you need to be able to sing.)

    I need a voice actress to voice Alexis Jackson.


    For more casting information: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/detroit-exe-chapter-1


    Detroit.exe: Chapter 1 will be available on PC, Android, and iOS.

    Summer 2019

    This first chapter is freeware, an unpaid project that will be free for everyone forever. The sequel will be a commercial project. This is just to get people into the series, and if it goes well with our niche market. I guarantee you that you will be compensated awesomely. I am a visual novelist of my word.

    As for me, you can call me Happiness+ I'm an EVN developer that has skills in poetry, prose writing, python programming, and voice direction. Making visual novels is literally my dream and I love doing it. The reason why I love doing it is because visual novels are art. We as EVN developers are on the cusp of a revolution. The revolution being a new renaissance of western visual novels and I want my stories to be the spark that sets the flame ablaze.

    I invite you to join me in the revolution!



  2. Playing through Never7 after going through Ever17 and Remember11 made me come up with a theory that i don't even know if the author had in mind when he first wrote Never7: what if a being from either the 4th or 0th dimensions had the protagonist and his girl of choice go back in time to save them? With the interference in the two other games, if wouldn't be that surprising.

    Coming up with this theory led me to even more thinking, because those interferences can lead up to a interesting timeline, like so:

    Remember11 (2011 in game): Humans go up against 0th dimension being to get rid of his influence on the world.
    Ever17 (2017-2034 in game): Humans cooperate with 4th dimension being to save their friends.
    Never7 (2019 in game): 0/4th dimension being helps humans from afar.

    That way, we have a timeline where beings beyond this dimension went from being in opposition with humans to being friends with them and helping them when needed. However, time might not flow that way for them, and if you change the timeline to the release date of the games, things get a little more somber:

    Never7: 0/4th dimension being helps humans from afar.
    Ever17: 4th dimension being interacts with humans for the first time, even being friends with them.
    Remember11: 0th dimension being accidentally makes the lives of the humans worse, leading to backlash via infinite loop trap.

    That way, we have a timeline where beings beyond this dimension went from watching humans from afar, helping them at random, to being friends with them, to becoming their enemy by accident.

    Overall, it's pretty interesting how you can come up with stuff like this because of how the world works in that trilogy.

  3. Cross†Channel is VN of the Month. Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu is among masterpieces as well. I'm choosing Thanatos no Koi ~In Ane Otouto Soukan~ for review.

    1. Sacred Plume セイクリッド・プルーム [030905] Teatime 1 2
    Hero Kane returned to his hometown after a long two years of wandering. I met new friends and got into the maelstrom of events. The beginning was the meeting with Rita. Kidnapping women infected with the field near the capital. Behind all this there was the ominous shadow of the city and metroplita namestgnika King Song. You come into confrontation with the organization for peace, or a completely different motives?
    300 years of holy wars behind and to the world once again wanted to experience the pain ....
    Game's not blocked for lolicon issues just because it's a decent enough RPG. Difficulty level is high, especially for boss, so grinding for best equipment is mandatory. Battle system is crippled, but there's high degree of freedom during battle and for distributing stats on lvl-up. From the second lap play is much easier, and some battles can be skipped.


    2. Umi kara Kuru Mono 海からくるもの [030905] FlyingShine 1
    It's a world of artifacts left from prehistoric sea civilization that sometimes give birth to supernatural abilities. Such humans are called "Lef" and over-watched by the state. Two people with such powers just awakened drown the school in terror.
    It's depression plus insult SF game. We play from the viewpoint of one of the protagonist, but the link between them becomes hinted only in the ending. I'm still not over BM0 to get into another game like that.


    3. Minato Gensou ~Venice Fantastica~ 水都幻想 ~Venice Fantastica~ [030912] Wing
    The protagonist is the son of a noble family, who, unable to agree to be part of a political arranged marriage, runs away. Without a place to go, he eventually arrives at a place of a baroness who is a long associate of his father. Hearing his story, the baroness offers him room and board. In return, she requests that he take over the worldly education of three girls under her care. Two are merchant and noble daughters preparing for marriage; the third is a prostitute from a foreign country.
    Text is good and forms unique worldview and atmosphere. Protagonist here is quite a normal more or less shy boy, so game does not fall into training game as synopsis wants us to believe. Volume is lacking, and simultaneous capture of three heroines is possible leaving very little time for individual ending.


    4. Utau Tumbling Dice うたう♪タンブリング・ダイス [030912] Emu
    In order to pay off the 1.1 billion yen debt that you accrued as you attempted to help a dying elderly man, you've decided to manage a karaoke facility that also doubles as your place of residence. You manage the facility with the three lovely granddaughters of the old man (who also live there) and attempt to increase your earnings by attracting new customers. You'll have to make advertisements and commercials and set a work schedule that doesn't push the girls too hard.
    SIM of very average quality.


    5. Kissing!! ~Under the Mistletoe~ Kissing!! ~Under the Mistletoe~ [030919] Valhalla 1 2
    Christmas might be doomed! As chance would have it, only an unassuming Japanese student can save the winter holiday - but in order to do so he must first discover true love and receive it in turn. Yet such a task might prove impossible, for how can Koutaro find romance, when he’s always been oblivious to it?
    There are English reviews.


    6. Shiawase no Katachi しあわせのかたち [030919] Angel Smile 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Minamo is a pure and romantic girl who can be quite clumsy at times, and she's in love with the handsome Satoru, a boy in her class. While working at her part-time job, Minamo spies Ryo and his girlfriend Mio as they eat together, their love for each other clearly visible in their eyes. She wishes she could sit like that with Satoru, but she knows she's too shy to ever come out and confess her feelings to him.
    Soon after, Minamo is killed in an accident. Filled with remorse at not seizing her chance for love while she was alive, she visits Ryo and asks for his help. If he'll lend her his own life force, she'll be able to tell her feelings to Satoru. Ryo doesn't know until it's too late that lending Minamo his life energy will turn him into a lifeless spirit!
    And so the wheels of fate turn, winding the destinies of everyone together: dead Minamo and her reluctant helper Ryo; the pure Mio and her carefree twin sister Mao; the competitive Kokoro, who won't give up Satoru without a fight; the lonely spirit Izumi; and the perplexing Soul Collector. What twists and turns await this cast of characters before the final act is played?
    Game is localized and has English reviews.


    7. D.N. Angel TV Animation Series ~Kurenai no Tsubasa~ D・N・ANGEL TV Animation Series 〜紅の翼〜 [030925] Takara 1
    In the PS2 game, players take control of Daisuke Niwa and juggle the personalities of a teenager in love, a master thief and the search for something called the Crimson Wing. As an added treat for fans, the voice actors and actresses from the television series provide their vocal talents in the PS2 video game.
    Puzzle filled console release that's very difficult to get into if you have not seen the anime.


    8. Cross†Channel [030926] FlyingShine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Gunjo Academy is a facility designed to gather and isolate those students who got a high score on an adaptation exam (scoring high on this exam indicates that the student is less likely to be able to be adapted to the society) mandated by the government.
    After a failed summer vacation with other members of the school's broadcasting club, Kurosu Taichi and some of the other club members return to the city, only to find that the world had completely changed.
    Only a small portion of reviews is included. With that all the intrigue of game of the year completely vanishes.


    9. Doki-Doki Beach ~Munasawagi no Yokan~ どきどきビーチ ~胸騒ぎの予感~ [030926] Aiai
    Main character attends private boys school. At summer he gets a part-time job of a guard on the beach. Summer experience awaits! And he already meets cute girl Rina Matsubara there and swears to capture her heart.
    Game's mediocre and ero-tilt. Sub-heroines are relatively easy to capture, but main heroine is super difficult to reach, if possible at all. There is no walkthrough around, so we might never know.


    10. Flowers フラワーズ [030926] Aaru
    Main character attends high school in an old town. One day he goes to a local musician to by his first musical instrument. Just one encounter changes the color of his world completely. This is how his modest love story begins.
    Game presents a variety of scenarios to cover as wide range of tastes as possible. There's sitcom, traditional Japanese nostalgia, eroticism, moe. gag, drama, nekomimi elements. It's all presented as a film from different angles. Story has no beginning and no end and is just directed shots of everyday life with various techniques involved. I can't appreciate such scenario neglecting game.


    11. Heartful Days ~Hi no Ataru Basho e~ ハ~トフル・デイズ~陽のあたる場所へ~ [030926] Heroine Maker
    Main character enters university and finally starts to live alone. Three girls are of special interest to him. As he gets closer with them and solves their problems, something missing in the heart starts to fill in.
    Quite an ordinary moege with some comedy and obvious development. Volume is small. Some conversations are funny, but nothing of notice besides that.


    12. Meguri, Hitohira. めぐり、ひとひら。 [030926] Caramel Box 1 2
    Asou Tomo is an unpopular painter. He often travels to sketch. One day, he visited the Yukari Shrine in the rural town. Then, he came across a girl who called herself a goddess, his younger sister-in-law who died three years ago, his fiancee, a ghost of woman servant and a taciturn girl.
    There are English reviews.


    13. Princess Bride プリンセスブライド [030926] 130cm
    One day protagonists father tells him that he is actually from a royal family and to be able to claim his right to the throne he must pick his future princess before he graduates.
    He proposes five girls from his class but none accepts him outright. But slowly they all begin to get close to him, and when they find out about each other they even get more agressive. 
    Suddenly he finds himself living together with five girls. Everyday is a battle to win him over. Now he must chose one of them to be his future wife. Who will receive the princess card and achive her dreams ?
    A typical moege.


    14. Ricotte ~Alpenbul no Utahime~ Ricotte ~アルペンブルの歌姫~ [030926] Rune 1 2
    Quark, a once-prosperous airship building town. If people are scarce nowadays, that's because there are only a few factories still in business.
    In a pub in a corner of that declining town is a pianist acting as our protagonist and because of strange circumstances, a young lady calling herself "Ricotte" has ended up living together with him.
    Innocent and willful, and furthermore being ignorant of the ways of the world means Ricotte is a severe torment to our protagonist, but notice that Ricotte has an unexpected skill in song.
    On just a pub's stage the two of them gain acclaim for their performances.
    And then, Ricotte's confession--.
    "Have you heard of the 'Songstress'? That is me, that is what they called me."
    There is an English review.


    15. Seikai no Senki 星界の戦旗 [030926] Gainax
    Three years after their adventure, Lafiel becomes captain on the brand new assault ship Basroil and Jinto finishes his training to become a supply officer and joins Lafiel's crew. They set out to join a large fleet with the mission to defend the strategically important Aptic Gate from a force 15 times larger than their own. And to make matters worse, their new fleet commander is from the Bebous family, a family notorious for their "Spectacular Insanity".
    As for me, Gainax is much better at anime than at games. Space strategy is not my thing, anyway.


    16. Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu 天使のいない12月 [030926] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Tenshi is about a senior high school boy with relationship problems; he's got few friends and perhaps because of his bothersome kid sister, is averse to any steady relationship. That is, until he has a sexual encounter with Kurihara Touko. Touko, a classmate of his, is a sensitive, simple girl desperate to make an impression on others, and willingly offers herself to the protagonist. He runs away from a relationship; Touko clings to him hoping to find one. This unusual relationship soon leads them on a long soul-searching journey.
    There are English reviews.


    17. Thanatos no Koi ~In Ane Otouto Soukan~ タナトスの恋~淫姉弟相姦~ [030926] Red Label
    Naomi Yuiki, 21 years old single, college student. Though her parents died, because of the inheritance she and her brother, Kouta Yuiki age 18, can live without much trouble.
    Even though she is 21 she is still a virgin because secretly in love with her younger brother. Even her attempt to get over him by sleeping with Takuya Yoshizawa, a genius surgeon and once a subordinate of her fathers didn't work and that depressed her even further.
    At that time she met with an accident. A traffic accident so severe that her whole body except her brain is ruined beyond salvation. Just as doctors were about to give up on her an another patient at the same hospital, Akane Kitahara suffers brain death. Taking this chance, Yoshizawa who was working on advancing the research on the brain transplantation decides to transfer Naomi's brain to Akane.
    Naomi's new life as Akane Kitahara stats. This time Naomi is not restricted by morality of a brother and sister relationship, but things don't go as easy as she hopes because being Akane brings her own relationship problems. Chaos ensues...
    Kanno Hiroyuki is back, so scenario complexity is guaranteed. But contents is rather heavy, so it's not for everyone. I'd really opt out for something else, but only this game and Umi kara Kuru Mono don't have reviews, and both are rather dark. Please, Kanno Hiroyuki, don't let me down.


    18. Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni ~Operation Sanctuary~ 月は東に日は西に ~Operation Sanctuary~ [030926] August
    The girl that fell out of the blue.
    And the protagonist's life, which began to take a turn little by little into the realm of the extraordinary starting from that very day.
    「Nao-kun, if you don't get up soon, you're going to be late.」
    The new school term started today. The protagonist's childhood friend, Honami, has kept telling him that he's not a child anymore, and yet continues to come to wake him up. They proceed as they always have to 『Hasumidai Academy』, which stands atop a hill ... but this time around, as second-year students.
    「Naoki, I'm going on ahead of you!」
    And the protagonist's cousin, Matsuri, zips past the two of them. After having lost both parents in a terrible accident 5 years ago, the protagonist Naoki Kuzumi was taken in by Matsuri's parents. And now, Matsuri herself -- who had been so opposed to Naoki's moving in back then -- has become a freshman at Hasumidai Academy.
    These ordinary, ordinary days, stretching on forever.
    ... but then, one day, up on the roof of school 
    August starts to have its definite style - in this case it's cute characters in unusual setting. And falling from the sky definitely is unusual. There are no complaints about graphic or the first comedy part. But second part is weak, so overall impression suffers a lot. Unfortunately it can not rise above usual moege level yet.


    19. Zaishuu -The SiN- 罪囚-The SiN- [030926] Tactics 1 2 3 4
    Following the death of their parents, Akira made it a solemn duty to ensure his sister could live a normal existence, doing everything within his power to bring happiness into their inconstant lives. As Akira’s bond to Aya inevitably grew closer, others began to jealously whisper how the siblings were forging a relationship that went beyond the accepted conventions of brother and sister; allegations neither showed particular concern towards. Yet this idyllic innocence was not meant to last, and the devotion between Aya and Akira would be sorely tested by an incomprehensible world they never knew existed – a reality that threatens to smother both in malicious darkness.
    Game is localized and has English reviews.




    1. Koi no Mannaka 恋のまんなか [030904] Dennou Oroshidonya
    Main character spends school days peaceful till his till arrival of a new transfer student. Their paths start to bring them closer...


    2. Gyakushuu ~Seiheki no Bigaku~ 逆醜~性癖の美学~ [030905] Curious
    Main character loses his parents in an accident and lives in his relatives family - uncle, aunt and their three daughters. He remains cold to the family and eventually starts to be treated as a housekeeper. The only joy for him is internet. One day he molests a weak girl in the train. With first crime remaining unpunished, he sets up insult hell for his three new sisters...


    3. Hime Ichiya 秘女一夜 [030905] Aiai
    Main character receives an invitation letter from an unfamiliar sender to "Secret women overnight festival" on isolated Inaba island. His sister-in-law behaves strangely after receiving the letter and soon disappears. Protagonist decides to visit this event on the island to find his sister.


    4. Koyoi mo Meshimase Alicetale 今宵も召しませAlicetale [030905] Rune
    Suspicious baggage arrives from the parent of main character. Inside is a small girl who claims to be a vampire. Their strange communal life begins on that day.


    5. Ryoujoku Kangofu ~Jigoku Seme~ 凌辱看護婦~地獄責め~ [030905] Ryoujokudou
    Main character is a former doctor who works for a medical-related foundation. He's in charge of a special medical ward where powerful people hide from the media attention or law enforcement authorities. What they need is good service, not a good doctor. So protagonist trains special medical stuff to satisfy any customer needs.


    6. Angels Blue [030912] LiLiM DARKNESS
    Uncle and nephew start a "game" to insult Miki and Miku sisters-in-law over the period of 10 days. Any means of winning is allowed, except for hurting opponent directly. Will protagonist choose to protect sisters, score as fast as possible or eliminate his rival?


    7. Asylum [030912] Eve
    Women are imprisoned here for their sins. They experience mental pain and pleasure every day. Main character is the person to deliver punishment.


    8. Fake フェイク [030912] Witch 1
    Main character has Nayu and Yuma childhood friends. Now he is supposed to help at the shrine where two girls live. Will he develop relations with his Nayu who he knows from elementary school or with Yuma who treats him warmly?


    9. Giin Oyako Celeb ~Kegareyuku Soukyuu no Bara~ 犠淫母娘セレブ~穢れゆく双宮の薔薇~ [030912] Studio Jikkenshitsu
    Main character wins government post, but lawmaker assassination investigation can put him in dangerous position. He develops a plan - to insult the women of the family.


    10. Ikenai Shutter Chance! いけない☆シャッターチャンス! [030912] Black Package
    Main character has nothing particular to do all days long. His life changes when he finds adult magazine. He applies for a job of photographer to perform discipline and training in a semi-forceful way. Somehow he's asked to do photos of landscapes instead. But protagonist does not give up. He only needs one chance...


    11. Kagami no Naka no Orgel - Mittsume no Monogatari [Haensel und Gretel] 鏡の中のオルゴール みっつめの物語 [Haensel und Gretel] [030912] Fairytale
    Handel and Gretel are abandoned by their mothers due to food starvation. After several days of travelling in the forest they find a funny house to rest inside. As Haensel wakes up, he sees Gretel captured by the witch. What if Haensel was not able to save Gretel as in original? Here is how it might look if both got captured...


    12. More & More (Moremore) MORE&MORE(漏々) [030912] Berries
    A formerly prestigious theater club is in danger of dissolving now. Main character becomes club's adviser and organizes recruiting, but in the end club is left with only two members. The dreams of setting Shakespeare play become impossible, so they have to settle with Red Hat imitation. However, both member girls are so bad in acting. Protagonist needs to give them individual training sessions to attain relaxed scene behavior.


    13. Sex Partner セックスパートナー [030912] Lipstick
    Main character gets a job in the "Island" family restaurant on the beach. During this summer he will need to form relations with the owner and the waitresses.


    14. Maid Sangekikan ~Mesuinu Rinkan~ メイド惨劇館 ~メス犬輪姦~ [030917] Black Lilith
    Kyle is one of a couple of servants to an eccentric aristocrat. Being new to the whole servant thing, there was a gentle and dainty housemaid that showed him the ropes. Over time he came to look upon her in a very honorific light. However, one evening he witnesses the seemingly willing violation of his idol by several men. Completely shocked by the event, he does nothing but watch. With his vision of her purity shattered, what will he do now?


    15. Chijoku Yuugi 乳辱遊戯 [030919] West Vision
    Main character barely escapes rape charges by hiding in the lodge that stays abandoned at this season. One day owners of the lodge come by. They are two girls. They want to call police, but get captured by protagonist before they succeed at that. He can fulfill all his desires now. 


    16. Keibiin 2 警備員2 [030919] Interheart
    Main character gets a security guard job at a huge mall. Security system is fully electronic, so only two guards are enough to maintain it. Protagonist's partner can not handle computers, so protagonist gets full authority of using this system in his malicious intents.


    17. Kin'iro no Corda 金色のコルダ [030919] Koei 
    Kahoko Hino is a student at a Seisou Academy, one with an ordinary life. One day, Lili - the mischievous musical fairy who had blessed the original founder of the school - finds Kahoko running late to class. Delighted that she is able to see him, Lili grants Kahoko a magical violin, and a place in the school's annual musical competition, which many students in the music department vie to partake in.
    Kahoko refuses, only to be pressed on by the fairy, who constantly nags her until she finally gives way to his pleads. She reluctantly accepts the instrument. As she practices her pieces, Kahoko is amazed that she can play any piece on the violin as long as she knows the tune and plays it with her heart.


    18. Miboujin ~Numeriau Nikuyoku to Midara ni Nureru Mitsu Tsubo~ 未亡人 ~ぬめり合う肉欲と淫らに濡れる蜜壺~ [030919] MBS Truth
    Now here’s something a little dark; it involves getting it on with a widow, her daughter, and/or the daughter’s tutor. You can also play as two different protagonists too: the brother of the recently deceased, or the college student who is a classmate/childhood-friend of the tutor. Both of these men would be stand-up guys and would have been supportive in other ways than blindly lusting. However, upon the death of the husband, both soon came upon a mysterious video of a woman bound and with face obscured; getting violated and loving it. They couldn’t recognize the face, but they certainly could recognize the voice--it was of our recent widow. Spurred on by the footage the two men came up with separate plans to reach the same lustful goal.


    19. Milk Junkie MILK・ジャンキー [030919] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
    Yuusuke has a problem that any guy would want and most guys wish for. A girl named Rena wants him to be her supposed "private tutor". Rena's an extremely well endowed girl, which is probably what drives Yuusuke into agreeing to be her "private tutor". This is where his problem begins. It's obvious that tutoring is one thing that they will surely not be doing. When Yuusuke comes over for Renas lesson he runs into her mom. Wow is one word to describe her breasts. Renas mom is blessed with a Triple-F Cup, even bigger than Renas. She really lays it out there and climbs all over Yuusuke. Here's the big problem. The fight over Yuusuke is now going to begin as mother and daughter get ready to show off their sexual skill in order to win. 


    20. Ohime-sama o Otose! お姫様を落とせ! [030919] Sekilala
    Prestigious girl academy is in the middle of student council and presidential elections. Three factions compete over the seats. As things heat up, administration gets afraid of losing other faction
    parents donations, so mediator is hired. Main character is the guy who can solve any problem as long as he is given full authority over the means. He will handle these three faction leader girls as he thinks fit.


    21. Onii-chan Yamete 2 お兄ちゃんやめて2 [030919] Gaia
    Main character gets a job to sit with children and answer phone calls. He can play in doctor examination, but decides to set up athletic competition to look at girls in bloomers.


    22. Shiosai no Himei しおさいの悲鳴 [030919] Riddle Soft
    The protagonist finds himself as a lowly janitor on a luxury liner when the company he works for after graduating from college goes bankrupt and a friend's betrayal leaves him with 20 Mil yen debt. When he hears that a class of girls from a rich private school charters the liner he schemes to lock some of them up, have sex with them and extort money from them to pay his debts.


    23. Zoku Maid Sangekikan ~Semen Kichiku Choukyou~ 続・メイド惨劇館 ~ザーメン鬼畜調教~ [030922] Black Lilith
    Kyle works at the residence of the noble. One day he witnesses maids attacked by men. He just stands and watches in a shocked state. This cruel night destroys those pale love feelings he was holding in his heart.


    24. Towa mo Nakaba o Sugite 永遠も半ばを過ぎて [030924] I-Raf-You
    By taking a pygmy medicine, the boy's height is reduced to only 3cm. He is teased in sexual ways by childhood friend and his juniors, dives between the breasts of a girl, and so on.


    25. Cox-Bax [030925] Gizmo
    The main character came back to his hometown a while ago, but he makes a living by street performance because he has no relatives there. He is back to his hometown just to meet that man..., his "first" man.... He met the man at the park several years ago. He spoke to him, but he didn't say anything. However, the man suddenly tore off his clothes and entered his finger into the anus.... When he regained his consciousness, the man wasn't there.... He can't forget it.... He just wants to meet the man again.... He just keeps looking for the man....
    Boys Love


    26. Amaori no Ningyouhime ~Tozasareta Tobira, Mesu Ningyou no Shikyuu~ 雨檻の人形姫~閉ざされた扉、牝人形の子宮~ [030926] Optim
    One day she quietly appeared in front of me. 
    What I am only allowed to do is to repeat sexual intercourse over and over every day.
    I do not know why I am locked up... I am not allowed to ask...
    And the next day will come again.


    27. Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku Fandisk 薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク ファンディスク  [030926] Cyc Rosé
    Short Story Collection delivering 20 extra episodes featuring heroes of original game. 
    Boys Love Fandisc


    28. Erocon ~Erotic Controller 4U~ えろコン ~Erotic Controller 4U~ [030926] Zero
    Main character is a university student who lives alone, but at the request of uncle his cousin Yumi gets to live with him. Somehow she gets in the "Electronic Psychology Research Group". One day they are invited to dance, but Yumi suddenly starts to do something sexual while dancing. It turns out that it was due to controller that controls human desires, an experimental invention developed in her club. Main character starts to use this controller to manipulate Yumi lust.


    29. F&C Fandisc in 2003 nen Natsumatsuri えふあんどしいファンディスクin2003年夏祭り [030926] F&C
    Among other goodies there is mini AVG "Summer Return".
    Main character returns to the home town and participates in the summer festival with a girl. The girl knows him, but he has no recollections of her. Is he able to remember the past and solve the mystery of the spirits festival?


    30. Futarijime ~Osananajimi to Natsu to Gimai~ ふたりじめ~幼なじみと夏と義妹~ [030926] Marine
    Last summer the hero of this game went on summer vacation and got to know a beautiful classmate of his better. Whether or not the attraction was mutual; within the short time they spent together he confessed his love to her. Now the hero is in his senior year in high school when his parent (don’t know which one) remarries and lo and behold; his new step-sister is the same girl he confessed to just a year ago--awkward. Now summer vacation has come again and our hero is considering his feelings not just for this girl, but her sister as well--despite the taboo.


    31. Inukko Punipuni ~Hatsujou Keihou Hatsurei Chuu~ 犬っ娘ぷにぷに~発情警報発令中~ [030926] Cronus
    One day a volcano erupts on the island where demi-humans live. Female cousin is allowed to stay at the relatives place in the mainland till danger passes. Demi-humans constitution changes depending on climate. Female cousin in particular starts to get horny periodically. 


    32. Melty Märchen メルティ・メルヘン [030926] Panda House
    Remake of Mel Mel Melty Märchen with improved graphics and extended dialogue. The original version required solving "guesstures"-type puzzles in order to continue reading the tales, but in this port they have been replaced by "Simon"-type puzzles.
    The main story is about a horny nerd who gets all his porn collection stolen by a goddess, and she won't return it to him until he saves the fantasy kingdom. The goddess requires him to help a fairy to retrieve all chapters from classic fairy tales, which seem to have been affected by a computer virus.


    33. Mode MODE~モード~ [030926] Error
    Main character works in a promotion company, but due to recession each division starts to act separately and finance itself from the revenues. He gets a task to supervise mobile site. Wait, but it's an adult site! He has three months to attract 10,000 paid members or he gets broke.


    34. Momikucha ~Kemono ga Hisomu Rush Hour~ 揉みくちゃ~獣が潜むラッシュアワー~ [030926] Zero
    Takuya is on a business travel and standing in a full train. His sexual desire arouses and he touches a woman's bottom. He can not stop his sexual desire any more and he is getting bold. Can he go back to the office safe and sound from a business travel or is he going to be put in a jail?


    35. Natural Another One [030926] F&C Co., Ltd.
    The protagonist (default name Kazehaya Souhei) is a teacher. One day his student Minao Kogawa confesses that she's in love with him but he already has a fiancée Haruka Makise. Realizing she's desperate he gives her a proposal to become his property. In her desperation she agrees ...
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    Recent Entries

    Alright! I recently got into reading visual novels again, and while I wait for the impending demise of this website, I thought about paying homage to it before it goes away for good by using it for what it was originally intended to be for --- visual novels! Because I'm too lazy to look up the appropriate threads to place my thoughts about specific games, this will be their resting place. What better way to start off a blog dedicated to memories with a game placing emphasis on them in the subconscious plane?

    I'll warn you before you continue: The blog is full of my ramblings, so I'm gonna stop paying heed to what's a spoiler and what's not. It's not a review, so don't read it if you don't want to get spoiled! If you're fine with that, be my guest.

    Start of Rambling

    Da Capo. To be honest, I thought the name was pretty funny because I could only visualize one thing from it.

    Image result for capo

    While I may have missed the mark, I at least got the type of thing the title is right. It's referring to a musical term where one repeats the piece from the beginning until the first symbol that functions as the sort of end of that repetition. While I was skeptical of how the term would come into play in the game due to how I perceive some titles to have been chosen just because they sound cool (I'm looking at you, Fate/Stay Night), I was pleased to have encountered the concept in almost every route the game had. To better remember whatever I read, my thoughts will be focusing on each route and the emerging themes in them, and how the concept of "Da Capo" seems to have applied to them overall. But first, I'll think about the common route.

    Common Route


    Time Taken: 2 - 3 hours

    Common route felt like a real dating sim. You have around 10 days to guess your way throughout the places to meet and trigger flags with the different heroines of the game, with the changing of the illustration of the 'calendar' as your guide to whether you're approaching the route you want or not. I tried to actually guess my way through the game blindly at first, but after one route and four failed attempts to get into any other one, I gave up. It's pretty hellish guessing where you can meet the people. After a few attempts though, you kinda get a feel of where they have the highest chance of being based on their personalities, so if you're a guy who hates walkthroughs, don't give up. Just a few more graduations with your best friend Suginami, and you'll be able to grab the girl of your dreams.

    Dialogue was full of quirky fun. My favorite characters by the end of the common route were probably Moe and Suginami with how absurd the kind of situations you find yourself with them are. Miharu comes close to them because of how downright stupid she is. Nothing too special with the dialogue though. Plenty of content here that reminds me of high school life, but that's the majority of Japanese media out there. If anything, it was at least entertaining enough to keep me awake in the wee hours of the night. 

    Now, since the common route was short and filled with SoL content, I'll be moving on from that to the meat of the rambling: the heroine routes. I'll discuss them according to the order in which I think they should be played, based on the kind of content they had.

    Yoshino Sakura

    Related image

    Time Taken: 2 - 3 hours

    Sakura's your obnoxiously annoying imouto-type character, more so than your actual little sister in this game. Combined with her childish aesthetic and speech pattern that makes you go nuts in the head, she's the perfect example of why you sometimes want to just close your machine and get out of the house to get fresh air. While I thought that her mannerisms were pretty damn annoying (as is with a lot of characters that try to be over-the-top cute), I ended up liking how she was made because of its significance to who she is as a character in the game.

    While she's innocent and downright mischievous in the majority of the game, you get glimpses of what lies under her facade every now and then. This is particularly obvious whenever the fantastical aspects of the game, such as the dreams and the never-fading cherry blossoms, are of particular importance to the route. In her own route, you directly experience the consequences of the magical cherry blossom tree, as well as the significance of the encounters in Jun'ichi's childhood. Sakura stops being just your annoying little sister, starting to show her fangs as one of your love interests.

    The gap between the innocent Sakura and the Sakura that harbors malicious feelings gives me satisfaction because of the realization of how they played me like a fool all throughout the common route. While it's obvious that she has magical roots in her bloodline (as well as Jun'ichi's), you don't really get to see the significance of those roots until you're faced with the dangers that accompany the magic they possess. Through the image of cherry blossoms, the magical underpinnings of the game finally come out, and you're faced with a situation where the heroine is actually the source of the different misfortunes that happen throughout the route, especially poignant in Nemu's case.

    What I find most interesting in the route, besides the information dump, is the conflict within Sakura's character. The gap is there, yes, but it didn't come from a desire to create that gap, in which case it would have been placed to hide something. The gap is there because of the responsibility that Sakura bears, and with it, the suffering it entails for her and for the people around her. What needs to be done in order to stop it is to end the source, that is, to end the miracle of dreams --- to free Sakura from the burden of helping people reach their own dreams. It serves as a wake up call for the people of the island, and a form of liberation from the suffering Sakura.

    To be honest, the concept of magic here is pretty shaky. But I get that not knowing the entirety of how the magic works is exactly what makes it so magical in the first place. This encounter with the magical is exactly what I believe to be the best start to the experience with the game, because the death of the cherry blossom tree proves to be significant in the different routes that follow.

    Asakura Nemu


    Time Taken: 2 - 3 hours

    Nemu is the trademark capable imouto character who puts up a reliable facade when with other people, only revealing her weaknesses to her beloved big brother. She also has the added bonus of being a stepsister, so hurrah to those who are into that. If there's any one of the heroines who's the most believable love interest for the protagonist, it has to be Nemu. Along with Sakura, she's one of the heroines with the longest association with Jun'ichi, so it makes sense to have her as a love interest with the time given to them to nurture their budding feelings for one another.

    I thought Sakura's route was hard to understand because of how it talks about things in such a subtle way, but Nemu's was somehow able to make everything even harder to understand. Her sickness was kind of explained in the prior route, but goddamn, they suddenly make it into an internal struggle for Nemu when I already have the culprit in my mind as Sakura. It makes Sakura look worse than ever, even going as far as getting rid of Nemu's memories just to try and lessen the effects that the magic has on her.

    To be honest, the whole struggle with Nemu had a lot of emotions going on for her route, and it really enriches the experience. You finally find true love with your stepsister, then she encounters a potentially terminal illness that you have no idea what to do with. Sakura enters, tries to ruin your relationship with Nemu, but love is stronger than everything. I thought it was pretty nice, to the point that I found myself in tears during her last scenario before the epilogue. The feeling of dreaming about the goodbye, and it finally happening in real life to the two of them, was so overwhelming that the sadness you feel for their situation just pours out.

    ...Then they decide to step on your feelings by ending it in the way they did. Nemu's alright. I mean, it should be obvious for the readers that the death of the cherry blossom tree means the survival of Nemu, but after being faced with stakes as high as that prior to the epilogue, I can't help but feel that they discarded what they've built up for the past 9 pages of scenario in favor of a happy end with Nemu. If the aftereffects or any explanation was at least shown to justify the end, it would have been okay. But they just thrust it at you, as if they wanted to say 'sike' as you were reading it. It really took me out of her route, and it really downplays the whole experience. Frankly, it was pretty disappointing.

    Shirakawa Kotori


    Time Taken: 1.5 - 2 hours

    Kotori's the typical 'most famous girl in the school that falls in love with you for some reason'. She's the type of heroine that swoons because someone finally treated her like she was a normal person, because every other man out there is a beast that seeks romance with her. Her route is probably the most romantic out of all of them, but also the least believable in my opinion. In a laughable span of 10 days, Kotori and Jun'ichi develop feelings for one another, which finally comes into fruition after another week. A relationship that only took 17 days to start. Pretty damn amazing, with the lack of high stakes and all.

    Why is her route romantic? Well, it's full of scenes where they tease and flirt with each other! Compared to the others, Jun'ichi actually sees Kotori as a proper love interest from the start, which is probably why it felt so romantic compared to the rest. It actually made me embarrassed with myself while reading through it, pushing me to a point where I almost developed type 2 diabetes. I'd like to continue on with how embarrassingly sweet it was, but it's a topic not worth rambling about.

    Main conflict in her route was how she's unable to understand other people, and in return, unable to let other people understand her. By now, it's obvious that the game loves overturning the stereotypes it lays out for its heroines by associating the stereotypes with a sort of facade to deal with their inner struggles. For Kotori's case, I was not able to see it coming from a mile away. It comes in and suddenly slaps me in the face because of how casually Kotori mentions it after the end of the matter. With how dissociated I was with her struggle prior to the death of the cherry tree, I ended up feeling that her conflict was kind of shallow and lacking substance, being justified with the use of a special power that I would never have guessed she had. Would have loved to been more exposed to the inner workings of her conflict, especially outside that of dreams.

    Mizukoshi Moe


    Time Taken: 1.5 - 2 hours

    Your standard dojikko. I found her very cute in the common route, and she did not disappoint in her route as well. The gap in her character this time was not exactly a gap, but an underlying reason behind her being a dojikko --- a deep-seated trauma from her past. Moe tries to hide this behind a general face of clumsiness and airheadedness, literally sleeping her problems away.

    I felt like her route had the most potential. You have the ingenious idea of making dojikko not just a stupid trait, but a sort of coping mechanism to deal with the loss of a beloved one in the past. Then you go and end it in like one scene. The deep-seated trauma is warded off with the words "Live happily for him" or something like that. Amazing. If it was that easy to deal with depression and trauma, then therapists would probably be raking in money with the least effort. Or we wouldn't even need them in the first place.

    While I understand that it's the early 2000s and the awareness that comes with these kinds of conflicts is not as fleshed out as it is in our current time, it's still disappointing to see one of those with the most impact being easily solved through mere words. If it was that easy, Moe wouldn't have needed sleeping pills. It honestly makes everyone around her goddamn useless, especially considering she's part of a family that manages a damn hospital.

    Mizukoshi Mako


    Time Taken: 1 hour

    I don't get it. It's so out of place in the game.


    Image result for nisekoi

    Nisekoi, but worse.

    Amakase Miharu


    Time Taken: 1 - 1.5 hours

    Probably my best girl. I love Miharu so damn much. And I loved her damn route. It's everything I wanted from Nemu's route. The ending is exactly what I was looking for in Nemu's --- one that did not disregard the main conflict of the route. The build up ultimately leads to an end that is full of emotion; a satisfying conclusion to their short love story. I cried myself to sleep reading this route. It's so damn good. And the epilogue? My god! I cannot begin to imagine the pangs of pain the heart of Jun'ichi might feel seeing a stark reminder of the love story that ended as quickly as it began. Incredible.

    There's only one picture that can encompass the entirety of this route's glory.


    Image result for mechanical banana

    However, as much as I loved the route and its conclusion, I still had qualms with it. First qualm focuses on the event that triggers the route --- Miharu's accident. I can't believe Jun'ichi doesn't even mention feelings of remorse for the way things transpired. She fell from a tree, and you were in a perfect position to prevent it, had you not left her to her own devices. While not directly culpable for it, it's kinda hard to imagine thoughts about 'what could have been' not surfacing every now and then. Second would probably be about the memory of their past, which led to the unearthing of the time capsule. While it is an emotionally-packed scene, I can't help but to wonder where that places the real Miharu. The feelings between the two might be real, but the promise that the real one and Jun'ichi made as kids seem to have been trampled on, and that just doesn't seem right with me. In a setting where you're trying to act as a substitute for the real one while they're out of commission, directly interfering with one of their most intimate memories kinda feels like a strike to me, because of the implications it has on the prior relationship the real Miharu and Jun'ichi had.

    Sagisawa Yoriko


    Time Taken: 1.5 - 2 hours


    Image result for kitten cherry blossoms

    It was weird, but nonetheless enjoyable. Not much to say here, because it's mostly a feel-good route. You have a catgirl, and you know she was originally a cat but you still fall in love with her. Nice. The most notable thing about her route is probably the loneliness that surrounds it near the end of the scenarios, before the epilogue. Honestly, felt a lot similar to what Miharu's route was, with how abrupt the love story ends. The difference between the epilogue of this route and Nemu's is that the epilogue is properly substantiated, grounded with enough reason (even though it's magical) to be at least a bit believable. It doesn't discard the build up of the conflict prior to it, rather, adds to its significance with the kind of character Misaki is.

    That sex scene was hella unnecessary though.

    Da Capo


    So what made me like the game so much, despite all my qualms about the routes? Well, I think it's how they were able to tie in the title with the main themes of the game, such that they become more meaningful when put against one another. Da Capo, like I mentioned earlier, is essentially a repeat of the beginning, until a point where the end comes. After the end, a new segment of the music begins. This beginning at the end is the main paralleling idea behind the routes of the game (yes, even the disaster that is Mako's). Each route focuses on a particular dream, and these dreams, by the end of the route, mostly end with the death of the cherry blossom tree around May. With its end, the dream the characters live end, and a new reality begins. This idea was especially poignant in Miharu's and Yoriko's routes, where the dream with them literally ends because of how fantastical their existence is in the first place. The others also followed this pattern, with Sakura and the tree, Nemu and her illness, Kotori and her ability to read people's minds, Moe and her repeating dream, and lastly, Mako and the fake relationship (lol).

    With a game following its structure so faithfully, the experience of playing it becomes ever more meaningful because of what you can draw out from the content that it gives you. The little things you encounter in the SoL scenes become ever more meaningful with the theme of dreams and their end lingering behind your mind as your read them. Even the common route itself follows the same pattern, with the focus on graduation and the things that end with it. But as the characters say, with the end, new things begin, and it's exactly that kind of association it has with the majority of its elements that made it such a fun read. The subtleties and symbols that it shows become ever more beautiful, similar to how the cherry blossoms bloom in such an elegant manner, culminating in a shower of fleeting emotions that are rich in their passing.

    Final Thoughts

    Da Capo is far from being perfect, but it's an enjoyable experience. Fresh from the outside, Da Capo is a great VN to start with given its quirky cast, its reputation, and the way it plays with its overarching thematic elements. While full of fantastical stuff, it also doesn't fail to deliver in the romance aspect, although there are some that are quite questionable in their initiation. I'd recommend people starting out to pick it up, such that they may be better acquainted with the type of games that would follow should they decide to read more.

  4. Since we have Amrilato release that focused on Esperanto language lesson and that our female MC did get trapped in anther world that have Esperanto as the man language, I decided to just using the literal translation Trapped in Another World trope in Esperanto here so we have 'Kaptita en Alia Mondo' as this week VNTS Review. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and while today we have Noraneko release my focus here would be more on Nekonyan updates along with Amrilato release (I'll try to talk about Noraneko at the next week VNTS Review). What I can say abut this week here would be slightly calm compared to the last week, simply because there's no updates from Sol Press and no new VN announcement. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

    For fan translation roundup, we have Eustia was at 71.42% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 4.56% translated, Loverable was at 67.08%, and Rhapsody's append and NG+ contents was at 80% translated (Along with some ongoing progress such as menu image work, Chapter 2 TLC and editing, and terminology translation). We have a release from fan translation here, although the release in question is a nukige though in which apparently it's the sequel of a NTR nukige that was released back at December 23rd (I already forgot about it). Speaking about nukige, we also have Cherry Blossom Kiss did release their own nukige in which it tell us about on how both of Shingen Takeda and Uesugi Kenshin are female and that both of them fall in love with the same person (By the way back at Sengoku Rance only Kenshin that was female). Well go get those two nukige if you interested with that and have fun, and by the way those two didn't featured loli heroines although you may didn't like NTR one though.

    Once again we have Mangagamer did have Amrilato release, and once again since they released a VN it mean that they already planned a release at the next month. The release in question is Minagoroshi in which it'll be released at July 18th, so it mean that finally we can have Higurashi's penultimate arc voiced with PS3 graphics. Back to Amrilato, as for the premise we have our female MC Rin suddenly stuck in a world when everyone only fluent in Esperanto. Obviously Rin is in panic seeing that she can't communicate thanks to the language barrier, until she met with a cute girl with the name Ruka who can speak Japanese a bit. From there, both of them teach their own language in order to have better communication. Also curiously Amrilato here is banned by Steam, which to say was quite ridiculous seeing that it's all age VN and that it's also doubled as education VN for Esperanto language. Seeing that I can only guess that perhaps the staffs did have something against Esperanto there, so hopefully next time Valve can standardized Steam's censorship. You can still get it from Mangagamer's store though, so get Amrilato from them if you interested and have fun.

    Back at last Saturday we finally have Nekonyan decided to use Kickstarter in order to fund their physical copy of Aokana, and they'll launched it on Tuesday. While it's quite an important news in that Nekonyan was finally decided to use crowdfund after saying that they'll try their best to not use it, the more important news to me was that Nekonyan will release Aokana digital version one month after KS ended and the KS itself will going for 42 days, so at most we can speculate that we'll have KS final day at July 30th and Aokana release at August 30th (I'll still keep my eyes on the KS though). While the dates is sounds plausible, for now it's only speculation though so it might be change in the future. Speaking about announcement, we have an info that apparently Nekonyan did have more well known title although currently they decided to hold back the announcements though until they halfway finished with the work. And apparently one of those was already almost finished so that Nekonyan announced that they'll have release it at December later, so obviously we must wait until December (If all goes well) to know what's the release (Duh).

    For the rest of the updates from Nekonyan, we have Hello Lady estimate release time was delayed to late Q3, Senren release was already decided at September, and Makeover release was decided at early Q4 later. While for now I still think that it's too early to be sure about the release time, at least we have a new guide and that they may be able to do it now that they already released four VNs. There's also Melty Moment matter, in that apparently the project is troubled seeing that they lost the translator of this. Although apparently they already got a way to deal with that considering that they'll give us the update about it, so let's wait and see here.

    That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

    PS - As for Amrilato's censorship, one can only speculate that the early bath scene there was the reason on why Steam did ban Amrilato, which to say was somehow understandable seeing that even Pulltop who's been infamous for overseas release was asked to do further censorship for Steam release. Also yeah once again Valve really need to be more consistent with their censorship seeing that some of the games in Steam library did have bath scene, and we even have both of Evenicle and Kyonyuu Fantasy on Steam (Those two VNs are have a lot of sex scenes for the reminder).

  5. I will not give a general description of the story as I would assume that anyone picking this up has watched the anime.


    The first part of the VN just retells events from the anime and also often just uses art directly from the anime. This part tells the story from episode 1 to the end of episode 10. As it covers 10 episodes of the anime this part is quite large, especially since lots of things shown visually are instead just told through text and there is a bit of internal monologue that that doesn't really do anything other than make the reading experience longer. I also noticed that it cut out events where Tsukasa the main character is absent, because of this some important Isla moments are lost which I think hurt the story. As an adaption I think it does a rather poor job, not managing to be anywhere near as emotional as the anime in most scenes and for some of the very emotional scenes it just takes a clip from the anime. Because of this I would recommend anyone who wants to read this VN to skip this first part, if you want to refresh your memories of the story before the later part I think you should just watch the 10 episodes of the anime then skip through until you hit the point where you can choose daily events.


    Once the anime adaption part is over you get to an event system where you choose between different events where an event will unlock other events. There are 65 events in the VN as well as 4 dlc events, one being from buying an early copy of the game while I think the others comes as a bonus if you buy it through amazon. As for my thoughts on the events themselves they are a bit mixed. Many of the events felt a bit boring, which mainly had to do with Tsukasa not really being that interesting of a main character, kind of just being a kind hearted optimistic character with no other traits that really matters, as for Isla I think the lack of animation kind of hurts her as the anime uses animation a lot to show her personality which means that she comes of as less interesting and fun than in the anime. The other cast is pretty good and events with them I generally found to be a better. So I am mixed on these events as I found a decent amount of them to be rather boring while others worked quite well. Among these events there are also a few story ones which I think does a good job at exploring a bit more about Isla and more about the Giftia, though there are only a few events that does this and they are rather short. 


    As for endings there are 4 endings where you choose not to confess to Isla (the confession scene is put before the event part of the VN so this choice happens before the daily events and the daily events are not part of these endings). These 4 endings focus on 4 different coworkers and are not romance focused but rather just gives some scenes with them and expand on their personality and past. While I think these does a decent job at this they are all rather short and as such feel kind of lacking. There are also 3 endings where you choose to get together with Isla. One of them is the normal ending which just follows the events of the anime from episode 12 until the end of episode 13. The others are a good ending and a bad ending. The good and bad ending are also rather short. While I think this would be okay though not preferable with the bad ending I think it is quite a shame with regards to the good ending. I expected the good ending to have a decent length and try for a bit more of a major story, but it felt rather rushed and I think it should have had lots of larger events especially since some of the events build up towards it.


    So for my final thoughts. I think this VN is only for people who really like Plastic Memories and feel like they want to know more about the different characters and have an alternate (though kind of lackluster) ending. The first part of the VN should just be skipped and the anime should be used to catch up on the story if you need a refresh of the events. The events range from a bit boring a quite good though they never really impressed me. The different endings were quite decent though a major problem with them is that they are quite short which makes them lack the impact I think they should have. So while I found the VN to have some good parts I think they are a bit too short and the parts that are just kind of decent enough makes it not really enyoable enough for me to really recommend it to most people.


    Front of the physical edition


    Back of the physical edition


    The inside of the physical edition (have already used the code, it unlocks an event in the VN)


  6. Welcome to the second and final part of EVN Chronicles’ NaNoRenO 2019 coverage (if you missed the first part, you can find it here), where I’m going through my highly subjective picks from this year’s submissions to the biggest annual visual novel game jam. While I don’t think any of the games listed this time could seriously threaten the position of Mnemonic Devices as my personal “winner” of the event, there are at least two worth giving closer attention to – Monochrome Blues, which is another excellent story tackling the topics of grief and depression (even though it adds a much more questionable sci-fi subplot to the mix) and Cooked With Love, which stood out with excellent sense of humour and compelling mix of comedy and smart SoL content. Of course, every VN featured here gets my genuine recommendation and I think they’re all worth the humble amounts of time they require to fully read through – especially considering that, once more, they’re all absolutely free and clicking the titles on the list will lead you straight to DRM-free downloads on itch.io. So, let’s find out what else NaNoRenO participants have prepared for us!




    OS-simulation games, where you interact with a story through an imitation of a computer interface, have a pretty rich history in NaNoRenO, with Christine Love’s Digital: A Love Story being probably the best-known example. While RE:BURN is not the most innovative or intricate iteration of this formula, it tells an intriguing, short story using UI of an e-mail client and an online communicator, and the mechanics of deleting or replying to messages instead of typical dialogue choices. The protagonist, a female student who took up a job as an editor in her college’s scientific journal, is tasked with clearing out old emails from the paper's official account. As the messages slowly synchronise, she starts uncovering more and more strange correspondence and even starts receiving popup messages from someone claiming to be her predecessor at the editorial job, giving her borderline-incomprehensible warnings – and whether she listens to them might have some serious and unpredictable consequences.

                    RE:BURN’s intrigue is not particularly deep or memorable, but where the game truly shines is in its inclusion of various writing styles, unique to every character in the story and creating a sense of danger and urgency despite the rather static manner in which you interact with it. I would love to see more interactivity or some Easter eggs hidden within its Windows-like interface, but even as it is now, it’s definitely worth your attention for its brief, 30-40 minute runtime.

    Rating: Recommended

    Monochrome Blues


    While at first Monochrome Blues looks like a simple story about artist’s block and finding inspiration, it features many twists and surprising elements that leads it into a direction that is pretty much impossible to fully anticipate. Although I have some issues with how the plot developed later on, the overall experience of playing through it and reaching the true ending was excellent, espetially due to its more down-to-Earth and emotional story elements. Maja, the burned-out storybook author starting a new job in a preschool after months of deep depression is interesting and likeable, while the descriptions of her grief, lack of inspiration and struggle with simply keeping up with everyday life are believable and compelling. The five four children she takes care of are similarly charismatic, with their drawing sessions and conversations with Maja being among the clear highlights of the game. With a pleasant artstyle and overall solid writing, it’s a small treat that everyone should seriously enjoy… At least if you can forgive some over-the-top twists, that will seriously challenge your suspension of disbelief.

    Rating: Highly Recommended

    Cooked with Love


    Cooked with Love is a somewhat ironic VN about a messy college student (you can choose their gender and name) trying to prepare an ad-hoc dinner for their crush, after their wallet, along with the money for their date, mysteriously vanishes. The first part of the game consists mostly of a mini-game, where the protagonist tries to combine the underwhelming selection of ingredients they were able to find in their house (which they share with two other students), without a real clue what they’re doing, as they have no experience in cooking whatsoever. Then, they have to decide whether to go on with the date, or rather cancel it altogether and share the miserable results of their work with their roommate, Brooks. This creates two brief routes, with multiple possible outcomes depending on your “cooking” and dialogue options you choose.

                    While relatively short and simple, the game charms with its humour and witty dialogue – the overall silliness of the story is coupled with characters that are exaggerated, but ultimately likeable and relatable in some ways, to a rather compelling effect. I've had quite a lot of fun exploring different, desperate "dishes" you can prepare with ingredients such as old instant noodles and an egg salad stolen from your roommate, and the dialogue they provoke after being presented to protagonist's date. The "right" dish & dialogue combination that will lead you to optimal results are sometimes quite hard to find, but it only takes a bit of patience to crack the "puzzle" by trial and error. The visuals are stylish, making for a really nice overall package – definitely one of the best games in the event and one you shouldn't miss out on.

    Rating: Highly Recommended

    Robot Daycare


    Robot Daycare is a short (about 1,5h of reading) story primarily about friendship and dealing with loss, but adds a very interesting twist in form of an AI observing the three main characters’ crumbling relationship and learning either the best or the worst of human nature, depending on player’s choices. The AI – a robot created as a college project by the said group of friends shortly after their roommate committed suicide, might witness them either coming to terms with the tragedy they went through and reconcile after a period of denial and shifting blame, or tear each other apart with accusations and hateful outbursts. The former scenario will lead you to a heartwarming and SoL-focus good route, while the latter will quickly devolve into a full-on horror story.

                    This seamless fusion of genres is Robot Daycare’s most unusual feature and one of the main things that make it worthwhile, but the general quality of the writing and the game’s visual aesthetic are not bad either (although the art is simple and somewhat cartoonish, and the default resolution of the game is quite low, making it run in a rather tiny window). While I didn’t enjoy some of the overly-optimistic developments in the good route, the drama the game portrayed and its both positive and negative consequences were quite compelling to read through. The same can be said about an AI trying to comprehend human emotion and going haywire is a few different ways because of that – this might not be the best implementation of that idea that I’ve seen, but still one definitely worth experiencing.

    Rating: Recommended

    A Hero and a Garden


    Npckc is an author that uses simple art and stories to tackle the issues of otherness, prejudice and discrimination. A Hero and a Garden is one of the larger and more interesting attempts on their part, subverting the traditional trope of a knight rescuing a  kidnapped princess from an evil witch. Our protagonist, who tried to be a hero like the ones from the medieval epics, ends up in humiliating captivity, cursed by the witch to help restore the monster village he destroyed during his misguided rescue attempt. While he tends to magic plants growing incredibly potent “berries” (this introduces a simple, clicker gameplay mechanic), he interacts with inhabitants of the village, the princess and eventually the witch herself, learning that nothing is as simple as he thought (while we learn the surprising nuances and tragic elements of his own backstory).

                    While the message of tolerance is just as present here as in other npckc’s games, A Hero and a Garden makes an especially interesting commentary on how social expectations and roles we are assigned to by others shapes our lives and perspectives. Its simplicity makes it the kind of game I would love to see presented to children and talked about in classes, but even for an adult reader it’s a nice, casual experience, with enough thought-provoking and creative elements to be worth investing an hour or so into.

    Rating: Recommended


    And this concludes my NaNoRenO posts for this year. Last time, due to RL issues, I didn’t get to cover the event at all and it was a really fun experience to go through all those wildly different, creative games that often stay heavily underappreciated just because of how crowded and relatively niche the jam is. I hope my highlights convinced at least some of you to give these VNs a chance. I’d also like to give shout out to two games that narrowly didn’t make it to the list: Mikomi Kisomi’s Alice in Stardom, which offers a fun, but slightly shallow story about chasing your dreams against all odds and HitOrMissy’s Fetch Quest, which won me over with its humour and fun approach to “fantasy” storytelling, but disappointed with its lack of sound and music.

                    So, thank you all for going with me on the journey through this year’s NaNoRenO VNs! I hope I’ll be able to repeat this after the next edition of the jam and be sure to look out for my Yuri Game Jam summary later this year – that event is something I’ll never skip on, as long as my blog is active. Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. Clephas
    Latest Entry

    Mmm... this month had a lot of fantasy, so it is probably normal I played more VNs this month than the last few... oh well.

    Anyway, Renran Spirichu is the latest release from Parasol, a charage-specialist company.  Umm... to be honest, I couldn't bring myself to do more than one path of this game, and the one path I did was Botan's (the catgirl).  This game's premise is fairly terrible, with girl exorcists possessing breasts in direct proportion to their spiritual power.  Not only that, but the protagonist screws three of the heroines in the common route out of necessity (the reason is pretty par for the course). 

    I'm going to be straight with you... this game makes a number of pathetic attempts to be funny, all of which fall flat.  The best part of this game is the ichaicha, and, considering I'm not an ichaicha fan, that tells you just how bad it is.  Oh, there is a story... but you have to dig through so much filler material to get to it that it is exhausting to read.  The heroines are all deredere by the end of the common route, and the only real difference the path seems to make is which one he focuses on *sighs*

    Anyway, this isn't something I can seriously recommend, even to charage-lovers...

  8. A few days ago I watched an anime about a series of child murders. The show was pretty solid except for the fact that I was able to correctly guess the culprit the moment the show established that they were going to be more than just a minor character. Was it because the show was really bad at foreshadowing? No, except for one scene where the protagonist casually mentions that the culprit could be someone he knows. Was the character behaving suspiciously? No, they were cooperative to the point of actively sabotaging the murder attempts. Then what did they do wrong to earn my suspicions right from the beginning?

    Be a grown male authority figure with a more or less friendly relationship to the young protagonist without being related to them by blood. I'm relatively new to anime and visual novels*, and I've already seen characters fitting this description turn out to be villainous to varying degrees in about ten different titles (in one of them even twice within a few chapters).**  Some of these guys are just being forced into doing something shady because of unfortunate circumstances while some them are psychopathic monsters because the writers liked themselves some shock value. Sometimes they are only minor villains or even red herrings, sometimes they are the big bad. What most of them have in common is that they at least pretend to be helping the protagonist out to the best of their abilities while secretly using the information they get from their conversations against them. I found only one example where the character in question is female, and even then the same twist happens another time with the male one being the major villain (#feminism I guess?).

    I get why this trope is popular with writers. The culprit should be someone who has been introduced early on and appeared in a reasonable amount of scenes for their reveal not to come out of nowhere. They should be an adult to have the necessary physical, mental and financial capabilities to properly commit and cover up a crime. Having a close relationship with the protagonist is a good justification for giving them enough scenes in a story that mostly revolves around younger characters. Add to that the betrayal of the protagonist's trust and you have everything for a good dark twist.

    So in theory "the nice adult is actually a murderer" can be a very effective trope if well implemented, it's just so overused it lost most of its its element of surprise, at least to me. I suspect that the writers of some of the titles I consumed were aware of this, but instead of not utilizing the trope they took the "let's add shock value by making the bad guy psychopatically evil" route, which is something that rarely turns out well, even if you add in discussions about the nature of psychopathy. I would really love to give examples of cases where I either really liked or really hated the implementation of this trope to add a bit more substance to my rambling. But I have no idea how to discuss plot twists when even mentioning the title of the game means spoiling them, so this will have to do.



    *This twist isn't exclusive to Japanese media. For example two of the first four Harry Potter books utilize it and I played one well known western storytelling game that does as well.

    **I even went through my vndb profile and made a list to confirm this. The reason I don't share it here is obviously spoilers.

  9.                                                                                  Sekai Project


    Start of Kickstarter

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    World End Economica

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    November 11th 2014

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    March 2016

    Grisaia Trilogy

    December 2014

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    Memory’s Dogma

    June 2015

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    The Human Reignition Project

    June 2015

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    Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project

    October 2015

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    Root Double

    January 2016

    March 2016

    November 2016

    Chrono Clock

    August 2016

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    A Clockwork Ley-Line

    Febuary 2017

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    Fatal Twelve

    March 2017

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    Hoshizora No Memoria

    May 2017

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    Shining Song Starnova

    August 2017

    August 2018

    June 2019

    A light in the Dark

    February 2018

    June 2018

    Not yet delivered

                                                  Tokyo Chronos                                                 

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                         April 2019                      

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    Corona Blossom vol 1

    June 2016

    October 2016

    Not yet delivered

    Corona Blossom vol 2

    September 2016

    December 2016

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    Sharin no Kuni

    November 2016

    October 2017

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    Corona Blossom vol 3

    December 2016

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    Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 1 and 2

    March 2017

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    March 2019

    Grisaia Complete box (part of Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 1 and 2 kickstarter)

    March 2017

    Q4 2017

    Febuary 2019

    Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 3

    June 2017

    September 2017

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    Wonderful Everyday

    August 2017

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    Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 4

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    Momoiro Closet

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    Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 5

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                                                                                      Sol Press


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    Sakura Sakura

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    Newton and the Apple Tree

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    Irotoridori no Sekai

    Febuary 2019

    December 2021

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    September 2015

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    Libra of the Vampire Princess

    December 2015

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    Dies Irae

    December 2016

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    March 2018

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    Venusblood Frontier

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    Seven Days

    September 2018

    January 2019

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  10. Detective Masochist features 20 porn scenes in total. Each scene has multiple CGs with numerous variations.

    Heavy use of zooming and panning functions convey motion and focus scenes. For example, when a futa dick is about to penetrate your ass, camera zooms in on the dick. This creates a sense of fluid motion that mimics animation, no doubt saving the budget.

    The scenes are almost always focused on outercourse, tease, and denial. When penetration happens, chances are it’s the woman doing the fucking. If role-reversal turns you on, this game will be a great experience!

    Erotic dialogue is frequently centered on the women calling your dick “small but cute” as they lovingly step all over you, literally. Handjobs are frequent. The girls deny you the pussy and keep you submissive!

    The scene I like best is when your character finally loses his virginity to the busty but shy beauty of the game. She was a virgin as well, and watching the trickles of blood in the game’s first vaginal sex scene, was glorious!



    • 1
    • 0
    • 62

    Recent Entries

    Lab Rats features over 50 sex scenes, each exploring a unique scenario.

    The author showcases mastery of the art of escalation. With the brainwashing fetish, it’s important that things progress slowly for the sake of realism. The first hour of gameplay is mostly looking but no touching!

    Use your verbal skills and skills in chemistry to make the women more comfortable with sex. Eventually, you won’t need to pump their heads full of bullshit. They’ll be horny sluts all on their own!

    Sex positions are very predictable, with missionary and doggystyle featured in the vast majority of content. Also, there are no animations, and movement is conveyed entirely via writing.

    As the girls become more corrupted, you can influence their behavior more. Will you convince your stepmom to go off her birth control? Will you convince your sister to have sex with her internet boyfriend? Will you get your professor to become a slut that takes random dick with no protection? Or do you want them to be loyal only to you?

    The huge variety of scenarios and control over your harem makes for a great porn gaming experience.



    More Info Here

  11. Heya, people! It's such a long time I don't see you guys, I almost forgot my password to this forum. Guess Fuwa is still alive and kicking just like me, huh. First of all, sorry I disappeared from the face of the Earth and if I disappointed any fans I might had in this site (silly me). Since last time I posted back in February, a lot of things happened so if anyone's curious (maybe the aforementioned imaginary fans of mine) about what the hell's been happening with me, do keep reading. I talk about VNs, anime, and other disgusting weeb things, but it does include some personal shit. Well, a blog is a blog.

       1) Maybe I mentioned this a huge while ago at some point, but I'm pursuing a master's degree in the structural engineering field. All was going well and good, but now it came the time for me to write my thesis. Oof. So yeah, that's the main reason I became a ghost as my weekday free times went down the drain along with my hopes and dreams. It doesn't help my thesis requires some programming knowledge that may be more than what I can chew, sasuga me (whining aside, it's coming along fine as of now, let's hope I can keep it up).

       2) Not only my free time evaporated but also my attention spam. I'm honestly having a hard time staying focused for more than 40 minutes in the same task. When that happens, I usually take a short break to relax before going back. Except I move on to something else, oops.

       3) Related to the problem mentioned in 2, I fearfully discovered a new wonderful world that's now high in my interests list: gacha games. Their content is usually bite sized (except in events, but I don't play all that seriously... I think), I can auto play to grind, and I can play on the train going to uni. No huge time investment at once required, so what can possibly go wrong (dramatic zoom on my face)? Fortunately, I'm still keeping my two accounts (yep) free-to-play and I feel that I grew a lot on the self control department because of this www. Seriously though, never invite me to a casino trip, I may have an undiscovered gamble addiction and I don't want to open that door. But yeah, if anyone else plays Opera Omnia or Shining Live send me a friend inviteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

       4) Even with all that going on, I still find time to at least watch my anime and read my VNs, surprisingly. Thank God for weekend. Guess cutting yourself off of social media truly does wonders too, huh. Not that I check Twitter on occasion to look at art or anything... Soooo about that weeb shit...

          4.1) La Squadra was right all along

          4.2) I'm still a proud BL trash. From what I recently finished, the highlights are Sweet Pool and Nie no Machi. Both are really really amazing games, both scored higher than 9 in my book, and I definitely want to write a review for them at some point. Spread that love, Maggie!

          4.3) I'm actually a bit slow on the otomege department, sorry >.<  I did get Steam Prison and read both of the Prisoner Routes, but I'm not in the right mindset to keep going with it. I wouldn't enjoy it if I force myself through it. Eltcreed and Ulrik were striking my fancy, so I want to savor them. ......Okay, that came out wrong.

          4.4) EVN ftw, I always find some time to read them. Nanoreno gave me some nice short experiences, the highlight being Monochrome Blues despite the ending kek. Oh, and read Heart of the Woods, people. It's an order. High quality shit right there.

          4.5) Also I keep stumbling upon horror games and I'm okay with this. Recently I played Death Mark. As usual, I went without a walkthrough, solving every mystery by myself. Totally worth it. And it also have very good sound design. Mashita best boi.

          4.6) It does sounds like a lot, but there's nothing much more than what I mentioned wwwwww

          4.7) Did I mentioned La Squadra? (<-- edit that bit out, I totally did, as I should)

       5) Now, about my Fuwa life. I'll probably remain on indefinite hiatus, but every time I find the file I wrote some ideas for Dank a Ronpa, I feel sad. "How could I write such a shit story?" Jokes aside, I can try to maybe finish it at some point when Derg finished his battle royale. Such a rude, I gave him such a brutal death in my story and I didn't even debut on his smh. But yeah, I accept suggestion of what to do with it? Give it a Berserk treatment and finish it soon TM? Write all the bad ideas I had for it and let you guys fill the blanks yourselves in a very lazy way? Make each one of you write a chapter, put everything together, approve it as canon and call it a day? Decisions, decisions. Actually, I'm actually paying a homage to it in this post, as I'm not proof reading anything, hope you spot the reference.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's it, I guess. For all of you that reach this line without pressing page down 3 times in less than 3 seconds, a big thank you. Please smash that like button and subscribe to someone's channel that's more active than me. Love, peace, and hope to see you all eventually when I get my degree! Until them!

  12. I’m not writing this for you. I’m writing it for myself.


    I met my soulmate about a week before I started the first, transitional year of elementary school. I guess that means we were like, six or seven years old? She was sitting on the swing in the playground next to an apartment complex, and for whatever reason I was drawn to her instantly – I broke off from my parents and greeted her, and we got along like a house ablaze.

    The next time I saw her was at school. She was in my class, and it was only natural that we’d be inseparable from that point on. Or was it? There was another boy who by now I barely remember who used to be in the picture, but he moved away. I think at one point she – I guess I’ll call her M – told me I was actually her second choice, but that other boy had left, so she’d picked me. Looking back I find myself analyzing this interaction as heckin’ weird, but at the time I accepted this without feeling bad about it. I guess I used to be even more obviously autistic than I am now.

    Soulmates, for those reading who have had the misfortune of never having had one, are a real thing. It’s hard to describe the feeling of absolute, utter 乗り, of flow, I felt in her presence. Sometimes I doubt myself – did she feel the same? – and I guess by now I’ll probably never know. But there was something there I have never felt interacting with anyone else in my life.

    She and I were best friends for I think five years. For most of them, as far as I know, I was essentially a donkan eroge protagonist, going as far as openly telling other people ‘she loves me, but I don’t love her’. We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend to each other for a little while at the end, but the most intimate thing that ever happened was a hug. Technically we got best couple at a dance or something, but frankly what I did there was a performance, not *real*. So I’m left with the curious feeling that while I may have unlocked the achievement ‘kissed a girl’, though we never did do it in the French fashion, I have never done it when it truly meant something to me. I think it’s fair to say I was a late bloomer when it comes to emotional maturity, if I ever hit it.

    Eventually we slid apart, gradually, seemingly as naturally as we were first joined. Different classes and different friend circles meant we rarely met. We actually did happen to join up once again after having slid apart, however, and it felt just like to old times to me as we took a walk together. But that was it; we went to different high schools, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her since then.

    今でも彼女を会いたいなぁっと想い、毎年あの炎に行く。 Mum told me she went to IT-Gymnasiet. 毎年「やっぱり居ないなぁ」って感じで炎の原始的な美しさを楽しみながらちょっとした悔しい思いも含む状態でいる。 She talks to M’s mum sometimes, I guess. 必死染みた所もあり彼女を探して失敗して、毎度悔いの有る想いを持ちながら火を観るのも飽き、家を向いて戻り始める。


    View the full article

  13. Originally posted on Pixels, Polygons, Prose.

    Another year, another NaNo. For the uninitiated, NaNoRenO (short for...nothing at all; it's a reference to NaNoWriMo) is a month-long visual novel game jam which has occurred each March since 2005. I chose not to participate myself this year, but like each year since I've gotten into visual novels, I've been looking forward to the entrants—some pretty amazing games have come out of NaNos of the past.

    I couldn't go through every single entry, but I've provided an overview of several of the completed games (no demos, sorry! I couldn't go through all 90 entries in just two weeks!). There might be some minor spoilers ahead.


    Title: Contract Demon
    Developer: NomnomNami
    Original release date: March 30, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 25 minutes

    Contract Demon is a kinetic novel set in the same universe as the Treat series, Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, and First Kiss at a Spooky Soiree, featuring demon Kamilla having to deal with the affections of (and her affections towards) the angel who keeps summoning her. Nami's stuff is always a treat to enjoy (pun not intended), and this is no exception. Contract Demon is equal parts cute, funny, and romantic, and well worth the time it takes to read it.


    Developer: npckc
    Original release date: March 29, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 2 hours (before an update which made the gameplay take less time, so it'll likely be less now)

    A HERO AND A GARDEN is a cute VN/clicker hybrid about a wannabe hero who destroyed a town of monsters while trying to rescue a princess who (unbeknownst to him) didn't want to be rescued. As penance, the "evil witch" who lives in the town has cursed him and forced him to harvest berries for the townspeople.

    The clicker mechanic is very simple, but the VN as a whole is a heartwarming experience, with the protagonist learning about the town and the monsters who live in it, and realizing that what he thought the world was like isn't really what the world is like at all.


    Title: After the END
    Developer: Stomach God
    Original release date: March 28, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac
    Availability: itch.io (free)
    Approximate time for completion: 30 minutes

    After the END takes place a decade after the start of a zombie apocalypse which killed or turned nearly every person in the world; protagonist BB believes they are the only person left alive and spends their time exploring the wasteland. The current town they're in has 12 houses to explore, but there's only enough time to explore 8; you're all but guaranteed to die a few times before managing to get the good ending.

    I'm not a huge fan of zombie apocalypse stories, but After the END manages its setting fairly well despite some technical issues (the "skip read text" function also skips unread text) and a few text errors.


    Title: Cooked with Love
    Developer: STARDUSTSODA
    Original release date: March 31, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 30 minutes

    College student Perry (nameable) finds themself in a dilemma after they finally ask their crush Lily out—their wallet goes missing the night they planned to take her out to a fancy restaurant! They come up with the idea of a home-cooked meal instead, but Perry has never cooked before, and there's not a whole lot for them to work with. Luckily, Perry's roommate Brooks is there to provide emotional support (not during the date. That would just be weird).

    A fun, short VN with a crafting minigame and a great sense of humor, Cooking with Love is extremely polished for a jam game, featuring animations and simple customization (name entry, short/long hair, pants/skirt, he/she/they pronouns). If it weren't for its short length, I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this as a commercial game.

    One of the highlights of the game is trying out different combinations of food to see what "dishes" you get; I didn't think you could turn all that into...those.

    Also, I think I have a crush on Lily too. Oops.


    Title: Seven Seasonings
    Developer: Sleepy Agents
    Original release date: March 30, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 30 minutes

    A surreal VN with a unique aesthetic and an interesting soundtrack. The game makes use of an inventory system, randomized stats, map movement, and a simple trading mechanic; I'm not entirely sure how (or if) they affect the story. Seven Seasonings is one of those stories where I'm not quite certain what happened or what any of it meant, but it provides an interesting topic to think about.


    Title: One Last Salty Kiss
    Developer: fullmontis
    Original release date: March 31, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 50 minutes

    A kinetic novel about a newly-single man who finds an unconscious woman on the beach one night; what results is an emotional vignette about life, death, and the roles our memories play in our well-being. I felt the whole thing moved too fast; I'm not a fan of stories where the couple goes from zero to True Love in the space of two days.


    Title: Charles 2.0
    Developer: Team Conwolf
    Original release date: March 31, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 40 minutes

    Charles 2.0 has what's probably the best logline of the jam:

    You're the President, but you have no memories. Crap.

    Short, sweet, and to the point. This isn't an amnesia story; you're playing as a clone of Charles Denton, President of the United States, and must gather enough information about "yourself" and the country to bluff your way through a press conference without arousing any suspicion. Nobody can know that you're a clone, not even Charles' husband Lorenzo or assistant/polyamorous boyfriend Jonas. The result is a story that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout and is one of my favorites of the jam.


    Title: Enc and the Flying Machine
    Developer: TangledVirus
    Original release date: March 30, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 20 minutes

    Enc and the Flying Machine tells the story of a mushroom girl tasked to write about machines. While the setting is interesting, I found the story hard to follow at times, with the occasional confusing wording. Besides that, though, it's a lighthearted story about friendship and love, and hopefully some polish on the text can help bring that out more.


    Title: RE:BURN
    Developer: Jane Titor
    Original release date: April 1, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 25 minutes

    Closer to interactive fiction than a traditional visual novel, RE:BURN finds you in the shoes of Charisse LaFlamme, newly-minted part-time editor for an academic journal. One of your jobs is to delete all the old emails that have been accumulated over the past few months. However, things soon start to get really weird. The game was written by one of the writers of DemiDato, one of the projects I'm working on—but trust me, they're two very different games. RE:BURN is something closer to horror; it does a good job at unsettling you just enough to make you wonder if you're really making the right decisions.


    Title: this was for you.
    Developer: Watercress
    Original release date: April 1, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 50 minutes

    this was for you. is one of the more technically-advanced entries of the jam, featuring lots of animations, voice acting, and general polish. Our nameable protagonist is grieving the loss of their best friend, Ji-min, whom they only knew through a VR world. While it works for its duration, it ends abruptly, without a satisfying conclusion, leaving me in a weird limbo where I don't really know if I can recommend it or not.


    Title: Robot Daycare
    Developer: Kigyo
    Original release date: March 31, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free)
    Approximate time for completion: 1 hour 40 minutes

    One of the longer non-gameplay entries in the jam, Robot Daycare follows a trio of college students as they create and raise a robot child for an assignment. How the story goes from there is based on a handful of choices—not exactly revolutionary for visual novels, but the two paths are very different, with the good path being a story about friendship and trust and the bad path being a straight-up horror story. (Some of the descriptions in the horror path are...eurgh. No wonder there's an option to disable gory text.) Both paths are good, but in different ways, obviously.


    Title: REDD War
    Developer: Good Tales
    Original release date: March 31, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Availability: itch.io (free/PWYW)
    Approximate time for completion: 1 hour

    Hm, so this is a story about murder being legal for 12 hours...

    No, that doesn't remind me of anything at all.

    Parallels with famous movie series aside, I just couldn't get into this one. A high school student gets caught up in a REDD War, where Earth-occupying murderous aliens are legally allowed to murder any human they want for 12 hours (whereas humans are bound by normal laws and cannot kill REDD except in self-defense). Ultimately, the "killer aliens" trope doesn't do anything for me, and I spent most of the story being vaguely uncomfortable (in a bad way). Watching two of the bloodthirsty REDD call the timid REDD a pussy over and over is just annoying (and yes, I know that the other two REDD are supposed to be unlikable, but they're not the fun kind of unlikable that makes hating them enjoyable).

    I also thought it was strange that it includes a warning for violence after the cold open where some aliens murder a guy in cold blood.


    Title: Alice in Stardom
    Developer: Crystal Game Works
    Original release date: April 1, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Availability: itch.io, Steam (free)
    Approximate time for completion: 1 hour 40 minutes

    The best part of Alice in Stardom is the writing during the performances themselves (aside from the pointless minigame); everything else is hit-or-miss. I had a hard time getting into the entire concept thanks to my distaste for idols, made stranger by the decision to set the story in what appears to be the USA in 2019, where the idol culture Alice in Stardom depicts really doesn't exist (source: I live in the USA in 2019).

    I'm a bit confused by the minigame. I failed it the first few times since the game doesn't explain what you're supposed to do (click on the lyrics in the order in which they appear). It doesn't really add anything except making going for your second/third route take a couple minutes longer.

    Additionally, the "romance" is limited to about three lines (total, across all three routes, although the end of Taylor's route can be interpreted as romantic subtext). There's nothing wrong with a story about friendship or friendship-that-could-lead-to-romance—but I think it makes the "lesbian" and "yuri" tags on itch more than a bit misleading.


    Title: Mnemonic Devices
    Developer: Minyan
    Original release date: April 2, 2019
    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Availability: itch.io (free)
    Approximate time for completion: 1 hour 30 minutes

    I'm generally not a huge fan of the amnesia trope, but Mnemonic Devices has one of the more interesting takes on it that I've seen: the (customizable) protagonist (default name Quinn) eventually finds out that they are actually an extremely advanced android assassin, whose current mission is to kill corrupt hot-shot lawyer Caesar Rivera—who also happens to be Quinn's husband. (They had to get close to him to gather information on him, you see.) The person who breaks the news to you is Quinn's partner Alto, who does a really bad job of hiding how madly in love with them he is.

    The game itself, however, does a really good job at balancing both routes to make them equally satisfying, although I personally preferred Alto's route. There's a lot of moral ambiguity regarding whether or not to kill Caesar; the game doesn't really say that either is more or less right than the other, though they lead to different endings depending on which route you're on.

  14. I've been seeing people wondering about Daitoshokan's translation, so I'm making this compilation of screenshots just to show what the experience is like in English.

    The further down you go, the further into the game you are. But these screenshots are all from the first half of the common route and earlier, so I wouldn't worry terribly.



    Incidentally, the advice was that if you give an inch, they'll take a mile; or all the space in the train, as it were.


    I mean, what else would a student be doing in a Geology class? Wait, this was actually a Math class?


    Finally a game I can empathise with.


    Thank you for your help picking up the rubbish with us. Goodbye.


    Being able to read your book whilst executing any task or walking anywhere is a genuine skill, Ms. Suzuki!


    Bless you.


    I don't even like oysters.


    I've met the character in question. Can confirm.


    The face of innocence.


    Operation: "Call her tiny"


    What slander.


    Sluggo is lit 8)


    You have my tacit agreement.


    Everyone has a limit to what they can take, and she has unfortunately reached it...


    Common sense? What's that? Can you eat it?


    We needed to fill our quote of quintessentially Japanese conversations.


    Whatever. Femininity isn't worth this...


    Today's youth is hitting tragic levels of cynicism.


    These things happen... you know.


    I love the member(s of the Library Club).


    Alas... Farewell, Reggie.


    The (not tiny) face of innocence.


    People should fix their habits of asking questions before thinking.


    Sakuraba is the manliest in the room at any point. Including in the toxic depravity. Down girl!


    A nice, polite talk between nice, polite girls.


    I do love a protagonist capable of talking back.


    How he is loved by his junior.

    A story in two parts:




    Ms. Suzuki has the dubious honour of sharing the butt monkey position with Takamine:




    But it's not like she isn't crazy enough to bring it on herself.


    I feel like I'm on the cusp of a realisation... but... what is it...?



    I think the VN is super fun, and really, that's all I care about, to be honest.

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    Recent Entries

    This is the prologue of the book I'm currently writing (though, given my procrastinating habits, it will never see the light of day). 


    It was a foggy night on the research center docks. A front came through during the day, dropping the temperature and raising the humidity. As a result, the ferry to the mainland was forced to delay for a night, and the ‘guests’ scheduled to leave were forced to stay for another night.

    Unfortunate for the slightly overweight security guard watching the entrance to the restricted sections of the center, not so unfortunate for his assailant.

    The middle-aged white man with the brown beard never saw the small clawed hand that swept across his throat, opening it in a spray of arterial blood that splattered across the bulletproof glass of his station.

    Uzume, his killer, wiped her bloodied fingers off on his clothing, shoving his still warm hand down on the biometric pad in front of his corpse to give authorization for the temporary security ID she’d set the system to print. A small plastic card with a magnetic strip and another, much older, woman’s face on it slid out of the output socket and into her other hand.

    With no visible emotion, her glowing golden eyes regarded the corpse for a moment before she vanished into the mists, gliding through them toward the restricted building.

    Uzume’s features were elfin and delicate, showing traces of her mother’s land of origin, but what truly stood out were the two triangular furred ears sticking out of her pitch black hair, flicking back and forth as they caught faint noises in the distance. The two sinuous furred tails emerging from just above her buttocks only gave more evidence to her inhumanity, if the eyes were not a dead giveaway.

    The catlike demihuman moved with a grace and speed that no human could match, killing each security guard she came across with perfect strikes of her clawed hands, leaving their corpses to cool on the concrete. The client specified havoc and slaughter, and she had every intention of giving him just that.

    When she finally reached the outermost doors, she slid her new ID card through the reader, causing the thick metal door to click open and swing outward. She slid inward and rushed the guard standing just inside before he could cry an alarm, slamming her left palm into his belly to prevent him from crying out before thrusting her right index finger into his left eye, using the grip this gave her on his head to draw the head back to bear the throat, which she bit into without a second’s hesitation, ripping his throat out with her razor sharp canines.

    The taste of salty, warm human blood upon her tongue threatened to send her in to a state of excitement, but she forced it downward with the same iron will that allowed her to survive her life so far. She dropped the human to the ground at her feet, pocketing his sidearm for later use, along with his two spare magazines of 9mm ammunition.

    In the next room, she found another guard sleeping, and, using the claw at the end of her right index finger, precisely pierced his voice box without harming the nearby arteries, ensuring he wouldn’t be able to cry out an alarm. Two slashes of her claws separated the tendons at the elbow, and she jammed the edge of her hand into the wound before using a spell to force-heal it, sealing the skin, flesh, and bone around the damage without undoing it. She couldn’t afford for him to die just yet, but she didn’t want him able to struggle effectively.

    With impossible strength, she dragged him to the nearby biometric scanner , forcing him to activate the combination palm print and retinal scan, opening the doorway into the center’s inner sanctum.

    With the same carelessness a child gives to a discarded toy, she snapped his neck and dropped him to the floor, flowing through the open doorway before it could shut.

    There was no guard at the station inside. Unsurprising, as by all accounts the facility’s security budget was cut by the current project manager only weeks before. The assault rifle armed guards on the grounds and the two layers of biometric scanners probably seemed more than enough to prevent intrusion in the eyes of a scientist.

    A young woman, most likely in her mid-twenties, stepped out of a nearby room, rubbing bleary eyes, her labcoat stained with chemicals that smelled sour to Uzume’s oversensitive nose. Without hesitation, Uzume slammed her right palm into the woman’s nose, forcing her back into the room she left, even as she drove stiffened clawed fingers deep into her belly, tearing through her innards viciously, shredding her stomach and ripping deeply into her left lung.

    Seeing two other scientists behind the woman, looking stupefied, she leapt over the woman with a display of inhuman agility and tore the face off one, twisting in midair to hit the metal wall feet first before launching herself to tear the throat out of the other. The gurgling noises of the dying were all that signified the three terrible blows dealt, and Uzume noted that she had cut half of face-torn one’s tongue out, causing him to choke on his own blood.

    With a sigh, she slammed the heel of her booted foot into his throat, crushing his trachea. His eyes were gone, but a witness was a witness.

    Uzume’s form-concealing black clothing was already soaked with blood, and her face was splattered with it, especially around her mouth. She took a moment to use the dying woman’s labcoat to wipe the worst of it off of her face before moving on in perfect silence.

    She also wiped the caked blood off of her claws with a white cloth as she continued making her way through the facility, stopping at each room to kill those within in perfect silence. Most didn’t even have time to react before their corpses hit the floor, and that was no surprise. The speed with which she moved was beyond the human ability to react, to the point where two or three were usually dead before any remaining individuals within realized something had happened. Uzume’s kind lay outside the realm of human common sense, which was why they were so effective at work like this.

    It took her almost an hour to clean out the accessible areas of the facility, literally painting the walls red in places. Going back through the facility, she used the drying blood of her victims to write a series of symbols on the wall of each room before heading for the way out.

    As she reached the door she came in through, she activated the spells with a thought, and flames burst into being throughout the facility, erupting from the blood within, burning everything, starting a conflagration that would gain the attention of the rest of the facility as a whole within moments. Unfortunately for anyone investigating the incident, there wouldn’t be enough material evidence remaining to get even the vaguest idea of what had happened.

    Uzume stripped naked, tossing her clothing and boots into the flames inside without a second thought, gliding back into the mists with the same grace and silence she’d displayed upon arrival.

    As she left the grounds, her body shifted, the ears and tail melting away, her metallic golden eyes becoming a mundane brown, the blood in her hair and on her skin vanishing as it was consumed as an afterthought to power the shift.

    So it was that a young human woman named Uzume, an unremarkable half-Japanese woman knelt down in a group of bushes and dressed in the plain school uniform she’d used to gain access to the island. There was no sign of the terrible grace and horrifying brutality she’d shown only minutes before in the slow, shuffling gait of the woman that remained behind, though their elfin features were the same.

    She made her way back to the employee dorms ‘her class’ was staying in without the least sign of guilt or concern, for all the world as if she really were the young student she appeared to be…

  15. Hello. I am the guy who wrote that review of Little Busters that everyone hated because I did not like the game. Those poor people are doing just fine, however, even with my evil, vile, disgusting review out there still. I, on the other hand, have never been worse off. You see, I've been overwhelmed with guilt. I feel bad for what I did. I took a beloved visual novel, one that has changed the lives of many people, and slandered it with my negative review. Then I continued to ride that infamy I gained into relevancy allowing my hatred of Little Busters! to manifest itself as a false representation of my true opinion of it, much like I am doing right this moment. 

    The truth about my time with Little Busters! is that I enjoyed the VN. It had some bad routes (like all of them) and had a really unremarkable ending. But can I say I did not enjoy my time reading it? Not really. The 24 hour stream was a blast, and subsequent streams were a lot of fun, especially when people were involved in the jokes and discussion of the routes as I read them. For example, Lewycool's Sexy Seagull Legs during Mio's route was light in an otherwise forgettable, boring route (protip: a character with no personality other than "I like books" is not a recipe for a fun route) and allowed me to actually have fun with the route. Likewise, discussions of Kurugaya's Balloon Tits carrying me off into the sky made her Bill Murray wannabe route more enjoyable. Refrain was a blast to read right up until the ending. I didn't hate Rin and simply wished we saw far more development from her than what we got. She was a fun character. 


    The experience of reading Little Busters! was good. I had a good time. While my opinions on Little Busters! remain the same, that it is a bad VN (not horrid at least), I do not regret the time I spent on it and I sometimes wish I could read it over again on stream with everyone like I did before. 


    So, I owe everyone an apology. I'm sorry your favorite VN is so shit I had to bring in friends to enjoy it instead. I can't wait to get my hands on the official Rewrite release in 600 years. 

    Also, a review of an InvertMouse VN is coming very soon to this blog near you, assuming I'm not blocked first. 

  16. Sol Press managed to get Irotoridori no Sekai funded so congratulation for all that hoped for the kickstarter to succeed (I already have the japanese physical editions, but I am glad for those who wanted an english release). For those who for some reason didn't notice the kickstarter and want the physical edition there will probably be a backerkit up soon and I would assume that it is somewhat likely that they plan to sell some physical copies through Hyourin.


    The voting for the wallscroll bundled with Magical Marriage Lunatics (hardcopy) has now ended and they decided that instead of only having one winner the two wallscrolls with most votes will be made. This includes the wallscroll for Luci and for Yuna. They are also available through Luci bundle and Yuna bundle.


    Some people have now gotten their physicals for Volume 1 and 2 of Grisaia Phantom trigger. Really nice to see that Frontwing are finally able to deliver on physicals for their kickstarters, even though it it quite late and seem to get going rather slowly.

  17. This is just a copy of my post here in the main thread. I figured maybe some people who aren't subbed to the thread would miss it, so I decided to make a short blog post, too. Check out the thread I posted this in for context, if you're out of the loop.


    Alright, let's discuss the elephant in the room. This was kind of just abandoned, and I don't want to leave it like that.

    I wanted to pick it up again several times, but I haven't really had the time or the motivation to do so. I've gotten quite a lot of questions asking if I'd continue this or not, which goes to show that there's been some interest there from the community too. (Most of them coming from @Kiriririri, who just wants to kill everyone in his glorious loli form.)

    So I figured it's about time I wrapped this up. It has now been a full year since this started, and I want to at least have a proper ending for people.

    Here's what I'm thinking: I'll write one more, big chapter, trying to wrap up all the loose ends. I'd give everyone who haven't been in a chapter yet an introduction, and try to make one big, final battle for the rest of the people alive, then crown a victor. I don't know how many people still even remember this was a thing, but hopefully there's at least some interest in seeing it end.


    Now, one big thing of note: I have no real ETA on this chapter. I work full-time now, (I was still in uni back when I started, heh,) so I really only have the weekends to write. Therefore I expect this to take at least a couple of weeks. If you are interested in seeing the ending, follow this thread and you'll get a notification when I post something.

    That's about it! Sorry it took so long for me to finally pick this back up. Feel free to leave a comment if you're still excited about this after so long, lol. Will be interesting to see if anyone still remembers it. :P


  18. On my journey to try and write a complete story, I found it incredibly satisfying creating my story's universe. Mostly characters, relevant parties, and cause and effect. So after a few months of creating, I end up with a decent amount of details and a fair chunk of my story plot filled in.
    But I haven't written a story. In fact, I haven't even completed a single scene in it's entirety.
    These "details", feel so integral to the story. I feel like I'm creating the story. And yet when I google "how to writing", everything is dead focused on the scene: making the perfect scene, the build-up of scenes, scene dialogue, etc.
    It seems like our focuses are different.
    Anyways, without going into how modern writing is too presentation focused, let me lay out these two contrasting features which constitute a story.
    A World
    The world of a story is its own characters, and their thoughts, interactions, histories, and details.
    And a timeline of events with explanation of cause and effect.
    To me as a writer, a world is already the story. Creating the locations, characters, and happenings. Just like how facts and forensic evidence can tell a story, the existence of this separate world, it's characters and events makes it a story to me.

    Telling a Story

    However, there is another huge element in stories. That is, how we convey them.

    When we talk about a good writer, we often applaud their gripping text, captivating storylines. A good part of that is the art of presentation. The first implication of presentation is that of selection. Not every fact and character's thought reaches the reader's eyes, and certainly not every cause and effect is layed out.
    A story consists of a series of scenes which convey the journey, and also bring the reader through the build-up and through the climax of the story.
    Beyond that, a story has description, which helps the reader to imagine the scene and put them there
    A scene can have a mood, which immerses the player. It's possible to like a scene just for it's mood. Note this mood is a very subjective thing which is both conveyed and imagined. A mood might also might suggest something about the character's lines of thoughts, or it might connect to the punch line of the scene.
    A narrator can use different tones, which achieve similar effect to a mood. For example, the ironic tone in the narration of the post apocalyptic world SukaSuka encourages us to grin painfully as we hear about curious history and the downfall of foolish parties, deserving and tragic alike. A caustic tone in another post-apocalyptic story could be emphasizing to the reader that human lives matters little here. Of course, the writer could offer up these ideas directly, but a tone or mood simply hints at them.
    Mostly what these things contribute to is to bestow an experience to the player. This is a subjective experience which is distinct from the world that the author created. Before you think I'm saying "objective rulz", I note that it is possible for a story's universe to have certain emotions or ideas that permeate through it, which the author was trying to convey in the first place.
    I guess this is why they talk about stories often having an over-arching message. I personally am not a big fan of stories having a primary message, though that it is definitely something which can be done. However, even without having a message, stories usually end up effectively talking about something. This is because they inspire us to think about the phenomena/conflict that they depict.
    In closing, my fellow VN readers, I leave you with this. Think about a story you've read or are writing.
    Does the world exist for the sake of the telling, or does the telling exist on behalf of conveying the world? 
  19. (Light spoilers)

    Wow this game is long as hell. What made the game so long is how wordy it is. As a writer myself, I got irritated as why can't the author just be concise and straight to the point. I don't mind if it has an insanely long paragraph I'll read it as long as it feels important, which Oretsuba's writing fails at. I don't need a whole paragraph describing how Takashi bought something at the vending machine. I'm guessing that the aim was to create a strong image by describing it a lot. Sure, I did imagine the environment quite well but it honestly was boring at some times, like I just wanted the writer to get to the point.

    On the pros of the writing, it does incredibly well in creating a living city. It really felt like a real city with real residents with their own lives. There is a ton of sub-characters that contributes to the "alive" feeling of the city. The characters don't live for the plot. Now that I'm writing my thoughts, I don't there was much of a plot rather than the psychological issues of the protagonists. I'm someone who has grown to hate games without plot and making me play a game like this is quite an achievement. I'm not saying there's no plot in Oretsuba but compared to how dense the writing is, the story is quite light. But somehow, it manages to catch your interest. It felt like people watching. You just watch interesting people live and go in their daily life and that's intriguing in it's own way.

    It also makes sense on how even if this game is a classic,popular and a lot of time has passed and still it didn't have a translation was because of HOW HARD THIS IS TO TRANSLATE. TOO MANY KANJI PUNS. It's incredibly hard to translate the quirks and talking characteristics of all the protagonists. They all have DISTINCT personalities that can be found in how they think and talk but It's hard to put that into english. Japanese sentences can have a lot of nuance and connotations that is hard to put into english.

    For me the real stars of Oretsuba was the protagonists. I have only finished Asuka and Hiyoko's route and it was short but done well. The routes reflect the protagonist, it felt more like the PROTAGONIST's routes rather than the heroines. I actually like it because the protags are well written and one of the best protags I have read. They're all human with their own personality. I was incredibly happy when the protagonists interact with each other because they play well with each other. If all of the personalities were split within different bodies and formed a family, I would be willing to read that. They really felt like some kind of fucked-up brotherhood but they care for each other.


    Haneda Takashi is the first protagonist, it really hurt to read the first time because of how ignorant he is on his situation. There were many times I just wanted for someone in the game to support and cheer him up, he was just so precious and innocent.

    Chitose Shuusuke   is the second protagonist. He's the total opposite of Takashi. He's one of the most funny and sociable people I've seen in the game. I sympathized with him a lot considering we almost have the same personality. Beyond his light and talkative facade is someone who is incredibly frail and has trouble facing conflicts. It's a common thing to  see in people who are incredibly agreeable and sociable that deep down those are just defense mechanisms to avoid getting hurt.

    I'll write more about the next protagonists when I finish their routes.

    Watarai Asuka- It BOTHERED ME ALOT THAT THEY WERE STILL TALKING ON LAST NAME TERMS EVEN IN THE TIME SKIP. Honestly I was excited to play her route the whole time since she felt different from most heroines and yeah she was totally different. Although the concept of "school idol with a hidden personality" is an overused template, her's was done well. I loved her story in the fandisk, technically not HER story but it was a subplot in Shuusuke's. Makes you think not everyone has a happy ending just like reailty.

    Skipped Miyako's. It's funny in the fandisk that she said "Why do I have a route, it felt unnatural". Wish that route could have went to Ai's ( I know she had a route but it wasn't written by the original author) or  Kinako.

    Tamaizumi Hiyoko - CUTEEEEEE. She's a total tsundere but she is cute. She has a lot of problems hiding in her chest which Shuusuke forces out and solves it.

    I got lazy half way writing this Lol but this game lives up to it's reputation. I don't know how many hours I've put into this game but it's certainly more than White Album 2 or ChusinGura.

    After I finish the game, I'll try to write a more comprehensive post, along with the next protagonists and heroines.

  20. Been busy for a while, but this time I only stopped for a few months rather than a few years :sacchan:


    Immediately after the last scene we get a scene of Yukito trying to sleep while Emir is banging a chick right across the room. Apparently the dude is a player :makina: She's like "this is kinda weird, doing this so close to your roommate" but Emir assures her that Yukito is asleep... but he was only pretending.

    After that we skip a few days and apparently that's been a regular occurrence, so Yukito has had to invest in some earplugs. But they apparently got into an argument and broke up, so maybe he didn't need the earplugs after all...? Emir seems very upset by the break-up, but when Yukito tells him he'll find another one soon enough Emir says that he couldn't possibly understand his feelings because Yukito's been in a relationship ever since middle school. Eventually Yukito convinces Emir to go volunteer with him because there's plenty of girls there and apparently there's going to be a party later on. We then switch to Bethly who, along with Lilian, is apparently going to said party.


    Bethly: "There was a welcome party not too long ago... is it ok to party so much...?"

    I guess Bethly's never heard of a party school :makina:

    They get to the party and pay the entrance fee (do parties normally have an entrance fee? I wouldn't know cause I've never been to one) and are deciding what to eat.


    Bethly: "...as expected, they don't have Japanese food..."

    Now that's definitely not normal. Sure, there aren't quite as many Japanese people as there are Chinese people in Tronto, but there's still plenty of Japanese food. She decides that she should make some Japanese food for Yukito later.


    Lilian: "...what are you laughing about?"


    Lilian: ""My beloved would be delighted if there was Japanese food"... is that what you were thinking?"

    Yeah, that's pretty much spot on what she was thinking. Bethly ends up going for some vegetarian meat-substitute soup and actually likes it. Lilian rightly rebukes her, though. :makina:


    Lilian: "Stop. I like real meat."

    And she takes a big bite out of her chicken.


    Jake: "Hey, you're eating well!"

    Is this Lilian's boyfriend? They have similar clothes and it's a white guy and a Chinese girl in Tronto... they must be dating. But apparently not because they both introduce themselves after he starts hitting on Bethly. When Yukito and Emir shows up it turns out he's kind of a racist too because he talks down to them for being exchange students. Eventually they get rid of him, but something tells me we'll see him again.


    Bethly: "...hey, can I join the next volunteer thing you're doing?"

    They decide to help the volunteer group prep for Culture Day, and Lilian even says she might join too. The scene ends with Bethly offering Yukito some of her fake meat soup.

    A few days later Emir and Yukito are talking about how cold it's getting, and how to Yukito it's reminiscent of home and Emir, being from South Africa, still can't get used to it. The first flakes of snow falling remind Yukito of his pals back in Japan, and he wonders how they're all doing.

    Once they get to class, the professor informs everyone that they did absolute dogshit on the test and had the lowest average she'd seen in years. She recommends that those who aren't certain about their grade drop the course and do something else with their lives. Then this dickhead chimes in


    Jake: "You hear that, transfer students?"


    Jake: "Do you have to go back home if you fail a year?"

    Also his voice acting is very different in terms of audio balance. Emir's VA just about screams his replies, meanwhile Jake's VA sounds like he's whispering his lines under a blanket in the middle of the night, trying not to wake his parents up.

    He (sarcastically) wishes them luck, in response to which the professor calls him out.


    Shannon: "Your essay was one the worst ones. Worry about your own grades before you worry about others' grades."


    Shannon: "Have you packed your bags for your trip home yet?"

    Oof, roasted.

    Probably going to end this entry here. I originally started it in early February but then got busy again. It's a short entry, but I want to post it so that I'm remotivated to read more, and also because I'm worried the forums are going to get Thanos'd by Tay and I don't want to spend hours on a blog post only to have it get rolled back.